Happy Birthday, Darrin!

Tuesday, August 21st

It's our boss Darrin's birthday, so naturally Matt would say something dumb that'll probably get us fired.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Us northeast. And the class acts. And hurt us and we have heard of like. Flat tax would and I'd nobody I know Paul implant actually pancakes. But people also apparently in the country on yeah that was a word foolish guy but I have never day. Yeah just Elton out Ebert isn't it over the microphone are on the bus there is here tonight. I meant to come to academic and your office days 800 they aren't there I know for sure because then you sit in an email. I went down to the office I do and there. He's been handed analysts say he's my president for Democrats. Every now where can I say in my I I do wish you have a birthday. But I am not replying all to the birthday. I don't think that that's lane. Got to suck up. You did have an honest and the president we don't get a reply I'll Oprah immediately stopped replying all the everybody and at the same happy bird did the boss he has vetoed it suck ups. I told us a lot of professional respect for people who did Ebert Ebert while all there's some funny and then there. I told Kyle Bailey from the sports as I told Richard make sure you tell me that the yeah Canada but I did doc it again. That too much like yeah. I might as the government alone. Yeah we're going today they had. All up again and I don't have my dad's a little bit of a of the argument. He's tired nightmare no oh no my boss I'm embarrassed and. Should you ever been out yeah. Nice guy that's I was open to him about it. I got ocean sit in front of us that don't I'm just last that was horrible. That was our only choice is up trials and is an angels I am returning bad girls the good guy Darren is good guy and I just aren't. I heard. Yeah. I'll tirelessly to put that I did the duck was there when I told the end user Bosnian talents sort of got the video of him trying to knock him in this beauty and visit. I know I just said that I was horrible. I feel bad man. By the way I used inappropriate. Yeah. You know but yeah sex and the tour. Yeah. I don't it's it's it's not everything I said right there was not good for our future well. And hand off on the minds on the arm but the thing is it that bit. He's. I mean the first one was okay and the big bonds now I'll go. Back. May end for us and I feel is there a hot right now I can I said there's a lot when he wasn't paying attention as a directive states that matter I and so mayors for you in comparison myself an unlimited online I'm given I'm a pilot cast. It. There's a big buck an attack on the united and get over this one I don't know what to talk me out of jumping off the lead the hey and not know if it was it was. This feeling out your Mac yeah. We had no buckets to catch it and I don't think he I don't think he understands yet but yeah. That's a bit of humor and I am. No yeah. Yeah. I had act include yeah mount on the and I. I. You guys had this fight has the you guys really get angry pro league you're gonna ask what can I tell you according item apologizing to the world hopefully he'll listen the whole thing when we get to the point where I biology and Kyle I don't really mean and I put Kyle. I I that I otherwise and I didn't like him I wouldn't ultimatum like it. Colin Medina and. I came running well he's other people reply only put on the mound on it I wouldn't call not a good long while and I. Email zero. And by the name is ahead so though the military has the delegate. I was gonna say that though I would sounds good to say something you know like feel like stop the or files we get it sock options birthday. Leino replies to sit reply all right we agreement that would not say it like to your boss like that. I weeks apart Hoyer co worker talking me I'm glad that image similar anxiety. Is we're feeling your anxiety like. As a guy I mean you regulatory and legal amnesty I'd call Kyle Bailey. So. What are you willing. To discuss not loose yeah. I don't yeah. I like your I don't know there yeah. I am done. Once it sound like to win your share of this summer cash storm there. God cookie guy he's share diluted from New York Carolina and I usually you know you unwilling. These New York cheering. Tune in every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM to grab your share. Listen for the keywords they intend to go immediately to 72881. Standard message and data resupply. This summer cash still are his share. Hello I'm doing what your share is waiting it's only. Can storm from Charlotte's best mix 1790 no no no link. A couple of TV things around by a here. First of all like to tell you that the American Gladiators revival is being shopped. About time that rove as one of the guys behind re shopping at plus the the original producer audits of you know our second fall or fall off that. Actually original idea yeah that's on now that's kind of like Latin American ninja warrior ninja warrior that is nothing. Now they dated there's guards