Give 'Em A Tip

Friday, June 1st

You'd better know by now that tipping your waiter or waitress is a must, but what other professions should you tip? We also continue our discussion about the signs of whether or not you can really trust your best friend.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would that Ramona. All right I guess friends. Life and share this Tiger Woods people comment on Thanksgiving. Any stars or whatever you give it its survival whatever doing. It's just based. Some of these I've bottom up do you guys you did not know he's missed it the people AAA tow service guy. I would never think to Tim the toga no mile cross from other time I've called curable. I am such Iraq I can't remember to tip yeah I'm an I'm an emotional. Wreck. Really this emotional wreck and Leo it. No I remember one time. Our cars were breaking down in his eighty victim here now stripped. And so I'm one dime at the car broke down everywhere but. My dad and I. Got in the tow truck in the front seat we will very sketchy tow truck guy aegis. Pretty smelly smoke in a way probably hammered. Couple teeth. And we toad are states like a behind this we is my mom and brother and sister in the station wagon at. As we don't yet. Yes I only dance legal anymore and certainly and well I think eBay was safer than the two elderly guys the dead in this and be up front with it. Marcy reduce the fuel might need to put these other guys if I could. This is all. Yeah tour card driver yeah. I always Nancy. I don't think you're allowed to drive with people in the conflict here is my you'd know any marks a we were in some small hillbilly town I don't know what it was. Anyways when he had a big big big station wagon to be morning we did you. Tow service. Standards in five to ten dollars. And it distant after that next time. Appliance delivery. Ten dollars per person that is something. I I made I don't do because. First of all of its one guy delivering it. App you'll cheap just giving him ten dollars I did and I do anything we said AGU. As much but at least you violence letters on my dad. I always say lunch is on me that's what I always what they say and I don't I don't want to go to Arby's. Business. I was hoping to go to capitol grill for lunch bag that you do that weren't so unless the delivery guys doing something. Extra. Steps or big set up I mean think about it. The stroller refrigerator right he's there for like five minutes yet Ina. Album the cable guy Internet satellite and scholars never thought about it on about a year when he boxes as yet. I now again. You know what and that kinda makes sense in retrospect because I like that satellite guys out there were never there are a long time yeah so I should've thought. An attempt to look for annually got premium channels like. A few months there's something. That's what I always heard that when you tipped them you are supposed to get. Some channels that you had Babel and and you felt like bribery I I never thought about that the only people I ever heard. Say anything about giving money to. Cable guide where people who are trying to. Digital's extras that they didn't really pay. App that really happened a lot dad with the unions of the minority is like. I think it did give for the break your leg in the I'd Alice. We came. Up the I broke your leg and the dog aren't I don't you need is being out and the northeast. And north and northeast scary. Yeah. I went out front and at least a week from different parts of minority. And I really ugly little down here at a at a dog rumors I don't tip my maybe soon I weighed in at 915 about 50%. The holidays must give a hundred bucks. Is what. Do you tip your hair stylist. Pat yeah miners as it is I'm a human. Well this dogs stylus and your dog is here all over her body and really weird and apparently my dogs. Hairstyle is that it would look at the these little birdie at I intend to. Stein and I just a stylus just cut spurt is now a barber shop of cook Berber carpet. A a nice match to Ernie thanks in advance to step. And set a barber and a that are barber skirmish with the owner of that a bird but are there. Actually dry cleaning. Or laundry ticket. Reebok's buybacks. You never know hitting enamored and everything in my doing a little bit our of there on the counter right. Flower delivery two dollars. I mean it just seems like two dollars like giving my giving nothing yes I don't know but Annette usually don't see that our liberty and eat food delivery. 