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Friday, March 9th


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So it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona. Imagery like it follow us on FaceBook and haven't done that yet do it's. And dad Debian give my money. As 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM every hour here word text to 1000 dollars or Paramount. You wanna impress the ladies is that I don't have to do is match. You need cry like a main. As a man tried different on the ground as well actually just cry. Because you're a lot of guys who think oh I do right it's it's a social on the war. Yeah oh yeah. Believe it that are real men don't cry you don't show emotion cloud eighty anger. Yeah yeah I don't cry a lot maybe which says yeah it video pick and choose like dance dance debate when murderer. Drunk and death. Yeah and caused an injury and peoples surveyed by Italy singles. 95% of women totally singles that they prefer a man who was open. With his emotion okay well argument to gonna say open with a motions that that L let's say in his. New Italian at the united today right at the emotion appear on good. But here's the thing 1987%. Of women say they find that. A man and crying. Is strong. Natural are healthy you know we get that's true. Perception crying I think it depends on how often. The guy cries and what are you crying that how often do you think the average male cries. Twice a year. That's about right. Between three and four times a year mean there's probably some sort of 27%. Of guys say they cry at least once every few months. Now on the Fraley at trying to get some sex that's one of the prize what percentage say they cry about once a week. Got a 27%. There crying every couple months but what percentage say yeah about once a week I cried 10%. Five that's 14% yet once a week once a week and 2% of guys say they cry every single day this thing the guys every day. Every bit and stuff out there every day. I know. That's there's something wrong here crying every blow my cries almost every day in niners I probably cry close to ever and not talk is all thing. Don't we get a little here that you feel confident handles some Kentucky's use somebody does something you want to be on TB. Now she cried at dame he cried watching that Addison detract. I'm Donald and decried like what he'd do and yet unlike what's sad about the job of the hour. All you another thing you see your daughter doing something that she really enjoy it and write daughter put on your sunglasses you're embarrassing me in every time I. How a kid looks like Dave Grohl a foot tall and more mature and ran me now I I'd I'd be used tear up a little bit. Now I I guess I told reporters on glasses on and I and I walked away almost certainly didn't die we're an embarrassment to human. No I I mocked though a little bit what percentage of women cry at least once a month. I'd say it's 85. No I'm 47% really Robert you know ground try a little 727. At the company. I am really surprised that me too. Maybe just to armor calm atmosphere around Pryor's only one our. Unity and man is Mary college things AMA is she's probably a once a month there. Yeah. It's prize it's less than half cry once a month. That that it's. Grow you're gonna get on and ams they're trying to bigger and they're married it's because you guys around us in Ireland and the remake I'd cry if I was married to me. If fact I think about myself I start prize and I try not to take them out the most common reason for the tears there for the women. We're both of the guys is they're team lost its sadness of. It. Got that and sent them when he was it a men's actions in women. Second leading cause of crying happiness happiness that it's crazy what else is there I know how the sand and a career is pain. Up the rear eat out how this thing up and actors are living rooms and playing well and it hit a real man and drive a seat up for. Since you guys have been conditioned. Not only high your feelings but. To cover up. How much your field. It can lead to throw pounds said yeah probably and that is letter all loosen one day. That's all I'm. Get on the hears them and I think another day it's more in a minute. Also there with Matt in Ramona. Some ways. Ten in my home that sat at day today you must. As I use it and I don't know eyes at him like that. And usually compliment. The guy just released for work on how he looks. You looks well today and your tires fantastic. 15. Since well you know a lot higher after. It does they complement their attire. So. What was the last time you gotta compliment from your wife and a while. And I do get it sometimes on the way to use the edge the tees and because you close and regular people clothes. To go to that we're here that's Haskell. I mean like regular people globally to address that big oyster Newsom and battled like solar sued or something at a top. Did you man man or near big boys here have. What she did say when I have like minute this is they have bonds means. Bands and some ideas. He's a good there's nothing impressive about that people like Betty right now yeah no way to cap ceiling on fancy occasions yes that's when you get otherwise is not worth it aligns I. Look at the prisoners from a source is a great scrubs today in the annual event a little different at the whenever going out then yeah and then you get the obligatory. It looked exactly. Look great. Bag as I gotta say it looked that you learn as a nice death. I'll say some Air France expensive that I jet. So yeah that tank on a woman doesn't on his. Offense he's nineteen check. You're saying is because his obligatory how she you know sometimes it's thrown yet you're thrown for a loop when you see year may dressed up and hasn't happened that often. Yeah or not even dressed up. Without sleep pants on the sometimes you just it just because. Now we're going Summers I mean dressed up but I'm saying like. She has like shoes on I'm a little bit and abroad. Yeah. I. Do but yeah. Gene and I have no problem bit but I thought it would you and misuse I mean like just. Because