Keep The Relationship Burning

Wednesday, November 29th

If your relationship is in trouble, Matt's got some ways you can rekindle the fire! We also play another round of "Would You Rather" that has Ramona's skin crawling!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com and you're listening come on there would then. All right tonight and keep the relations by everybody. And you're seeing news. They are married and good so there's 12 o'clock. If anything but it doesn't sound bit slower. Aliens let gritty and slept. Home Hal met amber is and Ramona thirsty. I'm not thirsty for a while yeah. Damien shot where scientists are rude yeah opponents of an island with a so TP go in first of all obviously I don't know want to put these on list because we hear all the time. Look each other in the eyes I did it starent. I get. Give homicides. Now it sends giving a massage is physically tiring. But you do with love your less likely to mine exhaustion. So. Also the the woman army MLB doing. Is an active relief act please Fed's. It is here but I put in the emphasis I'm sorry even if you're doing it for love. You get too tired after awhile. Yes and your 1520 minutes in all of your like outward uses go to sleep a long time as too long and is too long. So long to give or receive to give. Received from her I don't want to gilts giving it to that does it. Professionally I like it will line up for a sixty denied even aside. If you hate being more than fifteen minutes from mean that's. It happened. Now now I Yury Gagarin on any word exhaust that's why don't want. Amy give me fifteen minute warned that team went ten. There's and I gotta get returned the favor I always liked the second I've told this a thousand time are you watching the clock while she's revenue. Occasionally and sometimes. Yes save you do fifteen minutes the Hurd knew she does have a team is the year that's that's a half hour sitcom right there probably gone to watching TV while doing LE LO OK that's good luck and G multitasking what do you think he's just playing. All you can get the lights off. He what do you think it gives us. I couldn't focus a little Walking Dead well around designing and and I did that's his name but sometimes I do it too hard and she says and found out that gets me out of it but I honestly can't help it. I just enough yet no known not known. Hope you are. There read very very heavy handed. When you. Can you're hoping someone who worked out and not gonna not like Preston on your not that. Our records related I think even if I didn't have not the way you Wear. Is pusher I think I'm on the nine hole. Inaudible inches than not yeah it'll Davila dead if I didn't have pain they're already it would have been done and it's great. I would like to welcome the stranger knocks pressed. Yeah him the benefit. You will see will be can do about reason and I cannot impose on you and the if you don't have a move that's an element that's the last aluminum. You're not get. All just you just get a bump in the maybe not a man cannot iMac and I'm not a U seized. Yeah. And what is the sound off on monopoly kiosks. Should we hedged Tancredo what. I had the money I would set up a kiosk for you up thanks. It's going to be Saturday at the mall not biting mad men and you have he'll sign it says. You'd choose them or not go into. And just. I would just like to report it to see if anyone would stop yeah. Could you can sit to a right into the place they do the water massages. Yeah where they share the sun holding only a license and as cnet's. I probably tried. I just. Didn't give a thumb our knuckles somebody put. A wanna put into that and right on there a man in line and look they've agreed to allow. Yeah I mean it's it's I don't know I got to force yourself on Yahoo! out of a very even though you don't delete the well yeah I've done that to you but it's helping it's just it's meant that Albert medical care. Really simply keep firing an AV US drug your partner's back in this hour. Uses is seen as much as I personally take pleasure is Irving my husband's back to fly. And maybe you do it's a pleasure that you don't your slop and awesome dead skin cells that would otherwise be in the bed yeah I probably. I'll commit a viewer behavior scrubbing scrubbing like really hard you have this really hard to watch authorised grubby is bunch yeah a scratchy and I spot your ex. Bullying and I would I don't know of I wonder abide by its back and not against if she wanted to it I'd give it object into this I don't know what's on my list of pleasurable things. Did you get water street once again either way. Not on my on my to do list is not in my it'll top. Fifty things of audited a mix of but wherever did a minute I. Besides that there are fifty things you can even pick up I have to think that white dude to Amy. And rest up there in your back is not in the top fifty. Do you ever cross your mind and so now whenever I don't like showering with another person even her well yeah that matter and a small enclave and David's had a really big shower and get to shower heads. I'll give that a shot and one shower annual circle