10% or two dollar and I'd like five bucks let's and a unified budget general when it might be with. I might really be a bucked wanna years something and the end and I'm always gone five minute yeah and more of that do you food delivery always shoot him via. How all of oh with a housekeeping and hotels you know that is. Yeah yeah. 22 dollars and ninety dollars a night yeah but I Taj and I'd fends off fancy place at two dollars a night. Missy Naspers draw at the end because different people. Some doesn't net cash from. Karaoke DJ. Ten box lol I. It doesn't explain the use played early that maybe they're hot the person hiring. And yeah if you're the person hiring them for a band like I don't know waiting her out there some sort of party birthday party or whatever yet the U tipped them. But if you're going to like a bar or something and and the karaoke DJ maybe he would Thelma blocked. So you couldn't sing it now suspicious mind what you're hiring and ten dollar seems to load yen answer route that you aren't yours. And 300 dollars item for the night let's say yeah we knew him ten dollars is a tip that doesn't seem right does it. Now. You manicure and pedicure is you probably know that one right. Yeah yeah I mean definitely like the standard fifteen yeah I'd be afraid I would I would seriously be afraid to go back to that place if I did not. Megabytes yes. You weirdest person about things like that you think the people are spitting in your food. When the if you return dishes like if someone doesn't get tipped to get a cut off your finger I come out and they've and a lot standard business. Oki did a good ethnic. I want to make sure I am eating the best possible service. So I am treating it as people in the best way I know how the man forever. Movers. Ten dollars per person. And supply cold drinks and lights that's a tough. I always offer almost anybody gave Drake is on in Baghdad and copy water 99.9 99% of people say now in this field LC now. It's another I think you can't afford your leg is just an hour or not these guys. I would honor I'll offer anybody comes and asks whether that this sort of literary person again any human being and a when water copies of the drink. But yeah I think that I think over tips and time and movers. As it. Because. Ten dollars and earlier on this like in I guess I'm a big moves its stake in our normal fun day yeah that's a lot of heavy lifting package delivery. Which is what you said the other day he he FedEx UPS Amazon designer I. Never thought about it and me never. Numbers via I rarely see that have reduced the doorbell rang in the running back to the exactly here's the worst is what's him five dollars. Unless it's a heavy thing and more yet back in the day when he actually waited for you show up at a DURECT sign it and then but now if you would literally. After chased him down the street yet and it it's a heavy package given more of that the climate stab sorts ot give a more. Man if you're a parking lot the home improvement store gross or target or whatever. Some guy comes out and helps you lift up big box of what are your car is must give them money I never thought about that a million years. Ten boxes rustic yet on. Plumbers ten dollars or small jobs otherwise 10%. I I'd. Not even in my radar. To tip a plumber right now we're electricity or anything. Let have to look at that because there was that. As story about etiquette where if the person owns the business and you were not expected to that's a weird. Yeah it took them so if I hired Ben Franklin plumbing to come in my house of Ben Franklin showed up. I would sit and frankly I'd be doing what I don't ask how many people who worked for Ben Franklin. Yeah now is considered to be. In bad taste in a bit defensive to tip someone who owned the business right persisted being a service provider who worked for the business. Not on my radar for electrician plumber by somebody like that I do as iconic as you paying for labor. Right a year this again as Asia and I'm getting minimum wage again Ryan or less than minimum wage for an assigned owner I assume all that's kind of rolled into the estimate they give you because of the fact that it's not like. Servers have to. The other get paid Ry less than minimum wage or whatever prize you have to step on. But if somebody's already got a salary. Right they're gay pain here in a year you're paying for labor in the Mahan for the parts of whatever there doing so the regular price negating because if you are these restaurants some restaurants popping up what they have no tipping yet it's the same cannot I didn't write yeah basically yeah. Former Nolan electricians and a if anybody else and millions. That whatever you do guy next door asked to do stuff for free for me to visit to Sydney in December senate for me it's. There are a lot of things that are hard to do you don't like we're keeping up with the Iraq this email you have 42000 emea. Keeping your phone shocks Paul's merging into traffic in the lane next ends in the that's why 1079 the league wants to make way. M to seven. Your name for the national keyword text in a way it's easy money hasty. We brought in Jerry. On Charlotte's. Best to mix what I was seven and I don't blame you still have 31441. Unread emails. All right no recap candidate Nalbandian does news not street 3620. So sometimes end. These are some from the some hits in the past. A 