Helicopter Parents Ruining Millennials?

Thursday, July 12th

Normally millennials are accused of ruining everything these days, but what if it's all thanks to helicopter parents? We talk about the adults who aren't doing adult things because their parents do it for them.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to harm there would. He says that if you like. People when he I I today. There are things like downright in general and I'm one of the major things that the therapists say they hear. From. The millennial patients. Number one thing is. They say that they grow up at helicopter parents and they can't function like a real adult. You have to go to therapists that just it's just figured out man. If you could figure out you had me going to dare and yet while that that they're not really help you deal with that but. She says this therapist says they can at least. Showed you that you. Aren't acknowledging the fact that you're not a real adult acts of becoming a real adult is something. Even Google or whatever but does benefit the service estimates you realize you don't know squat which is sad. This woman says unit at 28 year old patient and her mom calls makes the appointments within. And. Conversation with my nephews mom and he was staying with us and at that time he was 25. As mom is calling. Well neither isn't under Howell how will he. Know how to do this ones were all gone if you do it all the time for yes yeah that's the problem with they'd the problem isn't that you're doing it now. The problem is. Circle old life tells us that there will be a time. Probably in his future where he doesn't have his mom do. Right right and I mean you don't help the people out you know I am busy today it needed it but you have to understand the basics. I and and also while one of the things the therapists say is that it goes along with that the parents are overly involved and my financial life with the lawyer deals today. For instance is an assistant that assists. Example. Is at the millennial com. And the parents are paying for it because you know has some. Mental things he's dealing with but the parent. Will call a therapist and say so what's what's going armored and or put pressure on the kid to tell them what's happening and that their disaster say. You've got to draw a line here even though you might be helping pay for this. You are now allowed to know what's going on right in the session. Yeah is so busy that is a problem and parents some parents see the therapists as a threat. Between parent and child a six. The parents are DEC via rear ended it where you wanted to know everything to talking about right yet. It's the gays millennial say sometimes they feel like a failure because the parents standards were too high. And or failure is not only discouraged but I'm allowed in some instances so when its owner as successful as they thought. A feeling a loser and a failure. Then around wall this is the generation I got ribbons for everything but apparently not. Have been a twelve mile leg losers I now apparently because they got. Ribbons for everything as a kid maybe they feel as an adult you're not didn't ribbons for everything. Of the parents to be light so the kids feel like what wow now I don't get any accolades whatsoever. But I'm I'm told me I was about as well ramadi in the real world what people are telling me I'm the best. I Altria. Yet there while my parents were great and at a low bar yeah I was about to say like a failures you're everything your dad was not telling you you the best in every and that is true. Especially women struggle. To deal with society so these are millennial. Social media can be a problem now public opinion don't they're not good enough and the parents being disapproving. Of their. Occupation or. Success. But I love and every generation as large history but I go you always feel. There's all always a big segment of people don't believe they lived up to their parents expect it no matter what decades year to an accident boomers blah blah blah. Epic for some parents EU really need to redefine. Your idea of success because idea I have a cousin used. Who was driven. For success from very young age she lived out every dreamer parents had for her it was incredibly. Unhappy. So yeah became an attorney. An absolutely hated every aspect of being an attorney that's not a successful kids. Now. I mean more successful lobby like a list. Yeah. It was accomplish something and sad and accomplish is better than satin a loser I agree that you. Lingered into that hat. You're. Saturday July 28 tickets tumbled brewery it's. The play Dwight. And it's 1191. Location. Close and personal life news. Ex Playboy sees it owes in part stand. Hands and grab a full go within keep listening dictated to win Saturday July 28 and Thomas who. Max Cleveland seas and oceans are spin off exclusively from Charlotte's best mixed I don't know 79 the link. Mona has set aside up bigness breaking breaking news hairy women. You know where I'm going to claim this as a victory for furry girls. All across the land. The Canadian one of them. Watch until this point. There have been commercials for razors. Specifically. Raisers that are designed. For women. They're seeing these supposed to take bitter beer Beers and game they're good sport where she being a large areas like delay is. I. Think. Christine off prairie girl starring in what are those commercials. Not the I. I Communists assuming