Lotta times I get home some B already in her company closed in on it until later or I'll tutored a danger got a leg running she's on her sound and so when she puts on. Going out issues. Like we gene does that unlike well. It acts. Assume you looked cool and for something is now to what is I guess special Leo yeah yeah. I'm glad you notice yeah. They tell you don't watch a film on your laptop whether. To gloat a little too close. I don't like and I'm all done and it's you've done it. Yeah and then a mag maybe a prominent and plainly friends didn't wanna show me some video and you know I don't have Netflix or whatever off I don't even bring it up you know and that's you in China still meet some some snow around her and I think adding don't have the patient who. Why join you are fold or my phone or some follow next and worse it is I don't have the patience where are you gonna get Netflix on what is your putting your problem. I have too much TV you know. Give your crappy TV and get program you know according to the world according to narrow the talk about. You're shows all the time and there is nothing I ever heard from you that makes ego. Really wanna watch T by you like mad at me and and the rest of the universe. And everybody's you know neighbors no wonder a high. Heard that doesn't add Netflix which is why the bats are still a top ten show in the United States they don't keep track of Netflix all the time and now I'm into the void left they can't vote and Eric and I flatly denied being in I don't need that much TV I'm just fine with I have saying that's like saying your if. Fine with you know make him Melton backyard. And I gotten a Craig I think heading into the grid. Hey man what next yeah an. You know that is and how you got a milkman he. I don't need to shut the article that better job it is located at but he did about it the lighter than a little bit. Yeah. Us and move on technology LA and you're right madman you are on completely the it didn't read it turns them on when you compete with a minute outdoor activity and be competitive. Joseph you're in torrents are reminds me strengthen our closes her gig music video game at Dave and buster's and dad yes that that pay that would be but that's not really. Outdoor tobacco outlets that I sit as close as well yes but you like the talks Maxi you'd probably do it. I'm Richie is such a smack talker. And I'm very get a smack talking you Q did he back talking you don't win that's true effect on behalf of a follow up. Thank you the worst smack talk but what about my witty repartee. But that's more that's different that's not topic. That is I we'd all together half packs. When you go on a business trip bring them back something. To be happening if they ought to view. Is it a lot and you know what I'm a bad person pick so I don't. Because you're not thoughtful note at the bottom price animate text or picture a little bit but is that a yeah. A anytime I brought something home experts hitters something it ends up in the bottom of the toy box it's something. Why did I do data should just stop at Wal-Mart the way home and senate got its. Here's a video here's a stuffed animal I've Biden. Won't it doesn't even actually had to beef from that plays just the thought. Bechtel knows you don't like it if you were in Guam lower shoes wherever he loves her. I don't tend classic you thought about the person is special talent and not about you while they were gone is special I didn't and now. I just and it is ten dollars. I mean a lot them now me I don't ten dollars every time somebody went away and I am I played and I know that every ten dollars during be great of wanting. I let you share the same bank account a payment that's utterly out of at least and I put it right back in the bank and David who don't don't don't hurt phobos cannot wait. Baby's life with pick pocketing the okay the Yankees have blighted did he yes roles people chart article double for the wine yes. Plus. Like I I'm a big fan of way wearing something that says a country on that that I am not from perhaps heritage for. I would I was Italy others like no way am buying an Italy switzer pact at a time. The rule. Book and everybody should act especially got the Italian like flag daughters. You can't Wear that unless you're Italian. Yeah I find I must have her on the feeling about this statement theft of the fact that. Yeah me neither for Ohio. Nor did you go to Ohio State but I live there. All Ohio pilot never eight years the accounts. And my wife or die state. Photo highest me I want you probably. Where Ohio State stuff that's not a country. You have like an ethnic background at Ohio. It and and you and deliberately did you let it be lived in Italy for five years were too. Two years to two years. Ordered tanks have long ago at Amanda Knox Italian. Game are you Italian island every two years OK you're good yeah. And if you have some alien. I don't know what with a far yet and I purchased assured that did you make on it. You would've looked out on me because I'm not actually from Jamaica I really dependent okay because I look like maybe I'm really happy. Oh nots don't ever get me or a woman now perhaps not enough now and his Lackey like you're making me crazy. Then it's okay is that lanky. And the political left and the title to make. The mantle as the competing in the corner you know not a whole. Body part that like a little you know little circle in the corner and says Jamaica orbits as like sandals Jamaica or a restaurant in Jamaica but not just to make it. The Dominican flag or something yet okay all right I've man's rule that. Mineral and you know and he gives you. Then don't Emeka says you're pertaining to be. Jamaican you do is just not my sandals Jamaica and says your retained BS and don't you did you make you visited OK I visited. I got there what I even. I just had. Dinara hat and his son was outside bot as bad as on a pack. But it said you know. Like some bad and it's something I threw it right when I got. You have slowed down because. Some good well as the Venice hat dome while because it burst