Henri And The Elevator

Monday, July 2nd

Ramona shares the story of the time her dog Henri's leash got caught in an elevator...the guys also take a chivlary quiz and people called into the show to apologize to someone from their past.

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Met Ramona is greatest hits on 1079. Until late all right what but check out what happened this holiday. One of my worst fears. Realized. Right before my eyes. I'll back it up this holiday my mother did not want. Graham as a boy. The dog Bo that on the lead grandma's boy to. Staying at camp. For Christmas the candle. We call it camp because he already weirdness saying to people called the kid right yeah. Because I can't help some queasy. To feel more comfortable about leaving him there is going McCain he's gonna hang out with his dog if it rains. You know they they walk him every day. Right did predict it could picture that we pay on its good and good gig and it is a great place. To board. There's an emergency vet right next door so if anything happens I mean it's it's it's bad perfect setup but not good enough this holiday because. Last Christmas we were away from Henri. So this could be a second Chris his memories amazed at that would out of camp to see now I and you try crime and doggedly and therapy for you here. So. We checked up on marine and he has more space for his stuff in the car at an idea. Because he is. Is crate has been broken down and we're taking it with us just in case he doesn't get along with the other dogs at the places where visiting. His bag of toys and blanket and you know he has gear. Now yet to share the backseat with on re in his gear and so laugh everywhere we went. There are just seem to be an on re issue. For example you can't stop at a restaurant. Because. We easy doesn't want on Reid to be a car by himself for any length of time. Why not be like yeah Tony Bennett eight or some guests because it could get cold in the car. Org to get too hot in the car or he got half her or he could get it. And a big blanket or he could get it is something in the car and on them to him in the camp that they know we've broken that down. So it takes up less room but it still takes up honestly the same amount of space almost 828. You had to go to fast food drive just drive through and eat in the car which he was by Don Knotts. You have to eat with you know the dog trying to yes and yeah. I. And since we were going north. A friendly family picnic at a rest stop just doesn't cut it because it's like twenty degrees yet in now. So lab. We get to our first stop which was my nephew's house and you know Henri ways nine patents he's I cute little friendly Poodle. But around other bigger dogs he becomes. Ferocious. It happens small dogs. And heard that before that small dog sometimes I get to there. The regular size got intimidates them so I mean you're a mountain. My nephew has a lab. So the minute we get to the house armed Rhee is. Is just growling. Ferociously. At my nephews lab blocking. He France's into the kitchen where he takes over. Lucky bowl of food. And it just tries to devour. Lucky student every time you went to pet a lucky. I'm Ree would come over growl at lucky make lucky right away and then expected pet him it was just very tense situated everywhere and what army is. Basically intimidating the other dog I welled in my nephew nicknamed him fear the for a because he has a little a little lack proper. So and I am my job basically. During the vacation was to be the Henri Wrangler. He deleted when innocent even though I'm not even though I did not want to tell you I'm glad you raised under bill. Only now it's my responsibility I had that you know it's it's leading in and twenty degrees outside. There's Ramona outside with Claude Henri. How the hotel it's Ramona and I'm broad area. So what I am. We get to art of the last hotel we stay in is the Oberlin in. And it's a much older. Building. And it has a much older elevator. I told you that one of my big big fierce. I've always had this premonition about on re with his leash like got his least it's tacked on something and it chokes him. So. I imam one of my arm re wrangling. Missions to take him outside because when you bring him back in. My. Mom's friend Mr. T will tell you anyone who has been around my mom and on re when you if you take the dog out for her. When you come back and you have to give a full accounting of what went on how to Diddy. Pad so I'm. Just a lot of watching Hartley so and comforted. I am they had just taken out and now I am bringing the dog back in and I decide to bring in a couple of gifts that need to be wrapped so I have the dog's leash around my wrist. And I've got some presence in my Hayden. Get in the elevator. And on Reid goes nuts over CDs and dvds the reflection of him makes him go a little phrase it. It's it's very odd so crazy Alec mark centers are attacks he. If you dash around. What goes nuts yet just go crazy running around in circles are running from one end of the house to the other if you pulled out a dvd. So right does that push the button to go to the second floor. A guy in the lobby pulls out a CD. Then. And win the door gates to be a now six inches to close. On Reid decides to dash out all of the amount. How he had the that there live. The legal leash is half so I dropped the gifts. I screamed I try to pry the door open. It's an older elevator doesn't have a sensor. Dolls. So he just imagined even a moment comes and then I I I'm on my god just think about