Matt Is The King Of ADHD

Monday, March 5th


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So it's more glass and more fun it's yeah that's Ramallah our rights and ADHD sighing za. I'm sure some people in this room will relate to its. Let's try this one which I did not know. Adult ADHD side you take lots of bathroom breaks. Even when you don't necessarily need to go. They feel like you gotta be on the move. Our vita visible motor. Or did you a presentation or long media it's unbearable and fidgeting. But you might just actually get up and walk out of the water lurks or the bathroom or something like that. I and the big here we'll. Yes you are I like do. Be your last urine discovery. Was that you believe that you urinate so much because of your ADHD you'll look cumbersome to do right and the next thing to do is stay saying. That's I and that why I never knew what was the ADHD thing but now it says that I did I do get it Alison don't like waiting to the last minute. I like to get in there even if I think government nominee to pick it again the game I can respect you're with your lap. Situation here but mainly it's not that active about your Blatter. Yes but maybe I'd I I think they don't want you wet your pants at work after I've read about this I do realize that sometimes. I probably go and I don't need to go regulated as you walk around and Matt Harris is therapy continued. I've always liked them yeah granted to go like that. Even daughter Emma Goldman on this get up I won't do anything and just walk around the house they're really just log I have had this 'cause I got. The you know nervous energy in Hampton and Gary asked you where your going yes you'll say where you go along nothing does does walking. Just ask him you're going guys now on ADHD sigh and you enroute constantly. The guy Gallagher chatting with his back into the point on honored honored on. They get forever to finish sessions so we feel like he got a blurted out for which you're about to say. The 88 GQ what difficulty holding information in the minds when they're even they're aware that they forget things don't they got blown out. I've been out port amien conversation when she's talking about and I know it's going to be talking something's wait wait wait wait wait. I gotta tell you this and I'll say it. Today equipment waited no they're not waiting. I go back. You and I twice today. Yeah well I was trying to tell you something like match item here let me finish and when I had to but it has been here. So many of the eighties he did you decide to attack he had. Maybe his name it is ADHD sign that number whatever you start a new hobby everywhere it key reared its start. ADHD people novelty seekers always look out for new fun things and they just don't follow through all the time out. I talk about hobbies that I never followed the death. I don't I mean I don't talk about the hobby then I'll start thinking about it and be light and sound a now move on to the next thing and I get out just. There's I'm an idea guy as anything someone else ago. All of the stuff but you can't even remember an idea ahead to second again and it's true I do really got to start I'm trying to start keeping track. I I've reverend got a few things. And I've I've forgotten that you forgot your business and I've been trying I've been really hard trying hard to remember Ebbers is sending fighting on the area. Also going to be any nice music I don't write them down some acts that may not. His rights and guys that. You're new hobby isn't writing down. What you said your new hobby is asking banned yet. Even not even should write down something related to your new hobby yeah I did not writing it down right. And we are diving and progress and yes the only other guy in the room that they be aids. It's happening at the last at bat but then again once. What you said five days ago you asked me. I think united. But it the united at a time. Actually recall what use today I am and plays it back at various other times. And it's shocking you don't mess can't either and now and I don't wanna put him on the spot also tonight. Those that are writing funny in person you have is the person in the room you know whose memory is as bad that I'm. Her words in your life as a matter of fact it probably would never got an answer her at least a month with the. From him in got a bad memory too but I don't. Maybe he doesn't hurt my feelings that I can just say he didn't remember a lot of areas. Yeah. I just write her off as as opposed resonated doctor. Lessons and does whatever and listens to a more than once that he is now mama. Sox. And the sad part is he says some funny nearly every breath we do yeah I'd like these and remember right after I don't know I don't now. And they're winning his career can stand up comedian that's right. And dragged it did at ID couldn't remember or try and joke you're right they would be funny that went. Yeah mail I've I've got some things and l.'s all say that are offensive on whenever and how should