Home Improvement Mishaps

Tuesday, July 3rd

Matt proves that he's never going to be a handyman...we also talk about whether or not you should be reconnecting with people from high school on Facebook.

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Remotest greatest hits 1079. The link to find out about Cherie. Home make over tragedies at 18775. MR show. So I I I tried to paint which I used to do is as you. And so a lot of people that went off and handed out right now and now. And just gotten this is little fancier than monetary usage and isn't yeah Alley ever made it's that mean it's all out of above your hand written hello that was about it as a group but the ceiling. Alberto is just as I put up latter's before so my mistake was not in. The fact it wasn't just that at. Bad place latter please. Which is let's face it part of the job. Why hasn't senators co op. They did so that's a that's not anything harder than I ever did before placing the latter's plays the latter. Half a thousand times Hamlet crashed. And put it does that is that yeah. They usually was outside it was still a bush urges the numbers up anyway. Hit anyway so I latter fell and it went flying in. So that we design so the attempt to paint everything in save money as quickly ruin that we hired somebody in the who knows the carpets gonna cost because we don't have a remnant that matches that die here whatever I don't know some on Rick tomorrow. And so on same which is. Get a corner of it replaced and put in a mix matching payment plan. Line so anyway my point is this going to be different if it wasn't a brand new house Matt ain't no we ended it ended it isn't you again as I'm breaking it and Lou so have you ever tried did either save money you're doing home improvement project in and ended up. Just. Messing everything messing up more than you bargained for 18775. In March 08775677469. Because I have done. More than anyone you mean the whole thing with my other house which ones. It's not drywall whatever it's like plaster something in the old houses. There's holes all of that it's not easy tanks. There's just holes and then things hung over the holes and wow. The little children an old government holes. When I lived in Columbus mine next door neighbor was always offering to help me with things of them about myself. And. So I was. I I saw that my call wash your clothes was. Kind of Nabih. In some and so you know you need to get that check because it looks very old like it might break so my neighbors and fix that for years. So I got some more. You know washer dryer loses whatever and my neighbor put it on but didn't screw it all the way and I always. Cost laundry in in the bleak. So I tossed laundry in. Leave comeback one and effect. You are vying off all your home improvement mishaps Cindy's up on the matter Marcia I Cindy. I don't know. And I thank you and I'm hoping this signal make me feel better about mine destruction kept abandoning that I really don't like I did what happened. Hello I'm house and we won't take everything because the longer I'm even immoral and that they're just they're just not strayed. They're probably that like that's. What I just my dad that's so hard to that's why do I got. Hard to high blood into the paint we wanted everything. We have a bathroom I optimized really larger Matt Stairs hit that twelve foot by ten. Whether or not in half but feelings. And so we took us. And she didn't Gordon-Levitt. A little bit over the top with bill made its sixty cell. The bathroom with converted to a bathroom from a badger them when they got this morning. That's how come it's so big and how to. But that didn't help our wallpaper. They have a paper covering on them. Without without immediately placed in them right now and we Dunlop taping that allowed it to happen it could be that hard. It was our first experience with vinyl wallpaper and you you have to have a special glue for all final you know. Maybe they perhaps pink did not like I'm good particularly happy today. When I got up the next morning and every stick at that paper was laying on the floor with a little piece seven attached to the feeling. Full and how many hours a lot on my mom. Because I'm not good on matters that could be allowed to lay things out and get a stay did everything just that. That's the bubble top wipe it actually don't have his. It is and blue not been kind yeah. And hanging everywhere. Had a poll about Greg Papa deride doubts then we can figure out that happens so we publish this story is that globally then they can you find. The good to have you die is like Elmer glue basically. And I do do urge hire somebody that. We just gave up yeah. I can't remember the death of former old neighbor and we re did hit that bad food. But really needed and I taught. I am okay yeah. And I am so frustrated that I am done and we cannot we got doing in her never never go on the potty in there I don't know that we don't lose that bad movement. Did you ever wonder if you this student tenured. And they haven't. Hold data on the drain Cindy thank. At least she didn't do more damage. Which is what it is sometimes start oh well it is like me startled through Bosnia costing you a lot more than you bargained for. Least hers was just. Human time Bristol Sox. 18775. MR certainly beg your your mishaps try to save a little a buck and all hell broke loose balls on the matter militia eyeball. Match at a remote. All. Yeah I have I but I matters and not well liked advocate such an anymore. Well in December 23. 