it's horrible so. Then I you know when you're on an elevator that you've never been on before you can. Never find the door open but when you need it right and someone you know and sometimes rug rat you you'd like. Lou sorry too late closes in their diet dog is so now my dog is outside inside deletions inside. And I. I can't find the button and that's when I realized oh my god I've got to get off my wrist. Because it may be. The leash will will go with him right. So I'm so I'm screaming out I mean it. Finally though is all a little straw did not want to talk now. Am luckily he had on his harness verses just collar families via. So but luckily LC and and the second floor so you really get strangled her too. So I I did the police off my wrist and I watch it go through the the hole in the two ha ha tonight or next the easy on the lose. You know might you might think I don't know if the leash has gone. Completely down or if it got caught on the elevator. And it still drag drag him I citizen but you couldn't see Italy's Ike I like to see was my yeah. I couldn't see why we still here yes oddly my attitude totally disappeared. It eventually did the right now usually by the time I got to the second floor. Oh I am fully. Hysterical. And I pressed the button to get back to one fully expecting that are you pounding adult pilot one yet. Yes I did to get back up of course it's an emergency stop in old elevator I I'd. Didn't have the presence of mind for a I just needed to get back to where he was an emergency sap could stop it in the wrong pull yeah yeah you're right and so. By the time I mean this happened in a matter of probably second. Hackers. I press one I get back to the lobby and by the time the elevator doors open I just dare. On my I'm in the elevator on my knees. In tears. And. Aren't they. Took him you know it made it. I. And I then the long run. I think with the police. And you can see here. And the doors opening and big guy who had this CD in the lobby was holding on Marie. He heard me scream. He saw what happened and he said he saw this little dog going up the outside of the Allen owner didn't hit it and it left them. Like he like I got along off load the harness. The police away from a harness and got on re. He got off hours he would have dangling release. Disappeared we have no ID it really is seldom an elevator elevator shaft in it in between the hole between. Now slit between at the elevator and the outside. Did you hug that guy or whatever I I I do I do is I was that they can that they duties just I still believe below. Can I do yeah. Now. There is no each and now president any amount is different lap so I decide I I cannot even speak the words. Kilts yeah see. Oh and probably navy though there was nothing I could have done. Adds I just I actual awful I was sure anybody else around it was a delight me was other people in the lobby and there was the the person at the front desk. The our crowd later on you know armories Angel dine via Amy that would hit. So I get back up to have to mom's room and I think I'll before we go to Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt's house we did stop at Wal-Mart. What we need to stop at Wal-Mart I need to get the least and haven't the old least I'll tell you later. What to. So I'll let let's talk later let's talk a late night time I mean is this this is this is about. I want to better know this about 6 o'clock in the evening. So. One number to about five because of Wal-Mart was closing its. So last I keep saying now you know I bought the top leaders will what. And Italy each. Mom. I don't wanna talk about it that you get another leash he'll finally as I told you what happened oh. I. They're just people on the beats it. Our luck I don't know all about it I. Now and the. Reason why life my mom's friend Mr. T fits in so well for our family is. He has a joke for every occasion just like all the rest of my relatives there it's so we get the car or on our way to Wal-Mart and it's obviously very tense. I'm not gonna I think I'm not it's it's still holding it against me I still. Completely. A wreck mentally. Over what just happened I gotta get out of the car and Mr. T says. You can take image taken in with you either they've got sliding doors. Yeah he'll get that yeah yeah. Yeah. I did and look at a yeah averted yeah. Right. I'm. It's eulogy. Second quarter I used to be number one bit my nephew came along and and Jeremy was number one now all I need to tell you Jeremy. Henri the total has like taking your spot on no question it was. That miserable. Back. Just let just when we got just wouldn't we were we got back to a good place. We are coming out of the hotel. And pack it up the car and there the guy is who saved on re. No. Matter. And down hole you he brings up the heat did you yeah he would. This. I yeah. Doubling yeah. Reads yeah the ironing thing you're using it I didn't have my camera should let it be to take a picture of him. Is that the picture of arteries Angel on her. Yeah. Remote is great it's only on 1079. They'll lay abouts in jewelry Hillary. Now you're on the first day you're thrown out while the where's doctor Hilliard dikes have risen about. He didn't. Here on the first date and are thrilled how well the two you're hitting it off he'd definitely wanna see here again you eight. Park the car outside her house out of the street light and help from make out session. B walker do her door and give Erik kiss on the cheek to follow relieve C asked her to come back to your place. Walker to