Matt Goes To The Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 6th

Matt's been an Eagles fan his entire life, so there's no way he was gonna miss out on the trip of a lifetime!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all of there was. And promote. Branches Super Bowl it's very grateful that my friend yes and yes if the negative effect. And irons into weirdo. About. He superstitions. That sort of thing and he can relate I'm sure everyone who knows you can relate. Part of my life for a really really. I've I've managed to control. Other. Slightly. So I go to the bathroom. And. At this horrible incident as a rebel alliance didn't like the time you had to go to the bathroom when we are in Vegas because you thought Ohio's they would only and if he stayed on the toilet yes idle at. Yes very similar to watch the final overtime. I asked him Miami who has terms. Animal alliance rely on I now Erica dot com now hoops or fifteen minutes straight and now he did it for the TT IP I come back out. It is great plays it pulls catches a touchdown like mugging everybody around him I am a people. It's a battle lucky TV this. And then the patriots comeback or touch and the like. Right downstairs I I come out. I tells you guys stand there and says reality TV as I am a man of beer and Izzo Leah watched. Like the next big drive it's a bad ago up in like. Of the guys in the fog whoever does that came back and L league sport by people like. And. Thought it was a mob scene and getting on the how many parents without the stadium right by the room. Only guy in the entire stadium. Is there to watch the super ball alive and runs behind yeah. Her whole city of Philly fan I am lucky TV the Internet it is how and a lot of it permanently Baxter village about the guys who. It's a seven. Well we'll. That's not okay. 179. From RCA. Can save. Never said. Lanes. Let's see we got here how about things that guys feel better too embarrassed to have met Corey to a guy. Eight. Much knowledge and it really and you. Error free crazy open book. One of the things that guys sometimes field but are never willing to bet is that they don't want an avid is the knock. No Tina and an urgent problem big problem. And it was a tablet let you eat and eat and eat they don't have that. Nodded to sometimes it's like him. You're less than a man if you altitude uniting into it I guess guys do probably. I'd there's guys do it die a not wanna and yeah I know you're you're very very comfortable yeah there was an ally. I know I know there's no reason for you alive right because his legs and keep guys think in the Natal not habits it is so. Least on the an honest right. But they say guys don't wanna for the same reasons he doesn't like that retired and not feeling sexy either lazy it's a lot of let I have I it's not because not a sexy that's an early on and it's ridiculous said that's not it may be lazy. Tired easy you've got a rather do something else here whatever good time. Becky do you figure to understand if you're tired but. You're too lazy ass on the list I don't know if he originally and respect yeah. Now not and I'm not a problem now Darnell it's like I can take your fatigue. I can take your medical excuse I can I did take your biggest practicing. Because you get some the bells and I'm happy now but. Late lazy. I cannot respect that it was. Allen and go rarity and yeah. I get excited mandate about and talk to do. No I lazy as your adult again never thought lazy. I mean there is like like like there's a bit lazy not think about it and go through all the ring tomorrow bill. Tomorrow and do the whole dogged politician. Hammurabi and not paying a bit. The whole dog and pony show up and you've got what he did a lot of yeah. Ha and camera there is no dog and pony shows the original really the dog and pony up. Does do additional medium exited just blitz isn't so complex is yours and yeah. I got to sit ahead. An assistant at the extra. Pounds really complicated. At. Wait you're excused our president I got a name. I am and and that's not even necessary as we all know and I'm OK yeah. Yeah. I'd like. She doesn't want the ring tomorrow and maybe even if you want rhythm limited realizing that okay Betty that he won't admit to feelings early drink. It's like SX on the beaches are. I don't general might want them between light and money on vacation and another thing like ordering a minute bar that. Doesn't serve that kind of thing that you're just here. The end of it they're not known for their you know what they do you think this is a blender I can't order a guy cannot order something and as visible blender he can now he can't. And any here Julian if you're not. If you're not a real bar. Then don't call yourself a bar if you're bar you're job is to serve drinks. Not things that need to pander to a guy if you're far. And if I order a complex tricked you should take about why he did. In serving it because you are that long to dump it like going into bakery job. I'm guy's gonna go to the bakery should only order Vanilla cupcakes though it's a bakery yet expect. Big bullet yet and I don't tell her to go back and they won the way I want it. I'd