error. You real actual. Athletes entertainers if these guys were too but but they're cool names. But you know it was more probably. WW rehash. That it was like these and American engine war and. Malibu and ladies and that happened in the and I had flashy Niger weren't credible warriors slightly real leads and I ever I ever got. I didn't. Inkling wasn't even even an urge to believe that. It was like WW left that was legit OWB Debbie Debbie easily do both about it's considered sports entertainment like. Yeah we have band names like that and also their big bulky guys who are American enjoy warriors they are not muscle guys. But I was 89. To 97. And then it was brought back later on with Paul Grogan as that one of the hosts but dat. Shopping and it's an applicant was syndicated it was always on a weird time and happy new owners on the gas. Must appoint a prime time so I don't know maybe people a day. Also. There was that is MTV did some catchy commercials songs and jingles list. And you guys love what they have in this list JG Wentworth club. Have you how most structured settlement of a new movie he'd count is now oh well and again we gotta remember that govern. Notion. I feel like you love now I love it I do there is that. Really that issue when did you ever did now and I don't ever call 877 dash now but darnit I like yours makes me want us slip on some TV somewhere new structured settlements and the value that he's suing somebody doing. Now. We would watch TV when we here aren't we actually had an office and not meant a whole grand and there was one would always come on and we don't even know where urged local we China's top leader as is it was it was on the news channel and it is that. Jan eighteen attorney here love. All off you don't take me now loathe. I answered. It is Kenneth we're not sure what she's saying no Batista takes yes we'll sell out and they offer ten million dollars is yet I don't Joselio notre held on. The Chile's baby back ribs. But Britain and CE these baby that agreed aren't all of these babies that leave. And sink. Oh yeah and Cink did that that one point and I loved it because Lance Bass finally. Had his opportunity. To come out of status does not beat baseball bats and I. Yeah we can hear Lance is beautiful they always loud it was one of those things he could normal you couldn't help. When you mentioned. Ribs or baby hat thing. There is here yet to break in his. Utterly Dixie all traders look that up. Band aid brand we just dot com today data out obtain written by a very man ought. The daisies sour cream do with a dollop song. Out of you would benefit. Yeah and. I don't know why do they say do the dollar do a dollop O'Donnell ala. Our I needed a doll to daisy and just now. It's only I want to go full I'd like more than a dollar I knew the honestly didn't need adopters even do damage on some chili or something and yeah where he put a baked potato and Liang. Stop barely gets a half stuffit. Not free credit report dot com. Idea you're dead I got to look these guys up we got veterinary these these two dudes I remember they were rocket lol yeah rock and roll and they invite people were talking about everything they have it and possibly forgot. That and they just like pirates one time. Yeah I'm trying to think whenever a moment or whatever happened as two guys. You need to. They're I don't know anyway here's another car. It is an evening found them a democratic. It. Among our quick they're staying in the whole article about it. They said they they brought fashion into commercials it's should've thought. We look at our back. Back. The nationwide is on your side has been around forever and is on there and then. Now they do all of Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley and all these people and education connection. Around police moved Brett we know what it was about was given you money to go to callers or has basically is from congress a loser and you're watching TV late night. And you wanna go to schools. When education connection commute ill when you when you go to college you can make more money yeah tired of working and it still does bug me that Shaq is I know I Agassi owns part of the thing is the the general. Commercials little I just bugs and their man and his stature and wealth and everything is doing this cheesy. Cartoon general commercial it's par five. How it. Fine. And I can do horrible no I would not adorable better graphics on the general yeah in any value she. Her years it's. No no hair bull I am I got no superstars who appear in something like that looks like we did it down the hall in them. Local studio and other words it looks like somebody hit it. You do just that that doesn't know. Come model and it gives the you know. Your boyfriend I had friends all eyes. I'll help isn't either he or his eyes yeah summer's day I enjoy his icy hot. So amazing. Big I haven't seen you look and see GI cartoon animated general and I. Alike. Brett Favre is it knows there are primarily on that note sent out there that you're Canada's next year copper