2007. We had a brainstorm and totally ignorant and I've heard actually picked late. I went out they believe. Let went out economy. I'll landed on the latter bought back. I'll eat the Obama better than that though there are. I just I didn't I broke up we just you're okay. I'm Greg. Numerous latter. Matter I can't they want him every era they won't let me or like. Leave them. Was twice all season got tipped it up their option don't know. Eric Parker Robert ordered out likely to beat a bit. Amateur it would hurt their ability or your rob Oscar that Paul. II. I got back it not for pleasure and you know like I make. And an eight dollar an hour I don't go play every night you met or stroke. Thank god thank every argument. That I don't know lobby of this and ended up beneficial to. Have. If they can help us out what you breaks so that I thought. Paul thank you pay if it means Balkan increases time spent listening. Yeah right it's cold I don't broken body part is busily aback. I was so insignificant it. The black holed 18775. In March 08775677469. Trying to Obama prove an object that's sort riser toe curling and it ended up. Destroying more than you thought it would Mickey's on the matter Marcia I Nikki. I may. Well. I got a really cut it in by it are currently Ingraham and like a home theater piece. One day in common habit. They. Are in in. He. I'm amateur that got back on the ball and hire eight. Yeah. Totally accurate at all. And that's happening on it now. Well I would go on. Out there aren't. More like a turn when it like shell and call it. A he like down the light it. Light on Eric. Cop now a product not. Like. It. Act RI why aren't down on it it would match. And like by the way I like totally out. Like I. Ready to hire somebody get it right where it like coming home to. Yeah. Hired somebody. Or like guy and I'm Eric Lee. And you hear it and I'll still. A home right now. And make your dad normally hand eat. On our. You use you know like a lot of projects on the topic he'd built up that great reports in Murdoch. Says he does a lot of great things on how it seem like lately like Eric project. Nikki thank you you can you imagine as the day you know coming home. And your window in your living room is tour. And and the dry while us Buchanan you have company company company coming in but it would you like before the Hollis really MI which is crying. How much he comes just adds I would describe his dues. I've known. Probably be just the fact that he decides that moment in rip off the Mandel the fireplace and put a big TV yeah probably was achieved with an idiot to dig Bly and a lot problem I believe there are a lot of nasty things going on. Behind a lot of Holm installed. Flat screen TV yes though wouldn't matter of the dead he's on the matter amounts hopes it means hi Debbie. Greg manor home improvement that went sadly wrong. Adapted plane the billing in my combine need to computer where he didn't. Trimmed at all of triumph and I don't think it ought not opt whom I don't. Now in day care like it was in great eloped back. Tripped over them when it backwards in the world war and into the. Roller. Right well he only sparse playing ball I had a warning probably. And things need. A little bit this is not just yeah I know her at all. Again it wasn't even letter. Mind you. As it does not and what are your computer and stuff to do. I was just it was finally a wall. But taped up and not work out how to help them out you don't that's great I lulls let. My daughter came out and who want a mobile computers she's living it up at 8 o'clock a machine. Kennedy Kirk. Oh god. I just because the the the odds of that landing there it is ridiculous. Madden Ramon is greatest hits 1079 delay big old accidents trying to fix the house a few bucks. Like my. But look at crime scene photo at my house statement about me. And this is Michael. Might goat. Oh look thank you and I girls so what happened it. Well why not that we are all well and was great my helmet and we were replacing the insulation and the F. And owls know l'Alma wanted to Baines courtside at a keepers that bests. And sailed through the roof and landed in a liberal. I don't know yeah. And. Yeah they're part of Iraq let's say. Colin at large it you obviously. The area. Not bad there. The group I loved Reagan and bloody and littler run. Did where you ended up being all right if I brought that I don't idol had to be the grind do it and if so. And yet the hire someone to fix Celia did you do that. Our audience got port that you really. I think after that his wife would have letting. It is. Being tolerant not on the others out of it can follow up. Michael Ian Black I was an end to all of yours. I think that in. But that is that is a the kind of story that I think about it pick something it is cost you. He's items as gas but on installations even heating bills and then because there was proof IR SC Eva. Eva. I. My husband ourselves out several years. Usually have one that tackled really don't talk about. Embattled friend is if he did it might stinging them you know actual amount they've had in the past. He can when he got their act as our list are actually McCain and an hour without it and then all of a sudden I heard Almonte oh my god. And I went in there and he has backed linking if there is geared. That back up that say it's only it was everywhere. I had to what will happen that it got out of control any little pocket they hold on its way to every. Yeah. And whatnot yeah. Pop. Pop pop Yemeni ideals and act but the latter now when. Not only did