How Many Matts Does It Take To Find A Light Bulb?

Wednesday, March 29th

Never send Matt to buy a light's just too stressful for him! Also, Bandy decided to give his nurse a little dose of TMI during his appointment.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night the link dot com you're listening stuff on there with that remote. All right not Indian doctor here so please help me out and I think he's. You know that I had a shopper something today I know you already knows the one Bane of my existence is buying light bulbs light bulbs are insane. So it isn't insane. Lol yeah. And support group didn't think I guess you guys at all meet. Right in the park I out of Home Depot and lows and there's talk about a load. This yeah floodlight. I don't know all come visit indoor or outdoor Powell it is huge he wants even mis. I sixty watt. Yeah definitely need it got. And I I recently had to go get some new light bulbs and the issue is now they have it's like sixty watts that burned at like a low war. Mean yes and if I don't like Hillary Clinton does that save energy the abuse. If it. Yesterday when you get sick of listening and what does always say they're telling me about vendors and vendors like sick how mean what is six now that sixty watts I don't know but dinners like four different. Like colors are supplemented their I don't lately and soft hard business whenever it's and a I'll let me gentlemen what agreement did anything. Like how they called it the didn't and it's my candidate has the strongest will be like oh yeah. That's come to yeah. It's ironic now. Apparently not and yeah. You get bit it's like the. That's a little while and got this has a lot of guys aren't getting thinner and everything you know that's a at a dinner yeah. Yeah you don't wanna go with the song it's not thought a New Orleans time and let you should look at. I've read into that my neighbor there. And the lows. Like bauxite and I want to thank god asking where do I didn't call. It my way I asked him to the girl. It then I resentment guys who like bonds and tell you I know. His body clock that. Look dad let you know other well and driving or spotlights you know and he again and again identity youth may well and apparently she's been going around and saying that they don't match like that not all the same. All I call does that when their own lives as a matter and then again trying to figure out what all my hat to get a magazine and what are. It's beautiful. To look. Like magic I don't. Know about it. Like most of the limb with a football that's already in and you don't know how to match. He's CCB group for you guys out Baxter village that helps you via. With light bombs and also the insecurity you feel Rick. When you're trying to pick out the ball would you pick out the roi on the NATO Matt I understand it really lay. I mean you get away with a well I don't remember what the. Yeah well yes I map amidst its aim it's like a forty. Row of madness in fact there was a light ball home. That there's I have an outdoor light that you know motion did not know it's timer. Timer on it it's by my garage I can not get that damn thing to work over and over half I was broke my father in law comes in he's like I don't know what's wrong with either. And then it dawned on him a light bulb went off and it needs a certain kind of light ball. No I mean. It's scoot him but it's not like you can't just have a regular early when those early ones. Doesn't market. Dinner or the it is possible they don't deserve. Yeah. Our first timers apparently that the but rest home you know like the ones that are like guys hate the ones ago like we're currently president any. The the. The restrooms and it was good yeah scrabble yeah. Talked about dealing with an enemy. And. Haven't gotten an hour. It's how do you get a yeah that that. There. And they're called fluorescent bulbs. I'm gonna send it. No I did not get a bit in the early front. Right. Drug lord on the normally. Yeah the gloves and a tuna company Eric Rosenberg tubes and I thought. There isn't an externally to your OC FL a after the call CF well. Yes and look at Garcia felt like false that's what it is at CFL and the CN FL's. The seat of LA ball doesn't work in my timer outside is not what did you do you know occur yeah. I know the answer in full. It calls a bad anymore so yeah. The end is what it stands for fluorescent green McConnell the senate. Yeah well yeah. Clearly there. It like yeah. Don't call the bad. I don't. If you know any weight on the amount of people. Halladay has LA Paul area. It is and it's never. Honorable man and that you let the F I didn't even your own light bulb from my home and how did you wind done. Bottom. Best. Like. I. Yeah. I usually do yeah I don't you have Israel. And light moment Bruce and. Yeah alternate and I didn't feel any different to me it doesn't really give those jokes about scrutiny. Yeah. Also complained much about polygamy and that got lightning. Friendly design and donor and then below the gonna