the door. Timber kiss on the cheek I like the walking to the door and. That is the obvious that is the one that. I elected they hit it again ever thought about parking and outside the street. As you should get. Great. Mile a blocked out by Pargo every year. Power is no word. This darkness. They are outside my car no one's around you do have to follow or lead the east what ambassador to come back tiger plays that's the sounds of terrorism polite. Now it's on the first date. Just because. Hey you know if I and is inviting you back to his players and tick jigsaw puzzle set up haven't finished by the hasn't been lady. Eat eat he did it. Even if he says 01 I've got a great puzzle. If you think he's just again this season. We need the road and it is that the grassy islands idiot to. They ought to have tried that yeah trying to yeah we're excited. And they news. And you so it's he's very lane. Or he's. Over sexed. Argues and the thoughts and your I think everybody back sex but I agree yeah again that I got that you know accounts. Got some along peachtree where. He replied do you wanna have a slumber party in half at least. Antonio meet its okay. Bob Hope that doesn't matter you solved Arnott not Nestle U but -- as human would add another human about seeing him most of mostly until they give they're all real not most but some you have a law teacher for me you're gonna keep your hands off me and I didn't try anything now what you head and then the idol has catches uncomfortable and abatement in bed with you don't where I want tried that. It's a spoon. It's those in the united. Have you ever heard of had all parties if it has. I'll say the it. It don't brand me on the B. And as to say. That's an adult and as soon as that's what you say when you're screwing with them this has never happened to you. I never take this and every place this scenario you waste and where you told the girl alone had just got back to a place like I'm going to happen. Asks you to Wear a long teacher idle all of the people are. None of that but you get him up there's a want to switch and some more comfortable I went in my old I got penalties are for. A college you know get in bed and you know you walk column and I'm not while opinion on the figured you know you've been drinking that is to arm about studies. Then that chivalry is. Not on any doubt that don't know you haven't anything you haven't done. Told innocently Ahmad come back to bite. And I both Freddie Mac I'm telling you that's common and you probably have fallen for. And that's a you have to sacks which you got into a bed with a dude thinking nothing's gonna happen and he tries. It's apt to all of us again and again I'm good pars. The girl an average of venting your sex and or even a guy around no longer going to be talking about. Now again lots and I don't know I don't know bandy has you have to know I have a crap you rate your Grover of those. I I've never gotten. Got to go to come back plays get the Benton what was gonna happen and now. Now and pretended it was again not that some. Of the different. Menu they were. You know that that's pretty common. And in. And sometimes the really big you know they know that something might. It goes away it's it's it's early on roller. I first date now. Don't update ecologists at the front party on sleep the other than due to note that moment that the rules. Now. Yeah I can't say that ever happening talent podcast a while not college but like in the last. Couple of you're using Dylan and swelling and you've probably got in bed before did you go along right up on effort. Date his lung teach victorious it. How long is that they need to go out and tell you DC neat yeah. They do like I was really have a Tasmanian devil I think I. Oh yeah. Does set my sights a little higher for us. Oh now it's not setting your sights higher rates is that the guy is like every arouse much movie out of you drank I can't drive man. Drank too much I don't know exhibited pants and that's just a bit. But again tonight and did a good. Ended in the end of what that teacher is wrong. And nothing else a short. Okay he's done bay there. And in a mask yeah I. Love him more yeah. I want topic that's the bottom of the bat I don't avenue nasty nor'easter to tell you approximately but it did I get my ideas and I dropped my spoon yeah re all reaching out is better widget is bad examples pastor older. The playing neither one is better yeah. It all back. It's a matter of interpretation it's no. All day and Josh is on the phone on Wednesday hey Josh. Take I would do. I realize yet that it that we don't actually go back to colonial played. That it can bet that you realize. Eight denials and you know like this have happened to you guys where a woman has. On the first date invited you back to her placed promised to that she wouldn't try anything and then the next thing you know you're wearing her teacher. I'm not wearing her picture but all I've definitely gone to a club. Have a little bit what to drink he liked to have come back with our upper or crack at a friend's out. All like that we vote counties. In spite me upstairs and out like look I'm really tired of the democratic it you know he's our vote. Right off cut rule that's stories. It's an old boy meets girl meet the evening goes upstairs that thing yeah now. Does I have I wish I goods and Matt lives that I meet with a guy getting naked she's definitely. That is important. A big I doubt about that part of why. All right Al where when he along teacher. I. Right there