Matt Never Goes To The Movies

Tuesday, October 31st

There's no one who goes to the movies less than Matt Harris...we also talk about the most satisfying jobs and flossing stats that (of course) gross Ramona out!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to all there with the remote. Hans thank you break and come in the podcast will be nice as well. Are we doing next numbers keep going up we appreciated. IE. Have not managed to an adult. They don't move doesn't sound rights. A movie like eloquently about IR rated movie or PG third out of the have been a PG thirteen. And theater in forever fact. I can tell you it wise. With a look at the year avatar. That was the last time you guessed it a grown up movie that program and he was avatar what was the last movie Som theaters. Something we think it was easy mode you move now now I mean we even. Addison's that we are not like him. He's heard many Lego. I do think about is even. Beavers images and movies well they've done movies upon a moment evokes. Back to arm last. More on amity. And I remember but anyway on a day I die. It is expensive it's it's that that is true that is true. But to. There are open for a family before even if you've got under twelve. Another Porsche family afford to spend. Forty bucks. For a couple of hours of entertainment when you're. Factory injuring some popcorn I just realized avatars 2009 hooked it up almighty god I'd amend a grown up movie in eight years how. How lucky you. I'll regal cinema gift card. Something greater closes like god was Ramona and visas for Clinton voted no don't matter big guys did hear you I did almost credit trilateral. Okay well the regal cinema chain is going to test a new pricing model next year beard. Gonna charge less for movies that are less popular or maybe aren't doing so well known men it's also gonna cost less to see movies at less popular time. I'll see you and I thought we are tired as earlier that there always was a Matt Nate added bright. I don't know. I'd is gonna pay a number of them all say the last time I saw a movie at a matinee time. Which is why I usually see him now usually you like there was no matinee price. Our futures say I I didn't notice it was also on holidays I don't often met me prices don't lie. Because I Madigan Friday or whatever I would think that though they might not do the matinee price. For a kid's movie is that for your take right the matinee price would be. The army version maybe yeah maybe you think big bird seat parliament that act like grown up a grown up. Well on the flip side though the blockbusters. And the popular show times are gonna cost you more. They already do right if you're doing treaty or something I'd point that if it does cost that much. I need you dead supersize my experience. What do you mean when some popcorn. The cut through the movie companies make their money in the movie theaters dress cold. To be red carpet don't. No kids at this. Expensive but that's they have to do something. Because the movie industry needs some help but it's we had reporting Manny mentioned I agree. There'll be a point when you'll just ordered the movie like paper view right out of the gate. Sues at the Alley. And then a lot for a day. May be the moon the theaters. That will do well like your studio movie grill. You're Ballantine village the near there may be more of a dining expert spills along with the movie but I'm night. And I think somebody's living. I mean he restored kids' movies if it's probably still minority kids movies and big blockbusters. Right well the other does have a giant TV. When it's on them it's getting that point where everybody's got a giant TV. On so so I I you know and they do was sporting events. In baseball football whatever I don't know football baseball not. Hockey and basketball at the daily sports more or less. They change the price pentagon team that's in town. So I can I can see that night you want me to go see some of these young. I'm not going. I hear you don't junk. Like he your cars amenity regularly you don't wanna see anything that has coming of age in it fitted hats dies or the title is written in calligraphy. And for me. He. Now no no even talk a love story Renaissance peace. If if I think your movie has a lot of fighting and a lot of dirty Renaissance piece does not have fighting Israel love story. Of people in that time Peter well Warner of the fill in whatever my zombie movies harm movies yeah. Any blood and guts are shooting right Al need to pay you is. It limited daylight that it yeah yet found you'd prefer to go watch the whole. Lake Medea collection back to back to back to back to act act act match and Iran though is like. It's like a trilogy me gotta go like I hours. Loves. Them Indian movies manatee can move. And I went. To the movies this past weekend. Because. She wanted to see Booth so bad achieve laughed out loud at the trailer. Got to solve trailer. And I did I don't know neither neither so was mean mom and three other women. First of all went to seeding Estonia 7 PM on a Saturday sold sold out. Well the box office hung around. And saw the 730. Move. Now wasn't so rapid full it was full wasn't sold out but it was full. The theater was in stitches think there was dialogue and missed because people all around so hard I didn't. Find it fun at all out laughter yeah but in the heat you could hear what