Hey Men, You've Gotta Stop Wearing These!

Wednesday, August 16th

If you're still wearing these items in 2017, you really need to update your wardrobe fellas...we also tell you why Facebook is so addicting and how to ask out a friend.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com stories listening to on there. Ramona for months and. Okay hideous things Matt ward nearly double lot. We send up a lot gambled and we say early 2000. Certainly they vote early zero zero's on here generally see early zero zero's and you that that that that doesn't work. So you gotta say early 2000 to say like that not early turn of the soon double lots in the guy he can't even go double lot's baby got sent Kynan. I want Alex like you're trying too hard when they were when they were talking about it when it first started they were debating on how it. Was going to be. Talked about together yet that an analytical games are resolute united but I think early two thousands. Just go with yen got a tab add anything before 2010. Okay like its thirty years now you call the tens. What was happen and intense. Battle we're going to now we're in attendance Brett grammar and attendants. Don't worry Dan user can now I mean and he did well you know you think back let me talk a you don't hear about the tents and much they left off. It starts in the twenties with a roaring twenties and a I left out of his wrists back pretty much the year are you against you go early nineteen hundreds all of written it on yeah. Early 2000 goal at the money yeah attends a Himalayan nation's Big Three years from now we can meet its money. Okay and night but until now we're kind of a weird that they wanna years. There's twenty years up early. Whatever century. They get a lot of extra time. Maybe together early early nineteen hundreds must be all the way from 19100 to ninety I could go for the double lows double lows. 00 yen overnight and I don't think we can idol itself beyond it could go with the ones. The wind you know that it would couldn't get lines to be detentions and zeros. Me about which I think I remember that can't write you ever met at ten now or about the twentieth in the thing that happened there and apparently not yet. So and anyway in the early two thousand's the you had some of these things that people shouldn't or should know than to war for Doris. Pandora's out. I mean intimidated yeah ridiculous at the time and now Justin Timberlake word cute Fedora back in the day when you have Britney Spears I think he's learned recently as a matter of fact. And I knew it wears instill an outlet then sun than with some big fat editors on the I am not a hat guy. Act I America where a ball cap. But Amy mocks him every time we're on vacation. And then pat stores edged the idea has nor do I start I try hats I think it maybe is the time by. Group and every time I say heads stared into added that I'd I'd seen the good ball cap. I gonna look beyond that that looked pretty good at dusty say what year are all Fedora kind of thing you are pretty good and it's it's very rare. But the problem is. You don't Wear it with confidence. So when you're in a picture you kinda have a look on your Lisa says I know what looks silly. Well I just don't she says I don't look at it you just plainly says you do not look good but not for some reason on vacation got to try and hats it's one of the things you did I tell you who looks good next. Big east day. Yet he rocks the what he called that the taxi. On its way. He has had in the news boy I've seen him in a Fedora rocked the Indiana Jones lo yeah everybody and these are kid a rock I have my dad's. And that common him rock ahead I'll I'll be honest with. Yes yes I I can't and you and we had talked earlier in confidence as it is bizarre that vacation spots always have pats. I gave them faith paired. That idea I'm delighted good fake rust ahead if it came on and get on. They had those now when you do rallied a photo Booth yeah headings or whatever we have one with the post why can't somebody NRA show is wearing one of those. Wearing two polo shirts at once with popped collars ever needs to come back now the inning to earn did added I never never got caught up in that. And it it's one of those it's a skinny man thing. It yeah I think it's you never saw a big deal trying to prod to polo shirts at one couldn't find that it's true that he's sweaty Gant who's readying you know you are doing good for the first polish or risk that. They got to try to put another polo shirt on top of that act and conduct by as AA and say chick I've never. Been into the hole layering situation out lie hearing. I'll put a sweater on her dress may be like if you don't make it look any bigger I don't needs multiple layers of clothes. Though. The at a party surge sooner than today and his dad died quickly I used to have some of their shirts at designs on them but they weren't a party. There like a silky kind of thing. You know what may be tried it and it turned into the I'm trying to still look hipster. I'm clinging to something hipster and died so quickly if it ends. When it when Jon Gosselin dumped on it a party train and a bit religiously. Many became like the international symbol of you know duty guys. Here's that article had at parties or John gossip intact my clothing brand he did drive and dining Tate's. Yeah man nail in the coffin does one guy that one guy on a tour he's Hannity wise. The genes with pocket embellishment. Please stop yes some I'd also