Grandma's Behind The Wheel

Wednesday, April 25th

Bobby contacted us through the Bob & Sheri app to share his grandma's weird driving style!

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So what are talkback talkback Obama's very apt you know we were how do we talk of the concern and stuff on the show. The petals on cars first of all somebody asked if in England the pedals are configured a different way now. New gas is still on the are still on the right there if so then this guy I was talking about his grandmother. And I'll just let him go with his Bobby. My grandmother used to drive was. Left foot on the brake and they're right foot on the gas goes out here on the card you would your back and forth and Time Warner and others. Gary you know. I. This is usually can you see the grandma I've got her in my about four feet nine I just like race and skewer me you know. Right it is what listen it's the Canadian acts. Yeah my grandmother used to drive was. Left foot on the brake and their right foot on the gas comes out of your McCarron who jerked back and forth every time he would push one or the other it's scary you know. And there's no telling her not to do that there's no telling your she's never connection with Jim asking questions about. I cage. If I'm Jerry great question. Happy. Like this week boy here so then it's never. Thank goodness we enjoy. It's the same thing. Yeah always round. I've got to. No that's my voice yeah. Let's play voice right tone that was a compliment that once you've yeah. It's in the singing yeah yeah. It's in tone he gave up. Plural. And can you make this signal is Paul. No yeah. And just talk their Lambeau. It's amazing it's like a miracle. Twin. It is the squeaky toy got a person to scare the heck up and and it's it's a pig we've goggles on and wings and so he is sky pig. All right. Why take what this thing NPR is still to this really did NPR now yeah sure he started supplement the kitty best friend. Tim believes that everybody seems to every dog. Oh org cap. Hi Bob insuring. Everybody sings songs for their pets. I think everybody should call him what song they Cingular Patton. The song I sing to my wife's dog glee Rory he's a Great Dane. Lab picnics. In this is what I think. Just a good old boy. Never mean no more. Beats all you never saw them in trouble with the laws since the day I was born. It and knows curves. Flattened those pills. Someday they'll mail might get me would go flawed Devlin was. Claude yes annually arsenic and seeing worse and cherry pack pack. It's like all pistons beat the dog song agenda Dubai is big is so stuck in my head oh that's a good if you have a song Cindy here yeah. Forest talk about trivia pursuit this DM on FaceBook will call you.