was next because people were still laughing at the commute to sit there and sit like. After Y hole. I felt the peer pressure to leg. Monitors killing again and so committed to look like kill joy like you're enjoying yourself. I didn't credit I didn't bite of a sudden after the movie you'll beg out because mom I I really divide it into the well it wasn't really a horror movie. Don't kidding here. Only hang get it but she sang was here to explain to me how deep for me it's something that makes. I have not just a woman or guy in address a big movie yelling things positions us. Dad and my. All Vicki Larson a long time ago and that's my mama whatever that no not that's my arm it was a constant name Michael Finley was that called. Sam on the same thing that was horrible. And now steadily. Now got no and shockingly he told me. Planning a white spoken of in the near where more white people. Scene at the Medea movie at 7:30 PM last Saturday and now where. Black people I can't I can't. And that's amazing. Can. It just means that. Equal opportunity. Bag comedy. And unfortunately it might be the only time goes way people see black people now like they're all like that people who come here and its own government. I'm gonna Charlotte and the late. It's 7301230. Import carried the winter provides new album red pill blues and get. And win tickets and show October 4 Tony eighteenth Specter senator also had a 1079 a link back out. Chance to win. Oh are gonna has rules he found about. You're talking about shows Iran bandied binge watch what about stranger things it's ours ears and eyes it's great on two is great though it's abound. It's kind of hard to explain but it's about these kids back in the eighties. And there's some secret. A Communist. Like Telecom nieces and psychic stuff going on. Like genetics manage. Now children. Now it's panned out it's because I'm missing. I show that I really really got into which was the whispers long and it was a really rock candy and it's an act that I can't Sheehan Elisabeth. There was a TV show about these kids who Wear. Had a communicating with. He Denorfia was an alien or what are the only the lungs stranger things astray dammit my I fail I'll last season and that's kind of ET meets the do knees meets Stan yeah I mean yeah. Yeah and I description it's actually only moments in it and some language but I do watch the entire season already right but uses multiple times. And all the time you have multiple I there's only eight episodes perceives any in here sitting there are shows that people do you big. Yeah but everybody doesn't bing to most people ride. So if it's a show you can bend watch like stranger things. Do not expect to talk about the ending for at least ten days yeah it's fair he's reasonable yeah I was there. That if fits. You are separate but some guys faced puckered up posting online yeah you don't have dug about a day and watched worthy show he would say the pursuit of what part are you on. And and I can talk about. That's a different then out. Two to 24 hours a say. In all don't mention any big plot twists if you have to post something in at least put. Out of. Kindness and. Hi consideration. Spoiler alert on all caps vs senators FaceBook page is that it is hard to avoid it because. Even if it's not a FaceBook. Just go on the Internet Dominican Villa articles articles and things yes it's hard to mess sometimes you know headline will be so and so dies when a shocker and heaters air. But sometimes discretion shall we still good and even though you know. What's going to happen. And even though. I mean I met you you're you're not capable but they say when you talk about spoilers in public. Use your inside the way I don't him regularly show a movie whatever you assume the people around you. Haven't seen it and I think it's especially important in an office setting. Like ours where you're in a cube farm or calls and Erik and your gas well in. Can be overheard by everyone around you so so spinal. Broadcast. Why asking me. I mean I don't talk loudly anyway and is of people agree office member Ehrlich and while I try to talk is not as normal but I a do you my loud voice which I don't think it's this out loud but my daughter now a twelve starting to not like it. Realizing it dead talks louder than the other half as a migrant grocery store some ballet like. All right Chris please don't hurt like I have to scurry I'm not really. It's our talk if you remember when we were in Jamaica and they put us down a LC show and I ads you have no inside boys left for use your inside voice we talk about whalers I'd argue I would now this goes for the. Boy elites. If people are talking about a show or posting about a show you can't. EU can't get all upset about vague statements like oh my god. You know what a crazy episode yet. Her up like that yeah oh yeah he lives about this makes you wanna watch it like people completely ruined it for you. Like I say an almighty god and Olivia brought it today yet you yet enemy of Danny and doc and I are talking about something some Gaza say after like. And take apart. This is reported that this part of something I'm never dug out a spoiler is never ruined my enjoyment of the TV now now. And then when it comes to reality shows like the show that I love it and the bachelor or the voice yet. I'm sorry. Those shows are meant to be watched right