abandon. Get a minute now how many of them and don't give it to highlight moment and takes a lot from. I don't understand things and you guys now get it now you know light volume model model involves going to the again and I own anyway more Mike has come and us. It's already posted since you know. We're down the final four and are bad hair bracket yet you get. This idol winner of march badness we have Ben versions Jindal college Molly Mercer is I've got my finger in LA and your crew how. And Daniel and Dwight vs planned which is my mom got my hair with a mole on diet and Afro from. March badness like tube I cool renewal cool school bathroom them under the final round you can decide cast your vote out 179 Elaine dot com and made a worst. They're win I podcast friends IG here lobby apiece a piece of summit leaving to go. Thought. Among weirdo it's all right to let's talk vacation. I could use one right about now I'm not happen and I. You know all week long list of 430 because on the matrimony show we're gonna give be giving you know we had chance to win a road trip with. The entire link crew. Yet eagle had South Carolina might see something like you sell a few years ago and vanity bare chested try to crime may palm trees cut himself to peace and you have something like a good all day. And I don't they now was right there at night it happened at thankfully got president and it's a good time. These are the ways you can rock your next road trip. So grab a lot lions buckle up for an exciting adventure written. End of playing your accommodations food stops in two hours in advance just to make sure. Everything goes smooth now I mean don't wanna be cute tight with your time I don't like that. I'd like to tight black. You know knowing where you gonna stay awhile okay yeah yeah that part yet yeah. It because I have decided that. Play any place in between here in Ohio. And then one time was traveling from you know Ohio during a storm. Not only where the air power outage but every single Alltel was booked a did you end up in jail. Yeah but a lot of bad way to tease that should I was trying to cut. We should explain it gets it was a power outage the only place it had power was a jail we were out of gas could make it to another gas station. Guess they should we did find head empowers other pop would mark. And a nice deputy offer to allow west's asleep at the Gail my mom and me. If you act and we used in this I want you to know my mom was all for sleeping in the jail lineup. Because I saw what happened. After Hurricane Katrina storm. With all the desperate people help I'll get together. And I decided I was Oliver it was not for me. Which gives the car we went and we use their facilities and we slept in the car in the parking lot jail is even a nice Warren. I know the jail cell. And but I'm sorry if you got to sleep in a jailed yeah probably never been too edgy I didn't shorted so that's. It's usually the better and sleeping in a car now outs. Dot. You sleep he'll always sleep in your car journal and now owns now. Got to go to jail. Your own sound okay I'm sorry but the all the guns though nice studied by the you always gonna do you need to just invited down he let us there somebody beat you do yet they. It's art sure yeah. Like yeah. I thought you get your own signal and all the toilet in the middle of the world what I'm sure. It's their battle I don't know I don't know why did it. Well. Oh they're not locking me in which means they are a lot of other people and it just like a recipe for disaster tomorrow beat her do you think it's so great guy do I don't understand you. Would be on our side I think most people would be on my side like. You pitted the mighty big odds or agony. And bugs you know these jails. Well let me say this about it. I'm gonna be honest while sadly yeah wind up time. Big city I would tell you this 100% of white people would take. That number drops a little bit as he begged targeting to browse yeah. That's why I think what is because they can't live mattered. I don't beat my girl I got to know I'll be in my car before they find reason to keep me and the next thing you know I'm on the chain gang. Got it down the street from the easier to break rocks. Sorry to cut. I don't know which yeah united attack. Hat and funerals matters a good night's densely CN and then when I got in my car. Well I got back to this article and a few minutes here it's the podcast Marta seats more laughs and more fun it's all there with a match. Yes I'm camera and saying if you have any viral video in Yemen looked at there's various ones up there. The one you gotta. Got my side giving somebody besides. You get what's the construction worker prank they're drinking their color to the mayor costs is that in Vermont is money saving tips Arab. Up there and guided acted a little boy get attacked while honest about it. But while on the topic of bandy. Yet go to the doctor today. Yeah I have a kidney stone so I had to go to this morning to the doctor to give. Urine sample. Philly