Friday, February 16th

Ramona's someone who's chronically late, so we talk about the things all late people like her can relate to!


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That to what that meant remote simulcast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Stories listening to all there. Ramona the morning team really really late all the time to time all you can just sit like 80% of the time it's going Ryan. It definitely got tired now you're down about sixty port. No one I think beyond no no line at much higher than that 7030 I am 80% on time and right. That's going a little high but I'm not I well I that is a little hot but with and but less. Time late in east today. Like you know he's been like 1520 minutes late tiger in the that ten years I don't know over every means and a I just and meetings and outlaws player that is a fair question. Anyway people. Always a late have done some of these things zVue are too many of these. The text be there a second when I actually like twenty minutes away. I have tried to be more honest. That. I have sit someone attacks like to be there in ten men and then I have actually gone back and corrected that. I will apparently now a free to be good for you on used to say in the parking lot learning. I don't why they have a bigger fifteen minute to get there most of the time I am in the building. Now more I went up parking lot and I've just started chatting with someone and I got a weapon an idea let's level I know. Put that I think yeah actually yeah. I'm just senior year. What you parties and it's still unclear about that meeting not a good idea yet. And yes it. You just said this one texting I'm running late but mama Wayne you're actually tap our way or so. He said I notice you set your clocks ten minutes ahead trick yourself and riding place that's not true. More than ten is sweating. It's twenty minutes. Clock above my bed and the clock in my bathroom are twenty minutes back. To I don't I've never understood that people do this because. How they're trick when you know. That it's forty minutes ahead I got was that attractive you know something. How is that a trick bipolar pigeon out of my mind when Harrington was there on the whatever magicians do I don't know if I can imagine. Did you forget it was a big in your mind for decades old white hair update Bob I mean like you know questions at the beginning about final. Are ample coin out of some kids hear it it's not a tricky Yuri know that when you. That's my point that a trick you know it's twenty minutes different. Here's the thing. Win high and getting to rest my day. My brain is on getting dressed on giving up yeah I know the clock a little bit fast but. Russia isn't he alone don't tell I think it's. Pinch when he at the clock says ten when he there's something about that that rushes me but it then yes. And gun that is mental mind trick on you when you make plans put an issue at the end were thirty ish you know you're gonna delay. I am. You pretend you're via. And generally on time out. This to remember and a like percent on time new life yes elect but before you say is sunny and now Okajima just in time regulate. Unity to get a had the bases giving a heads up that might be like lol yeah. Is is. Meaning she do. Is generally I am. Under estimating how much time it takes me to do stuff like it okay don't take me half an hour to get Dre as it does it mean this time and then I try to do one more thing. And that's it totally throws me off by bedtime management is latest my funniest it is my father in law Ross. He has an OCD tackle about it being. As. He has to have the magazine's. Like on his. A week and like that tabled. All of you to Ali table or whatever. A certain arrangement and so all it never fails about what the car off. Is back in and moves the magazines around. And I finally said did you know what you don't they do you think you're you're just being like you start the magazine day a little earlier no it's not possible yeah. Mom has an o.s CD king twists. Checking the doors checking the curling iron curtain and here's. And it doesn't match I've found that it does it matter. If I say okay we're leaving at hand yes. I can be ready to walk out the door she can look like he's ready he's ready to walk out the door and get back but she's got it. Tonight is the bathroom do you think she does the so I Cody did she get a code. Did I did I can't take that entirely and so but it does not matter death or does not matter in every time. Is going to have a. Every time my life like say ask me. What shoes do you like better argued that was the most infuriating question when you should've walked out the door five minutes ago the your value are really the laugh at and a what do you know about shoe yeah exactly so you're just simplifying my anxiety and Ang and. AJ and then there is anxiety. Rolled up in this tit. Like there's a part of me of course that is anxious about any meeting familiar to lag is that yeah I know I'm putting I know I'm doing it. And I even know that. I'm building. Like I'm setting myself up for even more anxiety on top of the meeting anxiety if I think a good to be late for said meetings. Yeah yeah I think you're ever. You do it on. The fish I would do an issue it's like just a body on me are some and I area around port there. Some young to be exact. Is be a much to be around or thirty got a B or boarded the latest yeah not really late one of those