that make it more proud of him that it did the last hour. It. Was dropped can't. He's target audience. Oh. My god as the play goes out of control. Home I can hide in Baja I think what and how do you repair it which of these great all. I got a free weekly just can't a trainer. Citizens now they can you can even thank you. About a quarter of excitement oh you're good at it and had. Okay then we had without. Water things. It'd be well as you buddy at a place out of. But a sprinkler well. What is Brinkley's customers. Out of the speculative than I am. Beckett yeah and I'm sitting in the living room and I guess I want it call bank party extending their around in the back art Alcan. And a lot alcohol and they'll and the AM. There are at all of our offense and that all. Fired inside the wall outlet that Arum yeah like a soldering nearly every lowliest. Yeah I don't art that hole yeah. So do you let him do stuff around the house still. You don't enter. A lot of oil there I don't know how they're never claimed that under Clinton and obviously got to paint here and there either or even if it thank you. That's pretty Darren Kitchen Alison fine. That makes you understand which is again welding and AM there welding and they get downs and size and wet all the insulation to schools. Do I shot at least I shot out. Hey aria rate did. Well I grip other tired after working like thirty. Yeah he decided he will work on the yard yet after tearing up. But it graphic at that the other grass left at the end is an IR he I'd expect out I get angry because it worried that their foundation. And you and setting up fruit and it and doing it with my caddie. Or Chinese under and found chocolate machete or early. Next week. Be huge if you are with the eleven day sitting out by doing my homework and east chop then they it looked. They looked again a lot it and whatever he was. It the odd. Ecevit uncovered outside a meet and you're on it. Yeah I. Evil. He will not hold it up about it oh yeah. It's. They can't you now he's he went back to work about every week later because my grandmother were pretty on the leading him. The neighbors including pressure. We are doing that. He would not opt. Yeah and ended machete and a giant tree every year they had seen the yet this shot at thank you he was doing it old school that is right Chris is on the matter Mars or done about. You know you try to take something in the house and all hell broke loose hikers. Hey lucky guy out there and wonderful. Or every real quick math and others that are about the big. I'm mark and has spent probably about a lot state Wendy 25 years ago. Add a beer beer and be part of a lot on how he would love to do it in anybody at the Abbott it. Well like the court that you and the pepper. Like now you. Wouldn't know. She goes went away and yet we are great and hose carts or without water or like all the target. Probably balloon. And. About ask why all realize that it's a telemarketing I delight she walked through. What you get under the clean everything up. He get all my helmet on. It was like man. I as the strange theory to get it off and. I got an out right stop and out an uphill all at all now holds. That pop up that door to door. We can ill prepared to put down front and out. A lot more than golf. Oh in the acting he didn't not how she's not a matter under all. Oldsmobile. Grow up like that your old. I have no lot built on cheap act but are up and arbitrary. Age ain't about press and chain around the road. Our land. The cargo about twenty city and stop. Not a part outlook and a pump or light at about 188. Plus tax. Pull up bumper off. The car and never hurt the azalea. That is awesome that is fantastic. And while I'll look at at at the and it fell out of whatever it all whenever you're on the right. Help. Jim Wright audit what ours does damage negatives. We reset before the break to reset I did read that. Your hobby tragically mr. Dixon went wrong. Yeah my husband thing construction all and he was three modeling are bad and make it get bigger and he led. Straddling. Joyce's in the ceiling. And and I'll let that eat Bal any land that bright on you know has cried on the Actuate. I heard that noise don't like that here are his leg. That it. I have a on the far. I care and luckily they Hamlet Burt Easter Sunday and luckily. It went covered with oil because it would have been able to eat and am. He that created healing. You were about that can't argue rods this is what he had to use our legs for us and you like. If some of that plastic get on my ease their tea cup. That it scared me said that I had a lady on. And albeit saying I had like Al. Oh my guys learned that he fix the ceiling in timer but it came over freezer. I don't know what that party there you are ready for my graduate and done yeah yeah it's funny at all. A. Thank you Matt Ramona is greatest hits on 1079. Delay can do you. We talked about this you don't tell. The band. The tour jeweler Y eighty. That you look at me. Follows. Now and I mean I demand that demand. An era and the Everett told Matt and eleven. Our agreement that that ABS like then I've never used any of them. I'm mainly via him and now maybe. When you're invited somebody else that's here ask is what nobody said it. Really do learn wrestling. In the office before that Joseph and I love that. You know a bit of parliament. Of you know I nobody is like. Now I don't think have ever had anybody. Like that restate the eyes in Ireland it Keller mail Meriden. We now be weeded out. Perhaps. I mean invest in