Let's Talk About Sext, Baby

Monday, November 27th

So many people are bad at sext, so we're gonna tell you how to do it the right way. Also, do you think you could ever go without calling or texting someone ever again?


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to on there with the remote. Sarah and rain it's comment on. I guess that you'll be our. Yeah. Okay let's on Wednesday designed to Steelers have 4 o'clock to get vermonters home date mode Jones make over. Here's one from the week. It's about sexting. It has become very common for Lynn to woo women it via. Text. And yet sixteen can be part of it makes if you're doing it right. But some guys are doing it so. Wrong now. Not that is visiting. Sydney in the studio witness dot com and of your many here. Dot docs and met bandied which one of you feels you are good at sexting. I've not done it but I know I'd be good you've never sent a sex no not that I would considerate sex I'm not a fan. Now devers at one either final delegate math but those who. I didn't do anything for me I'd I'd I'd I'm pretty kids seeing it or something there you know they've blown up on Twitter. Matt what's it do his wife and yeah well that's. I really sweet he's talking. As a cluster and two putted. You're gonna blow up is it it is not fit into your. Well I know but it might look Samaria some of that nasty but an act. Is lacking in nasty it. That she wouldn't like it again dietary and it on the I don't I don't need to do either never doubted never will and I am going to assume that. Doc you have never sent a sexed. I know yet know be married and Texan I want I can high can bring myself to it. Being beat you use they'll never now I'm not dead have you ever sexy woman and he said yes he's saying now are guys yes I don't yes. If you ever decide to try. My visit mom. And bring you marry guys this one doesn't count. Three single guys just know it is rude. An absolutely. Not shift to ask or a naked picture from a woman who has never disrobe for years. Maybe she has never taken off her clothes for you in person. It ease of notches. To ask for her to CN GU a nude pictures like again I chummy of movies. Like right. Maybe it's good may be out insert chance the rule you out. Yeah like I don't want this guy right here normally Lisa. You want to be ruled out that's the way to do it but there was maybe it was a lot and even in a sexy picture. Same difference now now now she did you ever had sex with Jared did you asking Boris sexy PC off limit. But if she opens the door and has had just got a new swimsuit I just got a new bikini. I just got a new and make. It just says I just got a new bikini you're allowed to say yeah I'll just say I can't wait to see you when. And then it is up to her to seeing you model and a bathroom picture. Now what she's I mean once you sign the candidate has CDC's implying you want to short and it's that's so then you say I can't wait to see UN. And our ads or 321. Off. But do you agree that if she's never taken a close off we have had a nice little war and federal. And have you had an over the field because that you know we're getting in the gray area. A if you've. Tell her up a little bit but you're ranked club did you touch that area Billy underneath the center of the of the duplicate she got into it but you never seen a better yeah Motorola and Larry. I think it was. I don't know has hurt if you have touched it. Not very area yeah I think you can ask or think it was touch and the other night edition eyes yeah. It was really dark and yeah. Are there any area to a game. Next thing you guys have to remember is that women respond better to language stand to pictures here of course. So eve you are sixteen a woman unless she has. Just euphoric. Do not stand pictures of what's happening in your pants tonight right he show muscles picture. But again making muscles as the muscles and Amir. When you do that you get your body builder and or personal trainer had her personal trainer and perhaps. I don't want to write. And she hasn't she's yet to ask you for. She hadn't really strongly to you now know she could barely give listening to him and the only hint no oil isn't here yeah I did did you touch it let us. On the business. No that is not gray area and in that is not gonna say no. You must specifically as for my say I've bought a new jock strap. I think today it got me a model it for us. The Atlanta and and again this cup for the if today. Something like I'm so hot for you in she says how high. Yeah being aging because the do you love me show you this ally in the artists say yes or now the cam out of my tuxedo for you all you have on as the top. Lose. You don't think that's fair to the quiet area I'm glad I get married and wave off the market because you think like a creek Burton. No I wouldn't do it and just helping out and just saying. Now they know what to do you think fall madly it is off the margin is that that I could like zoom in a body part yes the body. Hello hello I got. The so really really closet of physical and