and for warm water and just in the deep circling the block water yeah. And then you know got to get blasts all around him. Don't make me are you afraid someone's gonna appear end. He. Peer inning. I don't know how to think about it but I'll you fees and across the crappy lives. Celebrate in so violence is deliberate aggression it's evolved through if you haven't fallen through the glass solo. Just as slippery in the air for one person and as a restricted but it's more crash and there's pushing and shoving and. And he passes yeah that's your water flow and you are at some point you're fighting for the water flow. If you do that early on your relation did you think you're supposed to and now that you're only in a few minutes and it down to every gotta do about it. After awhile you like and Sharon Sharon view. Bat the other that's even worse. You're like all tangled. Make marriage. I such a ruse. And. That stuff. And to be out getting on their religious yap yap but it. And then it all changes with the words but what you get may have let Sally you can't I think she would be my. Pull water flow idiocy is never asked leadership our weather. What that. All sound sexy on paper and try actually get in there and start trying in the year flood gates carton that lettuce sold this area oh yeah. And then. They're interested then there's the rat with a shampoo installs on everything that you are now it's in the head and showered daddy's little slippery in down you know. It's a half hours that's not sexy gets very pushy and shoddy who. Not a lot of us got to know them a lot stronger. I know what paper you guys write this nomination. It evens out sixty on paper the way you guys. Malware to sell overrated and everything together is not sales made over bathtub brutally bad two yeah yeah big fat. That it's got to be like to cousy yen jacuzzi in the name and then you know yeah. I want the longer hotter than not all of them. Yeah slant he then or somebody got their back against that Fossett yet Apollo that's allegedly. I don't know Natalie remarks going on in minutes motorists. 1079 no link cares we. We send this link to kids wanna seminar in the Lincoln teamed up with CM PD to help kids on Christmas this year it's part of the magic of the season by sponsoring a local child get all the details now just head over 10079. To link dot com. Our the AV lest the program on the regular you hear of any news not to at 330 every day and sometimes bonuses here's some from the week. And make your old girl was out shopping with their mom on Black Friday in Anderson Indiana. And it's not clear her life she got upset Machida had enough for the shopping madness and ditched her mom. I know I should be upset shopping. As madness and I can see it on a lot of kids who enjoy shopping no you don't just a different path. Well that's probably you know is again something. I have always I think I surely she shopping and like somebody you know what I like some. Place that she doesn't like ad Dress Barn once it is Black Friday BC SE generally if you're a kid you know anything on nine buying gifts for and I guess other people you're waiting for Santa you're probably not a cool store. I wanna Ramona is in places he would go man. That generally has a toy section then blow and yet. Just kidding bug doesn't even exist at the press or aren't. This sounds boring though that's why Branyan and then today well anyway yes and especially a year old now. Unless their data to its shop I would be the one to escape and drive away to think there's not much distorted idea. I am drivers lined stance and it didn't and I hope. As she went out got the driver's seat of her mom's Jeep and took off. She ended up in a police chase they hit speeds of up to forty miles an hour which is not normally classified as high speed but in this case it's an eight year old so that's pretty fast. It is an I don't know I mean I wanna know her height. She's a tall your yeah be overseer of the steering wheel Ulster and aid. When he. That's things we we just think she's all. Of this has some behavioral issues. She's tall and Dave nearly and yet on if she didn't have. She didn't have time to rig up some foam books and some of my read is that something as a victim were from. Woods is getting on the minds has led France England and go forty miles an hour. She actually refused to stop on the police try to pull over so several police cruisers. Trying to boxer and it's slower down that she made it to in my ideals. A castings that is so she is tall she has to be able to see over the week right ranks meant little chunky without hidden anything. You put that. Heavy foot dam to get forty miles an hour how yeah. Or I'll junkie. And a doll see it there's no way my seven year old Avery could drive. I have no way not even close meaning not even close. Did I. I think about it a year I say we tested out well. I will test it out the big leagues and there's no way if if a narrative and have a slow speed chase us. You have I bet she can't even start the cars that way amount but I don't know I'm not. She didn't put the car and park whatever police finally