How To Ask Out A Woman

Thursday, January 18th

We've got some dating advice for the socially awkward guys out there, plus what happened when a guy everyone thought was dead came back to life!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com Jordan was they got off there. All right we're gonna date doctor Al. How to yeah Atlanta on Kerry and this'll never happened and how to ask a girl out. And who will never happen it will never happen gonna surprise you this year you know what is he will live long. Is initiate and drink and smoke so what he's about yes 75 out of the guys are dead. Bebop and every chicken is senior you'll end you only meant to speak yes that forty year old virgin thing. Yeah he's beating he's gonna little wandered. No assembly time we Earl Bradley yeah undercover isn't it. And they've got an. Yeah he's gonna hit forty. And people will be finishing that starter marriage and these groups and he's Hussein and the word I mean it's his oyster you think he's gonna have. Courage and and all that stuff and he my ears needed he'll. Hunting him down and no Diana. You'll still look young as hell yeah he'll still look incredible and incredibly young. It will be that oh my gosh I know this guy. They're gonna pass and our round yes well well I Osama. Yeah. I had predicted his age doesn't change we always looks like a young and jet lagged on crack. Now institute should not grant his extradite its compact that Dexter does attract extra mile track. He and he looks like twenty years younger and idiots are you trying to say he's extra pack extra. Extra that's. Or that extra is just an unaccountable live. I am today and measures might explain it blank don't hear back. He has he's a news it's in that. You need to do this. As do some basic due diligence that fine actually she's available. That would make sense right it does when I was repent and here's an odd thing. You don't need to go. You doubt me well what's your day. Not say if a no debt is that you should you know only the detectives say maybe she won't rally because they're gay they're saying don't. Like bring it up just assumed that don't worry about it I'm out he's not gonna cry as if somebody's gonna say. You would you believe or you get you know it. Yeah you ladies as an excuse to seal a way yet. I nom de L ash that I'm you know if and you can't have very recently. Talked to a woman who is being paid by the way I told someone so that I was gay just liked. Our coworkers did it earlier in Jamaica and but it wouldn't scary I mean I had nothing. Another lightly lately and it's finished not it would not. Nearly put a mask anyway from her per say as relates to whatever. But I do wanna continue to out there because he would if she's hot she's got hot federal friends somewhere hidden costs and so you don't just you don't just shut it down Lal never talk to you and you know I eight Mickey I analogy you a little bit she she does it. This is being used as a met me to break into this is yeah. The amount called him and now not need an elegant guy aggregate guy he's Smart would continue to an Eleanor. You know he would like. In the first place and NASCAR hall sayings that he realizes that now he doesn't want to be with him when she says. I'm day you say I don't just be friends. Yemeni just analysts and plenty of different. Let's imprint and I don't even know used during. These. Coolio who will let me every print online friends or get a wild and now I'll be friends all the girls. He diss me back in his nervous. Slim camera. The good word arrogant side a regular lurk like its shock that nobody is turning back that is of rap. Nobody was because I want learn about. Good doesn't daisies and little hat and you go to alone savers that message of anti free and are you could say like I am how bad you're gonna happen have a a friend. Who might be right for you which you really don't treat it. And they are usually brag about it just really let you present a line. Mad surged dressing like Edgar golden. And introduces himself as. Men and I've been met Tina and I am and she falls in love with him he has to reveal the fact that he really is man I'm not mrs. doubtfire. It. You're listening to off there was a mess and Ramona Sanchez Newsnight it's and 830 every day some bonus sticks clock tower and years to. The semi three year old beaten farmer named Jim lay in Australia was riding his bicycle last month looking for grasshoppers on this farm. When he hit a divot and went flying over the handlebars. You blame it on is hated and broke his neck. When he woke up and realized he was still alive he knew he needed to get himself only get some help asap. Because a broken neck. His head wouldn't stay up like a Bobble it like Yemeni guy. I guerrilla Powell had horrible and not hold his head coach Hartley beaten him. So it I met her just think about it grabbed is paired hold it is well. Sorry I'm glad he wasn't all right yeah as good thing I'd Seattle look Vista. Got back on his motorcycle and drove himself more than a mile back to his house it was tried bumpy path an excruciating pain he says. I was taken to a hospital where they found he had fractured it several vertebrae had surgery and now he's expected to make a full recovery but the 73. And he's