say those. In fact. A friend of mine was visiting from new York and I took her to an event with me and we just saw so many eyes lit real sparkle but genes on to. You come up gas he had yet and David hold ivory. On a violation of the Arab may end and you own genes that rhinestones. On your bottom. Just cut the pockets the fence act you'd rather see that I'd rather you can embarrassing off as the bears yeah it you know that the genes hurled. Tom advisors I know you'd never liked advisors I'd like to advisors it is Posner love it a lot of side opposes what had to determine. China is wearing her down a couple of of why does not protecting your head from the sun. Nobody is so guys originally base know what I'm. A good pair sunglasses and politics of it shade on your about a neck widget based data about happier and it's. Well it's it's it's good and now you win here I share with Italians and I'm sorry I'm sorry loser citizens. But there's something just weird about senior citizens advisors. But I monetize the rock advisor and it just looks like everybody excited that I had but she only had our demand I never thought about it. I never thought about it more like it. It's your last chance to win your way into regional road trip 2017. We take in the entire league staff to the in the resort spot for. The symptoms we give 730123432. With a link price tag and getting into beach road trip 4017 at the end of August. Tales and discounted room. Rates at 1079 delay dot com rusty by cats these by the league the Westin Hilton Head Island resort spotted in the station that once you. Age. Already terms of FaceBook if you haven't yet Matt Harrison and Holloway carried on balance there. And the matter Mona page. In his invitation and awkward situation. We ask somebody out but they're not doing it but then you want to ask a good friend that a date. And I here's what to say I'm not asking for now I did in college once and I worked. No it didn't pivot so you want to millionaire the dude was gay what's hello valued have a bad sense of that. I'd do none have baggy dark and I get pretty dark but not the gay dar. Well here's how you supposed approach a subject. He would tell you something I feel a bit vulnerable right now I would love to take you wanna romantic date not a friend date to see what happens which yup for that. You really are going out there you ask someone you are a would you honestly. Advise me to do that now it just makes straight up make the move not that really medals each. Does say he went routes and times on them now I would have rather an assault on vulnerable and I'm with the romantic date would see what happens I would I would just abuse just. All right flirt and see which would became of it now that's I mean you know that's in large MI double. Learn get a high as it is he created a very awkward situation here where. Much fewer. That. I've got news that inning and that's and then I said. Was taken out of context and you and that other guy it was stated that I you know and now I now it's. Okay theory awkward well this is you government guy actually good trenor dates more high stakes at somebody just men and editors the strait yeah yeah. But they do say what I said. Drop subtle hints before invited him to date maybe some gentle touch okay. No touch. And edging him a small back and small they're back know something like that now on diet and relax things I'm glad gentle touching anybody if you if you are trying to woo them are set amount. If you don't budgeting and that's too much what I am putting him and I know it's not too much. Like that you would you recommend that I walked the hallways you'll pledging the single mailings and randomly but money argument when like. Just like this that is better backers just like we know that belly this. And I didn't reach down like I. Ha ha ha a book written grabbed his arm laughing grabbed his arm. A silent about a or. Am just a touching you have you know argued just nose then like yeah. And borrow now and and then you grab the temperature kind of. Whole link that article. And. And it linger on a finger. Of. They are on his anger and make contact would re enact that. With doc being indicted. But even be too awkward for a reenactment that you know you'd like he's out and like now here's your doubters like this are fine as they miss any differently and Filo and he's yes thank you for the DN yeah. This is. Now that you've got us this is blurred be a little flirtatious little jet that and that goes beyond a little flirtation as you might like. Bottle. And Leo bottle. The guy takes a small your backing kind of guides you through the door that's gentle touch and. You know urgent and it just you know all the last time a woman heard the main. I do you gotta start I start hurting women yeah hurting or like. Lady blocking you just come up from like behind like maybe they're again in the hall Monday I'm like Nixon you know I'm like. Dead Taylor Swift DJ. Who wrote did you know you don't grow it and it is food you don't have a tired you don't grow now use accidentally come up buying them again. Out on her tablet there I would choose Jindal pledging to don't touch it and I advise you should try it and if find out whether or not your friends or not. You can also find out whether or not they think number predator now is idiotic three pounds yet. When a horrible now that's. Is right up there with the worst advice you've ever given us gentle to touch and that is up to teach I don't think you