gutters slowed down. So the Jeep lurched forward and cause some damage to one and police cruisers. The doors to the Jeep or locked in. She wouldn't get alum police are ordering her out on top of that so they had to shatter a window and drag her out. Oh my gosh could end up facing charges for this she's as she stood I mean what do you do you do they do you gotta got make parents pay for it and police cruiser problem parents aren't or something but now that went into today. All I have to pay an all believe that the parents now are gonna. Tries something. That doesn't Ganske I'm devastated that kids like. I'm guessing this wasn't her first brush with the law. Three strikes around or something I national march sends the lights the kids sinner did you leads us to this. He's got some on the she's been up to shenanigans in due time she was a bank robber they actually she Aaron on the streets and are diapers you. It is just a little awful the end buys heroin out of a banker. That is that you are definitely yeah I did I thought I hereby from someone who pulls their drugs out of diapers. Well I think instead the yeah it's time to reevaluate your life to get some Al Assad. It might be to assist in my B two is it rock rock rock bottom. Bottom. I think he got another run and it's a black but it is. The recovery comes only. Edmonton. Six year old woman named Lori Joseph Mathews from Florida got angry on Sunday when her neighbors let their dogs out on her her yard. To relieve themselves. Rocket that is. That is that the problem in a lot of neighborhoods. And many that sounds like two relievers like he's intentionally. Yeah let them out on to improve in my yard so I. You go word of the neighbors aren't that bad news man that dogs were relieving themselves run around barking so Lori Joseph Mathews went outside got down on all floors as part of our. Back at best that is the thing that is. It's stupid but that's I think it's a thing to show a year like that lead at Acker I'll say in Spain eager alpha and all my tired too unraveled yet and it yeah I think that's you Pete do you think that's insane. Ramallah he really think. If it is insane and that he'll. I feel physically threatened. Buying it was on all fours barking at my dog but calling the collar lately couldn't my neighbor has lost it. I am a three. Now please come help me. You do or lie I know I'm not lying it off yeah here what do you think the police negative. And they're gonna come around and see what's going and maybe prevent my neighbor bump by me. The person their own yard and whatnot and they know how biting she is just barking yeah. He was all bark no bite don't be that person calls the cops severstal I'll meet that person. Because the good gimmick can come from your neighbor on all fours barking I don't lament that he beat it's not illegal. Well my my yard I Embarq actually now like you can if I want that I can do whatever path. And I should dig a little bit far though after she was embarking. Lori went over to the owners of the dog. And slap them right in the face this that's if that's where we. You and Steve Farr at the ugly dog in your yard. Yeah did teen died of what though yeah do you retrieve my dog. It's I know old there's going to be a problem why there'd be a problem. Valued using your body and it the dog she got right right right are kinda my neighbor or their reeled off. Right here and read it is an article is my dog threatened by me and all fours. As is with so. You know. You know it worked for Mel Gibson in lethal weapon when he was face down with a pit bull guard dog room. He got down all fours and started Bart keying in making dogs' noses annexing another hearing and all this is Mel Gibson does in a movie or a real light and we should probably what I can do real life yes but in a movie he is also. And I I I think it's called do you about your dog on the Barbie dot com I'm definitely an alpha code and a few down I lift my legs EU right on it will be the we hope beyond topping your seat that in my body. This is the things that the good communication. Playing and how. Many of the support you go Miliband as being dogs like up yoga for. Hogs you're listening to all there was mad and Ramona yeah you're right he'd bring it bring it bring it bring. Well it's bullying has become a huge topic. And now they're turning it. The attention from kids bully in other kids to parents bullying they're all okay. On hold owned unit called discipline in Houston. Necessarily it's really mean really mean is event because it one of the problems. When you hear police say he can't say enough. So that's really good at excluding. He would. Making them feel like there all alone I don't have anybody to talk to anybody to socialize with. The problem is some parents are awfully go to bed duke. And an. And the credible now nearly six. Kids need to feel included in the Fam. Meaning he gonna pay attention to and it's definitely feel excluded or included Noland. Now look adamant about Ben hit V. Do you include women family decision now they're they're they're they're not old enough to make it to. Do you make sure you listen