yeah. It's consumers with the belts and things like invest. Yes asleep Wednesday's over someone's house and sleeps the clothes that that night they always say it got some like borrow you know whatever. Right and I mean come on seriously. You have added duties at your house you're watching movies lately that go along right now and obviously counts only you know I'd. The second where I got a long piece. How are threatened. A lot of a lot of the sort of sorts or sweats or something little ads at this week but it's close. I'd sleep in his shorts as in under routes and when did you know I don't I'm not dating a man who's. I'm underwear is underwear up that's dangerous. You don't let him to sleep there is underwear. Mom might walk out there that I could spell off dingle dangles hanging out the side. Not a good anyway governor when plumbing and economic blues. Acted in time for a break into an industry and is something. Really big. I'm sure that after it is on I. Don't play together good at just trying to help him. This league there it is unclear that it is Dana dingle ball I think that the idea that he's driven onto his underwear and where you leave the room. As we get to the norm really there but it did you that it. Is gobbling up earlier the better. It's an enemy stretch a lot in my. Saudi sheiks. Who doesn't I'd drop so yeah. You look polisario. We're confident. That they don't need and actually I'm I'm gonna before me. Met remotest greatest hits. On 1079 the link I. This yeah. So who's done any. It's. And I notice things aren't there any response I slid into myself yeah I was very disturbing and has made it on my own feet. I'm 18775 in March 087756778. Or sixteen I would Dennis allow would suggest you call and tell lie. Us less than it's been bugging you someday you know you screwed up view. Did something wrong you you heard somebody here. Could be yet yesterday an hour ago or it could've been ten years ago we don't care and down will go absolve you quickly lose. Ray is on the madam ownership low ranked. What's what's more it may be feeling guilty about an. Well all I felt that I broke up with a girl and we're going salute. Well broke a blur out so everybody gave me a crab. I could never again. And we. AC Gaby that grabs. And I. OK so you two older they AC Gaby that grabs. The and then broke up whether you are. Time to be an all out more details first so we did you stand in front of her scratch July and yeah. No. You didn't know her. Well. Off. So let. How long realizes right. Are you should still be sharing this deal with you. And you take you're you're a great. I don't know you know whatever happens to I do she put gasoline in a while alert on fire and got mr. soles and we have to say and that's the. But adds up. He put to divvy in the heavy Gillick crab actions. Yeah up my. How dirty crab dog. But you know what I forget. I think it's been a long time. Alone and he do you have remorse. I feel out about it now it. Oh yeah. I thought they are around here. Old scratchy seem a bit. Yeah crabs are curable right yeah okay I would definitely be doing the right way I think me in the right way well Matt's pouring gasoline on your crotch not the way. I think that that'll take you were okay. We don't know what he saw her around I mean season around and pounded down she'd laugh about it now. You and laugh about it Nolan forty years ago and I can allow a laugh now. Did you give me a disease. I don't know resident is these are like and I just does that news. That's a lot of parents I got past that. Those three other giving it begins right now beyond we knew they. Got to forgive them at some point. Okay basically given you never know GAW Fossum and of the toilet seat you know could be 18775. In March 01877567. NN. Or 69 who would you like to apologize to you to apologize we will forgive him happening you know we will be seriously if we if they yet but we might yell it's a little bit but know forget it after we got a David forgive yeah. But on years ago. He hasn't had. They're down two cents fitness is actually on the matter on Asia I actually. What he's sorry about. I would employ say even. There are the bully act and undermine ramp and I accidentally hit it out they'll protect. And I my alma toilet. Are all who not a very well thought out plan. Out our. Public. It was it was the bullies jacket. I'll get you beaten on the person the bully was picked you Columbia to eat at the bullies jacket. And try to push it on the toilet how to that go. And it didn't get well got a couple apart. And a bully. Act are. That are. At it and Eric. You Leo over the edge. Maybe she wasn't leaders uses big bone don't know depends. What a it. It is too big a item and I think today. S ebitda as a good thing that I. I ever give you that lets say I am not now just ask you just thought he was a bully if Obama to pick and that wanted it turned out to be. Lizzie board and you read that. Big event actually mean older you know. A combative mean woman named in the mine that he turned out to be to make actually feel bad. I. That barring an iPad. A way. Yeah I know I'm pretty out today entered did you ever flushed a jacket and the toilet again. Now OKC and made an awful mess them well we forgive you if it had gone down that would have been even worse. Now it still bugs Tuesday if you turned your life around. I. Okay. All rule wild somewhat and one less a year. Raising them to Ireland and whatever. It is I'm. Talking it. Ashley thank you thank you and say I let my friend rejected and it kinda