Hug Like A Dog

Tuesday, February 13th

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we've got some romantic advice to help you find/keep that true love of yours!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. Easy ways to beat. Much smaller man. I hugged like a dog. Hugs a decision that energy just think about your dogs energy as you walk in and used as enthusiasm and when you're. Your affliction or hugging you just beat like. Upper leg in Berlin. What did you dog opulent life did Danica in the old being I think things I didn't like it. Header from being romantic when I don't do pumping heart my dog is I'm just I'd like. You're clearly there. And link her face like. And I'm like that I can. I do that any links like that if you had. On the tax MOG per absolutely no reason to deal heart guys middle of the day. Cool easy that is easy Ahmad department just heart does just takes I love you some love went down. Married knots and. Commit to war. A big. Multiple things I know that sounds like wade works. Canyon and a load see those ridiculous no look artist Taylor when you do type of love dark kingdom's upset it's really simple movements and mean these four hmmm wow. Give an easy do we not and outlining 182 some odd days. Give this as a just because gift. Just because they take it favored aims to Graham post and it printed in for an. Now I'm just afraid I wouldn't I don't trust myself to pick got a picture which she thinks that's great exactly I would not chances are. If your wife has boasted that he thinks it's a good expression and I think it's good enough to be framed and. I'm on display in the house and a do you really think if you picked the wrong picture as he's gonna be like. No that's official keep it inside yeah that it will see light today or colonel and a drawer and even to get a subsidy to be annoyed every time. I'm good at staying and the current capital great thing not roll the dice. Not roll the dice and. Literally a couple of dollars in Eugene did lie and headed out in I'm not talking about the price drugstore. People and you look good because of the effort many areas is not that's another decides to hang it all all I know I look. Good of the upper I know it's the price but I'm saying why. Here's a picture that might not be your favorite picture and Benji it's like well if you like I gotta put rockers can't be honest. She's got to pay out a picture that she thinks she looks great and not me picking epic tunis as my. Nothing of course I know I'll look for a special because. You know audit was an amazing picture now maybe the first day. And then so be reminded of that picture all the time but I wasn't quite open on Saturday may get a picture of her head or the kids and frank kids that it can't really go wrong there value Agassi in the kids are currently in the canal and yeah me to death the the if that's exactly. On. There are littered edited it who are my hope up commit to one minutes sixteen seconds ever to do some damage your partner feel important. And they don't these little things written down like you do this pack or a lie answer whatever reason but I don't play more in sixty seconds. Maria I'm constantly doing things. And little things they all add up. Sure I would hope yes one day arm resilient and I. Organized all the drawers and cabinet. And dad that was. In this one. Area we that was a junkie area I've got things all. Set up for a pretty big bang and it is always have great things are less honestly admit to organization that is a beatle there and they got things like that are always telling how. Potts is at. Sixty seconds Seattle or not. It's. Okay. Yeah. Important importantly going to need to get your partner partner partner partner porn. Thank you say thank you for the little things that gap and that night and I am I over it and I think I play them over and over grateful. I'm over a kidney to live up to grateful. Because video site and other thank you I said her report should be thanks for her on on the just rusher but thank me that is part of the deal and departed via. They get everybody in this room thank you mean by talked on the microphone just just that part of the game and if you're talking just item most people who say that and then they don't bump. So sometimes you know. Thank you expect you know I. So I don't know what my point is I don't know what it is that this is our guy out there somewhere. Not thanking and there are woman front but we know and it's got a bad idea or baton pass hygiene communication. You can never go wrong with the extra attention to be a more manic man. And the supports as you can never go wrong with extra attention to dot dot dot neck. It says action news and warm wins agreed to partner X is sour with a value just to got to the dryer. And younger but I. There's things going on eyes found but green and sometimes she sneaks away into the shower and