here I I believe you are just haven't noticed one way or the other in my life I haven't missed. And that why don't mean as hasn't crossed my mind I so I assume that this company's telling the truth. Way to raise your brand called Billy eat. And they had really like to go I guess that is a project body here campaign. And as a part of this campaign. Beer going to show. Armpits. Stomachs you know how some women handle. And line here between the belly buttons southward they're gonna show. A woman to win a U order brow. Are nice. Not hands. On my iPhone currently furry bikini line. And furry legs. They're going to show all sorts of hairy body parts on women and they are deaf first razor company that deal it. I this is a great idea then again all this extra pop. But I do. Wonder. OK couple things of what is this going to was illegal affords people didn't wanna do what answers did. And I think it was distasteful you did they wanted to show you the after they wanna show you the before or maybe they're running it on nine network. Televised on I don't doubt be weird there was it can here's the thing to the unit grabber you gotta finder right. Got to find some with the you know brown. And a man who's already growing one yeah and then it because I would. I contend that you know woman who can throw you in a row doughnut you just don't what you can take a lot of get ready for the cute. And then you better get the shot right first time. Right yeah the same thing wish NBC in the legs he might be roller you. It's very easy you before or after. No but absent a shocker here he's got the idea is that you gotta get that is that right the first time but you know before and after right on are they doing. The parts are covered up by a swimsuit. Fifth and there's came bikini line not gone further beard they're not going online newspaper for long resilient and counteract I didn't think they might be a you don't want to ask 100 years women is razor brands have acknowledged. Have not acknowledged female body here and it kind. Women who are perfectly slew. They have the airbrushed legs. But what about the women who knew if the product is Ford chick who didn't grow fro under her arm and I actually kicked. Growing unfurl I don't. Almost the women who want. A big stack a hair under their arm. Have already either I decided not yesterday. Look yet they they've already made that choice that we're in day hippie world. We're an end to you know I like it this way I stink it's on goods and restrictions. You know that at there's that much about it. Tufts of hair. Like that they Ariza but but always I assume they don't show guys either except for their face right guys man. April but oftentimes you see a guy she being. In a male racer add but not the the arms or legs after they show the guy like that revenue growth. Or I Nixie you know he's all smooth stimulated. Rabid yeah you can even see a female hand caressing his to lose faith does they don't item landscape in just the face no other mileage grass for men are under arming its. Mainstream. The to talk in a razor and about a guy saving his chest or now under our I think though their day they shouldn't. They'd damning I figures. Whole market. Out there are landscaping. Yeah like taxpayer you what did you get to sit further and I do you only show here remain mentally yeah that's why you know I liked how you ought to trim down your pets. Like guys are still unaware that I see out there are commercial like that your bank I will say honest here I've yet hairy arms in your hand. I'll sometimes in my hands. She portray him like you know with a what they call it a beard. Tremor Doolittle electric yeah. I just started this last year my friend really Perry told me I haven't done it since last summer I was about to saying that now. You really can't I think it's just take a little off but. My energy auditors might pop and a little areas that but I think the markets these commercials. This guy to be like and how I mean needed a nose tail hair Trimmer now. That's got to be more disgusting and shaving drumming up the armed. Right. It may here's a thing that I am loving about this. But size affected the furry girls are traveling gonna get. Their place in the marketing world and gay. I like the fact that they're also. Taking what tickled pink tax away which if I buy I'll RAZR gets pink. That supposedly designed for women to shave their legs with I'm probably paying more than a guy would pay for that same race or simply because it's marketed. To me. And use it last probably regularly less raiser at the guy I'm I'm because I shave my legs practically every day in the summertime Eminem whose name via. I don't like maybe I really and upset my wife's raise its because. We have this thing hanging from the the bathroom last door and it as it too little hawks lose tries to put it between the two little hooks. And anytime of the door I think falls off in the top falls off and it got a putter audits are vowing convenient thing. Well organized sell you yet set I get a million Nvidia. The video. You're male body here can't I I've got to do you do it got in well I gotta I gotta find a product it. Actions are as you really Seles did Indy or dock they trample their airway and ordinary aware of it. Yeah not kid grow body here. States and I'm now lie you can't don't compare well in there and I can grope in there are paired up. Come on Ramon hire these guys are pitted operator. And I don't see me look good you banner again trimmed version looks just had been looked at had not done about it. