It's Okay To Say No

Wednesday, September 13th

If you don't wanna hang out with anyone, don't feel guilty about it! Char Meck Schools also has a new lunch item that's turning heads, and we freak Matt out with an eye-scraping video.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to our. There's always been listening to the podcast downloading. Let's describe in your hand at telling your friends are. Energizing when you say you know. An invitation. It was about five years ago on here you know get. Yeah it's and every year team of the decade of no it's still evolving still evolving now I don't with the Dalai wish I could say that. I Sanyo and I. I don't say no line more than I should they know a lot more. People into new drilling in our times and I just I put off the no. Mayo eventually get it on and I'll put it off. Where should just gravitate. Okay automate. Yeah you know I'm a hard time saying it. Immediately immediately yeah I'll think about it might David views that would never want to know later. And that eventually get. Mystics. Ads refer to do know via text are something and I do know faced based. The other noted my name's many years and I'm I calorie yeah I am a tower. And I'm ten like that didn't get your message I'm not a guy you know. And I'll wait until restaurant I know that no has expired yet you know there is there is truth to that. Ignoring the email art. To my defense give everybody's you can't ignore somebody Gmail noticed in me. You simply can't we know you can look at this at a cabinet mass attacks masters the prominent xmas. Time. It is I look at it right I don't respond right away maybe an attack on something. And it doesn't like him a message thing doesn't happen a little what he called this next little circle with a number energy. But the thing it tells there's one message like notification. Icon that I vehicles backed. The distance of that one message right as soon as I look at that met one message now say zero messages I'm more remember that there's messages I need to respond to. So we should have a combination of once you read and when you respond to you. The sooner zero is not no marks on message right that unison needle handyman somewhere forget that I need to respond to something and I bring up my messages may be it's like 78. But he had to do this. All makes sense to me. I'm really a serious. You could delete the messages that you've already read or know. No good and I talked to those people somewhere someday I need their attacks I need I don't want to delete them because Amy might wanna say something else to a Sunday. Why yes you delete a message from your wide open at some point you might need to yeah it's out here why I went all these names here I don't have to find them. Like it like to press a little I usually know I'm not kidding. I don't I don't delete people in my doctor again available. You couldn't let go to your phone. And send a man at an original message to Amy you all you can only respond. Can original. I don't want to have to press the little saying it in price and type in the name Amy inserts foreign all that stuff. You don't mean. Certainly probably days you haven't your phone. The jets is that in asserts like right there that I have to aim at the spell my name me where I have a favorites we do see it. A button and there's name but I have a lot of faith that would drive me insane if I'd never deleted Mets error people who texted me. But this is a badges and there I don't care. Well I don't got any mistake you -- a jig TV guy I don't know that has been I'm Gerry Butler and another terrible on TV guy. TV I don't know his name is a guy in his TV yeah TV I don't know his name. I don't think you can attack. This is going to know this is vital to at and TV guy. I'm I need TV guide on the road and I would no attempt put them under. And I I am now out. You dentist on TV and they're saying gee you while we give me this when you have big change. That's it doesn't make sense delete that. I talk about the Eagles game with like three or four bodies. I delete that and got on tomorrow and again which that make sense okay and keep the jet on windows makes sense of tech you're part of a group chat. And I just keep that on their side on the reset and goodness that lit in you make a group text and say Manhattan Anaheim and every time has an idea that's a lot of Orleans there legal bloody known that's a lot of work and then again and are all that stuff. It's I imagine the chaos of your there's chaos odds are that only talked to look if you scroll down here. I talked about three people. Oh well it's something I'm. It's just did what you've got. It because it doesn't treat for applies to if it's below six I won't see it. And right now I got to teach a few TV guys don't look at Scott and I know that. And aiming at a pentagon need to send me a message to Canada now I'm down to eight. Man now I do want to you have to actually typed it and because I don't know how loud you might be laughed out of