Good Guys Give Massages

Tuesday, March 20th

Matt kinda hates being all touchy feely, so could you ever imagine him giving his wife a massage?

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Monologues and not only Charlotte's best mix do you have one of the good that yes it does maybe you think Amy snagged an of the big one of the best. Okay the good guys know how to. Give a goodness guys. God I'd I mean I meant there. A terrible game massage Terrell did add the designer. I'm Gerald that is. A general the food and stand it and a I'd lose it and I didn't wanna do it. I know I hate I added it's one of those and I do what I wanna go sec you said you you always wanna go. You wanna give the massage first right. And I and I and I can't that you receive first Alley in the condition yet don't. Wimp. I I my whole body just feel like everybody budget dear miss practice and I mean just the other night and that's. Our jar. Wow okay. Actor on the ground. You know I you know if she does her backers so much and lying there and stretch. And dad this. As I know I know you Amos well. I could not well I will rise and I will look at UW when you go out of the kids who never put Bentley coming around to human. Yeah. I don't know. And you. Wouldn't bring terrible human being. Enamored since then I've been thanked him to be the perfect moment and Ottawa. It's able to pay down you know surge but the breath it's Bob music. You guys do right examiners were. Her yet. Now the unity. Org a lot I don't wake up as if it's laminated. I believe them it's gonna come. Unity and I promise allowed millions. As if it hit it.