43 year old guy in Ontario Canada named Stephen Lawrence was doing some heavy partying with a friend last Saturday night Andy blacked out. That's heavy partying at. And a net and in person he takes his friend the next morning because he did not remember how he got home last night. And caddie and he said probably gave a ride ever. He said quote he hoped he was not a super eight home. Asia Pacific at pac that I you know what I've sent that text or. I believe you shouldn't put the pilot had another 200. It's like you know I was added a banners up to you though. Arts you're just hang out there. Unfortunately he was this a great hole because the tired now it turned out he attacked his best friend. For no reason to bid a huge chunk of his ear off a personal that goes beyond a whole won our first event of the way. AA beyond a whole we're only getting one side of the story that there was no reason the guy who got here not the only one with no reason we we really don't bode well the reason. If you are friends that there is no reason for you to bite off any part of my body. There is no reason. The spider was getting a little too loud and rowdy when his friend asked him to quote simmer down now on sun. A friend put deer on ice and went to the hospital where they sewed it back on but unfortunately. It fell off a few weeks later how much how hospital. It's a big huge junk they say you are putting your ear buds of one of your years fall far. That's a man is still the whole like you know really just the bottom right below the hole because your money back if you're years falls off when they sell it back on how well liked to Alec was heard globe in the get a refund as ever veneer and milk yours attitude a guises is a bad so job like things you need to learn my money gap he ended up with a big chunk of this year missing permanently the guy who did the biting. Listen in some nine months in jail for aggravated assault now did he. Want to. He called the police after the bite raptors fell off. You know me off he's a guy right I got a report yeah fell off so our first time he's like OK all right we've put it back on you know it's fixed. When you go to the ER and he would tell him what happened well yeah my buddy got everything everybody we didn't even need these any year this story about how the jerk. This flag called a friend. Bit my ear off they might have to ask probably right Danny tanner and Jerry ladies say is. My gum lawn mowing accidental on the stats yeah. A good dog does it they're quarantines. Yeah those enter into human does it I believe they should be quarantined. I would say don't charge IER. Rest I would not want my friend charged idea. Oh and many are passage of it depends on how much of the year yet and there's no percentage like it does not if it's so. More than 50%. I'll charge umps and from that were there Loeb alert like the whole of the years everything in the whole of the year debt and I'm that I'm okay with that and as well as I can still hear yeah FYI. I am pressing charges against anybody. Who buy anything off of my body yeah. Paying anything some dried stick and I think I'll nibble at a little look at the I don't know I don't know inaudible I'm pressing charges that enable you bite something off. Completely off about a mile off fingernail. I am president. I don't notice bite my nails I. I would. Like my brother herb endear dagger somebody who as a good track history. This have won nine of their crazy by mere problem I'm on the cops discharge. A guy here man that I am running normally a biter he has got a little crazy this night an argument break. And another one they've done and the Alabama town that was terrorized by the New York City who train has found relief of course the small town had this train full of waste from New York stranded there for two months. They finally got rated on the train much do you now. You lead in Italy July. I could I can't believe their town. And then who was just some of the smell was awful in this town but now apparently was lingering even after the train last. Some old air freshener company for Brees came to the rescue gas handing out samples still. All that 982. People walker county bearish. Re marketing. Premarket and as I mentioned I I imagine big helicopter like wildfires dumping robberies in all over the town of that would event PR and a ballot NPR. Kind of crop duster Elliott you crop duster and ideally just do that the New York City yeah. At the candidate everybody initially low expenses you'll helicopters drop cordless also. Curse of certain things he shouldn't have to ask yourself if you really trust your best friend. We've talked about things like. You trust and the secret over the cover for even an alibi we do have limits without a guest. On it would help you snoop. If you really needed to. Yeah yeah that's the late. Being your accomplice in drop percent drop a dime to get on these poker and to grammar or