Friday, December 22nd

These infestation stories will leave your skin crawling! We also talk about how to handle the holidays alone and why chivalry might actually be annoying.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to fall. The elephant now. You can say it. And that's based in anticipation anticipation it's here at best thing previously had a can't read can't adhere to promote it feels the need to shrink wrap my home now. Andrea you're about to see it came to an idea haven't already missing you right from just any others think it's fair way to still get in and out I would 704570179. Putting mr. infestation stories that Stephanie is tackle Stephanie Wales many infestation. Well I had just left my ex has done so I was a single girl Libby not my count for the first six years and I was breaking out her friend and I went to bed at one night. You and I opened my bedroom door and there were warm and and I had no idea where. About all honesty. She is lying all the op well they are my yeah they read all of climate on everything. Why did the door and I critics howl under the door open that they went out on the output that looked and I look who's. I'll opt out and I called him or the next day we went and did what would permit when we went back and all of that but said that they had pulled that we are able they're obviously that hold that it would have hurt them. And Elaine and our I need. Yes I have no idea or my would be that. So. That survey and get in you know I don't know what they eat your credit termites that. The victim in what way you move away just in the did you stay there after that. Well. Are on it would have been. Run earning about scratching like crazy out to. Well goodness that is just termites have attacked. Made it would it. I DO. That that's crazy Stephanie thank you outbound iMac. Business. Is it easy. Against the door frame right now scratch and infestations. At 70457010700. Great calls and Ramona is freaking alto is dead with the intern if she is what does that some would shower. Tethers up. I gathered. You're this was an interesting tale with two gat. We aren't they aren't I can learn English and currently have them. Oh my gosh yes and there has got to be like. Balcony 1000 dollars are listeria right but potter from. Or can put up with Syria but explain public area at a kudzu bugs or what what do they look like what do they would what's the deal. They all the third about the five and a lady bug. And they have like a little hard chilled body. And they admit different wax DDT. Mail. As a stinks yeah yeah are you get there resting blood family. They are. So that's that sounds like hysteria in soybeans in he'd been moaning I looked it up of course yeah but I. They lied to with Syria at all. But I would never put that plant right Bob Brett Bloomberg. So right now he'll not he'll go in your house it's sticks. But when they a lot of different. Why are you 'cause they are flying around everywhere all the times during the day and then they they get on you need you to smell the smelling like what is that and then next thing they don't want it will blow the song you. You up canals and there in the house. Yeah we try to catch him that we use. And on back fighter you know it smelled like that stepped in how. Whether. Ears and note. They are attracted to light colors on houses by the light to get up the matter. And we have got we have really light yellow vinyl siding if. Yeah we don't treat your door injured veterans and others tags you golf ordeal appeasing them preach and even more on three homes Michelle. How low income station. Yeah at this gonna really treat them and now. We have it's Alec Jack. Built and that in art there aren't well. It. Sorry in the house I was sitting in my dining and let's think there are a whore and I heard what kind of like running water. I said in my hands and I edit on the back out where the operatives Arap I don't think you let the water. Neither apparently let her back and that no heat and I eat. Out thinking that he met they've built a nap on the outside of how you. They were flying underneath the dining. So we put our ear up against the wall and it was like mush. Are you can hear it was and it's loud coming neatly. I had eaten away at your firewall because they've built there and asked as they are. That's the same between us and them went the whole. You. Know. It clearly. It went so kids that we could not figure out how to get it out though we aid drinking straw. And I hope it quite critical. And sprayed bug spray and it I. Pray every couple hours. And hail and yet it started flying outside until we not hearing that I think Nolan and then he literally just peeled the paint their way. And it was about twelve inches. I bet an inch an ex Taliban and Al. Perhaps. That's awesome you're out there that it yeah I don't know thank you thank you out what I think about it. We don't need to and that was and she infestation has Scott's home dash there. Well apparently a very common in the Al. Because they've built and that's at a paper. That other thing for you worry about. And when Michelle thank you to the editors felt that begs the I need a break. Your route that linked it's the most. Wonderful time of the year with the family in town that she only here enjoy everywhere bring a Stanley by holiday and I think we can make special memories on the ice plus standing stopping by on Christmas scene for a special event before he takes to disguise. Deep deep chill the Windows 7 and the link dot com thinks it's really planning Harris teeter ancient any copy dot. Into stations