Hackin' On Bob's Slaw

Sunday, May 27th


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There's a guy sitting next to me he's drinking a beer. And I guess he's waiting for to go order soil under the ribs. And a big potato and they have this flex law cranberry slaw so they bring it to me. And they put the slot to my left like like not too far from him. And he's a hacker and he's got an American I am assuming you don't mean a computer hacker right correct and he's really hack and I don't know it may be in oak pollen I don't know what's got this guy go. But he is doing a lot of hack it all I can do was look at the Slorc. It. And then his order comes. And he says to me. This is why the lord and did not make me great big as I would get into trouble is he's leaving he say in what's that and I said that's law. Tremors slow oh OK if I were great big guy what is said that slow. Tremors slow mixed with your flat. That's what I that's what I want it it's so you didn't I buy it. Now I've preached that weighs close repeated this man why was he able to have you on your two things you were at the bar he was re sitting next the image as an. Just ruin my slow and middle of bats but what about his germs they didn't get on your ramps. Amid the ribs and went beyond. Ritual with ships are still Anders.