whose Lizzie Borden. With Tim murder yeah like in the eighteen hundreds so how how how their mom and dad whether. It's okay so they picked he's you couldn't think of income which is even girl. That is the big bow down makes you miserable it is a big. Favorite mom dad forty whacks them. The outcome walking up with a woman criminal. Not so easily what do you these days bully criminal or use wasn't that they they don't know is how I doubt that in just for reference point. And while I think he's he's a big bullies his baggage you can help resolve he would like just a touch him in a fly and it followed. I'm not a bullet in his Netherlands. If so what are the I've embargo went 77577. Authorities. Marshmallow Amanda ghost busters what are the images like brown someone just walk around without knocking over things that Gordon and and I toning. Either it is that there's other debate for years probably the one biggest regret my boxes. All the things blockage it is one bike out go back content. Talent like that and present danger though what party some opera and Gamal but I've lived. And my grandmother were working here and on her way home about 1 o'clock in the morning here out of gas and culminated government record yet I couldn't get a good. And yet the lock down the road to opt out or get somebody to prendergast and you editorialize here my it's all made up all my lot one bank doubt go back and great news back to detain one bank I would go back into. But he didn't die walk into the house TT. It was but yet you know you know it took care may have been information and. You've gotten your typical teenager. GAAP Bert my. Aunt. And he'd. Tell me gag I feel bad. Putting you down what you did because you feel so bad already usually of people that you take out of it and brought it for a stone he. Now I don't area. I learned sees ponting Ian he comes out and get a sex or face won't fly in front of you but you won't yeah. I don't. Although next time or don't mention sex so when Pigram grandmother in the same sentence and lives Libya and me. A I. Ever mention they're saying thank you forget we got out the bats like and it's not been out. But I was there Erica. We'll make the maybe she gained some years in light because that walk he knew I think of that yeah you aren't so contributed to grandma's fitness. And pick up your grandma today. But it Tony we forgive me that's awful in our our I know I can doce yeah in the next. I seem. Graham has gone afloat buys it and then poured gasoline on him really haven't sexy and know hey I mean golf. Actually the Democrats and oh yeah I go to attract and I'll usually it's good because if you can do everything today and gasoline in of the Internet and as the how Molly story relates to gasoline molecule the second pleased. She met remote is greatest it's only on 1079. The link that you are sorry about something. That in a minute ago work. This polyps and even if you do feel bad if you don't feel badly on everybody supports help that we still give mark. Police haven't haven't Bynum our show and Molly starts this time. Hello Molly. I know carry it today read what. You well. Might add I don't know like eleven years old melodrama sixty years ago and and I IE acted out. What you would call today is acting out and I've broke into a neighbor's house. And I trashed it. I take everything addict ever serial port all of this so. Did they catch you. Are you said at least 71 years old mining and countries have anyone moan. Via did you. That's packed almost sixty years and that. No eyes and it broke into the school I have the biggest supply and also applies plane went down to the little storage Santana had comic books like it would leave them. We bones at the other. But the back probably a bit yeah and. Comic books to read able that's their problem and that's. I. You really doing a great chance to be held really eleven or 12%. Yet the neighbor's house in schools and an. IPod. Never would do well that's cool light kit but my mother may I don't know latchkey kids. But I really didn't get it all I traveled for it other than. It actually Merck may actually ever caught me doing anything like that again. I'm crimes are again wow that's violent disgusting Miley. The world to do that you have you know what because she didn't tell who did it they arrested a young kid yeah and he got arrested and I need their dad beat Edmonton. Well. A lot different that my kids you know apparent that took care Tokyo. Yet on Amtrak got the help over there at the cool thing. Yeah yeah yeah ally wow there's still open wound up while so. Forgot how will we hate you haven't done any breaking in lately have you. No no as a matter of fact I am bent over so far away is being the most not a pertinent. Even as far as traffic goes you know IE in bi directional light. Colored everything else. All right our bank state debt over the style you resent turn signals though he's all right hey you're. It was us now live and we're glad your reign of terror admitted age eleven. Thank you Molly. I want to and they keep Molly and the domestic community had to be living in cedar shortage of our cheese and Casper comic books. He stole a mall. If a school. Erasers and shock she took home. The neighbor whose deal and high priced blue hey just so much to the food is a social owners. Yeah third game Molly. Yeah my and we are done how chaotic finally got it. Still I can't ever forget with a with a forgiveness starts thank you forgot whatever Debbie other matter much I mean allows for. My