Get In The Picture, Mom!

Wednesday, January 17th

Why don't you see more moms in pictures? There's way too many who are content with capturing everything in their lives but themselves...


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan was the stuff on there with the remote. Right. The way. I had to be amenities page personally dot com look in the ninth best dressed. Man in Charlotte also listen. 81 and sixties. But the key where they don't text to win. The night before the big game concert Dave Matthews band and maybe get the big game experience. Game and try to stay here okay pink. Who we love and as for my hometown to us to Pennsylvania a brother and all sorts while laughs. It's. That's our goal is he makes good point. And she does. You know I think it's there is to Graham the tees on yeah its presence Gary Hart the moto cross guys he snuggling in puzzling with a one year old son Jamison. In the caption should jokes about how she needs to make more appearances and family photos. Think toss a little passive aggressive acts that are hobbies and I hope one part blocks of resolutions the photograph was wiped more to some people know I exist. It is true I look back through my photos. They're not a lot of photos of my wife for my wife and my kids. Secondary right can't buy it yet and I just don't think about it. And I don't know why because she will do it however this person matches in the article. Then it's also because the husband will take a picture and Michael beads don't post that I don't look good enough or whatever. Yeah yeah I was just having this conversation the other day because I was in the street numbers story in Estonia and beaten and I was taking a picture of the seals woman. Because she was giving me amazing service. And just like I need to quit now please don't IA. And so we started talking about. House so many moms I know. Have like zero pictures out there like I Mano with their kids look like every week of their life my. Third and I see pictures of their husbands cuddling with the dogs and a husband cuddling with the kids but I don't. Seen mom any sport kids. Like every minute of their life yet but they might noted. How would you include Cuba their mom in law the matter she's wearing her. I our sweat pants or her hair is in a sloppy time or she's heavier than she was last kids don't care. It's gonna be this is that about bull. About tennis helping kids out of this because you didn't get it behind you aren't. How does not going to be on your FaceBook Pate. The kids can look back in two tons of Texas mom just not gonna Middle East but it's because I'm going on anyway. Now now the clock ticks but no one's gonna look at pictures anywhere at that point led to many a sort through. In fact this same woman I was talking to and wanting me and I got a ton of my class you lost your mom recently and she was looking back for pig back. Or pictures ever mom couldn't find any realize their mom talked most of the pictures so it was really discouraging him try to find pigeon never model and it made a. If that's different yes I agree we get their dot taking the pictures that's different than not posting it because you don't look good. Julie that picture usually ends up in your cloud anyway it's on yeah. These are usually winds up getting deleted. They have been good enough I got me doing it from your funny but still there because I can tell you those moms had to sail was it. And I don't believe that the only definitely definitely. Are you violate goes ahead and post at which worries. But it still out there somewhere and listen there's tutors there's this theory I have known you look at pictures and awhile anyway because I barely looks pictures of me as a kid. They're rarely. And imagine now when there's. 50000. Pictures you're not sort through that crap and I get it which. Yeah no it pounds ahead sleaze thing pictures will be extinct in the few basically it's a no no I love you all seem relevant it's. I think they'll hold even more relevance now they're running out of people. Cool are posting pictures that they're not saving and as we continue to evolve just like. All these people ahead Paul movies and then you're no longer use in home movies that you go to guy to Arnold and and people not to watch them but it's hard to keep up with the new technology. So now your pictures are on an old technology did you not using any more to it now I've got a lot of thunder I'm all isn't good enough of them not so I think your mistakes and we wanna wanna be treasured even more. Even last. More because there's too many Adam I got my parents ran a box of pictures on the item. But they bring out like three pictures a look at I will say that that was one of the activities that I had from my family over Christmas. I selected a bunch of family photos. From years ago and we sat around passing around the photos and it was a wonderful I'm sure maybe Eliza your group we have today yet. Whatever. And maybe just may. Mean like I can't. And don't let alone at night. There's so many damn the hi I am momma gonna sort through. I keep thinking I'm gonna go back in a start deleting things that are just. Ridiculous picture of like. You know summed up price of something we wanted to remember so my dad their flying through there or fourteen pictures of the same thing I never take the time to do it and certainly not gonna. I opened my kids could take the time you. Sort through all that today it's good picture or hours later but I think they will Orton just get on FaceBook and look for that. As Facebook's overwhelming when you have too many selections you you know