buy whatever right there. Doesn't make one right. No I wouldn't. She she's got our back to the claw our minor. Some the formula it. Flew to Don that they guys are afraid to meant that there are some kinky stuff. Not to embarrass shouldn't have an update there. Don't it's the best thing you can go on and do as they are not meant to have been unaware of it sometimes. Are those you do is encourage that communicates it to you or not be judged mentally does. The guys a lot of Mitt that they like. But quoting fingers women's music it was after Megan trainers. I have no problem the answer around. House to act which. No woman in my family girl whenever the people in my game a lot of women it's not like very much. Heiress and Adam I mean I'm my kids girls in my life as wall man my dogs a woman is willing to. The woman's got this right on the net and then all the women gas line and they hire saying yes. Guys wanna meant that they checks out other guys. Minute often. Tim McDonnell adding gloom and somebody that's with a good. But adds I've. They use the hot guy who automatically comes to mind Antonio Banderas. Areas again I think a bullet points and handed out tonight though. I just like I've always liked his name like crown rat he's hot Chris Pratt yes yes I think I funny tea like that and again as her brother in. Yeah yeah yeah child credits Tom Cruise a little over re telling him. Lian the got a bum who's always been over rated him as a science profile shot is bigger Shabazz in my body again he's not that Cam Newton. Increasingly every locally NFL chiseled out yes. People who have to keep the body shape they've got the body and one of daylight now they have a hot body on the hot package but I mean this device just by you could pick anybody for the most part at the NBA or the NFL or calmer now than their bat at least. 70% of going to be you'll be able to get nice bodies but. There are some NBA faces an NFL things is that well it's hard to judge and I'm not basic color he. I would say he stereo typically Hinson and and really muddies the jacket and I don't know me by minute and a half. You can imagine him in the and your fantasy it's. Om and guides and admit that they act kinda really like your TV show. They want a minute if I they're there's Nowak at any of Ramona shows. That I like I'm pretending to not like you know whatever yours in Denver says you have not watched issues and I guarantee you if you sat watching my shows you get into I again and again canceled. And no one else likes and I waved like Jesus is coming back in March now as we like like Jesus doesn't talk a little. Parents about it and hear you guys. That you don't let it just got sat rarely gets this whole thing. Cannot catch a cold but being cold. Out works people know you leave the house every single day life with dry air scarf and a hat in loves it and all that but some season year. Thank you will never be able to convince my mom. That this is not the case now seem to go to her grave thinking that if she leaves the house with wet hair she's gonna get sick or Riley the outlet here. I'm gonna gets note not a no science can. Our otherwise. Yes I talk and he is some talk tough hat I mean the kids the boys. Our neighbor or Wear shorts out no matter what the temperatures yet practically they should be dead they should be dead. Do not go over the old time parity divisive feed a cold starve a fever. That's bad stuff. Being sickened picture appetite and it doesn't want a brother on crime that's fine too but fluids a very important. But they are two of crackers ice pops never hurting no one there is no evidence suggest. That forcing food AV has a kid as a cold withholding food and have a fever is doing anything to make a sick kid Matt. And I are that ours is do what they do man in west of fever and wants a sandwich dividends and much right it's there's. Fever and does mean it called cyber fever not a thing. Which Yang gums for teething pain. Yes it might work but it's not wise to be given your kid wrist. Maybe Tyler don't really didn't like that might work better in that attack. But they still say it I still people in on holding your baby too much will spoil it. And a lot of people building had a baby is causing a baby is crying be. I don't wanna be held. Rightly mound loads again no one can touch him for us. He just don't grow up right ass suckers. Can't Monad issues there are times wouldn't spoil it but there's times Regis. Can't drive yourself Matt. They can be a little fussy and don't stuff repairs because it is luckily all of your kid needs to sell lose yet. Probably. That's. Holding don't don't just a closer TV you'll go blind. I time it knows that her from the TV you gonna go blind in a funny thing is is the irony of it all isn't that the kids. Who could say a closer than adults doesn't don't the eye strain. So kids with a rival right on the TV today and. We could see at all when I think about the size. TV that I watch dedicated vs the size of the TV I watch now but we are watching. Boxes that were much larger than our computer screens from halfway across the room. Yeah let's at all right my kid and how did get up close to skip