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. I am never dreamt about an ax. And I you know I don't really dream about people very often but. Beverage on to better next. We don't matter next really low or even a minute maybe. They talk about buying a bang bang. Yeah they're dreaming about being back in a relationship to dogs or imagining about hooking up with him in the bedroom like straight up nudity yet. And Airways is supposed to mean something. Yes it definitely mean something and they say is huge dream that you had sex with a toxic X. It's probably a sign that you've come to peace with this relationship is actually really good sign you're no longer beat yourself up. You forgive yourself using except if this is part of your past you learned your lesson and does it mean. That you actually want to look up it means that you've got a piece about a. Well first Biden guaranteed as do not tell your current. First of all. And does it matter if you are alike all excited daring it to wake up with the money only nine years and the and they tell you that no. Now they get that specific William Leone. I mean you have to do your own research and when that say something different. I mean I don't know summer sometimes just can't control what's happening well when you have less extreme are do you generally wake up aroused. 5050. To 57 guidelines. IE joining. I don't wanna know which side whereas here on hand to. Maybe I need to. Me it's a really guides and if it's one that you have wakes me apostolic. Hell I had my leg I mean yeah. What are we gonna be. Okay well I'm just I don't know a 100% or not doesn't doesn't probably forgot it's pretty good percentage okay. Let me be a leader and is ready to any and and report the results for the I will write down keeping track. But they say if you dream we're back in the relationship that's different yes that is different. That it's a sign that there might be a little bit PT SD happening at. That the signing you need to be honest with yourself for you still beating yourself up for being in that relationship to. All. They say. A lot of women. Will dream that they're back in that relationship because there's still allow only that nasty staffed to play in their hand I. I don't believe there's dream people and that because I've people wander in and out of my dreams all the time they weren't exes they're just people wandering. But you know there's always somebody in some weird place are you something is here. I d.'s X is Harold and that's I'm saying insisting about an asthma people dream about people all the time. It is predicted desert and it doesn't SI mean anything if you wandered through my dream from our batted out. But they aren't like a hot dreams as well. I'm a little and a video right here. Yeah it's not only to this and on the up. And it. Are you another dream like decliners on the new guy and it's been doing down there and the I am. That may have a bat on the Blue Line and I've we are during this is definitely indictment says. Wii is the most of that late when I have an arousal dream. There's there's no case usually no face. Then it I don't know who it is he does everything for mannequins. It's true to their faces but they're currently these days. Well all of whom they got some semblance of a bit there aren't even. If people in your dreams it's just a blank there's no shape of a nose there anything like down mean as far as I think it is just the shape of a head to yeah basically they have heads they've they've had spent that is there anybody everybody there is your hero men. Not as as I recall them know there are trying to bargain hunting recent trip but I know it's a dead at that mean I. I have ever I know about that it's not that I know and have a face and other areas don't say about it the blurry maybe the glory got robbed my eyes really hardly you know that I I checked the where you're allowed one man did you see some I don't I don't generally have any dreams have this period end during its period because I don't even so I don't dream. Like the actual beginning. I guy guy he's done to your hands like that when you're talking is that I don't think you're making some kind of sex moat there's a lot of things that happen by the time I get to the right in the middle of it when you pitcher during. Now like to all the things. But right up until the point wary you. You know you can you. In it and it didn't hit the bell ending Dong being inept at swimming in that part is never let us never really noticed that Bart. I got really shut down before that part of good for you and most guys I'm gonna take a survey until you do that anybody actually dreamed up the during the coming. Lynch and results of your latest quarter serve ripping them last home was on your nation it's. Lives when he when he wakes up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom Benji let it out this little wet the bed. Well I asked my old boss and barrel to amount to. I think keeping up with the Erie. Earl G damn back in the day bald headed yeah content that you and I wouldn't call now a snake he agrees on the present that there. Maybe it was and this artery last. Time I miss was this a place as it is. I realized I take it all back about yeah Rick Jackson neighbors that aroused enough. Image library. And there have been learned a sorry I didn't