audited. Okay yet again will be dead perhaps someone from bidders might stumble out into that don't lend your leg importers are going to be. Not gonna judge you look at. I applaud our health. I feed the years and yeah it's yeah I bend on the bubble and that it. He's on the bottle it and I'm I'm Connie in on in the lead some extent yeah. Yes big French and English in there Sunday night I don't into a Disney surged outside the dismal world like that point and he is at Disney and I hit my chip to Kenya and don't expect 82 revered and well because I don't like you guys is opinion it is now it's Ayatollah mistake this. A New Delhi okay. On that and manor. Came out again and got an idea that it's not a morning and it. Also there with Matt in Ramona it's not always complains and complains and lines of yours what's complaints about your resolution on your complaint. I was eating a fact of daylight savings time. Yep you don't want it to happen as tech complaining. It's not I closed to complain I would like. The clocks to spring forward. I would also like a foot and stayed there that I don't fall back a blank. Play. That's the fight is not a complaint apple at odds that brought and you due to complain we did do better. I will say there is an adjustment period for me Howell and also for my dog it's dead is every time every six months when every do this thing because my time we understand it a dog doesn't know time is against this it's the same time being only your daughters Jill is it Smart enough to no time like my dog down rain. I'm an amount their time conscious I'm gonna by Andrea pocket. But art and monocle pocket at a Monaco. He already has a I pride doesn't pockets than they opted to make them where. I add I don't really feel like it messes me up. I don't I don't know I just peeling do you wake up at the same time every day. Most of them not every need an alarm clock to do so yes. I don't I got to get at 615 of the kids. I would set an alarm just in case but I naturally wake up I could handle it like five hours sleep. Man and actually wake up I'm naturally make up I actually go to sleep after I woke up. And I just feel. This lead to death awoke I woke up at 615. I didn't have to move and get them go and make once the little one I can easily on actually. I'm basically when I drive them dessert try the younger one school on basic loosely try to disabuse. I'll just doesn't happen. Again about a lake Alexandria VA and be very dangerous to that's not true or not true it's not true. However let you know what's gonna happen guess somebody's in it. Well you're you're gonna rear end somebody knows they will you know he's on the radio the other end. All he does is sleep driving to school that's not true I'm wearing a wide awake because the kids always want me to pretend Emma baby addicts so I did a what. It is always there like there's three kids and it in the carpal now like Graham and maybe it may be in. A little blue blue. They approved fake baby boom elements. That's fine. Do the other parents and oh I don't know it's kind of there's no real baby driver media and he's pretending Boudreau put it into. I sat there and go out I don't say at that lags its. Part. So Avery dad didn't include I can't guess on driving that children in the pros and that. Like a monkey. Tax act. That's why I love me I can't wait for the Expos game. They love that. I can't do it he's rear ended the guy end it was because he was selling is imaginary baby. The cops come and league teams are. Telling their urgent need to and have a didn't need to do it now. And yeah. They've got its mini yet. Car. Gap but they say group I tell nobody thought it. Only for adults pretending to be maybe it's a and and stop signs or stooped. Dual boot. I'd be. I believe. And I. Sometimes I forget the night in the car program and landed back there used to that video forget go to just what is it got a grant. We're particularly gay and we are going carpooling. Back maps. Also. A little bit about daylight saving time not daylight savings time which I. Big time I said I'm sure. That is commonly used and that's what ever lower cased on upper case to ever see that yell. And I did not know that the US Department of Transportation. Is in charge of time in the US for the time zones and daylight saving time. Anything should be in charge of it. I don't know but the US Department of Transportation I had I don't think anybody had to be the transportation they had. Recharge. Every person charged. Their time not just decided we got it we gotta hear from me. It when my department at the science guy like a guy that you know that group and now. Like there's a bill Nye yeah when some guy in thumb and Vegas like makes attack and many years. A look at that time. A car yeah. I have to have a whole department Gergen about that deserved apartment. Like people sit around. And wait nobody is there a big elegant like a guy like a bunch of guys that you would go a bit. They had such slicing hear you super busy moving everything on the computers and whatnot. Well. I'd I'd just you know just look at drive an important job time it is 26 states wanna make day year round. He said Florida's tried real artists and. And it did congress has to approve they and it's just such a messed. Not until you right now. If you're politician and you want my vote. You make a statement about daylight saving impact that's when you'll rise up. I will campaign for youth and I know was only 1966. And became federal law as it was forever Hawaii Arizona they say screw they're not Dylan and Americans go. Juan Puerto Rico Virgin Islands they don't know it good for them editor 65 or older. It can match more. We're gonna kill our seniors. With a all the two as Ramona seniors miners don't make life difficult for my dog Omri and me so you re limited mom who's a senior and a dog and you you're you're you're asking me upside down. You just sort of a sense morning. Thanks for listening to all fairways left and. