Lick A Toe Or Eyeball?

Tuesday, November 7th

Ramona's worst nightmare comes true when Matt's "Would You Rather?" game makes her choose between some weird dating fetishes...we also talk about the most arrogant Zodiac signs and how your behavior is annoying customer service workers!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there with the best remote. Those guys. I didn't have a question about the. Betty stayed. Give a hundred citizens on money you guys or gals. No that's not the case. What is the difference between. Having a dating fetish and having a dating preference. IAE. Look up fetish I think it just it's it's different than. Think there's going to be something is bisexual amounts finishes GAAP. As about it let's say I like gentlemen prefer not is that a blonde fetish Wear that just firfer. I don't reference. I think fetish has got to be complete obsession it's a sexual desire which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object item of clothing or part of the body. Okay it's a fetish is not going to be an actual person. A color race OK so whenever guy away. Who's white who only Dade's black women don't have a black women and radical that night according to the definition now let's unfinished is a suppressed. Now this more or heard meg let's say if the guy only dates like women who are over 300 bounds yet. Is at a fetish that are no it's not a fan and delighted that it out of an. Anthony's specific part of the body aware I think yeah I mean he's really in defeat. That's a finish like this is to suit our money out of it. And all the body parts that's the one it would Rocha got the most. Not the most but it's up there up there a foot fell about. Ocular Philly yeah. Arousal from eyeball looking. And boom. I would rather have my total. Hey just leg of that. I think I would like to have big guy. You don't let. Your pain guy yes you you could probably give you pick narrow Giambi moved on near enough. Did you think I you're how old hill OK. I had never eyeball it that's like saying a pilot feed them again athletes beat her but just lives and again they just they don't. Does this isn't true. I though I wouldn't. And I would rather have toes and eyeball. Any day any to lift yeah. On a would you rather you would rather lick toes than an eyeball yeah yeah oh yeah action and I'll. You'd think if I'm the liquor. I'll go eyeball. You know liquor rather leagues alone by all of if I'm Lee Ki yeah. Take my tail. Okay you'd rather badly Q tell that your arrival. But if you're like you'd rather like an eyeball up god I'd rather have those you know I am in Atlanta well floor type of day you can pick any. Body part. I'm going override. And you look at gas anyone. Anyone I should not be licked yeah. Every question about that statement assess that that those questions directly to Matt Harris and he had a bet that at 1079. The link that or are you there Ramona space but pale and say you want your eyeball elect now now now she grammar toes licked his 10 that's right. Art or your our lips are eerie if you're a guy which is I let shields did but this is just don't would you rather. Because I'm telling you right now. We have a conversation and and you mentioned that I ball licking easier thing yeah you either want a lick my eyeball or what legally you're problem I'm telling you right now that's once again a check please situation now please I'm ago what's it like what I've been here a year and the relationship. Now the study is an eyeballs eight. Here that he find somebody else to be an eyeball what do you beat and defeat the year earlier later. And you like everything's going great woods yes everything's great and all the sudden he wants to start with feet. You say it's not cheating if you like even go relax immensely yeah get out here says don't. If it out get. Want to come and I'm trying to kiss me at a mega Dominican flipped. A robot is that did the best thing. Okay but more of Griffey Aaliyah arousal from eating and the person's body parts are being eaten alive. I've I've heard of that leave really you had heard that before. Number there was a guy and I the editors something I don't remember him an email guy at the. I meant W Craigslist or something and the guy killed lemonade on the same guy wanted to. He had grab Australia where you had relented and you've asked him for top tablet. Cluster of Helio arousal were being in confined spaces. Splashing. Which is an easy one to say and remember. Arousal from messy food being sat on her smear done and affects analog. Alan Lipman someone sits in the eye as good as you don't feel that the guys stands obvious lie dictate Kennedy didn't get it down I thought that was just account Lance and I think that's. I want do you find I asked you find videos all over titans blushing. A Margaret I've been watching. No there's no way it is an argument buys plummet. The tournaments someone sitting on