The Great Fajita Heist

Monday, October 16th

We're amazed at how someone was able to steal $1 million worth of fajitas, plus we tell you exactly what things men need to stop doing in public!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to walk there with that remote. Courtesy we get here have been deeply does not. But I don't today and corporate. The it is fantastic. My guess fantastic and has covered with some breaking the law but. It's amazing how we did it this Texas guy south Texas juvenile Justice Department employee arrested. Back in August running up my seat a racquet. Over nine years I've never heard about the heat Iraq nor am I an attack is like one point two million dollars. And tortilla wrap meals from his place of employment to sell on the black market. You pry wouldn't. There was a Fahey to know I I'm not try and black market in any way you went drastically as I remember Wayne new word. Buying in some meat from a guy in a gas station parking lot. You don't mess that you don't know where it's being you know not been refrigerators. And order no no no no lolly got out. How are we used to fill up his gas tank that it through we Samie. And I and you have the nerve to take yet I'm not like dude no thanks. Not so the guy comes to you win you know I would any kind of meet offered. At a gas station and academy any kind of me all I did you. The right guy I don't know Maria and I don't know any damn where do now we're do you accept meets. That I guess it's. It just nations although. Your goes actually this summer. My cousins and I visited this. Huge cheese operation. In Amish country Chinese its call for. And I took. And your lie isn't. That comes on your dining. Well your wife. Comes from the Syria yes and a near her home data was their Chinese. It's been amazing she's operation run by the Amish come amaze and as I took that tour of Chinese. I found out that underneath nineteenth. Is this massive cheese to me. That she underneath hiding underneath Chinese cheese operation is a matte so as I'm doing it too literally collapsed beneath us. There is a cheese scary sight and it looked like in Switzerland where they started doing this tees up there's a message cheese. K eight. And right now. Aging beneath your feet is like forty million dollars that the key she's beaten smelly feet. Forty million keys. Today. A couple days. My cousins who marry my may not be operate on the rise had a lot of high crimes and then like and if we can figure out away. RG to get to this forty million dollar at a allotted. And all of her like a third eye and then they're like OK who's going to suspect the lactose intolerant. People of Robin I wish I think they'd be in your opportunities because you're selling Internet keeping it. And events at lest he leave a trail of a bank. Did you smell that was the sellers Acela. Well you and you can't you also are not allowed in the air because it's it's a very special place but I I have to admit forum for a moment. Q heist went through my brain forty million dollars were detained them how to unload it. How do you hear you refrigerate it liken as like a person comes to your dollar. And says I got seventies. Now I am now probably need a box of eight guys they look like they're their original packaging food is not original packaging now. Now I'm roll the dice. In a cell and we need is door to door you need. Us now is that a good deal are they call. It. Syria is defeated. Duke and a box that's your Philly talking because people in Philadelphia will buy. A pretzel to offer runs guy yet on the side of the street who uses the bathroom in the women's right and I need it doesn't want to stand now I just. Talked to that to a guy this week in Navarre I said. Go to but the Philadelphia game absence corporate guys selling paper bags ballistics. Soft pretzels out of a shopping cart. You just pull over yet and I'm locked. And then after the game my dad someday your way to a game we don't have full. And regular old and stale or whatever but they have. I don't know they're allowed to do that anymore I don't you know by. A guy and a shopping carts axles so. Why all the time come on now comes. Any theory is that there are rules about food handling there's jet have been developed to keep. They keep people in business. The key actors say is as of the fight. And when you break those rules them by door to door food order. What meat or black market the heat is gas around I'm wrong that I sound morning. He's the son Stephen is clueless on the floor the hellish and her face. He's in a monster. Spooky this thing. It's time to bring out the cops didn't show the world your scary you. Four legged friend took your costumed covering everything now beginning to win a 100. Dollar gift card for you don't wait commissions and on TV news when he scored at midnight in the media so what does 79 Alina back. I'd. Does this on airman guy should stop doing them right now wearing muscle shirts and public. If you got the muscle to outboard never never Gillard Devlin. It isn't playing like a chick wearing yoga yes but you better know your opinion better beyond your way home Tuesday shower so I don't know like you working mountain and