How Many Friends Do You Actually Need?

Tuesday, March 6th


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Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com. Look he's lucky if you haven't on the man not a FaceBook page alike and follow into various. Things there put up audio from the show. I ask something about beanie and I hugging. Or not hugging your whenever that is up there oh mostly coddling. Not just talking title which is step up from argue. Karzai's answer. And women what they want no one nightstand and people lettuce which have not looked yet that it at a. Will say that a new thing yeah it's new food trend like Il does it taste like. It's supposedly insulin that I would imagine it's slightly bitter and if I don't I don't like it looks. It looks like hand gone bed looks like bad daily and that it. So we Yoon. Tolls before the U like washing issues now which I love watching which is weird to me. I. The feeling of accomplishment after a girl sparkly clean and I know they're sanitize. I like the feeling of the warm water on my hands like the whole process I like an accomplishment being loaded dishwasher in laying out. As units at a steady winds could do to load the dishwasher. To perfection as well as pitches again Saturday. But found another research finding that washing dishes. Easiest one household chore that has. Some unexpected. Health benefits. And it turns out that washing dishes is an anxiety buster Smith out for me. People who clean their plates mind fully. You focus on smell is so preferably something women. Are feeling the water temperature touching the dishes. You lower your nervousness level bike when he 7%. And some people navy. But I would add some people because you don't take a thoughtful approach. Apple and don't don't experience the common benefit. I do not have a comic benefit when I was Kitna had a wash dishes all the time. And for you are saying there's only two weathered band like we're the end 10 people here am I just a little bit. Love going to my grandmother's house I didn't realize I was older that she wasn't. Any need wash the dishes that they were snickering behind my back thing they were a family for Finley four plus my mom and me sold out to a DISH Network. Six people and loving it. I you know. It just like. It's like technology. We we have stuff so we don't have to do stuff and washing dishes one of them and in my house. C'mon you get. A good feeling from at least loading the dishwasher. And I mean you've loaded it just I I wouldn't mean I now not the amount of stuff that you have a test you have everything perfect and acquisition to get. Maximum clean but I. But I sanity would prefer someone to do the job for me may now I gotta love it I just like it being better than other people do it. But there was someone who was equally is still with me. I would not care about load. And sometimes it brings me angst is all open and Mike and I've said before. Know what I hear an echo I mean but it hits by deed be scraping out the did to wash the dishes only becomes a problem. When somebody. Is amazing how hard serial can be on the on a bowl it is not written Stapp correct that becomes an issue and and I gang eats out I relax I'm on the arrogant my parents got a dishwasher. That you can roll on wheels. And we don't really have anything to cross over to the saintly I got a whole kitchen basically. That was a huge but it would you gain danger classic game Jeter about the fan you wanted to watch is advancing. But I did then I started to enjoy loading my mom enjoys iron. I don't see that is actually here's another one that they say another household chore that has health benefits is making your bed. I got. A I believe I don't like I do Erica Amy. Making your bed every morning is linked to better productivity incumbent moderate leaders sense of wellbeing their reach in. And stronger skills as sticking to a budget this unit and say bed makes is made up crap. Also report getting a better nicely dim people leave their covers messy in the dirt dirt there urges Greg app and did this is coming from WebMD. At that there's a make and that's that that that's a weird studied and going to do and we don't know which is the causation may be the people who make their bed are. Rates sleepers because they you'll great negative that they love their beds they take care of it like a pact or something. You when you out of your restless leg never slept very few make your bed. Yeah I always like. Would folded up and then all the bags down and did it help you sleep. Known for us. Not that it included help my anxiety about it being a man's. Gary irons and go there is that you know like it as a as a mass my anxiety level coming home. Is lowered to win I come home to a well made and where in case an analysis on a clean me you know college ask wonderful that is wonderful all right we've got to have more this came from just government. So it's reality