food. Instead of just so messy it's okay how about and that is of DeLia attraction a person's notes. That that to a certain extent again that's I think it's a preference. I don't just want to lose. A little. A low and there are some wind here fixes I was like Indiana's sixteen that big delegate knows you know art. Ego DeLia. A their users block its. So it's. All personal funds plus you would like you guys send a chocolate camp. And it doesn't look like I. And utilize this guy ads live and you know look like chocolate. Matt I asked. Now again it. Steve you don't feel yet. Did you view of the arousal from the bottom hellfire and damnation. And now we know either rights and Pat Roberts and bylaws Lucifer yep. Balloon that is you know about that yeah I'm just saying it right guys but you know balloons popping in ramps. Ford has Ceglia. Does a great 1000. Turning a person into a piece of furniture. And I mean you like probably gonna miss it like a table guy gets in the table. And I hammered it now on all fours and Tomlinson on your backpack or does not like a good idea Credo like and probably do the cradle which still filled. Ocular Feeley said the eyeball licking so well for a salary of DeLia. Arousing to shoveling. Where civilian someone's well groomed appearance. A message I figure I mess up your hair hair toss. They're tussling offers us a lesson load on him climate could feel the aroused from falling downstairs. I do get. I lapping people on announced it has been in a kind of dangerous if you limit was someone who loves that back. An assembly downstairs volatile and they they can't arouse them falling downstairs all of that he's doing is he's gonna hear them completely you can only about you have to send them down mistakes. Classic and at the end that's a sign on about that because they can't. Patsy people thought monsters purpose MB and I get around it as I was this thing at parties throngs of downstairs not better. Now he's against Don you get on the boom boom boom boom boom even doom when they might be where I got to landing and keep on who was. Close to us by an app. The omens like Lou. And I again in my house at that I've got just the status. That can take on a lending needs people don't follow he would get on values and mare and. 1079 Philly and Atlantic records have combined to bring you would fall. Blue Christmas Santa arrives early with this president on Sunday December 17 as an all time low and special guest secondhand serenade spread. Holiday cheer at the Fillmore. Get your tickets while they lasted all Ticketmaster outlets. We listened to 1079 delaying your exclusive source for tickets sweet greens and VIP experiences. It's an all time low Christmas from Atlantic records fox 46 Charlotte there's still more in Charlotte's best mix 107 now. No link. Eight us. Comments. Yale that stuff Matt motivated not anger management basement page IQ. I'm gonna give real zodiac action painted day and that it but arrogant zodiac sign. Most arrogant to least arrogant. Who. Tango by a people I know well. What the least are led to that word because I'm going to say a eight the most arrogant I'm gonna put Ares and Leo up there and Leo most arrogant. Although I don't believe it about you and good people because you are one right right. Other UIOS very arrogant in our area lab and all stop anyway but yes you are self absorbed. Downright conceded. But it's justified. Now now now my self esteem is too low prevent but other Leo's they say you're charismatic you're charismatic. But you're you know. They are arrogant. And then so judges. They're convinced the world revolves around them but they're optimistic. They have a lot of not so attractive qualities. The delightful. The Taurus which. It is my wife. That's number three arrogant. No compromise they don't leave a cop rise believe are always right. Don't believe that about your wife left me so I suddenly believe the zodiac signs I never did my life but I only embody believe it. The fourth but arrogant Ares. They they won't take another person the consideration they don't care but they have so much bandwidth to deal with a motions others. Aquarius five. No wonder we're giving to the earth and its peoples but their self a short. They can't deal out of people's emotions I should have been. I'm myself. Than you are and then my apartment I. Figure out how things are not about you. Well. I don't think that's self absorbed them. Very well aware that people don't think it's about the black. Which they let that sell them towards a deal is heard as you're not even a letter by self awareness. To know. That people should be aware of me or something like that I thought. Isn't self absorbed don't know anybody. You don't recognize that everybody else. Think yourself Dillard then my own little bubble so I'm not. I'm aware that people think. All you do say here is there a little help. They think I am a guy right you're