Karaoke Team Building

Tuesday, April 24th

Could you imagine singing karaoke to bond with your coworkers? We might know a thing or two about that...


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening go off there with the remote. Team building a psychological explanation guilt stereo. Steele good endorphins if you are supporting me indie games in surroundings the path of listening you don't get to feel good into a fast you have to. Doing it. Because no one of the things as of may eight karaoke that you feel are connected in the basic humans. OK but also. And it's also. Strangers who sang community choirs. Binding quicker than those who dated last mused that a creative writing or artsy craps. Learning the song and sounding good. Made a break guys more easily and just two hours a singing and they belt together. That dark matter noted he's only needs it and you say for two hours two hours certainly our core it's a okay garage area. Yeah I know your boss whenever you wherever your working right now. Bob and counting. Reverend less. We're gonna do for our team though they were you saying that stuff. According to give our regards how many tenors how many tatters altos we have. We could find places to reform nursing homes and such laden any way to people do our way I don't more than to Iraq it's isn't. We don't need to we don't need it I'd ruin the elderly day with our C yeah they've all got a few hours lap I don't need them taken up by house. And I just. I. Have a man Ramon a chorus. You'd be called the remote of course there's just a minute. And Andy both sing on the and we need more love. Barbershop quartet in the past have said yes or get a meddling in amounts to a black and actually let off notes come out of his. You would hope so anyway you know what I mean I am easily the worst thing in a group. So of the karaoke also besides that singing together the setting held very social and mingling it's it's it's conducive to mingling IDR today. You sang a song like that song. Eight. Had this or you know you're and you can kind of you don't want to stay and watch somebody you didn't you know probably talk about your songs beat. So that helps to you about to remember that value recognizable songs. And that's a key small song choice plays a large role it'll take the the song and no windows especially with slots. And especially his duet. It there's a rules. Need to go. From me I don't know SP that's the Mona just said. Slow songs unless they're something everybody can make fun like maybe islands in history that you can mock nobody knows that song. Until you do urge you do that is not meetings on eleven mocking saw no one series seriously anymore if they do they should be booed yes. I. Don't understand are you serious. You don't understand how easy and horrible that is I love that song no it's not cheesy nor is it our business is she is an ironic song if you Willits I guess it would Pollack. The song where people. Sing it to laugh baby when I make you there was peace unknown I sent out to do you with a fine tooth colored. The thing about it. Pretty much any Leary exit like Monday night's debate was bound silly at a dead you don't find you and. At the diamond industry and that's what we are we you call in between how can we be wrong sail away with me to another world. And we rely on each other well. That. Thought as a duet with either through. If we did it hilariously. You can't do that song citizens please that'd be arson case. 87 and early eighties early days. Habits that are missing that had Dolly wider world or whatever called Dolly world what is it called Ali inland valley probably not only led 1970. When it re. A late known and not get us thrown 83 okay all right yet. So I get a prior Banda from the parking leisure mocking even Dolly type box Colleen Kenny won't even know how song it exists now they won't. I I dare your marriage tries to get serious and personal trying to find somebody who sing it with gay that is my issue I pack. On these adorable lovable lot you know resonate with a room. Also about the karaoke psychology is there help you overcome a fear of getting in front of an audience. In escapism and tumultuous world. And then for some reason this person who's some sort of psychic person that's like six psychologist therapist whenever. As he is an example Alanis Morissette you ought to know. At a cap to the audience attention and answer any attention has very out of all the songs picked out that's not a good choice for karaoke that you. I don't think so either. And I and hostels not very funny it. Pays critical as more. Yes. They aisles as a date Julia because he's got from family or a full house. Joey. Allegedly she sang about a might be official yeah but do you see her new look no type in. Alanis Morissette. She got out a pixie cut and glasses. She looks. Police say yes it now looks like he stepped down in 1972. Yes element Helen Reddy they're not as. As it's when I first Soledad like Jesse this is an in and out right away. Because you've got the only. Chains or nothing at a batter now no now see no ceased Julia. That's not so obvious don't get it yet this. So it but that's why everybody on net and on the Yahoo! and Google are saying can you recognize his former soccer. I grandma have that same chain on her and yeah you're listening to all of there was. OK thank you listening to school. I think he was sharing comments even cooler. Also you haven't gone to the mat and Ramona FaceBook page and liked in solitary go to the individual matters and Holloway. On. Up there you can find things live like this command injection. Well that's weird that's how. All men sin factory there it could be interpreted a few different way now an injection in the manner in man's injecting NN again and this is about getting a mile flight Channing Tatum it's plastic surgery guys are having now or there having kind of lip injection. Kinda like intakes and stuff from around there sailors and violence and you get county lips like