Happy Birthday Ramona!!

Friday, August 11th

Happy Birthday to our favorite shopaholic!! Also on the podcast we talk about the rules for sharing a bed, why social media makes you paranoid and more!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got off there with the remote like it didn't think we should talk about it. Today is my birthday and he's. Am I am I yeah. Awesome co workers dedicated studio for my birthday. But I see that what the banners that they hung it kind of rude because it's happy sixtieth birthday. I don't know I don't know what did not notice that. You want to you've got to sixty in the in the 21. Heard one person out there. Senator Kennedy no he's banner logo at the average. Hunter yeah you're you're well aware bargain hunting and let you know. Montana. Hannah Montana has been popular like. Over a decade and Holler start clearing you've got multiple happy birthday we college banners against in that signals signs and balloons. A little irked at the type hat on your microphone. Indigo budget the melons listen an age thing. One that didn't want to hit another one virus is it was anyone's birthday. My little pony over there like I said at the happy birthday. And an. Excellent. Actually bad eight on adding that they TU. If you want you help curb. Donate or promote his cause feel retail. Please go to our face that. Page and what I am begging for. For the kids at a child's place to homeless and citing the school year with absolutely nothing that they need to be successful. The believe it whether it's a dollar or five or 5000. Every little bit helps. It's your last chance to win your way into legion road trip 2017. We take in the entire links down to the the resort spot. Like Carolina. Listen to this weekend seven through 123432. With a link price tag. Adding getting into beach road trip when he seventeen at the end of August. Tales and discounted rates at 1079 Philly dot com rusty by cats these by the league west and hill. Island resort spotted in the station that once you. I'm Danny and doc are here to Anders some rituals couples that are still passionate about each other through daily. Daily. And Andy and I are married not to each other that's. So we'll see we duties. Before he gets started on your busy day cuddle in bed before you get out of bed loans that it mattered he babies crying or whatever it might be. That she doesn't want to and I Dolan at now we have a different times sometimes so. Don't wake me up they're coddling. You're the first not receive a donated you know I was getting at the run before her and. Is this just a point out that day be gonna get up. They shouldn't be allowed to be a snooze button somebody else sleeping in the snowing. You know what I have heard. I like best third couple ever heard haven't quote. Discussion about that snooze button if you have to get up earlier gain your partner. And these news but you should not ever use knees but yeah Emmys a valid point. I mean I and I say yeah plus he shot my SEC's buttons do. It doubles doubles news it's all right see the dude I got a minute I I outlets Amanda she's on to something. They say you're only supposed tickling thirty seconds a minute something like that but I finally see how that. Did it change anything yet they say that sets the tone of your intimate relationship. Thirties. And it really dogged 32 that you got to go included I want. Also Pope knowing that it would make a difference in your relationship. I could touch people I hate for thirty seconds. The I just have thirty seconds to make your partners day go better or improve that relationship you have thirty seconds did you yeah 32 thought to ask didn't you just hear me she doesn't want the snooze button little around me crawling over honor. Through. Just think it'll get you want me away. That I'm given to over a 32 you know it's I've given it to every thirty seconds yeah. Now bragging about that I don't think it changes anything in the relationship and I don't think if we woke up at the same time maybe. But and on pause at least a few times during your work data text or call your partner to let them know way. You are thinking that you are thinking of them now but the problem is they're few. A few an hour into at least three and now we're gone the idealist you now a couple has two a few days three or more. And so and I Madigan to three range valued at Atlanta's tallest at six but it's still at dine out or getting on the bubble winners are getting a three. Who's a good number. Three. These are depressant on sand for definitely press. For Texas a same thing get a view. Immediately no other information and nag at you like to. Too. But I would say normally I'd do one. Anyone but that's and that's that's just an average down. One is one his client. Otherwise it's like lol are you doing all day besides just think in a meat counts every other hour at this yeah it's ridiculous crowd bother me that it did Zach. Exactly