not know. Now I'm outside my bubble now can I believe a body should be and myself to absorb the only care about yourself and your own feelings nearly canceled I glaring that I'm south of sort. Should put yourself. And ask. Don't tell I just did not love everybody okay. Did you not everybody could make about me and I can do about it I'm not intimidated about me. And evidence right. Berg goes no calls perfectionist. That's doctorate back into her go to affectionate he has yet. I want the world to know how brilliantly created they are and yet now just. We're whatsoever he doesn't blow. But he doesn't let people know the guy you walk around the building. Saying I have Gil does it very subtle lane that's I mean the self absorbed guy would leave town and get. I am sure but I did love that I didn't grassy blog at get ten billion people. Which is what doc does. What is your blog. Of people find you should mention Enron guerrilla. I ever really done on the blog and a lot of what you do. Switch over to YouTube now me YouTube. All of YouTube channel can't let you out of we find you it's called the grassy corner grassy corner look at it if I can make diggers see it you talk of they had this on the news stuff as they get it's like Ed it's basically just like a news version of the block. And Kerr is an aggressive newscaster. All my god I can't wait to go all right so we're in the middle of the pack now on the most to least. Like Hillary called them arrogant and there's no scorpio we're in the middle. No where it says were the most self centered of the zodiac signs but we just talked about that not being true yeah. And unless we feel slighted or betrayed. Then a whole new side comes out. Angel vengeance and reaper cuts since we've on the grudges that. And then jam a nine. Equal parts selfish and self centered. A lot talk about themselves that a mom of thought about herself and then near the bottom you can only grows. Eaten at you he always turn improve and are never happy with the status quo. They know they have some animal quality but there's always room for improvement lol I suck it's no doubt about it and then pie he sees. Two selfless to be self centered. You easily influence a very forgiving why innocently. And I'd like that of course these things and a cap records to why some practical people themselves. And then as the least arrogant cardiac cancers. Emotional but they don't think that their feelings are more important anyone's else's barely. Leased area. Known anybody and you neighbors like that right now you would know they're birthday he would cut back. I don't know what he's assigned to self absorbed and I don't know you know I know all I know Europe three signs. And my wife signed. My brother sign and that's. I don't know anybody else but I bet you couldn't name each of our birthday like right up the topic it you know our Sime but he gradually it matters. A kick out of maybe it is easy I think in the week before me say to ease the 21 yup. Is September. 17 and 1660 B I was close August 6. Now set up know 89 well is the single did trial that left it. Now at eleven don't have. That's a oh it was so close to time well I know that Eli and renamed the month now well I know. That I I haven't remind you to look in August to find out when your birthday it's okay. And what the end surely it's. About though I would as a reminder to look in the Zynga today it is a good point I can't do that. New partners you've only been together for seventeen years ago. What are his arm bandit that's easy. I shouldn't say he's your romantic partner means a week before mine I know mine. My wife is kind of easy. Because on the 28 and there's an eight and I learned that finally learned that way eighteen points and number eight. That's gonna listen to do a long time because you for years headed Merrill down somewhere between us that day ten that may twentieth yes yes I did. Because whoever best friends like round. At any other any trades you'll also. I'm glad I don't remember anybody listening yes I now I don't remember anything I don't remember how to remember. What's that remote. These are. During my guess I against any soccer part here soon. I don't think we discussed all fair about calling years blubber daddy. In a lot of and would you be talking to all of you in this room. Did daddy is as sexier creepy is what I think that you you decided. On air can expand on this bad. Did you he decided that a man cannot asked to be called daddy know he cannot he must. And demand because of that authority should have a comment Dan yeah. Aren't taking lives and yes you are in this true as anybody arguing again it's not you it's totally out of context I said I did not want it at all. And a definite but did I said after being broken down one. That's an article daddy bye good to have you known and now. Is it. Early. It's great UV ads. Slightly less creepy if he'd demand. Here are