close tunnels mine not. These things technically yeah I can experiment I think that's. Bet that 60 yeah I was not really no room. And that guy you have to remember. If you really want to reel the woman in with your sex sting sit up. So just in the budget dirty stuff again he loves and some emotional may mean a lot in my diet lobby. If you do lover letter I know you love her if you're falling ever tell her you've. Bawling before that you could you say I'm following for you let on who pick would steal the deals. That is that you're showing emotion and Andy telling your I mean it's everything at the at. Now it's not everything maybe don't know cry cousin and touch of my feelings that Britons and you do it all I could and by the way and tell it to the sales of yeah downtown. Yes wouldn't it. They did it. Yeah. I like your game. It can't hurt clapping and I think you heard our club in her answers Bieber has sort two minutes ago. That Beckett and the previous sounding games that yeah. Your route that links. Holiday nice is favored couples tradition. 107 and the link dot com and submit your cutest couple photos to wind things to different Genesis and Billy Graham live. Larry so what are you have a reject if you can keep only the phone app or the messaging app on your phone which one would you choose. Well when it was originally I'm very confused at the phone is actually an app that. That throws me off my game but basically are you saying would you rat you not use your son Adam and iPhone. At 1010 I don't know I know I just never thought of as an app I just thought of like the phone because I don't believe you definitely don't. Talk and their phone but it's for tax act like a social media well the bottom as I don't want to I would rather not talk to people that's asking. And most people like here. Is news survey asked people under forty big heap leave the phone app for the messaging in which one they would want 73% said. I'd much rather text be able to call people's I'm led a secret messaging but I had no phone app that's trouble too because there are times I needed to talk to. So you're saying about half to have one I guess I gotta go to the phone because what my kids are emergency whatever maybe is an emergency enemy textual. Yet elegant at but I can't talk to them ideally a long text back. And a bit about what of five minutes it's scary that. I'm David he begged borrowed and he's dying and confusion that has advocate I like to hear the last aren't around I know I guess they get text me they're troubled but. It seems like it's something that emerges as an illness they got calm down. I'm going to be right there or whatever you can text that nobody at the military compound. I'll be right there. Have been up against your I mean obviously I'd rather it. I don't know what you have find your felon out on all my phone I can send. Eight tax that is actually my voice. Probably something American view like that because a lot of times I don't feel like texting so I'll just. Thought a voice message what and the boss for instance as I need to talk to. Obama and well I'll find a pay phone. All whatever orderly edited where are you went everywhere you. And economically or something means so and I can't call again and abandoned highlighted that long without don't mean does not phone anywhere. And I are divided and and that's at city needed to talk do you don't know now that he it's an emergency why amplify owner's home leaders of failure but on the my car. And access to a phone. There's not a Mike cellphone right is that need to talk to import a need to talk you right now. I would have to try to find a pay phone it's bad don't have a phone app. Yeah that's usually what your proposal yeah brings you ads down but that is where will come an apply things like that right. The men were unique event happens all the time to DG news does. And do you guys he's gone yeah oh yeah. Aristide Italy wanted to nod to act it. Liven up is dinner party. Taylor or doctor some. By the flight I'm sorry this is not. Idea believable. Scenario right now for you that need to fall. I don't use the medical I I I doubt I'd see in my I don't want my hands would probably wanted to talk to them yet my mom does not taxed. My parents taxed but it's still can't answer to exceed gaining read your text messages so I really need the phone more than I need. Texting and for my whole life. But all you know liking kids who am I don't have a land Robert Brown were proficient live Brady more prepares for her I think I'll proficient but you know like I had a whole bunch of. Things don't run in my life and house so I kind of had people come out. And it can console based letter bids or whatever you call estimates. But I had to call the company couldn't text the company and say. Asian come out and find squirrels in my house had called him. You have things I didn't eat there again those that are cited the user's time yeah. Lang you know I had cost girls a year addict yeah the panic. There that would garage doors broken attic on dive in and