remember that. Nominee my dad. Incidents important. Adult ADHD side generally a little bit not bad serious road rage. Propensity to flip off motorist might be a symptom. Because you're the angry at the situation feeling trapped on misjudged I mean that you've mr. digit time in late. They take it out with flip off that's Andy and there's Natalee is me under prison and other Mona had one the other day which stills. Adult ADHD sign again professional procrastinators. Act and that. Act it. I don't think about that and out of that. You've placed in another sign you placed priority on things that don't matter. Like you avoid. Getting started on bad boring things need to do he started something else. Organized while later whatever. But that's not that important. Yeah and yet you. I'm sure that's me when I told I have cleaning EDT you move from one thing without finishing right so I start back you mean in and I. Poll my furniture all our ability room Ted vacuum I'm period and I realize that I don't like that we the furniture is of that aside and the start. Rearranging the furniture we gap needed at least another day. I say sometimes maybe should set a ten minute time. And it is for ten minutes that's what drives me crazy I got to finish the task at hand yet unfinished task on the ornament. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Right CIA guys feel about the set list of worst places for a first date. They see a museum's terrible because you have to whisper. All you want to risk and museum clutching at school was it whisper about whatever is on the wall as opposed to. Talking which. While getting to know each other. It's a conversation. And the key is conversation that makes it easy act to be done is try to stay here like this I don't like this planet. Yeah average not sand like yeah yeah. What's it like growing up or what you play Carter went and you have to be into whatever the subject matter the museum is otherwise wire we hear. We just pretending numbers most pretending that we like south we don't then this is no war why are we on the first day I sat sat. I don't think museums are good first date I don't even though you say you don't have to whisper. It just I think is more awkward and dinners. All one. It's perfect especially late let's say you met on dating site where you both. Like you raise your. Love of museums art I don't get me out perfect. I guess I guess networks then yeah if you're both into it odd worst first date movies. He said that for every two hours should not talk and whatever even if you. Go out afterward to discuss the almost all the exotic in it to anybody up over eighteen. An idea if your teenager Adam. Third day out of first day out are. Gonna talk about after the movie producing awkwardly for two hour and a. With a stranger. You're laying back there are constantly look a little or show up in the theater at the same time or. There has to be a point wouldn't get to the theater not going to get used me and then Bobby at whatever time or if you have nobody does that the only crimes together is usually dinner and a movie you Bonnie someplace in over there. Same movies if you do move it there's a same movies first half the visit is as bad agri. Did you dinner and a movie. Then we don't like it that's it yes so you're basically social and then you sit in silence for couple hours four hours Qaeda in you have the yen then if you wanna talk about an hour and I've now I gotta go somewhere and have drinks or something and so how long is estate plus a beat aren't interested. You can failure trap yes you are one of the purse is a loser in. And I had to go to a movie Adam yeah I gotta give me that point. He don't want it you don't be stuck with some smelly guy. If if there's nothing happening before the movie you have an opportunity to be able like a lie which had to do the movie I majority committed. Well there's. I'm sorry on the first day if he is going horribly. UN not committed to anything OK but he you don't feel my car you're not but you'll feel guilt. I would feel guilt saying all depends on how badly it's going okay there have been times when I've cut a date sort. NFL no remorse my door is different then not actually going departed date. If let's say. There's got to topple and media note. I'm not talking about a no show I'm talking about you show up you meet the person you realize yikes this is a bad bad move. You gotta get out of the lineup right Jordan but I tell fox is on the little ugly. I think if you said let's do dinner and would you say yes and doing dinner in a movie or ongoing debt or to show the F tickets to. Most pivotal too guilty to bail. Before they get to the show they've already committed to the the two tickets for the concert all I say don't implement and yeah well you shouldn't but they again and the guy definitely would. Delay like Bennie and I in the attic believers know we were sand. I'm what is set up to date right I've got the tickets I can't say on you're now not invited to go with its second