radio what your schedule all off there we. Ramona. Every day you can hear bandied news not the the Packers in the news at 330. Year and then those bonus once he's on the ones earlier in the week. Twenty year old college student from Bangladesh was flying home from Myanmar on Saturday when he decided to get completely naked shortly after take off. And ou know I don't even like a guy at tank top and I don't inspector shoes off and well known as he did you guys. Only hours and let's get this she's done and that attacked okay if you didn't see it live it if it was naked and wish you resign and a short sleeves six a in these finance aussies find hero. Well Natalie even weirder when he got naked and started watching some adult films on his laptop. I don't know Hannity. And our but it sounds like a place human opulent watched. Maybe it's his first chance in a while so he couldn't wait till we got on the way to get Nate does as. One of the except the will no way should act. One of the crewmembers told him to put his clothes back on which she come. Complied with folks go. But Danny trying to hunt a flight attendant and got a little aggressive when she rejected his hug your views like these are different. Several passengers held and Alan I was just watching porn to argue yeah I just put his clothes back on logic I would hug him but he is. They held in downlink crewmembers used zip ties do bind his hands. He wasn't drunk. And not taken any drugs and police are waiting formatting airport and arrested him all popped up on port. Yeah yeah I did. Am self defense course things not self defense the DR a taught how to restrain somebody restraints about it. If you can't just punch in the face and no unfortunately and you'd probably does suit and yet you're should be. Something very. I'm. Due kicked alert and not right. There's do you see this is gone back to last week or something witty guy and Charlotte. Jumped out of the plane and I don't yeah he was on the tarmac attacking workers they would that he took his shirt off shirt off yeah. Guys you take their shirts off and by guy that's a guy you can't be friends at no. Ever ever happens a lot happens. Why I take your shirt off are you afraid that you're sure it's gonna get dirty you know on a ruin this bit. We did it constrict you no you can't punch the way you want to the did you wearing a probably teach. I think most guys want to show their muscles again to intimidate shows how tough they are acts like an animal kingdom the unity. In the end he just animal kingdom yeah McCain and people want you know. He cocker call peak topping off to pop up it's just they don't really care and on only he docking yes a bit as the humans gorillas like would they do their peak acting yes and you know you can't fight a naked guy retires appetite it's really hard. So. Any year you ever taken years sheared off now little. I had mine and Albania's ticket he sure I'll just print out I never lender neverland here Manning out now because either celebrate or I wouldn't be intent is worried that the that if you done it for entertainment her that's right yeah I have a not even at bats that's very rare. And it's only been as a rare HB at all. I don't know how you can now part of the radio AJ and only radio world late because of radio things that I take in my shirt off. Adam you're trying to tell me you've never taking your Toronto in a bar. Just speak I don't think so I really don't. Arab allies are also are finally all of a headache like totally a skinny fat so I'm not to. Most of you know back and then Mormeck in his but I I've no mas it was a muscular enough that they were stirred up and it wasn't bad enough to take an off. Your netted between spot there's no comedy because you're not fat and dad just tried you are when in between. Flooded dilemma. With the other. I really don't think I have Matt Harris whose body in I've done a lot of things that fed never comedy. And nods and whole announced in May use the key in all yeah right our place to live and and our place to live so I really don't think that I've done a lot of thing. I wouldn't it. I would admit to you via. We're creators. You would rather walk around Saint Louis then sure I'd like you said a minute now in a way consistent with that yet Franken if she finds it and be aware and these guys get Canadian on the blame me he world's biggest bands which should feel and I think. You know and a Nixon got it tank Abbott guy decides not to Wear pants yes you are you same way they give the dude. Shows up being short. When I don't like. Well depends I shorts and they like the seventies basketball shorts sure you're a citizen cut off no definitely not cut out the not cut offs that are seventy. It is very close to see a testicle and it's it was a well. I mean he just bent the wrong way I just wanted to show that the tester on the I don't I don't nobody wants to sell us. Thought I was about somebody go on a