things. They handle. I don't know it's the South Pacific time nearly does Pacific time need to knows you regulate Bassam Eritrea or 3445. We're just too many me now by Ariana got a no specific time and expect. Now late people ticker showered and lounge around a top 45 minutes. Now you know on my life does that guilty by studying guilty of that yes or get moving here in your head as you get moving like I'm full I'm rattling the keys and she still enough. The international desk she's in the towel on the closet like flipping through clothes don't like. We have five and oh yeah. I remember when time. We are getting ready for charity in my ex husband went and sat out in the car in the garage. In an IA and. Was in Reid just. The point because he was certain the car that you did nothing to do so I haven't. It'd still be democratic Golan to the girl right. Leery at Omaha and yeah I don't at seventy singles on a guy that I don't live. Your and very light it V I think the key is your magazines like. And as you relate. Yeah and just by sitting in the car. Moment you make him anxious. Wait as any new woody there have been why it was a late getting there. This ceremony blanket I'm weddings she's late all the time yet she's a flight attendant who always makes her flight on time to time is Barbara think punctuality is her fingers and her job but when her personal life she refuses. Hi I'm lying about that time to be there sweating my ex husband used to say that about me because we live our life in minutes. I don't know how I'm sixty seconds is now the league and and he was military trained so something in his brain said if you don't show what people could die. Beautiful out Ahmadabad makes man. Ed makes more or. It looks like he can't get enough. He's dead chipset. No it's nearly a year away. Oh because we got the feeling. The stepfather Sherry. And his new album. Get your soon. Justin. Well we got somebody use critical in your relationship. Here's what you do. The promise first ball. When you truly don't care what they think you and criticized you in you know emotion and it then you have no want of desire defend yourself and prove them wrong. That's probably bats. Because you know yet if you don't care labeled learning more yeah yeah I would think so a lot of time when people criticize. Players browsers together anyone's expecting to start an argument. Is doing it to do that. And expect you to dig your heels and went to get upset when I do it just kind of like here Eric and so here's what you do. No partner criticized. To argue. Here's to phrase to use the next time you're part criticize. If you don't know whether or not what you're saying is true abuse and saying. You might be right and think about it later. They say you know here and Derek. That the end of the commerce say accident and you might be right back to block that. Right and urged that aren't and that gives you time for is some. Self reflection. A dying game as you're. Partner. A chance to know that they've been hurt like hey you might be right way you know it on paper that's perfect on paper that is perfect paper. But if someone is on action is that he may be right they think that you're being sarcastic Gerri at dismisses this business say yes yeah yes yes they they they're. And then you go like I am Donyell human right and what I'm Eric that's enough yeah we need to talk about you need to admit you're wrong yes. There's got to be an emotional payoff for whoever's criticizing it. Is not good enough how an emotional payoff. They have to feel like they were heard not just you're my hero. That seems very dismissive like can you count on the fence about it you know you're not sure. What are the perfect response tell me more apparent take it to their liking and equipped pumping in enough and you want to let you are right. Oregon right now I usually our opportunity to critically look at yourself because. A lot of times your your first reaction is to big ol'. You might be saying yeah whatever yeah your right your right your right but. Inside your fighting that this opportunity is critically pitchers and I need to step back it's not a fight. It's just an opportunity to absorb what they said and see if they are. Yet we have a doubt absolutely I EU might be the jets in a vacuum this works great. Please suggest some changes behavior today. You said that down. You notice that I'd. Closing cabinets after I'm done. And I think you might be right I thought about it. I I don't always close the cavs here's what I am willing to do. After Devin kitchen I'm willing you even come back this is after you said you may be right and thought I might write about it now. Where it's obvious you are right. Yeah yeah that's coming limelight that means you are right I'm gonna change my behavior and I'm sorry that's how I usually goes I round how would. And he added you might be right on the think about that for. And you think there might put him back on their heels so anti immigrant. But I have a feeling is still some Jones regarding Nolan says she's right to have her brow beating OK if you know for certain that what they're saying have you it's false. Simply say may be may be a hot. The if you're just viewed as you know maybe even if you know what's false is basically say you're not gonna get an argument. There's there's there maybe maybe not you know they say. You choose you need to spend more time with the kids maybe maybe not. An emotional person