Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

Monday, August 13th

Should parents kiss their kids on the lips? We discuss that, plus the taboo style changes that are now acceptable at your workplace.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan the sink come on there was that remote. Were you guys and that's yeah see the kissing your kids an illness. 80 goodness netbooks today. We want the possibility was yes if they let me you know was you know. 62% said yes that they let me where you on that scale are used I don't know about your movement that it's just aptly you know I don't know I don't know but yeah canoe now. I think that I think I'm with you at the game and the evil now. Like I just came and mansion means. Everybody you know earlier culturally you got your thing whatever you're up that way but admits. I just think that you really weird. Really weird to see me kissing my thirteen year old daughter and lips it's just a just it's still on the list filled immediately I mean at this am I looked over there when you think it's weird. It is just that thirteen year old alleged I would thing is weird I think most people what I find that 62% high unless they are kid back saying only a certain age. I see quite a bit of kissing babies on the lives and it's. Mainly like an ins to Graham pictures and videos and TV talking. Under the age defy any idea mate it's it's toddlers and babies yes so I I find it and number ridiculous I'm not need to hit it. And had a couple of little cousins into. Their parents were live accusers. So when you went to kiss base all you don't give families a kiss the babies go home for the lit the best for the baby knows momma Lebanon and any. Now right. Right I right in on a night. Judging others to do it even know what a putter on FaceBook people are gonna remain. Big did you put on based on emotional or. That bad said just saw survey that says 62% of parents just accused in the lips. If they would let him. I find that number awaits you hi I'm out on kissing my offspring and ellipse Ellen barely gets my wife. And as it sees nothing wrong with him and kiss the girls all the time on the lives is a cultural thing general coltart is. My dad kissed me on the lives every time we solids until the day he died. And me says that. Christie's while in my side. And that carries against begin popularity judging errors had been before a third of people are going to be judged a lot. As I don't know as I guess I tell Sam I'm taking this on he's an ally take something untoward happens to him. They're not I just knew I was coming my way it is controversial. Whenever all the land their opinion on I don't think they do it does mean there exactly yeah they're just Hollywood baby you know they said they said you suck heiress. I original line tight and add that it. I can't imagine any of your mom know started now know it's is that I want tip I I support everyone's right to do it. Kissing on the lips is for romance only. Okay that's my personal opinion to have your mom's idea tomorrow when it's dark it's no unless they know. I. Says doll I said mommy dislodge your hug privileges we're moving the hands and milk. So I got into a way to get back playing moms they obviously your mom ways it is like it's unknown is very much against it are you had neighborly would you like to constituents. Now wow I'm not into it went down. Like. I really really annoy her wind. Leave the house I eat like. A dumb her face. What I like it sounds to your eye and go. Bigger target on her face and Ron her lips are Armas aggravate I got try to get a little bit critique. To land their deflect. God that would be a knowingly take. OK I'm I I don't blame America could be someplace Doug and fairies in roommate is just figure isn't. The mighty us. Yeah mostly dizzy you know I think it's like a quick quick kiss vs dumbing this side and in my arms and feet. You commoners don't know how did you imitated it pales. In Los it's awful I know I. It's like learning to make out with your hand. Its own guys and follow this earlier than. Okay whether that's lips this the bottom of hill upper. That the top half top lip I'm not a lot of times I was the wind is very well it looks like what does that say. Eleven look I wonder how we easy I know he's and you continue to torment her win every single. That's just even rooted your hand I'd be elected dot. You show video that you on the everything is if I. I like to do these are denied ideally would you assess I might be in that if you're into having your face gums and a its Ramona hollow. Based paints the guys in this that we talk about it and they show. When Matt south out you can find our own bed but the Twitter everything just started out about these government in the shower get one guy who always should be videos the women's open up their boobs so thank you that would be better. Now we need gunning gunman is in his stomach doubling seeks the county could. Give immediate. He had the gun me down there. Is it in on winning here that raised here again and again a little gun me down and Coca. That's what started as reminders that it looks. He found them on the Internet so Little League must be true match odd. He's in his desperate time it is it on all prepared. Pod cast matched odd backs coroner. Didn't loan allegedly assault you know you guys got mad but I have not pulled this back. Maybe amber. And off there podcast. And Andy Garcia was born with a tiny conjoined toe and shoulder. They removed when he was a child he has no memory. We've worked together pretty much every year of my adult life and and and. Practically every year of my adult life in multiple times a year then you'd resurrect that that's an order for the best Andy Garcia. And at this point I remember who Andy Garcia is I can tell you the last movie was and. Doesn't matter he's the most famous person with a conjoined twin. And we