Getting Out Of A Ticket

Friday, July 6th

Got a ticket over the holiday? Matt's got tips to help you deal with it! We also talk about the steps to preparing for a date and how to grade your happiness.

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Matt remotest greatest hits and 1079 delay become an LP get out of your parking tickets people solicit out an article on that. The first thing you wanna do and get cigarette ticket of course is check for a mistake. According to a parking expert who do if anything on the parking ticket is wrong anything. Date location. Violation. That's out you're done deed EDT it taking security team rules that protect our parking ticket he claims you can even get out of a ticket of the writing is illegible. And that that you get dismissed. That oh that's a fine line hadn't. Yet yet if somebody else looks that make you know what it says the depth and our gas. Also sometimes street markings are confusing aren't clear than takes pictures around the area. You can't argue ignorance of the law. By you can argue that it was hard to understand the law and there is a very confusing I got rewriting his little. Like this leading real art and sign was angled in a weird way so yeah over the plight you know the people who are you know parked. It exactly and you're also declared your parking violation as a result of an emergency. The only is a proof. A receipt or something from where. You rather parking tickets are technically. You've taken emergency. You know it is easy having to go to the bathroom and you could tickets I mean in my I don't know maybe it's as your car AV receivers in receipt of the pilots who maybe a bag told that you visited here and oh that's going too far yet that really is over the line yet to a judge has received. And and speeding tickets and give you a lot about speeding tickets but here's the thing and on them get to us speak to is they say. People liked the officer obviously and asked to see the radar. Really. Didn't give his speech he within minutes. I used to say not only is it can I see the raiders say certainly the last time your radar gun was calibrated. Solve. Where exactly where I don't es and say he can be a threat. Stun gun me as an ad says and you say where are you exactly when you clocked my speed. Where you moving when you clocked high speed. It's as you don't want to push it of the officers says no but asking politely let the opposite of the year paying attention. And day you did that doesn't work. Can always call right the officer. That David the ticket a letter later real nicely in saying. I live body couldn't do. It'll be hung out on the side of the road. Quantity of data to embrace you and your radar gun I just to -- the data be thrilled with that information and no one final thing they Xavier a few yards from a speed limit increase. You should do due to make a appoint a finding that so. But I'm still say it. Solve Missouri Ohio what is your read our don't ever try to prevent. It with Kelly Brit. Chinatown you run you run. I'm a passionate against the presidency of a threat not a matter of Madden Ramon is greatest hits on 1079. Delay. Every guy. Before he takes a woman out to these standings. Alan you know if you guys against the ten brushing teeth. On towers things that are just beginning. Now other basics should it be a hygiene type stuff rushing T scrubbed nether regions out yeah but I deodorant. Washington where exe and cash. Does it go wow. You guys mind condoms. And of ours is bigger. The car up so you know again as happy days. I will give you credit for shape. Even you'd. Because it's not just about Britney TBS. CN appeared. And it does say and offer her the s's. Today. And a with a little chance of showers yes you again. You might do it I'd do. That's a B analyst. And it'll hit me in the middle actually gets at that particular. Try need to be in yeah. If I'm going in for the yes. I don't over the scruffy look build toward the clean shaven. You know regular razor burns a levered body exactly when you start is everywhere all lowering the game. OK so I catch it catch thing I like the that's not on the list I should be. Is it what's his face is as gym tan laundry guy. I will give you iron you're sure sure sure that's about to say it straight up because like to interview. Mean woman is about making good impression. The girl rumpled. It'll tell you that you don't think a slob if you buy Newser it's still needs. It. Possibly as we beat Reece you know obviously pulled yeah like I see you with them while I was here. I don't do that anymore back in before 100 days and the certainly like them and I have respect. You. I don't know that's very. So. That's more more to come up again as more next. Remote is great it's only on what those seven and the link. Today we guess these things we wish it was due to brief Memorial Day day again which every I before he makes it remembers against 704570179. Passing groom me up the table right. I give you credit for shaping higher learning how about do you. Macy's cars tuned. Theory Europe clean your car clean your car. For two and a dentist you. How are you driving. S and and maybe talkers. Lenient Daria yeah. Nude woman. Garbage mean. It Steinberg and realize that by half loss and so on. Lord and it has played. Beyond. That kick up as food bags at least two feet in completely. But another senator Allen and McDonald's bag that is oh clip you have a ways ahead on guidelines. Just joking on on now you you're out yours you. If eyes and tell me it's. All. There have been a couple of months ago. Okay and it also need to remembered. Women generally have a more sense to know the state. It's into the course now art N pipeline. Dug it lodged inside now agree that maybe something like that you know am. Charlie position an idea that you brought predate. I jolly. It. Very good that is on the list currently on network ran its acts. The firm. Eric in each progressed. To re eyes and every time network and from Robert DeVries and mine like. And yeah adult environment make the resignation but I've never but I have never gotten anywhere they didn't have my name on an African sometimes just as soon will be used to rest. And get here on them is right and that's fine now everybody else members or at least call bill yet. Different animals wanted to not be on the list to see how she handles it when things ball park at that point and it's record. I guess he handles it when things go sideways. At things. Analyst. Now. Do against the most ticker at mr. Liu yeah and seek it over the flow into that. Really confirmed the plans with current Ortiz. Or any reservations. I'm your inner weird to death for error. No question and and the day two at the day today yes and its 68 speed tonight. 