contest students he would exactly that and he still laid out. Grants access to an extent from what I hear yet it's not that it's not a ground attack at the human pain or verbal weekend. Never several always gets out that I've had this go have to add that. Deal weren't even I don't need another healthy guess it. I wish I didn't add up well and it's nice personality I'm I'm I'm more than he let it. I guess that there was definitely thought. You slowly die and it reveals get a bit and you're slowly die these days Alec these giant. Folder at a doctor's office of all the things and a print and there's a lot of and he also has a bad help publicist. That's. Rip currents could you let's go to Timmy started Caesar at the doctor. Am at the doctor and last night for dinner. Oh. We subscribe to one of those mail ordered dinner kits new we've been having this one mile and shrimp and a spare guests are we do my wife's been saying we patty this is fair guess for me it's bad so we had it last night for dinner. I am I wasn't even thinking about going to the doctor this morning that I have a give urine samples so this morning I'm freaking out sitting in the waiting room. Knowing I'm gonna have to give this sample and I finally go back in give it. I bring it out I'm handing it to the nurse and then I started on this long explanation and apology about how my wife and as last night because it might go bad and I'm so sorry about this well. Is awful and I I apologize. A look on her face was his. Horror aren't doing too much it's just way too much information and I don't know why Bullard like that. And you relive it. I could tell it bothered by. It. Has pulled I don't know I'm gonna hang convenient yeah. You review of its. Own Iron Man we knew all. I didn't read it and I mean band like there's good round behind it and I ended how widely I had added. Let's pump the not to have it in the late and here is Eric you go eat. That and expect to satellite I don't know I don't know and the thing. All right connect nothing would've made the apology. I think hey that's OK a lot. People have stingy urine like everybody I don't really think I was thinking about her reaction I just felt. Awful that he was gonna have to handle this kind of a thing and open it so you got somebody has. She'll put a little bit I. Did you know major is spare again you have to open it at that point it now I was taught that no doubt about it and this has been using. You think it's. If I went to the doctor and I told the nurse some long drawn out story. About why Michael Pete thinks. She is wait until I leave and let it. Uttered a loan to the lab and that's about this. It. Involves. Is how I didn't pass that round up. The budget. I have been around down now that well. I can guarantee you that is not what happens at a doctor's lovely years I've never worked there but I can guarantee you that mentality you've got to know list. But let that thing that he might have blown it hasn't been nursing school want to ask you go how well did it come to you win the which you have a known as the eagle yeah. To see how. Does he lied about its parent if the a couple of good Robin has agreed yeah probably different than most people. I'm ready here's the thing you are here we talked about 62%. Of women can't smell asparagus Pete. Oh really yeah it's kind of what continues that is more and it. I might be odd thing yeah. You know I don't think he neighbors and with kids Imelda is acquitted delivered the pants. Obama and now this little study. Had a banana who like. Thank you never go back in the doctor's office get ahead we're getting less and I MTV Jeff. Like try to add. Let him say it smells like this year I'm trying to find out. They did this big study three million dollar study that. Not a good generals have to get. Saturday and Uranus so at least I do is driving his pungent it is it pungent at the picnic there isn't a and you're still a better chance at a time to go back there this one of the things I talked about that was you can record is now. There was capture smell and France or transfer it to like the show we would nobody saw no point. Every and I. No matter openly and honestly do you really think that would help our show because I didn't competitive you know what would make them memorable moments don't matter and wouldn't Matt talks about what. Geddes does does silly and you talked and talked about eating asparagus read the Internet and tragically it kind of the back and emotional that you put on the web site. It could scratch and sniff out on its not gonna be alert notice you did it I guess it's all fair with the. Listen up fellas or wives if you hear this just happened happened on and your husband's there the podcast. He's tired from doing at all. Is a hundred hiring him it is as it is time if she's the super woman. There's too many women with full time careers. And kids to emeritus palaces who failed to recognize how exhausting the balancing act can be. So there's there's Strasser is sometimes arguments. Their