How To Survive A Plane Crash

Friday, December 8th

Survival Expert Matt Harris is here to tell you the ways you can survive a plane crash, plus are Matt and Ramona into edible undies?


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Then to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when those of the nine the link dot com. You're listening to Paul there was that remote and I have talked about it before and just talk about. These things and again aren't just content. Talk about keeping your own body you know differently but it never got into out actually survive I was I was already crashing into bad again. Monty guys that you are are already turning to cannibalism. Before the plane took off not many people and the cannibalism planned yeah. And I could not pick it about that I fall. Although I do this weird fear that I'm about to Biden is somebody and right Dan. Someone turns the corner but anyway it's on so I how to us about a plane crash in the odds of dying on the flight. One and eleven million. 95% chance of survival. Same amount of risk is riding an escalator. Andy's you don't remember people and I was thinking I think there was somebody acted in Atlanta. Guidance like. Something stuck in that escalator curriculum and arrogant thing about banning ask it is combat we got a. Ever heard of them and escalator accidents but not as many. Escalator accidents that when deadliest plane crashes that we had not yet. All right so one thing you do is sit in the back of the plane. Mean it's. Very close for the safest part of the plane is in the rear third of the aircraft. The seats for the highest fatality rate were ideal seats in the middle third of the cabin 44%. Passengers sitting behind the wing of the aircraft. Better chance of surviving than passages in the front of the plant that it on the wing man got a ghost WB word to ring wing and also remember the. Ever since I saw this old episode of the Twilight Zone my I hope I don't wanna sit on the because he looks out the window William Shatner. And many remain and remain too we got that I can tell the window he sees a demon written in the wind up. Nobody else conceded demon part time. So that says that's it dude I don't know wing sitting for you I don't like the winning plus the. The bond had built the cabinet road Laura ally objects around and. I get a leg room not I also like the idea of like being close and being in charge. Now dude I like that I like that idea. I don't like the idea of you being in charge in the event of an amber I've been reading about turning grasses Earl wild. Yeah. I know that I don't eagle tiger and I are. This Indians got a juicy as the lone person off I'm not helping anybody out of the that's the First Amendment a real honor. Living near a horrible candidate for us. The absolute lurch candidate but I do know. This is an on here but I know this to pop an inflatable slot at the way out laying. Acts. I do know this. I heard one time that when you take the door off urged exe throw it out. You don't bring it and people stumble over it gets. The the five row role majority of playing crash fatalities it curb because passengers are unable to exit the plane. After emergency landing. So the five road rule after studying hundred by opening crashes. Interviewing surviving passengers and crew members and it's survivors move an average of five rows were escaping state. So always say within five rows and X. Yeah that's the average like speed and fast you get out whenever. And I always viewed as second night. Heard this before it's your readers I always. In my act counties the lights go off I know exactly how many seats. And you remember. As you can't remember random thing and Eleanor what do we talk about the last time. We did if I guess what was the topic. Well I I remember back at a crazy basic. So is valued dead body eating it is docked otherwise it would remember I talked about like ten minutes ago oh no I have no right here. It just ask you would talk about 340. Edwards or sell it to delay. You've got this client I don't think you remember is pretty simple. That's because you're at you got to let them fellow passengers that Paladino. Got to town case lights as the only one duty duty. 68%. Involved aircraft accident died from post crash fires. Not from that you've got to get the hell lap population Nasser. 90% of aircraft accidents survivable. And the ones who do or die is it has been down and out plus three minus eight role. Eddie has been where this one. First three minutes of the flight and last minute says this light most dangers of B undertow stated and take off and landing of the worst. Depth beyond your nose. And where is he ready to get out of a plane superfast. And I say be ready to survive that it yeah. Yes as. Well no because is that anyway he says that allowed people to sit around a frozen. And wait to be rest. Don't rest you get the hell out. Most crashes are survivable survival crashes crashing investigators find passengers that a scratch on them still belted in their seats debt. They're like just a move we made it. That it is that there come on match I'm making this up retired I had written a book but it's also that yes people