that tough he said he three years old every three years old riding a motorcycle breaking his neck and holding his own neck up while he tries not to. Prize and it really hurt and beat. Expect mile two at the beginning pick any tickled me to my. You giggled like a weird it stuck it out I am beat farmer. I'm only ergonomic has them Dwight on the office. I heard that exact a beet farmer might be like cat named DJ. On the beat pharma on the lawn and used. It isn't necessarily year. He described one who's cool and really hit play and no. Farmers dot com Obama poetry far and no. About crimes on. I wonder is. Like when he got to the placed it is light for whoever put a net. Head you call it neck brace or some benevolent land around. Don't let your mom we sees here this story. She wears ahead are neck brace ignition need blind. She hears it to me I act juice out you hope. That it actually my mom's use of the neck brace got so extreme at one point. That. I'll random doctor. A random doctor was like listen your weakening your neck and armor like a doctor leading to receive these guys. Not even didn't even as they sent back. Excuse me. But your weakening your neck may not be like not using a Linux on it went into this guy did you go ahead a higher area. Muscles get two weeks she can't hold it up straight that are not to go wig who killed him. Analysts have at least I don't know if we'll hold on and are handled well off student with an attack but that's a great unfortunately it'll. Because I'd be a great story talent you're like the rest your life is like on why oh why would you go out. Analysts every three year old into this is go live along that answer is armor bit but so you can barely make it and it's true that's true that is true. What else. At 35 year old guy we speeding and swerving through Wayne New Jersey on Saturday nights of the cops pulled him over. He was slurring of speech making strange hand movements and grasping at the air so the cops knew he was on something they just weren't sure what nine. They gave him a breathalyzer. And he passed he wasn't on any kind of illegal drug. He was on over the counter or mood enhancement medicine for his cat. I guy cat yes the guy had been chugging something called catnip cocktail which is a drink for cassis is supposed to help them with their anxiety. And there's a huge warning on it says it's not safe for human so often. But the guy target in 07 a good old time. Net basic net net. I'm on Kilmer something. Now it's probably. I would imagine if you taken in a small amount because it's made for attack by not and particularly if your human much ticket on it. See I this is your PSA ladies and gentlemen if you start to think like mad at it lets you just tasting yeah that's. You're drowning as I have anxiety and works on account lineup met. Hey can't blame a guy. And so all judges did a little bit yeah. Wellesley if you're dumb enough to believe there's such a thing up cut down your cats anxiety that you are betraying you are dumb enough to believe that a little bit won't hurt you. Odds are probably pretty good exactly what I mean people this is your PSA was arrested. And he really actually the rest and on driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. But he was based on this on the road waving his today and I'd see him drive it and I'm taking an accordion they sold some swerving cars that he was just silent on the side are jumping up and down its arms soda you know he was swerving Europeans they continue to do that you know don't be like man. He was hallucinating where. Well he was grasping at their son guessing he was elusive like a cat McGee's Alice a ball to straighten your voice in my hotel where he was sliding addict he's. Slotting Eddie go off and I'll tacked on to XP your tax. The Chinese youth are obsessed with tat sniping. Dowell Schiavo. Let's sniping is orange tabby cat and spends hours playing this pat every day. At a pivotal time I have got to be like come on you know yeah how did you will worried about mullah any holes and sweet enact. Technology. And cats living is a much bigger problem. Really we're OK does that bug sexting I would think sexy he's more of a problem now and now cats and if you hate cats what is dogs that. It's yeah it's I think anything like somebody like anything sniffing. Probably doesn't go out if you like a guy who likes to sniff dot dot unless you're just Nadal on the. To sniffing anything yeah weird at drums and he said. I mean flowers I guess you'd say but. Edwards sniping you say smelling like it resident curling college who like to sniffer finger and at two ears are better than snorting. Now if they better and starting a bit player Khamese Norton anything. Anti yeah it was. Ajax and if you're snorting mania. I'm not. Illegal there is a problem yet snorting his worst for help lies GAAP sniffing sees more creepy. Yes this kind of creepy but it's in a story and tell us off the air you're on that somebody was selling something that's. And socks and underwear. I gather this woman was making a lot of money by selling her socks to yes guy with a foot fetish over the Internet issues selling them for sixty dollars apiece. And he finds. Anyway see pictures that year rotten so it. United and giving