understand what general. Show me your scene it would have to borrow I don't know I hope. I even question it would and so. How about like. You get a good. And I can't mimic other to get a good for you in a project down and you high five. But just don't like black and link certainly met a clasp his hand. I'm electronic app that is I don't I don't. And then or maybe move money your fingers and down on the back of his manager I five and have a patent that's gentle touching. What I did take into. Your your problem right back to grandma she finished now reading your palm that was a good one too good to work. Bugs bite out of your friend or not now I just read an article on. Paul rating now you've always guy palm reading was a good pick up it's not the graves Larry obvious and I laid out. Now now not debt I'm telling you guys gonna fall for it are you gonna find out. But as we gonna find out where you stand dear friend or as a possibility of more men. I'm just trying to teach a life man. It's still so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramon talking about DB. It makes you talk also about your sex life or. Not. Jerry rigging these things. Other candy institute Indiana University is out Swiss new study about how much six people have. At different ages right so you could he where do you measure up to different people in your eight and never will start with the youngsters eighteen to 29. Yeah they're averaging. About a 112 times a year and analyzed and it would be more retired twelve time volume but it doesn't matter more than twice a week to serious somebody could be like. Ten and somebody could be like 400. Average and are you somebody's multiple god but today every gonna average out area twice a week more than twice a week for but it aged eighteen to 29. A canyon twenties unit twice got thirty or 39. Me you dropped to 86 times a year. Which is roughly one or two times. A tank that's it seems normal that seems okay but everybody's busy schedules kids might not. Forty to 49. Down to 69 times a year sixty I and a what is that we choose a little. More often than once a week. A slow third interview 91 or two times they reek. And forty of 49 other Latin closer to one mostly ones yet wanted to hack. One and a half. A half half is like one person he tried to get things started but it you couldn't get. And you started crying or may be one person. And I you know went all the way that I have been in the other one that's the gubernatorial zoom. Although I have. Rather I think that I would rather. And why eight or nine and four. They're to be at halftime. Is ten times sounds discouraging. I don't I didn't want to again if you give me half the time not. What Bob and I and I would take that hat and give her the whole. Like as soon yes I would address like I do it wanted to happened he gets to solid look this trial then. And a partner that he asked do you. Finally show up are happening and I don't know but it but it no. I can't do things you need to all originally here for one that brought you have to halftime I had to be that way yeah. Tell he completed to complete the circuit I can complete this or I'm in all we're on the bases. I you know we did so you got to second base and you gave up I cannot begin Specter. Have a home run when you only have you got home run. Out. Are both times every once and a Mac. And a half as her happiness and reside and this is though is on the she's happy. You would be to have that's not satisfy. Usually you do wanna be that it's not that. You want to have let down six half of the time. I was going to do act is basically every other time is let down six. Lot of it just we really don't I don't have the Thomas and the Caribbean and I'm glad down. I'm not let down not be sadly not expect yeah. She's happy that's all I care about. By hides and I am I bet it was. You tell me that it ever that I needed it is like. But she wasn't that she wasn't at I would never be Mac. I had to pick I'd never be mad I did and how I. Because it's because I took your business. Obviously you know a woman. Does the can didn't get to a certain place at a guy doesn't have to get there or she gets to a certain place bums out everybody's happy. I don't get their Nokia or whatever you guys. It doesn't work this way from those couples about it valued at their Condo unit dragged. Into that bed. I would venture to say. I say yeah there's an 80%. Of couples. The guy always finishes and the girl does not reaction out of war I I'd I'd like that. Always she doesn't always Spanish. Well I died trying to you done. I tried to let that happen but that doesn't mean she says she's damage out here yeah I'd rather OK with being done and not finished. Me out of the times she's happy don't care. I via letter all right. The good. Every island. And there's going to be back I would rather be the one it's. Not. On your lovemaking martyr is what you're yes I wanna be rigged deals make it too much guilt if you're the only one more what would you guess you're saying for people over fifty. He is forty to 49 is a little more than one like this week. What do you think if Dina. Could be the once a week or your parents once once and how often do you think it's happened out there and readers devers 350 and seventy. Bide. Fifties and he had me do it once a week proudly and and seventies down like a half a chick yeah. I think in. About a man okay twice a month but that weighs a half. You think fifteens. Are doing it more than forty. No present