freeze a lot in times of crisis. And back I I know is I've read a story in this in this guys book. Where there was day tablet was a subway in landowners something and it was on fire and there's tape of the people walking into the fire. Who are on auto mode like to get on the subways and I'm paying attention. Yeah you rolling your eyes at me because I don't believe in that's true. And also where the right clothes i.'s vice Wimbley bell where like some running shoes or something like that seemed to help out don't take your shoes off that's for sure. And and got a wet handkerchief that's a good idea. To debrief through that it's. And he beautifully at the GM. FAA notes at that young people make it out alive more than older and heavy. And it's big difference so Beriault. Got to get all the baggage and all that stuff yeah super fast speed you get at speeds jumping ability and unity yes yours it's it's a sign at all that even just one and eleven million and you'll remember I. I always remember how I don't know why I remembered that I saw little under Oprah Show once the. And then I read this book about survival. You hear a lot of guys say you know what I saw no Brazil have to act. I tell. Yeah he's given his best life and play I don't. I don't Wear pantyhose any market they are very flammable people who just get you on a plane. And I never Wear flip flops either. Never ordered the flip flops and play. King and I got to run maggots like I always got currencies. Should hit and ways to push people out of the way I like boxing. Have more I guess this. 1079 delayed and Atlantic records have combined to bring you. Hello curt yeah. And you know arrives early with this president on Sunday December 17 as an all time low and special guest secondhand serenade spread. Holiday cheer at the Fillmore. Get your tickets while they lasted all Ticketmaster outlets. You listened to 1079 delaying your exclusive source for tickets sweet greens and VIP experiences. It's an all time low Christmas from Atlantic records fox 46 Charlotte the Fillmore and Charlotte's best mix 107 now. No link. Other rate and comment T we would appreciate that banded duck are here to work. Couple things that Terry Young married couples apart and pulling your spouse hostage surpassed mistakes. They'll make mistakes. So that offends you or whatever just can't keep harping on it forever. You must give your spouse Jabber too real learning grow. I uses Anglican message beyond marriage does nobody knows how to do right at the beginning says pastor John. Okay pentagon. Here's the problem. Most people. Don't keep harping on past mistakes. If they are past mistakes. In but instead partner. Is due in the same staying over and over again and now now are is said Parker's miss day. Major is so major. Like. A child born out of wedlock. But it wasn't the lights not the YOK. I think I thought about your basics in certain things like that. Are are so pervasive is or the mistake still has repercussions. You can't expect your spouse that delivered like OK let's cut by as we go I got learning the way thanks for that child's protected yet and her. Yeah. And it's a major. I checked we may do dinner later doc we're talking about some minor stuff like. You know I I do all the work around the house and you don't do anything right OK if that persists in yet has yet it is going to be light. Ava persist but if it doesn't it was just something they did wrong make. You know stunk up the toilet you're against that you wanted to go downstairs to Google and little. It did. And the more you. Look I'm not going downstairs. You can work it out of the rose pink cumulative it's a one and done mistake. The guy I know now is just isn't quite done. I forgot your birthday. If you can't every birthday after that part about it yes I can't can you missed one and you are you patient art day you're still alive our agenda that. You color and age doesn't like yourself and now bit with a name like dummy like they just like the word dummy. Like Paul Emmerich I called Donnie I'm like that's. A bit. I didn't use them and continue regularly on the dummy maritime economy dominates. Mistake to assuming married life won't be different from data you will not be different from dating. And you have to assume is gonna be a different I don't know. Or somebody roll around if you think there's gonna be different and it kind of deference like he won't cede anymore are all our. Or. But Peebles is the big sometimes they've just Merriam. Well settled out of I just marry him he won't play golf every Sunday and I just marry him candidate and not so I think that is can go either way. Can assume is gonna be different. And that was to be completely different guy once we get there. Is gonna change. Now let's more dangerous I back and it's saying and they won't be different. Because yeah she is. These tours around you when you know going out every night. You can expect it to change. Just as married him trying to mediate. These is again the bathroom hold back to. An arsenal of the I just got the bad for you better get used to be scared about it a little. I don't know scared about it anymore about going number two on public. Another mistake in this