man. Muscles or am I go to the gentlemen most guys don't have must losers list drip and all over the place in all over the machine voice your Wiki. There's more of like the really really short sleeve you're talking about and then you're talking about a somewhere in the day and harm kids are just hanging and now if your pits I had no problem I'm shocked that you men feel that way. I'm from within the whole I don't know day. I was gonna. Are you dazzled jealous zero Ellis no because around here because the the guys I see in the tank tops. Are not chairs together you guys chiseled. Guys on the plane with the tank top that says Cancun on. And not chiseled right you know pitches and guys usually have won under armour under armor better slowly they muscle shirt that's what I think. Tank top. No muscle shirt like this is not Muster elicit teacher I know but and I think that's what you think and under arm has really short witnesses. Too short sleeve. Anyway tank top is kind of extreme. It happened and that's why are you wondering about a must you must because I was picky in what I think muscle shirt I think of that tight under armour kinda stuff. Some guys that lead element to sleeveless and subject I understand after apple OK I understand what you say as long as they're just going athletic yet. And your headed home after your done with your athletic stuff that I am windy probably the really tight under armor heading there to take a picture of yourself and your muscles certainty to be. Posting on your dating profile of these. You write your view of your talking about. I think maybe even with the new if everyone just define muscle shirt as a really tight worked out under armour shirt. There's only approach will examine appropriate places you can Wear that and it's all about the sleeves to it is about the sleep right. Yet even with no sleeves analysts see your arm pits that's basically that's what I'm a 100% which you happen to you should be banned. On planes killing your arm bits yeah I don't blame them where as I do believe that. Now weren't obviously the same way Arab. Outside work I mean women Wear tank town are we going to do it could be just guys can yes I thank you think that I can Wear tank top to work. Yeah absolutely but you can't Wear a tank top to work right right. Yeah it the way it is thought. That while many Cubans that tank talent you're wearing one that like. Now I saw I saw a guy here where to take time out the other day walk in the hall no I didn't yes and it. Did not it stood now and it was lay on the I was thinking there's a woman the only kind. Woman couldn't where it is a congress and so when she's singing was kinda weird it out by then you know now not too long ago I ward rests. That had the same type of. So leave as a tank top women lawyers legal stuff all the time so so I thought you and John I so finals like that I think wait a minute. I wore a dress that has some other top so I can't look at these guys he hosts being on TV host Wear sleeveless up all the time and rightly stresses you say guys can go sleeveless like oh never. Now. Pro and it took it would women unless they have an investment had a sleepless suit. Welding and you yeah bit. Everybody needs to now. Posting on social media about extremely minor home repairs. You replaced your hardwood floors. And each bag unity and the year even allow that Astec. But but pictures like fix the creaky door knob. Hash tag and some handyman. If there is a Japanese prison don't we beat Florida you know you like golly laying. Yeah I. Even nine. The blame things I'd reduce. It has to be a major renovation project. Okay how about a right to close funny it has to be any thing. That Matt Harris can't do yes which is thought well he can't change light bulbs not only. A libel. It's been on the three out of four some by Jay's a fluorescent light bow and include but you can't really hang pitch marks them. No I am I had you can't paying an area you you can't post that you hung pictures either anybody can hang a predator what at a mock myself. If you're locking yourself fine like this is the most I could ever do and it took me an hour and half OK my picture out and enjoying modest decline contact. About her refusing to let anyone else touch or grilled. Not object news the minute my family are very territorial about the Grail. Big Sandy's RE. Now I don't mind you can touch my grill. And IA. Like we'll sit down. I'll throw the burgers on every and I'll sit down Amos AUS embers fell like really slowly get out there and someone telling them they have some Gabi I got it. We know you encourage people to touch it grew at a meet in the grill. Naimi yells at me in front of them. Really eating and I and I mostly due yet but I Gary going to be here while I'm ones cooking for you and a pride. That would be mean the only time I ever had a cook out of my house. Other people were on the brokers you know freedom you don't had a real I did you didn't remember she got rid of policies dinner she's afraid she's gonna blow upper house. I I can never mock media about anything whenever we hear that story I. Chip flashing cash now direction that Yahoo! Google carries can't singular right