Hangover Cures From Bob

Saturday, March 17th

If you're celebrating St. Patty's Day, you'll definitely need these hangover cures from Bob!

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Are so here are some. From the Internet some hangover cures Tellme which ones you would use are we we shouldn't get and we shouldn't drink too much but if you know you talk one on same countries that you might need days. And Gatorade. Emergency and Alka-Seltzer. And a double bacon cheeseburger yes. You all of those things in one setting yet all at one time and egg drop soup and lemonade. Yeah doesn't that sound good on what is extra good they they don't make any sense together but it sounds good deal I didn't Gatorade. Who. That's always get you know what you need it cold though I have to I have these little heated up in heated up swimming in cold water no thank you. I'd rather consumer can be cool you can see how it might work. Or somebody else our medical. Sugar snap peas and water can't have the bacon cheeseburger. Well so much more appealing is that so far that's the best one. Or let's go to the next one here who have. I've heard this before pickles plus pickle juice. You know sometimes I'd creed salty things so much I can dream click green Knology straight out of tar really. And the evidence in a martini. No I mean right out of his car yeah. Of beef rant the Raman ram and rom and Rama and beef from an. And a lot of so Russia and some flame and hot sheet notes yes no spicy things a fire have a hangover and I. Why don't play. I want lake com waive those aren't terrorists and like a really spicy bloody Mary didn't. What could tell you pronounce Roman. If you don't need it I don't need it very often I've had Rama noodles it's not here's things not a hot bowl of flow. TH show I thought it was pronounced far. Because I. Notre. And though in the unit. It's a Vietnamese soup it's so that. Far flung a soup aged at. And try to remember it let's do just plain milk. No and now that she wanna throw up. What chocolate milk that we're talking about hangover cures chocolate milk and some chocolate putting it down. Not the milk park but maybe depleting. Dramamine yeah but it's gonna make you sleep right and make you sleep you know I have never been seasick and I feel sorry for people who take. Room remained when they when they go out on the road sugar and salt dissolves into a glass of water. It's a long shower would know so listening to a Dell. I'm putting barbecue free goes in the Wild Cherry Pepsi. I could see that yes cucumber sandwiches bad bill and water this and that he would the last song was the combination of sugar insulting. A full of drama and a Diet Coke and Disney. There they are which is the best ones. A cheeseburger and new emergency I think that is the best we've run invited deaf Gatorade emergency and Alka-Seltzer plus. Noble bacon cheeseburger and.