Matt Can't Stop Biting His Fingers

Monday, May 1st

We have a hard time believing that Matt bites his fingers while eating...we also talk about how many dates it takes before a guy wants to get serious with you and more!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got off there with the remote. Contest people please raise us and make a comment if you would please iTunes. We don't know what is eminently dot com page and that there is a viral video about most every day from bandied. Latest when you might finder when the wanted to find. It's a way out water skiing and a fish jumps up it's in the crotch while it bother. All right so. I ask you guys as previously in my life if you've ever eat your own fingers and by Eaton. Center. I mean have bitten your own fingers. And you have denied this has happened here. Yeah not denied descends flat out did not act but it's been put up with it started to didn't denial. It is out that your crazy. Because these are a list of things you eat. In handfuls. And I had commented that his French Fries on there is something that the best food to eat huge multiples of my dad's been. And I brought her up on FaceBook. And Lynn says she did it. It's Amanda says I've done it to non non non I'm on my of Christ's. And now what about Bob that your doctor petty bidder done yeah my opponent Michelle says her daughter has all the time. She's eight. I. Most of the humans who do this our toddler and lower. Non. There's other people. I mean while bandy says they need to slow down you don't want to. Not not the norm not the norm Biden its seven person says it's an occupational hazard Astrid says she's done it Nathan Smith. You know Nathan from Raines he's normal he's done it at that there's a lot of people on here but he's far from all that Christie just couple days ago did it would Google's. The. Pupils a lot of anger her fingers I didn't. Yeah yeah yeah will be able understandable well knowing he's still lag has some anyway I'm not alone ban says that the practice eating a bugle off your finger just now when I said it again as I. I've seen it like it's about before I got to my finger. And then die I don't have good finger my album went up and I don't accept I must not work must not. Edit an asset. I've I. There's some kind of that activity that you could try that would help to improve your finger Malcolm win because everyone's on my kid that is external putter. Like a little pasta shell or whatever acrid like on the end of her finger which you know not good manners whatever and I'm thinking. How you're not by your own thing. You. Anyhow amount of my age or older that you're living on the edge van. You're living on the edge but you know you shovel and let and I do with three fingers or got our four fingers and thumb and three fingers or at telling French Fries. Three fingers and thought he needs four fingers. I I. The only food I eat which were figured I would say is may be popcorn it. And I go and I are sometimes on a two fingers and thumb but in the three fingers and thumb that's a bite. Wow yeah lab every comment French Fries the secretary to weigh the but it does that I'm sorry what time is too many different. Koppel at I don't know quite the scandal duty and out now I just. French fried. Club. Yes yes yes all you guys write this weekend. On the other foods to eat huge multiples of that Pringles guy and Purdue went. I was always one there you highly do multiple like an ice here Eminem's Acadia. Bite into the Pringles you put these shelves multiple Pringles in your mouth at one time so multiple in my map and I'm you hobbies other people to put them at army. And I'd just one on eleven times news out of your pile them on us and it's full of the holes leaving Germany. You know less than a dozen. Eminem's handful. Now follow your telephone. It's now more and more like you eat like a giant that this is joining us something in his office guys lets other people did too but most people don't take 1 am and. And if it's peanut I definitely gays to get a handful Ali one at a time yeah it's crazy I. He got to give me peanuts. But definitely an insult yeah carrying multiple team that's taken. No one strip and I don't buy it at that time I hear it on I didn't and a one gallon by a young version like folded over you know Hillary why what does one enjoyable. Of all what's going. Opened my mountain just there aren't any surprise for her and if you are man eater you are a scar. I am not alone I am not alone now want more out podcasters. You heard the link is getting you ready to become a lean green com. Mean machine the thousand dollar cash clean up sports. It's just listen to the national keywords it takes to win at 9 AM 11 AM and 1 PM and 3 PM messaging data rates apply. Grab your broom and get ready yes. 2000 dollars cash clean. Which Bradley Jewelers and 1079. Nine they'll link. Always go to what does that an idling dot com that's not where you got the pod Tesco they're check out all kinds of weird things that I don't viral videos and the sights I've summed up my FaceBook page that new app. Called space app. Where you can take a picture yourself