Get Out Of The Way, Shoppers!

Thursday, November 30th

Tis the season for shoppers to crowd the malls, but we're so tired of people walking too slowly or blocking the walkways! Also, Matt claims he isn't interested in the royal engagment between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but he sure likes to talk about it a lot!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Your listening to market with the. You can order and I think I guess surprising don't friends Chris he. But got the job shop stating it can sometimes with the holidays bring out. The worst in people. The number one thing that makes us angry or error hairdo and our Christmas shopping. Is people who are walking too slowly through ES award. Not good man not good that is one. That is something you can be aware of Q I mean sometimes you make a mistake as your. And daydreaming but speed is something that is just now the half hour. Different you are blowing at different in the US. A grandma's elderly said in July the elderly out there shopping can I can't elderly need a couple of old lane I guess somebody who had a no legs or something or whatever but Arnold person but in general. You you view as he only sees no leg thought no legs and an anonymous on my dad told her you know because. Like baby doesn't like this. The stop. Now especially when it's super crowded and there's nowhere. For me to go because there's people on either side of meat in your standing right in the middle aisle where people are just go around and drove why didn't forgive like the automatic which way am I going. I can forgive that but in Britain. You have to stunts yeah renounce I don't you move to decide what temperature and I don't doubt in trying to figure out the stop for a second to move to the side. You're. Right yeah he's still get your third surely that immediately like oh and then to decide. You that all of these are able to sign that they are lingering and lingering stopped. Now Iran is an earlier around the weight in first so it's a bizarre tale lingering stuff ever. I'm OK with the lingering stop miles issue is when people are shop being a three and four deep like they basically have built a wall out of people around and there are all just poke along for. YC kids ride more than deeper. Or why I yet you can get the gap area though yet that's true it's democratically edited killing your crew. Out shopping however. Need to be to answer it because of the yeah do you. Didn't somebody has to be in front or somebody's got to hang back but you cannot block and in tiger walkway which you have to institution. To. Side by side but to a kid. Having his kid like you five. Now now. Somebody gonna hang back to assume somebody yanks yeah I'd want to edit those somebody's got to hit and and then the other adult is on the around and kind. All right so your to resist it. Whenever it's. And I went to the other girl my other underwent like he should know if you're not going to sized discriminate. The other thing is if you have the the stroller or the car. If your child is not at least seven years old and responsible. They may not be in charge of yeah stroller with a cart under there's simply can't trust people under the age of seven when the cart or federal question. I don't there's people around I don't let him do it. It the united I don't really want any time in my my clothes and be around have been destroyed by a little person rule it moves through. And little hyperbole. And that hasn't destroyed it it's your. Yeah they did as random over the back the animal Oregon. And there's gonna get magna role comes rotors on the. The roster tell us. I agree with you McCain's I don't hurry to don't know when my kids on the down might push and he card. About percent of people when they see the slow people they're gonna go down a dip and I. Yeah yeah yeah now I am going do it strategically figure out how to get around June. Because I figure if you're going slowly is probably your reason may be debts. Your shopping pays may be you're not able to Athens is to go faster eyes and you're selfish. And I actually and I'm here slow pulled over though right anonymous. If you look like you're young able body human being. Who just has no clue about people around them and like parking your car in the middle and I and I parked on the side. And ghostly and I'm looking through the different Pinto beat us some yes yes yes and Lee appeared car on the on this camp or to decide yet. That's abetting them by yeah that's fine intact. That's what makes you core fundamental stopped really bad like in the Wal-Mart. Beauty. Idol is is that the toothpaste in the cargo handlers that I got antenna and then join him individually I'm going get almighty is George troubles. Lot of wind that the person who leaves said car. In the middle of the aisle or are there right in front of what you meet. They get pulled over but you can't get to what you need and so you say excuse me and you're hoping that they move the cart but they don't. Then I wanted to give the cart a little bit it'll push fleet began to what you know I'll push and then they come running over. Because they think you want their purse at a kid. I have not ever had to have help. I've never had that happen ever had that denial and I have moved cards and people have said things Aniston recently ludicrous. And people a single. Nasty yeah I had a comfort or even say I see your purse there I have no interest on the because people assume that year maybe it's me at the bit that woman I don't know no matter but it is confrontations that your after. You know all