part a which I invited you to. I'm mainland. Thumbnail as -- well I'm out yeah we can't come the movie was merely show the play whoever it is they learn a weird position guys your birthday party. And I figured they can't find it's your birthday party tonight to block around talk of the guest and things yeah who does that birthday parties we're playing out of our first western adults. If you're a birthday party to big number. And you don't want it you'll never get to know the personality. Now why ought what's the point then you'll feel guilty about not talking to your friends yet. I'm. I think of that person's say anything where there are. Other people you know. Is a wedding away being. To your favorite. Bar I mean wherever it is if if you know pretty much everybody dairy you're going to feel obligated to talk to them. It's an awkward position to put your first data. That we regular bars on here. As a good place or person you are these are all bad days yeah. The others one advantage to the getting into the regular barks and went quickly because you're gonna come off as popular. And everybody let's pop peppers is so you want to annoy you about. And by no usually don't like a lot of the stall problem with alcohol and you know moment for more often not the person as a how this course is well liked there popular. And then people are drawn to a popular person it's a survival of the that is kind of thing. Okay yes that is the cave men opulence of forty dated may babies. It's not a good first date place a blaze that one of the things that's where second or third and yet predict and generally yeah Aaliyah made ordinarily. Any bigger break up. So what they know your border and we are bars anyway. Even the first day they can touch it and I've had borrowers with exes accuse you somebody's got to own little I mean it's it's establishment know trying to steal it and now you can't steal your band actually. In that you are banned. I wouldn't pay I ask you have to be banned unless you are what I would. I'm the only place I've ever taken a stand on is church. I'll check back to your church I claimed pitcher in my divorce doesn't seem very Christian at all. I don't Jesus might got to prove it but I didn't consult Jesus on it I just claimed the church and I was allowed to. Listen. I like the judge batter I was claiming detergent I was not giving it up Lowrie ago. That's not wanna see him there at hardcore man and that was going hard core provide surge. I am not saying it's right and that they rallied on the right things. Don't do ice skating or roller skating on the first day in the first is not. Good added whatever they game bears that you have based plan you gotta walk around an injured party. You see it on a reality show 01 date don't do it. I don't need these reality struggles skydiving don't goal lead and do any of the dumb things the ropes course obstacle course trail again bungee jumping or anything. Everything I've seen on the bachelor one and it was on Baird dating site I'll go skydiving and I doubt. OK get very rarer are talking about in general general yes yes general and general we're not do you know. Do whatever you can to get to know the person the most time I get to spend talking with them about them. Not about a movie or not about whenever you can't invites. Mon I gotta yeah premium and A today would you when he had a date me when I get a skydiving apps that you can't let the bad idea bad idea you can't add real las fast food. Bad choice since that's a look here adults fear Thursday Debian fast food. And. Not a lot has happened to aid the had done going to be to Italy swimsuits. Necessarily and finally a when I had a what club loud club in IKEA and you can't talk yeah and plus one of the person you might. Chrome off you're possible to do list as a can't dance well there's Mort does and it's a trial like the people of Minnesota have more in a minute. Also there with Matt in Ramona canceling plans and bring a lot of anxiety and I'd meant. That there are times. When I I should've canceled earlier. But it just in Patagonia has to be just like. Metallica is off yeah you put on them and and it and it's wrong. It is just get it out of the way I understand it but I I. I think we well I know at least people as we do and I'm sure right try to fool like it may be by Thursday I'll feel like doing whatever it. And I don't like in just a valid I don't like Clinton and little did but I'm Jacquelyn the first place yet we get Sony to make the plan. Ala my wife's doing that and then I feel guilty and obligated ago you're no you're right I don't know last many plants. Well. They're all very were I'd like for just for dinner or something like that. Yeah I've never said governor out to dinner which did johnsons. Or something never. I've ever I don't think I've ever done that really seriously yeah. As she's always San Diego gorgeous and so and so and so bright and I think that's prime most guys yeah unless the guys go out by themselves. Which act. So you do. Area