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com. Like it follow us on faced harassment Holloway or Matt not a page. Doesn't. You have a list of why people break up or what does it caused problems bees are at the seven main causes of divorce. Already. And I know that we were outraged and we heard summit this and we've heard the list yet at finances are not on. And it came up with finances and it's not on. That's that is you hear that all the yeah I like it's the number one for years I guess I'm surprised how many how many analysts yes 77. Attack. Number one let's start over 7%. The. Seven in the no one is paying attention. That's that I think Toyota down to yes communication. We just bananas are going to be bunch of these other and they say. The problem is people think about communication they say Aggie did talk. Need to talk. Don't like Saturday says that's what people always say it's about you need to talk you need to talk yeah up and listen exactly all right what about listening. And will somebody please married couples stop listening now and stop paying contingent in each other's needs and desires. It's over. I pay attention. But it's haven't explained in my life that I need to look at her to pay attention it's now. Yeah. That's that's a big part of feeling like you're being high now I know I can't help it sometimes or something shiny object somewhere something. But I am shall say if you look at me like I. I area as they weren't allowed just looking matter I have. Perhaps what about I just looking at how I view then my stare you down my stairs. Oh yeah definitely and she's create doubt in three and one talk anymore as you steer creepy. But you're trying to listen being. Where aegis. Thank you widen your eyes and you just stare into the other person's eyes as I know you're doing right now. They know that because I can feel it feel like blocking or Poland and it also feels. Vary. If you count your placating me. Turn your head and make your eyes really wide all in just a year. I tune act which also does he feel heard it makes me feel I do. Thought yeah do. That's that's the craziness at your spare he takes and we are pictures I'm saying that a guy that's number seven number six. Lack of appreciation. I died I definitely teller about that a definite I identically teller about it. Didn't I tell all about my appreciation every day I got I I glob IV has gobs of appreciation for April comes out of the. There is a you know here's what it boils down to a lot of couples traditionally. Attention to all the also the time. Division. Of you know you're always working here you're always you know runner around the kids are used to that more times that your only some more time Internet. ABC dvi and writes at that's acted BofA wouldn't. Infidelity. Kept a caddie and it audio and skiing accident i.'s. Lack of commitment is number four. He wouldn't go cheating and you're not hearing me every other allies because you could be more committed to your buddies and you are to your marriage. You'd be more committed to your job you could be more and I hate to. You're hang your extended family so your hobby your famous more to it garlic and why should be first or whatever. Known as a put. She's gonna think what I feel like you're working equally. The marriage and don't want to feel like they're doing all the work I do night. Make sure you guys have a social calendar nobody has put excited I always the one initiating sex. And nobody was a feel like they're doing I hardly get to birdie out on. I think that she would prefer to take over planning up anything. Like Jack I'm not doing 20 yeah and actually though. I believe this is a good example. I don't know she loves it when we are tired avocation the other day and I am and other you're really needs again. And then she's like well he should do this and hammer that costs and it's X number and on and when she got a reasonable I think and I said well do I do that and Lander whenever it I don't plan still should. No I tease I started saying things that she said. Now that definitely. Work were in Utah on my Alaska you can watch all area its self I give up. Okay. And I don't say they're waiting to hear you guys. As you saw this in the jet I'd mind trick I'd do it there why. Seems items are some not so dumb idea are you done learned that I've done part of that Nancy that I got to town to take care at the and it's it's great cartridge trying to work. Here that you're in Bosnia so confused. I'll be here any copy of computer does that works great no it doesn't. Do it's like anything else Els is almost nobody I hate that. Pack backpacks I wary of two fives where 23. Years trying to each other. Gap. In I need to try a little day. And I got to do you have to trial got to try to fix the purse and the other presents try to change a lot of everybody kind of balls as they get older and all kind of pick somebody just a little bit and a I mean I'd have liked for it to you six Amy even tried to fix Amy I'll allow it don't you worry about that the secret didn't go the extra mile like we you can you're talking about the bottom about. Listening instead you can you didn't learn to be bettered things. And fixed me like you know listening batter and things like that's a book you'd you can just I got to know how to be getting better liked. 190 is an employee is people should change to be willing to change in late evolve. To some extent. Again exist some extent you should be able to its economy and that's it you should want you to be a better person yeah. Earn you know what they consider the problem is generally when you're trying to fix somebody else. You're really not taking responsibility for what you're doing generally right I get the response X. And then finally. We'll get dead two and one number two is fighting dirty. Believe that all dude I have arguments but if you fight dirty. It's going to really erode your relations and last beat both peoples they believe it's okay and number one. Sex issues. Really number one and number one surprising that most people it again whatever. Do we do it. I guess that's what I heard of them married your heart when I guess in a minute. You're listening to all there with mess and remote.