That I-77 Traffic Is A Nightmare!

Thursday, March 1st

If you've traveled on I-77 in Charlotte recently, then you know exactly why Bandy and Ramona fear for their lives on that highway!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there with the net Ramona. We might as well. And uses high stress segment for a chance. They complain and remodel piggyback on it it is about seventy sevens. North of the city that you can supplement but north of the city north of I 85 north of I 85 we were. Alex starts reported dandy Don as bad noah's right past 85 were that big curtain is it starts right around. I'd say trades your right after trade street. North of Charlotte. And then it just gets worse. And they wrote Laura Kohler this story on it. On the fox Charlotte station. And they said that they complain about it called the wild wild west or something I've called the wild wild west but I just read a first line of their story. A fox 46 Charlotte viewers says interstate 77 is turning into a free for all Hannity and yes it's been a free for all but for summaries and it's been worse probably than last month and a half. There's no lines on the road like that I like divide like you don't know our Elaine C don't know early. Here here's that I don't know big and he traveled to more than I do sometimes you try to follow. The painted line that's a little bad appears to be a little darker button in the other pain at line. Hmm or you just figure he'll just follow whatever the car in front he's doing right yet sure of course sometimes think maybe I'll just followed the rules that show that this is where they. They kind of the construction workers Qaeda may this Elaine but it's not necessarily pain in that way. But you've figured sometimes you tire might get stuck in a row but it kind of pushy one way idiotic it's very honored to pay tied him to follow the group. But then if it's dark. Or if it's raining all bets are off because you can't really see anything you're just feeling. The bump after bump after bump. In the road you see them actually doing instruction they just like earth movers sitting and you do see him doing construction but it's always at random in places along 77. It's never seems likely crews working on the really. Worrisome areas which is right around that big curve. North of 85 word others. No lines. And it's a really like if you're going say 65 miles an hour you have to slow down or you could possibly if you have a high profile vehicle flipped it. Because of the curve is so. Just coming out of nowhere and there's no lines there's no reflectors. There's nowhere to go no shoulder to avoid debris and there's a lot of debris and there you have the people who ruled. I'm usually drive them to your PO I went on he wrote it. Last Saturday by priests an adult because I missed my exit. And I was like oh my god what I have why do men. As she bull while they still the hov. Lane. It's still there but. No one's allowed to go in it because apparently it's still. You know still hov that that was the old days we don't need an hov lane though nobody's. You can't carpool it what are the odds of somebody working the same time you do it could potentially help a little bit but. There's barriers right up bumped right up against the Blaine so you have nowhere to go to avoid. Another car or any debris in the area the street lights are out so it was completely dark. And charge less if you go during the day you're lucky if a dump truck creates this. Sandstorm. Our. That gets all over your car and completely blind you 103 feet in front of your vehicle you love drag you don't usually get worried I had cracked windshield thanks to one of these dump trucks. That threw up a rock so I have to go through my insurance I'd love to bill whoever's in charge of the road. At that are ready rebar to fly out windshield yeah waiting for some rebar also hit a piece of debris about. May be 45 months ago that ruined my bumper on my truck aid is just absolute nightmare overrode. K two side notes one it is there should be a number and their maybe there is like a 910. Led his four non emergency but but it needs to be known that there's something in the road. Yeah or something like that there's a man walking in dark clothes and aside the wrote something. And I had not maybe a level I had 9189. Brian I think infant and are not when Levitt are not known when it. They have load those trucks that travel open now lifting their map trucks or whatever that are supposed to know that there's nowhere for them to pull off to stop it gets to go pick up the debris like now you're you're saying you're asking someone yet dye is what you're doing and there's no place for like state first to sit. So people are just trying. People. You have people who don't care that is instructions own with. No shoulder. Those people are going ninety miles an hour dear darting in and out of traffic it simply don't feel safe until this race people let up an area yeah. That's allowing them to the Highway Patrol says I'm sorry. We don't have anybody to even out watch over the area most of the Q birds who worked at a scanning are responding to calls for service for a moment they check on to the moment they check off. You're at your criminal you know we're