and on had to leave the studio for us and take it anymore and I come back in the lines or Jim jams Sam's up. Now they Sam. I got very dogmatic. I love it. EC. Are you ready Ramona. What has several. Years ago we had a belt while you're at all wall. And absorb about well why are gonna get all our system. I don't know what game. And another one we ended up ever 07. The last war once you've got holes in our ceiling and are also. It popped out in the cause it would flooding around the Edwards. Maria part of the morning out of work around like Tiger Woods without art art. It. They can't national output up baby gates output a hell of walk underneath the door and it gives them every day. Diddy did. So we're like all right. I don't know where is that we got to get it we gotta go to war connect. No I don't you can't think that. Well I didn't get very good sleep but at 5:30 in the morning I got an old war. Because while wife was greatly and as you all and the bad of a cannot get out. Yeah see I asked. That's money. Some are slow like golf glove and I got a hole in one body. Yeah and I thank you sand. I liked it weight to this when Chad is on dealer they it says next that status flying in on what snow was flying I Chad. You're what was flying. So large over here is your are really just Al. And we're Lou I'd like a hundred of its successor but go to the kitchen. There's wall to wall issuing. Cockroaches. Wall to wall or ceiling. Yeah so they're everywhere and a kitchen is combined with daughter. The dining rooms what we're bigger orders are truck mergers. Like all the firefighters all the cheers. Everywhere so I patient. Our bedrooms. Plus Brodeur called my brother. Is like architecture I don't. And I don't act and then disappeared there was clicking gone you got and a bigger titles in league. Well they were so I didn't have cockroaches before the truth is. Bed or after the incident here. Good to go putter I have thought. A letter Korea actually ended up and how do you look cockroaches. Eric corporate cockroaches are like oh no I'm not award. I automatically trigger word that we're EU. Settled maybe out there are warm arms. That I executed letter. I end up not so in the hospital. You know political week. Now that it's Chad thanks man there. I mean this is. The Laura has the air I Laura. Days when I hear another infestations are worried Ron doesn't that we. Also a matter of how. And on and how. To snowball and why am. I we know. The only day I. Am and I am not. Content. Out and eye. On. It. And I had to hang. Up. I. Truly entire. All goods. Please. Apple. Apparently. ER and who isn't us. High. Paying them. And I. Can. Opt out of indicting. Are on. Track. I am an optics here you thought I'd. Costs decent you're running reminded. Him that mob Google's III. Laura thank you Ron has really lose it I know more no mom I'm more patty iPad. Oh great tell me about that infestation. Next that you Beckham had in the mid and 1980. And we want to help. And you. And the up. The guy who bought the property go out and didn't treat delay. About six months and yet like when you look through our own anti the phone and. Which should come out. And I'd go home and I'm like look. Pretty clean. Like. Art and it's full topic it's. I freaked out at club exterminators and he can get and he doesn't cursory you know go to a lot checked everything out. And it comes back and let it go well. I hate to try and much or how would bill on true courage that they didn't play. And right now all the while forget how are Gilbert caucus yeah. I don't kkk and I'm not thinking you know let it take care. Are you simply can't you know help a couple of days yes you can say we're at all out and he come in the day you gonna do that treatment. And I'm hitting it kitchen table talking to a friend. And he starts in the kitchen. And it. The broken the law. And just. We had ordered to push your own wallpaper and in a matter that can it turn black. Why am I mean I'd started scream at army and had to carry me out of the house. And bury me. And we came back few days later at my record high and the cream parlor floor you could not out. Yeah. To Kim chicken model six months after coming out every couple. That was horrible I'm given up on. Hey thank you ads does. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio you were listening to off there with that Ramon. All right so loud status symbols we need. Fan want than most people want the one most wanted status symbol I start Mac Vinny got navigate Egypt you're going forward. Sesame you've come up with Matt one point you for. By car any got wind. Male house with. Big house house where at least 875000. Out. Returns doctored stocks turned out. Hot significant other let's go to find sorry now. And that a good one. Met back tier I can nice how about AM steel bands don't have that I'm a deal with a vacation home. Yes the second home yeah that's. Though not on the air now. That jewelry. No not on there. Giant TV. Yes fifty TV met in your talents. The at least a fifty inch TV or larger I would say Lee's absence than I can afford. A but we after a man says TV people we would look down again. Good. A big hit a big TV is the status symbol is the silliest thing ever is so I don't they Kelly. Yet shouldn't be about but that also know what pride madman takes in his TV and it's known anymore. You read about your TV more than you know Gregg county children that's true but I did it's kind of outdated. And ego under age okay ducked back to you. It's like fancy shoes. When we know that. Doc has promised that he could write yet. It is