made it psychologically is here membranes. It like fizz out to others just like not that but I've scientific data scientific and in your brain yeah. Act but I will say though. That my brother may even for the Tamil last two years of my wife made went for her family. Which is just like the ticketing agent known how to counter hard and what's a cricket calendar. Arnold a lot of people like a hard now hard bound book. Just various pictures new year it's like maybe 1030 pictures or something that's more likely to be looked at it again on someone's computer in their clout. How did those big share you have to go through and pick the pictures of the year. No I don't I don't yeah I don't know books art treasured. That is a treasured but it's easy to act but but. We don't go to the whole year. Every once a while I press a button in the button goes that a cloud my brother season through the course the air against sporting pictures of people when they remember about in the book. Enough more likely be looked at. More likely to close and then some well. You like your brother is acting as they know what I'm saying is that I sit that would make kids and a pull out my computer right. I die and my kids polemic computer unit didn't lab they see those pictures like coming we can look at it this. I'm not even looking at picks I don't see pictures dislikes is too much. But again they are down like ten a look at. Okay. Yours you're basically saying that. The same thing I am but you are coming in and if so why not others too many I'm not gonna look at it. If you give me fifteen a look at the pictures Indy 500 Ramallah that OK there's never going to be the one that collects the photos and make the ball right ever right. But I don't want me is because that someone knows that those pictures are treasury narrowing on. Alliger narrow it down okay just okay we're saying. Matt wants somebody to narrow the pictures down forehand he does not believe that his children will be the people lever narrow it down now that's right exactly they'll never narrow it down. OK and I believe that the Leo I welcome what is already narrowing them down they have those pictures to look at if they don't want him okay. That. Don't want to not throw an elegant picked advocate. Pictures music is some day some day that's all I'm saying when I die day and I'm too old beard too dead. Thanks no doubt tiger. You know you don't get. And to feel and to bed listening to the photos I've been contracted. At moments. Eight Charlayne. Incredible night of music as one goes in the ninth. And don't performing large percentage. Flames burned in. On Wednesday. And 37 million albums sold. Don't miss this rare chance to see a music icon. Get your tickets now what. 179. And dull parts dot org or by phone at 704371000. Beds 704372. And spent the night he. Wednesday January 31 promise got no life spray. And Charlotte's best knicks' 1079. It's a link. News gay bait as Newsnight there at 330 we're not doing that right now it's just doing something else acts. About science and you know everybody's did you go run out of bread melt. Stock maybe when the snow's coming. But there's actual. Some sort of remote science thing about it what is the dealers and scientists say. Scientists say in psychology today that the thought to get milk before a storm is followed by an action or compulsion. To go out and stockpile. We spent a lot of time and energy trying to feel in control. And buying items like milk and bread you might throw out still gives the person a sense of control. In an uncontrollable situation. A buying perishable items conveys there's a sense of temporary inconvenience. That can be endured. As opposed to buying more durable items like canned goods is signify a more traumatic situation right that's got lets you know OK this too shall pass. Yes but I could see we we shouldn't. Pay an AKA and did you know ahead to the local bomb shelter who. Right you're not a doomsday guy act now serenity on your grand jury don't plus I think if there was a snow started you know there's if there's a snowstorm. And I go into the local grocery store and I see a person. Wait a part overflowing with cans link they're crazy person. Yeah hit a crazy person and a I even though they might be really doing a good thing we're somebody or something and some alone milk and Brian you think that's a typical. Of Garland T and yes right. I'm just gonna make fun of them. Yes well you're in their two for reason and he always gets upset because he buys. No I'm buy milk I go to the grocery store every other day and when a snowstorm falls. On the day I actually need milk I get very upset because you just looked like yeah all you people are in nearby milked you don't really need you may be hand. I have a couple of breakfasts are a little bit your cereal I drink 5 cubs today so am I away. I'm back to think about all the people who are buying milk because of the snow. They don't usually drink milk and he's just gonna rot your free time and they're judging you yeah I think yeah I think I'm one of them. You know I have never drinking and drink in Lincoln Franken. From getting a glass of milk since I was a child. Really now. I have I mean I do don't do it often but every once and a glass of milk is her fresh I'd never done it brownie here's some sweet yeah. And with Reagan because. I now cannot. If I'm going to drink something with a cookie or piece of cake. It can't be a sweet drink either has to be water which I don't Whitewater. Has to be milk. Grounds I can as a kid to a sweet drink with. Cake or cookie it's just another the suites by each other and are