to their opinion asked their opinion. No because right now I mean yes but now when I'm teaching. Avery seven. Are we both are that you can't just. Blurt out something like you know at food looks disgusting or something like batter. I don't like their issues Monica's. You know I keep your opinion yourself sometimes a who's did you officials say many. To say but it's just an opinion and while that doesn't mean you can say it out lap on the news. A lot control yourself okay. Why. I now. I don't Wednesday and I how to get through an aura and I don't either because I ended tried to get through to her father we're nearly twenty years. I have been worse Jens with youth or pregnant mice and I Euro adult life. Did you understand that it doesn't blurt out something that's that's an opinion. This feels like I'm down in some type of Twilight Zone that other reality you gotta yeah we read why. Just what maybe two weeks so yeah in my head out. Big business to meet. And both sit business meeting. I was sitting here in the studio getting ready to go win for the meeting and Matt comes in the says OK let me just make this clear I'm not supposed to say a beer seek. No you're not supposed to say media those things make sure you don't say they'll think OK he believes the studio. We headed for this meeting. Five minutes into the meeting met says. Ramon is probably gonna be mad at me for saying this but. I know I'm not supposed to say did well. Fourteen cats and a I was not ignore it and keep the name. If if I'm exaggerating a little note in coming out now because there's plenty of examples where you let weren't. And as a bandied we're going into this meeting and Matt knows several things that he's not supposed to say. And I while I present at the same he's not supposed to share I don't. Yeah Heaton. Cannot go into a situation knowing you shouldn't say some things. And he can't let that situation cannot say it but etc. Could be different media and and not only work eight earnings and illicit. And leave it. I. Found no less addictive huge and a not an opinion type situation like there is that kind of but it wasn't like hurting anybody's feelings Ernie. And yeah okay well the blood that's on them to let it has. That is just an opinion dad. Would visit and how emergency exit Sonia and out and I have. I get a lot of opinions on the radio because it's my job is not under the renewed you know the one. Now it's on the radio it's off the ring no doubt is in line at the sandwich shop gas and then well you know it's epic gas station I continued. And spotless you. Well you say oh just an express that on WC CB edged. Yeah. That. Are not when I'm practicing. I don't know why they're bidding is fitted Indiana won as few as ten million damn well how yes he did they haven't. The gas station not have change for a dollar seriously that is true that is certainly done is not a fan and that is a fact and there's a sacked. Actually that they have a tire. Inflation. Machine out there which cost money should that change of doubles and blow my tires and no it. But that was a real opinion not like XP in his looks gross or something like that. It's just common they. Let you fully yeah lettuce should not be in it in action we got you to your regularly check out. It is how that is you're not gonna try. It's just all bad either all good opinions though. I know OK guys still the point has. Doing all right and hers are wrong that it and I can be right but we don't need to hear that. And his daddy don't yeah. A hookah. Is an ugly about or another. Is that it doesn't hurt other people feel right it's a hard thing to teach. This idol and journalist doesn't want to call her hair and daddy says. You're here doesn't go to the narco yeah it's all yes it's due and I'd say breach in do or whatever it is saying is USA. They'll do things that I do and he'll be like me and does he who cannot teaches yeah George Bernard child yeah finish. And did you finish Contra but it. Those who seats Amanda is a bit now but now it's easy and under are you. Are you and I don't say it has nothing at that have an opinion except for she shouldn't have one that's my only offended you're listening to all there. You would you rather so here's one that's jubilant. And recently. And I feel. You so much time in my opinion it's all right would you rather have as good as I know Ramona how she dates would you rather be picked gold for an hour. Or not be able to scratch and itch for an hour and that can make you insane. Did you ever have you just couldn't get to it or something. That'll make you say. I'm but I would much rather have that it's have someone to wire what is your theory why tickling his evil insidious. I don't believe any particular hurt morrow word. Dude I have never. I end I don't you know joy ahead ballots with eczema that we're mad mad and I know and name still bleeding how ever. I have not had it's so much that I peanut plants or couldn't catch my breath are bad. You couldn't get to your its day you'd pretty go crazy you mean you well there have been studies. Yeah I'm very real way we. I get back in the 1950s they