mother works hard and feels guilty not spending more time with their kids she doesn't Americans suffers is thirty appears not doing enough. There's stress bats or just get some sympathy and support. And and and let Iran wants a mile about the coworkers or that catty clique at the playground. And again as we said a thousand times before. They don't which is all right guys we know we just money here you just just like you me out. Another reason why you like might be stressed she just needs some alone time. And both of you need to carve out time. Your selves. Kids the benefit from well rested parents mostly rested on sort of thing are taking time to carry for yourself. One lot of stuff on modern woman's plate. So remember. Both the alone time but sometimes guys forget about that in another woman at at the hell out of here. When I was right out of my mom had quiet hour. From the time she got home from school like I've beaten her home from school she's a teacher. And like an hour after that I was not allowed to talk to her I was allowed to turn on the TV or the radio they just had to be slightly. Balances it and I thought it was. The meanest thing that eight period could do. Until I started working gap widens out when I got all big name and I love to have an hour of. Your mom starts (%expletive) and actually I don't know. Did you teller remember the rules. Is there isn't there also guys let me stress that's a woman if you're not doing your share of the child care I've known people who. Are in that situation. You know you you don't take care any note do any coordinating a car. Do you has been a coordinate an carpool kinda well I know you let the guys showing up when it's his turn I know it's every other week I I've got. Pack got this idea she will. Chancellery arranger whatever needs to you about I got that every morning and a little more eggs are. Practically caring for her and the kids in the weekend Jack got that line active interest in what they're learning in school yes we thought about that a dinner every night. So we all get that also the woman can be stressed out because the thrill is gone. You're not. Spending romantic time together here now met mania to Rhode at a roadblock right there not all my fault. Did you and I'll give you did you work do you do up she's nursing school it's got to studies as easily as so. We we do need to probably. Go get a thrill somewhere. Should I thought I think he needs to come from all the well it it's like a date night with each other I don't know but it doesn't like a day -- something in. I don't I hate calling him date nights but it. Just that to us via. We snuck away for an hour the other night the local tavern. Lots of basketball and have a beer. Well you know that's not bad at all not the heat and but it wasn't like I get them. 10 o'clock in the morning not a confused it was in the Adler knew that it really really like Jeter and it is like we just got an eight Arjuna off next week. Yes and Jamie's working at all yeah so I doubt at Nortel Isabel makes us yes hello. As. Also I get to gather whether I had I plan on watching a movie were there tonight. Won't be anywhere in the vicinity tell I'll be a one side of the talented Soviet the other side of that. You know this you are allowed to move overload. Will you watch movies like touching each other hello Andy no complete opposite I feel likes. You don't want to give up your arm rest to be closed why we rotate armrest just to be fair it. One gets you know at an end table whatever and the other gets table but yes we've got to run. Right now somebody else I bet that's considerate and we just say which one you want man there but we don't sit and Rainier it's but I nets together time. During the same screen the same luck to invite her earlier in DeKalb actually should be like just like whatever the disease I don't think she wanted to come but I'm not asking. OK okay. That's the case I guess a I VCR the right to boo I mean of Soledad said no so obviously she doesn't wanna be there. Although sometimes he will crawl over a gimme tiger something in my hand. Didn't just. A. To know that Amy and I lived this parallel life. There are imagining here the lot things oh yeah of territory drawn between. You had met man because there is. Here's the lying there on migrant I don't crawl over and try to hug yeah it just can't put yourself on that site outline definitely have your socks yes. Yet are definitely I don't I you are territorial kind of bearing territorial she knows. 