ago. Of that rowdy get away and here today I think Terry you said shoulder. I referred to it as a berm is there a difference. Get a caller and I always firm called that they shoulder but my mom calls it a Burr called the term. Needs. I've never heard that yet another bird to bird but not reference to a short not the yen at describing the shoulder I would always go on gone berm every time. Should the settlers know berm there usually how. You're just gonna hit a concrete. Construction barriers and probably die more. What's it sound like to win your share of twelve KJ. Tony I know Caroline and he's there he's got his share all of now it's your turn. You name it every weekday from 6:30 AM till 5:30 PM to grab your share of two. Text didn't immediately to seven Q and 881 standard message and data rates apply. He's well. Is there no that's what I get for everything first share. Your share these and we broke black pastor for revenge in game Charlotte's big dance mix 1079. The link. Right I'll give you a minute to rant about the F bachelor. Because the as the final marchment. The next next week and I. And most shocking finale ever they are sit at Avaya. And you know what. A story hit the headlines today. Us magazine. Bachelor REI and our junior called off engagement today his runner up that you cannot tell me that ABC. And a door that produces of the bachelor. Deed not plant the story begin us. Hyped about the finale because they realize. That Ari. Is the most boring bachelor in the history of the batch. That may be true but when you hear her talk about it bandied isn't there such emotion and does what you want a TV show or do your viewers likes so emotionally involved she's angry. I am frustrated you had quit like fifteen yeah. Adding wind and rumors were circulating that Ari was gonna be the bachelor I would think now. No no no his time is coming back was on the Emily Maynard season of the bachelor re. Like ten years ago something like that kids should sailed along time ago there was no like. You would ever RE they dug aria. And I know you've got our example all I'm one of his finest by analysts bet. Her ex boyfriend showed up to propose. And this is how are you less. I am so pissed off right now. I can't believe he would do that you rather have table I'm a leg. And it's like your take policy didn't have a guy. They don't roaring. In and it is very clear how fired up and Arie cleared. He's going to pick the chick who looks like a clone of Emily Maynard so now they have to make a big blow something crazy going on here. We know you flew back his ex boyfriend. Down to Peru or wherever they had you where in the desert if he didn't just stumble upon. Hi this is the only. We know the producers. Flew him down near to create drama because they realize and that is so boring junk here. OK let me ask you gonna watch it. And I sure as I'm not. Of course I'm watching this right our guy on night WebJay from rank and yes I'd right. You know you don't talk with that much passion about something. If you don't deep sound so I care about it yet because I feel like they're ruining the franchise I'd like to snow yeah I do like the show around next time watch scenes. I probably am. Hi I you know why. If NBC. Puts the voice on opposite the bachelor earlier in the season if the voice begins earlier the bathroom won't stand a chance the bachelor has jumped the shark. And now on the employees. And American Idol for those of us who likes innards and seen me we don't wanna budget Jerod like people killing each other stuff. And make him the bachelor can't beat the voice. Well someday you'll discovers a thing called Netflix. And can be able to watch us and yes and I mean. Suspect you don't need it while this guy wrote this book or gal who. A woman Amy Kaufman LA times staff writer reveals in her new book. That's our nation inside the world of America's paper guilty pleasure you know wants that I read that I mean that the biggest reason applicants are turned away from reality dating show is as. It did now the biggest thing is that hurts. That's that's number one on the countdown good. And today yesterday. Then somebody crater and executive producer. Lateral assistant we'd say now go tell so on so that you're she's got her reps and that you just attacks. So. The end speedy we. Multiple people in one happens you don't necessarily get hurt kicks. There's any cold sores or to become like people were all may get to the fantasy sneak down and so stunning to calm before the Spanish that's why they have oh yeah. What is. This may go nowhere but I ask you quickly since her reality person. What does this show that education on back to keep trying to tell me about which I don't understand that sentiment it's a behind the scenes reality thing. Oh it's on lifetime it's a bad that are real show now now it's loans I have though show like the bachelor. Oh my god it's on lifetime. As to be awful just awful why he left depart out light regulation that quick. It's mortem it's more glass in more fun it's fair without. On extended off their. Yeah fast time. Fact can be yeah be happiest days that. How guys. Actually right did told you this when you were excited battery interest. That we have more than five senses. Because