The Great Hamper Debate with Kyle and Camille

Monday, September 10th

Kyle Bailey from WFNZ and his fiancée Camille are about to get married soon, but that's not stopping them from already arguing like a married couple! Matt & Ramona brought them on the podcast to find out why they can't agree on a laundry hamper!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was the remote. Amanda got to listen Natalie Charlotte's best mixes. And in the studio. Media help Bailey's and WS NZ. Those sports stuff over there. We all Sera not just yes basically. Kids me and twenty guys who. I looked like they might be high school gym teachers and a half and half I musher tucked and virtue and a bit. Yes gas continue. Oh yeah. Move. And so I a hearing Kyle occasionally venting about his fiancee now I'm getting beyond credit NASA had he alimony the American real what is it. October 13. October 13 gradually suits. Now I heard about a hamper incidents. Well and I I've heard Kyle talk about it familiar version of the hamper incident the UN body hampers. I don't know it was a MI. I got these a while ago yeah about them on the hood and Charles and yes and we out also had an argument about a band. This is a repeat arguments yeah only move this move. Puts these campers. OK I value style and he very much does not and only value practicality. Abu OK I have to be plastic and how holes which goes against everything that. My mind is who as a yeah. Haven't you haven't shooting hamper I don't really amber doesn't look like we have open storage Tuesday it has to look organized and neat and they were they got yeah. They're like. Canvas. May have Blake's open water on them and like a little ingredient and I area cute you know what is the issue at least I'll. The issue is that. I'm a big sweaty desert you know I guess I don't drive I go to the gym I come home I'm soaked. And you can't put sweaty gym clothes and these things because there's there's no lawyer that they don't bring circulation. So it ruins their clothes. A serial like Sears are to come back closer ruin how ruined because they'll mildew and elected they'll do it stinks he elegant and they they did so. Or you you have you want in there you have so sweat you. You may not know is that part. Here's our ten or so 230 pounds on a big man and I saw her on the sweaty guy I need to hamper that I can put me you know at least for my gym clothes. The BO flirt and their so that might my clothes don't get rule book isn't this what first of the a couple of times and it stays sweaty. Yet he characteristics do it like it's gross that is his real right after this not right after a familiar center there where there is no laundry detergent that I. Think that it did that item or I didn't think it was as bad as it was until I made that very grave mistake of sticking my entire face into his MD Hamburg and see what it did highlight news. I almost passed out and does not an exaggeration at all all went really well I don't know how my got more terrific young oh my lead that we needed a new one and this time as they get a wire one that Heidi removable. Linen fabric insert that you could. Us. Yeah. Because it doesn't help save the close dialer he's doesn't. The problem was that cures. Your stinky clothes weren't getting an opportunity to do that but they wouldn't do with this radical right yeah. Radio. And Myron aiding in the bottom this is what he fails to notice about the other one because it's a very small. Sudden. It's meant and not like Liggett is no word yet can you kind of the lyrics of this really quick on Wednesday because. I. Had to before battling here. Does your lay here. Have any spinal fluid whatsoever army is yours is here with a hamper it he she did you're leer at any aesthetic value. To your home no it's a white 599 plastic camper from Wal-Mart okay here layer is not going to tell you but I head and your players a compromise that I thought I was making with three bedrooms in this house we bought her Charlotte. We have bedroom that we share in the second bedroom that our guests sleep embody it is her bedroom were all over things go and she has allowed me with a third bedroom to make amend came out yeah. So I said here's the deal. It doesn't have to stay out I can put I can just take the heparin put in the manner in case. Or right now the man cave is full of our wedding stuff. Boxes of weighting stuff my golf clubs things like drive by six banner that I hand soda over the course of three days is fabric that will absorb smiles around. Yeah. Don't. Notice now resolved and yeah it made all crowd to put the manner similar. It's. You talk about an open area this okay my cover muscles I'm gonna put it in my manager Dave and with all the stuff that's in the we're not using the room right now I can't even finish the man cave until after the wedding so self put in the room. Not good enough not good enough apparently. Bakken return if foreign hemming get a different. This. Is the main thing on this banner. Hand sewn. That's the tassel order little household Werner all of my students on you traditionally normal extremely talented she's she's BI why wasn't she knows she can do any thing it's beautiful joy a great job when you wanna make it's cushy. The wedding of their take your picture is gonna turn and snapped the bank and Ramallah yeah. I. I don't think so. Things. Are but from. About your legacy wouldn't it Hazmat suits us much of Michael as well. It was on Saudi kind of funky sometimes but who's gonna turn around what look what a beautiful what a better look at sniffs it like it does make. The in my opinion knows and they wouldn't need to get like following inherited to it would. You know does he could not a and it lets us apart I think Austria group can sniff the banners Farwell went by yeah obviously some progress. Where do we stand now where I'm hardware to go to waste if everyone doesn't wanna stand in front of it because smiles linkage and back. A boom. And all you have got to bring your hampering. Yeah I'll let you know remove you can smell it on the Liaoning and you know I don't know Alexandra oh. Oh sorry some of the nasty story as regular person in my life a mysterious you'll small ever. Warrior orient. I don't know according had to bring in as weird Oreo is build a new flavors are brought on Monday no that was not mean you or try that was not mean well they're not I'm not on the weird food list here don't. Man ran and I and Ares I and so sensitive to voters that there is certain people I look I used a bat as a lot Rick I do. So when she did bribes that notre that made her sick. I believe her. I that I got bad and al-Qaeda so can I'm. I can't even I even need your telling me that you can't even handle a hammer that's not last. Now there's no you know we really don't ever seem a bit. Hard to do it. Wasn't going well where. Did that she's reading you comment. Dude yeah. And I even though does a lot of business that this is the most now when you said I do learn I think I'm well. I haven't yet so there's still fair game day is unbelievably high standard eats a danger course in the second no no we have no resolution. Yeah I know. This there's such as well it is over I wanted to finish. Under the smuggle him for a minute didn't help the president. And there is no grass to avoid the lamented how I am I going to continue to drop your backyard wish we had engine problems. The polls may say a car. Thank you guys again watch TV to the marriage going you know. That's very funny guys thank you guys cost that is during.