Horror Fans Make The Best Lovers?

Tuesday, October 17th

What does your love of movies say about your relationship potential? We also talk about dealbreakers for women and a story about rampaging turkeys!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com it's your listening to all their. Remote listening to podcasts I mean podcast. Go ahead and Gerry please. This is why I'm reminded war. And I'm not sure on the accepting this and you're supposed to say he's asking to be like horror movies. One of the first things you've got to ask. It seems like that. It's not NASA the first thing you need to ask one of the first things you unless you like horror movies which you may harm. Yeah so I want and are each trying to scare me here you plotting some type of chainsaw massacre with my family and. On May be just like confront common and yes I know that's. The woman is supposed to ask you a slasher. That's that's kind of thing he did you'd. Insight how the person thinks trouble line. According OK cupid if you wanna know viewing your partner have what it takes is viable long term you should ask them if they enjoy scary movies. Someone who likes horror movies miles be attracted to adrenaline rushes or may be risk takers in life. So you don't wanna date on it you're gonna don't like risks that it snows and that's reaching. Doc likes harm movie and he takes no risks whatsoever in his bedroom and it doesn't dull look at a beginner is the adrenaline rush is when he plays softball. Okay take risk you go to extra base of he Eagles and I think there's no doubt that their you know out I think you can it's what those things imagery to much to. I like this you know what's your favorite TV Asia. Yeah yeah yeah when he's bad again. They're trying to says something about someone to be like true crime documentaries are comedies reality TV each person is different. As some people like a lot of things. I mean reality TV. Ever guy says he likes reality TV damn we are perfect match whereas reality TV hit like he can like make him afraid. Yeah are searching for SaaS squad to yes. Particularly. Nothing exciting happens a lot of oh yeah drew shows that's true gold rush and there's OK but not all you know and that's. It's true that I am I be able to connect with a guy I over is need to get afraid. You watch it in a freighter you'd be willing to watch it can I have watched. If I die as I've said before my wife and six shall have odd or seven year old white snake and afraid before. And seven year old told told her caretaker that money and are watching the show a naked people. It gave. Nina pick up Ramona sentiment like to lunch and you and prayed with me yet they ought to get naked in a friendly. Us we can react and they show you just say about I was naked would you be afraid yeah him yeah. And I did get out of place right now. Playing let's go around through the woods naked. Now it I don't know it says I've been. A woman who likes all the real housewives stuff yet just stereotyping and add to is not a big agent read anything into. Right I mean I just wondered why likes that stuff and I are going to get along fine then. What's your favorite way to spend a weekend. On that one at a time and I find that's more important than any of these other adolescent run out of her own body here. They're party party here whatever. I think it's been a back on her as quickly as possible. A high drama that we didn't do us a repeat it back. It's an hour answering the fifth here and obviously that's what I like do I is that the chaos and I'm. I don't doing it and if the Pentagon. A we're gonna god and go to things like digital. Out watch football on Sunday that says to me you don't gonna be bugging me on Sunday. Zero I can do my church thing and do my shop and think about wary about you in BO OK with you. There there shut down on a Sunday yeah. If you travel anywhere in the anywhere in the world where ridge ago. None like balances. Did Mary doesn't tell you anything I don't think so either. But they say what are the person says. A museum. Well as the Lanka to Wellesley some yeah boring I'm dot com drop on you Adam Dunn you know I'm not I've tried to get try to go to. Like old churches and stuff and I just by the the dvds that's are. I love museum. I know the only one ever allowed was a modern museum in Philadelphia which is. Medical oddities like the world's largest Colin. And you know things like that. And I like that you can't go anywhere in the world you pick a museums and a city or state and what kind of theory you something real you're boring person whom sorry to hit the mid may be safe zip line in the jungle or hiking through a glacier. There's a better but I mean you get an idea of the purse. Right yeah the guy campaign someone else doesn't like I seriously if the woman said. You know I I look at I want to visited Italy because I wanna go to museums are one of visit