bracelets are really off yet on the shoulder now we're not like a lot of people. You're listening to all there were pulled I don't know why but they call this according. To this free. Whether man cry after now. That's what you think of what we're supposed to being involved and our guys can. Eureka cosmopolitan instead of whiskey or something and he wants romantic comedy instead of Rambo. But can you cry after sex deal. Oh this is what. Like the saying no I mean I mean that's still now now Kenya this this new. Involvement of of men and women where guys cry it's. At least I don't even know why they cry so no we don't know why they cry cry it's called. Post coy goal to story. It's characterized by short term period of counter intuitive responses at the consensual sex. All being inexplicable feelings of irritability. Sadness anxiety or tear fullness. Well irritability or abroad be the worst of the bunch right and you're like diamonds for all irritated. Away from another decry still mad at the ever had to do it at this it's an oath what I already leased. I read EB said the man actor Mickey did yeah I'm mad that your met. It's actors dead and wanted to is that you wanna be irritable. I mean that's at times are probably your bullets accuses do you feel like you want. Nice to let you know perform well in that irritable justice they admire Caroline talk and only be bothered with you don't get it. We are die and who could answer that now have now. And dying myself. For having done it with a guy who's irritable afterward as it's. Anxiety I think is match. That a little bit. Is it just tour. Is everything okay. Don't know and I irritable saying that would be a bad when actors here that you worsened crime. If you had a at Mandalay suitable sometimes not be a while I was saying at some guys weren't given that that's the not really irritable and took too long and ease up. Uttered and aired but but I am never to do jobs he did not need three but I didn't yes exactly but I've not felt sadness. Maybe regrets. Things that I. Regret beard and cut that and everybody's had a regrettable. Romantic time. One point life. Right I wanna do term. I didn't everybody's add immediately. To. I'm sure a lot of I mean it's not me in the mammogram may about. Right afterwards Rand. About the next day we're not talking about lockers same talking directly and immediately we now let's alleges the group you open your ride him like. Colleen. They have to open your eyes on that floor. But the crying saying. Says six point Arabs are 46 point 2% of women have suffered from. PCD one point or another. It finally does studies he went man this around the world online survey. Probably guys answering decry anyway. It's a deep they temp 41%. Of guys experienced BCD at some point their lives free of foreign a regular basis. And he can really hinder your ability to enjoy sexual intimacy because you're taken these one guy says. I cannot bear negative feelings and emotions anymore. So we as he wanted to do it because he's afraid you'll be all crying and sad after it's over. So our guy he now. The more I read it is the more it says like 46% of women suffer from PCD while you're expanding it to. Your ability sadness anxiety and tear soreness. I could see somebody have an anxiety echo that. They notice this or that on me I was thinking. He. Could not. Good enough. I gave you a little bit down over analyzing it just happened and I. That or you get it now I'm angry I'm not only. Like. Got to be the most horrible sex it needs to be exact that. Here is does it feel like Canada whenever I went how good was I that kind of thing new is that good now was that whenever I really like this person or the regret has. All I shouldn't have done uneasy on board with the anxiety but I think right afterwards is a one time I actually dull I am anxiety how many more minutes of real anxiety should look I don't know how I got my heels and again and again at clot that's not bad. I tried a UN with a back in the day we used to have clots and even I doubt it but now you're a regular did you vote as he would -- even gallant. About what I'm Anderson he has scoreboard but the size and NFL's more board Jumbotron typing in either referee and so anyway if the guy cries it since that is all. Of this this they say UST yeah. At London. Not your fault cried before or after because you're listening to on there with mess and Ramona there's certain types of friends. You don't mean everybody needs and given. Some of these to you in the past I'd tasks like. Bunny for an friend does things we did that other people wanna do about a block on one of them also is the out old friend. That that person who is you know not necessarily chronologically just friendship of a long enough to race in that. No period of your life is unknown the person most most dear life that you know the. Particularly since I heard Kia Doral or maybe just as I would interpret that not even isolated but. Most of your adult lights or something like that. They know most here's stop. You plop down Rehman has