now are article you gotta go with I do coffee but Miller is perfect out. Out now just another interesting eating Faxon and there may grilled cheese sandwich. Haven't had class announces that as a kid and even then I'm not sure at one. And you know assure you that one why assume I get an ever remembered seeing a glass of did you ever have. Like strawberry Quaker Leslie. I think may I think in Baghdad yes yes OK chock one up. Yes when I went to when you schooled the little thing it's impossible to open a little triangular thing. Box of no amount yes I catch on that shot I loved Spain I cannot open knows. Triangular thing easy today the kids. Goldfish comes at a big container like that. It is so hard to open let relatively evenly like to open it as having discussions at family the other week and sister can't do and I can't do regret that it's. In your G board I think it's in our DNA Ayers Stanley struggle it is a struggle it is a struggle it is you know that that is. To me you've done. Got the barrel down the second generation of kids will be able to open symbol cor you know what I'm gonna bring him and see how many Diaz can nail. I am feeling you'd think I'd goldfish all the time I'd buy big giant I know like in the exact I I'm I'm an analyst and if it didn't look up. It eyeballing cartons of milk I open and Martin's mill. Yeah and get out of cardboard box I was get a bottle schools. You know in a bottle cream learn you know I used to get them when as a kid and elk in a bag. And a little we know that. Melodramatic. Couldn't get a glass bottle again melted about not gotten out of the bag there live pictures spent. Yet at a special pitcher on the stand alone in time to realize. And they. I think just I don't know I've done it delivered by the pony express their did you every year meld the bag now and I think tech and it's still all milk in the bag. Yeah yeah. Like any other injuries things that. That nothing OK you're still listening to in his podcast thank you now get a magma below view it gets better if that happens. A camera targeted or semi interesting nugget of fact. There was and remote software right I don't think people Beatles. But Jim. Please do go you wanna tell you. It was a link dot com. Yeah FaceBook page and CD nine best dressed men in Charlotte according to Ramon Ayala. I didn't you can check is that contest are going to dispel look at him if you have a guy in your life who you think is. Breasts to the nines. Or you are that guy. Sarah specialists had to tag best dressed means CO OK. Lay out. All right things guys field too embarrassed to admit and as some things. On this list of and he wouldn't be we wouldn't be afraid it. But ball one on that is I think we're on the bubble and as we disagree is that you're in love a guy once the woman to be the first one to say it and wait wait wait. As the they seem weak in their mind if they say I love you first. Sometimes I I don't know did at first but I didn't think I can't I wanna be that one of papers. You know set up first on our members and it is the Dalai probably wasn't me. I don't know who lives. I bet it was you. Think it made it and I don't know I met a blurred gamblers so it's possible it is Amy did he want people to know you guys yes and all that a so might not be me because when I got to bring it up after dominant on me he. Yeah thirsty I don't remember I don't remember is that that's the paid to people should remember I mean I panorama first kiss super stage disease she didn't want people to know that you guys were together officially. That's true you can't thirsty so it doesn't use Everett after I while we didn't want and comfort to be clear for the ads and now we do when related note she said first. The human game and focus the dynamics of the friend groups that his friends whether. Turn upside down one of the friends is. With the other friend in a group with a again and any group of like six friends it to hook up in miss the whole dynamics. That's not what happened on the end. I don't know opera he had you know it is to bop and each other for years. So but I will say this. I've never told like guy. Not a lot. About a well that would make you better specs and a number I never until my brother. On but I. You know makes you better essential to. It might not. My dad used to the ears so hatteras or don't guys and. Aren't a lot of people does look on people's down but I would not tell. Anybody that. Like I'm falling in love her feel like I'm falling in love her anything and on the and his love lower. Why do you say it like it's discussing our I don't know Atlanta. I wouldn't I use like submitted data you'd think liberals have the Ku be this is very child really just say I like like her. Like like I like Laker I'd well. It just doesn't come up. Know when the I I don't think you guys have harassed media love her or I would say yes to that. But it I wouldn't blurt out hey man that has resign rather it's. Doesn't happen yeah yet you know you're talking about life or whatever may think you know what I. I think I found alive and I look at it that's good that London's blog yet I have really Laughner now a day and at that or are appropriate you know I guess. You know one week loudly Neeson chicks you know what I think I'm fallen in love with Amy now now. I never heard anybody you know guys that are told me that as a minus told me that they are falling in love with somebody may be different talking. Or maybe I don't I've heard from guys. I'm like house door was so and so or how little that chick you dating I think no I think a lover I'd make fun and I. A clear line. Yeah. I don't