Holiday Party Anxiety

Monday, December 11th

Nervous about bringing your sig other to the company holiday party? We've got tips on how to handle that, plus we explain what to do when your ladie's best friend is a guy.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening to on there. Right and it yet you have party anxiety here he's party right yeah as good as you can you can even handle. Yeah I get increasingly anxious as to date approaches to net though. These are holiday party tips. Well but these are the things that used did tell your partner. Before you take your partner to your office holiday part. Oh and I like to marry come and ours now she's got to work so much like. When B nine plus one Manning had a memory so yeah. I'll see you there and if that Atlanta like call it gladiator arena data column outlets like we just know that it exists both the rise and there is definitely. To be your document in my plus one of the plans is that if I would like doc and radiation are you in dances a lot to. I'd like yes atlas when I started. Here around. Many good memory and doesn't want to put. Land option yeah. It at two. That. As an option it in my women things these days that it. Well as a changed man definitely is a clear yeah I think. Now I need it to blow. I did business are united terrible alone didn't Kevin Spacey illegally you know pay her head early read did again. But that's good point but then on the campus students numbers significant deficit as a back. Famous last words yes to that. You are the rules then why. You stadium partner listed is gonna be open borrow the blues will be flowing in but we each only gonna have wondering. We're not gonna take advantage of the open bar room who say that and why he thinks. So the user. At your absolute best no wind hitting huge view of drinking deny. Why don't we stop on the way home and pick a bottom line to. In doing later that's fine I wouldn't tell my life how many see the Allah the drilling Earl. You know as I don't know that but the good thing about me. Is that an appropriate. Sober. Analyses say out of Baghdad adamant it is like answers in an astle and even though my clear. The the answer I've. Been there now. It's our role. Do you not divulge any shop talk I've shared it home. Whenever you hear about what's going on in the off public as the got surprised that they got yeah yeah he does stand around talking about what's going on at work whether it's great. Or Marleau. Or rule Thursday and yes they've heard around the office you your partner. Has that like she's hearing it for the very first time yes yes yes I cannot come. You can't just chime in you're right persons such a jerk. The Padgett out but the record sobbing. And it is this person telling us that yet you can't keep you know demand figures talking men. Took. Yeah a number three you have to warn your partner about. Very is weirdos at work in people who might take them conversation hostage. Well yeah man but yeah well remember himself. There's somebody at work who's gonna cornered NN and where they're now would words they got to give them a heads up like and I think ended. I mean doesn't introduced an account nodding your you know he's an Egan didn't she goes to stay away from him far on the other side of the people find you and literally about it. We'll bring New Zealand to try to rescue home which means you'd ask follow this war and then suddenly we both have to go to the bathroom at the same. Inhabit you know and you should be you can kind of pick out. The hostage takers just bite you know your gut. I can Agassi coming a mile and talk about you can see that's right that's right let us today that all of yeah. I think talked India the benefit and. Overall no politics no religion. Man he's gonna leave that out of the congress not the time replaced now. No I'm too I might get a seminar holiday party a vast beauty opening prayer. Do you think we are putting part of government over a number five you need to warn your partner about. Any of your bosses idiosyncrasies. All right. It energize our delicate time birthmark or something and I'll stare and yet what are some and that's another thing to say if there's someone at work clues. Usually the a bit shocking. We gap where it that he Warren Adams though that there that say they are with look of shock and amazement. It is kind of at least now I'm not odd and it started I'm not god don't laugh in made it worse than our row area are about me. How wander away at a trail a lot like for example if your boss is the germ freak in new. You know is kind of like Howie Mandell Atlantic coming up this bomb Maryland now. But then again and it seems like you know because here aren't as. He's gonna play trek they elect. The senate banking lands you can't be glad. Yeah that's. More. 1079 they'll link cares. Santa's link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we teamed up with GMT eighty Pristina willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and virtue village on December 16 in nineteen to drop off your gift and enjoy special activities for the whole family. Get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the