Male Sex Robots Are Here

Wednesday, January 10th

Men will no longer be needed one the male sex robots arrive! We also talk about the things you should never say to your kids and how to deal with an adult who likes to act like a baby.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to. Waiting for the flying car. Ford ended the market we'll stay. Yeah and board 151000. Dollars later this year by their very own it mailed X Europe. You know I have how long we've been hearing about sex. I didn't know hold that a long die. How. Dolls and I haven't been hearing about sex or robots and candied yeah he's been talking about these for years under the gun known him. Yes I blocked it out yes because I you know I'd. Wanted to know when we've always talked about weather's cheating or not. What does the robot do you know that's well this robot. Listens thanks artificial intelligence period you really got to listen. But it only it exceed it got to like your let's say it considers what you're saying ending gives you instant you'll remember I can tell you that. I think I unlike a lot of men right and these. Sex robots have by not a joke. Now and I did it without meat while buying on us tonight let us assume means. Perfect size and shape and just keep on going forever. And maybe you know ironic in seat through walls. Depict. You can run really fast and really have high gas and kills one and I don't know I am the man and has served up by and it hasn't hasn't been a guy. I'm wondering about giving here answer a well I say yeah. I I don't want to bounce ourselves painful I. I'm sure I can make it can't tell you can make it to whatever you desire I'm guessing I mean if you can and it's mechanical but it's not like. Human like features right on the lower maybe as a gay and maybe it's like a Swiss army knife. And that Dallas glued to the tour and corkscrew with. And metal and not Narnia to Houston on Wheeling Gil likes the various devices than a legal thought. I've ever owned the Swiss army and I can't account I mean that the concept of the Swiss army guys the the idea there's multiple attachments. Like dead. Shop vac systems company. Really creepy at an estate. Yeah. Oh Andre really. You know he's a good thing. I think. Win that robot. I can win a lot more arguments because everything's recorded. Right so. Why he never told me that. And in your sex robot says. Me he's right you never set a damn he's editor and ended primarily a or he like I can say. You know big really well a lot when she just saying what was the tone. And then he say she said. You are. All lanes. Out of doors journalists should. Whatever it was he does sound just to note you are to the but today evil as a nagging voice. The ads against accusing UV tone that's the important thing was when you get sometimes in a discussion leaders the other there's always question I don't. Items like batter whenever now. There Greg clearly as you did yes yes yes. At my leg is thanks robot arguing with media but. Not gonna want to. Yeah. They spent arguing. He admitted. There. And it's just crank it out on the money back to me that that what was the town. Own inner voice he said he said. Yeah this you can go out on the what was the town and the. Now listeners and that Kazaa and there's often a discussion about. What are you would huge really mean I think you'd say it that way or whatever now they will he can break it down and yeah. Rent a tape recorder yeah I would like that and a lawyer I have a lot because thousand dollars early on the wire. I would like to but I don't know how to do it. I would want to record everything happens in my and I have a cellphone. And I read it I did it turn it on remember to turn it on sex robot guys just there. On press a button probably easiest day and I don't think you can bring you sex robot everywhere. Obviously doesn't it we get a bird he. Think it's appropriate to bring your sectoral Butler who don't know it's a sex nobody does look at it is like a regular manic in Canada meeting with your boss you bring amendments and as my friend Earl. Pieces you take notes for me. I'd like this idea this sex is just a bonus. Yeah. Yeah. Says. Women who Wear interceding getting satisfaction from a love toy will be so much more satisfied with the year male sex robot. Because the male sex robot can't put its arms around you and squeeze he. My arms and it's Weezer where Saunders haywire it squeezes it brings. I implement ours and a squeeze or but it just as you do it one on a day up until you do about our ability. Now mentally he's got that adds to add even have the you know I needed it's not. She wanted. From the robot. Yeah. Zhan are wounded here. You don't listen legs extra by us. Do you arena the biggest game in sports. Or sold out and the only way in is to listen to 179 the length. No wind roundtrip airfare to Minneapolis great 39 hole. Tell us day and two tickets. See the Dave Matthews Band. And on location experiences. AM 1 PM and 6 PM but it co. Word and did you detect this national contest than we did we did you expect the code word used 72881%. To 72881. Good luck winning that