6 o'clock Kenya still good six. And leaders likely need to ask all the live for an hour before. Still on. A not. Right here and a. Also when it comes to the year you do. Lot fragrance outward before you meet and don't spray on your Cologne ours and be. Caught yet it was still meet our eyes on that. That is. That you walk through. And queer eye for the it's okay that was fat Zach experts I. Late in Britain. That is by muted in its. It's issues. It seekers should keep up. Slots to sign your shoes at navy. It's your years at the that put it top ten. How off anywhere. You John yet dress use date he's going to some cash. Just in case the dateline's back teacher please. Lenient and it will and a clean your bathroom especially. And change yours she does. She's. Yes on issue. Notes you blow. It if she does that bet to be when he signed. 00. Yeah. I mean how back to it'd be it. Humid days. That. Baton that's. What you say is seasonally you woods. And please matter most. Remotest greatest hits. On 1079 delaying you Alpa degrade ourselves whole era. They are some marketing agency asked people to give themselves letter grades. On how they're handling different aspects of their lives new example if you had a great yourself unknown on how well you're doing in. You know happiness. What kind of grade would you give yourself for happiness. You mean go. Pending in the day there overall but to go receipt. Let's see a couple and it's going to see myself that I thought ABC minus their team plus a 10 o'clock o'clock a. And I do it's a great yourself. Yeah isn't well great yourself die what do you think get out and jas coming a C minus give her you don't Ramona demise of the BB us. Okay well. I think she still has. She's in Germany and I don't have been used and I am at a time that people give up and a gratitude I know. They're good at. Mean isn't mean Greg I am grateful for licensee plus life yeah I see blood and heavy as being different is I'm just. Okay I'm grateful for budget and that's. Oh pre orders and I'm I might happen like part of my life but I love my love loneliness parts of my life I love there's parts that are. On the bubble of blowing up at my place of death. But are grateful for and I don't already know he gets good we're not a liar I don't you are. My attitude as we're out 61%. Of men and women give themselves an eight or beaver had. 39%. Say it's a CD or NF. Oh really really happy is people out there and as happiness books and everybody thinks there for people like you know. I'm happy like that really think about six or whatever. It. You think about how crappy your life the Lilly does this mean he's averaging about average every Sunday is being. Just because of the unknown in the fear of the future and I had arguments athlete that's the moment at the you know I could live in the moment to be a little higher. He plus something like that talk on that live in the moment don't we can't just think you know there's too much. I hated to get a deserted by my family let it be a hello my friends. I don't like it should. Ramon is greatest hits only on 1079. The length I'm a Hummer degrade myself grass is about happiness and how did you grade yourself when it comes to. Your happiness. You gave yourself a C bandy was more like a C minus fifty plus dot C people give themselves. In eight or obese to our web version of people give themselves an a derby for happiness when it comes soon your personality. With the blast. April us. Did last hey I let all the way. DM nicely and I'm not nice but I'm boring I'd have to. What do you do all those. I guess somebody last but I I got demise depends look at personality talking about a multiples it's a yeah yeah we like Datsyuk and I knew it Herschel Walker got to pay a hair bands and I mean like I in outs haven't. If you just the amount have a good time that are my stresses about something Anders. I got overall a candidate glass all girl would make what we have an a plus. A minute I think you're talking yourself down I dry heat I'm gonna go imminent demise of Alaska dad that's like killed two yet. I give myself and I give us open and other bill and minus. I'm gonna go away. And I love my personality seemed to go out as a people are percent of men say their purse. Banality is an a or B. 20% give themselves a CD or F doc. And this is a numbers we didn't on the net yeah. Probably no one knows that birth I have no friends tonight and 79%. Of women give themselves an a or B. Only 21% said CD here at about the same for men and women at large percentage how guys are they admit it and say it was a women's day. Not a personality. Women look at mare's personality and there should do is not 80% of women do not have a good personality. And 75% guys don't either I was about to say that each had to say that your all stellar known unknowns and I think that number should be lower eight Cody Posey both should be lower. I. No jerky guys that Turkey girls. Yeah you there. But again. We get nasal way above them maybe say we get aid to meet today to yeah play and you're. Matt Ramona is greatest hits on 1079. Until late even going through this. They did a survey asked whatever people how they would grade themselves in different aspects of their life to cry and laugh how they're handling different aspects like our romance. 