Improve Your Conversation Game

Monday, August 6th

We don't want you to be as bad at conversations as we are....we also talk about a ridiculous announcement the CDC had to make telling people to not reuse condoms!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out Morales went exhibit nine the link dot com. You're listening to talk with the promoter. You know you haven't checked better taste for awhile now and participate just like it I'll. He's managed to pull through just like to think about it it's one class big but it's exciting news stories of all time was it. We turned it gets here. In Cleveland North Carolina and I'm Matthew man not man up there as today so they put what my home beautiful hair. And it turns out he has had three big Clinton counters and while you know wait why would you not mean. If it's not gonna stop by just once and fallen out compliments like beautiful hair come out and play nice comeback that would do like hey this guy really in the mail. As a player valid point haven't abandoned their name it after a leaving little insignia is low self esteem as big yeah they probably said he smell a big feet by looking for yeah of the Cherokee. It is that it does agreeing on the back I would I'm a crazy man every day in political and in our daily affirmations. So anyway it's of an amendment basement they don't tell. The information about the big for the festival coming nephew one militant that'll be there a bit awkward when it comes the smallpox you can make your conversation game to another level. By. Doing these things. Well first of all they say you should play the sympathy card. Uh oh whoa Israeli oldest you say oh what you do for a living. And bandy says a good producer for the matrimony show. Would you play the sympathy card you say something like how it sounds hard but why is it sympathy. And that there is Alex and I am sad for you. Yeah it was I think most people believe that their job is harder than other people think. Right now agreement you get that acknowledgment that yeah I bet. It might sound like it's really cool work could not Ramona but that's like a jerk yeah that must be home sympathy. Or just. It doesn't allow all gallons pitying you for your readers do you do it like a brain surgeon. That's how hard it. I didn't get out of work for DJ. At the surgeon how hard going to be a really aren't always do like no dumb brain surgeon idiots you can't say to people who really have a hard job so you can't say do brain surgeon. Or asked or not slang gap right you can't say that the night guy yes seriously I'm actually used in sayings like you're not a rocket scientist. So yes it's a difficult job and you do it in jobs that are. Well now chance take it somebody says there's CPA or sent to each year ago. That tells art so art yeah Abbott that they know you'd just be really sanity that's boring. It's South Florida I couldn't do the job I I've done that before let's. That's also. Those that is simply the U sultan and I felt. You insult their career choice and it's. Great and small number I'll say that's Osborne going to be big on Jack don't act that the sound like that either Clinton or. All of the tips. On how you take your conversations. Ills to another level and there are only two that I believe you've met Harris can master. Number one. Is simply passing the topic to someone else something comes up. You say Albania would he do for a living I am apiece for the Matt from early show you don't latest of the guard. You go to Ramone what's it like we're not doing you just pass it to somebody else and no but I don't say anything. Get out and now you tell us that at the ceremony went like. Let's say if we're in a conversation three and as the three we're strangers and I think bandy what do you do it yeah. It goes on a producer for our radios and. And I say well. That sounds hard. And and you ask you question about it Garcia case I am talking is that it couldn't talk though you're just you're only talking. To give someone else it's not your not I still don't an opinion yeah okay I don't let you do this you're just saying. Ramon what do you really think about that what about it while I ask you think about what he's out it is. I that is you can't handle this. All of it why. I say do you what do you think about a minute account about that both we an awkward that's out there yet does sound like I'm not sharing anything. About counting them what do you think about it. That's how can I just I got a good group. Yeah he's due for the other what is repetition. They say repetition is a way to. Switch topics about letting the other person know how bored you bar. So you start by repeating the last thing the person said about their point a bit in my life. And then you move on to something else. You'll say like whatever. Game you. Pick up the kids are kids. Whether. It's not an example. Of. Looking. At the white oh yeah. Campbell guy you know I am games Dawkins. It didn't pick him up. And you beat. The Atlantic. The birth of an amount that. Op. It isn't the reason he's reducing barriers no radiation are you examine. Them. That's kind of got a better example ain't talking to strengthen our line up a lot. Well talking your life and do it's you as strange ideas stranger a candidate say they're ninety incidents they tell anybody like to add anything about