you and you knew about sight smell touch taste and hearing probably. We also have a sense of space. There's a word for not having that sense it's like him you know I will stalkers that I yet hacked yet right. Others are there are some people who lacking a little. But sometimes a sense that census basis sometimes a cultural thing where some countries they get right up and it. So his sense of space. One there's some people who are right here right now and there's that is you don't have a sense of east right. A sense of pain here. We got there have been people are seen on an academic Discovery Channel yeah you know not happened Emmett and now they have the and its crazy. Our sense of balance. At that site when you don't have. And I tell you one of our listeners Matt Boyd. Has an issue with this topic. Is is instances matter talking about are not the same as the five cents. Yeah not this bikes we weren't you talking about. Like an extensive awareness. Others are measurable. I read on the Internet. Well unity government. Act and how many senses do we have vanity hit it was. We also supposed to have according to this article. A sense of temperature in and around the body. And that's something else that I've seen a Discovery Channel about where people don't have that sense like they can run barefoot in the snow for like forever. And a sense of time. That is important to have if you're like ever captured kidnappers. That's at times very important. And sometimes I ethnic group like the X the the really. A leaked fighters or people to be our column they have a great sense of time. A U to lock in the box or no you know 44 minutes past. He goes so yes you do it. Bigoted blindfolds units to Europe box Ramona and you know how much time went by. A lawyer active and now know that it I don't think I might not even get within ten minutes. But still hasn't had a friend who claims that that is her superpower I detest that are. She's pretty good but what I don't do how wanted to locker boxes. And good luck and a box like let's say the we are again. And be like oh well what time it is Jimmy I think it's. 552. And then it will be like what is she using its within three minutes and decide on that great time awareness. Gotcha. Your body position affects your memory and sitting and looking downward. Makes it he's a recall negative memories. Sitting out bright and looking up word positive. Memories. It kind of put my laptop. And I think that yeah. A that it it would take 200 years per human account the seven billion out loud. With that I'll make you. Imagine just counting out loud like an hour. Yeah call home at -- the guy you don't I don't condone an hour that being insane. I may be too many minutes the advertisement I'm good for a. Biden seek hadn't done it this day it's still. Makes me antsy thinking about. Kindergarten. When everyone in our class had to count to 100 out loud pop it and and I think I kneel like the second timeout within waiting for the other kids. To get to it come and Billy come. How about China. We had a test as well crazy. And does seem 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Loud let's brutal methods that that's that's that tortured. Bomblets. Or else they got here at others I've been a version of Playboy print and braille since 1970. Really is printed juice and apple yep yep. They educate the had it was a Playboy guy big Playboy guy you think he was just for the articles. Not go to the Dow as I stand and. Just like you did autumn is reading. And well not as any other books X and he's a big reader yeah. Pat. A big thank you petroleum jelly and them alone. A true story and and here's a true story a little weird I don't think we need to look at. No no my brother recently sent me a photo it's. Loans he had in his attic. The exact little like and table would like you know drawers are doors on it. And my dad used to keep display boys and look what I've found in pursing pops in my of course Playboy's these to crawl down like army style under the windows key Simmons on the walking into my parents really are calling army style and get over there look at is Playboy's that is my aunt Esther was fantastic. Sense of a stir it shouldn't be disturbing that should be asked. Did you ever look at your dad's old. I'm amber Alex and his nightstand eerie creepy to think about you crawling across your belly to look at your follies beauty magazine. Why you don't white's career is because when I get the memory of that night stand makes you think yes looking at your other rights. Nudie magazine. Well you know what's sweeter about it as why would I think that anybody might peak in the window that one minute I wouldn't want but it wind up. He knows that happy and I don't want even if they somberly as a case you had some shame mr. organizers. That is gone away some of Ayers and also there with Matt in remote yeah mr. the other day outside fast corner and I just mentioned that it's crocodiles and climbed trees. Hands anti terrorism which questioning and asked yeah just against. Because you know. I don't like my fax multi Internet so they're obviously always a 100% percent true and load boulder. Pictures of crocodiles entries you and he found a picture of an app Barack an alligator a