correct. Ex boyfriend and I got into a huge fight about it because he always carry cash like always made sure people knew that he had a lot of that yeah. When subtle and he kind of made that comment in the about not carrying cash. That I felt was. Derogatory. Yeah they do everything you down very cat problem you have your. Out of all your bills are rolled up and rubber band. That is real legal tack calling yes never works Buffett. Bragging about completing minor parental duties. Guys like I changed a diaper bag lunch ever bedtime story it I don't. And at night and how it wearing athletic shoes to work. Who minority. Aren't athletic I don't Wear my running shoes where you're sneakers. Not running shoes being given that these bands are not athletic shoes. There for skating and I know whenever I call this a man and athletic. Okay what do you think I did it says here's what it says right after it says there's no she's for showing up work like you're ready to run the Boston merit. Unity that there and don't go to a skate park can be Tony Hawk everybody wears a fans I know I'm fine with it but I am not sneaker. It's different yeah if it's like I'm running she knew that yeah different benefits like a cool looking hit look and sneaker Yuma yeah I believe deep down. I see okay. And it depends on what were different between that. In leisure issue and an athletic she I don't know about the at least a BSI is not running back yet these that's what is. I'd I'd never called issue at leisure anybody. I've heard of it I never determine never like women and I've never heard a man thing at least rattle the guy can use that word about that stuff yet she can't not know a guy. Now I cannot say athlete like your joggers that you Wear to comment leisure. I'm gonna have banned the word from man talk and all thought. At the lion since it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona thank you thank you thank you podcast is spreading but it wouldn't spread without your help so thank you can do you tell people ballot back I would say force it down their throat and raid it. Re a great great great. More you rate it. The war pitted against a more people find it so please give us a five star Brady messy status or does do is a solid at the end. She answered Sherrod stepped down people's throats at any rate it as chair. Don't ask for much took a class act as well I'm assuming you're enjoy it or you and you'd event here in his ten seconds exactly what I so. You have what you call it home anxiety here like what are your decorating anxiety Willie called Alice insecurity pals in security. OK so and I assume people are judging the minute they walk in the door which of course. Of course you're not a lot actually. Huge John as a joke and you know judge yes but this what you judge. If it's really awful. Or its normal or it's amazing. You don't really notice specific things you know this expect crap Paul or are they even try agers like that war. My wife would be able to notice something amazing I wouldn't bet but then everything else desires normal person the only thing I notice is the smell. It size to. Andy right that's it you're right here in the cluttered whenever I walk into a home or even a different room. The first thing I do is smell and I don't and that is the end really that's the only thing I really noticed when I want to miss them he's on the right it's the smell. Yeah I don't know is that I'd. I notice that app but I the only thing I may be wary about when puke on my house as I've. I was in the kids worry about you know you have that area we've Gatling bills Todd yeah pictures of kids color that are crappy but you don't want thrown out yet. Things like that says you know it's just a just a murdered men on and used you worry about clutter yes which he knows when you on other people's houses. No come in my house I don't notice. There's a pretty good but then again we always wary about. What we know nobody else are you walk into a room maybe use some people are looking answers underline or not they don't give a crap about your house and blesses the crackle. And that people would notice that yet like. Kurds everywhere or something and wow yeah. Still all in all you mean little hell yes yes yes. But like sometimes my wife can notice doesn't judge or care. But all even should I should know that whatever it was very expensive for you know things like that might not resonate judgmental wages and imagines. Yes another type appease characters come out any bonus that yeah yeah. Anyway. Fluorescent lights that make your house look unsophisticated. All these things do and it's one of the first things visitors notice. Fluorescent oh I I have them in my closet and laundry room but most people. Don't really have fluorescent a Google figured it out right now yeah emisphere at a media sometime weekend. Or add change or whatever but in general yet you fluorescent lights and consider some I didn't like in my closet as European and asked. Take now I don't have ever gotten there fluorescent. Light or how are now really yeah there's such a pain. I met. You can't change your regular life but I can change July politic actual buying real loan amount of -- has