night before from 100 finally. And NFL on location here official patch for the ultimate. Super Bowl 52 experience to roll things back it is on sale how does it and it fell on location dot com. Some therapists say you shouldn't listen. To certain advice again when you Mary Peter or therapist sometime be view you hear certain. Words or phrases you yeah. That's the way it should be. And got some of those in a second down AB haven't been on the FaceBook page lately amount it pays for page. Please follow and light and your videos are up all the time this week the favorite is the naked man on Viagra. Running around the airport. And Droid two which generally see destroy poop. I didn't irony that I. Unfortunately number and we all used to throw a monkey to each other now and solve this. No no opinion Mandy and we haven't even meanwhile got and I never Parti. I'm not gonna mention anything about that Saddam therapists tell couples to ignore some common things like never go to bed angry. Go ahead and go to bed angry. Sometimes you just so exhausted that you'll say something that it'll mean you sleep survived a study Sherry Anna Lucia mind to get more emotional. You're awake in your arrested. Next day or whatever you're gonna be. Less likely you more likely respond and a calm grown up way again. Beatty can have a hanging over said. No I'm going to be up all night anyway they can about it and then of idle sleep you're not a sleep then so could put. Are there and it did indeed these game people who want to never gonna bit angry. They just want to beat that other person and submission they eventually go OK and I'm so tired as you as slow and usually I give in and I'm originally had a tire listed as a league we we go through the motions how did it out these solutions. Backpack I'm very sung in bands I screwed up yeah tell me what I did wrong I need to apologize we go to bat but it takes six hours mutton for. You accept responsibility I do jail and a dad and asked do I yes but just a learn to make it shorter I guess. Which. Making it. Atom and the little. Yeah they're getting out of her system and and she feels better and you get it out of your system that I don't feel any different because you're afraid it is. And does fit the except for the fact heat. No he's in trouble and he's feeling guilty room. I geared to only 99. Point 9% of the time it's Andy's alt yep. I just wanted to event probably would believe that too which which brings us to this when the therapist or couples to ignore. When in doubt just say yes to hear your right. More often than not it's directed a man. He's seen first in a damage can be when many release of feel the need to hold back their feelings and accept their status glow in the marriage. And well I doubt sometimes just here right is actually not that yeah net picking your battles are clear battles yes it got to be pretty day get. And sometimes committee yes dear it's right to get a better plan and it acts like he's if you don't have really going to let. There's tier write you a sense darling you're so laying. Take you start land out here didn't PowerPoint present a right here I'm working on my plan of it yes yes evident on mine mine mine. I'm mad and then you probably then you can figure out do I need to come up with a presentation or died just need to letting go all right. And most of the time you're probably go letting bill could your laser. Don't forget about it you're free to lazy to. To really go through and come up all these pull out front or you're not lazy how about you realize. That what your fighting about isn't that big in the green about you but that's one of the hot and others that knew then that the possibility. That maybe she's not attacking you she's addressing some behavior that could be better now. Right but then why shouldn't we as a senior Eric. Maybe we we don't need to be a small banks and. The agreement talking about I'm not on an outstanding on the evening news. No small way in bringing these are not talking about that. A meddling needing. That. Use shoot. Shouldn't have to censor yourself around your partner the 100% honest and your partner will almost inevitably cost. They're beat tells people to express their feelings. Sometimes get a little over sharing going on oh yeah it's it'll filter I have said though it's not necessarily about. Straight up. Lying it's more I don't mission. You want to tell everything that comes into your mind where you who. I am. I Obama blogger so. Not much of concern may but. Yet there's some things maybe she does it annoy me and I'm not it's got its annoying because there's just no reason it's. I could have been a bad mood are on edge is no reason to say that on that would be complete ought to present honest. All you just said that and that annoys me are oh you like to say Atlantic start a fight. Really letting go if it's a bigger and it turns into something then you have. But the moment or maybe you have something against their family I don't say you have somebody gets her family here. Whatever sometimes you don't need debt or Sarah relationship and they're not that they have