money or Hadley to at least that Mac through the president. Somebody's Alice Alba. Well put a space in the lucky cat body inhaled deep plates while stroking the Tommy. He's one of China's many cats snipers. Many like is when these things we do in new seasons here on Twitter thing we say it obsessively smells their tax multiple times a day. He says as a veteran cats and a part. I don't get my fix I don't get my text guy actually terrible at a serious attack addiction. He has collect capsule overstuffed closed cell phone covered whatever. It's at in the with cat eyes he's gonna buy it and he says my cat has supreme status mine down. He calls himself a quote shovel he sees officer. Many cat lovers in China will call themselves a shovel tc offers probably Chinese. Least he's the only cats up here you do your lawyers to care for your cat. Shuttle is something to us and my you to litter block litter box yet. He has a real tattered homebody nonstop watches videos and pics of the tad on the Internet. When you're into watching cats and the Internet apparently it's called. Cloud cats. And Kat fans. Say at Seattle attack at tax on the Internet it's gonna slow down right I mean you used to seeing a lot more now. There's attack videos and pictures on its crazy still out on the are pleased that's now Kirk's. Back in the day used to be a poster in your dorm room that would say like hang in there that he has had a crack OI hate Monday instance. On this one social media network thing in China 180000. Followers of the cat post. And only 60000. On dog roast. Are raising Katz is big news in China a lifestyle heavily focused and China's empty nest youth the unmarried who live alone a major cities. And get a cat. Mr. lonely. And alligators red dog at don't wanna ask. It's more laughs in more fun. It's fair to put that. Oh right we look bill favored little flavor that's just did you brag about his regulars into this from just picture. ITunes. Big Apple podcast button when you give us today. Millions star review I think you only give pot but give five and really help us so I just saw it go areas stars. On aren't a more about you said there's a and at a rule or idea or thought apple what does that helps. Chatted up by guys it's did not happen. It's an action out and and and. Actually see. The movement and credit cited last week. Because there is an author. Name is Olivia Cole and she tweeted. About an interaction that she witnessed when she was at the gym. There was a woman at her GM. Who got a guide to go away by pretending to fart. Not gonna work and as he walked over to urge you as they wait wait wait wait. You don't wanna come every year. Do I just started and it's the head is really bad kids don't like yeah I'm out of here she does not know guys feel after that. A lot of Olivia Coles followers started tweeting. And it spread from there and other women saying oh my gosh I had to do this it works so now with the same. On guy tries to talk to you while you work it out you wanna be bothered you talent that he gets carded and it's bad he doesn't want a common approach youth. Even make a little fighting sound to turn your head you've been nobody like your time you're here not for that right. It's not a peasant party apps and it gives you that there's not yap at times that's gonna have your phone and ready to go. Oh are you RJU somebody listened to music obviously edited resist and but anyway I really. Even without making the sound really would mean telling guys hey hey age supper stop right where you are. Dude I just. I I don't I just can't imagine what what's wrong with the guys like it would stop. Obviously has some. You know I would intestinal distress going on so I think I'm not prejudiced against that. Sometimes people accused but not only that she has opened at. The dialogue open the gateway to dialogue she has talked to you which implies that he wants to keep talking most so. I'd give it I would add on the Japanese yen yeah hot or. Well covered and nothing that she could say she did yeah I had not only did I do as far but I think I. I charted at one end my payments well I think you'll need to be like all while she's so cute he's so open and honest with what's going unless it's a steady stream of gas constantly coming out guy's gonna walk I would even say she is a six or about. I'm still. Marketer that's funny to me you know how tightly around that pretty funny conversation about our Ben there are done and whenever I think it's very nice of her to warn me lightweight. Don't come over here it's you know I'd just like that also means guest pass it come over and and I'm overnight after it cleared my iron because chances are I haven't said anything yet right Jesus like learning now I don't come over here I just gassed. So it's like saying kids in my you come back later it's a yeah okay come back and get them back later and she's still pull in the same move. Do you then take it as a deterrent and I bring some Beno. I said I think I bring up and Randy got. If some sort of medical leave Hugo is a friend of mine as. You know. Tutors is I didn't know when you know you probably got all my gosh wait till we get together and I. You open the way hot rule. This maybe not say you'll go through anything to talk