trouble getting harder and all of yes so what makes you think you can change the flow of change bulbs that again you know it's a little difficult sometimes Mandy well you know as a tourist and hole out I want sitting up there for months. And bring in a professional. You kidding me I know well I didn't wanna call mine my Detroit's electrician. Tom I just need to change the so I just your friend and electric now now now now now I thought about it sound odd about it. I didn't do it dude you live in an apartment Amy did it. Orson I don't want a break because it's really hard it's hard to change a pleasant I am sorry. Mean it's a real reforms a fourth one is crystal color yeah I am and that. Italians it's. I'll struggle is really south. I know you treat Amy well you have to. Again I heard hagel is a big game. My name's. I airplay is right I think needs a wife and. She does weigh in on it do things like my father in law's coming the other week and he got me is. I told the story how he built me at work parents and actually asks is located those work bench. Because he'd always doing workers masculine thing I had was an old ironing board. And so you needed a place to work so we are. Now when he comes rhino is coming I go out and take its fill of stuff sometimes. This last time I just took a big box at my arm and shoved everything into it don't get to whatever is so giving. You really. Can you let him build a work bench in your house so he can do work in your house and I am mentally ever such a great guy Dick. I can tell John Goff so when he came banking diesel more work you like I did leave a couple things on there they need to rename it put on the and then he asked if I had a lot of sorted out. Yeah I'm not do this now that is great phenomena and you know we're but it please do know. Now he will sometimes take it upon himself. Oh yeah and net. On the so also. Ha lesson also making your home. Unsophisticated. In the pursing visitors notices TV wires. And big bulky TV stance. And gives you such pain to hide wires the apple will sell like we had people are words. I can cords from lamps and stuff like I go to art I have stuffed taped to stuff from the bank in. I had a pro why I hated every dialogue. In your room but I didn't. The TV and you're talking about like what he called it should and then is same as senator Gilligan entertainment center in. We're we're gonna easily hide the courts could do it's behind I mean and we just. Couldn't afford April around about me all the time. Then finally under hung it up and and it went. I had in my head and father in law and right now I'm about are you ready for quite some want to hang my TV over the fireplace thank you very nicely today depth. Anyway yep that's part one like just angry that he demands of his father and a lot of demand week until his bad back situation which I hope we get specs. Because Alex is the campaign yeah. And he's got a his attitude. And also against number you didn't do we did apologize last army stayed fairly act I can't get. I'm sorry hang in there and I'm back you're settlements the fact that. There's a dripping faucet is all kinds of it anyway. And they be able look. Can see your home was unsophisticated particulars of the of the room is really there. Is something to be IBM minimalist but they said at least at some cozy Sheikh throws this openness. Which had an element of functionality decoration he's stylish since the weather. I don't know. This could be said for having stuff on your walls like I know some people who don't do art war. Wall hangings or anything just not into home get this some to be said I'd notice that if there's nothing on the wall gas is really entity in the end here. And it is hearts and I look stuff. Outcome put stuff on walls aren't we MER a spot okay she is spot went to a but something up on and I've. Gotta be careful he'll ask you come hang impatient now. I know I have a lot. Follow loan banks know your next match now that he's been mess and I bandy at a guy used to work here breadwinners and. Pictures and Noah. Table and Tom and you you have. Oh yeah. Return. Alone I don't need to be able to run a well run been easy for bully as commissioner which I've just innocent yeah. You're not doing well that's yeah. I. Was a reward for any. And and it rewards and have real quick. Upgrade you upgrade your photo frames on the basics glare proof glass custom made amounts. Vertical blinds. You know there's. Up and down yeah horizontal and balances and all that stuff and paper lamp shade the cheap lamp shades and all to come with a paper. A little magic. Aren't right lines you don't need. And out to be at our expense of a political and preachers on the because that balances. You're listening to all there with Matt and Ramona a couple of things here and talk to. May have heard this practice going around people dropping it roll and gets in their coffee. For work out. In the pro team at that speed and all that soars. Well the news is a really shouldn't mean you can do it I guess if you want to but it's not really gonna. It enters better way it's like drinking coffee and on Friday some tea coffee. Well that sounds disgusting honestly chunky. Right the