Ozzie I might not even do wanted. When a day ago just check growth quickened CIA OK did one today. Just so why must we which is like you know little thing. Hit a day before I said tiller to call my best bets at cute little thing it is yeah mostly in and is love so much as the answer. Gone. Bad or. Yeah but the day before to me the day before president called the bankers have been worst primers visit taken. I'm going to get my tires changed I can't find the grocery list whereas it. You're using a Walgreens OK we're now about this is all I got the last like four days you need wind. My to my practicing with it but I can't find another one so. I outlets they don't I'm sorry. I'm back Monday and without one I got changed by tires does not count. And I love do you think he'd have eugenics yeah. 199%. Of that did not count well I have one in three days. One and three days she knows I've told her it though more than that all right on and then the final ritual out of the 38 is you have a ten minutes. Feeling is putting fingers talk every day or evening. Ten minutes your focus on each other's inner experiences rather than each others to do list. And make plans dot about the kids blah blah blah ten minutes explore the pain they'd a person may be experiencing or the pleasant feelings. And as they normally don't wanna do that yet you're right that you're not gonna cuddle for 32 thought well I'll read into play. I don't think it would are going exposure innermost self ten minute Ly eight island suburb I don't. I'm an inner most cells I don't know Howell and I. I don't have ten minutes of feelings. At or hurt earn whatever and not only that but I think that you kind of do it unofficially. When your relationship when you need to. Feel something or whatever you. You should share excluding me means that you are feeling you've got something going on feel the feeling you shared asked is do it is don't do like let's set the clock after dinner and the kids are bad for ten minutes it's time it's less of a TV show I can watch. You know whenever. I shuttle to do that with a therapist and she's a professional last an important questions. And we do otherwise you know what the world. Like Kindle my therapist and I don't know why don't we go around that the horror around them the thing at the table with everybody to another day was a night you want it and. Well that's also queued focused as well and there are things I don't care. With your wife little whiny you're probably not gonna scare I don't I don't honestly I don't right now I have nothing to share. Okay should I think I've I really have nothing to share I'm an innocent people be like we've got to have something on and I got I got another. I'm not feeling. I am dead inside yeah I bet I mean I'm not not Phelan horrible right now around. Phelan also I'm not feeling anything and he'd talk about. The arms limb and then does that it is here yeah all the way to use the word talk like it's. Bad words at the bell we all talk though all we don't senate official like dad right now our talk time. And that lunch about my feelings to share right at me to fake it. Feeling like you have feelings. I'm feeling insecure about our love meal in a gambling airs each I don't know last outing and what to make up. I'm happy I happy Chanukah lights. Good and then she starts talking at at some point turn TV and knowingly hit implies. That this was where that. I go ahead. We're gonna have to talk here are just off there with Matt from. It's particles called it's Kennedy's social media X taught you about doesn't get much. And most of them aren't. But it's relatively new speaking you know in the context of inventions and creations and whatnot animation. Editor of the the social media's. Maybe 2000. Something yeah it really took off and so this guy since social media could be increasing day cases of paranoia. If you lose use it regularly this acted then got another about me. Hack hacker types. One in five individual suffered from paranoia. Still scat small but but they are under threat. Even then there is no or very little evidence that you all are. Now there are people. Do you feel more paranoid. Because they didn't you know people who seemed to have some irrational. Social media fears. I got a cousin who lose absolutely. Re easy. When anybody posts a picture of her kids even if it's just. And her kid is in the background. Of some family reunion photos she is. Raise is told that photo was removed as paranoid are we talk about that pat apparently. And maybe then maybe because there are people like that or think that the. You know FaceBook is following them are stealing their information there's a whole generation of kids who are being raised thinking. That they shouldn't go outside alone and that people are weight room to attack them. So they would think is they have their name on their backpack. And as if an nowadays they everybody how they would might