sometimes doing stuff that's why she decides to go to the shower because I'm doing things that. It's just that's a hard and pull off. With. Our she'd been in the shower it's hot and steamy initial wanna hot towel at Q I don't know instead sat out you lose the hot. And I really don't know I'm master and then yeah now that witty thing you would know once Powell. And ask all the emea and they are ethnic at fast asleep glasses would fall but it is yeah yeah yeah that I'm glad that about. I'll tell all. Because it took. In this and prepare more meals together but that's hard yet certain schedules and they say the best when it was a fruit salad the other. Jim can you make a whole alien open ended and its lead to you know he can round concrete lead on their lips it's I think it's just should have been affected. Panel now has done it says that is more later it's. I guess you know that morning. One being to speak the language of Milan. And it's a whole different ballgame to them broadcast to the world surely. Best mixes can use the opportunity to make an everlasting impression. You were sweetie by using our airwaves. It's your shot to propose to your honey Monty aired during the and that Ramones show just go to 1079 killing dot com. They tell us about your love story and why you would be the perfect person to propose over the Radio One winner will receive the certificate for a diamond ring from diamonds direct limo ride to the radio station and love struck at least register today to broadcast your language of love for everyone to hear from the station that loves to dress up like you did once a year. 1079. The link. Did you have and hit the amendment a FaceBook page in awhile do it like it follow it. Just scroll through it he'll find things why a guy remotest picks from the hardball. Weird. Or sadness about her booty. Hiding. Or his hiding from the police. Look at me look at that picture again that is sad duty in that area varies and it turned that crack of sad I mean frown upside down. She's a woman and there's a picture the one hiding under a laundry basket effective from police and sir ridiculous and a giant war the fact is costing more in the payment. Pat bower is. Climbing into a dumpster. Some big ideas. I am fascinated by of dollars. That's. Didn't think it's one of those radioactive and 00 yes right I forgot about that sound for modern noble noble and a gap remember at all. Frightening and now yeah I'm not a lot of it did at glories ended days huge yet. Whether that was like an animal that does not have to take no for an answer. We're thinking what everyday animal once you get it what if they wanna see it adding a dumpster that he had an issue that thing away it was as an awful lot of their was do you remember. And then there's giant Hague. How to find it you remember way back when it was still a little island yes yes yes yes yes it. Yes I'm Zelaya and they never really were able approval is true right in the burn it or something. In eleven year old shot and here it is. There was no witnesses and other mid eighties it was over a thousand pounds over nine foot and leg. Nath a menagerie of its sure not but that's. The board day it's on our FaceBook page I believe Hobbs Philip existed. Odds and it was real big you can be real gap I'm martz I think it was crude being present something I don't know but it was a big ask. The full bore hole Arnold again anyway all right Valentine's. Sacks in knowing it was yeah. This Wednesday can be bad for your sex life. I I especially this year because Valentine's Day is Wednesday. A lot of people have to work but the pressure. To. Beat all the real man seek end to create a moment. The has lasting impact on your lava. It's still later you're talking about just bang bang bang bang bang up to override the hands. He didn't really have visited the bank and I thought he responded I just that you're talking about the whole thing hours in tackling him constantly co. You know all carried. Think your lover already asked them for doing anything remotely okay let's not get on the mirror supposed to. Invest your time and energy to help them magic happen depends on Valentine's. Today it depends and a couple sometimes you have. Set boundaries or limits sir expectation. I got. I guess some people wait like this from women in particular like a big to do. Yeah they're couples are like he had just you know we're doing anything or whenever it judges of bands and a couple how high the bar. He got talk about it before it gets here here's my thing. And I'm sure it is just a mind seeing because I'm single on Valentine's Day which is not necessarily celebrate us for. How ever you gonna have any Manuel wanted to Valentine's Day match Ramona Holloway space too hot wheels but. I don't know why I find is so annoying when couples are like. We celebrate our love signaled OK so. No signs favorites like a time really in my