Habits That Are Making You Sick

Tuesday, February 20th

After you listen to this podcast, you'll never wanna bite your nails again!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com your listening up there with the remote. For a president podcast because they've gotten caught the math mistakes but they do which you can. Following like no those things to face it there's a pretty cold or wacky or silly picture. Kids who tried to sneak into. The black Panthers. Explain what that is. And they're doing the old fashioned like actually see on looney tunes or something like that one's on top of the other shoulders there are no large trench coat. All an act on the wrong today exhibits are hitting me so well. Well they're actually tried to sneak in the movie that way yes. It added there's video in the pictures up how are they walking I didn't want to they're walking OK considering that taken as a giant Mittal and a bit of San perhaps. We're the shots. Now maybe the shot went viral devoted a lot of you know that is not probably get an invitation Neal likes them a black pants. Your. Super meeting or you carnival or pugs are the meaning they. Well again you know comic book Connor comic con or something. Because I column and you tried so hard to let him get Erickson zero to hero. These are habits that might make you sick nail biting. And wreaked Havoc on your Al small target study 76% a nail biter tested positive for diarrhea and vomit causing bacteria. Compared to non byters 26%. Yeah there's back them up and that is Syria's. Vomit and diarrhea. Allah god for my mom and orthodontist you stop me from comes knocking at even when you were like eighteen to sixty years no I went on your older the most I I was not 18110. It was like. Yeah agreed. I never did it. Yes a great light. I ever was a thumb sucker you were much as I don't know what the dealers that. Well that's how the fires us up to me there's more dirty stuff with a girl that knows more enter a not for babies managers had. On your sad desk lunch. Breeding ground for bacteria. He boards a Jeremy spots yeah as studies that one day more than 50% of services and employees become infected with a virus. He outlines released away from your desk. Which I don't understand because if it's your vibe as your stuff. I guess he's making problems but they were your problems so. Highway area your germs that's all think and I don't think my standards you have because I mean it's. When you do the dump with your keyboard need all the stuff falls out that's pretty exciting that's yours and I think it means we can't. Allen's I don't understand why would be worse. Mean eating away. Would be which seemed like it might even worse yeah obviously got other people around their virus is using your desk. I'm calling this study out. Is it just seems to me see around your own grosses yeah. Grosses see yourself and I detaining anybody else. And I'll miss. Why. Grossman's in my food probably knew I mean it doesn't make. To me. A part time scientist. Logical sense that be cleaner if you ate at your desk or or less I received. Then if you ate at the company breaker. And don't people are coming in the break room and I suppose it just your people your desk. And you do make some sense there yeah I think it makes sense is I've seen some things in the break room we have new girl here and. I think we're on the theme. Germ phobic Gerald. I don't know I've found a friend at work I don't know though somebody that's made it. You know sent out an email hey there is you know food in the kitchen come get it. And Susan go I wanna get some but I better wash my hands first and disagree don't know what is washing their hands before they. Yeah. You better. Each one. Big load. Out it said there's the triggerman. In beer and talk. And it. Her ignorance was bliss CNN you ruined it for the body other point. And that's the only thing that teary and bodies found in the room and he's in order she just wanted some food. That like and I knew how neighbor. Yes I help. Hurt anybody was gonna get sick I mean this whole I don't sports area would go down there area around. And it was the fruit thing you probably the tooth pick on it did the people in the sports department have basically become mutants because the ball with just a shaking off. It has turned him into the left that. We're not Neil has yet to what would affect wanted to become immune to be great Benedict iris thank you on your on wash bed sheets can make you sick. That's my mates. Involved they are relatively harmless they themselves their droppings and discard a body fragments trigger asthma and allergy reactions whenever. Ever ever. Visited his. A scary thought I'm the person that plan changes she's whatever means dropping scary guy body fragments we we have our own Rihanna narrative. Like a good I lived through college with hardly ever watch. I mean yeah. We like that surviving dorm life a college app you can tonight out and don't think I'm. That I saw some things go around the dorms I was in Ari asphalt adding as a. Ill prepared and not the US and they should not exist now only exist because people were not washing your. Yeah that's true but I you know I figure my kids how long it in the streets. She should look I think I'm building immunity today CNN. In a million easy class act. Dana looks like he can't get them. He's dead trips. No it's nearly a year away. Because we've got the was never bothered Sherry. And his new album. Get your suit and Justin. Offers some ways to be a more romantic. Him. And then. One of them is. It and knew never gets old. Date night for long term couple is that you strategies and short term couples trying something new weeks' time. And a novelty. He's not do that work in new stuff Chenault. And I don't know why you act like he's