to approach it they don't like the brother sister mother first. Before you can. A pro he's down so glad you said US yeah that's. Yeah pretty much at all or not this year yeah Brothers and no I mean yeah you have to DL you have to well I I think you still have to just let them rant. Normally go to my tank you can sign on Jessica and I eventually you can and Evan sleet and eventually you can read because you you've got a it's it's live toss it out. Eventually you have. Place among the commiserate with the right. Didn't need to know they're not the crazy one. Rough idea that they actually had two on the advice that therapists Asia ignoring our people get them on his. Relationships are supposed to be hard. Well they do take where does there that says. But it should be exhausting and you know maintain it as he does to Spain when. The way people think relationships are on. I pulled nail you make it sound like a job that no one should ever me yeah it's hard at times. But it you aren't all that time yeah yeah atom based Wyatt says that. Is pretty good all the time yeah I'm an 8020 guy almost every. And so does that mean I 80% at time. Should be cool and good money for second. Being messed up but it's worth right the data get the two on our. Right it's wanted to get the eighty million and look at your yeah 80% to 180% good 20% economic crappy or whatever and got a pretty good marriage. I'm thing and I do the same thing of I got a job or life for. I arguing it's running almost everything you can't I gamble and that's a good number when your gambling. It in public is 80% on a team 20% the sharks go better. But anyway that's another side note a couple of but eighty playing my rule 82 money for almost everything can earning 80% so right 1% sucks. Keep your kids. It's just. A little I 80% 82 warnings but I jobs to 79%. Listing kids that. Daddy's gone by the is a recent being India you guys to tip the scale at seven mean anger and. And dad. I'm so daddy's got to find someplace else for you know under a pinata that cutie good luck at bats with lenders money for pretzel at the but I how far I just don't think you can be 82 ready for everything now at age one neighbor everything now. Out there with her marriage that a good number. Or any relationship friends whatever he torn okay out have you any relationship huge shoes. Well you Chiao who exit your spouse you choose your friends you don't always get a chance to choose your children. I know. Nobody still to be 8020s as a growing up you went to become an adult completes drops and every. Do his own death. Stunt come over the Thanksgiving and have a Turkey like about a year. Eighteen you can use to do any rule making. Has it all saying you know give up odd man I'm not literally getting. Getting rid of a mom joking when I'm saying is 88 when he with the kids is a good thing. Yeah and that kind of a rough. You deal with live with it but it got eighty wanted to kid's life is good it's funny was your spouse should be good if goes below that. You make it work. Okay and making it work and it goes like John and children off of the QT number until now and I read the vacant. Would you do it isn't they they know the whale did. I don't enemy isn't legal to do that again that. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that remark. Then the other day did. Did exactly entertainment doesn't matter what I guess mark behind the and it talks. To your. Home. Sends a signal to your phone how much you drank or our permanent or whatever. He can keep track it remind you your phone thing or whatever. To remind you it's time to drink. And it's been an apple wobbled as the first I heard that and like two days before. As someone tell me that they were gonna get something to help them reminded ranked in the and I just blew it is my eggs up and as. And and it was article things that'll help you drink more water 28 deep well I guess it's a thing. Even Osama Sussman around that. It must be top of my neighbors article auditor something and before we begin tallied I remember. Com the eight glasses per day thing not entirely supported by science. On 20% of that comes from food. Pusher bodies already pretty gonna tell you we need to direct. And so there it. Edited out are yeah is there's some good things they got the Smart model attachment. Attracts when you take a sip and blinks before dehydration. Exit. Is the one that she had was I think sixty boxes. Here's I'll bet it's it's it's hearts are blanks in the bottom of blocks as a motivational water bottle. The virgin drink water according to the schedule. Soto have led pretty designs read dragonfly is some sparkly thing in six colors and like at a little tired you know sketch started. 