the sudden they have oh yeah I love my neck cart oh yeah I left my purse my. Then you're aware once they see you. Touching their cart but until then LA. And selfless. So you minimum brake very selfish. Not a different I'll pick you numbers at 15% say they make some kind of noise the let them know they're in the way. Being used combatant then you're in a way you have to shout out excuse me I play games yeah there's no games and I thought I don't dog person say do the unthinkable. Which is pushed past him I know you may not touch another shopper I'm just that you push a cart before a car yes and human being. I don't think gaming push the moral thing that song before. It's pushed past third story recently about. The Christmas show. Where this happened where one shopper push past another because it was a man out. You Maine that you can't have your hands on another apple of your body kind of you're trying to get right through and your body up against them that's got to be targeting excuse me. A blessing excuse me like it's your fault anybody in in LA are issues may just got to grab this this lime green. I'm a way 11 line moving and I'm glad. Your route that links. Holiday nice is favored couples tradition. Panama and the ones that are not only Charlotte's best next Bruce baited docked to Ramona there are thirteen types of guys who are still single after 35. Not wholly now. I'm 34 I'd love anytime just made it cancer types of guys. Guy hey. I learned on nine but still. It's relatively recent phenomenon so it. You know I time became a bang and you are yet to be in a relationship. And knew she. And you. Couldn't couldn't it. I'm I am it's. That's bad or is explaining the new day and I have been all deny gay the gay community and a putter. Only thing I understand I don't know. I know in my head when I was. Abigail my life I have no idea what he's talking. A new game. It could be. Okay well and even now. I don't wanna explain it again. August saying you only recently have started to get married right so if you. Weren't a long term relationship when it became legally married and I'm learns. Then you'd do you Gooden could Yunnan somebody tonight at thirty bots. The music that's. I. Yeah. In order to try to line again in Apollo in order to either as a percentage and you look ahead. And an Israeli. Back to daddy again and again. So gradually this. Yeah his third 35 gig at the beat by you by the new Dayton now. Yeah. Yeah. Okay I thought Larry Ronan an identity like it was a new game making airline hashed it out. And I haven't done yet I have now are at on this thing is. Older zeros. Because while it's hot. But the sense it's harder to find a gay partner edited by that heterosexual. Ours and it's the new yeah yeah. Yeah Berry now. When you're EA gets out of wanna get married but let's let's look at and then use acting and it one birds in the doubles and I don't get Mattingly. And again. And that's all I am. Out of it and have a discussion. And most confusing. Is how often anonymous. Yeah. I only know I'm not mine my a new game theory moderate the you wise it's our heads that. Does is it. I gather. Try our how do it today yeah yeah. Yeah. And curry yeah I would let things aren't. I. Walked outside the straight people too. It doesn't favor any blame the new game didn't gain. Didn't you debuted. At eight. I. And again and again. He had an explanation of your responses. But this is. That this is Tina joining us idea current. I didn't Eric relaxing in my car they'll. Yeah. I would have our current auto cry I'm I hear about racked. Up. Funny thing over the years but I have a calling on the the twin brother. You're auditioned for the straw. Do you like permanent UR. Era they hear what didn't have to. I need you to understand and that. And we've had no idea how he keeps this. Up. I theory right now IE. I am lapping apparently you guys are at the top bowling ball ever on the planet thank you. I did we did not good rapport. Nothing less than revenue days. Yeah are I know I am about a computer and ready their. Have a Margarita at my parent then I'm gonna tell them to think about Iraq and there are gonna believe that it. A cardinal and our own bank you need to experiment they. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to offer there with that Ramon. All right I can't stand to make sure you share we'd love it make sure you bring kinda. We'd love and good luck ridiculous and run the heck we do the biggest news that's it thirty every day here's a few from the week. A man from Maryland recently made a grilled cheese sandwich then eventually send him straight to jail after a standoff with. The police. Attack I do. Love the grilled cheese sandwich and I've never made it worth going to do a little tease him I don't think a government grows and British wrapped. Wow yeah I never make grilled cheese and it's a religion like my Atlantic grilled why would I need to make grilled cheese sandwich. The police or five rest. I wonder what I've never really like am I gonna go through all that work. But I've never really grilled cheese I don't like him but it's it's a lot of work and I don't really have a hankering for a math. I do like come my wife has made in my well your old has made them that I made and took the and I never made 15. All the latest and letting your life. He's going to. Battlegrounds have. The grilled cheese I have sorted out before like something maybe with a green. And put over Wednesday's. I think he's never made one. Yeah man never made one a guy. I'm so content I do like am I really like gum they're amazing and it could have