creeped out when need to Manger on daddy's I'm here. Either way Abe but it is a Lance creepy okay did he say is that I'm glad they with at least. We're going to stay like that gives the intuit torture saying they come back I hit the ball and don't you don't say it like that Anthony and does that make you Krieger instead have to wait a minute pop pop. Come and factory. In an older gentleman who is trying to ask me out on a date recently. Comic actor and now is that the authority told me yeah. App at and then I said he would have rather long. First thing on our way along I so what did you. What do people generally calling. And he said well my grandkids call me pop. Big big well that's not going to work your kind comment had. Things that got me into has leaked Abby. Yup cabbies new to the folks. At the bottom of the senate. And he's US. Defense equipment and I think you can. You know grant he's here. Did you look and all I thought I. Hot and yeah Hawaii and has had a good. Bad news out about a wedding come again I'm just still not as. And his hit again. The site for everything out slob you well. Better and I'll hang it and they can't be announced slob as if it's a minute but what's wrong and I don't limit always wanted to communication. To be his day having a conversation it would make me feel better when you know what daddy yeah. A woman said to you. Call me mommy. Now I would do I would do whether you believe it rebate I would do it now and I would do I do anything you did not compatible. What about. Nobody you're white setter right now I mean in my legs out or doing in my life and go to counseling. I don't know as a minister in your bed and. A that's one easy this day you go to godly and you're OK with it and see need to go to Bally's you asking for Graham on grandpa all those are out to me yeah. Grammy and they came up now they got my teeth. I. And these are good and remembered a man I think what do you daddy and granddaddy grandma I. Lob ball. Op EE yeah. Now I'll look at on just I think that. David something you like you should discuss. Diets that side and ask him I may but I just misses doesn't it William discusses it live then I'll say no yeah. I thought that was a very nice talk. As aid no we can't let your my right. During sex. Edward. Now acute MI. Ma new and a lot. My app so that's close them not come at the end of a path. Now open. And bomb. And I am on it upon. Seeing things so low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with Matt Ramona thank you Ganz are listening and about that. Tiger man on base case is that the best. Ceremonies top. Only completely freaked out. Because we had daylight savings. And you say his whole effective for six months to get used to it and general flip back again. It already has been happy but how long add on months right in will be at least a month. Before you came right now is she's trying to the news. Get to do dog acclimated to a news can't have a dog and it's. Your dog might Abby smartest and I think it beyond when it down to go to bed they go to bed radiate around in the morning and green knows. That he goes out at 11 PM. Just because now you think it's 10 PM now he knows if it doesn't have a clock or watch. Whenever you take him out he's gonna go animals. It all forums finished fifth at a natural body rhythm. They had a window wake up they are trainee and no wind hunt ended my dog. Within fifteen minutes of of the time he's supposed to go out will spread to Q like it's time for me though did he. But you'd change the Taiwanese like no no no I only did its 11 o'clock do you like no no not now it's too. Because how he has decided we forget why not anyways. And do the clock thing but. I it doesn't mess me up really and now. And he scratched and he wants to drag us about he has to go out he'd taken out but you're you wanted to get used to the new tool because. You're also going to be taking him out at a different time in the morning. I just went and it's it's a Creighton. When we decided it was nighttime and got a nice guy said. Your dog is an as a band is my health they that. But the the Monday after is cyber love day officially cyber love day. That's and that's the S lying word for surfing the web for entertainment purposes network. And all time high yeah it's probably because you can't think your brains all this combat related itself I'm my first Monday after daylight savings time. Yeah many people don't have as high motivation to work due to lack asleep. If you're a sleep eat I guess your sleep is also an extra hour of sleep yeah I think it does cross while your body. It's SARS again dark out earlier I guess you say you should falsely earlier right now. While missing you don't closely and you get to sleep later than you normally wouldn't and doesn't just pan Arab plan out like pretty quickly in a dog in an hour and a not to. That it can only get. Underneath that's gonna take Vermont