Lord Of The Microwave

Friday, January 5th

Matt received a new microwave for the office for Christmas, and he feels like his coworkers aren't appreciating it enough!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening come on there. One show. Best mix it is yeah Ramona where the holidays. Remote. About a microwave for a Fella sitting here. I mean I guy George do you think you'd you'd like school Allen. I don't buy the my Avian and I'm allowed to use that's from say maybe it wasn't present as much Tuesday. You know group bank analyst at present we want it went really bad because I don't want to backing off talk. Iran and. I'm Gigot takes time. I can put something in the microwave and work well to the micro that's why when clocks in a lose a lot of time welcome back and forth and become an anyway better you're all the I. Its orbit. Now the walk OK they the two minutes thirty seconds while I do to mop bucket so like three minutes of top pocket. And at least two minutes a walking talking about a five and it violence if you're every day you could either let a half hour week yeah. So. So much more productive class and years the thing. I don't think the new guy in the office back and we do we have this big giant rumor that we are big giant rumor everybody on fares. Joining PGA needs yet who work in our office just like some sort of some sort of sweat shop. You. They call center tells. A case like a gladiator shower or something almost as that stuff exciting let attributes of our boss is now. Anyway our should shoot it and I. And our. Of a big room but I think it or gladiators. So I think I. Sparred. Everybody Wednesday as he did. While my mind alerts so anyway. I don't there's a new dude there. And I don't think he appreciates. The fact that there's a small refrigerator and a new micro. Loan I saw we just. Should there would be nothing back there was for us the refrigerator is from my old home. Or my home curled home and I broader and I contributed to. Remote about the microwave which is now. I would say to. That refrigerator microwave on mine. So. There are around our house recorder as it's a matter money shows. So I saw the do wander over there and use the microwave all Willy Nilly today should. Lower end the I said real loud to anybody that would listen aspect load Allah or Bob. Hanging media. On micro way. And and within a second. Straight and you did you want to end and Cuba today a person in there and there are only like three people in the Willy Nilly announcing to look really really got it goes back and opens antennas on insulin near was done. Do they brilliantly for people living and yet this headphones and you guys even after hearing that. Doesn't come Barnes and might use is thanks Webber because I don't think he appreciates that the trip out of the work that went that I have to. And even exist. Yeah. Yes yes I have got a leg right now. The lord of the runway the old timers yeah. Saying that you'll time. Playing the old timer I think now. And you know many people ask me they could use the refrigerator Manny. You know today senate minority mad at Sony. And the lives are loved and. You know feeling. As. Point out and sent everybody in the Ramona god you should encourage you walks and there's no appreciation. Six and and really no law against pot pilot doesn't just happen. It's resembling a sergeant or. Yeah. Let's you and and battled as a matter of fact I mean I don't know what. Go get an extension cord and you know whoever I got. Not didn't solve it Nolan Jones. Yeah that was funny and I come back you don't appreciate that doc because by the time I got back. He would move the refrigerator microwave most of the outlet so I really big guys. Moon you couldn't have. Agent they all I don't. I'm all in do you think yeah the big file cabinet thing which is like you know six foot tall he's which room at the got an. Remember he started this conversation talking about how much more productive field. In the microwave and just look. At my mine has been a lot of their homes and. Eight Charlotte and get ready. Incredible night of music as 1079 the and don't performing arts percent. I'm spurned in. Innings in 37 million albums sold. Don't miss this rare chance to see a music icon. Personal. Get your tickets now 0179. All cars dot org or by phone at 704371000. That 704372. Names that in nineteen. Wednesday January 31 promise got a life spray. And Charlotte's best knicks' 1079. And delaying. A lot burst abolished. Talk about the I'd go find me campaign. Manner Marcia is doing. Oh. You wanna raise how much how much we have to raised in two by the entire Carolina Panthers team which mayor is an officially for sale at that. But it is it's probably percent the rumors are. And so we need how much. We 2.3 billion. Oval and how we gonna get this we're going to ask our listeners. Yeah help us now we already have an anonymous donor who says she is in. Donated an hour ago how much. Donated ten not I'll ride. That is our only way. Home or away lying and trying to theaters around nine it's pleasant journey 230 billion. Yeah yeah well I don't think we should go for full. Ownership. I think we should go for 51%. The look at this majority cast majority understand loudly 1% at 230 billion we only need 23 billing. 