whatever to check out as somebody. I have snoop are friends before new snoop this group did you would you. Where do you value prince exit development work would you go into the boss's office and go through papers. I'm not doing anything super legal I'm just wondering if you are entering and stealing. A in their office just want her and her office just wander around the halls and that is an open this movement. Now but I am quite good is it would you wait outside a guy's house which is the whole reason why learn how to read upside down. Makes newbies should exist whatever super. Things you can do you like snooping. I'd I'd I'd just as much as I used to them a learning in my mind it. But I I Wear and hands. If you you might not snoop is much too don't learn a minor business okay. Sniping I didn't say Iowa and they'll honestly act act on which you let's say. It girl France thinks are guys cheating which you followed. Maybe. May be a nice 60% yes 40% now good drive of sword not talk about follow follow. I'm not gonna follow him now that sounds dangerous to me would you wait outside his house that's the game is MI do they drive back as is. King use. Some big news and all Mikey knew I buyers have to see if there's another car there as here would write publisher says parked outside there for the hour is degrees today and with the Sarunas bumper sticker on them or that's a really personal thing obviously sound as early as you sit there in his. You know neighborhoods throughout our view that mad at them I'd do anything it makes me looks as though stakeouts. No state got a huge mistake upcoming. And yes sure I want to abduct any idea I don't even leave your howls like all of sudden you go stake out now that I would say got a for somebody if it was you know they they thought they need my help they thought something was up. And I don't let them to follow him from place to place although it might be fun site my he has kind of fun we had the sound find a net we asked Steve I can do it again yeah regular movies or maybe I would be at a B got be willing to be used as bait to try to get why seats. A couple of times not only does that mean that part of the credit he's still in the club any sort sure San. That many in the daisy dukes and take and leave it runs we had lures somebody they know is how about this. Exe stretch now I guess I would do some level of snooping I think but haven't got to a point where it was. What are we to do a lot. I might yeah might help map with a fee for a private detective or something yes that things do. My intentions not good enough now I didn't where he's beaten by a little mechanical files. They would ZUK on a chance to happy sounding under transcoding not a parent. Creepy. Big fun of plus or not. Yeah a lot and I think in the audience here and I. I don't let him I think I'm being followed I'm just the statistic a bunch of laughs. I think that's the way to find out and volatile as it left for a lot of Laker completely yeah Alex are there GAAP net and didn't. When I was in middle school are. You screw leader was married to a private eyes. And she would teach just all kinds of stuff about. Being a private guy I mean you're following somebody how you try to leave the car in between you. And you never ever ever use it turning signal and it's it did turn ominous signal and and you turn obviously. It's now there was that he had. Greek youth group I've learned through Cincinnati has to stalk people I don't remove easy. Our. Being followed or chased you need to run and clothing store. And change your hat and another back door fees attached it always happens to lose that nobody. Or the running through. One there's really sell stuff on the streets yelling guy just makes a quick switch which does something he throws his hat. Away and then I was I was walking and these are walking not running yet yeah he's a little longer running in effect. No six is jacket all the Danny Green baseball cap yep yep yep classic posited jazz pianist I haven't tried next start. On woods does your would your best friend tell you the truth even if there wasn't. Good. Yeah it's kind of blunt and dad to get to trust that right. Yeah in my best tease is way blind and sometimes you got it it's not everything is Matt nearest effect acts. Would add your that matter like. Highs and lows of course. Again sometimes they say you have seasonable bad as a seasonal best friends I. Already a best friend in the summer well I'm a little right for your life or reason indices and some some friends aren't air forever and we've moved a lot. Now prove that while seasonal I'm thinking that's when I pretend to be somebody's friends and on the boat yeah that's what I was missing the president. That's great. And finally. You where they judge your honest opinions of you have to ask yourself that they are judging you but you need to take a second look so they don't. They you you get an opinion and it has