Love On An Airplane

Wednesday, September 5th

Ever find love on an airplane? Love can truly be in the air if you're one of the rare couples to find it!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got caught there would then remote. Are mammograms really. Comments hi guys. Thank you and shares certainly share. You're staying in this news stunning news interview participants from. Hong Kong United Arab Emirates United States United Kingdom. Talked about flying and the study revealed that one in fifty. 2% find love on an airplane. And I'm just did a relationship yeah. He's just talking about this wonderful man she's dating now islands he met him on a plane not like. And waiting area around. Starling lay that on what playing what they sitting next to each other out and I'll be honest with you. I'm get on the plane I'm scanning the passengers horseshoe I've waited two person trying to figure out who might be near Marshall. I don't do that is the case he needs I Helton and then second I'm seeing a five I think it's so I'd contact with handsome stranger lighted. Do hope that. The person even if you. Hope that. More attractive. Person sits next year in the commanding you're married when you don't want me to dot Borger. You know what a big person either meeting. In a year you're here you want like. Someone is attractive. Or at least. ABC a luckier married yeah yeah why we only hesitation. It's a temptation not going to be Anderson animate it maybe not say smoking hot. But I see like couple fours walk and editors or six down there bases seven let them open that seven way down there even it was a guy or girl sits next to me. Maybe some of that magic look shall rubble offers on the I don't know how alike it'll be better to be sitting next to them. I don't know lie. But I had the pleasure hoping that there Hodges. While it rubs off foreign why don't you hope that attends its Nextel yeah. Rather as I've I don't see it. Attitude knack I I also. I up like Q like you beat up all the guys on the beat up. Are you really yeah not just in case they're terrorists or some II amount you can take down world war. Tandem that thought is who could help me. Take down somebody. What we're going to and from Barbados. Edge do you I've been. People up yeah I am out there are people on that plane that you thought you could be up. I I mean well I saw like a little kid I'm ready some are not your league do sorry. I didn't I said I'd look for items are found that OK there's a few but more importantly I would find guys who can help me. Essence I would follow them now on the aisle they would do that for our RIV like the first crashing down how to crash dummy. And I just hit the guy and up to shake him up and and the strong data combined and take care business I think he sees room I also think about who I would eat we crashed. What you'll be at first one yeah. You do beat. Yeah ever that ever cross your mind. Now I'm in that it does make you uncomfortable when I fly with you because I know that you've already dissected me hot. Kennedy first was down there you go to an Indian and you've already said and I you will. They let me live for a while by just eating my fingers like cutting off my fingers one by one until you get that out now originally take me. It's not. IRS. I say not I really when he said that he could keep my fingers first at. And I don't remember that but I I didn't think he's specifically. I said if I was on China I don't think you got to cannibalize the the person completely you don't like limb by glamour pick dramatic they say it's still live. And maybe you all well it's not me specifically it's just everybody on the plane that makes me feel better on me if you're there it's million mile quietly and that gives him. The less what you really arguably one of the last. Oh. Let everybody didn't. What you did it was 47 right yeah yeah yeah. Yeah it's the first of all I know personalized that I could. Well that is true that artistry. But I I also like I say you're not an immediate death that ambulance fingers and maybe and the tourniquet that link that Hillary think wow I always hear these stories relate these people go all in need people. Until and stuff I don't you have to go that far yet. He's so hard Limbaugh doesn't shout to my motto bit at a time yes add bleed out eventually Huckabee does not like you are thinking. This indication is gonna be so clean that I won't blow out. I've got a tourniquet. And and again I'm sure it's very sick very good stories are very similar to verbally rescued. All of the awkward were rescued that Marty your. Right now I'm holding a grudge fishing if you I'm holding a role with the cold and now I'm building a grass. If your investments were 79 running mate Kimi almost a long week thank you want to see great deal with a great school and I don't mind if I. What was it ninety Clinton's lead paint and what is and you'll meet series. How. Just I don't might bring it down that's right here in the oh patrol there. Yeah. 040s we didn't win weekdays it's getting there and that I could see at 1230 in the chilly minus ten point that he was meant remote that night. Gravelly music and he's