yellow just to. We'll look into law in a well let him it was that out and did so it was kind of like egg drop soup only brown yap. An even even if you whisk it up if the coffee is hot it's gonna start cooking BA look Kennedy chunky. Played a basic you have to have that tempers 360 degrees at least in the thing copies like 200 degrees and you don't want Salmonella just can't go out meet Rollins. We known this since 1976. When rocky did it. In the ready in the county. Only thing code number of valid thing this is gonna go again this still glad they're saving your step is that theory but this is the has been going on mixing raw egg in a hot black coffee throughout centuries. In an area Scandinavia Vietnam. And even that Minnesota was big and it. So. Anyway they're saying it you know it's just better to go with. No celebrity digital. Not that short on time you can put an egg in a microwave and I didn't it is for a second that's all you need as many think it's Underwood Minnesota a Minnesota. Doug Doug who they say ducked out grey goose. It I heard a big children's children they don't Doug gray goose like grey goose vodka it's just I don't know because they have a lot of docs there are some is this like yeah. The specified in an accident on facts about it was on the and on football they we're urban you know there were saying they. I hear you got some Minnesota blood nursing talking about is on football. Should just because they played the music or something Doug Doug gray dot. That's what it is and that's the. I do. And I play it it's a have you learned doctor Greg dark note that night either you didn't and then you know why you should never. Yeah. Eighth down. We gave you think about that typically dot Greg do I felt like how hard. Game and does so if you are in Minnesota ending game of duck and goose out. You'll know the truth. Though this is a useful fact and it gladly tell people back as night so it. I need to gain doctor gray don't and never got and never dead. It. And then I was slow and has never been around dot doc lacked the terrible and horrible at. Out of racists yeah that is now is president and Hillary is too cool yeah. You know the little that little bit. As you know the cost of a date has gone up over the years minority gets Gil on one here's the deal didn't tell them. My sister. Alyssa things that I possibly get fined me you know I'm not and a team that bad leg and that's. A. And then big adds kept us. The cost of a date. According to the you're born whenever the decade whatever. 1980. That would Hussein his two movie tickets and dinner for. Act 1980 at a cost of date. Little over twenty bucks I 199045. Bucks. 2057. Dollars and 49 cents. Yes 201078. Dollars and 47 cents and last year 89 dollars and ninety cents. It's buddy that's probably about accurate that it when you say. Dinner and a movie yet nobody can only getting concessions and yeah TV dinner or not mean the movie alone is gonna cost here. A minimum of twenty bucks I ever ever big you get some popcorn and writing well to thirty bucks GAAP. And then did in Kerry's ordered dinner there's no alcohol may be why don't. They hit him connected. That is there any women and I believe it borders on this. I've been here anyway the average cost of meal at a restaurant has increased by. 11100%. Or so and from 1968 and now. You movie. Tickets have increased by about 16100%. Ali but the average of other goods is running 800% so meals and movies have are double the pace of every other item you might buy. As it is Leila online movie theaters are in trouble underwent ticket costs these days this says they're put to death at a minimum they don't want something. Yeah if your goal and alike IMAX or 3-D can pay fourteen or seventeen relics in the the number they used on here is two tickets at 173. And it's in Latin name maybe the gap and have an amateur boxer ever to 72 box no way. And we took on that that's fifty buck me oh you're not I mean there's no during weeks you you can do it but. Well hotline and les and I got a kitten is yes I'm a competitor in Amy then. It definitely a little bit of. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with that Ramon. Live bandied back here here it's in the sorry. Is the DeLia OK if you know. I'm sure if it eight. You're digging in these. We really dig in June. This relationship expert says this is something to look for. I personally find this creepy but. This relationship expert from the lead Daley says. He accidentally likes her in mr. Graham posed or FaceBook post from 2014. Is they don't. Call that he'll be sort of five it's a Q oops the rockets are you really get it accidentally. Okay yeah. Appears it was a real I don't know whether or not it was an item number I'm I don't assume that if you're going that deep in my history that you didn't mean to like you did no better way. You don't care about whether or not you look creepy. I down thing I was thought they were telling the guy to pretend it was an accident it's thus showing interest in your past but. They're saying it really is an accident what should you do about clean and more and I can't make it has. Alan I guess maybe it's not dating on a serious relationship. Is