forties were doing it like Ella lover wants right yeah and so this'll be a little under once it just once either. So it just slightly less afford it but now we're down only is it one and recorders on his life and that yet when sprinklers. We're one of them went on to order went to court yet actually we don't know I'll just say didn't include people over fifty. And maybe they don't want us thinking about what our appearance may be due Dennis Barack. And now I I don't I don't wanna be spared. Not me I don't know what's in the hunt at Talladega in August happy they're happy that they're don't have it with everybody blanket. And there yes I have bad man happy that I hear added that man. It's all fair with Matt Ramona FaceBook it's hard to resist for many be fun. They have found out that even just below bill. Causes some people to have them pleasurable response. Does seem like hello when your own logo our effort makes me and start feeling good thank you all means and that causes. Triggered have cravings it's similar I guess do you see. A commercial with food or ice cream repeats or something and he longed for you long for it it's the same thing with FaceBook. It's a learned response it's like. The dog is out and peace imagery. A FaceBook you see a logo you picketed by Johnny writes yes I'm happy I want it to me how could speak I do sometimes on the computer. Said he would peoples of these symbols FaceBook Lucy in the FaceBook wall of a friend. And having a social weight who have faith vote is brings positive association. So therefore it's hard to. Get off of it. It even if you see that paying you wanna get tactic. Gives sets. I feel so good these get addicted. East you have to remove even the logo. From everyone from your cell phone homes being year knowing commuter on the stereo and could do it couldn't do I wouldn't want to. But if I. Even if it wasn't a job for the job. Yeah because I AM we've moved a lot gap and every State's. Every neighborhood. I've lived in I have left people behind. One interest didn't. Now I am who I care about and FaceBook has allowed me to stay connected to reconnect with everybody from my eight. Grade school hat dance partner Carlo. All your ex boyfriends to. Man authorities sisters from pins being the guy picked I usually my old neighborhood in. For male. So you don't yeah I I I is not as much. I guess evils are you're spending hours and hours rat. Not doing what it's a figure shirking other responsibility for it now I otherwise they deal they're times and I could have been vacuum in my head closer. Boldin Ari when I was on FaceBook. But it's a happy diversion Geithner resonated so but anyway that's the thing if you really are trying to quit. You need to get rid of any sign any any. But why not infected it'll different. That you know my birthday Liz last week. Com celebrate the next year my life as if I'm on FaceBook. Celebrating the next your your life what does that mean I get on FaceBook you basically spent a lot of time celebrate the good time yeah. You appreciate your food. Appreciate her good pitchers other or I just really Saber you stay connected with friends and family like outside of life outside of FaceBook. Are you ready to contact people here yeah. How I'm not contact a little winning here and you. In LA but now a veteran. Just keep. On FaceBook totally limited not everybody let's hear from him now I mean I'm assuming because I don't hear from everyone. You think it's ridiculous actually taped pictures of their food yes. Is some special is pretty awesome like you're. It might just be you know something that you picked up. At a restaurant where everyone can go any given day but now took a picture now. No doubt. Before you now a picture and you know someplace she rarely go. You know it's your type thing why can't it why can't just savor. This yet because stable yourself something they merit do you yourself on living like. And you can also. Dude if it's an odd suit. Not dolls are doing it it's not. Like I took the dads. Well let's think of a foreign type food they don't see every day or are. As I wouldn't you photographed. And I photographed about a could have gotten away with it. When I was in Italy united eight the the black ink squid sauce. On top of the noodles. That would have been it you know different I don't sound appetizing and and then I put the pictures of my. Have to frosted hot pocket. That I caught it daddies are rare food and and look at it turned gray yeah attorney Gregg got call your struggles. Struggle snack yes on us and you know ally and TV released here gravity pictures. Scroll when you're going to TDs off on the hot pocket which septic something a lot wash up on a beach or something to really. I teams. Scrolling across all the kids pictures and dog and everything aren't his thing out populated the other day and the answer is that. Like other people think it's gross to your not out. Seeing things how low your kids safe on the radio you're listening to off there with an admirable and I think he's unmarried women Siegel says about being six. But I think it there are many on here who are also fans and me message about big single Jew and having total control of the TV remote is on there that is. That can be annoying. If the other person's barking about it so I like it best when she just gives up. Desert you take it then I don't feel any responsible to do anything she says she's flat and up. It's not an ally it's not that it's not really selfish but