that for TV. My kids. Close analogy he watches the iPad iPad a smaller it's relatively close but I'm not telling your back away back I. Let people think babies need Sox all the time. But body heat. It you know comes escaped from Revver even their toes toasty when it's cold that's a good idea but they donate socks in the summertime. You around 24 hours today things like that now. The offer people and there's nothing you didn't BBC yeah. Mr. misled him and Ben Akron I would I would say don't buy baby issues it's ours was weird. Maybe issues does for your home that I do and not walking beauty sooners are a doorman IV adorable but now they do you have lost Google baby socks look like they have babies is a tad out but don't. I'm offered him too but let's not give up on baby she is just because they're not useful. Because there are the reason this thing ever being all right you get you can do that babies need silence complete darkness to sleep. That is a myth. Their smallest asleep about anywhere in only total darkness in fact some background noise ambient light may help. Knowledge as there is has become more sleep adaptive as they get older. In the white machine or whatever. It's he rubbing alcohol on the forehead will bring depth fever reliever down one. I've heard putting it on their feet. Like Adam has been put socks on reality than putting socks on the its paper expect a rebel whatever. I love about economics to do it rubbed fixed and on my chests and I was like seventeen. I still loved to recall learned you know you need a little Milo let's get that I've not I've got robbed of civil Rabbani and if that maybe the night. Amy do it that will be weird now out that's gonna neighbors. Letting your baby stand her balance on your legs of the flora make impose legged I've never heard that before. I've heard that if you try to get it. But you know babies like to kind of stand up if you hold their hand yet heard don't do that because if you're let them do that too soon it's gonna make a bowling shoe. And ask clearly nervous your honor yes and it did it's really. Kind of find the senator gravity built leg strength it's not gonna make them bow legged. It's the Euro stat of some people say don't have pets when you're a baby because it augur cattle smother it. I may I just a cat. I mean you or myself that are his mother it mattered. That cancels their babies should set and everybody's a lion didn't realize the more they leave their better I don't know. Isn't that smothering and how what it's well I didn't Biden did down the falls asleep and tells me I'm okay. Don't be jealous little fellow and stuff him out he. Happening at. But I suck out their breath there's something as and that's something remaining cats and snuck out sneak second breath of a baby. Yeah I don't know what happens and how they do it it's an old wives' tale. Debt I'm still give an inside guide every cat around being all right Siri the bottle of sue the baby up in sleep Bob moblog no reason to do that. And don't entries are Gaby is sought to early baby needs a strict schedule. I'd be good for you can't. Maybe they're not that kind of person that can only district scheduler under and there are hundreds and this one I've heard before shake your babies heads the hair grew back thicker. Not Howard no way hero effect or sit. Works they're gross from the follicles have been trying it for years and if it ever goes and goes back and I'm Stanley knows that he saved the baby's head of Ford's one years old. The little fellow is gonna have a small PP well when he teed it I'd never heard that the growth that is private or blind yet to get America before he's doing is all I've heard it. That dares to hear about beards. You know what your first growing abuse it matters younger electorate you know. She gave an allotment of coming in sticker the united against the grain into evidence I am not so much of an. I'm seeing things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramon. I had to Mac FaceBook page and you can check out to protest were seen singles and calpers vets podcast. And next. So. With simple very happy about that speaks masochism really I Eagles line yeah bottles. It was so ridiculously cold you can't. I've never been in anything so awful in my life is my parents a southern guy who's never experienced cold where you grew up in right. Nothing I've never felt anything like this like you. Feel that your ears are gonna like shattered like glass pat on eight to Wear layers and whatever and so we took the light rail slash subway whatever it's called. From all America into the game. And is that we had to walk. Even know what hell walking like it. Few hundred feet to get the ball get and that's all good theatre everything seventh and the way to. Out the items in seedy sides come out and we like OK where's is down escalator that gets us to the real take us back to a park. Return NASA guy like where where do we go down what we do any points back. Maybe a hundred feet he got good on that escalator. And I UNESCO is now you went to pass this line you can't. But back to escalate you just couldn't retrace your steps now and I could I can of almost