Paris because I wanna go to museums or South Africa and very interested in your museums. That would be. Like a red flag for you wish you mentioned the country first and on down Pacific. I want to go to the mint museum triggered yeah right now I do visit every wax museum in the love never materialized exams that he won a mock you. They're able it and Oakley could take the mocking. I I. It's anywhere and not a red flag it's just that I would talk you out of and it probably eventually realize you know I don't like to say it. Fifth and tied it at a and it's horrible for me to say it just horrible I know that I've for years I try to pretend that is given out aren't present who you pretending for people. You know learn English class. Probably I usually enjoy museums probably soaking in culture yeah. I mean there's some of them were like I mean I guess this with Sony would be fun for like an hour was wonderful film like that but some of these lame. And really in the museums were not a good fit. Give yourself as you go really slow through it really don't put all these different kinds of museums were probably not a good fick as your congress to be insufferable along there. I. Become interactive it's not just stand there are. Here are eating a lot of severe yeah there are videos listened to and guided to order. I know we certainly jerks but that's the latest book that's just who he or big. Honestly I'm honest I do opponent and how about it and we want you to find someone also that mutual interest and maybe go with a friend or something. I didn't do it is nothing more horrifying and going to the museum. With someone who doesn't appreciate the cash app and it's pretty Venezuela to leave. The person regularly though on the other hand and went to read every little plaque or every little thing. It was that oh god I every went to a museum it. Afro American Museum in DC with a group of friends and we realized very early on that we needed to split up. Because some dealer fast the bugler blow right past. I'd be out of there and I was so slow I only made it two floors. How many are there for ticket if you literally come on Harry out he's and then the final thing is what is your family like. News man. I'm afraid of that question I think you'd have to you know just have to meet a family you do is that demean and that's a valid Clinton has a valid question. The person says though I wouldn't get along with someone comes from a conservative upbringing that doesn't mean they're conservative. You know just as your families when we doesn't mean you're the same way I engineer has so right actors follow up when you. More information out of their answer on how they interact with their gambling yeah than their actual characteristics of the fans are they like today gathered in black well America you know my dad's is terrible but I deal with him and eleven anyway you know like that. They're not saying that I your dad racing in general some nice that somebody else hit a good movie probably that was sort of a tiny house so that. There's little problem with the issues that affect us this morning minutes. Nice to assume scooters clueless on the floor the hellish and peace is in a monster. Spooky this. This time to bring out the constant and show the world here's Gary's Q4 legged friend. Here's. Still recovering from refrain now begin to win a 100. Dollar gift card for you don't wait commissions and on TV news when he scored at midnight get the media so what Kevin I'm willing now. I enjoy a sign out. FaceBook to my FaceBook page awful tasteless Halloween costumes. And higher kids again lice they try and mask which we try to mark forever. So. Happy group is one of the costumes. You can do app does and it's. Who Halloween. You let them whom OG yeah I think there's that's not offensive her face us sing it's offensive. Just setting up. We was about film. The seas in full and. Won't talk to fans and anybody happy but I don't criticize about you know about it and I put down anybody and just. The weird but it's always about fantasy people goods. Empires and stuff like that you know like. We are some people might not to be one of a subtle and not gross at all pickle apron. Did you get an apron and that's a pickle barrel of the big pickle now like him Alina yet so easily and you summoning Tampa on. Pretty interesting actually was a buzz feed bear was yeah. A parent talking about their kid who once could be two Chela. For Halloween. It's hollow is a marvel comic book character to child line is. Two black panther the superhero and is. Clark can't is to Superman. The guys series says users are regular dude yeah then changes in their parents and fictional country in Africa right so you're white kid wants to dress up as an African prints. But I'm really wants a dress up as the superior part of it. Actually some kid wanna guys got arrested Chela sort of got black and minority Clark