1 o'clock time drag whatever stainless steel strolls. Because you drink faster whiz of sprawled than without one. So you were supposed to buy stainless steel straws. You know he's that they paper ones they are me filling up. I'm seeing are. Wrong. Never warms my mom. Will not drink anything without a strong. Distraught struggle at my house is even in your house 200 out of a cup now. What does she think that you're bringing dirty a third you know you don't like injuring. Out of it out in addiction when we get the stainless steel I know I'd buy plastic straws and then fill out and got right in the earth. Every time I come home they're like three plastic straws trying. Yeah on the counter it's like. Why can't we throw these what why don't always probable laterally you're gonna let me get like a more durable plastic. She's a month and it she's a bendable. But yet she's washing her. Strong holes just like you be washing the cops. So it isn't the germ thing gonna make sense it doesn't mean I don't whenever I'd never moral line and there's a water bottle with a rotating dial to keep track how many times you refill throughout today. Yeah I mean that's twelve box but it did tells Jerry to I iron. He's put an X. On there's an app that encourages stay hydrated because he gets ahead an adorable plan body a virtual plants. And maybe don't drink enough water the virtual plan dies. You're sad you cry. There's water tracking prince to stick on the fridge or criminal law. Always remember nature target. Out of my hands something up here and it reminds me. Yeah. You need some help I do need some help he needs a how to drink. Because he's always adrenaline bottle water Montague mind is. How does stop drinking. Is there are top law dark times that I forget to like I'm drinking drinking drinking and I forget what I'm dealing and I credit drowned right and spit up water. I did in front of these I learn how not to do that yet I do. It is for these women the other day and they are all like what just happened there whereas sometimes they get to stop drinking. But I use the word swallow and and I also at eighty that they did say it proudly. But I gotta I gotta get I do want to drink more water. I'm just patted down caught that. I don't know why should now read on you get a temporary tattoo from at sea for eleven dollars and 35 cents for a five packed. That reminds you stick to your heart racing goal. Oh man yeah. I you I I listened to put your hand at all week without girl. Getting temporary tattoos yeah as you get planners stickers. Which are white could you just use. I post it notes or something right now but this beat three dollars and eighty one's sense unless you want that's from Etsy. Or what penguins sticker reminders and it has to do it it's. How would it hurt pretty pitcher craft and keep in the freezer on the dining table table so when you see you like. Put a sudden it. Yeah current is because my mom has been hospitalized twice. We dehydration. We had tried so many of these things. Right. But you know my my dad and I haven't built story yet but he went dehydration. And so I at least hospital yet. Yards to back a week ago I don't know alcohol may he's fine he's fine. They started. Don't anyway he was dehydrated and Mike can you at least. I mean it may not help but at least give him a big giant. Last year I am the just pours again like that at my wife told me and I and mr. matches and her Cisco whatever uncensored peephole. As you get older you lose the ability to tell year and he gets. Lessened the ability to tell you're accurate tally your thirst yeah and just weird. How a lot of older people struggle with dehydration my momma gets at a hospital hospitalized why it's happened to my and it. Hughes hospitalized dehydration and got people there's an app that lets appeal lighting was supposed to help and. Act as an app that lets you set up water drinking alerts throughout today it also lets you import different kinds of drinks not just water. So you put up your line or whatever and there. And a yacht that wanted to now. Seems like I want all these things seem like a temporary dam and do it. Guys that you know what I'm saying many like you stick to it for like two weeks and then your guy can ever. I think. Having a big thing around you. Is important as your back and a make them lest you feel like I'm thirsty that's a long way to law. As though you don't do it as much. At least eight steps city kids. Serious I do think tomorrow likely to drink with a bigger thing around you ever banning your wife got to the tiny little waters or whatever Alia then drove me nuts yes that time like to have water bot. Oh yeah also think the bigger deal with some older people is. They don't wanna have to keep didn't have to go to the bathroom to. Volume Abbott daddy you respond in not gonna bet you I know you enjoy it doesn't get. At the read a few more lines the button back if you're listening to all there was that Ramona. Or are right Gerri podcast. Please. Please that's under desperate. Lou Gehrig's. Disease and babies. Garrett an argument in the adult maybe. Yeah our yet like a toddler when you get mad at your partner in every argument or do you act like. An adult Michael Edwards is holding my breath does that count. As a top them all up. Do that I have stormed out. But not law on many years. And I it was funny because we are talking. Assortment of girlfriends about dumping Judy during an argument and down my friend decided to storm out. And they live in an apartment in