2.3 billion. A 2.3 1000000002 point 2.3 said he majority on when you like one point in my thought offered 2.2 billion incentive you know play coastal. Those here's a little forehand even guess I'll come down this scandal and I have met mrs. Richardson she's a very lovely lovely lady perhaps instead of talking to her husband he says it misses urges and you know how much we love Charlotte. I'm between lucky hop didn't keep your head and having to go down a billion or two notably in I don't resident yeah yeah and we talk about the team on the bear slick. This free time and remember that although it would lead to accidents that we supported the Panthers flag football eat at you guys who is yes that's true. This drill and our share. We hit a crack at bat I I think there's a you know the EI Green Bay Packers. Are owned by individuals and you know that are on the buy shares a gang and their so that we use it to you know give you these people something in return for their money. If we ever we end up. I I think everybody who donates at least ten dollars. On opening day. Under our ownership we give them. But jingles chicken and biscuits. Not to stand. Covers the cost of every ticket does get of that reasoning behind the ball between August and now than Evian we have to give them. Less than ten dollars a day for profit. Hey I don't miss not a good business person again today and biscuit yeah okay I Hoover three now you can't you can't give ten for ten. What and when the woodlands that's you get a sign him. Fries season for just the side yeah. Who's got preside Desai. Delegates and how does that imply you know billion do you want to Panthers and Charlotte are not about an hour hour right or rather your way that you want to it's a debate in the box being on the and on the TV games they can zoom in on us sitting there and lowly sit there and dynamite I don't know him looking like owners thought they certainly look like owners yeah returns that do lobby where it can they find the information you can divided. Built fun meet Jack. You can also find it on FaceBook Twitter when I got to go funding dot com what we're date like a Peters. Matt Maloney showed buys Panthers okay let's this Eric's arm. I would suffer quarter ownership. Yeah that's big of you shut up so it's reality radio or schedule all off there who. Are you normally your relationship yeah. And there. The majority of people say they sleep with some alignment. Within their. How many months. Aren't you people are Muslims at times. Pretty there and then read Harry even you meant used overestimate is substandard. Dissident Rendell. A prospect kind of guy you'd never know that can be got a prospector out there. A president has got one of those big. X. The president elect Charlotte forty niners yeah that's that one of the seven doors or something on day. Some sort of prospector I believe they're minors can't get a whenever. They say three months. Majority but you know that that means the 25% guys 10% of women. They within a week. Why it within a week. Mean maybe appreciates a week acted but three months I'm in my seems. But the majority say within three months and yet that's an. It's at 33% are in favor of having to talk at least plausible block 33% to go by get. Appealing when I last summer when Baghdad it didn't work out so well for me and well you'd that you may be you to your guts out on yes absolutely. I got all you have to do is say I'm on they got is so and so the tomorrow and then we'll have to talk and they don't much that was does make up of bantam eight. And then the land lie I'm pleading. I gained that. Well why didn't get. How long I may be candidate candidate. Lie we don't eat up alive and he got a date and find out their reaction is expected to. And they don't want me to go out on the date wholesale or look at our exclusive. I don't yell we're exclusive and then you go all the you realize it only works with you this. Everybody so many is gonna speak out of one of the park people in the because twice I know you're forced to get off the pot. Because you are worried that your woman might get away. But you I want mania thing tricked me she did you get a date nights at bat and added that. Why is it would be really want a pig and those. Things have shifted a bit but that's what I'm saying and some debt that's the way. And if you don't want you around telling guys I have a date yes yesterday that you've dated for awhile okay and then will react and everything begun. Okay how but the guys didn't not your average Disney princess at a story. Your say that. I'm on the princesses probably somewhere