did these studies and people were not allowed to scratch because he said that makes eczema or really bad is when you scratch. They were let told people that they could not scratched. Andy drove him great city won't go much rather. Crazy crazy in the jungle if you re tackling that much yes they do now. I absolutely hate you wanted to wants the the documentary called tickle. Now he's yeah how many died after a wreck and apparently had an Avant and you're listening tried out. You don't tickle all the way Elliot yeah I didn't close. Materials ahead here. It's weird. Let's see. At Oahu which you rather have a horrible job. Be able retire comfortably in ten years. Haven't Ream job attempt to work until the day you die a horrible job of doing job. You'll go to him but did the I have a dream job I love it. Not that much I absolutely lacking and you are up for ten years yes I'd rather be horrible third decades of yes I'd rather live might mean stability is my dream not doing anything and watching TV then yeah yeah yeah that's not. I'm similarly how realistic day at. I don't watch TV social lies in how people I think this will be basically might and I had to picket job this would probably be dreamed up and have got more money out. The mega drain it. But so much money the make you do need you don't have to work. Rights or ten years has something up to ten years I swim through ciller would know snorkel. No we collecting a solid job you're. Scuba diving and Ross yeah yeah that's my job and for ten years. Via now now would you rather. Smell like group and not know it. We're constantly be smelling poop. And nobody else can smell I'll smell the group yeah I'll smoke I'd rather snub didn't he eventually do you in Houston is now. OK we we take it every few days outlet. And I'm very I'm very sensitive to proves it will handle it and it would be the best diet ever 'cause I could never eat. Because they grinned as lease smelling the gag and though constantly. As you begin selling again I'd be so thing. IDs belt in the gunman on the guys from totally hang on the site. Yet again why she constantly Richie yeah and that's the part. No friend in this town you socially I finally mutual friend probably don't even have a job. What job keeps it Cooper CNN in Iran when I just mentioned earlier about some into the semifinals. And down and own cleaning port a Johns yeah thank. Oh waited. You. Rather. I say everything on mind and in the I don't care how much earlier like three quarters of the way and then a consensus. A very valid point. That is ordered that that you end. Chaotic. Is trying to be nice fight off doesn't have mom crack in telling her about how. Mets stranded teaches youngest daughter that he shouldn't say everything that's on our mind if I did Jersey shows. He's visited India and yeah. And that turns around and says we had W was a mob mob doesn't that it is taking lives. And Atlanta and. Leno Arsenio and busted open is called wise words man called lies words all right would you rather give up breathing for a month. Or give up the Internet from month in an at bat aiding. Beta now because the Internet the Internet if you haven't been for a month I Jagger I feel about the Internet. I was thinking when in my head I was thinking like the cell phone at all electronics. Yeah I staff team need to entertain me out my take got that nothing like nothing you plug in our Internet Ernie thank. Well I'm month. A month you gotta be smelled pretty write him so Nolan is based in isolation I could either use are under armed gunnery and makes you don't sweat. I think I can make it's you stink you wouldn't say that I would not Wednesday. But I'm not going to be in the studio with you after a month and right now Wednesday I'm going to management saying I can't handle this I wouldn't move side you know I give any bad BO like you would lose. Please lay in bed for online knew it was just marinate is that offensive doesn't let it marinate. I mean just giving up TV for a month is hard enough let alone everything that plagues and non. Edited there where Mike Ellis a space rocket. Would you rather fight they offered dog sized cockroach or a horse sized rat. Now you guys are all in grew on the cockroach yeah. The size of a dog vs a brat. With those claws and heed the size of all horse you could is a rat. Any in my life is so. Afraid of cockroaches are no way she she would go those who got oversight rhetoric I'm. I've been to Canada by switched it fight off a dog's size rat or a horse sized cockroach. And instilled into the. A lawyer and a horse sized cockroach a red dog sized racks. Just pretty much harmless was a Rhodes Godfrey defense mechanism the pictures. Does that has a it's teaching calls are very dangers through. And he but a cockroach. Has to have something on talk to you is that gonna die no matter amateur attack probably and it carries as the vote at a values bond expressed an excellent babies boom wow I don't know I don't know. Previous question I don't know I'd love was bug spray is going to be I'm trying to Google like roads are like why would they make that that question if it