I really don't. Know I've said at the rarity though that's very rare. Pay the Eagles I don't know what that two cooking but that I I don't. All the bunch of bodies and say let's go out and I'd I don't know how many guys. Act and act occasionally. And I Taliban and two fingers I went to get watch a football game the other something. But I don't do like I don't call my guy friends that little poker night hearing now. How on all of and I that life forces me go out and I I've I rarely go yes it's couples. Not gonna post your friends it yeah yeah I'm not imposed under is not gonna initiated it SOU wanna go out there is no line and let me know. Right not much of an easy man to be so. We're the ones canceling plans to. We would've made and OL and efficient so they say we should do is always cancel one person or by phone. They say the first to cancer don't be less upset when you were nothing will get lost in translation. I say now. Let's just feels like such a blow off if if I have made play even if you. Initiated the plans and you have to cancel all. A text messages just like at the. You know now it's a little Howard I don't want. Because the person on the hands of a hard thing to do it I don't want the person on oh I don't want fungal. I don't let it compound the situation that are making it worse I'm sounded like calling me and forcing me to talk to you plus you can get that when you texted Timmy. Can be very clear and precise about late. You know stumbling and pretty clear precise I'm not going with you need to gain yeah when Arlen Andrea Lyon is a I don't have to hear the details about it. I just got here I can hear that they did in my I'm a good lie detector so I relied eyed comic karma nine Islamic Conference this went on to say that because I. If it's a but we're talking about just irregulars were talking about a major event. You know we're not talking about something they plan and asked putting money in four or something like I just talk about your typical. Let's go out for dinner drinks or whatever but there's different rules of its. A major. Event like you you don't wasn't Super Bowl. Right you can't canceled. Going to the Super Bowl was somebody got my text and if you're the one I think or a concert Bulger the moment the tickets you can't. If you can't ice you can't say the first sale and we're not going to. C. Two relentless and surfing yeah it's a college anymore you have to give the person tickets. It fits around the occasion. You may not do it. Via text birthday a birthday what are like fourteen people got. I don't care if you live if let's say I'm not call we are doing some we're doing something for my birthday and you need to cancel that he should not do it that should be a phone call now let's listen let me tell your anatomy lesson and will not be offended if you just text to cancel you know I don't care what the occasion and you do your work coming in my wedding you can in this text means that I'm Michael. And finally the known I would have been a hundred present time limit now that I would not normal movement and not normally we're not winning that is not that is not good advice and. What is there was a vice because that's how we lightly. Refer yes on this this is a low over the tops an apology note board yet. That is it's as it was really something that was important the other person and they got bit I can. Not a man I don't I've been on a regular like let's go out to dinner thing but it Mikey said he blew up the person's birthday party. Are you paying it is something like that maybe Dan human scent and make it up for little bed yet. Indeed that I've called before the at a bar and said Bob put a round of drinks on my credit card. I'm like that. And then signed asked you a month or so. If you cancel my game in your credit card you. Now I don't give the credit card I called the restaurant. And say by the table the particularly canceled all okay yeah I can't. Don't say something like on the worst. Can't make it onto the worst indictment terribly human I did you do I do it is winning. And we had is that to alleviate our conscious yes they said they said it sends a subliminal message that you are indeed the worst well I am. Yes I am I the other muscle guilin a little down at it as I'm telling and I feel like I'm Miller's all my just making enough so you'll feel bad. I feel. Like the worst human ever even be just a regular. Cut out for drinks standard optical I still feel like it that. Poll though because you are the worst is yet I think that in this room always mean. He's once a week you guys know and others that you probably three times. Each time not daily Al ideally only three times a week you really need to get a five. I look at. They say when your cancel the plan got to stay out social media after canceling you don't want to pursue your bail on pretty have FaceBook how much they're fine now evident. Binge watching Netflix thing or the party years. If I couldn't go to your party because I'm Elaine at home on the cad steaks