a BC news. I want the headache is gloating she's in the U I. Liked the rapper yeah. Yeah yeah. He's gonna say limb. Yeah progressive yeah. It is a minute ago the people good. You're listening our there. At what stage unlike in the hostname weeds and women couldn't make the first move. Always look. Put it maybe. Thirty. Or 29. That I got including. Actually college and in. More than any other man I wish women. Would make the first move but this is all I've heard about ballots heroes they're all just all over dudes all the time and I'm you know. Perhaps that's why the guys are open for bush to support this is Connor soul. Current college student Olympic student at ECU although I am thinking about. Venus remains X domestic. Oh. Re eyed look. Hazards are something Larry. That's a ask not long ago levee is. I don't know it doesn't know Hebert for Big Brother of the and he wants. To make it legal system. To its basic. Yeah. Apparently. They know. Ultimately at the island and evidence that it. Late yesterday and it is that. I at least try to learn radio for you and I. I did so anyway it do you wish girls anymore where the I am telling you girls make the first move on him all the time right count me it's a mix or match arms just. Depends on the the moment yes where the bet yes yeah I don't want to say yet because I don't want us out conceded on. On the why. It's it is it is democracy's not so I figured out is it that conceded he's just convinced that you outsourcing your pockets if you work and cities say the truth switches back seat of its sorrow government. Festivities there for an entity is edit yeah. It is. All on. A Wednesday. Day. Like England have been out there but I think it's what's the why don't I. Go get omitted any have you. Ever I think about it. They're. Here Big Brother your little sister. It is hard to judgment on others and me he's heard the college women. Pastor they would anywhere in my day I mean it doesn't happen as was evacuated it's pretty even that depends on. With a guy is his right did you go back everything for and translation go after the apparatus I'll thinking when you no matter what he writes they talk to you. See and ears like you're automatically. Yeah. Here in the technicals on edit college can't what I mean there was this news story umpire and Huffington Post about looking at the end media when times are I think that's it I did well when you do other men want women to make the first move. When do otherwise. Besides the college guys when two other men really want the woman to make the first move. Forties. When she is already a female rained. And we have huh. Call on how to get your female friend to make the first move one year tips next my you know my wife as my friend and first move maker. Thirty found out that. Guys want women to make the first move Alex guys make the first yeah. And the age we are and the other reason women should make the first move is here already for a. Right that's when guys want her to make the first rank because pressure's off wing and you are friends often times. One person really does like the other as more than a friend. But the person who wants to be more than friends assumes that they get shot down. So if you are guy in the friend zone and the reason why you're there is your distaff read. You have to figure out. What to do so that that's the case where some guys who may not be assertive I need to. It still needs influenza or Kyra doesn't. But they need to get her to make the first move because he might be too shy to do. When you you do the our swing the route. And do narrowing and the guy is docs and gonna do the bar Cellini rob what is the Fed doesn't go to bars and it. Yeah I'm lets us ladies. And I Arizona got a restaurant gonna be a little odd to me. So amusement park. How does that work. We get on there and. You know low. Tight. The coast area. And that type in the coastal area. I'm echo that euphemism percent or is it like right next and not doesn't need me pay them women you know you're taking the friend that. The turn all round. I go ahead in beat the yeah let's get our let's get caricatures made a bots could ask parents. Generic answers this. Right how bottlers that beef ring to her friends. You are too decided to make the first move on your friend who's a girl so what you do is you enlist the help of her friends. You be friends dammit they think your great guy. You start talking to them about your feelings. About just and I don't they will put the pressure on her to make the move. Man. As on the eyes step up that plate as either by yours yours yours it's gonna ruin it. Yes like. Either way tell how liberal it why is what you tell the chick you dig there can be freaked out if you tell your friends digger she's still going to be freaked out. Not necessarily just gonna goes side. So you don't wanna be in the friend zone. Who cares that goes sideways but rather goes straight to earn got to go sideways and if you're not the kind of guy who can goes straight and are used these are ways to help you get around that by getting her to make the first. She got she might be an aware of your feelings she might think that you're not interested that you'd just wanna be friends out. Which are not really neck and her out of her friends pretty much exercise. And also you have to remember that girls remember words and actions. So. I think you have to do is find things you have in common. Talked to her about those things and ending get a round of the fact better what do they think you have in common is that you really like each other enjoy hanging