should really. Sarcastic like ivory ever today Valentine under your iron so much as opposed to is this isn't. It would dash. Drop it on couples is that you work all day. Being yeah a couple with young kids that you still Matty. Having the energy. To address the physical part. God. Could have put a little but I'm already tired it's the they get about and so those parents were up the night before word trap do Valentine's. Warnings higher class of kids are. Cookie sick. May end the shares well yeah I nine we did this for a mid week ballot because. Do something a call and I got to protect kids in a movie on that horrible horrible Peter Rabbit you know accuracy. We have went to see that Anderson this Valentine's Day out these savings. Now like to wipe out the general to pry up the price at a dinner some brighter Saturday or you know American lives around that's local. Do not mean you know that it doesn't know you're not doing anything on Wednesday now say to do much work. My instincts. Were CD to watch it shouldn't affect the. You are to go wild at around in a kid that point yet. Is it book they'll do something I'm Iran will do something but not. Something that like I will do something beyond don't lob no legs yes or no keynotes or somebody not like. Going somewhere that that the problem is after you pick the perfect surprise. To try to have come up with a perfect words you try to create. That perfect environment. By the time Valentine's Day and you're either left with a sense of relief. Or defeat and neither one of those matches there requirements of eight. Fiery love session. I'm right I mean it's it's course yes. I'm gonna like I don't like schedule differ on prize Saturday I guess it's a park gets in what's the I'm on a bill that puts a lot of pressure on both people. That we got to do it weeks noted for K I wanted to McCain at twelve hours tops and then there's the feeling of being judged for not doing enough. We're judged sport trying to wall art that I've seen people say wow he did all that happier for is Valentine's Day I personally am. Me big people put you down or you don't do enough and somebody puts you down until people get out of here I'm gonna judge you pour your heart out. I don't mean a lot of people are going yet too much or not enough. That's on the the space today to be there ever been that is on the woman. She's the one who decides whether you're humiliated or you've done enough. The guys never gonna be like India and yeah never in my options they never knew 95% as not so it's on the woman to. Sent her expectations somehow to the guy. At some point. Yeah I'm before Valentine's Day gets here yet. Yes and by the way Valentine's week actually has specific day's other than Valentine's Day. It r.s rose de proposed day chocolate day hug day and kids' day all wrapped up. Like each wanted individual day likes a Monday through Friday to pick one of them out of the week damn well added that it. You have to be in the same page may at some point you gotta ask the girl are right. By your dating. You are you a big Valentine's Day person I had to do here. What what what level I'm doing my kids today and sounds easy just go ahead and not sound romantic what do you do have to fight somehow figured out. Right I mean you know our expectation again about anything got to talk about it if you're serious couple you've got to talk about it and expectations. Because. Because. At plus of my god bring it out without Salmonella is hard a cheap lazy lover well that is our bodies say are you. Are we gonna make plans for Valentine's Day this year then maybe she just goes out and in doing better. Not a great day anyway you to grant you Tracy not really into what is it that you don't wanna go all out your first couple but she says. I love Val Hala and you do a candidate of app and you do and then my headlights on and let. If you've been together a Lyle heard you know your clothes couple you should be able to talk about it without someone getting offended here the Rollins Ichi power lazy you come strong out of the gate as a guy. She might think that the way it's always going to be so let's. Don't do you not encourage guys set the Barlow has that right now yeah hard. No matter how hard nick has set itself. Up. And next G theaters CB yeah. About digital download an amateur but technology. It's as good. Hall where. I share range fuel and stuff with the podcast president Grady art music site that that would. It is all very happy yeah. Let's see here all of us know when I hit it on this for a second. Mona and doc votes but not eats no you know. Not that desperate bad and I really it's now. He's a kid in like littered 400 tonne or something. You don't. If you can't think it yeah I remember trying to catch snowflakes in my now if you attitude and that stupid up like yummy you would if you had a child. Would you scolding kid yet priests