daddy. Hi. Well. When my brother was about sixteen you're supposed to be with one of his grandma mom can find and she really had that really worry Andy showed up but are now. Drama. And they and that delegate counts really cheap bread wine industry Kinect for awhile and they were really drag that's how mom mom she was a bit I would really man. Drag out the actually Matt and he went into combat during. All the red money drank with all over my wall every lawyer so. Ultimately all it can never think so much blood you're going to. And hey it got pretty calm mom mentioned that you like this watcher gone out playing Europe and then I'll call our. All Debbie houk was you get that wing. Guy all and you feel bad about it. Well not really an exile. As I'm sorry. The parent knew it he was crying babies need to take in the hospital. He didn't hear. Like it's too bloody lost weight too much or. Should have been taken to. Or five years with the most you do. You know not a drinker. Or at least there is and that's probably because you helped him out as properties do Evian mass. I. Yeah it's easy doesn't account. They're just lives and I mean that's trailer and in the last I don't drink eat you thought you threw up an incredible amount of blood. You wouldn't drink again I'm okay with a coming out that it. Well honest I thought it would have thought I was pretty quick on my at any particular that all of a sudden. As I mean this it was really really sorry. Now exit on some organs he's awfully proud dad I think given that chemicals or Butler. If the law. It just observed me for my job later on a life was. Like I'm. You know actually aware of the parent has. OV. I totally I guess he's a letter NI. RS to Hannity and listener over the years yet thank you daddy. He used to making others believe. And if a I mean I loved the idea of my favorites. Jim is on the mime map my name is. Will rent O'Brien bill eight yeah bill bill. And if you remember the name that. The gym is on the matter myself I Jim. What he's sorry about. All are different about your poem. But not over but that aircraft you'd shut up. You know. Potter body all the out. Outlook of the last but not. Up from coral but her. Background but lower. Are. Eric rip it in direct edit our great. Room mean. When he left the buses are probably. On the duct tape we Liggins. So it was a shock. When you don't. I'm Robert. Yeah I guess we'll ideas to consumers on a log in traffic and siren didn't do anything does it do. A bus I would get off my bus. That's. I I it's yeah that would where everybody because that island on the garrote to mean not only you had at and have you just take anyone's later have you believe anyone would duct tape recently. No but I think about Obama took it out of duck and cover up call alert. Think about. It. Yeah that was messed up him grew up to be the BT KQ. Yeah. There may even on the talent yet to meet a lot of people. If you can excuse. Are you. Following a repeat that stuff off the home court hint. I tonight like duct tape she hasn't beaten a legitimate. And predicted back to have his way. Let's follow lowly topic yeah it did but it doesn't really funny guy that does tape lava. It occurred on the main outlet in treatment act. It. Am now married markets. These are some patches that Ayers is the that's going to spirited act Jim thanks to his nose offices. And says. That this drug is thrown out of that how to get pancreas came out. Steve is on the matter monus. Steve guy. What are you feeling bad about it yet you give SI about southern we have timer of the 1877. Five MR Schobel for me you know somebody an apology Steve which you got. How are younger brother I'll work on 23 point one. Back with back in the day out for teams are well made government aid anyway. We have more of the world they all that she buys and even here like you can't. Find me. You have. It's up to knock me over. I turned around grabbed on to battle and they are rapidly down the ground in. Active at least a couple times in his what you would called cherry and. Did you count illusion Chris Dodd he busted junk. He was in the hospital or. At least these days and yeah. Reported low. Home guy who. Just the damage it did do his is mag calls that the fragile region as the got mad at about Bobby put back. He is sick again and at this as a I think to me about and that I yeah yeah a bad to the I mean that would take America back to that. Baseball bat it's that in. If this was the baseball. Do you want to be fine. That's the blood that you lie. Covered in that he would seller ever open. Are your parents who leave that. Mean now there are kids and. Did it say that so me and supporting why college so I note them every day I'll stick on him and and whatnot. Yeah checked out of stuff to make surge Stella are a normal down there. It's of these products are you watch him much and Japanese side of this movie today that your punishment got a question rather swimmers swim will live forever that the President Aristide. Aliens and dazzling volume putted and next I mean he's it's not what somebody that lives out their works. Steve we forget. The east and the next week scratches on the plane that needs to move to left in his rather doubtful. Now I could I ask you know I don't put the a Steve thank you in the middle and yeah he's Luke didn't see that he need need need to move guys who have your mind just in my life yet let them weeks ago. We're at the snatching an adjustment. Is that a good big birds Brooklyn Amber's brother and it's it's Georgia for Bradley