giving if it sums that happens you can hot right and I don't see your face a yeah and yes Atlanta like I am residents elderly argument yes that reality that is nice but you can do I don't know. Look at you now an eye contact is of celebrity yeah. Let me that. Now know that they would need to look at the value in the in the you can't look at the guys now it's you're not allowed now oh only only with a romantic part do that or any different man hug a slap them on the back and think Caleb humans know my time again no like. Only way to do. The new mashup word is. Metro textual. The U text. Pseudo gay type things so. I. Knew I pseudo game on the what is suitable. And I really gamed you leg plan went on the on the on the tax. And may not seem to get me. Out of pads and your kids had seen it. You let your ranking again not really say no validity to be about her is actually the idea as you kinda game pitchers straight. You look at what we're well dressed and attack adding he used to be considered it being accused as good. Kinda gay in Australia. It's fashionable nobody I mean good things it normally does gay people until metro sexual game. And then it became that's what they better Bennett a word for these is. Right. I like the day the days are doing it long before like you know waxing parts and things like that. And then Alison hatter as got involved I won't read it word for this weathered these guys notice. It is gone today because they're not they may have mattress actually and as. So I'm assuming that that instead of into the that's the and only in the the so what I'm saying is that. Texting that is something that would be considered girl the Arafat minutes. Actually you you're very close because metro textual. Is down. Like wind guy he's in their text messages to their male friends with like an X or an excel. I'll G marrying man I don't believe this I have really did I pay dues now love oh are now believe now I don't know now now. And even if you do love me not to Akzo. You gotta go a lot LUV yours on them and getting NN. Mentally some yards per cent a now and admit that they regularly include a key is in X now they're real now now. Well now not a and I. Excludes now the re you know for guys between the ages of eighteen and 24 you might be too old Nadia for navy navy. Too many younger maybe younger guys are a bit more open to the expressing their feelings to their friend is really that. I see acts I was a child is then yeah I'd be known as high school I would axe a team. An attacks there's something like I don't believe that maybe I am missing app is the text cultures brought some of these. Abbreviations. You know now something if you're gonna say love you. To your buddy you gotta say I love you man like a deal can't go as the bud commercials on housing is that I just let alone. Now let him and why would you do you tell me. It's probably secured my sexuality I don't care yes just released go. Wanna be loved. No I don't want your hugs and kisses and didn't learn excel critics of my wife at 71 X yeah. I don't stop. Bad guy are well X I don't I'm missing signing this data hadn't I need an eighteen to 24 upload to 23%. Tony they deploy our four year old say they appreciated. When guys they're not close to sign off. With a kid but not close to what I can. Guys are not close to death in the. Liked the knitting back in the day and guys relating to show they were men and is not just young guys according to the study wine and men over the age of 55. Admits to ending text messages in the conference with the tennis. X or XX ore and so it's it it doesn't necessarily. Mean what. I can what it's like your draft office would put XL XO XO is just a way of saying instead of love you. Or are you. It's just news. Which is a kiss. But the jets are they kissing their friends Dubai whenever they leave them at the bar and whatever in years to catch an aide and now we talked. The survey was conducted in England. And panties. In Iran and you don't want to do would be let's let someone alone they're bad dancer this. Man or woman's acknowledgment by gets me some green and gets me says that Alex is on the matter the most recent hi Alex. Hey. You know I had to go to the aisle are like gay male who plays rugby which is a British sport I don't echo that is looking at that. These childish isn't. The style this right Alec. It's extremely well yeah. Yeah I mean you can let it matters like that it acts actually just. Yeah I thought about Gossip Girl okay. Yeah like I am glad to hear it yeah I'm glad to hear it keep keep up the fight man. Cannot excel that well against eggs though and and this is our crusade and a gotta stop it's we are all across I don't write that we don't. Alex your last name as an accident don't like to accidentally like Alex oh lonely. So. I don't know. Get confused. And you'll start a trend and an. Alex and I'm glad. Yes that's that's idiot they're an eagle there are intimate acts like this you can your you can year ago the way as I. Do you still child. India for girls and the girl to another girl I'm an Emmy yeah you guys going on and on an injury as they did I text you guys were so we're still Brian's on the matter on that. Hot Bryant missed. Great. But with you on this when Matt we can't take you back 1000 colleges and done that Lamotte frat Brothers played. Prep academy. I don't know what you'd do and do it right we're showing love. For the fourth letting you know that you're spending doesn't childish way. OPEC and India and at the explode but let me get my out. Yeah