know that I am very immature child and I am very image turns out as to when it comes to this topic in public displays of affection of talk and all that stuff very image. And I think it's because. You know your amateur there. Looking down other people are Kazaa bit but it just to sort emotionally but two of a bump because I'm bad. Just what I do that is. You know and I I think I'll goes back in the enemies and be until to the days my dad would make fun of me. If I ever shown any interest in a woman are girl wearing like a girl the neighborhood girl we're talking about I like. Yeah. I know that the bid that we auditions when we were children I think he has a real bad manners or whatever come out on its front and say a telegram global climate. Very similar and they can't play. God today and we did see from here you can hear it tests you need there and it. Can't see how other people there love our and I think. You see it my way don't. Get it. You're listening to all there was. This duties and previous. And I'll get my best. There's some more that ridiculous things never. Say when argument this analysis. What was it like some of the other ones like I was married somebody else. Gap that in one so there's more like that that. And his genius tell you should be concerned about. One of them is never in the middle of an argument say I never luxury. Thanks for that advice. Because that's pretty harsh. I mean that is not like on I don't love you anymore is bad but I never a lot of cute. Isn't it time to go separate ways at that point yes yes and so yeah go ahead and Tellme for arguing and you never love me I wanna know but maybe they later they say I just did that hurt you mean you just got married me. You lose hair like you don't bring me into your mess. But I. I'm pretty sure glad he had implement and if you wanna hurt mean there's lots and wow I hope you never told her like no way she's listening BT go demographers. I'm an out and and you know in retrospect that in matters right as some who are just be honest I don't think I'd be a fool myself and I mean it wasn't lying you guys are friends. Yeah I mean I have nothing against Ernie davis' that you love me there I don't think it was as relentlessly knowing that we've we've tied up yeah. I would bluntly don't you part of my site Yardley hall also a little argument don't say. I hate the way you dress. This is a can be wounding it's because of person sends itself. It doesn't win it that much it was just odd out of nowhere in Leon we're discussing finances and your. Yelling and Elena Andre I'd be worried about the way someone dressed he spoke to say something like. It's always great pair of jeans and I know it looked really good on. It's safe that our young talent and this is a side note Arctic cold. Yes yeah. You're deed I have I have. Gone out and purchased clothes for a man I was dating simply because. I looked in his wardrobe Iowa was discussed it but this is such a nice guy. But he simply cannot go anywhere overlook. Looking like like you had not purchased clothes since the nineties app area. And that a lot of guys you can. Pretty much gauge how long Maybin single by looking at the genes. The gas and that is take a look at the gene did they Wear out like you haven't had a woman in your life since it say 9596. Those acid washed or telling a story. Yeah but I tell my wife. Tells me. What's in style or not it is kind of figured out of the glamour you on a TV show to help mr. Lee and true to become more aware at that point but I am oh. But it's something changed I think it knows where you doesn't call me out although today my wife is the nose on a computer she says. Your mind if I ordered outfits for you look at it's awesome cute. And I said the time like doesn't it fitting and slam and I guess and it backs are now in retrospect she turned down attempts. A subtle loads around them and that's that's a subtle not a look back I have a talk with an. Although I don't mind it kind of adjust them also when you're argue your spouse don't put down the religious beliefs 52 to. Earners pay crazy and it. The point that out a little reggae and lows happened somewhere something Eric. They say bring up a person's religion in the middle argument as a means of one upping or belittling the other person is not a good night. You think she should did you think that's. Think also don't say. You are just like your mother father whatever. Because usually that's coming up it's not because it's a positive thing you be doing to me of an argument it is a it's something they don't admire about their mom or dad yeah in a place that's horrible yet at that takes to a pig to human you're comparing someone is somebody that they don't like or respect. That's. A problem like Charles Manson. The home run and finished with a little thing but yet it was due to its more glass in more fun it's fair would that. He's not today we did we dirty and unpleasant and he showed me an example. Police in Houston say forty year old Robert wooten has his Social Security number tattooed on his forehead head. Yeah he's one and for a string of armed robberies assaults and bank robberies. And he was so obviously easy to identify. I'm going to narrow down the search area. In this I understand the area code that's. You know date that's a day I peoples and in the 40 on whatever. But Social Security number you CNET son and oppose it every area code yes it is yeah. To Dundee but. The I don't understand this a security card numbers that because that's insanity I think members sometimes. Yeah but then he will look at me aren't backwards. So he get really confused a