Philadelphia. Where they have a deadbolt lock. A so you know she goes storming out and your entry door was down some stairs that she says her last word like act. Is today sheet marches down the stairs to surmount realized she doesn't ever key low enough yet to go all the order yeah you think. College aren't. The exit right right and I realize they didn't have to key and media begin now that you go out and they're more elaborate than it was all part of your plan. It's out is actually a really a majority did yes it is it is sad about walking Alexander a. Say listen this is get pretty heated I'm just gonna take a break clear my head I'll be back we can begin finish talking about this I just don't want it to get. Two great how to mumble under my breath. Ben still immature it's there or did you rest a fraction. Yeah. Mom liked about it and you lab with my kids caller my wife calls that you often. Mumble. We had a negative like I'm fighting way but to sometimes I was like. It should change if it. Mumbled does that burn like I don't know Woodward as Amy's convicted absent and doing. Yes he's just it's mumbling. Renowned as the auto like he's mumbling but I mean whatever it is and where is the way everything is ideal of those I don't. The England Australia I. Damaged a I. Speaking in tongues I don't know how they didn't. But I I've madness thing lately where I have just. Why knowing here sometimes you either lose your train of thought. Yes or you totally lose interest of what you're saying and you just kind of took off I do is different than mumbling. Because my lender trying to say something you're just not being clear. Yeah so it's it's a combo. I do by myself and in advance to the that's good. To shut down now I it is so it's not talking is bad news and anyway but no one notices. OK so I don't what as is the argument arguing ways. Storming out is something that 4% of people did 8% or give bears together the silent treatment. Now I have been rounding man. A call turning off my line and don't do window of pay window Rolla rolling up my window this however that's our IE. If I can't find something positive to say or something that I think can make it. I think you may get better than I don't wanna say anything at all because I don't wanna risk. Saying something that I don't mean to you or something that's hurtful and you just say can I say something and that moment is gonna come out as. I'm done you're done we're done get out. You can you just say that though are usually say about giving a salad treatment. Late the sidekick begins. Isn't going to be gone like drama was wrong and an accident not an agreement what's going to let you know men not necessary now. I mean even I don't lie. So somebody's mad to probably men now focus Lotta times and he's just like not just tired leave me alone. Them but I've I've asked are you mad affords you just like now. Tire on TV here whenever you and I pay that man and it happened no problem quiet over there you gotta cents. Awesome and mistaken for being upset you like an island I'm clearly want alone and I wasn't. Yeah I thought it was clear that I wasn't upset yes it is hard to pick up the signal sometimes and nine. 2% withhold sex. That's him that's bad that's bad I mean other than. Like maybe just don't feel like it could hear it here yet in mid valley have sex and I'm angry but it's a maybe you're with the withholding a implies that until you'd. I got you get your way yet the way. But. Don't you didn't. Doom and angry write me an angry ex you know movies they they say 2% do that instead of having make up sex after an argument. They go ahead and have sex during the argument I can even batter. All. Of the now they have stopped and. And bring it up he says that I in my chair expect. Move well you hunted chair in and year making weird voice I. I'm trying to give me a lifelike experience. And you're trying to say that you do I don't know I think I never did you have never done now the movies it. Right now than they serial yeah it does percent of people did it. Hey I blended battered but. If he's on the blogging and. 3.5 percent do something that I say is. Of all these things the worst worst. 3.5 percent of people say we may get mad they immediately start calling their family and friends and telling them. Dental it works. Well Natalie Miller says the wars and it's bad for everybody involved yeah it's bad for you bad for your significant other bad for your family everybody. Bad bad bad bad bad yes and that's that bad that is definitely wears red and had sex with Eldon her caller. And we and today you know he Eric. I. Me and I noticed that some beer called Eric plunk it into a substance of and would you rather start out another storm out have no sex and went on the other one is. Silent treatment. Then be told like her tiller family that I'm fighting a merger should also. Hold. Right words parents should have first day as their kids. I have the best I stopped because the parents to restore his charity expert boss. President didn't glossy thing plane with me. You know didn't. Want to let label it hot while because I figure