reached it but it slight exaggeration maybe twenty steps meant just. Yeah yeah and go I relatives go outside and the revenue over something we go outside and went in us. It was so even know I'd love I was still up right now from the Eagles. My year's been a break off to a businesswoman is our right here we go in the bar and a hundred dollar copper. And it looks like it's just a no public you'll problem I have to give you fifty apiece I'm dying here. The guy we laughed. Like trying to fight another ball we get to next bar and they're full they say it's not like we're looking apartments that for a warm place while I was trying to call in overturning and answer period. Find you and Dickey well so you need a location for older yes. And you wanted to locate one actually kidding fingers and body I can't even think I can't think I can't punch over to add to arc where we are. So finally at uber guy tells you where we are dramatic time and trouble figuring out of my GPS. So I'm just. Freezing and freezing and it does I could buy an event like. You can go to. America. And harm. About a block he's but it is about the damage is gonna cost just underdogs at all over it now. Listen while I was in that. That are freezing. I could not find. My. Wallet. Where the elemental and I kept pressing my child make it ring on holly it's in the cards and cards in the car it's your Somerset look at port that's what he said or not we jump out like. Oh my god but while you're called. Just. It hit. The market in the street it enough and called my breezing all and I think a lot while. And so I'm I'm digging that thing over the do you believe that the you know maybe picking up my game he could do that group of guys called me he's a permanent courtroom whenever 76. I'm one quarter I don't know and I am feeling. So I finally get to Gordon recorded this in this is our kick straight. App and I think acted on straight and RC did not go on the wrong way to turn around back. And then we he cab to open a cab I called Hoover guy to cancel a summer is numbered as arc he's texting me executive director of technical. God it's me and I haven't I but this socks on my wallet Ayman ring and again excitement like I said. They want and I still getting gas leak at the break it all out so called. And I talked to bring like Tyler it was elect went actress buchert. The knowledge that. And a happy yet you know and empathetic guy at seven blocks righty would be should be ten. Dollars. So you could've saved yourself. And they give you just pay the additional 25 dollars. Yes I delegates say a and can't are put your wallet in your man purse I've where I remember but it hold up the paper the hundred dollar cover charge at the what you think you've got to put it Beckett. And and I don't know how got I had lunch agreed to. I'll tell you and I got some numbness of course this week and I remember there was dominantly. You're listening to all there with. And Nielsen's actions. Yeah that's it feels the stat yet I'm closing my fair publicity duties field. You can't blame your parents and I remember you dumb things and not exhibit here there's an idea and a I've heard the name I don't know I mean I didn't picture I he's asked. He was out wacky. Now let's say thought bell no yeah we know valuable. Animal I think anyway if he had any hits that we might know breaking up is hard to do. A candidate he sang at one with that Kiki Dee I think which was never mind. Don't go broke in ma. And I know that one out in and that. They anything is done an eight on the jets. This is that you send that's okay breaking up retarded getting ever break a blatant wrong wanted to. Block. Come from here is to grant snap Chad it's address. This temptation to see if they've been paying attention to stories is too much just blocked. In blocked account follower eakins soft. Block. But when you blocks and went already following you they don't want them immediately. This let's and still look you up and you profiled there are no longer be following. I don't know why that trip could be. Good trick but you do. Boller are blocking and unblock. And then some anti happens. I just think that way there's stuff doesn't appear. Do you as much. Maybe that's what happens. Natives see a lot of your stuff and even you know you're getting out there to do here. I admit sometimes blocking and EU rules. Haiti this in any it's like. Yet now it is some of like you're having and moved to predict it did get a block he can't contact me well if I tried to break up like a grown up. Dan it feels very middle school Asian bloc. Does what you got here but here's what I've period. Any and I came up with his or ice that you've got to. If you're the one who broke up with a person. You can't block Goran follow them for a little while if you're the person who got broken up waited. Agency McCann doubled Dirk and only did he not only did he break up with made but he blocked beyond blah blah blah. As opposed do does make you I got I got dumped so I'm blocking and that's. Again you're going to be the dirt alleyway so mad line as well this rip the band Madoff block come lock him get him out your lie how many days. If