of the obvious telling your business to your parents. Lower pastor John says one of the biggest mistakes I'm married couples make the attention don't tell mama. Is when you work it out mom still remembers yet figured it yourself city of Freddie. There's only so much you can tell you Nike yes some of the little annoyances you detective ray yet. But if if if there's big a big deal. They know their way than the person takes him back. And here in this really odd position on bend there are given them aside diet India and a unity at least it's. And it's just as do anybody any good now makes everybody awkward one except for ME fighters now. Where hair whatever one may the one that was. Made fun numbers. Railed against or whatever that person might not feel awkward as they don't know that yet to be able mountain. Don't know although novel since you're listening to all clear with. There doesn't do not. Predicted 330 years sample 100. A service dog bit the company and its owner to a Broadway performance of the musical cats this week nearly stole the show when the dawn broke free and started chasing one of the show's cast members. I knew how did you not laughed our best years yet everywhere you have to lab number two you have to applaud that dog why those. Performers. Are so. Incredibly creepy as cats. That you can't blame Matt and I know service dogs are highly trained team. Now it takes a lot right to get news weather didn't sit well. People can pass off things a service dog now really arts or who knows so youth day is to be just like it is so odd it is in. Read doubly hard to get them off their game so you. First of all you go back I don't blame the doll you went to see cats yes I was horrified. You hate it love it but you don't but you did in other ways hasn't it been your the guy did not realize is that they. Just parlor around through the audience who. Yeah or so but that same machine and then and and the now. Show where the characters came out into the audience and it was welcome what the Lion King yet the you don't like him. I'll keep your injury and has promised aid even George human YouTube still felt treat I would sub. You know does that not mean in one closely and. They can sense here it has actors then you're just like yeah. Yeah they I get so yes memories I think from the dugout. Way during the opening number and then an usher intervened in return the wayward canine to its mortified donor. Meanwhile I can't spokesperson. Added in the statement in the history storied history of cats this is the first time one on the actual. Katz was involved in the incident. With the dawn. Historical precedent by I wonder does this say the size the dog anything like that because I. Usually they're like Golden Retriever to your side dash I'm very good Evelyn Cyrus was. Running I don't mind it also was the first is the blind. As seeing I don't need to know what kind of service someone always Zimmerman Elliot is this maybe the guy I didn't even know. Because of its at like one of those lately knows no it was mortified and that's when they brought back and told enough about the time he's like Hayward I don't know I'm annoyed I thought I was sleeping in my sleep aids. Luckily I see no way I heard a dog barking and chasing us and I. I'm tax cast member of the well is that commotion is. The day ended they shops stopped shy. All I needed a thank you gotta give the character that was being chased a minute. A brief little time out I met her probably wasn't that a prime originally. You get what you get when you just as again none of the show us the run jet. The show must go on but yes a barking dog chasing you. Yeah it within your workplace where you think you're safe if you've got to throw the guy out right gala at the dog but I got thrown out you know we grow it out any natural adrenaline do you sell. I think once the point against a borrowers like biting attacking people. Wait a minute. There are people. Dress and acting like cat yes you may not blame the dog the dog and its owner. You have there in the body and yes yes I. And they kick him the story go Republicans say we kicked the guy now so now. Gonna spin it to something cute but I your right direct and I am 100% team dog there come on man. Viewer would you ever that we agree I think I do that Depp playing they'll attack and I was so mad that I wind because I can't believe you went from Kathie Lee UN. All that cat and dog gave me free tickets and I was at I've always loved the music of cats I'd like to would you like I put on the cat outfit academies. Mr. yourself. If you dispute yourself. But they're pretty jasmine if you're dressed like tag you be you would not preside at it. And like him again refused to look in the mirror because. I got a dress up like a vampire I had no and I don't I don't play those games didn't get it you might turn and don't play with evil. Cats variable cats arguing baby's breath used to edit as it exists it's reality radio or schedule all off there with. Ramon. Did I ever meet people have certain jobs. It asked this same question over and over again observed. I could ask just about anybody and he feels like CA everytime it is same joke. I don't know what ours