a political it's like that the that the. Right he knew right. Ex pass this this yeah. Yeah Eller of wandering into that about Madonna and her daughter. Trying to drag him. Yeah except the other kids yeah. It's my last X at a it is completely nonexistent that it could motivate and I'm going to give you is the actual as the kids veto of the kids. Or is actually love those that went what does that all mean there's you know I've always that the X is weird this is in the those drugs. Doesn't love and down notes hug and kiss that's fake that's what's even raw raw let's turn it. About lets her. Nancy outside and share let's just hug and kiss in the app that's. What kind of Randy young English gentleman our news I don't know if Randy young English at the moment. I'm an excel ascent and everything and the if they didn't tell my kids my. Except. A remote is great it's only on 1079. Bill laying unfazed. Let's just a couple of seconds ago. Put. What can demand due to compensate when he's on the small side. And the answers ranged from nothing. The founder says not out. Ellington says to take a page from the book lesbian. And my cousin Pina says call a friend to help. Like it was a remote and I don't like it took. On a brand meeting here on the small side up. I don't think that's ever option grimy you've been pretty damn well better be good at the other stuff on. And maybe it's not 100% about the sex. I mean but you might well everything like it is receive everything else. Is school. It on diet and just in his his one thing is he's. Moment the pain it's an Alley here along in years and have to go through life unsatisfied. Miette which as you better be able to do it other ways. And you better be really really really good overcompensate. Guys yeah yeah an idea I it's a what's a dealer. Well Cosmo says. There are things that can be done. With. Less then John enormous man. That can make a woman feel like she's with a much larger dude what do you believe that. I'm a sugar better positions and others or maybe you duct tape had something do it right there an extender or a bunch of on the budget on the top it. The rapid and foam at a stock. They ought to stick winners Atlanta it's completely normal crab eyes that's the. 'cause most says that. Smaller than average man can serve up when he a pleasure. With a few subtle tricks and techniques. It also helps to have a little perspective. So first. We gotta say the truth is that most men. Are smaller. Then. The guys. You might see in any pornographic films or magazines. Dodd doesn't know. Act. And all of you CNET. No if you only zero Darren moron you're you're more on you don't deserve our big one of our. Bureau moron. That is absolutely ridiculous what one and out there thinks that that's real there's a reason there in via. And if she does. And position wanna help you already you've only seen boogie nights. I'll look at it as they are Laura have you ever gone to another woman about it. And and about size women don't sit around and talk about sign at some point it comes up most women have had discussion about. If they've run into a guy who was exceptionally small or exceptionally hard right but also if you watch for you probably talk about sex. For probably teacher. And the truth is most guys. Just a tad longer than five. And if he's not. Then. About Tia. Other ways like like he wanted to be. Sure there's I'm advice from women who have on the way the small. This is Harriet. I area. Stephen you've had this occasion I haven't. Not transparent. Is any rather on the aisle are. Bet believe may change that. It a great way. Knives. Nice to eat up all right about. Yeah yeah. All that great. And it's it's. Or write it. So does he did he warn you about it before and they're not waver. Yeah I got our first. Can I can. Already. And ever had a problem. And because. You say you're each other's first. Each Ebert beat up the first and only you really had nothing to compare him to write. I we. Are coming out saying they you've got that picture right. Abbott Abbott our bottom line is you get satisfied soleil what's the big deal at a small. Town. Have you ever told a busy ever said Irving have you ever had this discussion. A year you know I know your tiny but you're you're due it works for you what you're doing. About it okay school called body to do that. I think you if you are small you have to do. Be open with it because otherwise it's like you know you have to embrace it it's. With a little tiny finger on the right so about everything evident they called you up to do different positions he normally would do you think her. I. I would we have what are the issues that are better than a third. Just like anybody yeah yeah Perry thank you. I'm saying is that the guy is very sensitive to that's going to be a problem yeah. I would guess if he what if he was very sensitive to it then. She probably wouldn't have called our show but I don't think I don't know it was a real name though not because. In that. Guys who who's overly sensitive. Probably doesn't have the confidence. To do what a woman would want and didn't. He if he's so sensitive than you got to try to go yet an Alpert and like you don't don't would ever writes I was good buddy jokes about it right. Right all sexual situations got to give a talk about what you like which you don't like what's tiny it's big. Right and down. Some doctors say that. Realizing what is average in what is smaller than average despite what you guys say. Is a crucial dose of reality for a lot of young women. Because the the pictures that may get passed around or whatever. And art are not the average guys most guys don't go around taking pictures of themselves. Most girls have more set for the guys who might be have something to brag about. Right right or to make fun so so a picture that I might get passed around by some high school girls. And won't be. In average guy so they use the your first guy and you go why all these small and actually. Is average price maybe should bring it up like you know and at that covered the average size of a man's. Woozy while happy just over lately as I. They use the brakes had to have a 15% of men are longer than seven. 