video of that video of an alligator climbing a chain link fence. It looks so bizarre. Indicated that it is very does it'll creep you out there is great because it's kind of like human like yeah. And Lanka there's a tiny person in a alligators are trying to climb and so much for that. I'm our offense the run away I got the Wii is just a serpentine now I don't know what. But that video is up the mountain and FaceBook page which brings us to this. In your hometown of Belmont. In Lake Wylie are nearly wiley five foot long Gator discovered. Toddler river Belmont just north Lake Wylie. Is looking at a picture of him now bothers you. It's a rumored do I've been per spotted alive on Saturday. Then discovered dead floating in the water just of highway 74. Local resident found the creature while kayaking nowhere island. Belmont just off highway seven or just FYI this is a bit of equality and erode any day length. My parents and a partner McGee parents and my sister gators in the pond and there. Or behind their house that happens in South Carolina Charleston whenever. So here this guy throws the Gator on top of his prior act. Which had immediate short man I think gently length and you better hope it's not any of it. Yeah not just playing dead again yeah it is not like. Sort of post I'm dead you put a hot day just yeah. It did a belly up probably go to. Got a pocket. Don't. Get it now now you have to market in 90% of the people I know. Would be paddling really hard in the other direction. Did it'd just maybe is a little sing. Now I think I am pissed off. Now which suck it gets it. Okay. They probably right but I'm just it was belly up I don't know why but tasty that some may be a belly up then you're definitely poking at its belly up right yeah now I'm not poking it Saturday. Poke it down you let other people I mean it to save the world class this guy. Jokingly yeah and save the children what about the children and other U all of our children I don't know I didn't buy that there any reason the don't. Here at the league announced that you've got to go up look at it. No my drag it back norm I try to figure out where its friends are out man wearing it last party widgets why don't ask don't error that's not an MRI thank you had carcasses around nine Estonia were talking. Lake Wylie area Belmont well near Wilkinson boulevard. Brian laws governing Gator like hiking with his brother and all that up on the cockpit posted on. Casting county oh and OMJ stands for one man's job. We Joker got posing as you've got bit by the alligator there. I don't and American alligators are spotted before about Lake Wylie lake Norman just last raised six foot long alligator. Was hit by car in union tax. Still unclear what caused death was navigator were found its way to the top river I. Means possible like somebody to a pad and there. That baby grew. Back at a faggot flushed it flushed down the toilet toilet. You have. That's what's on any New York City some and our water systems are supposed to be giants Ayers and little things like that stated irritated response that's irresponsible pet owners you know what's gonna happen any comes. They pull rye yeah. Is this headset on isn't responsible led. That's one of the theories I'm gonna go with a run let's is the water everything was as warm as these guys are you know are there further north and I will tell you that there's going to be a lot of people. At Belmont Kevin Lofton part of next few days trying to find another one and in hears about it and another that party's always packed with little kids. It's not the Gator. Yeah. Seriously gators are not gonna get here Lester incredibly hungry and they're not they wouldn't stay where they are. Was it about what you just said neighbor not to engage you unless it's incredibly. And it's hungry to probably leave it could be little tiny wind out ads target debt because the bidder wants to gators on golf course. And housing develop you know you you lived not far from Lake Wylie you'll mount pocono look at them and see what happens any coconut. I think yeah the end. Definitely got a poke at and a housing unit coach asked again clack away just leave it there but they were out there fishing you take your fishing rod and his poke at your or whatever and you're going to lane. Learn about have you if you saw laying. No on the side. No I'm on the ground and you calling somebody at least. I add my call and I would probably call animal control. And say there's an animal that needs to be controlled in this country. It's not anything that's not my job to find out. It is my duty as a citizen of. The authority now but it's not my job to find out or maybe a political animal control doesn't need control no I meet. The animal dead. Is what I see if I play it. Yes I am Jolie. He's just against a measuring it is and went to pull it up again that's that's the measure into Australia that you tell to tell everybody and tell everybody. Desolate picture next to it that's perfect. From various right now right now I'm ready Barack Obama reads the lessons. Like. Starting at 6:30 this morning on the talk during the afternoon every hour every chance balanced out. There's you were attacked like. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.