group changed yet there today it is it's it's it's it's. I never thought about leading. Never crossed my mind look none. Where they don't have never neverland bus and I delete them then I won't remember dad talked on Sunday. You delete. A text for me. You won't ever remember that but never have the talked to me again yeah. Okay I thought. It makes total net backpack exactly how you're being. Again okay well. Okay and I don't it was a TV guys Wear them right now it's. Anyway don't say well Lagarde and I was a stop apologizing when you say no that's our start ago. The bullet that you sums of you'll say now oh. Moms. Sorry Larry but you're a text messages down that is that they found out that that doesn't get only scenes they expand now about my Eagles die and get the TV guy and DV I didn't think they got mustard it I'm Gloria and I good Nancy it right. Right so. Yeah. And no I never thought about eleven delete these so anyway. No does not lessen the blow they did a study to does not lessen the blow it to soften the blow the rejection. And also some in most scenarios. Either rejected people feel worse. They they feel worse. That they have to forgive. Reject who are. Before they're ready so you say on how I feel saying now you say no I'm sorry to me and then I'm like. I still feel bad plus now I have to feel guilty about even ask because. She sad and sorry I got picker upper spirits. Up. Like a free lunch and sorry cars. He can't find your text message and values below seven forget about it mountain mark pike doesn't follow these companies spectrum center October 17 and it. Now or never beginning. The link is not just getting you win this. Halsey we're giving you any day Hank. Halsey. It's 123432. And hold these new album hopeless counting them and you the end to win a pair of tickets and meet and greet passes from this isn't getting you up close and personal with your. Favorite artists when a 79 delaying my dad Twitter handle asthmatic. Matt Harris won seven of things that nearest 107. Mountain which there's. Ramona all of which are his friend Eddie O'Brien Andy won a seven. Well it's you know is Kerry got thousand Caylee grassy yeah carry the grass and so you wanna hear the Twitter stating a prep but the gap. Also in the FaceBook page is new CMS once meg yeah. Has come out social media as a buzzing. Which who knows what actually basement where it. Observers saying that this lunch menu item is. They show our machinators. Show our machinators. And on that particular day you have your choice by the way of meat cheese ravioli and bread sticks the chef salad or the charm reckon it. Damages it ships to finish it under epic. I don't know I think may get you on many sees ravioli or Sharma can hitter but anyway what is this tarmac and Nader you ask. Sharm machinators. It is basically buried cheesy. Meatloaf a giant meat stunt which in season yes. See MS that was a recent what is it they said it's delicious that's what it is. She's baked in catch mpeg dock like a meatloaf sandwich. Notes can't have me our chief throughout the mile of little ketchup on top element. Sounds great I'm not a big meal actually not to get and that's the whole point that's but I tell you though I'd I don't they haven't ever order or have ever ordered me love my life. I'm an enemy of my dad loves ordering meatloaf my dad does too he has a place in Charleston. They don't always have me love when they do have meat loaf I call my dad don't let me. He then I Baghdad. Because they sell out so quickly. There's a place in the near the station years. A burger company and I have to. Drive very quickly by because of my mom remembers she wants to go there for meatloaf. Read I don't even like meat and loath being in the same sentence olive life. That's even worse as we are Collins giving the fan Betty LEM let. Idol ever really go to restaurants to have an on the menu gas that's an old people thing. By and I didn't like old you Salisbury state and my mom is not a restaurant item for me now my mom when make cat. Meatloaf and hated. I know just as sound cheap ice. Yeah -- I tried to make meatloaf not too long ago and it never did low (%expletive) that's where else of people use us to slap somebody and mantle's. Never do that when nobody went for lunch meat loaf and and they slapped it and BP. I don't have manageable at that and I'm going to venture to say that was a man to man and his friends saying I don't think that was universe ever even heard and as me. Lo and I'm anyway CMBS. Did debuted and elementary middle schools. At least a slogan as. Real bits of cheese and everybody is one of the things there's a video. With music. They're really soundness and when that clip of Will Ferrell and wedding pressures remember woody he lived in the basement he screams god. We love but he says that. It was edited out. That sees a Rouse FaceBook mixed. Negative side absolutely disgusting and shame on you come. That's why I'm a vegetarian at a vomiting him OG to some of the examples. About how