link dot com a. Didn't go there was a viral video. Of a dude saving a rabbit from a fire in California. And day you know you probably may have seen this guy is. Rushes to the fire. The body. Stops at the edge of the fire line dance in Iran. He's trying to coax the critter out of the burning brush. Few minutes later the rapid bounced back to the plane GAAP and scoops it up. Cradling it is against his chest and that dramatic footage went viral. So I'm what's at video so many times that yeah as well some say gets your heart rate Sundays a year. Others say some say here and Eddie. Because what you put yourself in danger for Iraq. It didn't look like he was gonna die. Now. Which you which is up to date of her body I mean in whatever anyway he could cut the point is smaller animals are good when dealing with buyers who don't run and a fire to rescue a small and and I am a survival instinct they can Borough the Borough dwelling small mammals like that was they think it was a desert cotton tailed rabbit maybe. They will ride out surface fires underground. Most borrowed dwellers make it through the majority of fires Iraq. Critters that's been their lives above ground like Jack rabbits which are common in Southern California. Pop out of the flames that fire like finally got money title gap that final adapt and they get ally and now few animals might die at any given fire a few. Populations of most species well equipped to make it with only small losses and afterward. Many small mammal populations big boom and the fire stricken area there's more food there's more nesting grounds so others more whatever animal that laws. The last time instead he ruined his rabbit slice well it gets worse than this guy. Always a rabbit and immediate danger of maybe maybe not probably not as a matter of fact. Rabbit that's not running away from fireman a very good reason for sticking around. The student UV contract documented decades of observations of animals dealing with fire. Out you'd like mainly inland empire he never examined it never is quite never examined cotton tell that was burned to scorcher killed by fire. People assume that animals are are scared or as endangered as people feel again projecting. Human feelings animals. Some critters have very good reason to run into a fire. See they're young. Kind tales like most animals a fire prone area pretty good it's about wildfires by the way and it's true that certain. Relatives animals don't hang around the of the fires and overtake their house because there. Concerned about their insurance policies that money might even go in there get baby doll he killed maybe it's. Oh. I'll hold it until I believe our case. Okay babies in whatever decision Imus made it could have if you are given an interview and on around being the hero. Got a strategist Penn. The interrogators have been an academic and about a combining delegates and he didn't come out. Knocked it on that now the best you do receive creatures buyer leave Malone you know what they're doing and elicit the dog or cat. They might get wrapped in that house well now I'm not gone back I'm not gonna put my life and kids' lives at risk my life were my dog he was trapped in the house. Actually house as stale air and I'm Ellie may mean duties you've got more years when my mom is my life to. If the dog a widely that W down to grab on their overt yes yes your daughter is only a lot of years left as you. I would hope thanks for reminding Casone got a guy who is. I've been armor is getting closer and closer to the rain number I don't got a little artist. I'm gonna go and rescue somebody it's it's going to be young kids and reside in on the over the youngest of their heard. Then. Wow and since so we're listening she's going real. What time but wanted to reach about you saying one of the par I'd pick the one that would mean at least dangers personals. That things. I. And I had a hero. And a tiger after a mall but you know I had the bad. Old. We love. And this is all there and remove our right. Are best friends a guy. What should you do I'm assuming this means. He's not a recent best and your dating you start getting. And she says I it's my best guy friend would have been friends for awhile yet and so you are person to do is relax. Don't panic. Just as in Hollywood. The bad it's been a friend the whole time bashes it and marries a girl the last minute a little wedding day yes except your wedding guests that title any real movies like that yes. Julia Roberts movie runaway bride their long called maid of honor with. And I am. I have seen a mall and they're magnetic great movies Holler awful Patrick Dempsey one what does that pin and it didn't is co maid of honor he's best friends this moment. He's a player she goes over to Ireland meets a guy who's she's got a Mary. And then he asks the guy Thabeet. Her maid of honor has no Jesus and convoluted plans to move you know move Patrick Dempsey Patrick Dempsey he plans the risks. The whole thing whole thing he gets over and they realizes he loves or gets over Ireland storms in by horseback into shock. Right before they say I do praises his love to