you don't maybe one or 248 hours 48 hour. Here's the good lord that got over forty I heard it on both sides I've heard it from. And then she's posting things about hanging their friends and staff and he feels like. It's just daggers like wow we just broke up in here she's going out with their friends and having a ball doesn't love and your to be suffering at all. And so it's almost like you're in your face with your right in his face with your freedom. And then I have heard the other way where are my bad you know. He or she broke up with me and then the next thing you know they blocked me like. How rude immature is that I I've forever and both sides and I think you've got to have just perfect way to break up but I think you got to block. Yeah there's absolutely no sense and. President you're gonna give the temptation to look on their page to be how they're reacting to the breakout night and are they bad smelling you are they calling you names again. And so you're gonna just rallied at this temptation to stock come to just block GAAP. Yes he asked why because I put yourself through it I guess I've also. I was say big in the big dumb. And I use the victim were being very loosely. Of this thinly veiled. Comments. Like I am I yeah out like. When do you do everything GS you be doing she breaks W anyway I know it's jerky thing. I mean it wasn't that but it's similar similar to that just a little big you came in hand you came a day that's that's worse. Block away where some locked. And any you know it if you if you do those things don't act and yes Kelly friends and I didn't check this person's page. Every one else his friends like oh my god think of and a little bit angry then other people bring it to your attention let me go to the. It's immature twittering and it to your attention it is time we leave that somebody's X. Hear something from some index the ninth on that attend each talent. Okay how about this rabbit hole situation. You go through and block Natalie herb but herb. Testes. Yeah. The former family. Who. Hop hop and it wastes. All of my cousins excuse would yeah all of us I think yo ma I mean that drive be anything to do over the prior would be happy about it but you. Why in light on your friends ask you why would you probably lost friends because you were dating their right to block him. Lock him. You definitely have to blockers parents or family members yes Najaf the I need a week for that one yeah according to an excellent example of the actual yeah. All right so you also gotta create an X free environment. Get over the break up like a grown woman donate throwaway anything there remind you of your acts. I would keep a teacher to ramp the next guy you look up with. But expensive jewelry or photos of a vacation you took together. Isn't of course depends of jewelry either saddle. Or redo or just where is that it has a little heat death but the pictures they say take all the pictures. And put him on a flash drive not to believe them just put him up on a flash drive and stored in your breakup box. So in the future again twenty years down the road gave you can look finally updated the memories that he'd. I would say the most each Yankee ball. But you wanna keep like ten of some big trips you'd Tucker something. And much as you seek out. And just picking a random number lie lie lie and I you're right you're right why it. As teen years down the road you're gonna look at the trip bingo man that. Earlier I'm gonna remember the fun time in swimming with the dolphins regular member now crazier ax was. And how you wish you hadn't on that are already get along when that money. Near along at them and it's gonna set you back as your leg. Wider net below and let me look him up on FaceBook and and hook up with him twenty years later also he's ugly never months. Period if that's the scenario goes aka I have guys I've set on the Aaron I I don't understand. That women will keep love letters. I mean nowadays it sends a letter but I don't know why limit but I've written some cards to amien stoplight I would hope we got the bush just normal way yes. Right and there's no reason to keep on. Don't you like to remember. That someone by to that beautiful. Or and that loved they have a way with words weren't they found something besides below another rhymes with your name most confident not act. Invalid or Psycho Psycho is a really good with words and not in our you know and I'll give you is like a junior high or high school crush me. Because it's so really he had you know it did to be still is learning yeah adult ones now. Personal I don't against seating cards. Like that but at that. The amounts on and maybe only the love letters that I did seem more from high school. Yeah eyes penalties as we do about that then again and use and they got an I received a love letter sent at times have. No sense to them pilot a fifth. They're not gonna pilot now not hoarding in an ideal love letter ordinarily had one should have let you show and deal. It's more glass and more fun it's fair with that. Of us or some things. Human bird is now a thing according to the MIT tech review conference in Asia it's it's a new service