and her brother rob. Other can least lavatories are going to be a cloud. You can laugh. If your brother got a the mood you're younger crowd but we are you gonna vote Allenby had no violent at. Tank. And I can't say am I other current heights where it should have been an only child and I are really on the air brother. And it is about and I was thirteen Abbott little camp where back your earth in more areas and I'm shocked I'm tired I got it down and I said upload your C yet I expect further and it stays. And I called mystic lake like really close and not leaning marshmallow stuck in the C. Can you explain that he had. Earning cash. I have never. Appreciate you being an only child more than I don't look right. The less people I feel there's siblings. And on the yearbook all right imminent McCain I. And ash and I would Condit for a really long IMAP. And he's never been able to scored six does does nasty thing things. Cleanly RL. Two yet these uses the Al Freddy Martin who stumble learned last week is about my trademarks and Hulu not a large Andre at the studio like I called it's more slowly that the on Maury. It. Water. Or are. You and I never backed Iraq at a. So this apology yeah. He would begin tomorrow night should be doing. Now we are about trend now and perhaps later or get. And now he's keeping his enemy aliens yeah. All of Damascus there. He's do some somewhere down the road and that's when you least expect much Rebecca held flat arts Melo in the law locals. Carry out the wrong Clinton. Any of you injured and sibling. I'll lament that you injured me yeah I easily was the injured when. That I'm peaceful. Yeah and anger and extensive in. Canada I got to the and peaceful citizens and the economy and beat the crap out of a any in any Geary in bits into to the doctor. We're just I'd like big fight keeping bite wounds and bloody noses and yeah. Beat note in which when nothing goes doctor about this just a didn't need to get it. And I know some parents now elect I have the very strict criteria for dig them into the back and now I mean now yeah unity can be some. Weird or physically and Bryant. Us and I happened I was glad tell my parents or another be blurs what happened. It was in the corner back in my nose and gauze he should. Don't use gears to Oman. Check it yeah. That we youth the media picked Donna did you pick argues that women women all over the place I stayed at night my sister's name pick my pick and by the state can really use like the quiet guy to dislike you that's a lot of character I thought to have been while other David Wright and are you out that the plot that is the exact target middle evaluate this. Now sidelined if this system with the with good that he's gonna buy. Back to. The document says he went into the. That Ramona. Greatest hits on 1079. Still lick this place is very cool with that someone thinks that they have something on somebody that they know could possibly humiliate them are just deity. It's just three did you. Did he really missed. Here and I'm Betty the thing about this says I really don't think it's a big deal. And I would I am telling you the truth but she had been pedestal panic last night you know Marie over capital of Vietnam I was an island home. Very embarrassed to tell your mom yes but she laughs she laughed. At him I asked. What to what we have we should rehash that story because the open just have a little park. There's an article. I can hang on. As we should explain where that comes from. We are very area you with a guy that's the part we want some explanation as happened. Very one near the end of the show yesterday a bystander was nears this is news as Stedman. Mona is paying easily offended and sexually promiscuous is that you're. So. I'm going to be one of in between on that conversation on this show them how to take pick out. I don't believe that all I have to do is pour coffee and what I just wanted to get down the computer I know I. Get into the system any race stuff that be permanent but it was worth probably revisiting for a day. Aha because I know we would my dad as your image yeah I don't I don't I I had a headache that was our our end it mattered a lot you we ran it couldn't run it without an explanation because. You know new people would think that was for the people who know. The real money is Ramona Holloway and I am some stations have that girl. But. And a and you at all. Why did you use and we've we should repeat those don't was not a why would list all five hours but. Come on FaceBook. And I realized I had a lot of FaceBook friends who I had not contacted. I hadn't gotten around to cinemanow to say hey things through my friend chicken out Bayer. Page to see what they're all about and I was feeling kind of guilty. So when someone else sent me. Age which Greek god or use test. I decided that I would take it laughing by the and I would send it to twenty people who I had not contacted yet just let him know I was kind of thinking about him and give them something fun they can do passel. So I take this quiz but I ate. I took a while we're on the air and I wasn't happening contingent and then it a lot of the questions it really fit me so I just put anything down. And I picked twenty people who I do not know pork and one I know a little too well. And I sent it to them know when I got back to my profile. It says you know. It has the right on the front page a picture of this very sensual make it statute. And it says Ramona. I don't know they've got Aphrodite. I see is Spain easily