little wrinkles in all of them. There is a more of this nonsense and you're listening to all there. Well again it's if you have. If you have a chance. Rate and comment on indeed. Podcasts and and Jaret he shared sheriff's Eric wholesale IK event. No losing you gotta go away so easily share. There what's it like that. Be weird tone. How many friends you need to be happy at the early ninety's some anthropologist decided that your brain. Norah O. Neo cortex to be specific. In only handle a 148. People don't have so much brainpower. Clutching your head to head slowly looks like he's in pain I. I'm clutching my head to the Mike I'm I'm feeling my brain are each trying to add more fringe. Honestly I can feel my neo cortex of my skull. I don't know. When you tell me talk about brains don't tend to touch your head no loan arrangement and agreement and then never seen it when they show. Various videos from scientific conferences you'll be the dog America that does. The study of brain didn't you know is up here in this area and my head. That's my brain surgeon's only use one hand because they have that that's their head with the other thing. Story. No. So I about a 148 may be a 150 tops your brain can handle adequate Stanley friends casual acquaintance. Sit down and figure out what happened. It seems like a lot even a guest not yet family like cousins is he once in awhile right. As news and everyone you know work. Eric casual acquaintance and I don't know a lot of their names does that count. And we're out there at least another and my Belmont home full. But you have to know their names because there. I'll bet she had that would make him a casual Clinton know anything about you know 150 names. Of the apple and he's might be agreement emling. I give you set did you sit down tonight and write down 150 names of people you know we feel some connection. Some connection. Because I show you pictures of people we worked with for a year you're like I don't know the guy is now I dropped him and then. There are people we worked with for five years easily add on another you know what I'm I might have. You cancel my family I really don't think I can get close to sit Friday night you guys also have your fantasy football guys. That the chip in what is it about everybody that was it at your wedding. Would you know all those people's names that would sum back to literature. I. Yeah I mean technicality officially drop them I mean their acquaintance but I don't want an imam went after its casual going to lose as a okay. Okay. You know I'm gonna try to say it appeared casual acquaintance you at least should talk to them or times a year now not for our I think my heart. I think my cousins are more than a casual way. I am not Camden maiming you're a 150. If I don't talk to talk to many people forge that OK three times a year and a does if there's a message now text or FaceBook yeah. Okay then out then I'll give it. But actual phone call of god I would be no one that would be knowing that my wife my brother and you guys and yeah. You guys are doing its urgency yeah I got kids to get the last my I think you've you've got a phone call from is I think if you've texted them. Twice a year what about FaceBook or FaceBook either want to what are your views erroneously similar message inviting them to a meeting division and out of work your computer accounts. No it does not act as you value because you had their name in your contacts you know. Our names are in the computer in the company and day out that's a bit of very easily invited somebody from intercom Antonio. I know all those people. So they may they may narrow down by emotional closeness. So the at 150 becomes like like aired. The big layer three to five. The next layer fifteen the next player fifty years and so on and the vital friendships are that three to five. Which is hard to. Like I think there's some people that might be like six they think there's three eighths to I can't illicit if somebody might get hurt. Enters a white have to count. Us she's. Doesn't have the Talbots or should you should why can't I wanted to now I kind of thing that I can do. I could probably do. I think I am I might go over five. And I about the fourth at I don't know grade I teach at least five these. It doesn't take much for me consider you like. And it talked to. Be that much care about. It hasn't permitted Todd did in like you you on your game when you in any way he gives you show up for saying no. Now just have to think good thoughts about yeah. Yes yes and then makes him a friend of the men may hit that's pretty much at. I mean my column on Latin maybe not that low of a threshold I thresholds less than your thrash. You talk about a guy who I know used to be really cool. Mark dance. You think good thoughts about Marc answer yeah I kinda haze I he's he's moved out of the top five okay. I was in his wedding he was in my Mitt I mean a candidate five and put our