scanners. You never. Lacked last brow really should've went hey I tell you what I billionaire where I've. And you've been with me where I just a bad is me. White TV character and no one knew who the hell I was yes you are supposed to be June Cleaver. And of course that touch your Florida Florida Evans and not even in America. How would they know and how would say no I'm the it was a fifteens. Past thirty. When the fifties I wouldn't apply to an ever think come around took it seven he's there was no black people in the fifties or you could have done anybody well if you went by Amy then. You're also Shirley Temple it is not justice Shirley Temple on our talent show I was Shirley Temple Black if you actually have a lack Shirley Temple yes play on the fact that Shirley Temple later married out of the Lansing black became Shirley Temple Black the total play on words. And he was it a known why was well on day I think I was they didn't think that was Shirley Temple. I don't it's not fewer bits that was written honey boo boo. But she's gonna blow actually. Susan and I know I I thought it. It doesn't go well Vern white person be the black transport anyone happen to try to dress as someone of another race. It doesn't go well an age especially and that's what I'm gonna go well yeah but did you give urine specific. Black or white person was better off than being a generic. Black about black Santa Claus and he goes like Santa Claus oh yeah if you're white you know this. Etc. now known in my unit came in years gone missing outlaws like Angela right. You must beat Weis and you may not be black and white people can I mean like big can be any wipers. And I might face. I'm not a white face oh you're in agony on me that I am if I'm blacks and a united and they didn't like that he got what does this thing goes is like to Chela. No one don't know that okay I don't know it's going to be again with a bone necklace on a straight up black panther. Where where is the last the whole grain that's like being Spiderman. Yeah you can't although they say veterans. I really realized my undermanned now so. We need to get we need to get around like black Superman black bat man. It's really devotional qualities because it here's if thing if a white kid wants to dress up as a superhero. Who happens to be black. I think it's awful to say no not now. Only white superheroes for you all night Glor five black superhero here have to like a black hero kinda thing right you should be. Yeah analogies don't Bud Black face. There's been out and it becomes a problem but then if you'd kind of Brown's. Failure to tell. They're not gonna now react and they're not gonna know any white person being a black person not an ownership assign. As some sort of sign on your own body roughed him. They. Epic night you can't be someone from another country where the people don't look like you know because it's considered. No cultural appropriation so it's yeah your child. He. Native American. That's definitely and I know you can't yet you can't. New huge semi I want where's so and winning again what are you say like I'm weren't 38 Cherokee. Now liberated on your shirt among animals. I went to Jamaica and I saw those roster I have to head. Dreads attached all I did was pray that you wouldn't put one on and take a picture imposed by for the love how are already on there. Somebody wore earlier in the calendars wedding. In a photo Booth. That was also a ten years ago I know you cannot do that now and I'm pro now my Ancestry.Com. Profile. All there is ages and as. What I'm 171. Jamaican yes whenever I do we you've got to carry your papers and media. But we can still be women right Mankins of the women. That's OK and ours and making fun. It. Are you a white one. A good idea huge had to go geisha. And tell you right now minus know that no yet now I yeah of course QB. Like really Smart Asian cars. I have to me. Is that what he can't be any Asian person an up now Smart now learned it and how. Humana yeah. Yes sir you Bennett an Asian person can be Superman and I. Yeah again. The rules are minerals is known as anybody and no guns that he doesn't pumped yeah. By the horns got to me sent the UN is an unpublished. We're on this page I'm an ounce based on an Asiatic Halloween tired cast of Dancing With The Stars is free orange they are pretty aren't. I don't understand why and is this article we put up on the costing murder tasteless and why they don't piggyback stripper. I'm not even sure. Why or how all this. Makes. Any sense at all. It's the guys has relied you know I'll the male the minute right to talk about it I assumed it was like a magic Mike kind of thing. Now it's a man riding on I'd like to have. Chubby look in scantily clad deal mean yes man. And he's got a lot of one dollar bills. Everything happened and to strip clubs. I don't have enough men to many but I've never seen wearing guy gets on