Go Meat Free For A Healthier Earth

Thursday, June 28th

Ramona talks about the impact of even just reducing your meat consumption by one meal.

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Welcome Jimmy eat free week. An entire week without me ask outlets in what is the point in here all personal EQ making healthier. And in my head when you list for even one meal makes for a healthier earth they say. And it can be less expensive. About circle life. How I'm eating a Turkey adults and act if it. And I want to continue this experts say about your 2050 the develop word has been in need to reduce its meat consumption by 50% act we. But but also I have read that with the extreme. Oh ways it's going to be able to farm raised it to a lot less land that it app. Multilayered buildings at some point where they'll exits. Oh gotta Smart people figured out who. 3-D printing food yes we just an apology and at the at a restaurant France and its reprinted. Meal.