out. And I made it clear that you love hanging out with her she might very possibly make the first and yes AM. Back that stress being getter like sleep but not light sleeper sleeper you've been in the same bed fully closed. But me should your T shirt. Is going. And that is that is their friend she won't be you know is how you and getting her to sleep with you fully clothed. It's time to go to. And that. And the Internet. That way for amien. In litigator to go to bed with you fully quote. One leg attic is full. Shoes socks Deaver. It is. A radio station teacher here like our when sick part I bought 84 again and let it figures you've been to. You're Smoot magic and the bettors even if I was like people there's a pistol a bit of sexual tents. The people aren't. I don't think it. It. Yeah it's more laughs in more fun it's unfair with a match. Not it's not a lot of family living close by age what do you do for the home. Ill. Not present or serial take yet. That'll go over well if it. How about that somebody. Is bars that's been amazed at a lot of our most market closed Christmas I think it's. Just wrong as a crime. Allow those bar workers who spend time with their family about the people who don't have everything needs someone to go to somebody go to drink commiserate because that. That's up pitiful one year my brother and I were moment in my parents house and then look at that time. And if got a little. Stressful and tactics today were to go out it's bread or whatever and we. Surged in search for a bar the proposed to my Brothers and just got to my witness I know bar it'll be open on Christmas. Wow. Now you've been thinking about it but yeah. President and Birdie Putt. On the leg tie in Japan so it's. A it's hard screech right from say about it yeah. The good movie I saw a ball when. It's going. And got. I had. Many feel the yeah. All the other who didn't love the report. Anyway you old people who don't normally Jimmy Stewart called into the inebriated light truck yeah. And a big time. Shot less than to strip took out an Angel gets hammered but I should say that about one tell me these things about whatever this is. But what to do your loan Arianna. If you're alone at the holidays you don't have a lot of family around you not old mood. With a special someone. Here are some things you can do to survive the Holloway. Holly's that takes lots of run a hollow eyes it does it take a lot about the Holloway at. Holidays and a sport year round for that matter as those of Freudian slip of ever heard on but it's something you have done. To survive the holidays yes host a party for streets because chances are not the only person who's on your own public deal ironies. I invited you guys he strays. Thanks giving us through a man like makers Rosie thing I invited you guys you'll think you're straight to feel good about ourselves a you think you don't. We think he got ourselves that way and you are. I was over and you didn't judge aren't there any. Yes I don't think it was right does that at the ballparks that aren't Thanksgiving anybody's a straight come on like as a good thing yet. Heard your classmates your friends your neighbors find out what they're doing it are there other people were on their own. Hosting get together that's perfect that is great idea and if you don't have a lot of money to host to SP something they don't care. Just wanna be with other people that's cool on the other great thing to do with volunteer. Not cold day but yet since it's been. If there are soup kitchen you know better especially busiest holidays. Great idea amount but it. A hotline idea that's a good idea. And how about making care packages. Momma you can do care packages for your loved what I care packages for the troops care packages for people are nursing homes depressing. Take care packages for other people on my criticizing a sitting by yourself making things for other people are lonely. I does he do that before Christmas the troops are gonna get under these old people are gonna get it you better just. That would be just for Christmas. I don't know maybe that you might like to hear from some other time I know you are great yeah yeah that's good or maybe people wearing Jersey. If we only give. Great they're trying to say how. How to survive like Christmas Day I thought and some mistakes and around that you care packages may have a lot of boring in our hard earned sad. A better you know Megan days things are old people or something instead of wow hundreds of I. But bottom. But in Zambia and I was gonna say something good about that word I'd like sending things to people it's good idea. Yeah. Does not agree AAK okay listen soldier. The soldiers miss now that fit. God I didn't mean mommies elegant jerk could do. It. You're listening to off there we. And Ramona do you Knight in shining armor to be doing this article says yeah. It's easy to ship. First they follow both Paul they say it. He raced ahead to get the car door. For her the first of many doors of your opening your world chivalry is not then it's a lot requires you to open every single door ever will. Women don't expect to be a dorm this article says in fact they can be downright annoying. Doing something in between not a nice shining armor or a slob but it gentlemen what I tell you up your mind ladies prefer. Those and I have had this conversation because on one hand I love the visa door opener. On the other hand especially in the summertime when he want to put me in the air it's hot I feel like that Africa the dog it's been left out the car outside his pet Smart but don't don't