lives out there are times. Trust me no more than once not talked about anymore than anybody in my early times but I would say for most people texting is bar. Yeah how I was trying to talk people into just realize that once in awhile. Me human. I really don't preach all the time to people believe anchors call the the last time you called me. And I don't know I can't just about anybody hip yeah yeah I'm trying to think I don't I don't look back in my vote and I haven't made a call although I called the guy. The yeah. That's me. You're listening to all there with the remote lonely years and it speeding you're the only here. Grossing put it in new. That it is. New games and is that people hide the fact that skating around from new partner with Friday claimed I've certainly been under. The assumption there I'm Patricia monogamy and. I've been there it's a select tactic to shift the blame to the person and turning them the truth is it's both parties' responsibility. Released baseline open about seeing other people. Rushing as a result deeply messed up. Refers to the attitudes ABC one cockroach. There are a ton more than you don't see just like the purses sneaky side helix yet to be at some sneaky might be a lot of the sneaky stuff. The equity example is so it turned out even sing like six. Other girls the whole time cantina you've got roach a little bit of a I think that you see in the sends it to join us ballot. For somebody and then there's nothing about. New woman who works here an anti. Western and Roche innings he. I. Thought I'd never approached him remains today that's my dad's that middle name. That's. I did little Linda's roach yes its neighbor terrorists in a David David Roche shares RO ACH Roche. Yes I'll good lord talk about your unkind little Maine let that bad it was a it was is a plane idling day in my Graham miles family was you know whatever Willie they were family erode Tuesday yes you didn't have to cut but definitely companies called on to the kitchen so. Not. Is. Just. I. Hear the have that he yea your hands on copy. Of that weekend share December recipes from the roads and attention. It's not to make a note to myself finally got his hit comedy note okay you do that I'm dead roads in the kitchen is there. I'm happier than originally kitchen but I do. I asked him why it's the I get picked on the mat on the Yemeni. And second and I went a week people he hung around and it was a very smoked anything he's probably buried dad he unknowingly they are out of Roche mab. So many things put in front of it obviously got on. Well at. I in the first part roach if it's an animal. All that straight on a conference just the first parts are now intrusion into a gazillion roads. Rhodes was big in the Cosby Show that the homeless or for another time. Another. Turn. You might wanna get in on is dogging it. This is down around for awhile there's a British connotation yet probably I don't know. The practice of couples having public sex in their cars in places where other people can watch up in nature now. Men and a second let me be well. This this is it's it's happening a lot Britain apparently. A lot means. I terminology has been used ever been this term they come from the concept of taking one's dog for a walk wooded area. Discovering a couple doing. That's quite dogged. Quote Angel and I haven't discussed in going dogging we loved being watched it's a tutorial now Idaho dogging. And I don't know but I you know what did you see people doing it. Mile and an important it is doing the blue dog and I don't have the opposite effect yet at that call the cubs that yes they would you know it depends where it is a guest. I would call the cops in certain places like. Public park like you're you're Parnell the hard way back in the to switch back in the woods I can't see you what I don't know won't hurt me what are you gonna want. Purposely. Light yet heard actually positioning yourself to be seen by others all of a public place to discuss kisses are Beers an opportunity for children to see you as well and as we don't. On record dogging outside of a nightclub admit. You know you're not going to be hot. Right. The DT our conversation. That's at but that pivotal moment a relationship and we discuss. What you aria for real couple for its benefits when he situation shipped. We have a situation ship yeah that the company combo worked for your time is huge. Haven't the DGR two early chase him away too late in my point somebody DGR stands for. Define the relationship. So that DT our conversation. Have you had the DGR conversation yeah it is indeed needed did to buy it. As a conversation. Obviously from the first it was a personal we had wrote in my when had a conversation I never had a conversation I guess it just as soon. And that I'm prejudice in that wind hardly for me so I believe in the DDR yeah armour T one I let a guy is bringing it up. If I bring it up the DT our conversation needs to happen. The guy brings it up what are we don't talk and he brings it up if a guy brings it up in. He's