Groomsmen Proposal?

Thursday, June 21st

Apparently the new trend is for men to make a big deal out of picking their groomsmen? Matt and Bandy are totally against this!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening come on there. Thank you on us. First passion in play right away it would it would make things they shouldn't. Traditional media as a result yeah. I don't put yourself birthday parties and a big change big. Don't just don't make these guys are just most of fly under the radar. Then that's they don't bet they're not. Celebrate like it's not you don't. You know I expect to bodied. You know give you something amazing for your birthday we've insomnia aids it's just a weighted. And beginning of time like girls and icicle would trade each other Christmas presents a different little guys in high school you're not giving its interest. College buddies you document Christmas presents college now afterward if guy you know that that's a different some small point your buddies it's funny or whatever. But there's just a different way of life. And and and that's the way it should. Now a lot of a lot less caring. For the Christian. A lot less if you don't know it in different ways onions and making a big spectacle right exactly don't need spectacles make it more personal. In this day and then here everything. Is bigger than it was. Twenty years had a strong but we're asking a girl to the prop. Bigger now asking. Someone to marry you. Tell Vegas bowl if you're having a boy or girl apples they're all here to save the date your engagement photos. 01 look photos you're everything purse is bigger. Than they used to think so why not. The best man ask not why not the guerrillas and an ads. But not. Just a you know embody unity away wanna be Amanda wedding party. Now these are these this is an event. Yeah big you are proposing to your brooms. There are a couple of ways to do it by mail one of them is to use. Have a card printed up. Like dead and one cart that they recommend is say is on the front this'll law her idea and on the inside dot what about how you want him to be your girl is meant. Well this is her idea is that that's accessed. Yeah that's in it he doesn't wanna do it clarity and BM may have an effect as your idea I own it and say if you can print out a screen shot of a Taylor a tuxedo rental service. In York. Proposed prospective grooms area and then on the back Q writer personal story. Noting how excited you're gonna be a big sector of the data we have a group. All around man story. On the back and furtherance so rattled. He's just. A little direct on prince gasket. Similar person all the good they say is you could also plan an event where you have your guys get together. And you invite them out to science or for a drink at your favorite pop and then when it's time to propose a toast. You propose a toast to your upcoming. Wedding. And asked the guys saying hey I've got my girl now online he is my boys learn. The problem the problem is personal the problem as well now you put everybody on the spot what does somebody doesn't wanna do it. Yes Sears baseman. By regulators later have a there was going to be like YA what happened at that thing and I started out back out and the four guys like oh I've got to and you know I had no idea. Open hearts or prostate problems I don't know a little bit and that there's some reason they can't count on now. Or if I have to. Resident you can also send a boo K. A liquor. Huge unmet bottled blue K. Current. Eyes and just call me a girl has been actually sold. Tax me call me whatever. It. You open up that sure I remember I had ever turn down boom. Could this just because it's against. The nature of man this could happen. Dog does this say hey you gonna be it mine grooms and in my best man I'll say he had and then next time you see me say man I really appreciate it here's a model of whiskey. In the conversation and even have to be like why you mean so much to me or anything it's just like JUIDNN Taylor. Am I irony is Liz cue it's actually nice thing about a video. Our worst one yet and vivienne were dancing at a add that at bat bat like you're the bachelor. What the bad. Ballard given him a roses are held back up and center roses. Given out cigars. The guys who agree to be our senator video. Where am let's just I guess use most of them they say geez you'd. Then be. Will you accept this cigar and be groomed then. In my wedding you know all right tell I gotta put as Gareth yet. That was funny no not I believe hitters I would turning down first in line and then I'd say you know what I'm really questioning our friendship right now I would mock and I'm miners are not going to be friends anymore nor does not mean being grooms and in your wedding there will be lots of mocking lol I'm hot guy not to mocking yeah. And any of these are cute though. There's no there shouldn't main thing Q and asking a guy to bring your wedding. As you say you know that your respective rooms and loves Burbank. And you'd get about. His favorite Bergen and have. It'll labeled made for it now. You lost me a label. Her parents are spending their money to do this if it is. Now now I'm pretty buying all or you're damned gift for being in my wedding right. I'm not buying you wanted to ask you to be and I'm running bribery you get the bottle Berman after you show on my hands. President. Democrats. And I'm viewing get