and I'm. Angel watching. Dance mono sound so happy about it. But those SATA mode you know yeah gets a politician and he's. The picture that we are not your carry out at stupid but could you beat you can't which gimme that she can't show pictured you another part. He should give Mikey if I cancel because I'm sick or whatever and then you have as an eye view expose my lie and I think that's. But it it was a legit reason why you didn't go via. And you did something else whether it was watch TV or. Go shopping or whatever it is maggert shot exactly excuse for canceling my new yeah. If if I lined up like good old. Boris that is not only legitimate excuse planning on going out and user rather go to goodwill. I think. That it. Nights at the wrong. They want good health when a friend wanted to get together and I said sure but it's only the other side of town. Org and another irony. And I canceled because I don't feel like driving. Along all right all the way to state Seville. On Sunday afternoon. That doesn't mean I can't both like well look at these two glasses I found not. None and this is an example what it is. Andy's birthday party. You can't somebody's birthday parties or six people invited behavior for people invited. You cancel the next thing you know we see and you receive shopping it will pay is about and I'm like. This is a seasonal yeah Polly and Howard on the floor and she didn't even. Like it she went shopping at goodwill. There blow me off the throttle or opting out of special occasion yes when limited number of people party now Nana a gay person vol. I have been invited to quite a few birthday parties. Where. In hindsight. And I realize how much it was gonna cost. To attend said birthday party. I would have backed out well I mean but it has I didn't buy aren't in your birthday party and near let's say 1015 people invited. You got a private room. I bought gift I show up and I find out that you're throwing a birthday party. But you're not paying listen a completely different structure completely different story I find out. Through the grapevine which is has happened before. That yet you're throwing. Birthday soiree get togethers are mad dinner. Birthday dinner and it's gonna cost me okay well. Fifty bucks after I finish. Drinking imparting an extenuating circumstance I can't go to goodwill that's a very angry they valid okay we're talking agenda to edit unit. And all that's an extenuating circumstance where somebody's blood why do anyway to target this epic but he yet that's weird to me they were then. Charge somebody a veteran presence and if the defining it I just saw an article about it. About someone saying I am tired of paying for your birthday parties your really your. Baby showers and never lets our history yes it's become. Becoming more common that people are having things at places where you have to pay. I had I don't know what 3COM and I'll never experience ever so you go to said party and then the waitress comes around you're like. All. Now green got to say it up front. No granite it's for most of the people there it's no skin off your nose but still gonna tell an affront I never heard such thing. Yeah only a partial re throwing him or somebody else relievers that sort of for themselves. I've seen to have it both ways where it yourself and you chart for oh yeah and there's a lot of media not yours all your wife is reserving the room. Well I don't know known until regardless if I I don't even at that thing yeah you tell me it is but I think is ridiculous. You can't charge people coming your own party recently. That they. Would like a baby shower or sacking came at a bakery. And like this is really cute and then I see people with. Robin LL if you liked coffee and there is they did you got to get yourself. Generally when there's. How hurt music cake cupcakes at all it's definite and. Everybody to come down hard coffee yet that's not his band is you know it but forty bodies for a dollar and I don't become as saying I know I'm Bolivia are missing it that's. No bread and it it's it's it's a I would be a personal it's got to yet to be up front most I've ever done is say. You know I'm an let's let's get the birthday guys dinner or something like that which is like one box something. That's about as second bought guys when they say. You know not birthday party but it get a for dinner. We don't expect yes or even picked there's a possibility of against only women. And there's a possibility of different birthday party. And the beginning you don't you're assuming you're not gonna go a Little League is and I love giving give you you knew where I know you do but I'm saying is the in general guys don't expect. There assuming no gets or women are assuming Gibbs at the Los you by me during. Yes. Pick up your tap whatever you have to like dad get back at them at the most like Kerio rapper now. So. Did it take you back and it's my birthday and I'm more in America. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com. There any of the haven't done yet parade the podcast you'd be our friend because of that had to that's what you dream up. Also don't matter to FaceBook page on the regularly you'll see up as a weird videos and articles it and what to do reason cuts while it's coming soon your men bag. Well and it didn't. Unmanned angle account for knowing I'm maggot you might dig the mandate in my surprises off. I'll catch AB. Mr. you like being overruled right. Being a will by the women I would have it happen what do I do want. Do you have been oh gold come on women over all or are we where we were being oath. And was an amber years sexy senate okay and I hated then you too cute clothes on the home sharing knee still have the scars from getting scratched did you enjoy though I didn't enjoy it internally and and we didn't enjoy it necessarily as we are very freaked out about being loyal down and yeah history I had so we are available than our regulars and let us fight. There was talk I think that all wheel isn't mommy you're not oil down and never used and not wearing face facial layered chess there yet got your idea or band and a manager of good luck yeah definitely a sexy here I got on that I had in and dislike it as much anti. With the but if this but do you think that. Women are more likely to old balloon man who do you think men owns all grueling hands down on men don't know. And I think I think everyone ovals everybody. On that area and actually NATO everybody. Here's a bit hey there everybody. Uh oh you're more likely noble man. Innuendo women it depends weekends ago. Objective five stare at Auxerre I'd like really nasty people here totaling actionable. Oxides ever it's actually yeah. Really dirty and they elegant and ugly pars here like there's no aches and Euro ruling as an account as ugly but there always a positive. There's a new study that says women noble man just as much as men oval women and both genders equally object to fight each other nothing wrong and that judgments on. It stays the course of cars. You know and honestly what they look at everything you just have judgment about what they're wearing it donated medical today and he whatever. I do like that checking of people style their hair their clothes everything every. And today the study also found that single. Heterosexual people like me. We are more likely to spirit people of the opposite sex if you're looking for it and I'm more likely to Newton's theory didn't Iran. And people like the two of you. You're likely to mobile the same sex. You're more likely they'll all gold Mitt. Objective by the I don't know about tonight. But you'd check it out as fans plan check to see if he's got big broad shoulders. I got at least Paul is that kind of overlooking I guess you know I mean I pass is ugly but he said that. Sexually. Yeah defying that objective I am because understands that you know I don't I don't. But you have to like wanna do what the way technical. When you when you checksum yell you are checking put those things that you find. Attractive sexy yeah yeah you are old in a dude you're seeing how okay is he a doable Ghana now. I don't think of it that way. I don't think it's doable by it by immediately don't I wanna do don't know I just say is he do now I just. Look I'm a guy that's impressive present you know that faces a president muscles are impressive there. And I wish I ever wish I had those muscles I don't sailing I wish I could do it and and a. Well it makes sense because scientists say. That married people check out people of the same sex because. They wanna see if there's someone around their significant other might be tempted. To cheat it. I think that's burly young guy is like. Now I'm not anymore now. He might be able to eat from now has them noodling are walking around the mall and I don't think she's gonna go hookup but the guy in the food court T right we just walked by apple got it mainly to zero lead seeking it was deleted it allotted. No I don't hide again I don't either way he folds here it's that big yeah that's true veggie good and Larry did that gas. Not I think to. That may be one irony she was younger guys younger near out of bars something in my that that's only they issues talking. But it as yet settled in and I that again this is the Steelers have. I'll. Cents a pack and I and I'm just getting on Tuesday but I don't. Add to it as easy you know the probably saying it's in your biology but definitely don't. Outwardly banks that. That he crossed my mind that she might wanna do that yet. Media are saying it's David David since on the forefront you know Zambia and you don't think about it and. And just checking out there their physical traits right and comparing them to my own not whether he she he's a threat and a that at that time there freakish looking yes and right. I know that freakish Lee large must right that previously skinny or freedoms and our is it that on a T. The oddity that can't help but stare oddities people stare me Ahmad look at. This it's all fair it was that's remote.