along lines and driller somebody sent them a ball somebody else I got out that that. Domain print John you're so wise that you know I it out look at that would goofy tonight yeah we don't know know do it right seat they. I just I'm here. Teach people about relationships. So I'm here for. The average three months before they say love you. Men quicker on the traders sell W and the first reminds 50% of men say they will pull the trigger women 33% so they hold tackle bet. Playing games and you know you love it. Average weight before parting in privacy and having another. Six months now and I think that's too soon. Now I think that's about right whoever I mean I'm assuming is just. Accident. I like career and act like it out like a rear back and open up and you know like accidentally gets knocked out or something. It's not like like you're like really lifted your leg up high and I may get a big so what it. Just like a little split. I don't understand why did not want you don't understand. You're you're back in like you know pick up your leg and went back. After that until a little bit later relationship but you might have a nice little pull petite. It's. Hoping. That. Point aren't. Absolutely no point nine. My pants feel like. He luckily enough for a do you live to his leg and generally low one in my direction I may yeah I can dream and I regret. A yeah it is important. But seat no. No. And it happened now I won't forget it and someone and you do that to me it didn't look as I can't like he's never had dance before. It gave him a drawn out your leg and could have a real going to be longer in six months. They get beat so bad was part of a gap and it doesn't like I'd be just a slide that aside and gives you. Long. But you want to be fatigue after certain point you don't regularly little yeah got to eventually allowed to. You only kick came controlling his gasoline in the beginning he only has little hearts bleed and an actor he. Is in love and in a committed relationship. After he'd locked her down that all the sudden he develops a big yes well yeah I mean bush goes both ways not just the man. I mean you know it's it's not big gas just let it complete itself but we're just gonna stop and go to bat. Does when you just let go. Oh like the balloon you blare out of the balloon out flies around we you'd is little. Have the balloon nosy Bennett for a while it is like islet of Clarence. And show that you don't know anything about. I don't I don't understand real love yeah I'm here to teach unity more and that's all there with Matt in Ramona. Media tablet gets his things and getting to keep track. Did you think there are you like to feel like I had 20% and you know. Still in the got options as Shirley blow certain ones are the beguiling wine. You know a 100% to bail but if they get like 58. And know all. Well one of the Arab and so maybe this is a bad idea. They say though he should be kept small and you said the numbers badge numbers three I heard that somewhere magic number three that you're most likely to keep. You don't throw do you have three know OK I never make resolutions now why I did say that when yesterday and I'm not gonna try to be. As Smart buried his shoes at the dumber Imus be removed a little bit from. You know you can get reality on the reality in the room and they'll lose touch with the reality even Lorena and yourself out yet. On so that you know but people do numbers think it's our 37. So the DC NN. Let the top ten list but you know a year otherwise it's 3% or five now appears. It's my role as they can do it's OK so yes keep it short paired up. Your aiming at too high. Yes I can be a good one you set yourself up to fail either subconsciously you can't lower the bar yeah. If you know that it changes you are to achieve you don't feel bad when your falls short. So. You it and just gotta say. Kabila realist ME I don't wanna be lied. When Nobel Prize won a slam bunkers we've got to keep it. Really hope that does make a lay up. But nobody guarding me. And a good citizen award. This announcement I'm having an idea ever did. Again diving and it it on also a New Year's resolution mistake is you're not focusing solely on things you can control. Wait you're control. Higher paying eating better exercising in your control. If your goal is to get a new high paying job that's not entirely neutral. Yeah makes him an iron you. So. Be careful those kind of goals because there are others. Factors a lot of other factors involved so just at a higher paying jobs in my town when a different bubble. Yeah but did not naming David and have been an insight I'll mess up but it might even unveils its. You may be just wanna make more money you figure out a way to make a little slide. When you say hammered Lotto Lotto figure out a way to mix of side. Okay red roses the odd case. Oh. Your goals are to bag it. Do something like I'm going to be happier. Something like that that's. There aren't