a bottle yeah it was well not then get it to you get that test right hang out EP. It's you know the murky but on I know it's it's collateral. As collateral you show up you you you get it but it lay away yeah I. There's only one way to celebrate America's birthday Skype showed Tony 18 July 4 NB. He ballpark with the Charlotte knights as they take on the do. Bring your family for this special pre pre game street festival started. The ballpark it's live music kids are rising gains through drugs and more in the best way to see the largest fireworks show in Charlotte he's from the inside the ball. Presented likely. A division of the governors highway safety program details and gave tickets are available now at 1079 the link dot com thanks to growing the premier and Aristide here Tito's handmade by media and fox 46 yards to the official fireworks sponsors of guys go Tony eighteen yeah. -- different kinds of couples perfect couple with talked about before life true life partner like good stuff. Yeah also the compliant coupled. There's a lot of times the same movies do it when the cup would go to any lengths to be with each other improve their love for one another. Both partners are very respected each other's needs and always go the extra mile and maintain the peace between them I do of the extra miles sometimes it. Well I don't know how part of it ago this is pat. Which are right in the movies they like drive through a rainstorm her yet or crawl across the line and use that day you know bay got a lot of oh yeah public display of of Islam. A lot. People who have. Let a partner go for whatever reason if you show up in a rainstorm. Yeah begging for them they're probably gonna call the cops. Unrealized and realized to stop any vehicle in front of the cars or go to the airport that I get out of the way liable when you over death and will run you over Canada. They either yup point suburbia and a comply couple there's nothing not a lot lets all promise you the stars love his blog I named. That's up people judge their behavior and so so they're dedicated tether and it looked as walls a downside is kind of a session. About partners on the same page. The expectation anyone of the individuals couldn't might not be met. Not reciprocated negative emotions paranoia. You said there's a fine line. I mean. Bending over backwards. To show your love and being creepy yeah I'd like to my. If if the person doesn't wanna be with you it made made it clear that it's over. And you decided to gonna surprise I'll be surprised them by showing up at their house now late at night with flowers and throw rocks at their window and help him to come to the window. Networks severely well in the movies only doesn't tell you right now if you throw rocks at mouse and. On the Capitol Hill think they introduced it there already a couple so they are Koppel they're just always like oh I know she loves. Flowers in the Serengeti sushi gets in a plane flies there and gets. That's a bad guy elected necessarily can't he. The flap earlier that the example on but yet you honestly say yeah got to set a bar to be one of those compliant couples like okay. I don't want. Flowers and dinner hand foot boom massages every night that's too much over the top yeah boom massage. In that that is not a thing and the Golan in their. Look at remove Israel confirmed blue massage every night had a setback back and then there's the polar coupled. There elect almost opposite. One's emotional ones rational. Ones pursue Earl says that their rescue rescue bubble up up up up up La. Footballer what do you think that I'm. I'm Amy Yates thought my Hitler opposite. Because of the negative positive thing yeah as they beat. Because he's so pot limit I was so negative yes. I'd think there's on its current turn around and around in my half turnaround I'm Amy. Negative now well you'd I have been nearly positive while police and bring the kids around my sides. I'm managing to turn it into negative I am not negative I'm just. Likes this whole thing where she wants to play the violin. That was is on minors it's not gonna happen. And as. The lottery. Despite an area just learned something you oh. Okay learns any other instrument basically except the violent. I don't want to hear it in Indonesia says okay piano we'll you know well now all know peaking at that little keyboard you know little Casio. This is an exit I that's what I said piano like this do you piano and in my head is as violent as ridiculous. That's really not negative that's why is beatable is it. The violin and why I don't know why he's picking a mile oh why are you still against it but luckily the money is okay piano I'll take. Yeah I'll argue do certain instrument do you prefer she not learn right leg Liu at every level ever we could be somewhere in some say I want to pull your violin. And even my daughter Mattie said mom there's no worse instrument. That if someone's bad added noise you more. And that's got to be it maybe bag types. Not a good violin you hammered in the years brought the girls over to the different. Now don't know that I killers I said oh I said. Don't know hurrying to Emery I don't know what I did say I say a ukulele. A driver I realize that maybe ukulele. I'd be a good one about how. You know ignite you know plays somewhere over the Ramos on the. He found him on the Internet so they must be true match followed that. Did happen