Fraser's get cyber bullied and everybody's. Being taken because they see their face and social media's like he's on something. Now you mention I would've thought originally that that's crazy that's one of those things whenever new technology on but maybe people are Perrin are are older. And your. There are people who are older might be paranoid. Wasn't old putter over 35 but those people if they're raising children are probably passing that paranoia on to their kids how maybe. Man maybe because you I. That deliver this this I'm paraphrasing greatly. But when you're born with a does this guys when your born with a technologies or something it's always been there and and when you new entrant that technology is introduced during the ages 1835. You think it's cutting edge it's exciting it's eight and over 35 you think it's gonna throw off the whole world order and and it's scary and things look. Clinton that I should absolutely love the Internet yet I just can't that. Be just OK with the Internet. Does he do that you work are you find out happier stuff that we talk about on the am sorry I missed a game that I'm not a lie about it. How could you not love it. I don't get it. Again I got London knights and you. Talk we don't ever ever wouldn't be as good without the Internet we can't we did a show before the Internet is is better. More stops regard things talk about. I got on this apparatus are you figure if go back to your on content threats and Brad cotton yeah I about the Amish butterfly actually went OK with the men and I'm just in returning present that okay loved it. I absolutely love bound books I'll I'll I so I'll bounce the ball. These are things that scared people in the past. Radio. Taliban and said there are gonna destroy story covered member that did this when in recent memory. Member when I can find the headline may be the text messaging like day you know that he abbreviations. Was gonna kill Graham kernel believe Gloria always has been hello. He hasn't really kill you still written articles aren't saying you're doing things like that does it still like to a grammar police metadata culinary acts. Is so yes. I still think that some of these things the social media people say are things eight. Canada's pull out of their butts they can get hired to go speaks and where get a job. Now he says there's a sense of anxiety. Is people feel that someone's harming them or following you. So I guess 20% of people might believe some was following them yeah keep track of their stuff. And I guess that's true they think of it that way again I guess it up like you said there's a toy eight that's. CNN or somebody says you should be afraid of because it steals kids social. Alternate art at the Smart toys thank you get hello Barbie now those cloud had. But they think that they say that the toys double have privacy problems. What is the privacy problem. Hackett and hear the team duke duke hack hacker they're somehow figuring out how to target kids and and mark way. I mean what they gonna do listen to on. In my when they bagged baby monitor right stuff like that and you are an act and they just do goofy things occurs in the area tea. Where you know it's not usually. Like who acted sounds like somebody wants to be taken you know I'd think if it is a well look out. Opposed say some other stuff that they tell you to be afraid of yet is a little silly. I will admit that yes parent should take it seriously but what are the warning is is like let's say you have. Alexa. I do or Siri do is eight active suppose your kid just hanging out at the house. Makes a joke about terrorism. Office is up and just edit that out and with that and not have the Eiffel mixing and now there's an investigation. You're Kiki get accused of a crime. Well yeah that's that makes a joke about terrorism says something Mickey Bemis a rude well that's a whole. A constitutional. Matter right there. You know search and return on lobbying the mind boggling or not using it not go ahead FBI I'll sue the pants off that you. Shows your gonna suit he's happy for tapping my Alexa. Now illegally and the FBI. Now I've got to get back out and hit another look FBI does point out that man in you know this problem the FBI the FBI there's a big record coax my window right now. And here's beta via the. I am seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to offer there with Matt Ramona you. I'm sure I think this gives it look at somebody like you don't look like. Or use looks like death. Linked that it is the only guy who does not look like Heidi. And Allen would ID FM radio at all. She's the rarity apparently people. Look like they're names in general. And your name may literally change your physical appearance. Is study that showed people a photo just. Basin there. And again this is just like the North America there's no ethnic met the city involved in this. And then they'd show a picture like for instance in this case