winning six bulletproof and my dad out seemingly easy go with a winning tickets hotel in a big plus. Get inside seen yet the more police beginning to win don't know what I was sitting angrily acting. She NEC dot go from. Universal man in Spain Charlotte's best mix. 1079 their link. Are a couple of things to make you a life easier. And I would have to agree with these. Ramona may not agree with the spurs want is to create a casual wardrobe. Research says the average woman has more than how many items in her closet. Casual items are items this but has more than a 103 I just items. Ballpark and the leader although it because are less than Andre currently in my closet or. Because I have to stop its in my closet and then I have the out of seasons that'll hold off now are using crates in the garage it's. Where somebody is the word great in her mother in their Tupperware Tubbs. I get to create that as a via freighter moment bloke yeah it comes to the woman who at the average woman is more than a 103 items yeah. It's high time to be pared down they say. I think so nick capsule wardrobe and simplify your life. You versatility Tristan neutral colors all of that stuff interchangeable pieces alike will be so much better. Yeah I agree this this woman but can you get caught up in and trim like cold shoulder. Or. Distressed ditto men and next thing you know you're off track with the basic needs is you wanna brag on tranda. It's just saying. But a class act and act on the person who wrote this article or talked about it. Believe it or not she is a fashion psychologist. CEO and founder of the factions ecology institute well she yeah well. Wait a minute. A lot of thought goes into what a woman Weyers sometimes it's sad outcome sounds a little contrived because of sir now they can make a certain woman feel a certain way. Sexy professional powerful. I mean that's pretty comfortable just sounds ridiculous doesn't it there's yeah she went and had a sell stuff probably used up the bailout and marketing and and how to sell stuff how do you feel when you Wear. Now I feel completely different when I'm wearing a skirt your aunt so what does this is a clear euphoria you know already. Learned. Go to school and learn how colleges and Ogg audio lot. Where what I Wear winner where it is and I don't women understand how what they they're affects how they aren't about themselves. And how others perceive them I bet they yeah. I bet what he does help with. If anything she's a marketer person long they got their parents say it would women Wear this you don't understand just sounds ridiculous it is ordered pizza stupidity and fashion and psychology institute CEO. Probably only one. Another way to simplify your life and not drive yourself crazy is to. Put your laundry away as soon as it spinach not do and any favors EU when your arms aesthetics are your mental health. Simpler life put those away the second in command of the dryer as you'll have a peace of mind and it's just a simple tasks doesn't take. Yeah me my wife is never on top of it and I am on my either. Kids aren't top but it Knight keeps me from having a panic attack my wife puts their stuff away because I will have a panic attack off the net. As you well you know I don't wish not my stuff but if I see it there are all clutter up my. Is the same way over the wind and a lot of times I'll put stuff in washer and by the time I get home she has. Take it out of the dryer and folded up now in immediately she wanted put away yes. And I just walked in the door team lazy and gold shares. It leave all your heart is what's your take it added that the public area he wants it out of sight I don't blame her body back. I urge you to get into your bedroom all get there is always in the kitchen. There I didn't wanna drastic action on the bench in the living like you know immediately. It will convince. Really also announced that comes to visit year under drawers. Repent to the mountains with the the I. I'll give Annie heir Adam. My wife a couple days and I take it and not one that's hard line. That's added he didn't pay it's almost I'm really do laundry again. You know I was I got to know I don't liberal as the door to go somewhere I it is the driving walking by. Good thing and Bebo I told this story about a guy you is that his wife usually takes care of the stuff works ever. She went away. If a little laundry and his dumped it on a dining room table sat there gunman and how would you walk by that every day I that I have expressed an homage is usually mad. On the CB McGrath I'd a warm but that that is obvious to me but it the probably could bottle that much you know you can do put it away for her. You know no I wouldn't say it didn't bother him understand how he walked by that every day Ryan without having anxiety and an eye glasses and his dad did not at least. Just the general principle and kindness and it exactly just how I could I could I I couldn't I couldn't total repudiation of his head in amazement. Guess it's more glass and more fun it's so yeah that's Ramallah OK I guess was a say yes to everything that what you're saying. Yes it's a sexy way to spice up your relationship. And