there that are. Gonna do weathered friends they're gonna do it may write my can't my horse named. Whitney why does it have to be princess some. I so I have to. You know continue here years ago I was playing barbies over the holidays of nine nieces and I was told my Barbie couldn't fly. And I was quite upset mr. I cooler you could tell me not army can do I hear telling another child you know. This is out doing it smaller plane right now and wants to play out idol maybe. There's a how schools being. My house. Let weighing on your kid goes to somebody else is pals they play barbies fairway. Yep still a bit at her house she can play barbies rural and others would say the gas should be able to accuse. So unless everybody's on all of those kids have decided I that's drums and lets everybody parents on the same page Michigan screwed out of you act. They go the other gets out and it's whatever they give lives there's as I say it's via gets to gets accused. And and charge anywhere any time there's a sure. But not like I'm pushing it in around and wanna play another. Talking about getting physical not physically demanding physically. She she may literally gotta make the rule no you. Why operate take turns. Do that sort of thing you cane in my house and said the way you wanted toast and make it's they have done well so I Arby's highway is wrong. Yes yes yes. The academic whopper in one cooperation. You're demanding I say. They get it when I went another girl's house and laid Barbie. I've played here the other people every day like this box of tissues is the celts cool but the yes it is Sotheby's that most people would say the guest. You should be near Atlanta allowing guests to make many decisions that your guest. They used you used to treat them right and now it has nothing to do Woodward bossy and they're just saying. Don't work that you don't use the word bossy and when it comes to a girl because they'll never wanna be a boss real life. I. You gonna tell your daughter's almost willing you call someone boss C. It you comes with a negative com. On occasion. Yeah but they seem to be yes but they say the kitchen needs to work on their delivery. Not necessarily on the demanding part is that delivery can be murder he can stunt your daughter's career never reelect calling her boss ever. Boxy yet. Never come spoiled. Dead it implies the parent feels there's rockets inside the kid gets rotting from the inside I'd. The eyes. Yes well they are probably are. You can throw a spoiled. Insults are kids that we area we allow that while I haven't edited yet thrown disparaging remarks are way when I was a kid I would have loved to have been spoiled. That is experiencing it adds yeah you know clippers long expertise oil and I suppose is that when they're not appreciating something. I mean this and I'll be more appreciative. Mean regardless corporation it is boy. On ungrateful little birdie. As I say I was happy to try to get to inflict this whole article is don't call you kidney and I like on its. I should thought. Body's gotta you gotta get it through what I'm I'm not gonna do these you know I guess they did. And it's not gonna ruined forever like you can't call it's cute Smart in his article. Don't be talking appraising tidbit don't call on Smart. That is suggests that the kid was simply born within Nate intelligent. Intelligence that allows an easily solve certain problems and then when they come up against promise can't solve the real sad and I think you're stupid so you're supposed to compliment them on. The way day solve the puzzle are there struggle or something like that. I assume saying theirs mark can actually hurt. Don't on the Smart. Am I disagree I comment on Madonna has every day shoot. Thousand to work hard study aren't there yet again to make an accident between himself yes and and I read that one before. That's supposed to have like zero in on the specific thing or how hard they work or whatever I've done that. Article it's down to pick on spoil the bossy and that's the fifth. Just try Smart. I never it's called them stupid. And that's one were to say you're not exposed to vicinity equivalent. Calling another ultimately been more. So I mean that's William and that is don't do that I'll. Idea called don't seem content that is true partially eighty. Yes and I do do that with my kids have as good as. As a joke my idiots. Run around here like a bunch idiots every time electable birds that they give you. I now and I've yardage dead on the Goldberg yeah he calls moron yeah column. I will Palmer some more answers if it's an effort for the amount. Of. Knowing deer do when I became a doctor that didn't give a doctored it became a major filmmaker. Turned out yeah. And I and they they they did all right they know I'm just. Mess around. Anger however I never like I'm pat down. I get copies princess Idec Goldman more on the I do the same time the putting in my caddie I. I don't politics frequently it's a country that doesn't mean you're at it but I won't be like your tactic he. Very good play I don't think yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.