Channing Tatum Brad theater players guys say oh smoldering thanks smoldering face. You know I didn't their that is what what would. How old. Like what kind of friends are you. You have that you can tell them you're gonna go get them a macho mouth is yeah and they don't completely repeater shreds and he he made lightly I don't know those people. Yeah I don't know if people you're. I know a lot of guys. I have a lot of guy friends. And while. The only guy friends I have who would tell me that are my gay guy friends. Yep and even a week ago march him out probably. They are just go we don't get nap whenever. And plan to color it. I think at least one of my knee gave out friends would say much a mouth like I would mind of someone said they were getting some work done or something a guy but I mean it's like a lot of room and it's. It's a good thing to do. But the much amount part is that really the parts that certainly Libor or do you say specific celebrity. Anytime you say you wanna look like a specific celebrity yeah with Purdue plastic surgery I think your little Coca. And yeah and there's something you know whenever you hear about that you look on the Internet to find these people have gone like wait too far. Like human Ken doll Narnia Barbie you ask people you know ahead or even on as easy their ridiculous win. It just is not ridiculous in practice but it just sounds stupid when a grown man says. He's trying to look like another grown man yes yes it is even worse idea. Even though. In practice it's okay but yet to win at one of my guy friends said he. You know he once did Wear a cool teacher in the teens like Darius Rucker the continent that at or Bruce Springsteen know sounded really. And I couldn't. Where that I wish they could but I can't wish you connect again yeah I wish I could it yea but I do apparently. It every single day. If you look like you're wearing and graphic tee in jeans it and haven't this is that minute summary I don't seems cool says there and maybe if I was on stage it's saying. Play guitar. No but I'm I'd start small start with the teachers' aides that'll work up to having talent you've been wearing a T shirt that he. The last two years that I know I don't feel like I got. On anyway. Bad audio I think is up. I'm adamantly pace to. So Albania are excited about this news that airliners may soon be that it would be days hole this is fantastic. I should invest and zodiac aerospace. Most reliable ever and for you Rona. You know I know we're not beg him for today but it shouldn't. They are you saying that that it's like I've got some got a problem I needed oregano girl. Please for the love a guy get to the day we just we know your friend and cleanliness I yeah I know. When you. Male co worker is our students yes they I don't have a way. I'm telling you elegantly now. Rise. Doc needs of the day to everybody needs of today it's just not yet everybody okay the word out there spread as so obviously they're doing this and got here is for you. I you'd be lights that disinfect the toilet right away I do like that says they they claim anyway so is he is a guy getting out about. Public restroom airports or airplanes in airplanes. And you spray the water from either the front of the back it is called the revolution. Premium big day. Like to order for your airplane. And alternative waters settings front back or run like a fat. Yeah it's not found its. And didn't. At this point we're not sure who has ever Middle Eastern or Asian airline I think will be first. Because as passengers are markups in these days Americans and so that would make cents again. And then they also have about this. Thank you Vinny have been preaching to the day for a while now any immigrant you feel like. You're making some headway and yes are you starting some kind of trend. On the yeah the word is spreading. And my brother got wound. My parents got or run a good thing friends that got or and I all the start from my wife does a lot of traveling. And she. Went to a friend's house they had one of these that attaches to your toilet pretends she loved it yeah they're very cheap it's not like you have to have a separate little. Area for an a day. It attaches to you to oil Litton hooks into your water supply and they're they're like forty but. Except my brother dare turn magic there believe he got his 'cause emirates. But I'm not sure about that it's. Well think about it this way. Brother and my brother but the big day is like if you go to Abu on your finger you would wash U when just take a piece of paper when I at all. The end arts or anywhere else on to say even at wisdom at the expo they also have these kind of like a standing up seats. 40% more people in the cabin legroom gross of 2823. But get 20% more people. And a smaller like room so it's kind of like that. The what does roller coasters a guest right now there's polar vortex Caro I didn't think of particularly at this and I'm all in a Linford. Under two hours the attitude out I mean I'm not gonna go on and two hours laissez. Like they left me apps like tech McBeal obit just what. It's telling them look like a top and yes I am I'd like I would like that in addition to blood so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona writes I got a man on a FaceBook page likened follow also have you can now rate this lovely podcast do it make a comment and share we do appreciate you. Doing that. Troubles do some things through some things we're getting married cronyism. Expires. Some of these Aaron back to expand his diseases. In depth conversation about childhood and family history doesn't talk about that. Period every do you really does somebody getting married and has never talked about their childhood and their family has they're all zero and yards suspicious. That I did get suspicious so I basically. Into taking need to use a home down yeah. Oh you are suspicious because he had to say he had a SATA and ready he had to say. Things about it it is just Saturday's Pepsi gave me that's a