was so easy. And I didn't write that one but I. Must be the must be a thing. And the mysterious secret cockroach like superpower. That we don't know about it begins why anything what is here for all about I make it different for Europe on. Dog's size of the biggest problem we have is their feces candidate go all Macs PCs and a or size Cochran but them the feces Keyon. I mean scratch today opera moment ongoing yet otherwise didn't and I look at other problem road dog sized. Squirrel. Or horse sized rat. He scrolls them. At at that point I ankle is. Still. Or your country it's gonna take wanted to rely on good lies as if you and you you have a you have to flip a coin in it's it's. It is obviously assigning the end of days I'd go dog's size I brilliantly I am. I just read and give a squirrels and Nazis happy plus. The large enough it depends if it is one of these world that has been domesticated the people are are feeding them soft their necks and they're both wild and allowing them to ravaged their bird feeders are you still score all the ones who went out demanding that he and and daycare and you've still got to go or not. Those are you suing the smaller. Of the two yen matter what are it is basically. A Mueller grant is. Yeah smaller and not that did nothing rat yeah. Poor feeding my night is a contract that morning. Million albums sold worldwide Y 1079 the link in Blumenthal performing arts presents award winning artist who. And Ryan's January 31 ten Nigerian style. Available now it all Ticketmaster outlets 1079 no link done. And that night Peter box office plus listen for your chance to win tickets and VIP meet and greet passes on Charlotte's best mix 1079. The link. I mentioned to join us on FaceBook. Pannemon FaceBook page manners my Holloway and alike and follow. Erica you've heard the sing happy wife happy life of course we have. The problem is when the wife isn't happy he the husband starts to feel like a failure yeah build she game. He thinks is his fault even that's not right exactly anxiety grows. Angry yes. I am angry maybe she's just tired maybe she's unhappy at work maybe she's unhappy right yeah all of. Spell it out man spell it out preside I don't. For the past few nights a -- he's been working on ships whenever. Elections are yeah well ours on her feet at the net as an Ares I at all but says she was like hired again as. The last couple days and so on might turn to talk. Because I don't really want to talk but then when dozens likes he's not talking then I don't like it. The size so I T feel like she's doing a standoffish type thing. And some like it or does what did you what did I do would never know what is it what are I have what what's wrong nothing I'm just tired come on you can I mean let's get this or whether what it would make. Yeah. And it's just like okay eventually I just give up and I'm sick and tired. Did you don't straight hitter and asking the president did you get a break now as it was just honestly you are creating the problem yeah I annoying her she is actually managers so it's like a self fulfilling Galveston yes it is now and I don't know I get to TV before really goes over yet I guess I'll just on the show and anchored a show sir do you want. If you looked miserable with the at a window anyway a man and get angry or upset me ten begin at hyper defensive. The depends which he says hey I mean at Bagram angry about. Sued. You white was tiger says that. It didn't depends if I did. Do that I'm married. Well I don't read. All the woman blood was. Softly yes but die and you got different tonight angry and certain her. I eat so. Angry because you know now and I knew well that you should have told me out straight up. I. Don't very convincingly. Yeah isn't with a smile let's. Go ahead. We're beginning. Yeah I needed in writing I'd I didn't I didn't. I need some sort of thing like yes signed receipt that says whatever it is you think got mad about right now I know of yet. Yeah I try. An agreement the agreement. You got 48 hours and haven't notarized at her eyes and I need a witness some lesser idea I didn't win. A woman is unhappy. The guy feels so defensive and it. He started feeling mission aimed at who she got a good as bandit or by. And anxiety grown as though what DD to relieve that stress and and I everybody can be happy I. I well first I should say doubled down on distressed because as it bad that times. Elect doesn't. And that. So anyway. Do you love I tell you what you are bad. And so many words to. I agree I know what you're trying to. I know you're driving. I am out of Baghdad on a bad debt as a Biggio the. You're right that it can't get our defense that is our solar to how great yeah. You would rather play animal damn paying I mean. Who put this river here and complain and evenly for about. Forty seconds to get bored you folks social thought at. And February. Men's frustration as a call for help. And so we're just left it we don't need help the light indicator on your car dashboard. Signal why is signaling knew that something is off to a fast she is an oil change so. When he's like dead say you know I'm tired