49% of men give themselves an a or beef if the 4% of women give themselves an a were being that's man's depend never amassing seems high Qaeda released contrary to what you read in articles here from. That that men are not and a romance half 50% man art A romances which you hear and read. It's what. The men gives himself now let's say they're lighter there that's saying they're they're I into the Dell deceived there is that whatever the word is diesel Centre to realize yes a gag so what what we did that we gave ourselves and we givers and romance. As a that I Elizabeth decently at. I've got to give his office. A baby I would be plus it would be because I do like a lot of household chores and got. I don't know how romantic what she said to be there today it's sexy when you do something I guess or something I usually don't do but it cleans mouse to put it as it. It's sexy when you change diapers I don't. It's a what do we what are we earlier success what grade do you give yourself for career success. Today she says confidently. At a lap that is a fluid a fluid thing. I would say yeah okay we got graduate today so we lose their job tomorrow. It's allergies but as of this moment I'm gonna give myself a B. What seed. And a good. If that's what you want to. You automatically get a DB. Via edge I. I'm being employed it may be employed in something you like. Okay yeah you'll be well yeah it years I'd give myself. We MIA at the top of the radio that's gonna say yeah food Jaime and I Sherry lynch now. But I give myself an ape or are beginning to do what I love duke it out did you talk renewed reminds but it is a sort of soda pop up. Anyway. Goal 08 well doc. Odd thing I was gonna go to C plus that I I guess I'll let you know I'll use my sole identity but I don't. I thought Graham is live mega losers if did you 5% of men give themselves an AA order beef a career success 55%. Iverson. Are diablo I believe I got 45% went with CD or F 48% of women said a your beat. And 50000 said CD or F this kind of like me at least to be if you have a job these days. You don't SAD day a dead and then you go up to a if you like Richard as well. We LC du he's reminding inches finances and financial security. Brittle like pop Walton both together. This finances that I might be all right Fred security not so much. About it. I I'm Agassi. Seem. Out OC to. Undergo beaten minus yeah is that this ash. Is he better than that yeah. I think consider where I am I wanna do now and don't know OK I'm not you guys incredible. Me and about a B minus I haven't at this moment I lost my house I'm. I cannot import clothes on and that's gotta get me to abate I can I'm not no no let bankruptcies none of that and I'll be lucky to ever. Car's in the shop they told me is gonna be about a thousand dollars to get it out so just today and Saturday is this where I have more self esteem and I. A felt that they are beef or finances and financial security most women go 42% within a derby which the highest percentage they get themselves they're B. Personality. There really much was at that 74% what's the lowest. Lowest is. Financial security now I get togethers. I. Remotest greatest it's only on 1079. The link so I wanna know. What the survey say it was the most annoying beach habit but they guess who Shannon I Shannon. Accident what's the annoying habit. I mean I'm me and the people who get out of all they can pick and pop up they are together under our. All mood that's a good or freeze B they really can't control where it's. Yeah and it director on the I mean market went up eight spot in the sky and I'm a little kid they're my husband got in the look at that and I thought that that yeah yeah the beat Annika I know I can. That is not on here without a darn good one idea I'll tell you that is it said Thursday users around Shannon thank you. About this here's the here it is 27% blasting loud music. Yeah that and had a good analyst they liked the music then happen much anymore ours is 1978 mile iPods up don't think. L. Always somebody on the beat the boom box on their shoulder yeah. Intoxication. And littering not like the the same eight littering of course again. It's at 12% is all intoxication littering who's annoyed by intoxication. Again. After all Lee is drug right now are you know it went deep into the rocket obnoxious know it didn't say it noxious. That's one. Stand alone and I am another drug out of sight out whenever. I hit hit and and when they did the most annoying habit at the pool again music was number one. With 1% but second was beach chair hogging all I hate it like it I absolutely hate yes that is a legal. Up down for hours. And then you're all the place yeah at a resort and put like two year but I can't get Cuban hogging all. Day yeah that that is. Mainly resorts and stuff we see it limited Norton beaches and things like that. And then get an asserted it's an 85%. Think it's bad form. The hog chair but only 11% say they do. Ozzie a lot of that going on out there are people you should you should be allowed to tackle them and buried them in the sand up to their neck and let the seagulls have at it. Is that extreme tragedy is that because they hardly. I erratic crowded beach. What. Is the amount of feet you be closest to a stranger to senator stuff in a very crowded. What were they say is the number one answer like 77. Equity. Sixty dog dealer that same area of ten. It's hard taxes that. It does not much credit I don't turn out what is the big city but it doesn't this case miles or they had 68 is the answer and what percent say it's an attitude violation for Amanda sport a Speedo. Oh. 51%. 100%. He Ella only 34%. That's European survey yeah but I are hurt or sick of the hot guys its you know yes tour. Guys this yeah Everest any. The Speedo at the cat and the more the more speed the less trunk is easily depict what obviously. Everybody inherits. The last swims around because it's. I think when you look into it.