and as a rehab and admit without emotion whatsoever you might be surprised that only at how it refuses any arguments and allows you to keep your power for yourself. And actually make your partner respect you more. Is able cents a you answered on one. And I wanted answers someone we all want to be answered to this. I'm gonna try to maybe eighty not. Maybe you're able. May be non may be and read your chin and a men really delayed and maybe not maybe not me I'm a little walk away and think about it now that's the first point you may be right think about it well like you are now is that Ali okay pat absolutely come of age you may not pass through there and that segue into something else is gonna work wondered I can't wait to try not sounds. Dismissive. As more dismissive that you might be debit you know right says. I'm gonna give some consideration maybe maybe that is is to music but you know their raw. You know the wrong way and this is saying don't argue within that they're wrong to say you know maybe maybe not. There's always a difference in perception and they say and if you know for certain that what they're saying it used false it's certain your certain certain. Russert there's still always a difference and percent came home at 10 o'clock last night. When you really came over nine. Maybe maybe not rather than argue about. Can work in that instance who has not defend themselves and how. Is this. Zero lotion. Who's wrote my first resilient not gonna go I'm seriously team amateur and yeah exactly we aren't you really know not maybe maybe not is not an argument if you. Yeah that is an argument it's not sure his behavior maybe salary and an argument about maybe maybe not. And things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with memorable. Graduate fifty restaurants do you think he'd know. Yeah it's. Easy to fancied that arrest. Telling the Somalia in the wind person he did it. Your priceless. The nations say it out loud. Instead he's supposed to ask them this morning review recommendations of a wind it would go well with you're go with a one close the price point which you're comfortable. And it none of the ones he says there are priced at what you like. Outlines point 21 and ask how that one might be with him yet you can't say. Yeah underwent a medical errors and why undated debug believes the death. Usually if you say I leg riesling or something they'll give you three different ones in three different price points right now divided up and says my talking about it's not just viewing your white gap assuming this is a bit Alia and another apple or something. Also find really really. I'll just. Tacky. And it may be is just my insecurity. But it's when someone does get your finest bottle. Is just the man in the like I'm trying to be big Boller all right right. I assume and I don't hang out with these people's I don't know I don't know everybody notices of of the world don't they give me the finest bottle. They know what the finest is and that's what they order and a they have an idea or they consult I was Molly day and say you know. I'd like something that has. This type of tone to lead or what are you only parents except old guy you just won a lottery sent that you like. If there would have. It's okay again if you because you're like never you know it's like yes Abbie in a crazy person. But yes you're right the finest and I don't think I don't think normal wealthy people their like I'll take to sixty degrees out yeah right. On don't stick your pinky in the air when you drink. They tele that's who sticks their pinkie in the air. They drink a video card to adapt. Tom don't talk about the prices in general like did the cost of the meet Hillary thing. Turn to stay within a budget you can do so that openly discuss the cost of every item on the campaign and it's. NATO. And flag before you go look it up online and get an idea how much is gonna write offs before you ever leave your how. So you don't sit down and go hundred pressed and cut through and I don't. And there's. You don't include the a and I got to bide my own sent to try it I did. Really confusing sometimes. Especially daring like. Restaurant weakens. Evidence for airing in general you're gonna know what estate costs by looking up a place and then you go from there on. You doc does and research before you got concerned but you tell me a name steakhouse I know I'm not gonna be spent about a I had me read you get stuck in that situation for stocks vice apparent lack through. Don't place your napkin on the table. I inactive should never gonna table once it's been used yet to be in your chair if you. It's I I have seen I think I may have when I was done. And like on my plate. Boaters. Sort of attack ads that. Don't eat really really hard to keep foods. I don't record says you may love spaghetti a year to get on the Boehner. Whatever that is but. But I do you do a social aspect the you know like a work thing or something. Do something that you know a night in a fork. Our bags. Made a mistake recently of. Ordering my favorite French onion soup from a restaurant uptown yeah during a business meeting. And while I generally love the street sees I was a mess all right. I was a Mike dripping down got a double catches right leg yes I sobbed and yes pay attention AM I would I would guess. Yeah you're right I don't ever be invited back keeping your basic. Majority self conscious about eating and it doc is always but