horrified. Because it's just. We hardly get to go on out anyway. And like this thing says. Drive across town project that's. Now so. We just really try something different I guess I went to the super all of my body and he went to Florida weather girlfriends that's I was different okay. But we I mean we always think we're going to. We have that rare moment out now by you really go on hand. So it's not every time we have done different things it usually somebody else asking us to it we don't take the initiative. To go to like. A brewery uptown or something that's important that we usually. Go somewhere near. Their clothes now. That's his. You actually picking. And if you ventured too far away from Baxter village they're gonna get lost and never find your way back and how about like. Going someplace far that you weren't Allentown twenty minutes long you. And your. Where you know go into a brewery. Town now want him. It's man from my house again it's long it's kind of a minute roundtrip. Acts I don't know why we don't we just by the time right are we really ought at this items on paying and actually don't remember last council on my docket announced. Something new all the time be. Sometimes just like certain things and we only get to go around five weeks or something like I know I dig Napoli is and it's close and while there have you done a vanity. Yeah we've done that sometimes sometimes it works thousand times is overrated when we got a year yelling need air near panic comfort zone area and try some news so it depends what you're in the mood for. Via take turns taking charge make Joseph more manic man. That goes for decision making a making love making. Now that charge an iMac at bats he really has made it. Decision make an anchor or should I never feel like should you make bad decisions Isaiah. I have no confidence in your decision making I don't want to because what is the point in doing something wrong. I. Regular and it becomes a video Matt Leslie because always assumed that it's going to be wrong. You're growing did die he's always coming up with something horrible. Now now I'm on the ballot spending money subs like taking a trip or weekend away. I would rather. Be consulted on that. Nancy do all the trap laid out plans. And I would rather. Not even consult on me I had to. I'm having add. I'd rather make it is she likes planning she loves planning things. And I is that when it I would generally prime responsibility. Because what I would advice you know spent a few hundred bucks on a trip to. Outer Mongolia and he'd rather go to Guam and I'm Angela yeah I. Think I don't know. Everett option that you paint some plays and it's surprising and wonderful why is that not ever summing it crosses your mind as a cross my mind because. I would want done something surprising and wonderful. Found out that it was OK I think I did once. It worked out OK but. I shouldn't drag and try that again did he get lightning in a mile drive and to retire. I don't something romantic ones I had great innings and ready whenever the wind. And then again going all night. We rarely get a weekend what do I say is going to be agencies leg. And pretend she likes it even as she batted an amount loud talk about it is a surprise crap. Anymore also it to be Mora Manning manned write more lob notes. Or promissory notes or even better it's as. I can't it can't be done she wouldn't want to answer sorry Kyle I got console ever only end in writing. A benevolent and that's too many pages it's. Schedule some stealth Condo time. You just get in the car and driver rounder something. Just a little get back to schedule you don't get some and quiet time with whatever it is a work whatever but I don't need to drive around and talk about it. I ally you lacing gas synagogue in the past you know somewhere and out on the road not go Morton like ten minutes ever. Accordion. The way you touch each other. Which means vary from those so light. I'd be in love it tight and our own with designing and security in alone is always. Yeah that is easily easily isn't like your we are now or something. Let. Heck according to compare possibly have done. And let's pretend and a lot of the water bottle that day and I listened to collect the food or when. This is. Are you a hug like an accordion behalf. That may mean romantic yes it does is it like wild he's he's my demeanor Chordiant. Can be more a manic. Gave you some in your inner detective. Or enter decades some people like the sex oh that's another word for detective. When you notice something that never gets noticed. We pick something out I guess math got picked apart ever part of her body and thinkers. And it's under arms of the you need to do so alive beat anybody here. Bad. I can get that especially early on its golden noticed something yeah biggest scars on them. Nag the little tiny scar been together for awhile league it's weird if you point something like why you bringing that up. But this circle my whole life I am now did you notice noticing after eight years not customize every toast. Every time you like cheers and has seen cheers or whatever you say something sneaky Ike. This is for helping our daughter was there history project. So every time we come up with a new you can patent it makes you more romantic. That you customized meant every time that's a lot. And let's see. Do it is we're really creative in but and how often do light why we toasting on a it's anything yelling hi I'd also says. No way to be Mora Manning man is he most underrated use of your own tongue which is biting. And to chateau. De Brian Tong the other person. You went to Tom literally or only does not talk. I'm assuming you're biding its I don't think someday amid. Not to bite you are right probably of this hard to imagine my you know I'd much on my own time