many of OG that's that's that's the shame on you richest. Some people are excitement and another poster on Twitter said cool school lunch commercials back CU LOL. When gave thumbs up after taste test I just a dot dot dot yum exclamation point. Kids like to Tuesday you never know the test will be the second time they serve. This. I'm glad I'm just glad kids have a choice. What do you mean does that rejoice. Yeah we had a choice I didn't do I think they have a choice if indeed he did say they have ravioli ravioli. And an hour south terminator the ships out yet. Kids go for the salad at a ravioli or not collective yeah and bill never taste right isn't socket is an out pizza and French Fries every day if they couldn't. They're gonna go meatloaf or patio. Or not it's. In my view. Some people speculated it the result of superintendent Clayton will Cox's decision. The higher shaft Jody Francisco. A husband about Cox chief of staff. And efficient. And it's a newly created job so I guess is laying down any yeah. I easily create these jobs newly created so this guy gets his job new job as a superintendent I call foul hires. This woman. As the chief of staff great job for the husband. As culinary development manager who makes 85000 dollars a year. And today. He he's he works for the school gardens. Promoting healthy eating and working make school meals more appealing. And then I see nothing how relentless Arlington or user renaming it. And it's a more media does a little bit how you say yeah yeah. We mean we can do that would trail mix a college let Mona protein eater yeah. Where she's at the vendor is one he said you know find a clever name. Meatloaf was not the word we wanted to use a little antiquated. The eleventh grade that's true. It did your will and Taylor sounds like something that's coming into the schools to kill you know we've hired the shot making a nadir it some people are saying it got to rip off of the Wendy's bacon and they can later yet. And delicious but at least. Bacon Nader tells you what's in a start it later. Think it well I mean the word now does word has spread people are talking about it. It's a watch and video meets federal nutrition guidelines the same as a cafeteria cheeseburger and I know it assail Richards on a whole grain mine. So they did the whole grain but yeah David again see amass and by the way September is childhood obesity month. It's all fair with that remote goodbye to. Now when it's guys say oh my god she would drive them. Did try to nose hair wet and only one. And it was head I've thought about it honestly I've. I'm about knows yes yes I have just tried to. Yes to pluck one nose hair and he makes you why bait doesn't mean trying to debate why would you want to wax your nose ears. Miserable pay. It has to be but I thought about it. Beat but I realize it's probably not good for readers need that Ceglia a little sunny days there in the end. On but I thought maybe just this little like you know when he was called at the very bottom of the inside of that house. One little spot right there but I'm thinking it would hard I pull them out anyway and that hurts just keep doing what you do with yourself. I. I got a much better need to seek professional help for your nose ears I bags I honestly thought about when I go in there to get my eyebrows done. Exceeds you do that the nozzle don't mess that is the other place on the aerial listeners thought about different you know you can't ask. Ads that. You would be this super freak of great clips. If they don't do I don't even use I'd asking people to whet your nose enjoyed nipple. Leg he's not your I think somebody's bad day and I think it's yet happened. There are a box about and I can guarantee the next time you have an appointment. That providers. Husband or boyfriend or brother will show the fifth. I'll take care of myself I'd sell but not lax. So what this guy. Well there's a barber in Shanghai his one of the few barbers in the world still practicing the age old art. Am I bald shave Aaron. For those who don't know in my Internet class. I have a major eyeball problem. And I phobia or something it. I hated. If I could never watch him put there contact sand. Some people try to put their finger real close to their guy on the watch him or myself and I know our our. You know I think it first started was I love you guys when you're a film classic ballad. They make you watch out really really old old old movie where they kind of go outside. Now alone when I started. At a lower even as it was it was like in the movies like when the first movies that are out goats I got to go to side. Like a big part remembered those I don't know why I I didn't want you to all the young guy it was like what I'm just very weird to me was really old. And your iPhone OB a began I don't know I don't know but that's used to sing your Theres no we don't want I just curious if you. Now now but. The IRB. No I had to start before then because they know I could as it could be allergies and