say oh that's an ad here an ankle. You know they don't add and they just gotta we think that's an interesting viewpoint or whatever. Because this you know I'm saying that that that's awaits you should be have a conversation at some we disagree on through without people waiting each other further opinion. And a good friend right there it is yeah yeah you're really disagree. Our basic really does not truth. So it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona every Wednesday gang at 4 o'clock or so Ramona to promote joy make cover here's one from the glorious past what do we do to make our moto. Even better will this is about men getting data that are in the Buddha bar I'll these bus. And it starts with. Knowing the basics and doing the basics well what are the basics. Everything that happens before the main event begging. Begging you're doing something wrong pretty bad she's regained crying he's gonna hit and I hit me we. Yeah. Yeah honoring my hockey. And TO. And it's. I'd much more than seven but let's get this baby girl. Pastor kissing. Do you know that you kiss in a way that your ladylike or is she just put up with it if she ever asked. If she hasn't told me then the issue here today if there's something Robbins yes it all Mallard of. Mission until Google gets better. After the slow. And now it's impossible plus I've had a lot of ladies tell me that's pretty amazing OK a lot. Not and humorous news melted into the lease single man I have ever out and we haven't a lot of people say look at me and said it act as a good kids are out there. I think I'm good at duke but I I I am really think honestly it's humid say some are you good at touching. Out now and now lives when he needed Hitler to give the load besides now I take him. The list leniency given up and in a modern machine that little thing it. But she says is not working as well hey you should get good at everything that leaked that lays the ground work for the main event. Well. I mean I say please and thank you and that he adds I'm Fernando Natalie Randolph takes a look at I do in my underwear flip with a do you get feedback. At and over time you build a solid work repertoire of moves out specific to that particular moment. Because I know is. A guy might ability another lady for a particular length of time out. And that lady like eight but the new ladylike to beat but in general some of my stuff misses. Bull markets prescription services know no woman who couldn't. Wouldn't it. And then me and my and I get it off and once you get to the main event via. Guys have to remember. There is such a thing as too much of a good day. So. Yes. Not lasting long enough is a problem. But. Too long that's a problem somebody calls you know you know we need to play by an LA we we don't mean you guys should censor it or somebody just guys today. Ahead Hang Seng up. This just come on man and telecommunication. Lohan that I have a name mind. Either way one way you say you're sorry the other one hopefully she's a low low low well it's his call to notch has not happened very nervous. If say so you don't know who you. Making sure that you're the man for the job. Remember that your man part your main man pardon. Is made up of muscle tissue. They're forged into reason that it can benefit from a work out or. Like from some free movies circuit training that focuses on building muscle and stand circuit training. Flight possible courses. Might get to kicked out of the gym the I and if there is some stretching and other exercises that you need to do. Twice today or one today four for five minutes to make sure is actually. The forensic yeah. A strategy is for us to stop repeat midstream often. Yeah and that the effort that you. You're teeing stop it was here a similar thing technical legal Eagles get those on our occasional guy says okay. That's like go out so often. You do and these aren't the bathroom menus yeah about it here yeah yeah up during one visit that you Elizabeth has started I holed it for like twenty minutes and get back and as you guys know don't take them. So that's. Bailey the list of things you might do gimmicks are down the list I think all those eggs are wonderful I don't I don't know about the exercise thing it's. Weird eerie and I see guys freak shows that stuff and a legacy and idiotic. Have. Concrete blocks and stuff I. You and I don't think retarded about that they hang on track do you try to has heard that day like you said. Years practicing. Pelvic muscle control. Should that you've blues blog about her window and it did you lose your eyes in Europe hip muscles should also beat good. Pulled muscles and perhaps Buffett whose actions that. Bob Lewis ultimately usually thought the very sound like him. I think if you have always act of making it happen reports. William cramp up like. Fast hop on how does that click to play doubles in the show with. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.