Henri Finally Made A Friend

Wednesday, April 18th

Ramona's dog doesn't get along well with other dogs, so he surprised everyone when he actually hung out with another dog without any trouble!


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I have a little dog ten pound Poodle he loves people and people love him his name is primary but. This little dog since the beginning of time. Has hated other dogs eaten we and I had taken him to the humane society gala I've had to hold him in my arms the entire time because he's just. Green and wouldn't. People media mega. Every little flop full would've let our free please don't. Because my dog is a jerk when it comes underdogs so today I imagine my surprise when. My mom was out walking the dog and there was some other dogs out walking usually. We see other dogs now we bring harm re and because he can't play with the other kids running he encountered a little dog today. And did not try to bite that done or not or grow less at dog how little exist don't. This is saying some ice I anything really in it does it matter if it's a gigantic Great Dane or. A dog that's five pounds or a puppy I'm Ree is just not nice other dogs. But he was a really nice to this dog and we are just thrilled. Because for one time or one time in twelve years we didn't have to make an excuse Hal wondered what was going on with that on the Dell. I don't know but it gives me hope because I would like to have another dog yeah but my mom keeps telling me that. She and I agree don't wanna dog. Nothing has policy doesn't think armories dog anyway neither does he need to make Henri in the southern dog played together and guess yeah. Study it and figure out what to. I'm like why I'm here but why this person to eat and does it feel like debt parent whose kid we sits alone it might he he's kind of an outside hitter. End of your. Old kid he's just a loner. I'm Maria had his birdies rein in it so leagues that eighty.