but what can I do to help. Make you feel better she does do that. He does do that. That house and I think that's on me last year day. And that's it instead of responded with well okay fine. You know I'm not supposed to do what I just said no because that's the way you're gonna respond and that's about it that's the way frustrated man responds yeah. The challenge here for the woman is to remain com even when he's not now he's getting snippy. Snippy. At the end or defensive. Snippet. Is pretty yeah I've done that before. Remember ladies are true goal. Is to lessen the negative energy. It's not escalate the tension when you Jane Tom will not feel easy. But you have to be patient. And goes vice Versa. It's Amber's experts that does mean obviously don't want escalated if she's mad either. Right about something it's hard to stay calm. And she's Manson it's so hard and you're just panic keying in it I did I mean he's going down Amber's liberal like boat. Him burst starting to tick tick tick but not any job I carry it. Odds are agreed. Fifth. Breezed through the uncomfortable sensations in your body. And don't tell me to respond thoughtfully but don't tell me around the defensively. OK but don't tell me debris and stuff like that. But the goal here is to make him feel emotionally safe and don't say it as we were assured him that. You're gonna stand crazy idea no matter what right that's good kids are hungry. But I love you I'm tired I still love you that's good that's great I love Andy you didn't takes. Towels out of the washroom put him in the dryer like he was supposed to but a lack of a Levy. This time and again I did fine with that and he birdied I put this time in front actually be I'm gonna stand by you. No matter black Dahlia in a lot of time a lot of cases they say that relieves the husband's anxiety and I will not and male you feel more emotionally safe. And less vulnerable because he feels vulnerable. When he thinks you're unhappy all excited and feel vulnerable I don't guilty. And had to feel guilty and until we until guilty and his army of very important to avoid criticizing him. Or patronizing him because he's already criticizing himself oh gap. And he feels a bandit. Arab and I don't feel abandoned emotionally. Abandoned nom I feel like it will be a dad again. Not my parents at a you're packing near you look up the price. As I say you think about it now I. Actually think about her leaving I think alum how long coming up to live like this what do you think is a solution to his anger though. What we're angry as he added saying you are disillusioned. To your husband's frustration. Review or would like it in general like in general just frustrated workers something like that whether it's he's frustrated with the relationship where work with the kids that are. Anything maybe it or it's compassion compassion is the solution. Mean you have to turn his negative feelings. The feelings of love and kindness. Yeah I area it is pop sound good doesn't help my guilt feelings now that we're glad that's at them we wanna work ninth. But that I can I have to gilts dom my own personal guilt and my guilt that I think. He let you down. Yet no policy like yourself and let her down into myself I'm horrible human beings. And not let her down here aren't ours at least yeah. So at least one can be alleviated I can still believe I'm horrible human being but I know I guess I didn't necessarily let her down situation you know you're letter down and I didn't it wasn't a big thing to ask for now it was and I said I would do and you said you would do yeah didn't do it. What the dealer who feel better in that situation what could Amy what do canary had supporters at a cheek that is said. I realize you forgot to put the pals in the dryer. I'd love you that please try to do better next. And said that nine at that would of made me feel slightly better. Again slightly I would like so guilty I let her down. But I would still feel like I'm horrible human being rounded up that changed out yet you just give me half the guilt has imposed though how gangs. That's fair that's fair. Yeah and I understand that I think sometimes she can talk me out of my personal guilt sometimes the rarity but it happens today if anyone had a people make mistakes. And does. I've got to put Phil let is in that crisper. Yeah let's take a lot out over when she does that say this is only as urgent where else could it be destroyed strip. A chance to help this holiday season as we've done for many years and I don't have a nine delaying seriously it's it is called. Nicholas and handling dot com details here's an example of a child help. Use your family your office simply stands at 49 year old. He led the look Legos and he's hoping Santa will bring him a game forward and he really needs a warmth and in us night again. Good 179 link back coming into the keywords Santana. And then name we is that one of our prison parties coming up December 16. And a 29 the Volcker hillbilly Jim brown and out of products. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. 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