either live or at the very least. The night because somebody gets kicked off for something you're never going to be general avoid that whole lake I have posted something the next to me. About the bachelor the bachelorette. And people are based epic. Watch it I'm sorry. Powell I don't know there's no way you can ignore that if you have you candidate. Every next day it is OK to talk about NASA's on the boy's dad what happened on the bachelor I of course don't get. Again. And news himself controls soon as you read the title of the show in the status update. The tweet stop grim reading stop guesses right is. This they only allow the ability in your opponent. I'd have to be really concerned I don't really need. Now social media language you know I can't get fed episode until this weekend. I am going to wait so and so's a page because it always shows about. I beat bodies just finalists are just putting fake and makes it does make it up. And what do you get a judge do anyway everybody dies the facts wrong educational against big rock especially names to characters and outlook I I don't. Let me key Ginny there is no Billy on the show all about another. It was a black brown haired guy bandy with a freckles. An ID even at its off there was. That's the paper I would just most satisfying job something in common I don't have. Clergy need physical therapist firefighters education administrators. Painters and sculptors things related that features authors don't want support. They all it says are. Giving. Things to other people caring for teaching protecting others that sort of thing okay they're the most. At least self reported. Most satisfied to be line. Balaguer. The clergy guy you're not gonna say I hate this job. Even immediate. Digits I don't think you do what you don't know there's got to be somebody's visible somewhere I'm sure there are members of the clergy who had challenging days but. I can't stand my boss oh by the way mob boss is he now maybe your Boston under the illusion huh. Times they're given your pain and being a pain you don't like your charts. You know what are we get the people that are in your. Where recall as people ago should a prisoners yelling than maybe others injured mercy you just don't like it. Physical they're Michigan say don't like it. Firefighters. You shouldn't be seeing a man. And aunts and oh look oh not your ball didn't it is not an interval but like on the side of somebody had. I'm like man hours and it added that music firefighters can't say either. If he's failing. I just let same people who like vital that people burned. Me you know nobody guarantees. No episodes and. He shouldn't and end if you are tired of seeing people. Re gain. Use of their limbs Horry if you are tired of saving souls tired of saving people from burning buildings still do it you should know you should quit. Oh you shouldn't you should be still doing your job. Quit to be miserable do a good job. Now he can now I believe it Toledo you've been miserable here before. I was horrible with management I was miserable with my job a lot I think I think people can be miserable and had. You know to be dubbed a miserable surgeon again get your great dad no I just doesn't see house. Yeah. And and and and painters and sculptors are on here other even on here. What are they doing exited for us and shoot. Play really giving what are they so. There are art I guess the other satisfied. Yeah isn't doing their own thing but it doesn't I don't think it falls in the same categories. So you gave us our base. Graduation it's. If you have it take me to finish your wife really Ari and creating art can be therapeutic for them but for whatever everybody else well I usually are. Image and reveal some. Input in the fire fighters physical therapy clergy. In all the pins are at your response to our appetites teachers authors is on there. How many of these how many trainers and authors are they they can even interview this either satisfied. Really did it might break ten of those like 7000 physical therapist. Knew that I. As you know only one of those things that people do because they have a passion for. Henry. Try to write a book. And I'd like ducking a paragraph. A about went out with that might clearly. Arnold and parenting I don't. Say it's not hard. Is abandoning creatively online video salon or wetness so those are some things goes a bit like fifteen years in the making I'm I'm I am. Am. Improbable way it's not a kids Cameron and I don't I don't write things that do you know out there and be able to judge it here. Lot less likely to be more likely be forgotten. By stumble over something or say something stupid is gone it's out there people. Less likely to re happily redone all over again and highlighted instead of their friends and mock me I'm glad we don't have a pod casts and people can download and share no but they bought the less likely to that takes a mark. They get passed onto. I like they can't just you know take a picture screen shot of a page where I said something stupid. Incentive likely to and ask this time it's I think it is the harder it birthday is the diseases that are likely to be judging a book. Okay business Canada is that they transcribe everything I say. Actually what do we do it's it's corny transcribe shipping department which asked as it's as it's awfully trance track. So. I'm satisfied in my