along in the off there is an odd dance bots at right now. Outside thanks. It's got blown out. Plus controller like implement. I had seen here apple sometimes makes our employees work on big projects until they can be trusted. Yeah I have found that yet but I don't know how we got. We make employees were gonna realize there are real projects and they appear they are fake so it's done so poorly. Pentagon insists. Honeybee. Let's see that it. Do we talk about head butts off the air on the air monitors fearful of ahead by enough people. Not terrible led by just does not and I. I know you don't you think a guy who does ahead by his crazy. Packed the I have enough. I don't remember it just be clear she digs at your guide us at bats had matter exists or you hate to know that there aren't going to let. Oh yeah our guys didn't want to let any guy you know I'm not even dogged about it but he used only a big guy and has. The ability or thinks about a you're saying it's race isn't yes I stand by that. Tax president Ronald Reagan used attorneys hearing aides up during dinners and his wife. He enjoyed eating and silence. Or Nancy. Cantor a big giant hand a little body. Counts and around she did. It. It. Edited. Got to beat him with his his shield and profit is by Alan let me. At the net dead in bed. They do you read are you always heard of people lived with thirty life expectancy. I raises. Earlier. Lower than it was today but it's not thirty years the averages skewed by had acted in Pittsburg idle time you actually the ability got 65 hurled. They got to say people don't be parity but that was the average kids you know babies. That once you've made it to a certain age or get ago for. Yeah and I am I and strawberries the only fruit who'd which seeds grow on the outside. Odd. Al elephant ears it does everything mr. Robert festival when. You like elephants elephant's ears he's a regulate the body temperature. There are also used to eat at the the pair of California to position. You know the old rare is different and they were awful. The idea. And Patrick Arnold. Demeanor did institute run analyzing the old saying look there's a thing basing their their pride dollars they are that as leverage to created it's that. It's the same thing that they don't back in the day they didn't put all these. Toppings on either I hip hop is there a pattern I don't know what's happening these wee kids these days topping issues things and stuff. You're still in the largest organ making of the human body. Oh I on got a new Bullock and Abdul Jabbar. Ignored. It there. It black and yellow are the two colors with the strongest impact. It's a little dealers here or be or are good cook and I don't know about where Kobe you know me. What do you think is the most commonly worn cosmetic by women. Lipstick mascara. And you spent about 4000 you'll like tabs on it on. You know with some people say well not ready about it. Aren't in yet. Agreements as a T and aren't you supposed to resign a little. And the rest of the data yourself by different. Now arrived in the because you might have somebody say that next time I talk to elect has gone yes yes. Do you know them edited the US the US are USSR wanted to space first gear was third of Canada. Tomorrow you receive I didn't know I never gave candid and of course I would never giving Canada track I don't give Canada and is based in tennis players around us. I think gradually. And a bronze medal in the space race as a threat. See where else like go is because this is getting better by the minute. Today as grids have eight arms and two tentacles. Octopus is do not have eight tentacles. That was our arms people stop saying it. It's Jack Nicholson was 37. He found out that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother. Heard about those things that hopefully you gotta break a dollar and 37 chip. It lately especially if it is your choice. Let's say look I got disagreeable and Gatti here but. A judge Jim Carey turned down it's a chance to play captain Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean. Did Bruce almighty instead. They're getting a citizen I get yeah decisions all thereafter okay all right. I've got to win some better than that. Let's got him as a better OK okay all right I got I got and yet he's Psycho Scion it's a lands Texas chainsaw massacre all based in the same serial killer. I'll get out of here. At one point you held the record for being the youngest person alive. Think about that went. It. I would. Rock didn't where's my ribbon and America has the highest numbers serial killers and the world's. And I've gone and damn America and some of these other countries different talents. Right there eight. You are seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. That's that's just the Ramona says that the time and I. Have a video sharks. That it. But and she talked about I said she won recently had a lot of parents. And a did you watch what I say it's not too long ago. Now it's a woman. You can look at that I think you'd find it somewhere I I think I found a set area it is Google it it would average woman. Who gives birth standing out. I think it Kitchener some living room living room yeah that would allies and its its films or tape whatever video from behind by her husband. And it is so weird she catches the baby herself. We exists it's insane hole. It's gross. Catching the day that's