the shoulders of the stripper and marches around. Many other things they have are the obviously just put sexy some sexy Pink Panther. Skippy clown costume wearing guy just wears AM bow tie. All societies with a red nose hit Rosie now is not pages as a red nose on his BP. There's another low lawyers sitting on the shoulders of Donald Trump you what does that even mean does that mean there's another one way or sit on the shoulders of a beer win each lies a variety people why you don't that's not accustomed I don't understand why don't they don't live. Very it's human beings. Yeah scalable owners kind of months. Sexy Elmo Dixon Edwards as her hands. Oh here's one for your dog. Sexy Playboy dog little laundry he goes sexy they own don't get that wanna give me peasants. There is sexy cast in that my dog can't let your dog to be sexy mate cleavage going to be maybe six the. Chucky the killer dog I think this. This dog yet to big business and does well now now now oh yeah that's proves he ought to be the big chiller. And even again against the for the bachelor again yeah it get out the bitches than you're gonna Don gray. Offensive is impetus in the regular rose. To be up to explain it. And you'll see it will be held areas of business is an oh how many areas. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to offer there with that remote. Check the amendment takes a page or every individual ones that cares when I'll play. Kobe Bryant browsers they get there today. And so on Wednesday is. About 4 o'clock modernism and dame Joan makeovers. Here is one raided recently in Eads from. Federal therapist and sex therapist doctor Tammy Nelson. Who says eve you wanna keep it up a nod to the bedroom on Saturday. Saturday. Is that gay you need to start is Wednesday I don't wincing you gotta give yourself. Like three days. Yeah no matter when you're happy to basically get a three day prior three days and she calls it oral sex. Age. You. Our AL like an. You know Mara about I it's using your words and used it are how she put an aura of objects like Aurora. Little Mermaid. Better name. Larry Arial the ruler out efficiencies and sleeping beauty of dad being GO. Oral. Gilligan a roar like borrower Borealis. The show us sailors and Laura. You are de L refers to an art and VE year or something that relates to your sense of hearing about it. I heard it before. I our real thanking you this is gonna go get jobs ought to talk to my one and and we're gonna have sex on Saturday now and then now you don't say things like that you don't. Get all poor nation whether. Hornish it starts with export and this is just for you I believed it is articles written format here is it says user inside the. This is my inside voice. Whispered in her year. Say things like use it with some Babel at the very tests. And whispered some of your Saddam's spectacle. Alsop. You know Amy's I don't know if people like attic in right directly in the. Do you think it's gonna be turn off of each at a whispering you know the total ever whisper in your career probably. And mentally that Google and you're supposed to tell her things like you're so beautiful. And I do that all the time. It's. I I don't happen as I say you're beautiful or good look at the router whatever came to see her. I giggle. Letters go to your neck it's sometimes and about water. Teller fantasies don't have about what you gonna do with her on Saturday one a day for three days. Wanna manage it right in line and on Manny it could be. I do today I need to know the number I'm not bank greed and use game LS three. Not three to be able. Burris does not quite as clear as only one day what do a lot of batter and I think it is we have about what you gonna do that might give me through two days. I've ever think that giving you that you coolest guy one. So you're saying one day basically when an act that would do is immortal that only to I don't. Here's the thing is there something about a lot typically beautiful long. But of eyes said it. She immediately went to jump my bones so please I can't control district if I don't know I think I say here pitiful. It's over it's on its bid now that you can't build anticipation because now the minute the mad man numbers. This game long enough. He's instant gratification. You know the goal is. Thanks erratic in his net patient using her number one hot spot which is her and mad patient well what about my imagination. We're working on her radar. I imagine they look at that I'm I'm imagine they cannot detect it. Kenya was purple got a little to. You know I had a whisper something that I think they should and Yahoo! whispered. I was friend whispered or all the time about stuff and he did not do was like like behind the kids back up odd about them whispering here. You know things like that and now your children. So bright. I don't at least right now above Draper just out. Bet. That we'll listen