sign man it was a science I demanded to go down. The only down number one Alabama which is nowhere and I understand why he didn't want to talk about there they're like him. And you know. The announcer thing even. In retrospect and you ridiculous and it even if the person says. I don't wanna go there and like we need more. You and expanded dialogue as to why right you can say that he can say they don't like me is that I don't you backed. Where he he didn't indicate that is Brothers and sisters to like they give way to a soliloquy has to lie or is now that's what was sketchy look at what Ireland. Yeah I know as time and he. Left the family went to live with a relative in California for a man and just. Because even if your all hindsight. You and your estranged from your family there should be a story there. Right there should be some hip I'd like pale right. Others resigned from remote so. That's out in chemistry on this is that a different because your idea is before commitment. The marriage. Because shared budget and stick to it. That's Wiegert kind of because. You're not if you're not living together. I guess you could just put money into a pool. And say this is our entertainment. It's something like that I as answer we're gonna spend a hundred dollars this month or whatever but some sort of 500 dollars Monday to retrieve it yet to be 250. But he wouldn't states that match for eating entertainment. That's only that I'm management that's kind of weird that is weird. And enact an ass and I Diaz. I'd be based even knew just for a weekend. But you kind of an object early to tell you I think yeah like let's say there's been on a box this weekend TV stick to it. The idea that you can't take it for a weekend I eat exactly of your spender or a saver or whatever. If bag for a weekend. We did not enough time and a right let's just end tonight okay let's just stay at night I went I proved do you that I am a I don't spend candidate visited it I don't I don't have anybody ever done that and history the world Lessig and together. But here's debate and like I Kim. I can go either way I can beat its super cheap Warner. Over the top. Is it any given weekend. Right yeah you could fake it can't fake being invited to a deal. For Red Shirts. Are Annie yeah. I'm an everyday basis I'm not painful price pretty thing this. You know it also goes back to period and being at talked about value. Set your bar like I like to watch football eight hours a day in negotiated down to get three you are so you use. And to say they were spending you gotta watch you'll spend a lot of money at the beginning. And say I need to start saving you got a guy you gotta go the other way to maybe spend a little more because you're never gonna. Backed out there you gotta start with the not cheap necessarily but. You know. I save this much I do there's a dated it'd it'd it'd not taken for you know European trips in the first few you're you're married there's one venue set. Now except yeah yeah on glacier going agent. Go up. Because it's too expensive and it's hard to go to visit really we were travel the world now. And how old are allowed to save retirement maybe is gonna get too personal. You got a bit and started. Started at a lower place. And then you can negotiate. Can never go down and you know beacon that is that the right way and you have young and went to me and your support it European trips a year. Can afford fortunately afford one. What you'd hear yeah it's going to be hard to get to one beaded floor but he start a wind. In Italy or or you know it'll go up yeah. You'd need do I had a rough patch before you get married. Job loss health there. Is good iron again yeah just. 'cause a little but yeah. I guy you know I'd. I I can't marry you. I got cancer other similar my job to see how you'll react as. It's at or other stressful event below average can't quit your jobs CSU yet belts and yeah. He's off yeah we're just gonna say I got a week to live it's Hewitt that week it's not like all right I got cured. I got an idea how he would handle sound like a great way to start a and you also go out mastermind. Lomb. Whose searing living space they say lived together. Or get married you wanna find out teamwork. And sure is how they are divided. Responsibilities. I'll tell you more than any of those things that's useless that well. As a adored James stated that we can do way and it's. Your first I'd say full month of living yeah. Everything you need right right it. Granted against damage from it maybe be still easily concede there effort. Choice I would think yeah. It truly is me. I'm. Looking forward to it's nice that Islam. So putter is an end to housekeeping. Who in via a live or work out why all of a literate. Winner stick terrifying. They can't do that for they can't they Tippett for a month or month that's true that's sure that's true it probably. Yeah and there again there may be some some vandalism litter yeah. You still know the guys taken has played in the theater played over in green and all the little things like that night and not tired somebody's face as a person. I square feet. It's also very important. He's the most yard your hundred foot square apartment more likely to get our commissioner now you at all. Yeah its IP that I was a bit when India. Your foot GC rare footage of yours living in order to make a difference. You also go through a sexual rights before you get Harry. But then be willing to talk about it. This is the I have created a sex all rot. Yet you why are we creating all these horrible incident yeah ha is yeah. I'll let it. I am Aaron has said hello all we together before we married maybe you're together for a lot diet seven me why don't they just say instead of going through sexual ride. Say. Be willing to talk about sex. Yeah I wouldn't want turn off turn costs low expectations. That are. I'm an Audi unit what do you do on the off days through says it. The days. And I'm not a peep show negative group have a picture arts. And and know