out yet there and like you know I would save 10% amateurs or something like that produces already happier or more being more like I. One not eight myself whatever you just keep the decision gives words. We'll look I'm good ones not non they had to do leg. If your goal can be easily measured that's a drop. The dvd kit track your progress they say it's harder to keep some. Yeah your average had a goal and a magical age. A goal is wrong thing that McGee's that is measurable. You kids he. Yeah where you were vs where you are. And it hasn't always like you know I just wanna be happier right I'll see you want to on the happier what does happy Armenia wanna be healthier does that mean you wanna. Yeah he's just enjoying seeing shad caloric you wanna run it to hold your breath longer run faster whatever. I was way then you need you are probably yours of not having negative spots are you going to how you measure it. Muehlegg it is not. Not confirming is that about measurement is when I'm sickened some negative. Is turn in my brain around into composite married a guy like mediating in the market I beat myself up to the end of the day when their stuff not. Yeah this morning I woke up one I went downstairs to get my coffee I put a load of laundry and and is set coming back upstairs saying how my guys as though that two more loads of laundry. That I didn't get done before work as a you know what. Idol load of laundry go me okay this title was changing the thought of and we had that battle to. Here's a nice people. Tuesday. And I know enough for him now it's. Measured here's I have to end it if you want to play by this role of measuring it. You would have to say something like I am going to have one positive thought everyday. Or are ominous note is one time a week where I do whatever you just did you you have to have some sort of measured. You have a measurement your bank. That's not a measurement. As odds on measurement that's an attempt to turn your thinking around anonymous is no way to measure that lets you write down every time you went negative and start deposit and changed deposit. Time they're doing it in my own I don't mind I want to see you Daschle's remarks. Tim already revenue and it should finally did it. On you're there you're deciding your resolutions based on other people's lives. You do that's that's yeah. Pat obviously is comparing yourself to somebody and if they got passionate about it you know like whatever. As a good painter Robert agreement earlier not endurance it's not a it's. The issue. You make resolutions they don't really care about. You know just like as you think that. The idea of honesty that you you really need to be involved invest in and day got to make and once that they don't. Care about Padilla is setting goals and aren't fulfilling. Think you've you've made it ridiculous resolution. Is that to do when I said about being adequately care about becoming less ignorant I do become I do care I'm gonna not get fired up about. Out things leave a game politics that's it and wrestling on a minute on a double double data only in the book I don't want to help the a good you know they always say don't at the sweaty things I don't know what it really don't tend to look at what I. Poster out sweat the petty things are swept a little things like this thing has balls. Top you know what the big things I'm doing and reverse. You're sweating the small yes it goes letting I'm not sweat the big things and it's very rare you know that that's totally measurable it is module. It was on the remark down every time. I started sweating about it and I think you. Yeah numbers on the market down in my gold the end the month is to have five times I didn't sweat a big thing. So yeah. Must say all of that story they're updating this ladies and on and he had no game plan that's bad that you don't create a time line that's bad. Track your results that that which you can't your thing you know reward yourself. I am reviewing and you you know give yourself like you mess up one day I'm never doing it. And you quit that used to be I think I've. You know you started Daiei you'd wind heavy box she's doing and diets. Yeah right where instead of OK he had. That wasn't my best moment but I'm gonna do better. Starting right now I. Lot of people a mess of Wednesday alike guided let's ran her work out and all start on Monday definitely is in five days so we love. All there was. All right Betty doesn't use notes every Ayers exempt. Authorities say an intoxicated Dallas woman on the first day with a prominent Houston trial lawyer. Calls at least 300000. Dollars in damages to his art collection. On New Year's Eve 300000. And are upset that you're expected Disney to oh I know what is likely won't. The good fight but her fellow imagine having to Andy Warhol paintings that were daughter married. By Lindy Lou lay men and now odd name I don't know I trust that I don't New Jersey said that'd be like