like. While arguing to him on you attracted to him busy TV but you're not sure if you're you're kind of lag demand. And you wonder do you like seeing this Zachary I don't know if you're both finger each other than they had thought creeping you know he maybe what you don't. Don't think it's creepy oh I'm sorry never match. You. Yes there is ye but maybe he wants to see. Like what travel places you've got two or what hobbies you have you've not data are numb or maybe had one date and now. Here's video. Have I done this to a dude. I absolutely have op but are pretty high and I am at the pictures. Like any good because it makes you independent that it was an age. I was if it was a mistake or do you just don't care that it makes you look me. All it was a mistake led by Polly wanna you're like. How long he's trying to get your attention on favored route is thank. You allowed the look looks can argue it any thing as it crap I've just don't think older than two. Out never know if you look let's just. Let's just say let's play a crazy game again he doesn't like it. You've been and you don't know of course but in this world and I'm making up imaginary. You somehow know that he looked at something from 2000 there today he mentioned water skiing trip to Baghdad OK something like that you like why does he. Yes I do know right now I thought Hitler that picture was from 2010. Too far too far it what does that what does it too far limit. You go back to year. A K our unity the other just repeat it doesn't make yearly stint with. You are being near you going though with my relationship or once they even. If you are if you know this guy if you know this guy if you met him one time. And all the sudden he's in your FaceBook. Going to your pictures and accidentally likes of photo that means he like Q if you were indeed him that stretch. Is eight green light saying this guy's into use OK try. And make the connection OK even if that's like this chick goes back to. But dawn of your FaceBook account doesn't matter on W is to remic out and is like an old stuff that's it's cool fine yeah if on the tour is absolute. Fine but here's the verdict in the key that we might be messing is the title of the thing is right. This is what again sign eleven things guys who like Q will do differently OK that that's the key there because of the title. That is true he'd like you. And you might you might think it's creepy but he definitely like him if he's if you know what I'm saying where I was at a guy like you maybe a little bit too much now. Maybe he has your mother did it Alter with your picture in a class act I act I think is a closet we can't burn out. I wouldn't win but he send their interest did and they still get drop the difference between interest and stocking. And if you're like why I don't think the event happy I'm. Really give you multiple likes. Yes. Yes OK annuity a multiple like he had you're going to alike and every picture year and it's a little money to account went got a percent the F one. Okay it's. You got that posts telling I would like. Every photo yeah we aren't paying him. You heard the new. I will give you. A light. And I will give view doing it without her knowing. Is okay. You say doing it without you knowing is still creep. Doing it because eighty duet and let me know it then it's creepy. People deal about my you don't like an old photo because it does look really you know what really shows the guys. Go getter. I've been playing too lazy does it say about all the serious we'll see that this may look Joseph what are Burres couldn't. Get her skillful. He doesn't go getter in doing it so let's just be honest about it let's start to go against my every picture there. Not insecure and Arkin. And you're lying in the majors does like it Iowa. It would offer every third ever dealers and now in my whole life I don't think that would it. And I just don't think can would know wow that's a problem lies are you even audience to grant. Most of medicine in. Just a day area. Is arc but I was actually got a good exits the Gramm now I think I am. I daughter tells me I am. Is she posting is usually might opposes the pictures rhetoric dog years or something at one point. The defense. A maybe if you notice he's acting Spanish guy nerve days. Rapid fire question asking on his art aegis might be feeling all the feels that they might not work to radio he's just an awkward to assume that's. I don't think you many make any assumptions out the awkwardness awkwardly blown out by those standards doc likes everybody wants to blink everybody. Awkward people would never get days. And you're just judging them on and some their acting all. The only good luck today because he says that the guy said he offered that he means he likes you yes. A woman that means that they all look slimmer now but I. It came to visit he can't look you directly and the guy. Well that's pretty much every banker in two but wouldn't be the guy who's not awkward at all during your eyes might be some sort of narcissistic. Play yeah there's nothing but don't want to Auburn guy you know censor them. What a woman yells yeah. I want. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.