there's a picture of an animal. Below I have an image in my mind an animal you probably normally Maynor somebody. Somebody famous ring draws her name to all I'm thinking of like I'd. They'll several animal and they look like. Below her image. Got four choices and in this case Claire Deborah Amelie Melissa. Now you they picked first names that are equally common in North America and around the year that the person was born. So you know on Apple's not an argument you ruled out and out right right and a recorded since you do a 25% of time. But they've found the participants were like closer to 40% of the time. So other words. Enters something about incidentally. Given all choices. I would if it was and Malia are clear I'd be shocked me because to me Emily Sinclair looks similar. So frequently. You have an idea in your head and clay definitely. You know one person a ponson in my mind usually with a name is someone famous. Like the firstly declared optimum. You don't like their names on that but the dividend and Emily Maynard and I am like but so they've got mad at a big Ramona and black female all the done in addition to attack attack I've never met another Mona I heard and on the phone one diamond thank you know I did anyone Ramona. They weren't too and it was. OK and I look at it here and your name may did with the bootlegs. Brett always comes to mind anchor Brit been able Brian I think of a Brent do you think he thought too hard now to say it but the brands I know our. All white guys around his age that's an entirely new to brands and they're both boldly again. There you don't. And if a contract that. Whether all going to be about their names are always gonna be Erica they were popular at the same time in the name they give you on the list are all names are popular that ranked. Because if you give me a list and say and it has had the birth. Gladys it's easier pick out a life of a gap. Janine and amien whatever that these opt in it gimme gimme a lease and it may be happy I'm like all. Lol but apparently not apparently you use those people picket. Better than chance anyway. And Nate theorize. That when your name to something years you're name. Comes the stereotype. And their social pressures on the name wearers. Influenced their presents themselves and that is the development of their parents a certain way. So is an example is your baby happy and likes to lay shall develops. Specifically at all yet. The study is. Faced name affect. Doesn't it works the same culture and I looked at basic care to remember that human haven't but that is pretty. Pretty. Weird to me that you indeed somebody that senate before I've heard people say about it and really think it was a thing. It's like 40% chance still and in so they got. I need to take your pictures and we'll to a bar sump than they do look and guess what your name it. Yeah. They're going to be weird at all I think I don't think it now this guy's name he's you know you blow a picture of doctor out yeah as you look at it again doc. I think. When he gave this Jens Dag bad it's like a as I can imagine the names I didn't trust the a Kerry and training teams that. You know much more like you couldn't say those those are all names of the cultural name. And I want Bob how lucky football player names. You know about it like Cameron. Were done. Oh yeah yes that and making sure sure it's all fairly remote. Where they had campaign. Ad nauseam. All things break. And I got your usual yeah birthday present which here's a video of my belief is it on the let me. Coming soon demand FaceBook page got you what you always again. Numb to them and dumb and I love the fact that the thing. Opt to do audits and you don't stray from what works now that's some pretty interesting game you're happy birthday which. Melba. All we. And now who we all know is. I'm glad not docs mom reached out to Ramon and we are happy birthday. When I woke up this morning thanks. Somewhat ahead sit me a virtual release. Shall lose it rose said. Rotate in flash is. Saying and I said mom adoption and she said you are very welcome. I send a comment. Telling us something. And I wrote that he said thanks. So. You're on notice. That your mom would like for you. Took all her. And by the way happy birthday to me today to drop it does have a feeling it was really all a ploy yeah. To get need to tell not to call a time we hear from box mom it's always punctuated with and not call me yeah. Connor. Did the same bad bad just got a message from your moms want to call do you calmer. Now only down now yeah right and you know media and everything do you making. Agree that talks through. How to handle on this thing called listen at least he's consistent right and thought that. I don't think that makes it. Mom feel any better call an elbow and it's more laughs and more fun. It's the. And did you join us on our FaceBook pages and share of the podcast. And the luck of bad bad bad talk