executed and putting in. I drops possible. Possible and I would try to dump my my nose roll man. I'd still do that so anyway I shaving and. What is the 62 year old puts sharp rays are right on your eyeball. And scrape off any dirt and residue that might out there to keep away infection. Okay you guys aren't freaked out I things but would you give me that is creepy Almonte I even looking at the picture because in a still shot. Right beneath the headline there's a picture of the razor. Right. You know Ab are about to touch the eyeball and just looking at a picture. Makes me cringe so I get it I'm not. You know like you are when it comes to eyeballs. Out right I don't understand how you are able to. You keep your eye open for that because I've had my. I had eyelash extensions put on off. And it's hard enough when you have them put on what your eyes open like just keep your I hate. Trained on a specific spot on the ceiling that if you don't see somebody come match you with something because now. Yeah it's possible not to blink again. How do you not blink while someone is yeah yeah I ball is. Yeah is that takes some major control and it's not running a man to paste and pay to go ahead. Guys been to and at forty years he said that he swears he's never injured anyone. They just shaving of the ID call anyway back to the opposite. It started in the twentieth century. To treat her coma. They use it that it's a bacterial condition. The most common infections cause blindness in the world. All right boy ulcers and scar tissue under the for coma patients eyelids wolf in stimulate the guys enough to sick Crete illiquid that would voice in the ice. I'll I'll I'll naturally we've come up with a lot more or send a sanitized and hygienic way east deal with this. Issue a end but the guy says he's got. Over fifty customers a BC's on a weekly basis. Men out there fetish people. This I think. It's not a punitive and so winners. There they don't know it's a banana paste a page and I just try to Google the movie I saw with codeine. I think that's what it was learned this and I found this move as Salvador model Dali movie from 1929. Maybe that was in the block that out. Even look at it it's it's a razor to a person by slashing open. It's it's unbelievable to go I didn't I don't know maybe imagine it was ago but I still think it's on go guys there's a Salvador Ollie at Dolly guy got hit edit ticketed guests are just try to. This Google dirty freaked out on each year and and a dole do. I see it. Then I'm good it's sort of like fourteen seconds. And I thought okay. I don't want to but I realize what it was I think in my using goat in the real thing I think that's what maybe they did. Yes I think maybe that's like a real thing like in the real psyche you know believe they used a bill Iverson he I think they cut away your right it makes sense because. Go guys dehumanize couldn't look any more different. No I don't know something's messed up though. I'm gonna put the coming days ago he is. Maybe you just have taken about a goat so I would not priors on like I. Did a I think Christie says he appear that yes it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramona. Biggest. This can't think his bedroom pet deep. As I told you it's not snoring it takes a minute number two Bain he guessed it which was hogging the blanket number one. Reduce snoring number three tossing and turning number four. Pass in the gaps the old Dutch ovens. My guess don't have to make a Dutch oven does they didn't have to ask are you being obnoxious when it and I don't know. OK I did. Out of things that you mentioned. Which ones are you most guilty out our are you. Going along with that order that you gave. I do all of them except for passing gas. I've been known on the might of been not on purpose and attention. Snoring. Unintentional what's happened busting attorney. And and I don't pass gas secretly met overnight. Coordinate our interdisciplinary even though is that those league record is Louis BB yes no no I don't do it. As I don't know what did you do on purpose of a black eye is so bad answer I but I do all of them Teva the gas even when relaying their watch TV and do it again. Eighties okay. Let users in Atlanta with a runner under the sheets the bus loving and you have been known on the blanket like meeting yeah. My life on policy snoring is little worse and worse. You have a seat that machine and the I don't Wear it happen closet. You are yours not not. Using the I there is a way to address this issue you do is choose not to. Yes yes pretty much it can't argue that where that saying man is it's just wake up and another Google seemed aware. They don't work comfortably and I'm guessing must you'll get it and where buffalo allowed in particular we it's just it's not just as the architect was Patrick. Either way snoring. Have a humorous or your arm on and of that and I used to be a matter anymore now that until. Honda by how many people losing businesses. I am willing to ignore