more often you know and I you don't want to might try to make him. And I look up online and government guidance that says about. Five years ago so that is sort of about that and and she said just let me do this notion to garb and I didn't want. I mean when she did over bread cheese and butter and all you need but I didn't know about you do you butter cottage cheese if you do it but most. Like a bill vita Judy yeah that's a good point. And. Blanket. Anyway and senator IP among a Saturday's demand sent down to eat his goat cheese sandwich and realize that someone took a bite out of it. While he was in the bathroom booze in the house he then went to his bedroom retrieved his shotgun and fired a shot inside the house through the roof. And at which point his wife and daughter ran out of the house do we know took the bite. No we don't know who took the bite that's going to be important Soriano alone so I definitely wasn't him. It doesn't matter who took that I should issued through the roof and yet what matters is crazy man. Shot through the roof now with his wife and child in all that and that it to shut rue (%expletive) anyway. Ever Al load the wife and daughter or fine but the man and then decided to barricade himself inside the house call. We wanted to finish that cheese sandwich. He then surrendered peacefully at some point around a midnight. And which was. Let's say he made about. A so about midnight so about a four hour standoff while I'm over a grilled cheese. We know it never did find out they make more did he finish that one alone doesn't really matter at that sought. In no way. Is this mad man locked out I am I Lanka and we keep him locked up yeah before the next time he goes. Crazy over a salty this is probably journalism they don't dig deeper into the story. I'm gonna analyze this crazy guy and say he didn't finish it because he was so upset at one by being taken. That he got a shotgun now he was probably two repulsed at that point is that because I got COLT GAAP yes I'm probably got colder in those stay in the. Off Tom yes yes and also. Was he mad doesn't take a bite or no one would on up to it. We says that it lights and a daughter who took the buy it and then as a matter let me let me as and then he's like I did I tell me now don't make me get my guns yeah. Please stick into the hospital for an evaluation you if you live with a hot head like that don't you point to the other person. I think there's signs before the drilled sheet I point to the phone. And I hope that none of us can call my mom had before he goes way too heavy a temporary thing I and other news that. A Virginia woman faces this prospect of years behind bars after she sent her daughter to school with a wire. And this I read this headline yesterday. And I was horrified by my head really explode so what happened. Serious sin says she first called and emailed administrators and her daughter's elementary school in Norfolk Virginia. To discuss the bullying complaints made by her nine year old daughter. When she didn't get a response. This was early on in the school year late September Sims says she took matters into our own hands and she wired up for dollar with an audio recorder. And hope the recordings would confirm her daughter was in fact being bullied. Instead of that working out though school administrators. Contacted police. And confiscated the recorder and the mom now faces a felony charge of intercepting wire. Electronic oral communications. And a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a monitor. Yet this can't this can't hold up and this can all up RAI. It's just it's now okay maybe it's been like two months in state out of something like that relate in response. Are really hearing hers is there more of the story is it possible there's more of the story over the school at least get mountains say it because. You know for what oftentimes it appears an ongoing investigation. They can't they can't. Sany ride to school can't Everest Lander first of all I wonder about mom's work situation. Why did she feel the need to call and email and not go to the school yes sheet artillery attacks and it doesn't allow her to get a break. During the school you tiresome and it's so. You know. Then was did she feel that the wire was her only way to prove. What's her daughter was saying was it true. And dad I'm guessing yeah do we find out that we find out what was required a lot of times is what on the congress is going to another if a school officials insist key. Something haren. But they still do something that's the weird part I can't imagine a school. You know I mean obviously it means it. It could apparent joke but it's hard to imagine school not responding in this day and age about a day and age gap and we're talking punching Yang ticking not just column names kicked in the stomach punched in the face him with us so let's jump through all yeah so this is. God is calling names are right. Rather Arnie he is is next level bowling as I don't I would even have out of begin a sample wire. I mean united food you can't figure out what the insert key is on yeah well you don't want to press record on the phone. With that last. It would last all day it would automatically shut off and so I is on nine and I don't know about you matter early on my husband has been bullish enough on the didn't steal it. And I'm not exactly less children Manhattan. The dating game because. Trying to figure out and help it's just not gonna and our ally app storming the castle you're. And doomed if they don't meant to mommy am I just talked mommy and wouldn't you