I okay I'll do it. Today that I whispers. What color whisper though that's an okay and also let her know that you believe that low key with her is already great it's not about making her. Realize that it could be better. Item not letting her know you wanted to get hot horse of course it's that I mean I just a teller that. And then you ask her. Do you have ideas for me. And thus we get to is when you think the odds are Saturday night. How do you have any ideas for me yet but is this possible Saturday night when he thank you don't commit to shoot. And when. I cannot come up. Probably Friday let's not commit to telling I don't categorically things that you might happen how early is too early seriously. You can't try to commit or something on Saturday right now now not really I commit to. I'm most Sundays at 1 o'clock am watching it. That's a battle like students and Lindsay here and your relationship commitment. That is Sundays and outlaw yeah exactly. Mission committed not a guy good to me when she's working to make dinner for the most part. Well it is what we're talking. I did it adds that they might have been a letter and it's another. Volume in that commitment that I need to you make it didn't give me. Stewart Cink all there. Are right wrist band aid docs are here to join us on our FaceBook page he June. It's tiresome and always stressed that you're frank carried our browsers. Matt Murray show. Cents a putting things up there's somebody have some top of their heads to limit their Communist and a daily deal breakers. Man be aware of these because if you have these it could. The deal with a woman. Unemployed. That's a problem. Being unemployed implies that you're not where you want me I mean it's just it's obvious that maybe some maybe you're not a place to even. You're literally this. Don't miss any time and then worry about a relationship later so I am known people who've been out I don't out of work for like a year. Yeah supposed to be loan and not me go to around them fast food place to get a job getting unemployment. That and to have her as a man signed slippery slope. I mean I guess. It certainly would be a problem I think with most women. Does say that your out of things happen in this day and age there are some people who are unemployed like and authorities say I gig but I'm medevac to a friend do you. About them. Maybe a month or two after we met. He got laid off. And asked how long do you give him what's the limit is still full time but I he's found a job after we broke out. Now Liberia and you're on the match. Simon you look at it many got a job I'm focused on get up on did you anymore lady. Lateness. Much historic day don't meet a fate. And that guy who are just talked about. Was the latest person I have ever known. And I started thinking maybe that lead topic as you relate. Well you know what you can be overcome the lateness they can be overcome my life his perpetually just. And I had to learn to live with that come laid overcome her but you know here's the thing. I think it's so mad and overcome the woman being late. Not vice Versa and I think there's a double standard yeah is not a done is definitely a devils aren't there isn't that a guy as Janet date and he is a late. Taking a more than a guy takes it on it will take it in the woman's late that's your hot little. Are not role look at but it did the guys are you still don't Jim your root out here. The problem just he right now if can you say he was picking me up at seven and he didn't show up till 738. OK with it. OK but have a seven tanner regular looking guy. Do you disrespect but a woman is giving our guys gonna get a hot roll a ten minute late night hot rolled and I think it's doubles I mean of course it's hot roll it. You get more time like seven. Half hour later Bill Gates was angle and you're dating this guy who's though Brazilian air and he gives held up because he's got. The zillion dollar deal aren't able I don't ever getting them if Richard giving him for like half an hour hot rolled it yet there's a ritual as well but. A regular you'd. A woman probably gives him more of a break ten minutes late but a guy gives a woman ten minutes. There's regular for 90% Thursday saying yet what the other one and the guy judge where the guy allows. More in the moment as it. OK you're on that sketchy online behaviors that could be a deal breaker that women have. Mister Graham feed pulled woman. He's presumably dated in the past and we clad party girls. Some women don't like debt that looks like you guys a player. Could be a problem its console you and bikini girls. Yeah. Like I've. Into guys FaceBook pages and you see he's got. You know 300 friends and 250 of them appeared to be. Hot chicks but maybe there's a reason he's collecting chicks I'm content people wanna be around him. Other me on the boat and just live pictures and the about with the team and no problem. Yet. As