have new listeners all the time and health care. Andy and Andy Garcia is. It. That you don't know he would do you know any here's the name that name sounds familiar yeah. OK you know but I had to iron guarantee fees and it doesn't matter he learned what you know right now our digital department all doc. I people aren't are definitely grueling and Wikipedia and all that stuff in here Syria he's inland though mamma Mia movie there yeah. And I ago. Some hobby you want to do it actually wears coach jointly use is good TV show recently like man than bowlers. Gas dollars yet. I'm that doesn't do enough or in the ocean's eleven and world economics work and on hip I was mouths. Are large enough to fit and it shall I deal. The child's under five foot tall then this. That one that's the big Wimbledon and bad parent maybe isn't really dead decision an adult male it was mount this to be long on average get over up to 250 degree he's. Which is now about five beaten like. I'd. And that. Elf seriously I have seen him Poe lite. Gobble a giant watermelon like you would have peanut butter and a basic five. I mean and it's almost car you don't get us and now we heard my own ailments and let's try and a to lose got to pay him blow this. Cleopatra lived closer in time the invention of the I've found and the construction of the great pyramids. Monumental blind mountain iron and I'd buy it asked you before dignity and Patrick. Seemed to your hand and you're probably right now after so that have been using an iPhone 150. It's here somewhere. Over the rainbow. We devised yeah yeah. The MGA studio head Lou we've been there but the song was too sad when it out of the movie other executive says it slows down the pace. The producer and assistant producers that we got to have this odd it's gonna make. The produces I'm quitting if you don't use this as an OK Williams is there may use it because that song in. I. If it. Kool Aid man. Moto is it was it is teased about her and when she was a kid in a license Fat Albert and I saw how. I implement much. Yeah hit it and agreements between one cool yeah. And try to bully. Pulpit and active that okay. It was the other fat went to. The. Man that everybody. What is good isn't that big any little. Let me you know does not the end. Of the Google enhance ahead. Yeah. No matter how much yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Leave it behind you never mind. The. And all that whole year that than not but anyway and. It. In a rule like that. Who played man real. He weighs about 111000 pounds laugh as much of an elephant laugh you're always wondering how much the Kool Aid man apparently doubted him did Matt whatever. The he Michael Jackson loved the shining glove. Just a modified golf club. Then nothing amazing it's. Could affect. The only reason any ego was included on the rain about you know when you do have little was so there'd be seven collars and match the seven notes on the musical scale. As we are not even know that was seven ounces LA I didn't even what will. On TV is its viewers and okay I'm hungry wolf to be twenty pounds of meat in a single meal I'd be like you eating a hundred hamburgers. Man matched blow for blow. At the end user they get about out of affiliation and an acting chair and he. And an aunt was the same size as us to be twice as fast is a member DD. I'm Adam Dunn okay deposition of the annually word. A pact is a friend who has sex of your life the Camden. Estimate really have hope. That there is also there with Matt in Ramona there are some things. Women seek really don't care about. Sometimes guys think they care about you rock hard add it's our lack Dara. These guys have body images to you know I talked about that very much because you know every guy every Hollywood star for the most port park and deaths. Men's health the men's fitness whatever those magazines it's always ripped guys look. And so you know a lot of guys are. Intimidated or worry about that whatever the specific about this where you probably don't care. If your girlfriend or wife doesn't have the the supermodel body. So she's not gonna do be worried about the same thing you power and otherwise we nobody married basically yet. But here's the thing if I is the guy. Is like the super duper gym rat dude. Like he's walking around with this protein shake all the time you know that I. Yeah yeah and I assume that he wants no parts of me because he plays a guy with a six pack. And like I was mad sack I think in humans and god you're competent. A chick who obviously. The guy who spends that much time in the gym it the guy who has a six bag is not like. I go to the gym a couple of times a week. He is a guy who is okay is owned it is like at a major priority via I'm assuming that guy once that the miles door doubt. Now again at Imad check out there is this guy. A lot of the guys who say they're athletic and talent are absolutely not put her up that's about yeah you can tell. This guy. He was doing like. Was it like an apple rot but like it though. That the Pope will be heard Calvin Klein doing a split between two chairs I would like John clogged on the hour. As to what. That is yeah. Flexible. Yeah. Now out absolutely I'm dating hammering me I'm a busy guy who fizzled right. He is and I should pay less attention. And the picture is easy standing there with his. Hold any shirt apps showed up at six. Now you got to sign. Only try your six back that's an idea is that it's just happily on NB a do you think. Are you young longer. Or indoors and they had an impact really on arts and pressure comes up government expects him and. Do you exhilaration and you're sure got up and I don't think that since. We have a rat there's companies that a man. A memory worm and I'm going. Halfback. At least leveraged opportunity you don't really know you know now lobbyists out any ending you do while scratching is wrong that