say unilateral vehement about it and I. Say that there's I'm not getting it there's nobody on the line or no rent arousal as. Just add them to that number and you don't understand obviously this mentality of the mines and each year I don't think about it at me in my hands. You're listening to all there was Ramona content and I took. I got some things around here and I think that you'll find. Fascinating. Worst QB that you. Arsenal. This is a way they're trying to I really think it's one of those things. That some plastic surgeon. Talks about to get people to do it. We're talking about getting rid of women you're your wrinkles. Hearing he rankles. And hand. But. Well apparently you do and a little I had a little I definitely talk and I'm about it on the edge switches and I've. The other night and there's there's also here. Like it's too long not like you had you wreck injury were ripped right is that happy here right. We're not talking about Wimbledon in me low back to premiere plastic surgery because they just say they cheered. You're you're you're peers need to be tightened up a little bit when you get older and and I think your wrinkles has to be take. I never heard once ever a guy I say good. That moment adult social. It was an issue now. But very eerie area of the body of thirty year old hairy ears are like seventy twos and then when you get on and if people are like. Oh what did you do feel like twenty years I don't even know. He changed I just know that you look me you look amazing. Are you looking happier ridiculous. Isn't deserving nearing eagles' offense that is actually rentals. You know it is weird some of them when you when you look up images. Some renewed my ears. Now because of the close up long had body part is that why is it for sometimes it looks great and all party partly is there crease where. Yeah what's going on all but if a fish bowl and really low. Just below zero did you Google leader wrinkles there's something. Pierced in the though. On as looks like it might be a man and area. Are still it is amazing how much the those things don't look like they look like it could be they. Economic enemy that's not a man yeah years ago I found an expert points are high it looks like at email. Anyway thank. And a hard time of this news. Success that was about it. This case and Haas household items you never knew you and me a dishwasher and essays but did you kids' toys I've shot some never before been. Only when their little key demands and stop I don't I don't shot men are now. Legos or zero wash like it washed. The this one we talked about on the baseball cap. It's just put him atop racks they don't lose their shape. But we'll have time we wanted to lose their shape these days some people still like the high bail I've never really gotten an at a high not built higher this drug bill that on but it. We recalled. This plastic thing that was the shape of how. You can do what I had in and clipping into it and input in the dishwasher Holtz they still solemn they do and they it's called the sport can't bloody should what. Nobody I don't. I I got one and I remember getting wise I don't remember really using it very often and it would take up half the rack. But I'm still so. Yeah I had one. I had one did you have more energy data on low and only we can record and I couldn't input or at least I got over Christmas when you're safer on a regular business. As I held a Christmas different did it. They say about like elegant I don't think obviously but you can clean your dishwasher a year fresh Prodi's. Potatoes in the top bracket detergent. Who led Atlantis whatever. You're dishwasher right and not. This hot for most birdies and I have editors and it always I mean all of did that I mean after all they are dirty is your lettuce and kind of and after all remember that thing I read the other day says washing pre washed lettuce can actually get a more bacteria. But you're not taking my words of wisdom and aria yeah now I can't. Got to announce that he met me in 90% of your little quote advice I purposely ignored I read this stuff meant well here's thing if you are. Washing your fresh produce. And also sent here you watch your sex toys so I think you wanna watch order. You'll put him in their wants and why just this like when that played that night for me just and it's gonna make them all know it's not paralyzed no it's not essential I yeah as. The separatist stove top greats and Aaron. Toothbrush holder you need to get really an air out of our eyes in AL KD's Barcelona but it again but it don't always I've got to get in there are rubber boots. Canvas sneakers and rubber sandals. He in dead dishwasher to dishwasher. I'm sort of regular unleashing. Right those on the washing machine I think you're going too far in this wish that switch plates and outweigh cobbers. As groomed in the wall put him in there. Let's end this like them down how about this one. All your keys. I mean a key earnings might be onto something now that definitely has stuff I mean it definitely adds feces on. Yeah but I have to and his wife pulled down. I'm and that is why doesn't. The real good washed I think I might beyond the keys lines constantly watch your keys for the use silverware kind of Mumbai attack at a particular club just before our eyes went down. I our nation we go with that. Maybe have created a tattered zero Kansas. And that's just a. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.