and make yourself younger age you make yourself a different gender. You give yourself us. My L a baby. In May maybe like Ambien maybe I don't know I wasn't bad about it and pick me I don't think maybe next time and I I exits Barack decades say it's the bears alike but there is some. Similarities between none and Bill Clinton and her but. Creep before you know I think it's an iron in to me makes you or face the imminent. It looks eerily like your wife. I think they had a baby and how do you are now I do the same hitter now are though is that you picked a woman yeah. Who looks cute. Right that's cool I I'd turn itself on its. Obviously you like your kids to fill wasn't great beautiful earth mentality as it's look at Matt Sullivan O'Meara and based on. It's a funny cap and it looks really now she's embarrassed and I think we've got there yet well there it's funny I think. It's weird I got to do baby and they should do baby and he's bald baby's head. And he's debated. Just talk about it and gives too much we have called baby face app. Okay base that do it today don't collect our era talking. About. How long the headlines says this is how many dates it takes to see if your man is really serious about. To add to sell everybody you know he's serious about just the fact that he rallied and how many dates. Where yours is the time you make the announcement are you exclusive. Here just kind of get it tomorrow what they're saying is that. Then why connection. And they want a true connection. But there are a little slower at forming their connection. So ten days is a good rule of the one memory and not gonna continue asking you out if he's not interested that's true and if he asked you about on ten to eight ENT. That you make attendees India and we all alert earlier at some point in our life on what do you think within ninety days whether or not your marriage but there shorting you certainly get down that's a marriage were terrible they did you get series at ten dates. He takes you like a number nine U I did did you pretend date. Am yeah this is in serious stuff going on here. I would think you decide before and I. Candidates normally happen over the course of several weeks. At a maximum a couple of months. Several weeks that's a two dates. I don't know too official dates a week I would think that I'm likely here's what they say complicates it. If you sleep with the man too soon. It's hard to Alex he was in it for the conquest. Or he was seeking a relationship no matter how intense your chemistry. Now please. That's gonna whatever they say yeah I take your time. Have sex when your ready and you can handle whatever happens after. OK maybe should Richie ready but it I think of the guy like Hewitt has an arteries Boeing's share in the first dated fifteenth day. Body now. You're going to know baby boy actions you went on the first day in and he drops. All day I guess you're wrong. Out. But there's not what I'm saying even after ten dates he could point it to drop it they say keep your cool for those ten dates. Cool man I'm cool cool and don't let your heart takeover. And. Okay don't you don't know I am clearly. An objectively. And you can make a decision about out of time that you want him nine dates as a way for as a you're also making a right. So. At date. If you just like we're rated reviewed just hooking up but does that count as a date. Now just a point or something and are now yeah you have to go out on dates instead of staying in. It why not why staying in not a date. Netflix and you the chills us don't term yeah Netflix until is. A lazy date and lay did make a stand still an important part of India should not be a lazy day that's that's not a lazy day. The fact that tells you a lot about the other person. Like the first ball a lot of people don't wanna go out like I had that long week which is jail. And also you have to pick a movie together which is a big thing you can tell person's taste right there. And then there's a thing about. That you know let's say he is a homebody. And he really does like to go out. You are and then me he takes you out on these dates and then after the attend one. He's big he's got ten and the next you know. Youngblood anymore that's why you should count as a date and he beaches as well as well out doing early on what do you make you dinner at home here. Is the other argument there. That even if he is a home body. If you're not a total homebody he should at least be able to show you. That he is willing to make the sacrifice to get out of his company pay and we as well auto rental place of that is county can act. I mean. A police Tryon yeah irons are you don't want to let you salary and getting. Before yeah live I was at Sebring you have not like regular go out like it's in jeans and shirts. Some. And it's not well my sleepy parents aren't pajamas. Let let's face it you're not getting. You know wearing something you Wear outside house and how do yeah. The girl he only knows certain genes have weird out. I haven't really edgy did you bring out here. Your your baggy shorts yet. Yeah it. But eleven days it's been listening ports and yes well