I didn't even every young lady in front of people still abusive Kessler never host a business dinners summary haven't been before. Too important of burly types of clients yeah or in laws or something like that. I don't ever in unless it's my friends and we have made. A point to try someplace near Wright I am Nieves far. Ever suggesting the restaurant I haven't I just friends. If my friends is that OK let's try someplace new. OK you let the person for the stars and I I do not in general guys would be the one the aggressive one or two days. Richard and disabilities there's too much pressure for a I can't I I I know I can't take. Don't eat faster than your dining companions. You should always sort of the same number of courses as the other people you're eating wit but there's and into public just dip like death. I don't want to Salinger's suit like then that baggage you have to yes a very fast I am very. Aware of it when I'm with people idea out there now don't care about. Where we have whatever professional settings I try to keep it but it dressy guys emerged as doppler down tough crap yeah shouldn't Seneca. I think gives a generally can't eat an appetizer and and Andrea. But eat an appetizer then I'm picking over the onto. Yeah IA asked if you do you find you're done before your dining companions in your food on your plate. The Placer somewhere in the resting position that way it's still looks like they're eating even. In an article. They should around never let the bill come to the table a group. Dinners. Savvy entertainers never let the Billick and it's able to get the credit to art critic cards the maitre. And they say all sign the check on the way out. Yeah I never knew that one I've never done that I'd never did that I guess not fancy not only dinner tomorrow I will do that that doesn't mean people wouldn't offered help but. Lachey take yet to dinner thank you means taking Matt the better. I honestly Nancy avoid the squabbling. Yen as this bubbling is always awkward. Yeah yeah I shouldn't being me and I hit what I never had a bad it's I never had a bad squabble the two hours. I have. I really haven't had as while diligent. Well the bottom that I've never had a break it down I've never had other than and then just like. Voted for ways or two days or when I never had no arguing over who's gonna pay for the whole thing because you never know and dividing it up on talking about. Well no large amount squabbling like yeah. I was talking about finally have the my shots out and a have you seen that but not since I've been a legit grown up but now it. Jolie models and model at this Alcan Al the app does is okay Emmy people squabble about who low I accept this thirty day attack. I say pick up the tab of the person says haggard now let me and I and I got it and then they go what they did appetizers and it is but if it's that you can't beating more than likely did you. And multiply it can't say nobody says it's been at the appetizers. Is you got to use its assets go back and forth. I simply cannot be get one chance to say. No. I got it when it comes back to me and I say no I got to the the tennis matches over and I mean I'm. I think the whole let me get the app snow let it I'll do it. Not a good bye to an investment says that when you start breaking it down like that to me I feel like now we are making it tough for the server in note. But if you need to about a recorded argued its tip I'm not aria don't know known and. And I'm like. You know one and let me get some drinks after dinner owe me something like ban or are let me get the tip. I'm okay would that tip that's easy just rated on there's a big deal. Anyway tied. Maria Oprah and the napkins by the way how you can which enacted on your lap to host doesn't burst. I did not know that. DD GE G I don't think anyone really whole game that you can't put it like when you're done. Oh you got adapt your mouth not wipe it. You mean you putter I'm gonna go the bathroom has to be on the seat not on the arm of the chair. And yeah you can put on our allies mr. many things just which damn food. Either so rarely that I don't think I need to know there was going to be like. Come back at your dirt while Ireland dug out here about a easy notice now I'm not but I think if I was fancy. I'm learning things in this article I didn't know that shall now I'm not going to apply a single one now forget I doubt but which. Also there with Matt in Ramona. Right news that's a 330 on the mat and Marcia would ban d.s as a as an example that we man claiming to be from the years 23 easily shared a number of predictions for the future has miraculously. Passed a lie detector test in London England task must be true then boom economy out past success. The self proclaimed time traveler goes by the name of Noe was stating that he essar remain anonymous says he's risk his life. To tell those living in the present day what the future hasn't store does he say who is this morning to tell him I oh improbably bit better manners Imus say though if you weren't looking anonymous would you be doing a video which is blurred out and blurred out in his name's not know app and are where he's hiding yeah he's an island time travel police obviously you know got a -- the mom on YouTube. Put up 38 with Britain remain anonymous they do. Interviews and stuff. Argue number it. The Daily Mail was they're doing the interview while he was doing a lie detector tests this first