3%. Surpass 83 at this 3% I guess at plus here's the thing. We have good days and bad days small days in big day I I don't and I don't buy them so you you said the effort would I don't I didn't make it that much of a difference. Like. I ditch AZ may be true. Is different and yes good day at a bad day yes you are. Lying and then this your ally amnesty. I don't know my mind is different us. Yeah. How exactly does not medically not just genetic all he did it. I know why don't shape up as my brother does and why you talk about and and none had beat snow boat that peace and the magazine are happy. I think extra. 25 and seven. That's an eight nova might not that Miami and go low but still don't come out. I know you're just yeah. That's yeah it is yeah I hope you'll take pictures no. It. Is not as much cause of that. As though it's ridiculous. The candidate that I am fit polarized is consistently different. Regions of the fitness. These these uppity yeah SI TE there anymore. There's more there's a bigger difference in the the circumference the circumference than there is rightly. I get on my on different but it's it's quite a bit but not by any day now that. I thought I mean why he's not I gave you out gave a half minutes. How much that I did get all of this I'm. Mike Ditka and. That being an unknown but now I ordered in May be. Are you get past between him and now happy and super happy pursuant to this to do that just tapping up again there. That you yeah I'll tell anybody loses. To err on the matter is an idea yeah you guys. Not all content. Like hero Matt popped heard. Consciously. They are it's extender type thing yeah well not while I get it could be an egg and herb fertile or get marker. And or. There are. Like technology. Site thinks they have the technology that's my point there will be used on the Port Newark. Ever. Thanked. Her hand and some days lately that the lane and willingly canal Mimi I Elaine. They met Ron are you done. A thing like that I'm totally with you on that. The good breezy day to Baton Rouge sometimes our daughter and I'm glad he got monster paints. They had happy like if they're happy extra happy dependent on what they wanted to would litany depend on how relaxed than what the mood is what the situation that I'm in the backseat of the car with. But there are or where laying in bed or. It may get had a couple of drinks so maybe we did something else. And it did it it all it's all relative to your right we know from 69 not a problem. Believe it. I can say I haven't yet but I can. Yeah. It yeah I know anyway it up Leino he's. Brought it up I want to whip it up. Yes. On. Ailing banks and. Telling. I'm. And that's the difference between. Wrist and happy not all just happy and happy. You know what I am measurement and extent we want to please welcome if you hit with our own vomit. But to actually be really good. At least developed right. I get my my occupancy. Mort I'll agree review. It's never as good three contest and I will agree with all day. I gotta talk about Mauresmo who's he's in good days and bad days and want to do we never got to it is the matter is that the remotest greatest hits. On 1079. To link right on 8775 in March 5. We should get to the actual article in America. That's. The actual article is going what was there's an article that what you do when your guys on the small side hi Karen. Hi I. Am comet is that there are I heard it if not bigger bet it anger I do nothing they'll make. And let me you know do giant hands. Even hit it I give my all out. But they're out. You he got to deal breaker and I. Are aren't into and when we're in a commons area that you dated a guy with a small when we assumed I had some. Any at all and not to begin shooting with no hint that it. Did not read that there. But it. And they don't want and anywhere you go. So. I thought we did it. I got both cited that really the ball on that he can't win at bear out what he really main dog. I don't let her. Real or not he'd be great lad connecting. That we had gotten their outlook on love and had a and they want to look at that somebody. I. I. I I. Try yeah he had that era brought. Right yeah. Yeah in Panama and you don't like that that American mayor in church. Yeah yeah yeah I can't drop a bit. That I had. I. Was. It. Yeah yeah yeah. Like finding yeah. But I'm I'll let you. Would. We. Like I. Or. I bet. We'll. I don't forget that. Much but I. Don't I don't know. Have you ever have found them on that he ever get married ever you. The weather. That was. I. Thought. I. Yeah. Yeah. I. And I. Oh yeah yeah. I'm not a good outcome I think now and that's why. Like oh. Cute well. It makes me. 09. You know. I'm big and oh my they want. Oh. Well. Thank you an idea I attended events thank you Daryn I was under the best calls ever look. My goodness. Why did I went as Richards he goes to our own them. I insisted that. Mine. Though