179 no link dot com. For all the latest viral videos that Danny puts up what was your latest and today it's a German hair salons that gives I found nick so I'll yes I'm looking at right now that is cool would you do era. No think icon right around your neck and a I don't know which yet apparent that sounds pretty cool. That's what is a man like dot com apart. All there was. I want to go back to in the Asian. Support we've started to go badgers have a rough road and her brother yeah. These ideas that'll help things those who that we started with talk about how you need to clean your accommodations food stops in two hours in advance. Because you having. Almost sleeping did you detect. So yeah yeah again I don't have yet fruits husband yet do we are standing. Foods and plants food stops well also a bit tourists because you and money that way by buying tickets and a bachelor's. A love two hours I know we were world where we refused to take action today. We took bad trips show once and watch and get where we where bit. Your ex husband were on some. War with ninety year old people learned a lot of all year olds Carmona there are many differences between the two of us use and a group of people all. Know rated G. Yet driving at a place yet where you're on a different side of the road. I know there is as fine and going all over the place that would drive me crazy to drive and around and how dark bus debt I learned a lot somebody like driving life is a mountain and you do concede a turtle farm that I songs. Lou I saw a lot on a lot of aren't going to be less of me now. Also we need to discuss the details with other people who are taking a road tribute to get a group you have aches specially heat the budget. Yeah is out. You might even work at the same plays but you might not at the same delegate gay man I gotta run at the lady reading. Ask somebody you know you're toward the designated drivers. At a Vancouver and everybody wants to drink who get stuck behind the wheel Newton Pacific needs and wants and today. And you can minimize surprises like what the sleeping arrangements GAAP and I'd. Am not really picky. Like Powell. But on the floor and content details aren't out or not she should end don't publish some but I know some people cannot sleep with another person in the saying that that. Not a problem for me until I'm not a road trip with a bunch of girls. I get though you have heard it that bad you heard of that bag. And then Mitt. A woman who was supposed to bomb Whitney says I just want to let you know. I simply can't sleep with clothes on how. How. It says humanity naked next to that she'd be big league could not sleep with stuffed like a our body are constricted by like a night account or something and I hear. Isn't it that yeah they'll beat you zoom and I think you'll sleep with some clothes on tonight. DC yes she did look at it is like lying about pillow wall or something immediate I. So let's say the show's going on the road. Yeah and you NBA and he had the bomb together. And then he says I only sleep naked but let's put up a wall between us a guy like culture there you are currently under an island room. I hope I don't go hotel was sold out so it's not like Agassi you know lack. Her issues. Yeah dole I understand would be offered. Operating under the pillow wall right but I probably had barely said just do an underwear and dignity and shoes and underwear they. And Bambi and giving you don't root of the let Hillary yeah yeah a little bit obviously bring out tonight what do I have to put on. Some shorts and a T shirt I think in the top so. Because. And I it's about yeah I'd look at where are we did so well. I'm ready now I and finally in turning dark over. Knowing how how is the worst part hot hotel room and one a. I am going to call it. And I am not bailing on you and I think is at first she said well that she would sleep in. Paint. Yeah okay. And not enough and I need to look what he shouldn't and it's a teacher. Brother Danny. That cultural resentment romp. And that's. That's excuse my iPad she's a deadly can't broccoli well then he shared what happened in the end she wore a shirt. Other circuit she traveled in and some underwear yeah there you were word out eventually. But where I was gonna put a middle like big enough. That we could benefit of the Talladega. Again we. Had no. Or at room settler. And it has booked all the roof sorry band he's going home. Maybe next year well then the nudity was on the other foot I would be a game that you can do so you know. Yeah. That would make it didn't work and didn't look like me I'd get they get I think they don't like it. Get this out what you eat it as I got the idea behind the gone home via. I say don't go to my grandma's and Canada. Yeah its consulate when they don't Archie I don't know she did or not but at. I thought I was and I hated exactly my brother we didn't sleep together we have a visitor we had to sleep together and I never liked those naked. Nearly naked which he did at a yield bond dealer news out of Africa itself. It told me that you know what would tear. Pajama bottoms backwards because you are free to your penis coming out of your your Saddam yes yes I candidate but I don't a lot of television barn door yeah. I think if you don't cut it yeah. Let you sleep dignitaries and got hit it and so is a definite and I had an Israeli then. Put a note into an. Thought a ha ha ha. I'll lose octopus at the this is not a negotiator and wrong. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.