about the debt give these good things every woman who steered it into the man want him kidnapped. And. And at the top of the list is it were not cuddling. You need to pick a side of the ad and stick to that side of the bed. Why would agree I mean it goes vice Versa would open assume you rehash view why am I different lawyers frustrating. To share a bed Willis brawler. So you're saying all right Jason I'll let it go a stroller or crawler. The sprawl the person who just has like every limited different directions and the crawler is a person who. All through and I just keeps creeping in over thirty years out of bed to you're just on his little time sliver of an edge. Because they'd take it up. Pulled it so you're saying though unintentional creeping ever be doing their sleep not on purpose and how I act I can't speak at their intention what would hope that that's the that's the way it should be don't get it hampers aside yeah. You on your side yes Ali got a big band and that's what that hail although maybe you would say that. Sometimes she would like I would snore are. She Elmo and his mean and say guys stand your side stand in that moment back him aside and I yelled back. So I don't know. Appears the Oregon editor just went on forever remember saying it tonight on a first. You don't have them and stick in my SI have a high side so it didn't let. Routine you guys do and I'll probably remember it and I did in my sleeve. Okay how about this like. You sleep underneath. The flat she. Not on top of ads. None when they cents worse is he trapped the other person yeah teacher the person and I I and I mean I am I admit I screw with the topsy little bit too much probably. I mean I'd yank it around and move it but it's better to be out of. People when you wake up like the top she is practically. On earth like it's it's not even touching any part of the match racing more some guy yes yes on a loan but shields. And hers now really take hers out of its mind. Side but I I will tell you though and and bandy. I'll say when you went to have been beta and I learned that the other we and he wasn't Ireland I think right they don't you topsy. Yeah nine year pre most European countries though and it and you know one Italy it is like any day. Lunatic apps I always have to bring when I go in my life on trips I was up bring my own flat cheat what are. Traveling and that is my mile digital appellate case ours is and isn't because of germs is because have because I can't it's so hot under or do they were nothing but a new day. And manager seals so exposed without the topsy Lucia I think I have a way to do something on me. Okay how about this what do you respect decorative pillows. Amy by respect. Meaning you don't ever try to sleep on a nap or Doctor Who realizing that time may be have taken one report on storming off to another room. That is so annoying not storming it. There are good and that I don't want to remained asleep. Some of them might have a sham that you can take the pillage and while we just and they have straight up decorative pillows decorative pillows. Look all Willy Nilly and inexpensive to. Often times they can be a very pricey and fighting the perfect pillow is difficult sometimes why and what you're not gonna ruin it. Yes yeah it's expect. Her. You did it just clobber sometimes I was docket. Well I couldn't help and that's not her via a die younger is in his sleep if he told me. Anyway if you're a slob or you're not good rule in yellow by a drop of yes that's a dumb pillow. Now now how about cheat you know lose the pillows can take any nap you don't wanna unmake the bad you do is lay on there and put your head on up they'll. I don't whine you're overseas Jerry curled use you. I attic above. Curled rod two your moves your slot amber your good this can. I've been did ski and all AL I don't want any of it on I decorative pillow I can be on your decadent pillow right payout with and you never now. Yes sadly I could Ramallah my bottom you announce a fellow channel and I know that I don't know that you better deadbolt your door and. Getting into my bed or. Ways ways it's a good as I'll do it coming in my bedroom just to rub your blood elf my debit and got a dolls and I taos. Ellis I'll I'll excuse me sorry tells it like and the guarantee you would now. After a science project now sometime between now and it's what I would rub my side and you'll listen you can add data by the day. I adds this great science and it's disgusting I cited editors sleeping and you should I didn't I would this nine. If you wake me up before my alarm app Europe that it turned me into a monster for the rest of the day. Be mindful. Of new don't wake her up super early and you may absolutely. Never use the what. Toilet snooze button oh yes we would like nothing else at the same time I got toilet you know better. A lot of times like I won't watch that it. It is only she wakes up she acceptance. At the