she wants to start with the cutoff sleeve if we do work hard all week it's not like Alison I violence just. NN I and that's order and and I had a home a gay yeah account you are the signs that he's liberal relationship. He takes you out on dates instead of. Always seeing and it always the key staging regular kind threat contact between said dates right. Introduces you to coworkers family and friends apparent as we in our office. And he went for sex until you're ready with no pressure. How would be considered a pressure takes it to. Interest in your life. And he tries to fix things for you. Whether it's a big key Fossett that your howls that issue with a co workers and fixing things just a guy thing anyway doesn't mean he's India really. If yes it's come. He's not gonna take the time to fix a totally not Indy nobody nobody played I do I call it men can't fix a woman can't say come on over and fix my pipes. You guys probably I think he's got a shot. Yeah picture sank a that you're basically you're saying come on overdo it should put. That's what he's gonna read in direct it. Plunged by 20 yeah yeah. Yeah. At the guys but thank you invite him to your house. Then you're like Tom I'm not only does Brenda. Who come over and I'm totally. Brilliant. And that's that's. As big guy friend if you come over look at my computer. The good command of issues but now I want to because I'm a free now that's why he's gonna think that I just wanna have so excellent. Let me if you've if you've had romantic. Dates idiotic we've been on on a date date yet we've never been on the daily mental thing than what you've been on a date UMass somebody come to your house its own. Even. Think even that's up climbing the plumbing probably do a better way to mayors of four US and a plunged. I. Think that yeah blue that's trillion ST CNN has played. A guide plan on gay rights such. And I wouldn't mind you can't. Yeah. Hey I never looked like asked. Also there with that removed. Right here and we update this podcast didn't know that. Go ahead and tell your friends. I just got distracted that's. I was watching. And video. Like him I mean you or whatever give that doc made a view eating stinky food and the studio. And you see you back now I have an edited sound it's on Olympus given on the late Twitter page is it with the rails that it is. But he hasn't won a 79. Dot com look at ads into video. I can't wait a while that I know what you drive and we lived yeah in. There and I hate you gotta check it out got to check it out they get on our eyes didn't need to attack. Stick a weird things a look at it to bring deceptive it's entered Roland on that on my FaceBook page or hit seven iron from various. Hit and get him back to the stinky food eating clue me in view our odds are that yes a little real video there's a bloodless Jesus exist who are important onion in her mouth. Separate tolerable. On does it anyway go to Matt Harris FaceBook page too because there is a mug shot and it's also one now one of seven leveling FaceBook page if the big big different view. Eating no ultimately shot. Other mug shot look at her back to the mug yes the mug shot is. Amazing. She has black guy like not a black pilot he got hit. Black pupils are black irises ordered that part is all the white Cadillac. You're all I had to find out what she did I just want her off the streets she was she's she's this is someone who has decided. In life to be up to absolutely no good. That basin and I'm not supposed to judge a book by however but does he wants to be judge dad she. Blonde woman. With black guy is. She actually faces charges of kidnapping armed robbery and property gimmick. And do we got a lead all of lavishly by charges allegedly she might be Edison. And she. It's one website tiger droppings dot com. About a fifth. He knows I got a until tiger's probably not commented discussing group you'll on the case under the title. The devil went down to South Carolina just need to shift to shift back and I've got our man on tiger droppings dot com but I really wanna go there announce. Could detect and humanity and our guy like. To give you this. The fifth at and soldiers move over to death from the. Looks like she's got a partner in crime. She does a partner drive he has gone to the whites of her eyes either black or dark gray. Four and had tattoos neck tattoos. Face tattoos the laureate and she didn't. They hate doing wrong and I. I know I'm sure not a quality a handbag got high to have that guy that. Gonna be one then and is alleged kidnapping the best swat situation room on a country album. And he has now faced tattoos looks. Promises lamp banks. This but that I'm sure you've made it called the Lancaster County. Presents yet all of them my every single Nelson Malia and might have broken out over the so. That this video at my graduation haggard epic that now tiger your company's stock I'm it is. Does relish use cited it isn't. But why they put that on there right I don't know right more pot to. And seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with memorable. How are you like yeah. General let's have now. Does reflect