job basically. I don't care fourteen to protect others. I guess. We. And it's radio we protect them from maybe you think it'll smile in the ways that protect you look bad game. A different mode from the very commute rider may be right now I was in the podcast in here. You're doing something miserable of protecting you if you've been clean the leaves out eight in less awful. CNN news or something that I decided Weiler we did worthwhile. Ultimately yes to this top earning dead celebrities it's 117. And it Harry told him Michael Jackson number one yeah five years in a row 75 million. I'll hand. Under a million and then Arnold Palmer. It's basically rent alone you need to ever do any thing now now now I've now been edited it and they will I'm sure. They're trying to do something aren't thing. Paris is modeling and ultimately and a bit Michael Jackson as his own Halloween special on yes I thought I recorded their deleted my rabbit. Charles Schulz is third it's an outrage at his family the 38 million last year the horrible peanuts. Matt Light I liked retired snoopy and Charlie Brown thank you. That was a mistake MetLife new Libby knew about Smart retirement planning and an Elvis fourth. They just updated his we've got to go higher and updated it's an entertainment complex. And they get mad at a hotel guest house race. They single jump up. A Bob Marley rounds up the top five. Tom Petty it's hard to say but they're thinking about number six and decent recently dead. So they're guests from around sixth and princes seven David always on the it was Taylor Albert Einstein still raking in the cash. Ten. Have. So I assume somebody is an and they have those. You know little Einstein the city Buick cartoon. And they got the Einstein like for kids to learn Einstein brand. There's posters of Albert Einstein around collecting his. Some Greg Greg Greg Greg Greg Craig Craig Craig Craig Craig and anybody Smart enough to keep it going into Huard is dinner or or or not that you could get edited. Equals MC squared charity yes mark Hamlin she's hopefuls squared up suspicious. Thank you thank you. So it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with the Ramona. He now I've mentioned before that voters saying they always carry on me either tries to her. Nail clippers and floss. Yeah because I cannot stand having long fingernails which took alienate people with. Yeah I can't stand guys on canyon Els is in the street and I can't stand and I've somethings that MIT I can't even focus. More than normal I can't focus on the conversation potent and met several live for dial an eighty's yeah it does. So I was carry those around Paris found these stats stock down from me a flossing stats. The number one thing is 61%. People use their fingernails to floss. I tried it if I'm in a desperate no but it's really hard work. If the artworks is it's like he said there's something between your teeth and you can't even. Take it you can't think because you can't all can't you concentrate on his that there are some thinks everything you do. If it's kind of hanging out and kind of get edited with your nail on the flight seven bigot out there but. I can't. Give her my nail between ninety rates to fit. Did you ever try so much you got a bloody mouth. Now home yeah I've done that they at a restaurant now in an album or go back this kind of sat. Folded paper people use I have seen you do write papers are you doing in moments of pure desperation cutlery. And once again I for four. Your kids. I'm not I all I guess and a minute Stevie shall see killer and it seems like he he you know any given movie where you have the creepy character who's leak it a knife. Safety pins 14% who has there was land around 8% and all of acting I don't like man and twenty. Don't I don't know known as navy's like my mom sometimes it's as well. Lost Lawson brush artists. The likeness that with a little light in it has it's like. He TD baby bottle washer. Real and it it it's it's metal would ever heard of rehearsals going all right I mean currently adequate unless something happened. Like to clean up tests too or something like that but it's the size they are and for T I senator and metal inside out now that like metal metal between anti and all else. The public imagine chewing on aluminum foil. Atlanta 8% of people never ever flaws. And 7%. Use their hair dislodged food from between their T eat it pull out a hair and they floss of that now. I hope I never really thought about it but I guess god I had a string off but close or something into it. That just me to all our house for 800000 filled of these situations now disseminate their pick an attitude within my agent Dana that line. Yeah I get out here and also whether I I am disgusted. The Sony and handling money and handling my food. It should be and my house for German flowed yeah 99%. Of this WD is. Engine love would be in there that would be great well god she leads to a box cut somethings aren't and then you find out it was like. A subway handrail. All of this company and mailers and they were they blind to all you. In any given thing. Found in the parking lot of those superstore. Oh yes that's been found in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart because you don't. Maybe they maybe they made. But did your dad. In. Gibbons. Is its parking lot you're going did you see letters and has the. Aren't