he's never doesn't tell the fiance of gas. Oh why. Is all a 100% about the depends on the end yeah. I need to call back. Madden Ramon is greatest hits only on 1079. At the link bit and I were both saying that. Within the past. Couple of weeks it seems that. People we went to high school with heavily come out of the woodwork on face. We just within the past two weeks son. At least it's I'd say when he people from my graduating class. Have already noticed on. A couple of. They have the Internet and even your listeners and now I asked finally does it's dark and nobody contacts via loser there. On FaceBook with your domain he went. Through high school you crystal Harris. Still at the cinder blocks east is Google. The spotlight class was vary. And patriotic Demeco. And patriot yet. Didn't like America Clinton obviously aren't they didn't upset top eight as they Wear is doing very on in school league if you hated your school like be like there was no supplies are. No schools they were try to make the prom be in the gym that year in and has been outrage some island the island on the area now again I mean. A lot of things went down that just because you've heard about the smoking lounge resign all the buzz about the expertise. Even had to settle in Atlanta and I arsenal to not get together and there's been a reunions of his assuming that an invite me then anyway and a guy contacts a woman on the FaceBook. From high school he wants to have sex there are at least see the possibility Lee's dirty talk. And it's dollars in. He IDs eased gauging is not Diaz yeah he has he has no other options. Currently in his real well. How about this now and does this is going on all over like they're a couple people I know. Who I know I have. Coached my friends because it gave no reason it went to have to have. LB sure and Greta Van Susteren among different group. Like you've coached mr. Greer or your weird play we're laying. I'll meet you go to somebody else thing is and their friends right so I don't friends so I think what happens is. That people go to FaceBook may say oh. Ice he. Matt Harris Steve Matt Harris is friends and it goes through the list of Matt Harrison's friends because they wanna have more friends and it clicked O. I remember Ramon Holloway from high school I remember doc bows from high school. I remember Brittany Angela Bryant from high school so I add them to my friend lists he'll I have a bigger group of friends on the Internet. OK if you just adding it's the friends is one thing but I start to meet budget released when they contact us this is an Internet if you go a step further. To read on the person's wall. Ford wanted cowboys won't send a message to kick in by a one while running all right second while right you wanna sex. About poking or or anyone at the application at a guy's doing an. And that he's just yet. But the guys do it the guy has sought you out on and is and is. Contacting you it means he's trying to find out what the vibe is right you and he got it right because he found that the you know the common thing you guys went to high school again now and AdAware and and now he he is out of his real world his real circle where the places he hangs out outside of the Internet. He's got no nothing going on right there Marty might you my have a and that irons in the fire. He goes to the Internet are married. And and you think that's stopping. Them. I don't guess I don't lately it's a lot more now it's a lot more incidents. And and just want anyone maybe random then what you think I think you've I think you especially it too much into an. You must have sex have you items at all but I really pleasantly dirty talker some hot pictures. I think I guess one writing it's one thing we go hey what's up valiant men gets one right maybe you respond respond ride continues after that. He once more in wants more. From our. But what he seemed to think that any time somebody of the opposite sex addicts you on FaceBook it's let up. Now we know. It's been do manual. They knew it a long time. The other thing I don't people who won 8775 MR show tellem write about it. Now on FaceBook are. Like after a friend of mine here is has befriended by. Several girls who went to high school who. You know once again it's that thing oh I'm now I'm friends with Mac and and I see who met friends are I find out that a bunch of of my. Classmates from high school are friends so I friends that wishes like these are people who hated me in high school. I wouldn't let me be their friend or sit there lunch table and now they want to friend me so that she's like. Let them sit in my inbox for awhile. I. And now the petty that is is petty being an Andy or investor weird but I tell you blame. That's pathetic as this that its roots and years ago letting you know I don't get away. A when you would do friend someone. Especially if you have more of a private. FaceBook profile. Kind of letting them in the world you can you do get to decide. Who who goes there and who does. So if it's someone like you ever light to me. Be different now that's a real friend now I know but for some people all the people locally are crazy. I pray in you somewhat lane and he's April frenzy and laying people use it differently everybody argues that the same way. Kiddies on the matter some people use it very normal hardly is very formally. Hi cutie. Hey hey. Eric I'd thank you pat. Yourself be yourself. Aren't I could accept that I have very similar situation. Unpaid. I found me and I knew I call our new app mechanically