I know. Give your partner something to look forward to. And you have asks exceed day at least into a sexy night. And is called day. Well you're sending text messages back and forth well. Until. And to meet up at the end of the night. And that night is. Yes tonight. And couples. Who say they have a yes I say on yes tonight. They had the best sex. There lie what do you do singing anticipation. When you say guest here. Just having adding I don't really. Like new trend could be every week or every month you just play. For what. That we are humanities are we doing something here ought to be rotting that your partner would like to try Lotto I know they opt and enemies who she says and I'm gonna. If you give me an idea I've got it turned down exits and you're not answering and I don't need a yes and I just tell me that that. You're building I think you know any paying your building the anticipation say OK so let's say you say September 12. That's going to be our day. And then you start their mornings in the text messages. Rural looking forward to yes tonight and then you make us not ridiculous and is she making it. Yeah says no way yeah I. Yeah you're not you can I want. Something came like let's get loud tonight no. He's. So we're about to two heads of the thing we're moving furniture at. But I know is that this is ridiculous because I would it. And out of the you know what you know I'd like to nibble on you isn't. You national aren't you have to last night didn't. When yes I actually eat. They Arab when it's go tell. You got them all working up and do wanna do something special. Or your party. Yes that is just will do it I mean and a whatever use mean yes it's just yes as we get to yes. We'll we'll all do whatever it is yeah me around derivative. Campus and federal. And it didn't I didn't like. Professional wrestling. Understand. Once we decide it's ago. Yeah we don't have to send out an SOS are light flashing light. Set off fire you know like Terry carrier pigeon there we just that night we're like OK yes. There's Lamar yes is after that because. It's all up for grabs than anything goes. You know I can try some. Off the beaten path that discussing it first off the beaten and inspectors say yes to something I know I expect everything just outlook the opposite. Yeah look this is still because just I just yes just the one yes I did I am. Now all they don't have to have your oh now all you want more oh yeah I'm just gonna give yet you're starting the day like you pick a date. I bought some comes up that day eight or pull Miami using cash which you're all play for. I'm just saying I don't like calling it. Days out it's. And I I just don't put too much pressure and everybody. It. It's about. The anticipation puts pressure and whatever one of the others just extremely tired one of them has this snap you rest now. That was tibbles is. Just light bulb like out of Bobby don't you wanna get that disease and I want all like those Wally I DN I just yeah. I wanted to drop guy got me. I'm just more of an impromptu. Mean maybe you can never planned legs knocked that out once and it's called honeymoon. Yeah the story not guarantee oddly out of. And on maneuvers I'd it would never you know there's no guarantees on the honeymoon now now when he went out there I'll send us. No it's sort of like seven years and enhancements and it's now I mean. I mean not special in a not a USA I mean it wasn't like I'd never. Rub bodies others don't think I thought. As you know of. Yes just to see this one yes I don't remarkably that are. Michigan. Says that the best sex requires trust so you're trusting that your partner will surprise you in a good way. I did I ornaments trash. I am I'm a big embed it can't. Sign and I and why it might get the bracket you can only they're so much that. Everything's good yeah I mean I always tell you want something drowning her role on the job board and they are. I did last I don't know something's on any man ever. Wikipedia page I don't know it's that it and I'll Google it knoller get out but I'd I don't need to go. I say. There's a memorandum once you start to get the original yes there's not usually knows within the yes it. These are no you know you're news beer's safety. Net benefit to your baby yeah. Everything has been approved. You know what the process. On your big yes like you saw that. You can't. There's there's a reason it has been yet there's only so many losing out there hasn't been green let her reason yeah. It's different place. On yeah last night maybe yes I takes place at a hotel maybe yeah. Center in laws house car. The man days ago. I know. But I think that have been awful. The legal known from the that I yeah I think graphic compliments. Yes that includes. Everything at me yeah that's here they tell us and I think usually a little older than you. Now apparently all right I included in hundred yeah. Yeah ethnic group. Yeah yeah they're rooted in the here there's imagine that it is. Rolling your mind once Baghdad it's. Sort of mass pod fax corner. Corner from the match and camels are very social and like to each other by blowing each other's faces. I think that over