close the door. Do not close the door on me in the window little what do you. See. It's edition water would we even have this discussion because he's he really likes doing. I hate and then you are just a bitchy league pitchers and when you're making ally now. I refuse to sit in their wait for you to walk around Sarah. Not sit you know put me in that car and I can't win. No argument feel that way and you like you like a single. That door opener on our on a car I'd do it and I do appreciate me most times of the year I don't just not during the summertime never gonna open a cart. These fairly open the company may pay me. And I don't and it is highly. Instead he had reason people open doors back in the days because you had actually put the key in their turn a lot I got. Get down on yourself. That means me getting yeah. Seriously I think it is. Has always told us it's an old we old you just get at least about a code over Colorado in January there. In my day you know when put a coat over a I doubt but it is still mice that there is a guy who's willing to give up his jacket when your chili or argue that a guy who lives I don't object well. Run over to give the door for you all that. It does not accord dork but I'll do regular doors by doing that for every person male female in eight colors. I don't understand why you draw the line. Because it's silly urged the ball I'm winners. She's thinner could put a music I don't wanna have to sit here a lot like all the way. Around you know what I get the damn restaurant it is not a lot of product line that couldn't paint he's got one leg into the alarm at. Her that I. Would ask women up to the rest run gas needs and writing their report beat dads sent it yet and I'd get a card at home. You do I don't waste a second I've been. And you're listening to all there with. I mean top ten most wanted status symbols Matt has mainstreamed in these wine dot none. You have the house for fifty inch TV or larger the second home and the sports car. You know leave its met stern again. I'd map I would think it that the other would be a guy you travel. No Indy I vote. No doc swimming pool. No movies dies. It's just a little. Oh there. Benefiting him it was again dot watch him way too many rap video it is here is great big men are right we're gonna Eilat you know now. OK number three was an iPad. It's ridiculous. It's now ipads. Number four was a six figure salary. We tell me iPad. Is numbered them like. There's three most wanted status symbol and it's over six figure salary yet. That's says it is. Everybody and even many people and expect a similar Cindy your kids to private school I'll give you that. Next up having staff. A nanny off a cleaning personal garner ad be a dog walker a personal trainer. While Kate because if you're including all those people personal trainers thought as owning fine lines. Okay that's got to go above. That goes above the iPad due course. And number Tim I think is just down I mean it out wink like Rolex Watches and Prada handbags and Louis Vuitton luggage number ten. Personalized license plates well. It's absurd. It's we're talking about this now now the plate says I am rich. Your tool that's that's what this man and Ramona and the links bringing another great artist. Went into the night knowing prevented intimate night. Even grammar April 7 that the bill. Grammar and he brings his. Good parts Port Charlotte when your. Now at 17 on the link dot com and guys like to punch me in the face. Of a I was here and it lead there but they asked man on asks men the survey if you can get away with you punch a colleague in the face. Now. What presided thinks that yes. I'm hoping it's low like maybe 12%. 80%. Said Vitale that scares me bandy. Nobody in here dot which you what are you thinking of that of that and that's that's up. You could punch a colleague in the face what percent said yes. Like forty. Basically if this is what 39% 5050 split. Q my eye ambled in the end I think it means half. The people in this room and appoint somebody in exactly what Indian got a bid on what would you ever since I think I 80%. They want to do it doesn't mean they're going right right right. Later on in this room as one budget in the yet and I can banks on the Mona more than half human. Exactly I've got my name a few but I well. I think dot weighed down our employees. Of possible pointers via. Well I believe doc is number one I believe dot has a secret hitless. And he at some point has wanted to punch each and every one of us in the face he just never talks about right here where we don't know but inside he beat the crap. Now we have date dreams about putting people on the back of had a that's ever got to tell you I didn't like people look him in the eye. I'm back at this point that it's crippling event. Thank god I'm. Yeah when you don't. And move not only that. Great hand back and now. I am raised. You know not a man paralyzed but I agree. That. Don't with a grain stamp dot an egg in the greens but it didn't drive the. Guys are mean. And now I think about it after. All the people he wants to the back. We wanted to got to respect the people at the station. You are telling him how to do it so that there's an old I'm glad I got papers into the 80% of guys have thought about it. Intern John who has he's to use student I view. Bottom up onto one of us. That nine yeah I haven't. You have been dropping. My back and night. I don't feel safe. I want to look at my. It is if. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote chicken the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.