is I do get occasionally he'll face made for radio radio that's a classic and it's I never heard of view I don't think it's a joke but I hear that sometimes it's. And never listen you are those things that aren't of that down. My favorite is I love listening to you every morning. Usual questions as they get sick of and main police department. And on their FaceBook page they were regular people man. They do not winning years some tired jokes on FaceBook. They. Listed six things people don't need to tell cops in a public setting. And I I've seen some of these and action. You do not need to tell us they say I didn't do it. Yeah I've seen people do the I didn't do it and yet we probably don't thank you did do over probably don't know what it is. Resume most people running journey average day didn't do it and neither did their friends whatever. Do not point your friends say he or she did it. CNET. What do they really didn't do it but it's what you that your friend has robbed the banking giant now I'm serious this guide and all of filing a police report he gotta be specific. You you run into a top walk analogy you'd like I'll by the way I just robbed a bank yeah. So what you don't know yet you do the deal. Say it he did it. You say he robbed a bank. OK yeah yeah yeah you be specific reality is that it is unless you're right there riot like Rollins going on we have the bells going off the bank then you'd say he did it and it regularly via. But otherwise. Has got says it was funny the first 389 times. Actually about four to knows never to the we never heard it did before we've actually heard of a foreign most of us will still smile. What else. And I am I've seen them you know distinct gang in danced my now in the head in their head there to new and basic as domestics or at least I am I has I think. Hit a moment we love our favorite guy. Odd about a Clinton would you do your friend your wits set it. We are young reverend probation as a fifth in the you're hanging on by a threat yet again the next time I hear you do or say some instances stupid is that. We're done you you mean you could post something in space but that ended and majority out predation yes oh yes I'm gonna think oh how much you love your life for summit in nice I pencils to key guys and low water. That's just. It's all face. Well there here yet do not tell your children that we're gonna arrest them they don't behave don't do that. I've never seen it but I concede that. And I can harass him there all day we're not gonna scare the euphoria we just don't do that. Is it enough to worry about without the committee send receive police obviously gonna get arrested RS kids you know something that a year over heard about one point did. So car but. Work on your parity skills of you think that's a real strategy. Bacon you're getting arrested thing that. If you are drawn you don't need to tell us your drug. We can tell just don't drive a motor vehicle not talking about prison car they're talking about the working up town and people are dropping back drunken officer. Well thank you Anderson nasty and an anti Indian descent and you're not drunk you don't need to tell us either. Does that didn't know there was a thing even a lesbian thing I officer I'm not drunk. Visit don't really need to tell us that you did not speed today you don't need to tells last time he pulled over really get RS summons we appreciate the way you drive. Don't think you're bad person. Blah blah blah but it's I guess. They're saying like they're standing airlines McDonald's or whatever it says here and because of added speed today and I never at a site Dyson I've never been president. Hello Murray tell I got pulled over in 20110. Yeah and I saw officers have a little. Stickers at a hearing oh yeah I voted sticker. Give people who come here confess that they'd been good all their life like. Who like the wings and on the old days a pilot get a high rollers on the high that the things that we'd and finally things we do like to here's the police officers. Oh how are you today could give me directions to blah blah blah but again it'll put it your. Yes yes come on ma'am the directions thing how about those are. Policy I the last time I did stop and ask an officer for help. I GPS was going crazy in there were a bunch of I appreciated the officers this is about. And police. It was hired to protect and serve gave me amazing service are probably did his hard goods appoint an old lady in the right direction when they say could you well may get to my car they liked it here. It's a slippery. As an editor to Smart slippery yes and maybe you're pretty moments this could help me get to my. There isn't likely that hope. It takes a lawyer from doing actual police learn Brody yeah. Helping people is their duty. I get CBC guy you are in danger like I think I'm in danger okay yen thirty days you're my guy out there are doing some winners in otherwise there. Would do that anyway is the guts to say. Would you help me in my cards slippery. Or you're a much. Well okay someone over eighty. May be here at the mall like at 1 o'clock in the afternoon in UC a police officer outside into soccer ultimately up to my car. Don't be afraid he give me a full cavity searchers some just DX I know item. Okay right there and embark argument I don't think you have to worry about that you never know now I got crazy cavities oh. Yeah and no idea what he smuggler that they. You're listening police obviously. An heiress that any business being. To give your fans and senator Martha. 