work and. And what I'm watching I'm getting so upset about the poor guy who thought. This woman low terror enough to marry him and then his days getting completely ruined bright and knowing that you don't know about that guy and I. Patrick Dempsey probably is HIV. Slipped on the New York yeah. I just threw that in there and make historian and a right every day his rule was never does sick sleep with the same girl in this saying they always got a real girl every day see you had and that's got to say sexson had bad things going on that so you'd think you'd as they don't think about the love the guy who runs a blues and that's every rom com movie where there's a heartbreak on the guy yes there's heartbreak in less than the guy was like anything to. And she's about a married jerk would yeah. Yes but didn't in this particular one they did not establish the guy as a journey was a nice guy is a nice guy and he he ended up punching Patrick Dempsey in the face. Which is a little bit maybe feel better but at same time. Yeah Clara this guy. Right where you and you're Europe's debt and as you tell you what you're Alia the whole time don't like after watching him grow watching how. And why she says you Rouen rom com. I I do try to point that it's on to point out the gas. For broken hearted man to ruin it I ruining I'm just pointing out what's real life was not am I attended do that sometimes and I'm like fairness. Not some guy. Didn't the wrong end of the stick against me he decided all Sonny loved terror attack. What I. It only takes once again disease. First off updates of relax I said that that's like gonna happen security or insecurity of saris never attractive. And now you can say like a good one would be my best friends again at school Allen you know any time at school the bad example. I breast as a guy. It's kind of weird don't think there Hogue Doug never not even once drunken night in college. So what's he like to think he's hot. As so employee got basket they were hooked up yet you do others you miss that chance right away at least this has to not I wouldn't ask but I would assume you sit. Ask. You that's her friend. She's letting you know that this is the platonic relations eight she might be one of those who think she can be friends whether X. And and and and if they better each others I don't notice when that but I would assume you meant I would assume a I would assume that neither Bennett each other want to bet each other not be the guy standing at the altar while the other guy wrote in horse. Okay this is which is that they have you my teacher particularly that guy and Alex I guess you're listening to all yeah. Earth I agreed to hand common cause podcasts. And you'll be your best and it's thank you. What they had a good demands in the RE two you're going to meet the parents. There's a couple things that we haven't talked about it that was list and one is. Keeping the PDA to a minimum. Yeah. It hasn't net have you ever seen. I have been moderate trying. I have seen it I had seen. Well he is in front of their parent this is about him and called. PA because hi this is an X some give my enacted and considers extreme but. Sitting on late Q or in our case any other than girlfriend's last wife sitting on your lap. I'm pretty I think I've seen I've seen our idol like opponent of Syria and that's like I want to be okay if there's a shortage of seating. And me. And you're the woman and it's your people. Not OK there's a shortage of seating and you're with your guys people. In enemy in a concern on the night with my family and you know. There's. You know not enough places for everybody did say is that on his lap and I sit on his lap to take up less space school but if we're going to. Feed his people not cool if I sit on his lap. So rather because you look like the end you wanna be the initiator. Is he's already down. On the chair right so you don't need the love. Lock myself on his lap in front of my people it feels like Jimmy how comfortable I and I'm made the move and there's a shortage of space but has to be assured displace right you don't generally yeah. Don't know now if there are other places and wish you the not appropriate and a personal. Where that. His parents Hal also with his stamp cannot do it now. Now because and you just eat it looks like you're trying to clean hammer something you'd enemy is and it just. I'm comfortable yeah everybody manulife even in not different and it just at a party something I'm not thrilled when it under a rule on anyone sitting on my lap. Yeah right across the board and plus I couldn't control myself I'd start wiggling. Angela. Items that he grew up like that. No because I hugged I don't sits well. I'm not saying it the way you do write this it's an it would look weird tendency would be no help language low blow I don't think it. I don't think I've ever yes to him in front of my animals or my parents. Honestly. A little anything to your wife yeah. I don't think I've ever. If it has to do they have children. I don't think I've just lets you know this has been I know but I mean I'm not going out of my web page is not I don't while my