Mark Williams and sometimes. It is not like in a bottom. Roster of top ten. But you won't work I thought you talk that's the problem. I would say I FaceBook app that's. Decades in the top ten probably. Erica and I spoke to a couple of times that you're keeps him at top end. What do you want from me yeah. Do you think that you you think there's ten people you've talked to a Metallica. Not on the telephone. Yet I don't like it's some big giant they talked attend people different people Mattel open the last six months you have pretty much. Yeah month. Weak. People we don't know how. Yeah sent current and friends are like that fact of the matter lacked their friends and family really well it's like two day almost. Yeah I imagine that night I can't imagine it honestly. I really can neither do and I'm not a fan of the foam but I'm a fan of people. I dislike people but there's many other ways. Indicate that are running out. I bet I talk on the phone once a week with that when it's not business related or. You know make an employer out and doctor's appointment or something pleasure that I could that it down yeah that's exactly she's the only one I talked to on the phone. I talked to my brother. My parents all therein. If they call aiming at it. Let's say garuda. There are people who that the three of five staying in the inner circle and homelands are lost are you guys. Yeah these are people he should have elected he was regularly talk about personal matters maccast front which connects. Not even nights a week and know how how and where I. And other college always had a call on Sunday. Night asking an economic plans as of now. Do you mean management in three to five close friendships and same way. Former likely to be content. And also they used brands perpich it's it's perfect number ross' rates at a TV market. There's. A perfect five. On you don't need five. You need at least one. Three year old in your lonely end your isolation you illusion minded guy. Should act act. Also if you don't have that three of five number time to reach out and turn your acquaintances into friends. Coffee with them see a movie with them have lunch with them to a neck club touch based global brands. No that's. Pat him on a more. I just. It's all fair would that remote well he has been ranting about this and so we. Talked a little bit it out action we always try to talk a little bit battered on the air. The regular show which she can't she get yourself. Right Betty I mean you bring it out in its attempt to twenty minute soliloquy I've heard at least four times and then I had on hand to. The first time you heard it some and said hey it. You wanna do something for the station for social media for the bachelor and I was Imus as like I can't even handle that. Doesn't know. Yesterday it because last time that honestly thought about writing an apology letter to Juan Pablo. The guy who they accused of breaking the bachelor several years out about right yeah I thought about writing a letter to him like Juan Pablo. I am so sorry for calling you the worst bachelor Revver. Perhaps now. I should reconsider those nasty words that I said about you because Ari has just destroyed it whatever remnants left by Juan Pablo but it appears to thinks I am gonna talk about before we turn in my budget I don't think I do it again that series generally believed. Yes are reached. Made it a boring season because he has. Like zero facial expressions he's very robot make me he says I'm pissed off the way most people say. A big I'd like to get a burger. That's just are always think I'm crazy I get excited about the entire season work dogs and snack that's always great eggs. But what about the women you're dating like the twenty women who are vying for your art our guests are welcomed the season was so incredibly stale. That at one point. The network arranged for the ex boyfriend of one of the finalists to fly yet. You know it's bad because you know. So question by you on the bachelor how did this guy I am in some exotic back location I know that had to be. Orchestrated by the producers of this wasn't like they has walked in like he just surprised that he shows up on nothing to try to pretend. They did not and that he just shows up in Wednesday as you know he messed up that he wants her back Bubba Bubba Bubba Bob -- back let me tell the truth and then Ari was like. I'm really pissed off. I. Well so well because they they know will bet once again the producers know regs it says this is awful you know we got nothing here. Is very obvious that he liked the poor man's Emily metered. The glory and she looks like. C a lower budget version of Emily Maynard. Who by the way is the bachelorette who kicked Ari to the curb for very good reason I had to do don't know she's Charlotte you know she's married to someone else lob her. It was very obviously he was he was gonna pick this takes so they they try to spice it up. I believe that the