now. But we have a snowball electing a dummy. Really yeah. For kids and they like the difference is that kind of get that you'd like to do a lot of self assembled a pleasure in life that is a simple pleasure snowflake land on your tongue how much. So. Pickings scoops of snow and eating them okay no cream is out yes most definitely that's on part of it all art a grown up. It's right so anyway yeah this is a study. It is very fresh snow is very little bacteria. I'm gearing university professor test. After two days there's dozens of bacteria but. Like a big deal it's not recommending it needs nobody not gonna get sick. So now they're not knowing that you would like to get into it. Because people roads and Arnold and it's apart from that I dig your side. That has not been treated but yet just a few feet away inside. I have. Ice water gets everything going it's not. About that is the experience. Xperia and it's not about experience it's a back you'd be freaked out by it I'm not probably needed. And I'm not afridi. Afridi. As we don't know different different spiraling place. So you wouldn't even take. But he took a snowball and froze it in a freezer. And put it drink would do that who. Allen now. Sheen now the trees not daddy you're an Emmy Grammy and dream yeah. No cream what they said you got to my house outages you know scoop up some lame blotter. You know put a straw next to upon the limit you guys have learned not to thing happening and it's physically it's now the how about Dodd you know it's not honestly has been drinking out of a garden those classic it yet. You wouldn't do that no thanks. I mean like you wouldn't you as someone said how desperate am I don't we're just somebody says we drew an eleven did you have to walk a mile you're thirsty yet to walk a mile you'll want to walk a mile. Before your kindergarten. Just before we dig and that your kids are kind of a garden I was yelling. I. I'm amazed by and I shot shouldn't be I should just be amazed and on and giving it all yeah our. Speaking of crazy people go we move on here Newsnight from earlier you haven't around somewhere it's about it because everybody's its rating are talking here yapping about the emotional support animals. And lately was it to win delta or somebody. Smear airlock on the one who originally made to that the first reckon I would like delta was the first became out of the rule he can have talons or whatever and because they were bringing on crazy stuff. Like. Stunts and things Turkey and Britain Turkey peacock that's terrific. Its the making it harder. You can still do a project to jump through a lot more hoops and hope noted doctor somewhere along the line of state. This ridiculous so that leads us to attend the latest story on the support animals. Here this. A Florida woman who tried to bring her pet dwarf hamster pebbles with her on a fly ended up flushing the fur ball down and airport toilet. Now my lower after spear airlines reportedly refused to let the hamster onboard. She was allegedly encouraged by an airline employee to flush the answer. Allegedly the keyword alleged. Boom. I've I should say I got to do the story and don't. Last fall ahead of what she's calling in emergency trip home from college. She claims to have a benign tumor on her neck twenty year 21 year old body lean alma cosa called spirit twice to make sure it was cool that she bring along her tiny pet cancer which had been certified by some quack doctor is an emotional support and that doctrine is to have their. Licensed cooled some new line what are you doing. Now ranked what are you doing the airline mistakenly told. Allegedly a spirit employee broke the news that rodents actually were all out on the company's planes. Then she says her friends and family were hours away at school and wouldn't be able to fetch the animal in time for her to catch your flight. She pushed her flight back tried rating a car but was denied because of her age she's one when he won. That's when she claims the spirit employees suggested either setting pebbles free outside got. Or flushing pebbles down the toilet and it's allegedly well allegedly had. And although you could see so much is being so. Over this woman screaming yah just just let it go hostile toilet or whatever we need to get this plane off the ground yet yeah but yeah. You're off video and I don't believe it was like I'd like that you that you really do it or that was like you have to flushed down the US president I did I just fed up. If this is your emotional support in means a lot do you eat this is. Its usual heart in there and he'd see you. Com and you've come to rely on this animal it's like a member of your family. I like my dog armory then whom offer some theories about to to support to my mom and but the airport they tell me either I've flesh on every down but boy toy or let him run free right I am changing my flight. Ranking