the dirty guy in the parking lot to learn a that you inhibit the. No one no I haven't had never have seen of creditor doctor we've seen it I'm not a dirty diaper now and our other dirty things when not nodded his condom. I'm happy I have seen that yet like. At. That yeah assert. That we got a guy like thirty library which is first. You could. Which is first language is the worst the city are you. One of the two was on your windshield. Which would you prefer critique is also used Eminem products there okay that's got to go last. Just anything anything discarded it in a Wal-Mart and see if any of those things. You've got you in the battle no I honestly I'd ever and. Possible thing you can find is we're somewhat indeed out there cigarette butts sort not the out of fast food bank that's like happy day. I've not seen any of the previously mentioned disgusting items in my ever seen a dirty I know don't never. Oh. I'd argue go to big guy and it's off there with Matt from. Marie we around 330 Benitez news night here's an example want. A 51 year old prostitute named Karen Robinson from saint Petersburg Florida approached a man and a car around 11 PM last Wednesday night. This year men off of Craigslist turn. But she wasn't working for roses this. I. That's what they used to call it that's the currency you tell me. Craig's list and I'm or are already assuming that there are some illegals in shenanigans bandied your theory or not our business is. But definitely for any type of media like chocolate version I can metres unless it's missed connections and present only. She said she performed some and favors. On the guy in exchange for five dollars and then beanie baby armor. Aids. I'm not a mean or can still buying beanie baby that's a portion and a collectible. Fusion garage he clutched on how do. You she's saying. My stuff is worth absolutely nothing you know. I. I think declining in value it each artist specific line and Ain T you are not at times out tail at a yard sale bound navy may be don't even Sally yards. Now they are around all the plays Oliver billion. Nothing gets you off more offended come into your yard sale. Aren't you walk and drive. And get out of my car and feet you've got a collection of beanie Bonnie for all of like I should it is given away is what does he. But which are not worth what you think they are. I'm gonna lie if I walked over that table which I will not chicken fat and I doubt that you hope. Your anger and sport a little tiny work list of animals that didn't. Do what you thought it would do yet did people bump and investment outside and passed them off on other people say this didn't. Out of it. Maybe should Brian Ramona zero sobriety if she didn't. Snow this guy is Denny Sanford safer being in Italy had a rainy day and five dollars that's. Why do the five dollars. And maybe I don't know may be I don't know. Yeah. Wanna the other dugout don't do about half a beanie baby is that a euphemism for some tag especially late Rosie errors some drugs had a duty navy may be at Baghdad. Some means. Especially beings it's not clear she just expect. The guy to have one on him or she wanted him to go out by 1:11 PM on Wednesday night I find it somewhere so solid. Don't know like did settle stuffed animal called Bachmann about it I company I don't need a loan not don't see any boost there's V Booz Allen hallmark herself has yeah as a -- do's and don't don't figure beanie babies don't know that two your till you lose I think senator anyway Jeremy boost the app. Turns out to Gaza undercover cops all arrested there uncovered. Cops. Does too easy. You see Craigslist somebody buyers MB Billy you while ago she you don't you don't more worried about them and doing needed arm. They are headed to grant you're the resources. Get your high placed. First vita is illegal but it's a real due diligence. We're to be illegal to give sixer beanie babies in the leave that illegal should be legal yes they have a section staged a beating on an office. That would be my platform yeah. Amid me I'd I'd I'd just seems to me like on race and it time. He may was five dollars one million had a receded in him but at Baylor pay a fine in anything. Whatever he's wanted to see usually not going to be able to ever pay any double fine and she's got to pay would be as remain energized to album better. Better actually worked anything she prob. And he'd probably. Just courtesy which he. I mean it was probably somebody reported any crisis just like I'm curious. And I thank about dollars and being active baby. I got there I'd say they brag on myself all take this one tank. And he had been let down by the river arts related furnish a lot of the river I don't know where he lives and that's the place apart from beanie babies to go. Yeah. And I don't know that river that he had a beanie baby. I mean to you would have to think exchange. Money for it to be official right. You can see. Otherwise not try to distance grew to be kept. He thinks he's an immature little. And I am going to be. I guess. 58 really all that but let's play you know you're now you're just what is it when your ten things someone or whatever you know that that's that's what they're doing entrapment entrapment. It's just hold in the beanie baby are rare but. There is news to us everyday increased thirty. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.