tot. Our producer Joseph my kids. And then been though has some small talk and another person you won't believe this guy a good match. PS I. It got its gay enthusiastic about salmon and then he said yeah. I don't know what they have. That I can keep parties. Our young people. What's it sound like to win your share of this summer cash storm there. Additionally that he goes on the links. You're tearing. Tune in every weekday from 7 AM to 7 PM to grab your share. Listen to the keyword then takes it immediately hit 72881. Standard message and data resupply. This summer cash store this year all hungry but your share is waiting. You certainly can't storm from Charlotte's best mix 1790 no no no link. Let's see here you know how you're supposed to. Reuse. Whatever it was or reduce reuse recycle which documents are. But I love recycling please don't like to ruin it for you to win an ax. I love that recycling. I love reducing Mac consumption. And I love reusing things don't. OK is this a condom appropriate. Thinking that. Look at that now know they DC DC says people are doing it and I guess it wouldn't let there where you're they sent out a tweet that says to stop them and now using kind of not cool. The are completely ineffective if your reason by the way. You know you could cool even. And reads like a house and then I'm sure didn't put. There's only there and the best of them now for free people. The CDC. Weeded. This we say because people do. Don't wash or re used hash tag condoms. Have fresh one for each Astec sex act that's what they tweet it. To somebody somewhere must have wondered I think the CDC just wanted to get some attention needs yeah. Been a long time since we had to bola. So their lives you know how we get back in the headlines because I refuse. Refuse to leave that there are sexually active humans. Did say that maybe some other countries where condoms are hard to come by maybe they're like yeah. I'll stop me if I. They are just making it up on personal how would you re. Roll it up. When you get it. You know that that the ruling is even those I don't get that I'd be back to rolling that. That you and it's stretched out now is like trying to Wear a shirt that you. Our share there even watch. It. Okay. In a 2012 study. Published in the journal of sexual health what the co authors who is from the University of Kentucky bandy he says researchers quote. Chronically underestimated. How complicated condom use can be. That statement was made after they found that one point 423 point 3% of respondents. Had re used a condom. At least two. 3%. Yes this a US based twice during a single sexual encounter but they were whether 1 person there I am not. And then that with a probably talking about they just didn't take it off. Down end. That's what I'm guessing you don't know about this I do this is an singles sexual. Time says. I had used economy at least twice during a sexual encounter. Assets around think and his left it on. Yeah and they rebounded as the same one stayed on. So it's a little bit different but it's still probably not yet. It's not horrible probably be doing it that way now Obama not recommend it. They describe what they do that I am using is what they describe is definitely. Re using it's not rebounding. It's reusing because that say they because they they act that you have three specific. All right and one and eight they each one of those. Should have a new condom. Or the that. Throughout its entire week I think I've. You can get a new one he's shown me that three. I mean like a like act malware something. A guy do like to point to places. According is that. Recording. You know corporate and there is still computer music files a cell phone. And then all of Qaeda is the vice is the blizzard is by guessed it hear you asking me to point to decide how I act I. I thought yeah it's and I'm Brian. The science forget how I make me I know one place he'd probably just the only amid a one has a definite. If you went from there today earth. Yeah. That's the guy down how big the background. Well anyways. The one I gave you is the worst combo. The source combo I didn't even look look at Wimbledon. And the Oakland and I was found out that easily where's Tom and I didn't I can imagine. They can go wrong not like in the incident where a guy a pat pat pat pat. It could cause slippage and it is known that day and to our viewers sent in Ireland he landed it. Bad daily app or worse combo double double double down on that. His hand men is a triple double dual yet you went and an. Auto I served and help until back to your tires the. And there's no there's nothing bad that the image of you boy did you write a play then should I go to the Internet. And by the way just in case you're I am not encouraged to. Take a vice not re use it there's a a rise in super gonorrhea. So. Watched that little use taped on Ritalin every time I think a couple of losses for gonorrhea and yeah. The at W dot com us and stuffy from ever doing it again it's all there was met Ramona there are. The status that whole bunch of rich folk he survey Ater talks here or whatever and he says it basically three types of people who end up the wealthiest. And they are just savor investors. The focus and having no debt the well below their means and invested in safe for many years bush would have done. Which I'm not going to be as the virtuoso. The best of the best in their careers. Worked for companies give stock options are owned a highly profitable part of a bit of a profitable business. Yeah that's true would he be the best best not to recognize. A two day offs. Thank you thank yemenis to do more on body but yet the other went. Thank you there's. Rare right I mean it's our Sunday right now is at it today I start being a virtuous but you can't date today and saver investor. Or diabetes or something you can you can chain. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Virtuoso you throw that around my gear and I got a good Bieber all cell. Right. Net and what are you best at best that. You know. I'm not any other job but there's some limits are suggestive. And yes too subjective. And venture wise. It's somewhat subjective but you know it Steve Jobs Bill Gates like that. Did something amazing let you know. But. Yes wherever too I assume it can be and also would have your virtuoso. At something that is not a moneymaker. Through there no idea. I'm virtuous Obama rock collecting virtuoso ride a hot day the third category three murders. The wealthiest of the three pursuit of big dream mated a reality Natalie it's a massive gain or and here's outplayed. Say investors 42%. Of the rich feet. Name you know that there's something that we also instantly Sloan said he was hit by things in common the saver investor. Low standard of living. Simply made a modest income we can do that to save 20% or more of their modest income for many many many many years oh. Consistently and prudently invested their savings are many many oh. That's one out of five I would like to teach a kid that but not parents never talked about. Taught me about money where four to know which sees his job which in my data and saying here's how not to be this way I mean I guess when that might I. Yeah. I don't look that way maturity have there was such things say for instance for a one day. Using a union and so he got something but. They have garlic I never heard about a four of one day until I was by working for seven years with the option of having wanted to says I was dumps. That yeah. You know what I mean there really anybody talking about a borrowing to ever Wear your job my mom and when I was a teenager yet but in his mom's math teacher and they started in the seventies so borrowing case. Mean that my parents about a pair answered. State employees. They may not have the option ever but anyway. That that's a deal on this. The sabers about 32 years. To accumulate an average wealth of 3.4 million dollars. Well it depends again what you how. Right yeah it's three million saga last very long every thirty. Right. I have to get dig deeper into the numbers the hell. Older people is your set and yet 39. Yet a year in your sport you know an alien not rates mean you're going to be not. And I life and Lester keep making money saved on the verge you're okay virtuoso is 27%. Other rich people that's Morton's they've investors and they took about one years. To accumulate four million. The dreamers 51%. And the wealthiest. They pursued big dreams turn dream a reality they've profited it'd. I'll dream. Dividend Benning in Syverson no new manner I now and a lot of were stolen. They but it Chinese some of them really well you will violate like iron on facing I think it's a it's they don't steal pat. And or something this as a tennis but I like somebody is say your neighbor's yeah Stanley is it okay yeah there's the truth is that is that the I got to do something. But. Bears they made about seven and a half 1000012 years. Remember a little while ago we had a read a study about millennia old. And something about it would be millionaires by his 130 whatever was in Aaron Nat and I think it's because they fall under the category of dreamers. They think they're gonna have this one hit this and we are like got out of these people. And they've also grown up with that right right. But the these are the kids who saw the dot com millionaires right. You know blue Mark Cuban. Then go from rags to rich yeah me and an act or something Y eight and they they seem. But the narrative was and I came allies these people don't. Dead right that was a narrative of that survey wise do you believe these people think they're going to be that they did they don't have a professional job but they think they're going to be you know I mean that was an but they. It was a bit lame advice. Other human beings who appear to be so what talent is. Take pictures of themselves. Out and said the card that he and Fiat and become mega stars yeah I understand. Right now the dreamers you know they're the wealthiest group at Ben did you number seven. Of the rich people who are dreamers I think that though if you surveyed people who Wear. Middle income lower middle income to below. You probably out about you know 51% there were dreamers of dreams are just terrible and awful and drag them out. Uncle. That Baghdad is at the moment during. Jack would you have to have some sort of tram matters you know your forty yeah had a job you're working you're garage trying to clone. Do you know why you. Will lobby dreamer and probably no one. Who is around you will it's bad attitude that got app. And destiny's team that we're at work toward right. Our little. Yeah