offended and sexually promiscuous. So I'm real high 80 my god I sent out to so many people including. The vice president of the company and I'm definitely days literally all think you know that's my only. The only thing that made me not feel like a total fool is knowing that. He's not gonna be the VP for much longer word we've been sold to another company up to I don't have to face him but he once a year so going to be our consultant. How guiding off. What do you do you think it's as bad as he thinks it is out. And these can be able like I think too many mean no Ramona and I just awful. I was so. I was so distracted I can. I can barely finished the show I I was humiliated and that's all I could think about was. And I went back through try to figure out who I'd send it to and thinking you know they get to send them explanation to us Sims something to the BP today it out I didn't like that. How big of a bad idea but otherwise. Because everybody else who sent him some type of thing on a FaceBook it's all very nice and nobody telling them hey listen. I get that. Many of these. Yes that's why people's France calls it. All of god father I don't my friends I didn't get it I know I'll I've yet the bug it now. Union be quite as the worst part is this to people I know who would just make fun of me and laugh I say to people who relate. Probably whoa. Eight this come from thanks for letting you know I think most people don't even I don't read those the notice you I don't wanna sleep when you were about the that they let me know about your. Greek goddess. So. I'll guide. If that didn't have the I am still reeling from that and Matt Meyer get ready to go do reduction announced. I want I want a no I'm not go so well all I heard was him yelling and screaming and some slamming of doors and some laughing yet I. I heard it the other behind door what. I was getting water from the water cooler and talk and Goosen co workers and I'll I heard this in the and that going. Zelaya and niners in the bathroom door slamming side though I know. So lamb. I didn't produce the cars have been had to go to the bathroom mat said he would go to when I went to go to the restroom. Women's room was locked and usually. When the women's room locked. At the end of the show there's a guy in their hogging the women's or. Right so I think you know I I have to go really bad I'm just gonna go in the guy's room but I did not know that a lock works the opposite way. But in the women's room you turn it to the right right at the lockers upside down basically and may in the newsroom that it works. The complete opposite so I assumed that the door was locked. But it was not. And I go to use the bathroom com am. And then next thing you know. And here comes the match. And he. I can hear. You know the minute I heard that the door play. Oh god. So I screened. And he screen. And he fell back. Into the wall does laughing. As of god gave me something funny and they are. I want to work feeling like. A bargain basement yeah. Embarrassing. Go home. I don't know it's funny items in the I didn't see anything. At all the stunned and that's my album every create records of you know you can't see any island rural and. The web site. The role the woman yeah yeah position I committed CDC anyway I don't want to pretend that. Don't wanna see my kids something yeah. I'll I kinda got what was going all I heard like I said was this the initial screen. And flattening. And then some doors slamming. And then it was hot it was in the lobby bathrooms out here in our brilliant state Sudan actually I'm just gonna go back in the studio would dock and that's about it goes away Iraqi and you're Matt laughing a bit because he laughed all while he used the bat well. I would laughing do an enemy. We live laughing I'm locked in the lobby at it. I can't get away from Matt. Wait for him to let me back in there. You didn't look at me. Thirteen million it shouldn't be humiliating Ali and I got pretty. It's like half. Yeah. These me. She did that creative funny. Part of what made. Please let me yeah. Is that yesterday Europe complain about having to go to the chiropractor Zaid time but it. And now a whole new level likable guy gets out of 30000. Not to do yeah. When you decide you're gonna items at your bid to put them down do you do you talk seniors Kerry. You play to do that is the rest. Well I didn't even that's not safe in the moment. I. Stedman to that environment and laughing. As I can hit. Maybe it'll yeah. I I try to make you feel is that guides and I didn't see any of saying and I would I would the last I saw something new you'd feel man. But it was I mean. You're wearing a long dress I think I. I don't to scrap the series you like the loss likens it could hardly urinary your underwear you are younger and probably. I knew it wasn't like you were abating suitors something. What during a long creepy thing that he is. That publicity. They can say I did just look like yeah. And a weird doesn't. You're done and I think they didn't think. I didn't murder let's look at erratic somebody else who's really got my attention. LLC was done. And he was jumping up and because I wasn't really paying attention for looking at talking to somebody or something besides some catalog items that. That's a good. Mix and this it's warm yeah. I can't seem more a year. Then yeah. I didn't see your skin and I don't. Think any wall. Like you and about it. It's let's anywhere. Talk more about it and. You know. We feel that it is over the map and remind yourself.