to a hot chick. Right it doesn't matter what's going on with her. What could she say to keep you or do you. Well to keep you from approaching her idea hey guys general lying her and here you are silent during over how to she just opt you in your tracks. Well beyond I would never approached by other guys I think you just got to deal to keep but your headphones on over to you to meet eventually he would take it. Are saying don't come over here I'm not into using radar to say yes or senators that too rude. It's not rude I think putting I had on the way it is your eleven days. You know I go in there must Cuba had felons and and yet people respected in out year in general but they come over years like answer a question real quick quick won easily didn't hear one year but out. But the year but back in eighty walked to a different area. Eakins ever again he's yeah and actors edited at it and you knew that the chairman Mac. App. I incoherent yeah London's. It and it's a psych guy area and I I think you just keep just. Barely acknowledging and one year but only now. And or straighter say Ricky to be on I'm trying to focus on the second give me a little bit in the news again. Chloroform on a hot and yet known. You know it's not a good idea or anyone anywhere especially guided. You know my fiftieth. That's true that's true mourn and to. It's off there was. Good CI. Read about this diamond. Do and prisoners freed. And they're getting ready to get and I'll tops even got the markers on an adult with a shark or whatever we're gonna drop Bob in any start snoring. After three doctors said he was dead and I was not. Dead obviously was soaring and they just survived the corners are cut I mop. Yet a thing called. Cattle apps. Edition characterized by an activity decreased response in this stimuli tenancy retainer MO vial posture. Vital signs are so low that they can't pick them up even under tackling by doctors. You move the limbs around put in wherever you wind. And that can look like rigor mortis the third stage of death even though it just kind of like here ratchet. Wow you need to put that. You finality that an attack hires them. Exactly I think that's an intent to which you probably don't know I'm not I'm probably not banned Lal. In recent time bring attitude edited. There is a condition. Called her fear tag. A phobia. Are straight half phobia app phobia fear of being buried alive in this common phobias I got to put it up there. I gotta put away after. I had it I had to pick one if I had do I asked like standing on a ledge twenty feet high that's only like a foot wide. Being buried alive or are pretty soon as straw. Either one a minute to do for like little one minutes you mentioned his breathing through a store offline particularly at a time okay burial appear buried alive. And you hope they don't. It hope that usually gets and by the way here's agrees he's raw. I don't just have babies weigh in 98 to stand. And the thing at middle I don't know what he's going underground. Editor Mary noted because then things are out of my control. From underground I say I'm on the ledge I still have some control don't fall don't fall don't fight doctor south and yeah. But you know people like it'll come back and a mayor you and an hour and that is strong patent what happens at them. Five people who knew about you being buried like Dinah car and wanted to put some guy gets to be a Smart estimates his thumb over the whole he carried an animal comes along I mean there's a lot to lays it can go wrong. And I figured its lead to a I want a tight space. Out of me you were afraid of animals you you wouldn't you would hate being in a bathtub full of some sort of am I even hate snakes. I would take the mace over. Buried alive kite or rude in any sort. You out what would you go back a couple of snakes over the alleged are buried alive. Yeah I'm not I don't banks don't give Tony a tale about and it's. You covered syrup. In. I've. Covered syrup yeah I think governments in Europe and better to go underground and entities like. He's underground horseshoe underground Libya. I would rather be in the ANA. You're not afraid of being buried alive which are kind of weird because you're afraid of so many things. The kidnapped for me. Good now have final lamp yeah last eternity you're in a coffin. And as usually you would even like sleep and a cop and if you don't play when. We are confident in your being there. Then what I did. You give me these options I'm incredibly afraid of heights. I figured if I'm in the I don't like the playing with the whole coffin thing because yeah I don't. And I can't play with death but if you have to very meal law I cannot profit OK okay with the courts but no matter what and I. Adding of course every drop yeah I don't wanna be with a dead body that's our. I'm in that would make any difference in days scenario. There's a dead body. I don't want to be with a dead body anywhere that body any higher anywhere. Under box. Now they gas. Hybrid in my name in Pennsylvania was departed his book club. And a member of the book club. Was the owner of a funeral home. Our family yeah so. They could have their book club gatherings there. Can you know you're a funeral home. Don't mind heard that that is glad is