a asleep and you felt about usually scoring talking and walking. That happened exactly and what it says to others about your health and we'll start with drooling which. We need take a look at all the things one could possibly do in their sleep walking talking snoring I would have to stage ruling is the one I could not handle and a partner. Like the thought I can roll over and my face could land in a puddle that you created with your mouth. All my. About our role as a liberal side of the bed. Every year I know invited me on god because it really wouldn't affect me and then heaven forbid. Them. You have your doubts like. I have a set of red jeetz. The only out of leading or fewer of them are you have a lake. Navy or black sheet girl's gonna show up as sub giant. White spot how would you think they are fine you got first electoral map definitely. I high teens pedal like a little bit. Not a full drool but he settles it'll before articles did you see your wife and are now. It's not draw let's just like a little light humorous lines between the two lips. And that is written into. Is that that I didn't rule that data due to I think it's cute. OK if there's somebody tells you can easily VM is if you wake up with a puddle on your pill hole or huddle. A spyware wet patch on your shoulder after you're not off on a plane. It might be embarrassing they're drooling in and of itself. Is normal. I mean I've done it in the past but not not an irregular. Is there something meant activate your. Side at I can remember in the pat I know I've done it before but I don't remember specifically why air power or whatever I just. Noted it's happened before you had beaten act. On my good side effects of my medicine might drive mouth of you know through him actually just other states among the issues. I don't look that one you don't I didn't let it out anybody ever I have to. I've to sleep on a specific side otherwise Alec opened up on all alone I spent. I'm. Underdogs that have drummers will literally it'll literally be covered in. Oh my god that's all of this but I think so. A dry. Yeah I can't remember which side it is a that's it for all its play in ruler and every day. The next night. So can this be and that's the thing to do not supposed to sleep I get done your whole life. Probably had just now noticed that you know past couple years as the L. It and it's Barack Obama. It's it's pretty bad good outlet I couldn't handle that plus to be a dark colored sheets. Say now. Honestly that part eve it's it's gonna show that these these white a couple of years sheets back. That won their dark it's it's not like whites it's elect it's just like. Let's elect spot that it's an interconnection and though now or anywhere else no it doesn't matter but you know it is now okay. When it comes with late blocking anybody dock. It if you think Mike inside you and. It meant as a kid noddle I didn't a lot of grew out of and we did a few times and now an outside guy at Granada had a couple times. Never met drew I walked over to my parents room they tell me and it went in the closet it started throwing shoes at them. Only guy but it's because I said I was looking for a toilet stoked. Throwing shoes at your parent was in a closet so that I don't know I was sleep bodies just to make sense. I'm digging through their closet define it as obscenities not someone threw the shoes in the toilet in addition to. And every time I guy that bought a ticket and it rolled out of bed and on to my brother. And day he said. He talked a little bit actually want to know that's Ithaca. He crawled over me and went to my parents said somebody's might add a if you really did. If he's back at the game they tricked about a little bit permanence. My friend's son. Has always biggest lead blocker but now that he's. You know sixteen year old who's about six foot four. When he's sleepwalking confused she says it is scary beyond added I've heard stories about adults at sleepwalking a dangerous places they say. You have to keep to sleep walker protected from dangerous items like knives or areas like windows that could be mistaken for doors. Yeah. Reports of people doing very complex actions during sleep including leaving the house yeah driving somewhere that. Waking up with no recollection of what happened now. It and they may not be ever try to wake them up. I've I heard. That's with a psychologist says. He's the head of the sweeping. Health research program at University of Arizona College of Medicine I guess it's not a met at least an item I just got him back to bed instead when someone has woken up from sleep walking not only are they already disoriented but there are negative reaction. Is usually exaggerated. They don't know where they got. The avoid catching the brunt image Islam I. I expected it used at least here you look obviously bought it like at heart attack and I looked as though I never heard I was that's nice and it was a mess. Yeah I heard that. I doubt mr. Yet that you look up that article that actually started. Yes to questions about. Remember which based. Which cited if aces well he's. We will like it is I guess you're