on a couple months to get back on you actually seriously is it affected hello look clocks it's great I slept in a little yesterday or. Earlier or whatever and everything opposite of my normally get updated schedule extended. And 9 o'clock in. I actually get up at eight at all. I mean little act I get an extra hours sleep I've I went to bed or whatever you call it like last night at a bed and audit. I woke up the kids got up at six just about it on. I'm not a mass about it. Only I weren't so in tune with my body club. Sue you might not feel a shark they say. I don't decreased exposure to sunlight. Gives you increased cognitive impairment. So scheduled time it'd take a walk and get fifteen minutes of mid day sent to neutralize. Early darkness. Fifteen minutes it seems there are out. It is. Will be leaving its. Mark yeah I. And they say and you might be you might acquire an earlier bedtime. You spend more time asleep in the months with less daylight that ones with more. So why is it hard beginning honestly even more so he should be sleeping more because of the darkness. Go start because album may be our bodies actually respond to it and threw boo I did Madden and also some people are sad. I found these rats they chains of the whole they've missed like in the darkness for six weeks and months and died. Should supple and here rat. And grabbed Beers had an on day eventually did yeah and Ambac. Don't and I'm not Joba did Della got to be depressed over the next couple months well that's if you rightful down and wanted to put this that you're infuriated like full line dark for six months. Dark could be make you sad. But I don't. So how long living and laugh how long you think he could Livan dark. Lights out like how would you before he went crazy do you think you could survive and way away solitary confinement yeah I thought you could survive there for months. Yeah oh. And on their daylight I don't know about without daylight but I'm. A little cell. Solitary confinement you do early on daylight you're just in the box all it'll give you little son my real relieved they had like four let's give you an hour walk around and we talk about solitary confinement Hillary talk about the whole. And I. Oh you're sort of walked outside every day but certain solitary confinement. I think it could last a long time am I'm an only child I don't think I can govern on no book no not that I am kind of like dice clay. I had a long time ago and last on. I think I'd be about the hockey could last oh probably couldn't they have such altos don't want our lowest power went out and address on movie once. Post I don't know for sure and health. Did you eat in a movie out and make that rule for you there's no windows and how much do you outside for a walk once an hour on today. In acting how do you do okay now need our. That you like all year round only other inmates are known as a solo lock solid in my world. Hudson isn't so. I don't make you know even data that if that's the nice enough I was actually deadly to. Anyway. Where caterpillar says an empty senate Tito had a similar kind of a weird universal human caterpillar should. And Dana you and 72 and it was president you know Edwards area in the morning. It's. You get your last. Chance to win Jay-Z ticket. You are doing the show early November 60 hot yeah. Listen at 7:30 AM at 4:30 PM this week to win against also had what seven idling backed out when the chance to win. These are things that if you working retail like god just what I had to do according to. A list that bus speed. And you constantly shop from this hand you were to Kmart and yours. Well yeah alone recently O'Brien. Couple things in a reacted forgot about the only Bryant and when you're stealing clothes or something accused me of opening up big charge count. Fifth. So they bade. This into retailers don't like this. So be careful of it since you are the only worry here that is a regular shopper can one is constantly being told the same joke. Over and over again its daily occurrence. That. Is something I know people get oh yeah they do like there is no prize on those and play. Yard young to original for that. All well yeah and out brilliantly because I know in the places where I shop all the time. I know my girls MI guy. So I'm not good as we candidate that I I don't know there's anyone else in the world I guess that might be I don't know as people from department chains calling. That's I don't I don't think that's normal well I mean how you do you talked I don't know I know works I can you say to them. I am arboretum rec room that about my close mentor a girl went on my game on Ehrlich. There lady what do you what do you what he'd tell you count them out the way either way. Everything but I mean how we talk about. The storm like oh my gosh can you Kimberly benevolent as shoplifting came in here. Yeah markdowns we talk about. I'd get that they're probably