mixing she's been dead all week which help people live in the funeral on restaurant. I don't care. I'm not one of those people and lives there I don't wanna live there I don't wanna hang out there if I'm going to view all home. I'm going to say goodbye to someone and I am going to be here for about an hour and then a minute say goodbye again how about it wouldn't be big difference if you win a dead bodies like a more. No way that's not as scared. I don't wanna be. I don't feel rounded body and I recently read how dramatic TV is most people to see dead bunny. Even I don't know the person is from Matt. Online and alike have a fresh body even police officers. And they get killed I don't really gruesome way. And you haven't done a lot you know not gruesome might be killed in there's no. Santa didn't. Hang out would get people. I we're not a weekend Ernie our our time line and a pilot dead people you know. It he kept. My cousins any anti she's seen it be he's now. Oh okay yeah that's a I don't negated its its reality radio what your schedule. Off there with the most about it back in high jazz viewed charges my job online dating mistakes Sony online ticket. ZVue. Say thumbs up thumbs down they say these mistakes how about. The smooth dude just write a message that says hi. Holes. The only ninety do you think the guys copy and pasting Tyler about it. And that you might actually be typing high. But it ill it's just me it's me. Basic fishing techniques not a and it's not a great conversation starter snow high which I respond now I know response none. I don't respond to gist hi or hey there or a wink. How about if you can use was piled high with goodbye. Could you do yeah. And I'm not act of suspending. Did online allows you be really picky and vehicle. All right so like dude I guy so why even Obama's announcement saying hi back is a soft spoken young man. With a me Yankee Doodle Dandy. In I think I would do it guys don't have to bare bones profile. Don't like that. It's like hey I'm 64. Al anymore. I'd write more something. Leon just a yes and knows and that ABC your eighties actually write some movies hobbies talents whatever even sits. Did you go beyond. Just young. They and they allow you to click like what are your hobbies moto cross yoga. If you travel. Do wedding click right. Right actually write a publicist Arlo travel more than I've been to eight countries knighted bragging. I've you know I enjoy my work I enjoy like it's don't think the gaffe. Then some of that into regular. Right there are some people who I know doing it I love my I love my job I love my job and think I'm special on they don't want. Women don't like it when you drop I'd like a gorgeous and beautiful. Well they say if he'll ten achy but only if it's very player ish and and you're word of course. Pretty thinking never caller not a pretty pretty pretty and I understand pretty if I understand print out what he called pretty by a guy. But I would you prefer hot beautiful some gas you wanna because ought to be I wanna be a pretty able. Now I'm gonna be beautiful ball yet again. That's a beautiful bullet pretty boy you know it's like out of line. I am going to be a little more rugged pretty boys are very I would Natalie I've never called him and beautiful. Now I've called a baby boy beautiful. I've known two guys that I consider beautiful. Who are your beauty kings. Want you executed. My brother played baseball it. And three Colorado tourism and then the other wanna forget his name violated Virginia Beach museum has eight writing married at. You know you send them out there to get girl's identity some pretty and then just a beautiful man isn't too horrible example for so beautiful. I've the first lets me as a classic library I don't rich he had an amazing eyelash about. Constant like brown skin I guess because of the kiss at the hotel at the time we understand it. And later and you let Tina and a very beautiful and they're beautiful. Here and to this day my brother and I taught humans beauty. Yeah. At least that's just. Beyond creepy we thought about what I'm melanoma on face up on CB still beautiful but I've usually get a tip that tastes. What you thought about it yet can't even though it may disturb me. Really disturbing on the same page was asked about it you never done it's it's still disturbing and very day. It please tell me he was not. I was of age. That you wonder I don't. Was he Latino as well now he was a Latino team is a face being married and not let you know I feel about that is not a critical medicine he was just he was just. Ridiculed. Lady but he was pretty. Yeah. There's a pretty. You know pretty and the whole IE and beautiful man have a beautiful man value they're beautiful and I would consider Cam Newton beautiful ego. Okay he's packed his face on a beautiful I. It was beautiful thing in the enough bodies beautiful but you're not going to be pretty guys out valiantly pretty or beautiful here guys I don't behind. I mean I'll take whatever he had and call me Crazy Horse a beautiful. Radio that could be beautiful. Beautiful thing on the and I don't give up your nose and went ahead. But it can cannot communicate. Want to keep it beautiful right I. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.