listening to all there with. Hiring going on at first date your 61. Day's top. Personal compliment her appearance don't increases. You couldn't do that I think it acted in ninety creepy yeah. Not that great guard everybody creepy like. Materially accurate tests and treatment. No I I did did they say an example the other you look lovely tonight. Arrow or you that's a really great to have you would never used to working with eyewitness public. I mean it's I your I don't think that would complement. Her appearance. I would say you look greater some like dat say locates you love dealing with a cup I think averages focus on like something like. Hearings that cooler. You know you something I think that's kind of sweet I would find it odd if I showed up for a and the guy said your earrings are cool. I mean what do they where it's okay if I would do if it just basic gear like a bug boy did you find something that's a little different door instead of going region go body. An address seems to less or something fancy about it and be like that's a fancy as the my left there. Colorful I don't get covenant similar. Now. Up another behind something like did you have your shoes that cooler alert our compliments to cliche now. Yeah I think they are big they are our mouths. And never on the first day on the first day yeah. Otherwise it is as you move bodies aren't like since you work today in a slightly so you don't. Acknowledge her appearance at all on the first day they say you should I think here and I don't think I Abraham will lay it was out Nady they did say you have to have a well timed compliments I guess maybe they're saying not rate out of the gate. Yeah maybe everything of the bats an ankle lock him back and my guy I don't know you log in favor me. Oh yeah. That's creepy object but I think it would focus on something specific. Yeah bill in the near laughter. As nice as earrings choose. At least steer away from any body part yet yet may be here or ice but that's it baby hair the hey yeah maybe I hear you had an as a good beta and NBA it is strange defaced but the number one thing I think. That's on this giant list is out asked them our topic is books TV music. So what are you been reading watching or listening to lately. Pick one and the move across the others later I I would I would have to go right at a gate with TV. Where I just watching that ticket movies TV where you are wave watching it previously needed to and view you know whatever and they say I don't watch TV then I say each. Please I am leaving in your hearing sock. I did and I hate what you are. I think he's not a good anyway I I I I don't think guy I think go to ivy and instant turnoff. And I now instant turn off yeah if he doesn't watch TV instant turnoff yeah we had nothing in common. That would get the better age she's a fellow Christian in if she liked the chiefs right. I you got one yeah how do you like the season and then it's such a big part of my life yes and east you come across as snooty. Also don't want to keep me. But she doesn't like any of the shows you last you go to a list like game of their own that's OK do I have Monday Night Football. No evidence to Karzai knows me now. That's better than no TV I don't watch TV is judgmental. We're people who do. And I thanked the judge so he did have some different things like my life I judge them back I think we have to have at least one showing common. Yeah elegant. You I dated a guy who did not watch TV he wouldn't say. I don't watch TV but he did not watch TV. And I tried very hard to get it enters did in various news right just so we would have something to talk about. And the only show you what weird shows he ever got an interest in it was some show. Like where people were trying to figure out puzzles that some and let me get a game will be now be fair no one to watch your shows and a Arab emirates and cold I don't. Well as France Italy to thank you Greta I don't think out of high notes on off. I was trying to help some other show is simply because I thought he might be interested like you. What about black Jesus. Say about what about. You watch movies at least you do go to the movies but really no injuries in Syria don't want to watch him. And that's a problem that's a major problem I have to admit it was a problem again is that. You know that's an Amy and die due to wind down or whatever and it helps me. Like I've said before it to me it is a place where my range and shut down you know I've got to think about the show may bring stops twirling about my life. Where she will opt mile are missed what that. I missed yet replied I missed that part I was thinking about some mass I had I don't ever had that problem I'm I'm immersed she finally came it was like yeah this is country. This is it a hyper focused tiger focus on that so I I think I would definitely have a prom date that and then. You know she basics says you know I just read all the time or something. You know and now iron and a. Or has been on them from the time a partnership that's that's wow I can't. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today it 1079 the link dot com.