question was are you an actual time traveler from the year 2030 and he. It nailed it nailed it some of his courage. Details on what's going to happen in our current president will be a re elected in 20/20. Bitcoin will be the currency of the future. Artificial intelligence becomes huge and 20/20 one huge electric cars can travel a 600 miles per how he's really going on a limb and and humans are flying to Mars by 20/20 eight and a alt. I had a lot of possibilities on the Iron Man evident. But anyone of us could have made on us on saying that does that Oregon panel I'm on as he also claims that tying Trammell has been possible for the past fifteen years since 2003. But then it's not been released to the public until 20/20 eight in which you can time traveled in the old time I thought. Soul you know ten years and no tsunami in time travel well I'm looking forward to 600 mile per hour. Cars along that he time traveling does it say when he started his time travel is the only how he was goner I deals act. I don't allow old Leah but I hope that this is. I told you if I'm. Like you've when he guy's wife for some murdered not taken a lie detector test. This but I tell you I'm wired up and not take a lie detector that's. Pattern there why did you constantly plot the murder of soccer coach we're learning I'd. I'm in the ground work for my defense. Now I'm much too many shows about people paean or read too many stories and much tomatoes be but it would be locked up. Who were innocent. Now they did I watch this thing called truth can our false confessions on Netflix and oh boy they just know these people for hours I'm not talking OK because you're afraid Joseph not actually. I. The best I could not accurate and that the putrid make it tricky you and add a brutally and while we weren't talking about time travel and. Is certain is Lindsay is back yet and there opportunity is not about how he's probably. You. A T and does someone close to limit them you what do you want to know of dateline's and false confessions and things like that. And Hillary go crazy -- all right here's another odd news not Tenet are shoots junior. At a complaint against him he ran from traffic sap. And today he eventually. Had called 91 to report he was so called and needed an ambulance. Miller headliners trail went cold for cops because he would call that. They found shoots in the middle of frozen swamped. Where he reported he couldn't walk as temperatures drop below zero. The upper required fire and rescue assistance remove shoots from the area described as being surrounded by steep terrain and dense woods. So prime tumbling down Asheville with the thing. In a frozen swung frozen swap is no place to be no Jews was later charged with three misdemeanors stemming from the incident failure of an officer marijuana possession obstruction officer. On he was core operatives cooperative an apologetic after being found. He pleaded not guilty. They did just a few weeks we thought you run away from us. Yeah and I'm guilty and is laundered yeah. It was definitely could lead to a very I don't know mile line I don't tell. He sheriff's deputy attempted a traffic stop 12 and I am. After when the car was registered to revoked driver of the car sped past stop signs on the property before returning the country road and went on a half mile pursuit. A half mile pursuit in a pro law and that's it not only winners of somebody's driveway and it was somebody I try to drive yet. Where shoots got out ran he tried jumping up barbed wire fence a trip that I wouldn't post. The impact caused him to trip over the fence he was last seen running into an open field towards some words were obviously the been saying about his police office of lamb I'm not now. Because our debt he took over a fence and never. Obviously looked like a Bozo who was going to do that began series and like it's cold on the Imran words and we ask you. And says it probably didn't need to react they they said they a small about a pot was found in the car opposite route looking pursue you know why small amount bought was found on the car and he's obviously you smoke a large or modify. And I don't believe the operas are rollicking. That much stack. Yeah. And they work as temperatures sank to minus eight. Dispatch I understand I understand he received added that this threat is did not want one caller 105 AM. Which is less than an hour nickel and over from shoots that a man I am cold I mean an ambulance. So deputies tracked his phone into a swamp. 13 of a mile from the traffic that 13 of a mile and in miles not long. After they arrested on tennis according to deputy report tennis stated he needed an incident like this because he is making poor decisions in his life. He did best we can all agree in the recent ad breeze industry's bad decisions right out of assaults are an hour less than an hour now one. Third you have you don't want to break the law which you do wanna be chased by police off yes it's on my bucket list and a third of my UP you know you probably wouldn't even make it a third Miley. I'm give myself a head start and police taste of it leaks. 2030. Want to run now built car before I get out and at least go. Dubai the numbers as a fantasy about food and ask but it but the cop is. The magic Mike. Unless they're Camden new. We weren't. Don't quite believe that they can I give myself by the you know Dow just okay. 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