man and now also in a sense Lindy and. That Naimi said. I am Lindy blue. I wouldn't he had a I have had a little low little indeed Lou I'm a limit little Lynn I'll and we all wanted to do after it and we do. Just it is nice sweet she Bakes cookies and she's in a crap game and math to get drone could destroy this thing allegedly allegedly met. But Trulia idea anyway she was arrested New Year's Eve on criminal mischief charges. After her date Anthony Busby told investigators that the 29 year old got too intoxicated on their date. So he called her and Guber after they returned to his home you're over no yeah I do that and all that yeah the general and lead. Right. She allegedly refused to leave his house and hid inside his home. Though she says no and went. Let's like Tyler my ship was easy yeah what are now on New Year's hide and seek but I. Is this house a large do we know I'm guessing a guy with indie war all meanings worth. 500000. Teacher where was is again with this is in Houston Houston area. Anyways she was hiding inside the home and buzz recently founder he decided dig. Call another a second Bloomberg Coca the first divert weighted down regular guys like Illinois New Year's Eve I got to people to pick hello. And I can help me find the exit telemann and for exciting pounds and hide and seek never heard anybody ice road grader down as it. She got slightly aggressive when they finally founder authorities say she tore down several paintings import red wine on some and I man as well as slowing down to 20000 dollar sculptures and smashing them on the floor good lard. The damage war all change where each valued at 500000. Dollars. She is in line for first degree felony charges which is punishable by up to life in. Prison damning light has a little resident yet on its way too much buys she says there's some should. He needs to do some time and possibly. I'm Mars or been using a timeout. And TV very long time averages other. You know others under law breaking incidents but I mean. I'm publishing this wasn't her for a lot of fun and leaders in the groundout pushed people Bernard treatment. So he's she I would I'd look at the picture the mug shot long. Little little he's lived some life. We got maybe she just has. Some months out of ice is life to Gramm Phil. Essar election tolerant which looker but it's in her basement but we haven't seen picture of the guy you Barea interest it and with it and do it and I wanna see. Like how this all went panacea. Dashing and millionaire I'm not. On any men aren't in there because he's not a dash and he might be rich but I don't think Kardashian you know he's like a portly. Loya yet portly a ball only making. Mallory signed a picture of what happened in our mind as does well Ali did a sit home on New Year's leave. When I'm a little fantasy life I'm guessing MRI. Members. I it's very. MO porn guy who wise so with the chick crazy and out to destroy his million dollar art work. Com. Well. While there is an M I'll. I'm assuming he's a millionaire's. Well yeah he had to paintings are fine undergraduate days at millionaire a multimillionaire. A New Jersey and he looks up and tender. Lining there's something going Soledad did. So he's he's not just does Ford did. Now and now he's a contempt and to run and high society right don't you have a look at where they call him high class call girl. Not a lot of dollars. A proud industry better off with a look learn what yeah he's an ocean and more professional to let her destroy things. Hooker when you pay a lot as I class call girl yeah that's. Lindy Lou. Appears to be a girl who could look really good Q yes you're right I think they'll take him out of a goodbye. And dad used to make up on he had not right lighting that we can't see your moderate Tinder pictures right. Yeah I have been attendant and probably five years ago. I mean I I think I think Linda there Amy I was not. Yeah I bet she buys a vacuous and release appeared odd in the tender thing in this picture look like she has some skinny she's in an interview a lot of little. Apple the worse for Wear he's thrown a fit as easily. Hey do. I know seize your right I can see how she'd be. I still think though a multimillionaire. Hulking up on tender but I think they have some secret millionaires have a secret police really yeah as secret people money here something's. It needs a good hire professional Matt yeah. Don't let him matchmaker pass something but even an ugly one to it yet and as weird millionaires or swiping left and right. I guess after I mean obviously and he didn't wanna work port can be sleazy. As possible. For me just what I mean. The facility is. You know she's 29. Hell yeah I'm guessing he's at least fifty posts are now who's bacon now called I guess we're just sent portly involved they're going adding fifteen. Just behind all of hardly at all portly embolden. And long toenails. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.