hugging. Or like the French kissing Birmingham like French kissing and unafraid it and talk to my side of it ever from a Campbell are humans. If you name a few like a human reading too like would you rather someone go. On you then I'll make it harder it is the Arsenio. In fact I think I would rather it's a cake and kiss on the cheek. DeVon cleaning your kids at a low on base and being yes analyst William Brandt now I don't know it's quick and it's over and buckled so. And it seemed this historic handshake but the Sam. I know you are still in the way of is still in Windsor. Michael Buffer has made 400 million dollars of the phrase let's get ready. Run below. It's frustrating days but it is great and jock jams one or whatever. It. Yeah. You are a different is it's different identity and contain it any candidate to me as I understand now. The phrase I don't give up. Asked originated in the 1790. That is I don't give a bleep make an F America yep we're all upward. The finish line I do know and have him around you allies and and well I think the effort have been around longer than that obviously someone cited a string of two. Use it as a I don't get a I'm doesn't it started out as the actual in and out motion. All I only. Have suddenly say fares some as an I mean like for unlawful carnal knowledge I was always told. Your dad know ignorant and Ronald. For unlawful carnal knowledge of a negative but you can't rally little you saying. With the words afterward you go ahead and he's alive record poll and that it was that acronym four or unlawful carnal knowledge. At Toronto I thought. I'm Joyce told taught ever wondered the origin of the word to be honest and I'm glad it's on me your computer and Google doing it yes the air. It's something you just found on the Internet or in some official. Research. By AA linguists or his story I I was taught this in its own history. You learned in a bar that Latin round. It's a two things tho unlawful carnal knowledge or fornication. Under consent of the king also said it's not true. That today did it didn't start that way but he announced that it guide. At the time I didn't know that. I didn't know that all the easier maybe I usually start us harder and was 1475. There you go 1475. Who. Columbus has lagged it appears to have network name flat it's shouldn't think so symbolism unbelievable. So they aren't happening each other right back and today it's. There's no balcony scene in Romeo and Juliette. Romeo and I did a lot less remand until I wonder why someone decided to make it that way you know some I don't know wears like you don't want let's just a little different. And a balcony with god and the Bible never says he made an apple. Narrated the that team out of somewhere yeah I mean they're seeking to be in that maybe he had down the banana. Don't know. Mean it was forbidden fruits only and only those are Ben Wallace and as for Clinton has a lot of Wear and why that apple Apple's not forbidden so easy it's easy now. True no lie I want to apple today is doctor land it's a pair drew lines. One of those prickly sayers and payers the mayor of forgettable fruit yet again it is hard to like a pomegranate. That's just the one has all the Packers come on it and I had that for should be written and edited the Italy Joni Nagin or even an orange little rough ignored when you're when you're the first people going out Roy. I should appeal that lives Posey that goes in my you feel seeing if this doesn't let him out of the garden yet. All because they and ours that was appeal that's it I'm rewriting the book. And there is no actual painting of big old fat Henry the eighth holding a Turkey leg. And I think you see the Renaissance festivals in them I see and it gave a man don't we start screaming at that signed with the so broke into yeah. They are not there you lags I think it. Act I want to give you more action because you really just tease at this point. Expressing my bad. Back. New balls started that they think that that. As former NBA star it was like he's dead now right yeah 677. Or something long man today in a dead is ask. It's on the hopefully politically university Kentucky are really. I hope so we see my bag match that made that up. You know idea of good English instead of my fault he's that my bad. That be a great dad being great in and I think he tell Lego browsers and is very hands on and I think my dad is better I might have been at the legend of the parent of. His sons' names bull bull by the way PL LBO elm bull bull. Like that global. Nine at the light mobile. I don't know I can't imagine. The bullpen because he's gonna here's a look at it. Let's dump me you have a bull bull may I don't know why they're finally Arnold that's like them Boutros Boutros dollar remember that added yeah. It's. Pretty futile Boutros Boutros Ghali. As a good the guy who live like that those I don't think about it. It returns valley anyway yeah. Well I ZHUL. Hi who's an Egyptian politician. I. The United Nations not to do ninety's they remember it sticks in my head that better because golly that's a game ball. Clara Boudreau has a yeah. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.