but that is definitely. Like literally like. I had some problems than it yeah I thought well averages up first and I read them out. Yeah go on accident with a meeting of a pattern that's. You're listening to all there was. They did operator didn't we love you share and Marines the podcast mixed up next. Ramona telling us about. The dining out bricks that's gonna get good at African. Mom and they're not. These are foods that we Americans eat any U I they're British people find it disgusting. Asked a minor he discussed out. I end tabby. Grits. You know from England say they don't even look appetizing I think. A lot of people. From the north would say that a lot of people from Albania and let the sun and are. Loved it and 21 year we and we were working in Columbus ahead. Two interns from the Netherlands. And I invited them over to my house for brunch and one of the things I served was grit he made grants. Now I forgive me there's a translation of it can't even noticed. Packets and watered it's no no no no no real gray economy particle matter what race in units that are. I'm you know where I was cooking and hi I should not only cut and sell. They thought they could not understand greats they thought they should be sweet. And let you put some. Honey on and went in I ask that they they couldn't get with the consistency of the tapes I actually get that though even I do eat grits. But she's great. And in like distill or ground rules yum but I totally get by looking at it. And having it described do you value would not not appetizing looking now even hope not appetite for me you know you do. Think oatmeal or cream we needed an appetite I think all of them don't look appetizing. Not that I don't like him at regular economic. They mushy peas over their looks like Obama do thing yet what are the p.s like I like Lohse up. The ground up and Erica like kind of like Sami or really gets discuss what about the black putting again. The bloodletting is disgusting. I would try it it's a blend of I'm in use. Duplicate that oatmeal and blood on blood like an all black putting boots and blood. The hit and. I'm sorry. I tried. Out and blood no it's not human now though we know now or blood now and I've got to do it. And another thing that brits hate. Is nonfat milk. Very big Gosling is getting skim milk then get it. They don't. Love him I know people who don't like it takes to skim and a lot yeah it's doing lottery aids in Africa and I zero why bother it's it's is white water. Not real male usually pumps that well they do get the appeal of peanut butter. The combination of peanut butter and jelly they fine quote repulsive enough they are getting a little over the repulsive but. IE I I can see now he mentioned that is the it seems they would be uniquely all American kind of thing but the thing and if. Under that I don't need it. Not until you try it but there are some combinations of foods. But my mama read a recipe from to me I'll be like that combination tells disgusting acts like kid that they might not think they go together but it's the. They eat peanut butter and eat jelly is right on together. Well I I don't need to average. Of I'd died and ice straight up. The better on toast that you know and butter. I didn't do I never liked him better yet this is long before his kids but they are at allergies about I just didn't like so. That's an early on you or other Vista but RC activist butter sandwiches. That is weird to you include boy that I look to them being a member of the regular butter and jelly. On my brother ketchup sandwiches I did two. I hadn't mustered and parmesan cheese sand. That's how I. Lets out a rock and you don't need is a peep hole from England biscuits are meant to be sleep so we talk about eating biscuits and great he. Today it sounds like he's saying I like cookies with brown greet me being there biscuit is like a coat yet again item. Talk to cookie would be a biscuit accident understand. I get that and then root beer. And they say it has an unusual flavor that they like into disinfectant. Then. Arab. You know what root beer and ginger. Your. Article and I should Asia and on my radar. And I love my liquid radar ping did not stock today without Ozzie in the the big. The room. They are discussing. Ginger real natural high but they both have a lot of ginger who doesn't like closet to drunks on every day I die and get every day to. A lie I tagged and never. Even got one you know I got when he members and thank god you. I mean I mean and as a kid or something in this in this adult life I don't think I've ever SATA restaurants they can have a ginger ale. I have murderers and our root beer for that matter. And remember that little thing Alan it's still going on people making their engines are out in my cousin of easing into it the app that taken off. Sister. Act out. It's like a lot of work and I can you got the news webs in the grocery store I don't think given my neighbor came over and said you know that's not made ginger ale I mean again. I would take it better be right. Well this is probably going to labs that doc says. People in England think corn dogs are disgusting I think a lot you marry me Kerry got browsers staple there are there are. I think a lot of people think recorded on. Look corn I'm not a fan I'm not a failure. And I think people like well it's just like instead of having it on a bun you like did did in the bread no it's not. Now it is now. Now now now and it's not I don't I'm not a fan. And finally seem sweet salad dressings. Is say why would you put like me. Honey mustard dressing on a salad. But they rule on the whole point Abbott salads salads are supposed to be so weak. Welcome to get today him. Edwards meant what they did when it put on Tuesday morally pure oil and vinegar and I think those that