lot of people ask you just point your forehand but how many times I guess. I did the last time someone asked me face to face a student card number in the united at that. Those are gone those guys Oregon never go to the doctor. Yeah Evan in my everytime I go to the doctor they want Masso. I think curry haven't. Think that the everytime I go to the doctor I had to fill out the same form I don't know they do or not when it's not even necessarily when I go to the doctor it's I take mom. Yeah we fill up and remember an unrestrained dog but they're not asked you face to face so you could pull something out look at. He would have excitement someone had asked me in my legs and made overtures of security number rated at the bit about what just happened today. The pharmacy but that was my issue much they're charging for the analysis that a brazen new prescription plan I don't leave smokers can. We. Ellis a performance you have to look at yourself and now Amare enhanced anyway he. The the tattoo thing I mentioned earlier this it's a very weird thing because. Lot of criminals all have had to joys your story about a legacy on police that he isn't that they didn't they can. Identified a guys' eyes Tatis in right when will these guys catch up with this and it's been happening. Probably since beginning at time Alex and I would my ominous biceps. When you get like two gangs love again sign whatever certain kind of tattooed right brain which you have to act. But that a cop to look at that I got your year to get to why don't they figure out some different wire ninety. They're and yeah. Way to where they gang because you want people to assume with that you're an AV club you again because you want to be able to know you're gonna get back. A tough year tough no one less with the like that guy he's dared people to steal his identity walking around the Social Security number like I dare you. Come bring in these. Pretty sure his credit's not agree with that I'm guessing that you. It was about the drop from Micah seven hundreds in rob his bank gets money to pay obvious answer any player reasons and so that is as good. Maybe it was not a big city would like if the woman on his day. Would give the social up in him first day. My social lines are great innings and you know match disturbing is this slug India credit karma account for me. Pat what else yet. Woman they hundred Johnson from south linked in Connecticut died last week and her thirty year old daughter Alice. Skipped her funeral. Why because Alice was busy breaking into her mom's house of the time and stealing her safe with 90000. Dollar bond stuff in what. How low that's a classic tennis match. Win. Classic move does that not class have been somebody dies you know they're on appeal to go to the house. The I. They have the right behind me crying bit doesn't happen a lot but people like to think it happens that's like I know people who will. For that reason will not put specific. Calling hours on the obituary because they're afraid that. While they're at the funeral some welcome rob them or. There are some advice and ask to stay at the house chairman of the bodies to reject bows while their atmosphere. And then went about it Ben Aaron day in the safe I have used obituaries for prospecting for. What do you mean like looking at their house. Now when I was them prove it sergeant I was looking at an employment firm. And I was trying to find jobs for people how do you find out which jobs are open. Chicken see is somebody to deliver nothing now haze that's stay on the carcass of the war I don't know if I've seen is that how it. Is the. A bits in the newspaper Ari the news and they do any economies need to act now nom a lot of funeral homes have their own pages now that people. Refer to part of the day or something there they give anybody in my family die tomorrow. There would be something in the local newspaper. Then then god I just came for the observer and now we're gonna gas and got a small town neighbors via small they would it was an old times. Yet back yet faced. I don't on paper and act in my included in the bears is loans you might. Go funding account to pay for my at. Add Allen had frontpage server leave we won't even mention it I never mind a little tell us so we'll take money prank thing. Assistant 90000 dollars of donating a Michigan inherited not. You know the fiance came home and figured out that the house have been ransacked a police found her and her 47 year old boyfriend staying at a roadside motel. With trying to crack the safe open. There's a fiance of the old woman who died all the money yeah. I fiance of the old one and then the how old the old that moment he doesn't say how old she is spoke Bali jet a thirty year old daughter. And Evan battled the media maybe it is as the daughter's fiance. Now now and daughter and it lands they would not tell Dodd and I heard Johnson's fiancee she was the one that died. And then her daughter Alice ran away with Iran Conyers he had. Oh boy friend butch and him saying in a roadside motel and trying to crack the safe open when police found them. Going against about it ahead I'm busy in no way to practice they haven't they wanted to do that and some money to value out of bed it was. Thirties. And really efficient. At quarter face all the dead mom say there are coming up it up. Won't say tomorrow we will sell like model citizen and not the moms may have just been afraid of banks tapped him he is no big. Maybe like humanity killer stupid dog and a valuable collection of beanie babies on the and bells and soon. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.