it because I had to make arrangements last minute form I dawned and I've done it should rather it and like Tim. Pre made the right vote and scramble. In if you consider that as an option in your amongst. No I was an emotional sport and yell yeah it may be granted on his FaceBook page invited. But here's the thing also I noticed all. Basically say things Russian about flushing dog. How would you Maria would you murder your dog. If they told you couldn't bring your dog on board. A to the same thing but let them and yeah I mean the same. In the hierarchy outside of that place yet but a port apps are way down there but this particular case she loves it so much now. I don't know he said this yet or not from what I understand she does not have cancer. Right it's a benign tumor on her neck which she was having that's why she was flying home to have surgery to have this tumor removed from her neck. Which is why she had an emotional support anal because she had this benign tumor on nine is fewer annoying yes and already been tested she's all good as benign as taking a lump yet she claims it's emerges ctrip. She had didn't get there but she putter opera nine hours Reich because that's in nine hours she couldn't find a place the door caps. Right she hated the idea of her pebbles freezing in the colder getting so bush by car outside. So she opted to drown the hamster in a toilet. A fast track I'd frankly rather be run over by car than drowning in an airport toilet airport Torino and I am happy. Import restaurant and. My vote was a giver chocolates orally at least like that not just morally wrong with our hourly you buy wrong went wrong sometimes on and the other thing you like we said nine hours right I think it was I think was nine hours' time. Her first flight and like a flight back nine hours tried raining a car she can't go to a lot of let smarter somewhere. And say Tom Cole Kimball Kendall have places called Kindle that I have no money it will. Did you see that why you go on vacation right. And if you add money to rent a car you can afford to pay for a Kindle for a chance to take care of your game stories right. Where you could find someone anyone around the airport asking getting one please take this youngster you know when she senator airframe friends and Stanley who had workers who whatever. Basically she's genuine technical for the national one yeah period she's if she's on the phone owners and I'm I'm not. Your phone there are or pet sitters who would have been at the airport within an how aware don't overtake it somewhere else. I that are around for a few days. You're nuts. Other days and her murderer after the incident. She emailed Spirit Airlines complaining about what happened. They responded by offering her some vouchers for free flights. And I edit and now automatic spear air do they got to do or in no no no I don't know when stands up to anybody. And just let Spirit Airlines didn't make the mistake of telling her that. Pebbles was allowed to fly so that's why they were giving her browsers okay he turned them down and is now of course considering suing the airline obviously. The conflicting information that led to her beloved and it's ultimate demise. So there's no attorney in the world takes that the attorney takes that. You take away his law license and the Doctor Who wrote the eagles' emotional and alien drug Charlize at the airport toilet all browns released and it's got to be one of those broken toilets all and it's something that's awful and and an airplane today toilet airports are it's not good now and aren't really ground. Us spears says to be clear at no point did any of our agents suggest this guests should Fleischer otherwise injure an animal it's incredibly disheartening to hear this guess reportedly decided to in her own pet's life over a flight to. And someone who has TSA did let it brewer and maybe they would know I guess it doesn't matter she's we're now that I've I've national problems but if and when a martial arts. As it's all fairly. Once again for listening and really helps when you rated at 52 and they're in a few more seconds. Ramona. You're talking about the bronze baby field. Yeah. There was survey sponsored by duct tape which I'm not sure how they translate doesn't every day every year they do. Like a fashion design challenge raiders eight guests celebrate people who made dared. Prom dresses out of duck tape yet maybe but days surveyed to find out how much the promise gonna cost this year. For girls the average. Price tag runs at about 450. Mean I want an address. On hair. And nailed the nails it dead yet your your money is primarily going for your address your hair in your nails that's an average so imagine that means that. Some alerting thousand dollar or best if used in more to get your hair down with some extensions. You give professional lash is I know girls who get the spray tan