probably pressuring me to move faster and I wanna move really come on May. I'll bet he's like a rip off doesn't say it is it's that double standard issue. Important I just want to ask you just once they other relationship with the idea that he is not a little women. He's probably moving faster than I want you wanna be the initiator yes I prefer to be presumably the initiator on ASCII some Alfred de. Only just deciding it's time to be monogamous. Although you wanted to be not monogamous gay one you just don't when it declared. A good Alexandra as Xena I. Seen things go low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with that Ramon. Ready for me and dad if so we'll. Victoria's Secret girders. Where we should use the. This is VMware. The worst possible word if you can use when you're having an argument with your spouse. For. Weighing me you are bringing up. A difficult topic to discuss with the yours now difficult topic trying to do that. The lead view is two words right yes that is dealers should fifth. I write so I I. We know that she never say always or never. That that we've learned a thousand times in a gang is always our neighbors is no way to. I you know comment on Sunday it is it is never apps. So. Never make it about me. Or do make an enemy and a drink it like it's always about me. The worst word you can use is you. Use YOO years you'd did dais you never do that they do. Anything you say after you which by the way is very accusatory. And that's gonna make your partner companies feel little a little defensive. Anything you sample that is going to be erased by. The fact that you just verbally attacked your partner well what you next thing you know they're all bristled for what comes next well let's say you want them to be receptive so what you're saying are. Not a we get there but like for instance. Amy has not been closing the garage after she bowed and leaves blow that bothers. I can't say you didn't close the garage. I have to say Amy Harris didn't close the garage to our knees saying that Amy. I noticed that a garage door wasn't closed began. And it really stresses me out when leaves blow it makes me feel badly arcade like you to say. Sometimes when you do blah blah blah makes me feel. I go I'm blessed our land our commissioner. These blow his. Let's about the mayor's. Oh. Yeah I finally got out of jail Liggett and my. Sunday express my feelings to Florida resident your feelings but why not blame you if you want. To have the most positive outcome possible. It makes me feel like just wiped the word. You wouldn't out of it so it makes me how Mario that. Makes me feel like. I should do extra work because there's a leaves in the garage. And the person who's my wife should close the garage door listening. An amendment hardly any since I can get out yeah I couldn't get. MBA you know there's power in hi I. And sickness has hired guards of paint on game you lie you lie you still criticized so you'll lunch account Aaron that are. Art and does the same thing visiting the island forever I will you hate. Accountability. Shows and accountability. But I don't any accountability I'm not the wanna look grudge Dora I use the I message. It. And I feel bad whenever you come home and yell at me. I feel bad India noise at you know. And that elbow and I'm saying you did say that comes out inside and trying to lead you makes me feel bad. Who's yeah I thought I would say I feel better how is weak militarily could talk things out who's only got so I'd say it was me yeah. She's there watching boss yelling and yeah. I would yeah. Yeah. Start forcing her to use that thrown around. Just so I can say that I'm ending its business expert says it's the one word that makes relationships fail so there. Although you know to be notified on tax time probably don't say you. I mean I skipped a just you assume she knows it got better act now I don't know maybe. They just yeah I'm Lisa lies dormant in the garage Europa and yes. Garage door open. Like Nolan didn't do not only 88 car alarm around. Not mean that tiger rod still Madison and Avery didn't drive the ads. Old. Can we narrow it down. So long yeah I mean he had. It's not meek and and that they live in there very heated say who led the garage door opening what people do that all the time. He stills and say that even though. Yeah it like my card days I'll say it I know it's my mom loses me she's still asked I wonder who'll. Yeah well we both know was added there is the old battle that I denial I I couldn't do it in little. Yeah and a half. And as well maybe it was. Not. It was a female shoot. Shoot the zebra you know. Felt at. And acted better that way treated EWE. Yeah as soon as easy W me and interpret the stupidest thing I have thrown out herself. Amorphous. 