the guy when he's out being viewed did any thing. We're scratching someone else. There are a stretching two hours that I mentioned actually like your life for something that's why I'm he's got to knock it on a dating back. Since pack and I got to have to get as part of our new. I mean it's got a better look into the united. On the day. Yeah. Their dads and yeah. Be stripped. Alan dot com Madonna. Tonight dot com list of sexiness. Acting badly is not Domino's elements inning advisors on the event and about that. With your bare bottomed yet and the auto. Ask Nancy Miller yes I was actually I might combine them. Right he gives following are scratching the only thing you know I'm on the economic ness and six goes around clearly loyalty lies at. And and scratch in his belly of a sudden he puts it I think we get more. Which again and it's a fact that ultimately got hungry in typical yeah I. Think it's. So it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona right. You tell me things have changed in the last five years that are. Work rules work being there and yes that over the past five years. Had become a lot more successful. Except except a look at. And Gregory comments sneakers. And T shirt those have come a long way but specifically. Only open toed sandals. But specifically. These things. Attitudes over the past five years are like night and day. And and obviously as I'm not dressing up is set and I I think that's I think it's that's why start addressing. Oh good over the past five years attitudes have changed about leggings. No drilling. Ten years ago you probably wouldn't. He a woman at work in leggings are saying they are against like urban favorite place yet they've they've come a long way in being acceptable like that at least not get worse barely adequate stocking is that you wanted to lot of right and I still. I don't where we really like a real work but flip flops have become more and acceptable or acceptable but it's still probably. A certain kind office. You've you've got to work flip flops I know we're certain that office. That's like creativity plays you do realize don't you look at like two guys here. Who will Wear flip flops at work on ahead of the game content fashionable productive they make some of these things are you have to be in some sort of either under or guessing that if England is in the name in Austin is all I'm still one of that. Higher level floors at Wells Fargo and Bank of America you're probably not wearing flip or are salespeople here. Right foot know what not to I was I think this is for like a millennia old job lower here. In Silicon Valley Arab ruairidh years and about Silicon Valley and if you've ever been mayor. Everybody knows a Silicon Valley is way easier to sit on weird senior played. You know whose ball and had a serial bought you this. We let dime band name. Mike Mike I have heard you have my Brothers for. Started with his computer company and they do have a cereal bar. There every morning like the sound advantage of that celebrity. Crazy on. It. There. You know. And we don't get any minute and again one kernel of. Obama is it commonly. And that's terrible if you hit that guy who comes in L. Yeah. The man and his serial Omar Al park cereal you are really into. Fearless not a morning only thing we've discussed it I'm. And and docked only does it on nine breakfast times and hours. And so I would not be sad. If there was a cereal bar there. And who wouldn't wouldn't you be happy about it. Am I'd be in different de Leon this is no you weigh in and lovers area organizer not coming here for the serial what you like how many were cool down. The Libyan. Well yeah true isn't possible way it's impossible that the football able to end Obama I think so and we are generic do OK so what else. What is it about you bong at a housing policy it on our right so it we have dress. Flip flops last tank tops. That's for women and shorts more acceptable. And that women know mainly. As part tank tops I can't imagine tanked after. Acceptable in 99% of workplaces. Our guys. And testing into anti opera to let a guy here now we map it. Yeah I have I know one guy's a tank job but he put his shirt on over it. Do this but. At what level he's outside the station a state of the party not a little little snow. Celek a soccer and. Well in home and yet has yet anyway think companies is chilling look like he might he does. I'm going to let. I thought Ryan went out is over here don't put your don't closure shades. Have good to have you seen anybody here at Daytona Latin guys and I'm not making it. I don't know it. Did none. Nine. In women and tank tops more except yes of course it's more acceptable. Are you groomed facial hair being. But yeah she's beard of course again certain kind of job. And got as paying to do that you and you're not doing it. Your sales person here you're not doing it if you're at the bank you're probably not doing it all eight. I got a guy he's he's got pretty good beard going on on contempt. You said on a 101000 groaned but I'm groom basically they talk about on grooms Paisley here they're talking to bushy beard. A couple of bushy beard here I don't know man on groomed says his real admin U I hasn't really loading. I don't. Elliott governments on. There ever walked just 5% off all. Right literally sitting. Two feet away from you right now that. We're. There I'm mad Akron Ohio problem. Yeah I've come out I don't know that direction and I would have I don't know about it noted that next at this. News. Welcome you good night we have what's he do that yeah. I can't score then uncheck them. Miguel tell me so I can't allow you to Susie yeah if you're very creative part of this building. These hidden details. He's on national sales strategy. He's got to put together. Thanks for listening to our bare wood met Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 milling dot com.