on every list. And we always complain it's on a list. He was sloppy are bad hygiene nothing turns a moment perhaps when a guy to nick germ cells in an effort look at it's numbers arable. The phone. When he doesn't get it. Mac and what list of how many you we always complains never there's always that kind of thing guys can read the. Hygiene problems they have they don't care they and I don't know they don't read these articles. And they don't know that stands. And they don't know about. Like there was guys when we Europe and the and I can't read long. Really really on armpit hair they obviously haven't read about. Who has had an outing you're not and side note the guy was get. A that's shocked I did find that shocking normally such a clean people who. That's a lot of the gay unicorn and yeah as I am. I ate cereal Thai gay guys as being. Mostly meticulous about the air here now having a needle very attractive gay guy. I'll with a very attractive partner but long on behead them who. And he could've gone to the beach and ask for somebody brain dead yet all that all of us I thought a lot of that out there I saw a lot of it out. On the guys we are listening. Top lots. That's athletica is Datsyuk hasn't yet asked Wallin yeah. And score like that my wife said I should say we think like he's a god sent to his partner. Like so like their bushy Mae and yet bush intent. Bush he received in the busy mayor do you confront a stranger about their CEO and they're long argued Obama accuses instead. My by Dwight set of eyes softly she was taken tight okay ABC's and live in your friend. I'm of course I'd tell my friend but she's it and just say you know I just learned about this a couple of years. Well you did how did you enlighten a couple of our co workers and said you know until mammy and started talking about man escaping. I had no idea that maybe I should and the rim now under arm here or all the other stuff in Arizona that was. Again now that didn't been singing now yeah you know that's what he'd done the arm hair trim which Marianne. Efficient. Machine just a little off to a little luck it's not. Often knuckles back. Yes especially the top of the hill and barber Saab you go into Orlando and I'd like little often love the top. For a guy with. They got us you see your arms or anything I don't know I don't know I'm not expecting you to be Michael Phelps. But. You know if you're that guy he's got they're hairy knuckles got I think is in my daddy your hand I kept thinking it. Instrument that tournament I guess yeah. And like these curly cues are just saying it don't shape your knuckles that's weird I don't know but it. This is that your M. At least for a normal you don't normally every hour normal that I have a very hairy back of their hand you see synagogue patrol fleet and he's got eerie to only they got to trim that yeah it just. Right in the mix looked less prank maybe in the other deal breaker all women have man should be definitely aware of is is remaining is his mop. OK okay in his thirty's or forty's and let's not judge. People who is living with who is she living with him. Or is he living with her in the basement right that's the key. Q are your mom is living with you which your house right kinda terror taking her and I met my wife my white my mom and my dad were living with me at the time but they were. Trying to transplant down here to Charlotte. Izzo told married and it was true and I was certainly sure Al's it was my house. They were really in advertising rarely and then they moved doubts that was there's some exception OK yes oh wow I have so many questions I forgot about that not so when an inappropriate questions need an ordinary neighbors do overs no known cure your your parent ever seek out in the living room my parents and I don't think we ever went home your your your parents making noise oh non. Ask every one of seven. Following the 2000 dollar fortune for the times each day. 9 AM 11 AM one. It data rates apply. And catch ball four times every day Monday through Friday so leave the umbrella an old and so kidney cash from Hendrick automotive group. In Charlotte. Okay. Seven and still linked to. Oh yeah I would remind you again any prior to this podcast earlier but rate that's pretty important arrests if you Reyes make a comment. Somebody commented that they. Which. We hear more stories about many proving himself to ice. Fanning myself with us and then you're do you have all the trauma story I do not knowing that every year entertainment. I do bodies in the name once is enough. Gas. In FT deep into someone in my analyst at that Greg came from Jamaica as well. As had colon surgery but that was the medical condition of the medical condition and Tony Florence is Michael would have. It was more than one if I'm gonna give you could you find that to get the news not about Ramona yet generate their image in other news I