it is. If you're really gonna use a demand they're sometimes just don't feel like grinding it yet until it writers like that they can get through and Russian and comes a Netflix. Area. Hate it when you're watching TV. And acting main war. Are impatient about it when you wacky TV and it's time for a commercial. And you're not. Quick triggered and a frequent port yes. Again for being yes ten seconds into meant keypad commercial I don't care what the commercial but of course he's against. It's too long did that before and it Tesoro gonna be ready on the triggers your hold the remote and you gotta be really good to stop at just before it starts. It's leg is bike hotel bar we wasted two seconds out of ourselves it matters not introduce seconds edited. Every tragedy X so you do you can't go to seconds over gas into the shallow right he can't rewind too much. Need to go right to scale and it's a skill I understand why Amy gives up it's like you know what that answer too much pressure over here. Well respected still turn it over sometimes do it like we can't make a decision. One of the things that dead women secretly missed out that is the guy as much but having a clean bath. I guess sometimes I'm I'm I keep my bat and things I don't be standing up. I think it's big part of it. And no opinion a flow seems we didn't want it now appears. But don't do that day now when women's big complaint is like people's it is you know being on the floor and how big complaint by women. And then when I hear complaining about it a little boys I don't tradition with the lives complaint I had a good to have you on the floor I hear I hear people here are complaining about it and yeah he had you don't hear. All the. The delay you gonna answer it originally that was home that they're not doing that as a matter. I've had some drops the ball on the part of single men. Don't have to worry about that don't care here in Newton that no regard for anyone. Married women. Seeking miss about being single flirting and the excitement of a new crush. Flirting is something. You might I might miss. But not really could and would you miss it is thought. How do you guys yeah right I hear it's cold out. Lester a little TV bubble but. You have a big I don't understand how this list applies to you because you you've been single for like five minutes your entire adult that I can miss things. I can this thing it's like and. Okay when it's good I probably my grandson learned singles there's there's been. And I'm gonna wanna do it anymore. Meaning armed resistance of the. It's been decades I give you that blacked. I've that I could pull it together in times of this is not a. A political lives and but I wouldn't because you're not close our. A text message board posted on Twitter I can't imagine you're right at this stage a year anxious light coming up with a pickup line. And in standing by well like I got the Iraq no mean I think I did I I think you'd be surprised that it be hard for me to find. Somebody not window that you know we should I thought I might end up like my window above like the kind of person and liked it de beast bearing there. Though just to have narrowed dating we don't as I do. It's about it. Do you figure about it don't survive denied having an era dating dwindled down your ordinary day at your relatively narrow dating Linda. Like bird. Needs. What their end to. You know career whatever they send to say you're never gonna sign anyway yeah. You're a prisoner shallow plot. Open up a little bit that the ocean. I think it whether I even fishing members. I don't know. If I was Asian what kind of bottom fish again. Are you totally the ball like a while back I mean mixing in Asia could change your mind is expanded at. The pond a little bit lives by beating my narrow immediately. Number but married guys and women probably edgy about this wondered miss about it being left alone at the end of a long day. And guess who the both best of both worlds as my travels. And no problem with any of these yet she travels. Being alone in your house and your bed at. Yeah I do miss that sometimes. I mean I like really sprawl and sometimes don't crazy. Things. Women and and I guess guys you shop not having to answer questions about shopping habits. Sleepovers with the UBS that's a that's not a guy one. And I did have guys sleep over the Florida I don't miss it. Dating somebody and let's say even girls' night out. Leg if I'm too is that when my girlfriends my married friends. It has to be set in stone it's going to be girls' trip. Leg when you're single you have girls night out and all the title. Rachel decides he's gonna crash at my place vs going oh yeah when yeah single. It's just not really let it happen as much yeah yeah but I I when I think maybe I would have ever had a friend as far away it's just a few things like ten minutes just. I have friends that tell. Pack of I missed but in the movie every night. Yeah down. Amy yeah we get a little tip Regina movie kind of paying. I guess explains you know like there's some tumors too sad movie she kicked out you'll want to watch is on Kabul but what. I. I couldn't get him want to ruins. And can see it had been endowed taking friends and co workers up on last minute plans something that's bad. I just went off I think that we had not yet. We did the movement for heart blood and I should probably acted with. These drills often told you know somewhere it was about. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.