that question how did you hog the blanket. Blanket. I sleep. In a very small area out on the corner of the bet I do I think on the edge of the bed. And I only sleep on. On a queen size bed I take up probably. A fourth of it. The gap a third tops as writes in his just are meant edge and I'm not a toss a return so you don't mess up your hair. Don't want to mess up my hair and it should definitely wanna mess of the sheets too much and the varied Miriam theory. Precise sleeper. They've Amy sleeves alone in the dead. It's so easy to make a bad when you don't it's little clip of the corner I sleep in the bed you've got to redo the sheets like to guilt tuck them in the corners and all that because I've been ripping them to shreds. Yeah I edit in all that only children slept that way. Then I'm trying to carefully kids can wreck a bed they're all overt there. I thought our main. Kind of grew up in you're sleeping habits. Well tossing and turning and hugging hogging the blanket kinda go hand in hand if you start spiraling. Like rolling. And yet in the bottom but mommy your cocoon or something. Next thing you know you swaddled yourself you should. A young guy and I. Have. I haven't that's why it's like to Wear a shirt today Mary help me out what carried out via a sure bet is you're definitely get a caught up in certain bad. In bed wearing a T shirt. I gets quiet I got caught in trap sometimes. They should. If you pitch that didn't let her commitment and you get rid of trying to get trapped natural. Are you comfortable. In all practices your leg had been pledged not a pig not you all can't sleep at T sure am. Trapped as the wrong word but definitely. Restricted. Like some idea on this lever something in. Inmates because it's amusing when a bigger teacher to bed say. India caught in can't go anywhere like you just have to work that movie and finally it's an open road off you know I thought you were. Random weird issues or restricted to being awake loosened. Now thank you even know how you get through so and they don't have it on rap but here's how I. I've ever read our whole path. It's not PS uneasy and they don't have. Do you have on there excessive night's tragic as let me just and so does not on the line and may remain aboard. And imagine Florida's title and that is just a you problem can be everything I got my arm images or sounds like a distraction. But he gonna do this again adds yeah. Yeah some lotion over there. Eller something and I am the attitudes edits. We areas and that's not good worry it. And it started imagine that your bed is just filled with just the it's it's not a family crowd plays and some bad. And it's going to be a male head of tightly in Italy on the lesson learned certainly friendly. Ever want to out of the getting. More podcasts and get a draw a diagram. I. It's off there was that Obama. And of course it's doctor here's to food you can always has a bunch of FaceBook pages Anderson I. I always thought Bryant's very dark trousers there is a damn thing yes on the mat motive page. Which is how the dispute Denny's as a mascot writer menu mascot. They came up when it actually looks like up and yet the cycle what. I actually looks at a group. And it looks like a slow. But it may well you can Brandt Ayers is I don't. Look. At what color this is do you prefer never shows up in my time. On and so there's little controversies that group where an attack. And we proposed sausage. Yet all you don't. Come on yeah. Yeah yeah it's it's. And that Alan and our FaceBook friend Eric but mr. hanky is moving up in the world yeah yeah. This and says. Battery that wants to Denny's turned spent all morning sleeping over a hot available to make it act act act act. But it's worth a look at that matter to face it a peck on questions you should never asking a first date. One is not crazy Arian. You follow that up some guys believe and I don't date a lot of crazy people here not one of those are another one of those actors. That tells me that you daddy issues. Because it might have been too crazy people that tells me you're attracted to crazy people out there and you are probably crazy years mound today. May be Alice sometimes you get a bad run when it's only one person eyelash growth trade. Don't want asking are you crazy you're on the first day and you're talking about your crazy ex girlfriend because that's almost got attacked. Especially and yet he's here saying don't Liberia but you'll say. You fins I have dated on match dot com. I have made a joke or two about well you know. Hopefully you're not a serial killer yuck yuck yuck that's solaris product of what you expect to accomplish by that one of the guy says yes I am. That was you look at voice and it's time to tell but he's just joking back with the here I'm looking for him to make me feel more calm Durham. All I don't know how how do you want him to respond to that yet what's your what's the response you I hear you I'm not a serial killer. That's for Ted Bundy and gradually said. Yeah