there's allow someone to strap a screen to their face and fill in for you that whatever event you don't wanna go to us and so it's OK I had uses the real human as a surrogate. For another remote user to do this a surrogate. User wears a mask shaped display. Looks like an iPad that shows the remote users live face. And avoid shale transmits a remote user's voice. It looks very unsettling if you see the pictures. Looks like some Jewish guy has an iPad strapped to his face and could be very creepy at some point the prod be just got. Or hopes though right that would open eventually it would. I mean put a price of people will make. Like mask. Out of a giant picture of somebody. And it. On a stick you put like Ricky student. With a phone make lips. You know whether it's yes atlas I mean at bats this extended last year version I guess that but. I can't manage around its its future you never know what is the point he wanted to sit down a bunch ipads. And why have you that area basically a conference call. That point. I hate you put in a little more effort. Tonight damning like hiring somebody coming of physical presence there like I am I I it. You're saying I sort of care but not enough to be there long enough to hire someone to go someplace. The death. Did you nephews piano recital. Yes nice about even that bad is the kid's gonna count that as. That's basically says someone. Video in your performance and ports are sending a lie again Eli facetime or whatever you can do that but yeah I mean maybe there will be a day when they're just twenty ipads. Whenever they are tied to sit in a room. It because it's desktop. Hussein now the idea of it will do you grew up like that bet did you grow up like that would feel we've really doing normal it's a conference call I don't think we need the iPad sitting around there are yet to do is violent. But I don't what has to be in anyone blazer iPad doesn't have to be. Yes right. But that's what this basically as I did everybody wore red faced an earnest noted that physical presence of someone in the room at the enterprise and you can messes you do that he doesn't care bride. They don't need like. Ten bucks an hour to stand they went what a team you ever letting your iPad what it everybody hired people with hot bodies. Then. Then you're on something. In Beijing yeah silence and then again these are debating even as begging you never. Yes you are dying person's body at least you're gonna be getting any field Hussein everybody the meeting is hot again and now facing Larry you know people you can realizing like you know we didn't like yours surrogate you hired hot and whenever you're not. That the by a body double to be era hot over guide is a lot of ramifications we need to consider. At least I mean after meeting or conference or be just like people walk around it lighten me you're looking three or goggles or whatever it is. I I mean as it doesn't seem like it be that. Long before I come to mean that Ted talk basically in decades so I just don't know why you'd have to add the physical Rwanda's dials into the kids recital. Right. About what is it in the kids somewhere else remotely performing. As a digital living Europe you know cancel recitals at home again you just have. Always Elena. I mean you know we don't have to go to a football game to now and I'd appreciate it and back we might ago. Don't forget to do anything that that's weird dismal and become all Sunday and they are even think that winners this doesn't sound on it doesn't and I don't know I've. It does a lot of what would grow into our couches will be the nation about a hundred pound light for easy looks you don't have to go to things that you really don't. Halftime or can't do or whatever because still do those gives you more opportunity like years ago you couldn't. Taking out our work to see ages kid's soccer game but actually to see it. My time but do you think you don't wanna do it again are you really not going to be a digital that's those just waste your time I'm really not two but like I don't. I don't have to dry you know flight in Korea for radio and editors. It adds up there yeah I think it was. You know that there Holden knows he's yet to agree. I have a style. Radio programs now or the United States an afternoon show boot camp going. Up and morality we believe in all here we go in Ted Iraq and it back you know. I mean. Right we basically have yen its phase basically added it to someone wearing it under GAAP and abide by but you could have. More control. Over where it's you have control of worst earned yeah and you just put I think the veteran pilots that. With the guys and again a bit of both parents can't make it you can see in this air get them both parents could lead to separate locations watching recital. Do assert its face it. While or the place that people after the recital they get to broadcast on YouTube for some yet again that's just cut out all that other crap. When you look at kids and nursery school now or whatever yeah watch them. Haven't says when I'm gonna get stuff anymore it's over it's done because I don't know everybody. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.