producers that REM to go ahead proposed this back a check. And then take the ring backing go for the other tech was his decision all of its maybe it was real may be as real reality why. Was disgusting. Was how it played out isn't the first time UC raw and edited. Footage of what had been so we watch our read the first thing hatter I hope you Heidi feel about your ring if you volley. It could not. Beautiful rock. Only to show you Ari bin breaking this woman humiliating her on national TV by saying that partly Darryl. No it's not part of the deal yeah not part of the deal in fact. It was so bad that you started feeling. Dirty. We're even watching it because. He was a moment this that. And that really should've taken place off camera it was hiding horrible reality it was -- words what are they supposed to do like just. He's got. It. And I'm Rick and are you sign coordinating no that's not I signed up where you did I don't sign up for then two weeks. Late. Oh god why in this woman and ease and they do. I. Sign up for that this. Kind of thing that you kind of hurt all your emotions all your heart break I only iron ore fun group date and and it ended. Up I think you don't want me every delegate to stay together whoever is up four to only have. And once in a blue little I was I guess careful not I'll tell you this though I think they succeed I have never. Heard people talk about the bats this much in years and I certainly have not heard the passion for you is dumb. Oh yeah. So I can hopefully feed and other chick Lorena kick into the curb will never did and that's an aide Ari thought that this was his. You know I'm going to be the bachelor and I'm going to parlay this into something else did let me tell you. You have let these people turn you into the biggest villain. In the history of the bachelor you're not gonna be on Dancing With The Stars they're not gonna show up on entertainment television are. Or Good Morning America doing fund that I don't you are done do what because America. Hates you was there something be said about not leading Iran. I cannot. I know but then yeah. He adds I love them both. With an avid big and forced him into it. The it guy can't change his mind nannies a bailout it's really do continue to go all on he knew this fatty he knew it's it's how he felt. They many okay you down by the way yeah I probably did lead I told you that that I love the other you have to but I probably may do a little bit he made an aesthetic. Now releasing continue the missing it but you know what the right thing to do. He know this says it you'll let me tell heard this in private. This doesn't he's in order bet a Betty signs and etc. I've got to credit I got a family crest being pulled out after I as I propose marriage. Will you go out with me not humiliated. No she's a hero she's my hero every woman and an. And the world right now she's a sympathetic figure she is not. In a bad place she's a good place everybody feels bad turn now we're sitting there like c'mon Beckett don't cry Christopher should thank them. You kidding me and she might be the next bachelorette she. She there's no one. Could be everything broken beat up and who's gonna show forgot for a couple months and think he's on the not and a lot of sympathy or. I do have freedom I. Because I don't show up for human. You know. You want usually I want misery I'd watch Walking Dead or some other miles you know you watch that pageant stuff there's misery. You watch always a winner this at half yeah. Flat on the bachelor there is no yeah there back earlier heartbroken as a winner he's not a winner is a winner he doesn't feel like it he read that right now. This election argue ripped out and stepped on by Ari and the entire production team of ABC's the bachelor. I you know this is at bottom it is conversation we just act which promoters said she didn't and a half look we're almost eight minutes and now. Net I had something to say after all it's. That's not fat as some celebrities it's time in the modern family star Sarah island the oldest daughter and you know she is dating a former. Macs are personal whatever name out wells Adams ease more at bats in paradise and need that anyway. She wrote in a very charming she shares Hewitt captured catering on placement of space. Zach Braff ace he looks like Gary he tweeted I wanna look like this sleeper anymore news via. And representative drew Christians and oh wanted to Minnesota wanted to make a legislation. Banning Ari from Minnesota. And I don't blame you Minnesota there's also a fund going I do not welcome him in the Carolinas there's a fun going out I I so wish I was only mean it's an right now. I tried to be friend or. You always do try but because I so wanna talk about Ari with her now. Now there's a fundraising thing. Get money for that. Back after the winners are broken and back has issued in drinkers. Blows away a run it's a deep pressure wanted to talk again.