never ever talk ever. And then I he found me and I just a couple of partly and he'd mister tech like naughty messages. About like you're looking out that I mean like you went to saying what a couple times it completely. Bombarded with. Like other propositions. Capping I don't think it's ever outlet and it's I think guys especially guys. Right or is it mostly means mainly guys. The get a guy all piece of the diocese say what's up I haven't talked edges idea I just saw Iran and just a quick liners wanting to be started dialogue. Oh. OK I think that's cool but it continues more than I mean really wild. Wouldn't want to die so young and oh yeah that's flat. Sorry guys my guy. Not diet women yet. I need. I like. Those things differently. You just read different nobody noticed no sentimental guy that cares about what happened with friends wanna write an ice. Coming guy there called gay guys. Yeah guys are friendly. That is funny kitty thank you for it don't happen. You are different between being friendly or Anne Montague county won't end guys are too lazy the reason that the guy. The reason the guy would see you out ate up back he has some sort of main motivation. You are working it is so they I don't take around. Dolly eyes cold if they're thirty years old and they did care about people on their high school class that I doubt they're there advancement and life. Lorenzo on the matter Asa island awning guy how hi Lauren. I got aria. I've worked quite that they had and I say may indicate he is. Well past the age of what I believes expects is or should be but I'm he. Get in contact with pork as people that aren't collected in contact with sound and we did talk to them. He didn't say like. We think that the Mike are you sort of lovely girl or anything like that LA colleague there anything like deck is you would acute Italy took up conducting. What he's talking to you about them on FaceBook. It yet and and I've made it of helping parent that I can state but keep out on. Let it yup he he trots out a lot to people that you might OS that our girls. Very few of them I believed. I believed I admit. And an adult I don't. You know if it whenever necessary that way my mom and fortunately get back -- concepts and each and look a lot of older women. What do I. Because women have to Kirk nugget win tickets to people think I. Speak I you should be like that girl look like Alice. You know what's going on what her and she whipped. Mattered to edit in general and they wanted to know everything that's gone on and they're not that. It's kind of like. A Swiss are Barnwell settler who always do who organizes class Reid went yeah. Or I or gay guy in the class. Now actually a guy dinars and he's not a single. Now but he is married to another girl who made him do I do and this is Ken on the matter on Asia hi Tim. Well hello Matt Ramon friendly gods again. Yes I'm not learning scary. And I am very friendly with everybody but I don't we found. And nobody on FaceBook look old girlfriends. I knew all about doing. Things like a little. Bit hard hit a model child out. See I wanna get back in his don't. Waste your time on it it looked at slate editor chancellor skirted apple went well. And then thanks I would mind you know. I guess it's the other way they can be good looks Andrea let me. Viewed. You guys are doing now now eyes are. Guys the reason that they are pursuing. Bringing you back into their world is because they wanna have sex with you I did you break they're just so everyone and you contact on feel different now I it's we're not because he's been any from the man and write us actually looked up little high school girl if I looked up yet but the girl that I dated my senior year of high school I licked her eyes I did I had a few went up on the tour if I looked her up right now and and said hey what he'd do and and I saw that she was single and I kept on. You know. Go back and forth we go back and forth with emails exchanging emails or whatever it. I mean it would it obviously I would be trying to get sacks into her world bring her back in my world. To debate and as he wants to do. Rush this is Debbie and notice and then his way Alitalia remember right in my world then went out to do her yes and not the same is that the same for girls content and guys he's you know honors at a medal winner example that you hear being DC now to bring you into his warehouse. This and then that means his colors are hot and this is not knowing his world is high about exit polls usually covered by a bathing suit. I Debbie hi. Ramona I'm on your side. Yeah it is day there's no way I have a couple got a contacted me expense when he ear. They are overseas they're gonna get my hands. Every. You know we're back I think I said this though it's not always what independents Lisa dirty talk maybe some. Filling military can't really talk we're talking about kids that are lying and are out. What is wrong what these guys why are they talking ye who would they did. It's your. Friends. This is just read that people that immediately over there or not they're talking about. But they have this year do you think he came from the same place it might just be interesting to see how all came from this one plays out. Different places that and how they like and that there are dead because you contact the generic I don't think I got to get married couple. We know how men thing capped. I'm just there obtained. Mainly due to. Did you have husband you and her husband was on FaceBook talking all these old girl bogon women all done.