lending. And those weird you don't think those of us. We have a parent an iPad coming to take here the kids. Or they are visiting for the holidays and you go to work and you come home don't use accused Amy. Not always. I mean a sister maybe not always an ellipse. Nine dollars and not always analyst and and sometimes I don't guess. Me like she might be at like far away from. Carla I. Yeah lower Clinton's. I mean she's like you know Mickey she's at the Stover something earned or whatever we can't. Get. Gadget or she can play after me I don't think we charge each other. They were just kind of way even saying you know today that kind of thing I don't think there's I don't think we lateral play for a chance. Like you come out once and Evian on the one regular on seated or something and not let them you know for you think I distill my lungs. I don't think we do you know your day but I know now about. I would say we don't we don't. I hug my him my kids and try they don't want to and this mean by. Well this really sound and I think. It clearly adores my hugs and kisses on my children. I will not seek out my wife actually. Rebuke me now who would both walk in the door like. Now we have to be right there it near the dollar lenient. Did you take up to him. And you say mentally when kids and a Keolalai issues as they did and he's usually run into the bathroom and on that and don't matter I'm going over to starters some manner whenever there's not a thing on and dishonor I don't I think. It's all timing. CA CE are mere whoever's act happens to be right there. At the spot or we like sorties or something there's going to be a test if it's out of the way then might not. You cannot convenience we're all time low and we're not charge each other you'd take him being used to love the people don't even. My wife has to be like where I was already pushed the issue is the same thing to act as a I'm not gonna go to another room. Maybe I'm not good across the room. I'm not gonna move from the shared the couch and him out of that now could well usually I'm one of us is busy easily making dinner. So the other person comes in. This side of the kid or whatever from across the island says day was today that's the only time ever come in is a better. And I did it. But I all keep track this week. I don't feel I mean I remember kissing your key to help us you know my Stephen tracked something. Deborah do you which so you're saying you can kiss. On the lips or any year in the all now yes yes you cannot open mouth. Yes he can not open mouth that's never gonna happen no. I would tell you had to know. Open now it's ever been to you in the privacy of your own home or hotel room right. Did yeah ditto for now it is more private time and don't impact it's Ottawa. Yeah just your wife on the lives in front of a pack. I don't know linger. You can't. See in the finals here girl he's dating and having a little boyfriend and I don't think you would mind if there was a pat on the lives of brining you gotta put. Yeah of course she's nearby. I honestly don't think there's a lot of packing around the annals you don't know. Oh no germs know no. Next. No prank. So. Right. I talk about you know feeling all of that person the only thing actually touching a brief moment why. Why would we do it but meanwhile I mean I don't do in the normal scheme of life. Visiting Israel lies in the spot I'll read out to the store they cut. A good. And Mary and move them. Do it now. Now. I will have your parents are you know the millionaire owner that's even worse. I kiss or even when they come all you'd like. Your wife is the coyotes. The QV analysts this demo this I don't. Like I'm a boy image is then on the easiest that McNamee union army air I'm not a variant we have never benefit expert and at the Jack yeah. After this idea to have a wide outlet. Roll downer animal huh. Hugger. Pants low dance when they're in the kitchen sometimes and into your parents are rare enough. Look. I get a little kids maybe just the Macomb squeamish on anyway more in a minute. Led Oklahoma surprise my wife says you still hold my daughter was resigned suddenly. Leagues every year at this time thousands of our military our travelling for a very important mission to be home with the ones they love for Christmas. It's called operation exodus where we team up with the US so to welcome home these men and women. Conserving our country's far from their homes ever since I was small I always had an ambition to be something great for my country this and next week to the bombing Sheri show for a special broadcast welcoming our military home for the holidays all possible thanks to Scott Clark Toyota. Betty as news knots at 330 every day here's an example hold 28 year old guy named Rubin Hughes from Clearwater Florida got a message from his girlfriend on Saturday night. She wanted him to come over for a booty call eggs and emote. Eggplant we've. Yankee offense features learn it doesn't matter now I had it and he's by the police. Put that in the report Ruben was trying to meet his girlfriend for relations and don't let it grow a little and then booty call. I anyway she didn't