and. And Jews choose. Purse. Nail holes condoms. For such an overrated night. It's easy. You didn't get a didn't go I did I deeds data my promise Ellis and I went to that answer parties and DJ yeah I was so cool I didn't go because I was. There was a big split. In our high school. You know they wanted to try to rein it in and make should be at the school. So. The cool kids like now we're gonna end of Philly were you know talent. Blah blah blah blah blah. And on and that is drama I'm cool stuff. You went to need voting rights and out and there's no I don't I will guy ever said I'm staying out of this party are a lot of yeah. And I think I'm cool dad McBride sorry that she. She's the one like organize repaired to organize an avid Philly place. And she went homecoming queen you'd talked about the drama after that. Well I'll blow my glad I didn't go look at the I stood by any minute they would've been a part of any drama I dug my heels and that it and I dug my heels and and it that its heels in and home. Watching TV. How does he was cool the guys playing strata medical they assault or perhaps he was watching some TV or beta Mac. You know maybe I was and of course stock went with the afford me foreign student. But do your foreign exchange student he went to the problem with doc. It is right now but I view them back to Finley told her after the problem. Then Alicia finish ranked. Finished and ready carry your picture this for years. It's very organized get a picture. Adam now he probably does something we were there on any claim did just ten cleaned out his wallet in the five minutes. Since 1998. In a perfect though a guy who can't talk with a woman who can't argue English us English and says that's a good number they. You need words perfect from the demand or a dubious and girls spend 450 the average guys spend an average of 282. Dollars. Aaron much talks as it. I have been greatly about talks has now is saying. I get used to it land I moved to the south because. You grew up in the north like I did where the problem is he staying organized by a prom committee with a dinner and again it's. Yes yes and here there is a day ends but did yours on your own with your. Date through your squad yet but I ran into. Problem kids. At Fahrenheit like this super fan rally restaurant now on a fire high floor for those that don't know what it is it's it's like really is the panacea. And I'm also rent a product kids OB. Right well and can't in their homes with so it's up to a couple like where you wanna spin a hundred dollars on your prom meal we wanna spend like thirty. And there probably isn't anything more horrifying for eight restaurant server in the C. Fifteen. Or sixteen. From people come and tell your kids about tipping. And and cleaning up up and I guarantee that tonight. Think it might be everything clean up is a problem matter announce they throw stuff really kids unimpressive but I because your literal coping right but she's not may be you know like a sinden noticing now. Now the big money these days for the guys. Is coming in the form of the prom proposal. Move earth the average cost amount prom proposal. 324. Dollars. My marriage today held out because my proposal. Does it 320 board not just my zero. In my own mind your mind was that. Price of them nice meal that you and Daniel anyway yeah I think we were gonna eat that night and I I yeah. X zero page that don't buy it at burger because I think the reunion yeah. And it's I mean if your plus fears that the sad if you're throwing her doing prom postal. You're probably 980%. Sure she's gonna say it's right through lie figures show yet overall funding and attitude. These guys are doing someday you couldn't or wouldn't do. Meet you need to talk him down I wanna see week artisans of the prom proposal I'm glad you aren't a guy no matter what his age. Some effort into something to make it special for the lady if you ran right he's doing he's making it. Special I assign in some markers. Or a boom box stand outside their window and a popular kids are doing he's that it acts. You just hasn't that's. I'm guessing that that average. Is driven out by a lot of high end. That day of the Alley there's a bunch of people spent in like. 500 dollars and and then there's a bunch of people spending by 200 dollars for the 100 dollars or zero. And so is driven way I've at a high people hide people are much higher it would have been under each when he floor so I think the higher than the news there's like thousand dollar. I'm scenes and you when they side guide new at pizza and spelled out the problem. With the pepperoni packet well that's a. That's fine next to me and come on ten bucks have a. Some super fancy stopped in ball being. Limo who leaves and flowers. For the proposal on the prom pose. Yes it completely and who loses money anyway. I don't. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.