annoyed because are trying to work. But the second thing is when you say they tell you things like they were they will call you protects yourself. Well a couple of people know what I'm looking for and so they will give me a heads up when something new comes and my shoe guy is gonna let me know. I told him that I am I made a pair of velvet it's used because though the issues are hot this ball and so I described him kind of what I'm looking for these days you keep it I have I make. I got a text you today and so I got my velvet kids. Well see the only baton yet it has long been an illness it is velvet Elvis. Yet the only person I know as someone called and is my dad. Has as little restaurant column whenever they have meatloaf. That's the only I think well you're dead is my people because they say you know the good mile runs out really quickly and so he's got to get there fast. Okay that's and get crippled the same joke. And I did when the other day. It was it was a bear I was embarrassed I still embarrassed I've. The when we are in Jamaica. One of the people there use this Jamaica something easy. She does a lot of photo shoots board cheerleaders from all the NFL team yeah. And I like a dumb masses about immunity help and I haven't heard him via a dang it. And I and I sentimental enough to a little couldn't pull it back. And I know I shouldn't say you're perfection has set out Amy do. Or something having any help either way I know how awful I know I saw applied Levin really don't need to amuse ourselves something awkward terrible awful. I myself that if it low like that right now I have. It's been a week and I still have major celluloid and you're looked down a bad joke or did it on that Iraq. The retailers. Fake laugh all the time. You become a pro at stake laughing yeah I'm sure they do but I I don't think they feed let me improper and I leave my lavender from. My people is legit tough track acts. This seems weird to me you lost count how many times had to say sorry we're closed. Does it seem like did you just turn assigned numbers on. In fact my friends and I it. Gone shopping and an outlet and snow and we were standing outside waiting for our last our and check out and we knew the store was closing. I saw one girl make it in and then they kept having to tell people. Sorry we're closed really get that close at 6 PM and they were people trying to get in at 605. I don't understands. I don't I don't got to do this I mean I can and is an all I didn't know I'm sorry but. There's Verisign and I. I just can't imagine happens I guess I guess here as a sign that people don't know your right against the sign in there also be able to think they can sneak in the registers and that's the worst that's the worst that is really make a mistake but he idiocy gets are fine. Leave it to a worker evil you you know retail Anemia. Best behavior you're doing all the right things of the customers are gonna test you. Or just flat out ignore you. And I believe that you and I do you have an average day it's a 100%. The tigris I don't ever ignore. I know I don't ever worry jobless have put average but plug. I do kind of give my knee. Nice T response. Nice it's like nice candlelight. Oral short leg after a day at this time I saw you I've searched me he. Too I'll put my stuff and a bag or. To take a look at things are even different people. Generally it's the same verse out of a couple of people you wanna show me Al something that you think is cute that I like it. I'm mound lone wolf when I'm shopping won't tell you look at something I got I got did you see this vest. Did you see disparate I don't get that CD she. And I think yeah. I know her yeah I'm just. And number one attack places a furniture store. That area they just are on active. I under I mean I don't what they're doing to try and salesman is that there's a rotation. When you're by different people different sales people right you can when you come in the door. There is a rotation like who's up next so it's beginning on day and oh yeah I'd be endless yeah. I'm sure it's like it yes I'm sure I it's an actress again. You know not kickbacks to cult percentages of Asian nation again. So but I and that that's wrong it's the same with card dealer a lot of the car dealerships there's no there is a rotation. No you cannot ignore the rotation unless right you've come in specifically Anderson we're someone's own campaign or work with sandy and a car I think is different because you right away caps. Probably say all right and I need to look at. No dodger. For the first time sometimes you just asked if you don't need help right. You know that's different in a car fleet of cars majority like I wanna see he doesn't react searched yet you go to alternative place. You kind of know what you want McCain to look around right. Practice a little bit more or less. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 milling dot com.