are. Tarts. It's more glass and more fun it's fair. What's that we're old and I've been done Harry you. Go to the man my FaceBook page reports about all the time on their including the video where we scoop Steve bachelor. Muncie would help. We'll. Who refuse to let go over burst yeah so she went through the conveyor belt I'm an extreme machines turn acts. Imagine if I went and actually be seen as that would look like at a show or like your bones and stubborn whatever yeah the Celtics during it's cheaper to go on doctor probably break. I had by the train and it does anybody there in the security news of what we're looking for I think you have pointing combing your birds and the tumor is well I thought formula to keep the bad check the edited version. Nights anyway rules about marriage or there's something leg you're a woman to rescue. Relationships tend to work best when the dresses and. Early bats land. Yeah probably fight it I would never fight it. I adolescents and your woman is it buying you the app today genes or learned a nicer Cheri just because she's tired of shopping for herself. She wanted a look good. And most women know that. They have a man who were probably doesn't put buying clothes. Own the top of his priority list grows there yes some guys that are just the Earth's. I I understand. Guy should give him in general. Now you be taken a guy and two I got a 180 degree that's too much am I could complete makeovers Ty deal right. I eyes that's too much dated a guy a couple of years ago who you know. Honestly. On a lot of dating sites. I can take one look at a guy. But she is. Action shots or whatever his his casual. Photos and I can tell how long he's been divorced makes sense to me because you would think you really step up your game. If you were single I know that would then when I got divorced a hundred years ago. I immediately. Like stepped up my game Acer today. Meaning you stepped up the game I got better hipper clothes and things like that colors and the money is as I can where she got it. But I mean it since I was little. Am I. I felt like I was more concerned battle that's why these guys are still on dating site that's true they didn't stability was getting them and find any money because you've got it. And that's why weird to be like if you really got to the hawaiians. Heard and the dead jeans and the sneakers from like twenty years ago oh and a this one guy said. India is outfits were varied. Like holy eighties need aid and this is in the 2000 and I made a comment like you know would you mind if we went shopping look like if you ever gonna go anywhere with me how flat and down you're dependent pulled out. Nice yeah he was kind of offended. And he pulled out this catalog is a world you know. My clothes come from here. And it was I'm not even joking this was two years ago it was a 1994. Casual male cataloged. Like twenty years old. They do casual male is sounds like senator international. Unit has. I don't know I know is that you. Know that. Lines when he did so yes these schools were stylish and Tony years if you look at magazines. There could come across a busy day in day now you guys look really got to do is I'll take two seconds at. Taipei and ballots have forty year old man winter or something like that you're gonna get. Ideas and thoughts are what are what doors to forty year old or thirty year old whatever it is. There are a lot of guys that's not important to them. Why don't let the worst thing I'm I'm flustered and. Moment by that. Bad. That they wouldn't it wouldn't be important if you're trying to land elated. But you're right. There's an iron and it reverses it will close though meg demand you're right. But it makes me more willing to take somewhere with me well yeah you look like you've purchased clothes in this century or you're you wanna. Even shout out to be in the and he journey. Did its job without begin to go on yeah. Sure it doesn't look washed now know or looks up day series. And chances are those guys you might be missing now who have clothes that are very old. The clothes are also ill fitting because there I had a most people's immune to own are not the same exact size they were twenty years ago. RI LE writer the shirts are too baggy. Old aren't the buttons are screaming for help yeah. There's something wrong but doesn't appeal I mean you should he might be a great guy either take the lead and god help them. I would like to sit if I wanna be proud of the guy Amway as I don't wanna the data look like well you know I travel under the bridge and you know. He's wearing a super nice don't fighting guys man don't fight and also women don't be afraid to tell your guy he can handle it than the truth. Like I and get it you know I might favor prep. He and he has yet you gotta be an artist and the short but if your snagged the is. 1975. Snazzy gap in 1988. Snazzy. It's not yet. 2018 snazzy. You gotta know your guy at least a little bit I mean she's as she gives me a spark and it short sleeved shirt. Forcing year. This assertion if if if that's that you know I don't know how to lose against army and chores and ushered a man and a scarf game to invoke. Awesome and I likely know you you you don't don't address me like a hipster it's not my thing Jim but you could the good news in its own bed and his example assess letters anonymous and close ties normally in the hands of the most adorable but the Easter Sunday adorable and and that's what every guy was a looks like. Somebody's door or adorable that you yeah yeah. And resellers are York ants that. It's now okay. You just describe me is a little dig nation on the advanced hostel there you go on Easter Egg Hunt and somehow. Films touts that together like this feeling that I have been ahead. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.