1079 delaying care as we send this link to kids what I seminar in the Lincoln teamed up with CN PD to help kids on Christmas this year is part of the magic of the season by sponsoring a local child get all the details now just head over 10079. To link. Com our share of high gas of people that beat who may have been equal to at the end Matt FaceBook page are individuals matters from an Holloway units at its. These are compliments. Big guys think are cool and women don't even considered. Compliments a pen and person I am going to expand on this one because the compliment is well you don't even need to make up. Attack and then saying that people do the other feel there are people about wearing there a lot of people do in end of the problem I have with it is. I don't like men to complement. Make up period unless you're a make up artist what do these say though of gosh my face they hurricane Carla guess I don't up. Make up can bank and I said OK he may not if I'm trying to set up fishing part problem it. Go ahead right but to say all wow you know your makeup really looks nice work you don't need that make up order. Yeah it'll be out. I understand that Wanda Allen do you come heavy or problem and a woman on her mag hello my wife she doesn't she looks great them makeup day. Have you ever told that her makeup looks good. A and alone down I would notice again that's on that apple has good make up you don't know candidate Andy. The problem that some women have a the compliment is when guys who is you don't need makeup. Them. An idea to it could be like saying your too much make. Right can be implied he would try to make the implication is yikes. You are painted up like a clown. Right while also did it. I kind of like my women plane. Q clients yeah I know that it's a mismatch in safety net got to make up. Comments brilliantly are not gonna go well I would never have thought that yeah it is your wife it's your life. I ballistic yes let's stick all the cigarettes they don't have a list. Let's have a generic make let's say I think you can go well like the color lipstick. She gets new eyeglasses. Yeah I you know I don't notice that Astro let you know I didn't I am I. You call guys liars who say a they'd prefer women without make. Com liars what did you what they really are saying that's is I don't wanna woman who wears too much make. Yeah they don't really want a woman who never wears make sure they don't know women but Carolina that the makeup is so good right that they don't know that we're Emeka right. So I I think when people I say that they don't really know what they're saying. They don't realize that the girl might be talked about as make a bunch of static a job that exact make out exactly right. So I just like to clear that populists. Don't tell. If you do like to Emeka. Nelson weird kind of annoying sometimes is that hole. When a celebrity due no make up photos. Yeah I mean they're usually pretty people will come on yes. And so while big deal he takes a make up you still pretty yeah is not a doll that would beyoncé come on yeah. Big deal Jessica Simpson really bright frankly yes exactly it is a little bit annoying okay I'll. The other thing is oh wow you are. It's hot and Smart. That you shouldn't be insulted by that. Penalty should be insulted by that. You're attractive you're in talent and a is that tonight is the wording that's in your attractive intelligent. And funny activity that our oil what can and I agent about that amazingly that's he's very innocent. That I'm also seems very sexist it sounds very key committees like wow. Women can be beautiful. And intelligent maybe alone maybe it's his word at all pretty girls are done. No word just like an impact exists it's like that so I can't say here hot and funny. Is easily the women aren't funny how women are fun and I had anything not. Like a hot and anything I say are terrible and funny. Look I'm trying to list multiple thing yeah. I don't distract ambulance is it because you just beautiful. Then they're like a sell your after his mind unity in saying get us look you're beautiful and so are here inside and if you say if you're intelligent and funny and she's in the single I'm not how beautiful and hot and add balance and we can't win can't win he can't win but anything you listen here's OK to say to a guy. Yeah any this about this spot funny how Smart whenever. Makes a comment like boo yeah asking for trouble that outfit that is beyond the minds. Scope totally predatory. It is their predatory actually you people say that team. I'd get tempted to be before old men and student Julian only guy yeah I don't quite dead yet that it's not who'll miss their work. So yeah. You're saying that as a guy you would like I would as a guy I would like yeah. Today didn't you like you're asking for trouble Lynette out yeah fantastic Lindo and I would really put it. Way and I look and third dog I. I Jesus you jump on me yeah exactly receive God's joke bomb because I look so hot when and where and thank you look like dental. Didn't the yeah. And I bet you don't trouble like you know. Yeah like I can jump your bones right now about him. But for the delta. I'm looking and. I don't mind behind Biden and I'm gonna. But the amazing bird you love. It's. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 mil and dot com.