1079 they'll link cares. Send this link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we've teamed up with GMTV for CNN willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and virtue village on December 16 in nineteen to drop off your gifts and enjoy special activities for the whole family. Get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the link dot com. I ask men had a list of dating sites and ceremony looking for some of it is and it within days of work for a they go to very specific. Type of people or things that you're into or whatever. But you always seed of the farmers one on TV are his only Amber's only now an app on there's one further always talks that they actually have a commercial like Howell. Meaning now is how I know I'm how many are going in no way that I may want to hook up with a farmer and you saw in the village. So. Ike. Hokey or whatever it is it's a cheaply we'll there's one zombie harmony and they're tagline is because the apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely. I can see this I'm glad he learned zombies little blocking Dan users like that and now. Anything to hurt a popular Wii and propping all the prepping stuff yeah yeah yeah yeah. Vampire dating. You know it's usually well I don't know the blazer real I think it fulfills all hearing vampire needs. And you might meet your dark soul mate today. Now I tell you another gap you deserve if you're going to hear you deserve each other and the darkness they have a single truckers. You even hook up by the brand of truck. You'll know that's nice that's nice makes sense because you're on the road Aurora linked. And they got two things for furries furry mate and fur thing. Those elected president Costa and sound and they asked if there's says snakes one. In his exposing a TV set to find love somewhere cool coal. People who own big stakes I had some maybe they need to fight it. As it's assembled a lot about. If you like exotic pets you might need a web site snakes because he veered telling me that you got. You know some Cuba Cabrera tight at. I'll now hand. Jim McGovern and the Jamaica on an exotic pets are similar symptoms and or preacher who. If you say it's mythical Liza had three on the border of Mexico. Found out I need to knowingly and frankly that's gonna be a turn off. Well yeah how about. It's called find your first mate. Number one dating Cyprus captains who wish to connect with the men and women who share a lot of the ocean and in how many captains are there any. Have a friend who near DC captain OK there's one yeah definitely gonna. Jealousy captain Kirk's and nineties. A good job so we don't as a streak to be good. Instead let me tell tale sailboat and they'll cut down and that is no doubt it but maybe you're right without any maybe it is just people who love the ocean dad and you coroner's office. Jeff you were you know wrap there is diaper me. And died birds may. And EV do as someone who wants diaper or are you want to record your choice. As adults. And thank rulings Craigslist. And I doubt that makes me sick to my stomach and he'd sit in your stomach a couple of my crazy. It's gone is. Might be looking for a woman still change his or wants to change my hands yeah I. Like you say that you are reading into it that their motto is clean divers only he's. Only really right now you know he. I only really that's what I'm not only that but actually the woman who said she was into that. She wanted you to Wear a diaper and well things in your diapers or she wanted to Wear a diaper used a vineyard piper and she wanted eighteen I do anything wants. One time. By law the part like Amy said that one night a guy out there probably do but. And they get about a truly. But here's the thing doubt. At least in this web site. They find each other you want to worry about it necessarily. League gross again yes how about clown dating everybody loves a clown let a clown law view. That's against that slogan now has a good slogan. Bad does take a special person because it would be kind of weird if you know you met a guy you started eating iams and again got a clown all the reader. All to read on them you know phase though you never as the host could go on our modern family net him a break. Yeah I mean to you if you're already into an agenda because he's a class on. Really. You hear yourself and there's ghost. It. Can't tell me just because he's a clown. You are going out for a year you really like them and day discuss these clowns if he's been hiding his cloning for a year at least some lol yeah and then the dark side how whether he can. If he if let's say you know you're in the clowning like down. Actually we have some family friends who through there. Masonry they're Mason's yeah and dared group. Clowns they do they dress up like clowns they march in parades that's fantastic. They're very proud of