how much experimentation is allowed it's this sort of thing. I am now. I had no I didn't have that conversational. Yeah I didn't I didn't even think about attic now. And I wouldn't I would be the big dance much experimentation. Yes yes right I mean mentions and then what do you mean buying a spearmint sneeze and many mumble things in the heat of passion and a very elegant that around them. Juggling. But that's. What I. I guess you said goodbye at that point. It's all fair that promote our first. I'm gonna tell you about fort. So it's the. The AP. Traced its roots back there for awhile there it was fort when he was allegedly the police. Number include code where we. But the AP claims it's traces its roots back to California's donors. Known as the five wall windows. Who agreed to meet at 420. Near Louis past your statue. In front of their high school before driving out this national sees short at this steak and a marijuana garden 97 and one on the way there they got. Super stoned listen to the dead. Never found the pot patch but they say for twenty Louis quickly became Coca let's get a high and the rest is history. I'd never heard that story before thank you Matt Harris is in your bag that's sort of now but that doesn't mean I believe it. They hunted these five all those down there. I don't I don't I got that down but you'd never did anything that you got all the facts right. Well immediately Dugard every year you know that go to the repress your. The statue and you know follow it from there we pasteurized. A course wonder how things take off even had that that. Yodeling kid in Wal-Mart and yeah that. Who just go crazy like that and I'm not saying he went about it struggling to your local Wal-Mart dissing leniency and do leg or. Relate I got a thinks something else to do now figured out you know links covered the F. Pastor wound up. It's speaking out I'm distant yet it's just. As this also as we get kids to Coachella to perform the gap app that there was a rapper it is based on a gold trainers and lesbians. It's Michigan mom. Dave part or fourteenth consecutive sign. Fourteen sons no daughters as she officially has the right. To punch anybody in the throat and says are you gonna try for a girl yeah officially as though rice. I mean. Did you triumph pepper something. They've fourteen says no daughter of their oldest son is in just one case. The actual look at Terry issue wants. Mommy also salesman fairly fourteen children. But I recently. The swans. Spotted in a consistently declined to fight the baby's gender before birth. Senator always surprise and a baby on the maybe it's. That's up people's. More team will have got to figure out why why are you doing that QWERTY so they're not doing some kind of theme name. Although the federal because after awhile you you're run out of names and then he's today. Later. Their names give we hear it like I say. A group with a Winfrey family. And they are out really strong with these. Like Victoria. Victor ballot even mess. And then towards the ends of I fourteen kids it was believed she and Belinda. You're you're rob why you like and card when you got to the card cash and even the Courtney with K. Act right now we still gone. But it will be with me in okay. How about now now they was gonna start premarket network and got Iran and out of me I guess if but. Anyway or tinted sexist. I start at a certain point enough kids. Yeah who doesn't admitted doing me it was going to be not I'm not regularity amortized beat the treatments are a that I ice that there's something going on in Dillon net. I live in his and I know. Things and I know I'm not gonna I mean I know. I know my judgment is wrong but I mean Soledad a win yes my best friends a lot of kids unprincipled. And I but I would but I am a minute I judge announced ahead and and job but I lot of guys like guy. Think this beast that children and below my first and he and my first instinct. Is that they're very religion very very super super religious. Or learn there. I can call their sump and or are there. You do get out. Their own school where they are trying to here's Galileo have been far I mean I don't think arms. And they all have the same haircut. Again. And I think it's gonna be a documentary about a little bit. But I think but I guess this days. May I know I I think what is up why did they have a Medicaid or something up. What's going on in just not normal it's called snacks I know but it but unprotected. I shouldn't do it I know it's wrong but I do. Because like for one thing. Gigabytes ago where Mexico. It may take it do they have the ability financially. Emotionally he. Physically he spiritually gas to care for those children I don't if the answer is yes. And what's the problem items that there was a problem I set I just you just decides what and there might be a problem is that I don't really think I have enough time for my two kids. How possibly find fourteen kids you know. And that you haven't had that even worked two jobs I'd. And also any brilliant you don't it's it's like I look at my mom. As she was one double 119 surviving. And there really are two different families within the fans because of the age. It's true answer I people who have that many kids don't ever have that many kids underwent. A measure that. Yeah I know I am you know idea I judge but I shouldn't and I don't do well I thought. And acted like well again I hate the prisoners and I just assume there's something going on that it's different or unique then other people. Some little crazy. I mean I think a number where I start to get a little legged. Is like scientists. After fights you on your. Really like and I don't like closed and insists that's as fast enough pot output to 500 and it is time. If I could have danced and he green got double beds are definitely hello again tonight was. I just want no war. I'm going. Kind of you wanted to know about. If that's true I had planned my business but I've been. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.