but she doing I think that it also. Holds people back from. Wasn't doing OK Franklin really electricity. I've never heard allies even many word divorce don't work is rich already. On headline job yet I just saying how much of a family he really you know quit your job to build. A vast vending machine or something there are some it was my best video machine blows up I'm going to laugh in your face your 48 moved to LA to become. Actor and it's and so. We agree there certain limits on the wing. Now. I know not only limited by the dream her. And the people around then it went beyond optional. The investment of time and energy and money. They have put in time I don't disagree with the end. Made about a plot the outcome they use these successful and maybe they don't play days old lives they backpack and what percentage of people. Who have you dream. Even if it's specific dream about it an app or an invention or. I acting or whatever what percent do you think realize that dream and become the part of the dreamers rich people. Zero point 01 presents. I don't know. You know somewhere. I hardly used somewhere there's a little boy dreaming of being in radio. Yeah well aged stop. A job I don't beyond ignorant and it didn't happen ignorant I don't want to return to him about it. You're listening to all share with mess and Ramona right here are some things that have different names throughout the US. It over the roads. It's like a circle kind of has 34 exits the roundabout. That's what I would call which you call a roundabout. And the yet. Of the west they they say the west calls and round about south east basic traffic circles. I don't I had. I had not heard something evil parts of me the triangle Catholics are you know he got caught meg graphics are all eyes now. Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire they called rotary east that's. It isn't as as well you call it is not my idea that you would do anything that I do is not do is you can although there are some things that I don't. But I do you sound like the old man's underpants on its course sake it is now two kids I'm OK with some of these things okay like this one. The thing that you push the button and water comes out and you're drinking water fountain. Andy and the water fountain. Yeah some people called the drinking I I grew up wanted to drinking. Or color a lot of maybe I didn't I don't know. Again remember he agrees to let it to you what. You couldn't pay me to drink out of the water fountain now. You know you really your kid now ironic now I don't I'm develop a little immunity it. You don't realize it's not just the other day they asked they get a distant area in my experience dysentery. Visits area. The tomorrow man. Those things are old and not well maintained and chip and I didn't crap happens to. In and around them it's just their disgust how but I hope there is absolutely. I would let my kid drink out of a garden hose before I let my play drink out of a public. Water found how about laws don't but let's. Once again I would ride you drink out of the whole list then drink out of a public waterfowl viewer Thursday UN drink. No absolutely had like. No no no and Avian Thursday to have a third I don't run. I'm and it makes me sick when I am I mean I. If if there's no way other way to get water yes. I mean I would prefer like how we in the desert not only I only way to drink images it is out of what happens is not ideal. Which are in the middle of a runs on your out of water you know you get another five miles ago or something actually my kids like it's I say go for best a little one. You have. There's some sort of weird feet or something at some point. The big roads don't abide waited I've got to tell you about the water found drinking fountain in west and midwest. South water fountain Rhode Island and Wisconsin called Butler. And it lets do you agree that bubbles in a case in Hiram Arnold bubbles big road on which you drive fast. Now modes most of US calls them highways and maybe interstates. On the West Coast it's freeway. Yeah I and I happen and sometimes it's just a matter of naming. Yet again our best every way you we had young out freeway. How about the median in the pre within that the divided highway that's. Called the median right in the union us. 13% of Americans call at a median strip and Louisiana calls it neutral ground. OK we agree that stupid too I'm John have been people like you are so. High and there Owens had a median. Charles new programs and I didn't know disagreements nothing. The bugs CC a night that light up. Let me now with England my allies elective fireflies Latin minority. The the thing that changes the channel. Remote remote control or the quicker. I heard it called authorities on the Butler and I think getting used an assay remote summarizes I went up. A Lieber yes he did against either the Kurds were recovered physically remote jumping out of Christina Kim find it it's down there Rahal and the cows in this. There yes man and I jump off. This guy as I am hoping that a false from my texts and if that doesn't mind stays in the same spot please don't have that I don't have. Apple. You'd probably have one where you make your mom get up and turns to head. I heard just the rather you have to ask you for you probably. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.