alleyway I attacked. Complaints about troublesome turkeys have surged embossed and and it's Serb suburbs over the past three years causing headaches or police and health officials. I've called handle the problems. It's a familiar dilemma for some of the US towns from coast to coast they've been overrun by Turkey's. Her afternoon. And those are big band Boston has received over sixty complaints. Of Turkey Turkey's of traveling swarms of Turkey's city. Yes that he turkeys are gonna are blocking traffic has. You know before I started doing the matrimony show I was in new I was if serious radio news person if one of the most horrific stories. I felt that I had to cover. Were they Turkey buzzards of Hinckley Ohio or the Turkey buzzards Ers well Mike. Gosh let's talk about some man are now looking animal there are nasty. For a guy Thanksgiving Turkey butterball. Saw. A Turkey does not look frightening to meet Italy is being cars and Turkey buzzard wondered what your guard when get out of your car that they were on a road to get to my house. And I. Came around a curve and I saw them in the middle of the road and I screamed and covered my. And I'm mom had to grab the steering wheel because we're about to run off the road. Luckily that's a horrible the reaction in and and I get there horrible animal round. There's been a 137. Reports to police about Turkey's. Some police and actually had to shoot the turkeys got to say I generally. And not have. Big supporter of hunting but in this case we got to do something some residents of suffered minor injuries from the emerging ironing. A 72 year old woman who told police she was bruised. That earned him Turkey's scratched him factor during. If these charities are attacking me Mauna. It's time taken out of the game if you get hit by a when it Turkey's pilots Thanksgiving flapping its wings can really hurt the minute by flapping Turkey. Did you get. At dinner is calling collided and I you know. I'm sorry any time once again I refer to the shows do if you haven't seen on here reality you know unseated any time. Animals gang up it's a problem. We had a dogs problem. That pack of feral cats this problem Turkey's raccoon is bunnies. Problem. I'm a lady bugs problems it is hunting down every animal but Murray. Went. Up it's generally not good how are human and I remember when we. Talked about. Turkey buzzards earlier column on the air when time and I. Told the story about being in is mail truck yes and there was a bunch of and they threw up all lovers mail truck because it comforted me if when you're full they can't fly. Million daily bulletin flight ending he says it was the most horrible smell yeah ever smelled at a bar the people's. Who knows that are loyal employee and hardly walk though liberals should consider that I'll bet you didn't mean yourself again that's good stuff. The Internet today I enter your State's going on and on the other one about Ramona stream. Her the guy those the bootleg play you're doing that from my nightmare in my dream if you don't cameraman got. Yeah I've got it on Thursday morning in Iowa State trooper attempted to pull over a sedan. Was expired tags on interstate eighty. But the driver refused to pull over when the lights and sirens went on leading police on a three hour chase. They ended when another state trooper uses special maneuvered the safely run the car off the road. Fantastic and police estimate and why he attempted to out run them he told them it was on his bucket list he set in the 80s88 years old excuse me. He's. One would do this all his life. Admittedly I tell that to be me when I'm 88. Did you know usury gallant crew Sam journey. Yet I have didn't get what. How beat my car when your PDA I hope beatle had your license I don't I don't know if I know you're writers slowly driver are. To pull me over the old not good day copper is couldn't do huh. Jason Bjorn and and so. It's an annual or I'll. You kind of rode a wave back and rise Delanie lane. LA. Told her you're never any make a run for it on do you remember me when they finally get do you like how objects at me at the go to jail. Well first of all. The couple things whine you don't drive fast. Number two you don't Ira during the height he takes and you'll run you during your fate but I'm not run and that will also be my first run as well. That's great. They got the same thing happened in the 88 year old guy and we know that don't know and I'm glad you can't do that when you're seventy. You know what do what I eighty all bets are brought together got a ticket for speeding in the expired tags that prominent. And I guess nothing he had to be himself he had you can look at every when he had adult diapers you know do you still believe. Plot. That's another day. Dad. Because I'm saying beat themselves stamina. Maybe in the leg is planning his leg got stuck on. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.