frigate and I wanna go home from the edge I'd known as it is and it's a SO. I. Mean it was in if it's it's it's. Whatever. Did that it has yeah you're listening to all there. And Ramona go to 79 Elaine Charlotte's best things that we restarted I hello I anyway. That went on yeah sometimes identity in her home. Plus an island just as makes fassel but it does seem to act on things every guy should take out of an apartment and burned. Kinda grow up my friends if you are a guy and I'm gonna assume and honestly say this but. And erratic out. Yeah Attica yeah it was plastic and even college guys a pass on how high will he may not that I I am well. Anything being used as a curtain that's not a curtain. Sheets towels left over carpet separates. When he comes a bare windows guys are trying to all day he had not immune MacKey not I'm gonna look good Hewitt. Be better off not having anything your window yet he's having a seat. Or Abbott a Bob Marley tapestry now now. And unless you ridiculous you've actually gotten a curtain rod in your draping the tapestry over the curtain rod likes them and then an eighth Wagner type in now otherwise know you may not. How about ladies he's a sheet for a curtain I mean for a shower curtain a tradition our current. This is a definite sign the RV like together reviewed and don't get me a little right you're not even trying. You're you're not even try we don't do anything and there you can go to some home improvements or get those. Paper pleaded shades that. To the window never heard of that before you do that that on. Any thing that looks like you would belong in a bar should stay in the bar. Yeah logos like you're light up Beers spying on beer brands sized beer brand in mirrors bar games whatever yet that make all of the above I have seen some cool. Barter and neon bar signs old school are. India he. And you don't have at a bar in your home yeah yeah yeah yeah not to RC which are saying yeah this is a part of this is Nina Paul and Sandra memory -- I you're right yeah I can be difference between right Iraq in game yet in your apartment that's been going actual ball arm. Yes it's a good point that's a fair point yes yes you can edit in your bedroom or in rank dining should be hanging above your bay. A door open like now that's a romantic lighting no news on. A mattress without any kind of bad frame inexcusable. Yet we've talked about your bed trailer to ebooks. There's there's no way to get around and nomadic cleverness is gonna make it look acceptable it's. Leave the empty liquor bottles as decoration at the frat house. That day you know. Beer can pyramids and all that stuff you can't pad that is on animal all mean that I never did it. David as you shouldn't doubted his account is added at the end state you know if you're going to college and you think it's cool. Just understand that it makes you the most basic bro are all basic Perot now there can be a fancied. Liquor bottle it's a fancy weird one navy government a country like something really yeah just by this monogamy and impressed me less than you had a bad word horse. Are they unique a year and make bottler Pepsi neat but she came descent like a bottle Jim beam right right right and you want and it Ewan. On Christmas lights. When it's not the holidays ever of those in your apartment yep now. They say get light differently I guess again guys try to do is that the mood with some twinkling lights. Because I had that Saddam would rear Mona. On framed posters on the wall he needs. That's terrible take Powell. Our year anything untrained we got him out of Michael's been at least as opposed airframe or I yeah and that is the very least you can bulletin board like aria. Why some real arc. In. But maybe it isn't it and they don't have money you buy art at goodwill. Now for under ten bucks. A year and then your pride just try. Iraq showing up your CD and dvd collection. It is not as impressive as yet thank Allah is not tops on seventeen we Vonage did sell huge racket. Dvds hitting the middle your living room signifies that you have moved on yeah it up I don't know once a year behind the time a little they had to somebody cassettes. Do you think they're dvds get them out here yeah. And a protons classic. That tells you that you're still in at a college mindset although they are useful sometimes. I have spare room navy. In a spear right in your office that sometimes doubles as a spare room but don't use it as your main couch yeah or your main bed remained banner. Expanding it or or do it try not to visit here but first if you haven't. Aside from where occasionally someone. With that not really OK okay here in an apartment how many essentially have at here right amazes me when you leave your department. I can take out of this okay yeah yeah you keep it yet. Futon still on the bubble it. Yeah it's going to be a nice and I thought nothing of my. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.