want I got body came in cinema audio repair on the book because iron and here's like. When she did the does something good point. Couch it. I'm just saying good point you know you need a video digital growth physical. Video type of abuse like what would you do honeybees the year whatever that is yeah. You put your book bag and a carried down or put it like it again and I'm Walid. Oh yeah I'm sure was not the app is not equipped with a jump roper kicked in the belly. Had soccer balls kicked him admit I was punched a couple times and it you know whatever. The it's more glass and more fun it's also what's that. Okay and so we gag here it's Tom Friedman briefly talk about. Prince Harry and Megan marks holes engagement. Because he says he's not agers see how you're awfully interested I'm an untested in the dating aspect like if I was a prince went to why dropping in the conversation. I don't think I lead with. Well as I know help I guess. You feel like you need help in the dating world Perry yeah he's one of the most eligible bachelor's in yes or no one knows that a young talent. Actually. You don't think she the most eligible you know he claims to have not. Known who he lies. So she wouldn't know he's the most eligible bat when he which you wouldn't know that issue just that he's not ready or doing bad things she was at Schering contrasted. That yeah. Ten is that Jerry narron didn't out of our friends and our guy amateur which one I think he's. A series that look at it I this message that that's true Seagram's. But I don't album buying all this. The line day didn't know any amount of family love love love stuff and has your mind and yet it. It just doesn't seem like if you can you're on the blind date right any Stevie says his name's area to elect somebody told me last. They said he was just retired militaries on an end to military. What point in the relation to say dude on the prints or chicken prints or whatever. Right I mean you got it as she Matt what are your readers certain time in new energy humor friend. You relieved with that though you're gonna sound conceded no I don't think so senator but you have a friend. Say. A day this amid the ongoing help didn't. I want to show up and this restaurant and that's a 730 now. And welcome to me is saying hey what's up prince hairy yeah and then just think that then you're in and that how does how does handle it after that right may be the friend didn't want her friend to be intimidated by it yet so you're just going out this guy's got retired military guy. Below them the further you move into the relationship doesn't get more you get and it gets harder and harder to drop this bomb so you gotta do it early on. You know right how many dates you are now he's a prints and. I would lay I think three dates like the sexting it's. Industry dates is allegedly sexting I'm not calling it the specs in a sense that I think. Don't the first stages is generally very awkward. My shoes like he did off magically. And then even then you don't wanna spoil it with anything that's kind of weirder off kilter you just wanted to be mad at Arizona and overpower the date. That way sickened me. You know maybe you're handing around make you know you get a really special job third day you're like okay by the way. I'm a practice Y a he had already figured it out. What is she says is a tiny chip on FaceBook. And I don't go to my FaceBook page at crown on so. Well yeah I I. Yeah I I did OK but Ramona you set people up all the time. And it goes horribly wrong. They tell me I'm working on us that a permanent residence in any good until I don't want him. So if you're setting him up I don't think you could hold and the fact. That he was attracts like I don't think he could tell your girlfriend to rally this guy and now they're dating for three weeks. That he's saying he supports it you'll let inside. This again I don't know I think you don't get it on a literally no way now now I'm holding back. The fact that these guys. Might be year local media. God that's not quite like that it's not quite under current coming Ireland act but that is a good deal if that is not a deal America. I'd. That's if he. I it's not sickening and slow. And you tell on that now you tell behind your job is I don't tell them that because I don't want them to be influenced one way or the other we know. But it's not should be then that's gonna be an influence there you don't have brandy you know this person I have known women. And I mean couldn't I guess you're right Leon that's true I've known women. Who yeah need to fix them up would be and your docs simply because Iran's mission out yet. And I don't want. If seeks anybody now well bid he's married now and you love Donnie not because they're on the show largely my name. A guy that you've been you've never been single match there's a lot of kind of an unknown you might want to hire somebody can ask and you can say no okay. I. These I know it is an area that's better that's better and yeah. Thank you are so ridiculous that even that. About a lag I gotta tell you having I saw all this the headliner prince area Megan to wed at Windsor Castle red White House them at. That might have getting married a white castle I would be weird you're really assessed the business. I don't know how you have sex with a royalty had an eloquent but that's my main concern as it has this season. Just like everyone else. That might be a certain trends position and I don't know about. Syria ground. Off the end and you know nobody gives her a ball and off the. Yeah eat your big chair thing you know the big chair yet. And you just want to have a lot of what it's yeah. Is there any kind of got all these other conservative here and now you're right there on our morning. 