rehash. Complain without having to deplete the hours of back story. They've you know they've been that it may have grown apart geographically our ideologically. It but distilling your bones. That Hillary is my loan. Fell in Panama islands. The lay easy brand. Which is pretty cold persistent effects not actually lazy they jobs traced its all that stuff is just not doing that. Interest Matthews Martha Stewart type stuff and they're just steal they just built chill with. You don't get together and double got to go to some kind of gruesome I love turns like the artsy friend. But to be a million things art. Music meaning dancing crafting good lord up I got all of those somebody push you out of your comfort zone yet for say your comfort them Howard they'd. Like would you do crafts with somebody uses. Glitter. And now. Got out of my come that way idea that out of the realm of what's normal and good for the environment. Super hot. He's so. Introducing a crap like ballet or Fernando or somehow don't have that Marti and. I have friends or artsy Bennett went to artsy things we've been so it's back to blow. If you haven't are cheaper and you don't wanna do. Why would have that ultimately cool it's about is apparently a lot of friends I have things to hobbies I think sock. But I now. Not hang out of them because of that low now enemy on the mound everyone I was in this room yeah I pretty much I don't know I need to grass be craft station game and then seeing again well seeing that battle. Pretty much everything we do get mad doesn't like yeah pretty much read ideology guests. But why Stevie and annuity that network the CDR were cracked TV and an account Stevie big. Case club in his. How about the friend up from another place. And friends someone it was halfway around the world who wants to do that. It's not always real key piece of the friends and other places as they've lived a very different light than you broaden your horizons extremely important new exposure new ideas and colts are. Other than euros now that's okay hey if it's a friend. Who happen to live somewhere else or a friend you meet here. They used to live somewhere else or whatever amount pinned Al that's basically what they're saying the right. In the FaceBook friend you don't really know. You're now saying spam online and it's been from Norway make her not used to do that that the Israelis feel that. You. Him. And his allies and friends from around the world side that's non here now. It was to send to make the list. Yes that is these sad. The tedious friend. I don't know why you want this one that's a friend whose name makes you wince when you see it on caller IDB to picking up any app. You'll latter while one tedious friends yup I'm advisors say they're extremely well intentioned good hearted people. Who but they do an inordinate amount of complaining. Lore relating of an insignificant deep Taylor who bragging. They teach patients should happen around if they do not get a ton of as I was ignorant. Anti tax primarily as I give my end to detect baby he won't call. Did you sale are awful I don't I don't think I have a tedious friends. It is here's the thing. Interest being funny name might tedious friend and I have a lot of history. But. We know math man there are people live my life. Some family members some friends who. Our telephone hostage takers once I get in front of land you spend an hour hanging up at the though that's a it just goes up well. Yes. So I I building and towel her confidence and to do that I've and it yeah about it and it Arnelle also what's wrong. Was say listen I am not failure yeah getting out. And what kind of friend is we'll let you get. And solid you guys that aren't my husband is what I not a Harry and I got to stick here and I feel you can't out of out of because when you when I say okay well I better about I know you don't wanna be on the phone would an old lady are right I need a little. I know. I just have to go so I'll talk to you later on yeah. All because and. The the only guy yet she's still talking she's still don't know that sort of trying to dishonor me don't. This kind of I knew many of the tedious and is it I think you are not what. And he added up I am limited victim gets you are not. You know able to say I am done I gotta go. I say it you know I push it and if you don't don't and then you. Now you can say I will talk to you later I love Dubai and then click that you don't have to wait for response ride yeah. Yeah and ended at one time. You still being talked about as a time he hung up on an agent oh look at first what you're holding it is different and for just. Five. That being sick and then that leaves the learned yeah yeah. Is that the ears yeah learns. Well first of all I can tell you I could probably list on my one hand the number of times talked tanner on top you know again. And humanity not that I was the kid is considered. Accidentally answers followed this path. Thanks for listening to our fairway metal remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 the link dot com.