that out they talk about it all the time. If you. Had been dating me for several months and you haven't mentioned oh by the way eight. I'm plan now. You're trying to hide something out there must be a dark side to your Connie we're or something that you're ashamed well I like to get to know your dirty you can't there's a thirty year if I can be six months three months and months. Just bring it on the first couple dates clash. Right now I mean I think you have to all you don't think you have active here that intuit does that and do I sit here occasionally. It's nothing I can live in Atlanta. Originally treated them. I can't tell you can't be and again I mean UW might not dumb here and loses on the arm problem vampires and the guy and six months and says the Hammond a vampire. A seat. I would immediately break up what am. Well over that because you don't have to about vampires but at least. Think maybe we just didn't get around to talking about zombies or they're not go to a clue vampires. It's one thing if that's a dull but you get is my shell. Best line in the doubles I also like to dress up like zombies and walk around neighbor bet venue needs. That's something that's an upfront situated out there and how often do you do in these is to go to a zombie walk once a year. Okay then then that's kind of zombie card and as little walk us on the continent it is fine you can date bandy this knock. There's ghost singles dot com other single ghost or waiting move. There's mullets passion. There it is. A twins did that make sense Star Trek and beyond my that. Their tagline is harmless said freezers that stunning. Telephone. Single with food allergies these just thought come on I had I let my too specific about it and edit it. Suppose that's that's what do you find Jim Talent and never attended around some did want to take you out port coaxing good so from attack and restaurant all they serve it seems she she. I I think you you did did you are really labeling years of the food allergy person there's a salad match dot com. We check off things like. Only raps I like. Begin Alli me whatever that's on that's weird one for vanity damage to gender may. Yeah is that a salad Casey's embassies are guy or whatever. Let's say you are chickens in a man. That's Ali you're the chicken dinner theater ticket tendered out commerce and you go to this food allergy finger or sums food specific dating site. Does critically if you're a grown ass man who only eats chicken dinners people who discriminate against you receiving it into a loving. Community usual hunting community. Not that others want for band has expanded his food repertoire he has he has a little bit. Bandy a bearded man there's wrestler and dating site. They say people would be years that once then stroked and there are people. Who want to stroke that. That's weird is the waiters is the way we're sitting here now Arnold. Now I know I wouldn't go on wall system your beard isn't stroke global yet is it. And on here's what you're saying I have to get to lists. Length one in order for you to be that guy who's. No rang your fingers written stroking but you have like you would you would call that like some sort of finish you don't like percent would go on tubby checked stating siders. A beard finish is a little bit different then a dude who wants to watch meat eaten so I'm happy that I. Isn't attracted he would be nurtured bigger than ever ever. It's. A scary thing girls. My doubt about watching big girls legally due date big girls and dating a guy with a beer is the same thing it's about blood and a I. Different no no not different other Lesnar money when did this when it's mead at the airport a single site. Be taking a trip you list your flight info. And they find out other people's singles in the airport. They could sit down and have a mile. And he's. They say it's a one of the safer places that to meat yeah yeah they aren't checked him out for weapons odds and everything lining up that your end. Waiting for a flight when somebody else's and you have all these idle time in the airport on the same club barely. Know similar you know no you don't now. It just matters what you're you're leaving from Charlotte chances are you might be from the Charlotte area you but your flight and airport in time and all that stuff. And then they can volley to your flight moan don't understand I got my ticket changed fill up. I'm kind of glad I'm sit next to him I. 1079 no link cares. We saved his link to kids. Florida won some and annaly dot com. And find out how you can help children in the area we've got together again we Jennifer million years but exaggeration which on the police department racing honestly can't. And we would like your help with any 58 years old Lang a lot of explains she's in the nail polish and accessories. He's got a special and that she would also like to have been a warm coat. Her family was hit with a lot of medical bills because one of her siblings gotten really thick and they sure could use your help. But it must undermine the link dot com and I think it hurts. Thanks for listening to our fairways and check out the articles videos and news you've heard today it 1079 million dot com.