1079 delaying care centers link to kids when I was seven and I think he's teamed up with him he needed help kids at Christmas this year with Santa's link to kids be part of the magic in this season by sponsoring a local child get details now can do when a seven in the link dot com. All right don't forget the colonized deals going on the outdoor ice skating rink. Is open in all kinds of events going on you can get to. Now what do we aren't we talked types of single guys. Over the age of 35. And we pretty much don't wanna hook up with India why it's. Our guys really just had the top of the list is the aging later if he was still 225. He'd be OK but when a guy is single at 35 instilled juggling women India just sat at. Well yeah I mean it can be a little Sabbah may be doesn't know what else I think that guy has issues. Hush he's got issues maybe maybe just hasn't met the one. Now possible. Again may be now OK maybe a carrot maybe been a lot of long term ends and now he's decided. I'm settled down now and your general now because. He'd be just still likes to under the close. Enough look at the ladies had to use our. I. I've never really liked clubs I've gone to clubs with friends who like clubs I enjoyed them and it sort of my clients moods. Yeah that means at some dance moves are touchy maybe where ballet you. I don't know I didn't see you in a club Larry today so you can guide at sang at the global time you have to choosing bigger. This is the guy. Who will not give up on his standards he in Germany is a model. He's not living up to anything on anybody's list shouldn't looks like a model and an amazing career in gotcha catcher out. I think you got the guy who realizes he's messed up and refuses today because he knows he's messed up. I mean he's got he knows he's like mentally messed up at. Agassi that's a nice guy right there and not as themselves being honest that he needs the league in his life straightened out. Okay. Everything he's got the lead all of them and I don't not for the guy. It's got that I feel bad story is the guy they call the optimistic quicker which I don't know what that is. This is the guy until marriage forget isn't necessarily bitter towards women. And he might be open if a woman approached them but. He's so jaded. That he wouldn't even pick up on a local woman was interested is clue until before. He even starts dating game he already quits. And I have the in his life but is he should be a lizard had hoped he could opt in this won't really doesn't have hope now's the optimistic. In an hour in the thousand customers are optimistic okay yeah. Some day this woman does walks into his glove and doing work for it. He wouldn't recognize the fact that she was ending that you'd and that's being female use that would be a female. Mobile that would be carried out clouds and heavy EU EU EU. No I'm not optimistic at all hook. Connecticut I think just the passengers letter and considers accurate estimates the quicker and that redundant hello this guy. I am a woman who realize these relationships don't work out and I refused to date. Because of it. So there's that commanded by god picker is way off I'm in vigorous. I am here and if you have pictures not way off Mike and Matt Frei anchor is hardly broken thought McNamee use it anymore and you. Have the frantic man who probably was a player and in Boca me realize oh. I want to say I'm so excited desperate he's moving fast yeah very easy. Is friendly getting worried his family members are weary yet. He's hitting that match dot com in all the dating sites attacked one time from Baghdad. Cleanup. He just cares about us likes the idea of mayor yeah yeah his others women like that to you in on. Yeah when he wants it he wants a baby yesterday and he doesn't care who has it. I didn't know that that another guy existed and then finally the guy you never ever ever wanna be on a date with. This one is my ex husband he's the guy who's too messed up today but his dating any way had she he's. That he is a very bitter every single. But the he's single up the 35 is my view is damaged or says something to say about women how women are often but he wants a one. Intact so he's got a lot of issues and not just one. Needed did and that's why you singled to somebody figures it out but you know those guys they'll end up marrying unsuspecting women like youth. And he told me it doesn't look. Good so don't those kind of guys. And up with people I mean or have been married at some point. Because they're very Turkey in their ways. Yeah I mean that that that it I would I would guess most of those guys Landis somebody at least temporary Larry you know temporarily. My accepting his own wife number four yes some like that so one outside. And finally Charlotte's best mix Matt and Ramona and time to help kids again we've done it for years now since when did isn't. Next we Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. Yeah. We tell you about some of these children here brings in his. And you can place in your family your office and we need your help with. Dion is nine years old she loves Barbie. She also loved to have art supplies are demanding keys. He didn't leave his. Some nail polished. Her family's house burned down. Earlier this year they've been trying to get things back together namely the use some help for the holidays have been one of seven on the links dot com. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.