and some things up and I am a serial killer or could you'll never guess who's in match right now yes. You never know because I'm able slip like that you know not. Now lying crazy news not stories about. Now yes we have people on a dating site gone. I was serial killer. As though I have five heads in my freezer. That be funny became back when that like. Now not I don't know what how many cops on the like comedy constitutes cereal can. Something like that and I think now they're being EU joke he gets a joke. Execute small animals with a kid I'm cute but I'm not like him the respond to a joke with him very serious. I assure you mock scenario to. This. Little banter had a terrible and it. Yeah he's terrible at it you. You think. Telling me that you are serial killer is better as a good comeback to. Are you are used here against serial killer I mean. Yeah away and read it then my first reaction would be a joke back. You have to joked back yeah after that it. To answer our serial killer. Because I assume you're joking. And that's your kinda sense of humor. And I think you're serious are you really consider me a possibility. But you're like I'm thinking you're a weirdo perhaps you're paranoid and other guys what that I finally paranoid. Which you got the worst way sniffing out of serial killer. I think that in the movies and I don't. I'm gonna ask the guy are you a serial killer yet did you get married did you kill Jane do you feel Sally yes Israel suspect first you know does wonder on the streets. Aimlessly and mayor sillier serial killer. The fact act act you are not supposed to stand start out on the first date with where do you see this relationship going. Makes it seem desperate and and polish in a rush and stressing out the person. Who lasted. It's pretty we've put on someone first dates. One to bring a relationship on the first day yes period yes lets us where it's going are you okay without I want. You wanna bring it up now oh OK okay I can soar high you're doing now has an idea I mean and the state they're in their idol I don't think you know we're gonna make it this meal right the way you've been going I think that you're Nixon bit. A bit of the kinda marry somebody after the first date. If I assure you I'm not. I will not marry you after the first day I don't. Very recently make joke to a guy about. Having kids on the first day. They say it's not a that you're not must say you went active the first day. You asked now I made a joke about it I didn't net away here's your okay here's what's Iraqi joke did. I bet you want a lot of kids got up. I assure you I don't look young children to death. The worst cars. That aren't terribly well god and I don't sit there on out. Yeah tomorrow yuck yuck you're gonna have to yuck don't need it don't. I don't have the answers seriously just to reassure her that he does not. He is not a serial killer and yeah and every night and asked. Oddly enough this guy has not as me out for a second day what was your joke. I say it again. You've used these said he has. A daughter. Who's an adult message so we did together immediately you wanna start where united syncing gigs. Our little broom ball there. And I. And not only you throwing it to the united throwing Saxon. Ha ha that it's sex and I did so it was. So is very awkward he Atlanta in the leg EU wide kids like. No we did together right series he don't wanna make kids. And you Nadal ha ha I mean he was he is very young and very uncomfortable yeah I didn't think. It. Here's the you know my ship has sailed right now honestly I'm Joseph he. No known on obviously. Obvious it's not to do a lot of things going your face in there and well I might not be about Q is it you're saying so as soon as Leah gob gonna start doing it. So we're gonna work I make it to add to sounds like we're going to be having sex. Well obviously. And something's wrong. Huh huh because it and they make these stupid list where people like like what's your favorite sex position. And now Mac fans that outrageous talk to Baghdad and on right away certainly talked about having kids who say are you said there are many ways to have it really is a joke about a sex position right. Yet but some people think it's funny or great way to break the ice. Yet I assure you I only endure religion and I didn't. Not only handled this and didn't in this today. I still think he's you know I think to be funny the guy is I eat you like it like as. Ounce or Tom and and that it does this do always blazes. Now that now that would be funny and that I would not find that guy funny I would find that guy Dick Durbin I can't yeah. Guys stand that he wouldn't think that I owed anything ever in life. Amid much worse than a guy jokes about because. Yeah actually that. How about you always today. I figured out that I was going to be a joke. Photo by joked about it he's. And never get them that's not a minor league to let me share. Mac not a hot air pocket really. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.