have to ask him twice he topped and is on that court and started speeding towards her house. I'm I don't blame him and then he'll honored change your mind yet are at a point if you take too long she might Neil falsely and what it should multiple guys grass. Well yeah I mean there's unity errors if it if if you're Connor your girlfriend you hope your screams at that point content but who knows he's he was so focused on his mission to get to his girlfriend's house than they did notice the police car behind in trying to pull him over. As proving kept speeding towards is normal for this man. He inadvertently. Started a high speed police chase is still in notice it does it still didn't notice. TV and now. We'll watch them once and need sometimes make your senses go at all. Real scientific and should I didn't buy the putts. But so I I I've heard about it assigned to maybe one police car may be. Three other wins joined in the in the pursuit also at that point man yeah I'm in my notice all is it. Given its. And I'll. The Obama blames. He didn't name her time now but he obviously hadn't. I may have been profligate. Rubin finally notice them and pulled over. Even when he told them why he was speeding they didn't take any pity on his head of arrests. All it does not say why I would give him a break. For felony fleeing and eluding police he spent sixteen hours in jail. Means stupidity yeah man. So. Albums but then it all the other guys that what you're envoy aren't. Those a design a logo logo yeah he's a hero in there if it really narrow really yeah. Zero they don't yarn I years. I think so but you know he might even going over there is you've told us that science says it can't sleep. Hook up to booty call. And today he was just awaken so he needed something net and slipped into anybody's days it was emergency is only relief gap now is that possible I don't know. But that researchers do say. That people who who got their partner and then to have a big ego. Are you have to finish it out there. Sleep so much better than people who doubt so they say it really benefits you to give up your bedtime screen time. For play time. For 64% of people. Yeah out well. In Europe that can you do vote. Can you continue right on your screen while you're having Nokia. I guess it depends on your position in India we bring to our wants and desires of your partner got a plate came to crush on me. It there umpire bill I know Lebanon or medium category though Netflix and Jill. A sad silly as it now yeah the united you'll finish give up your screen time for me. Then let's you know maybe you're the one maybe you're the one and asked to see something it has always been. I'm never seen anything on the screen that was better than sex at. And out of the season when the Super Bowl that's a lot of sense and I think it's a virtual reality gondola I do you don't really really good. I've heard they are amazing. A high end ones the virtual reality high and classes. For watching Mac and a movie is amazing and London authority yet. He has done sir reviewer I have people didn't they think it is absolutely amazing every view our. Nurtured opera somebody like that. It's gonna change the world you. This has made its. Womanizer like eight never has a date the these things are gonna change your world pocket change your world no they won't do well. This tournament to some helpless. Addict. And a lot why. I mean to him now hold out for the real thing her own old guy a break. He's a method of them telling finds the right one. That at its virtual reality. It's the wave of the future but that's not reality. And virtual reality channel and give them a little virtual reality. My mom and. We doesn't need some nice woman. And she's like do you know what is viewed them for the big news of upper middle class act and he says ideas. Watch form of virtual reality goggles tough cut there and I. I who tells me these liked him porn was virtual reality god not like dude. You too much of a kinky loser now. That make you lose sir but it's not good but what's different. That watch and other regularly make it can enhance the lives thirty some years with no release him what did so I don't get it from seven did you do you went seven and advice before his dad hit an amendment argue anywhere is that in last hundred guys and I'm watching regular better that's all I can elements it give you better but. You know little plug the hole in the meantime let's do that it was thought you know it's. 1079 no link cares. We've saved his link to kids. And right now we'd love to have someone volunteer to please Santa for seven year old jasmine. Like so many little girls he wants a baby your life the way he also was hoping that Santa will bring her warm coat. She criticizing. She comes from a single parent household and if you are here keeping up with expenses so. If you can help out go to when a 79 a link dot com. I think the key words Santa and then hook up with us at one of the Stennis link to kids Christmas party for Christmas coming up. This Saturday 105 Edberg still Billiton and I'm not I'm Providence. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.