going as well. There is. Very Wonder Woman needs to me anyway it's pretty amazing and giving birth standing up. Like you're you know just let it go in the pool is just is beyond my comprehension the baby falls down and all the liquid comes out and. There's why do you why you need to do this when I was done. Married into a fertility treatments I used to watch that labor and delivery show. And it after I don't watch episodes. I would laid there sleepless. Like oh my god. Could I possibly even if you shift to this. It is an incredible. Process. And I'm going to watch a video that you sit me up this process which I know takes it to another level yeah. I had no natural man event 99% of the time. If you send me a link natural unless band he has already okayed it as safe for human consumption. Clicking on at night but I don't know marital fundamentally hurt but I don't documents freaked out on this site may be a miracle. Has grossed out. Learn. What to look at that duck look at desk usually is that next to me straight and really have much chance to stop. It if you enjoy that docked. I while I only saw from kind of like the sides but I I saw enough to be kind of disturbed if I showed they had about admit. Eleven babies in the woods there's some. I didn't know I was pregnant now and going on I didn't know this was intentionally going low and it was kind of like get naked in afraid of pregnancy yeah people were delivering in they wanted to be in nature and the wounds there and sounds in a gentler something yeah I remember them any I replaying the audio from Edwards that people like. If it isn't a tournament. They didn't say that they could have. Anyway that brings us to grossed. Somehow long about way we'll load about it. If you like me are German fellow but this is the confirmation we need. We're doing the right thing because researchers have found that being disgusted by things actually keeps you healthy. It's a very good practice so when you're talking about disgusting veins and I'm sitting over here gagging go me. Certainly 2500. People and get this question neared it listed 74 potentially disgusting scenarios. But they'd probably that they are probably discussing your gag about sometimes are. So you donate to you but to helping me now they're disturbing. So. Scenarios included things like pus filled skin liaison. Isn't always lesions and a I mean it's covered in insects. And an object just like didn't treat truckers and I decide yes a slash I am disturbed by a swarm. Not discussed at an artificial swarm of flies all good guy. Good who got a on occasion in the open part two is perhaps its greatest strength of their displeasure on a scale from no disgust too extreme disgust. Ended the results I did a five that the people who were the most disgusted yeah where the healthiest. How I don't know it's AD I mean horse cart and you know yeah I. Usually lead did you at all wow look at this icy lesions now staying away I'd look at earnings and grows our lives anything pus filled. I'm good I'm staying away. Spoiled food no thank you if you prefer the did say that where the bodies I say if there's more than four days old it needs to get him that's fine outing on they went past the sell by date. It's get ago. And not know it doesn't. Add that and that's not that's a little bit different than deprecating in the streets as. Hello I'm range of the spectrum right now to discuss the mile Los Angeles and yes animals and insects like I told what to answer analogue. I'm not it would it would I got to be more specific like any remorse or something Eric. If you cough into your hand and then I watched loony. And their prayer circle as your hand reaches Jordan might not like. Take adjourns. Again and again the germs are getting used so yeah he did anonymity toys and laugh but I am so a winner. So disgusted that I get and can't Isaac and what are we what is he doing why and Canada that is. As we talk baby who is. The Pope but won't even made it is flattering himself and. Nancy you always know that scientifically they can't sanitize or not great is that we got in Bailey right now let's a lot of needs to admit I'm only to learn about here is channeling good man he's got all kinds of what's that thing you get person per cent gas available at the super bug and then he had MRSA who stayed away from it if this girl you know why I was disgusted you know why people against those supervisors that they don't finish there and a buyout and don't they don't get exposed to any paying him. Yeah I mean a victim you put some food around you mean the less likely emerge on. I don't I don't think you guys did a fellow journalist clothes continue to be discussing it turn and we will live together held belief for the rest of our a lot of some more you give me another just accumulate every Timor one more where I could deprecating. In public. Is like at ten and then insects on a law. Shall be the category of disgust. More hygiene. All on this guy David stinky animals and insects that bring disease. Yeah I see you can do from risky thing. This has been in a typical appearance. But person. But just rude. I'm sorry I was I'm glad I'm sorry that mr. coop who underpants I think you know. Doug and I don't weird shape headers and call me an album legions of listeners. Foiled spoiled Schumer. Filled with pot and play yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 link dot com.