Matt & Ramona Talk Faith and Perseverance with Veteran John Masson

Thursday, September 6th

Matt & Ramona talked with U.S. Army MSG John Masson, keynote speaker for Entercom Charlotte’s inaugural Veteran’s Leadership In Business Speaker Series. Enlisted in 1989 and deployed as an airborne infantry for Operation Desert Storm, John went on to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course and later earned his Green Beret and Special Forces tab. He was deployed as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and then again in 2008 and 2010 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

On October 16, 2010, John stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) losing both his legs and his dominant left hand. Immediate medical treatment by his fellow Medical Sergeant and teammates saved his life.  Join 107.9 The Link and The Independence Fund for a can’t miss event featuring wounded combat Veteran retired Master Sergeant John Masson on September 11th. For details:

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when those of the nine the link dot com. You're listening got on there would that remote we are. Talking with John massage and it was going to be speaking at an event the link has coming out on whether sister states is that you need tees yet been seen. That's an event. The inaugural veterans in business speaker series September 11. At the Fairfield inn and suites in uptown Charlotte. John. Give us a little background. On your military career. Well look there for her family history. Both grandfathers served in World War II my father in Vietnam well Vietnam my brother also on the warm air myself. I was retired on December. 2012 Christmas Day. And that was after seventeen years of service in the military. I have led a senior medic. On an ODA which is in this special forces with the green beret. And prior to the green beret diet there. With the 82 airborne would first armored division gong has several schools airborne school Rangers school. So with that said like my career in the military was was with many so come warriors and then on October 16. While we are deployed to Afghanistan I stepped down. Not an improvised explosive device or an IDD. And the result is that I lost three limbs of my leg in my dominant left arm and eye opening experience but definitely life changing. You say eye opening did you were you in constant fear of the night is something happening oral. Why is that kind of the back your mind. As you were doing your duty. Well but look brat. I indeed it's always fair what we do extensive planning and we had known that bit. Particular route that we are walking it was just riddled with I these. However it every step we take if we're looking. For all of that and beyond that step you know you really can't perform your job. And perform at the right way back to be a good truck back here in the animal that will work and what packet sniff out the explosives and that the mine sweepers and and just you know other men looking around for the obvious sign that that the earth was master list. But. Particularly angered fearful. If you look at some truly. Bet yet you have beautiful moment you do have fearful times but it those particular moment in time the only thing that you can do you wanna be a good soldier. And you wanna be that guy that people can trust in battle that you just revert to all your training that you never had. Well first of all do what you thought. John I have to say thank you for your service. How well thank you learn to thank you for all your service you get back to the community all the time. John I also have to say thank you for what you're doing now. Because. You still have a mission. Yeah absolutely you know I'm. I'm I'm absolutely nobody wins without Christ. That day and one night. I don't know my life. And and and I called out to god at that very particular moment he answered my prayer. And you know Bible says he's stapled to those who are faithful to you know I wouldn't. Faithful to him at that particular time has a good follower he opened up my eyes in so many different way to where all I can do now on a daily basis is that he can. And any currently when your career especially that as a soldier of a green beret is it just gonna. In any more than it than in any given moment you you think to yourself what I can do. What am I gonna do now. You know there's there's still hope that the people out there and doing all I can say that a lot like I can't walk the battlefield. With a weapon in my hand. And my finger on the trigger when the enemy comes in our site which you know what there's an enemy that is still below that we're fighting on a daily basis and as long as normal life. And become alive god showed me my purpose and had to fight this war with my mouth now just to let everybody know clothes that is wonderful beautiful love mercy and grace. So your mission is love. If it would love it basically says to tell everybody what Christ is done for me what got it done for me. And detract that they showed them what the real true gospel is which is luck you know well below the without prior art but also love your neighbor. How does it translate four of business leaders who still have to hear you speak on September 11. You know if both the book articles with them all of that that many of us were were taught within light it. You don't have been bad employer or employee they added that guy or that gal. You wanted somebody that dependable. Somebody I know that I can trust back I can put them attacked. If you're gonna go out and they're gonna perform spectacular performance. What a 100%. What of the important that they wanna get it done and get it done right so than that way. We can trust them with further. Further job down the line. You do to other that you would do. Frontier. You know and that that's the biggest thing so many things with the military as well we we didn't have that Betty. Questions in special forces and special ops everybody is is up in Iran you know your leader he's sick he's seven or up. The same thing with the opposite goal from the captain. Of and we have. That implied. Maturity into that you're not going to be. The person. That makes your superiors write you up. For counseling statement you don't know that you need to be physically in shape you know that you need to be on time without somebody having to tell you you didn't know that you're gonna do that job you're doing right and that you don't. All of a sudden you become that guy. It's a treat every job is it's important matter what their job is you've got to. Deliver every day I. Single day absolutely. Tell me about the do you you are a lot of at different diseases that the independence fund is one to tell Hillary about that. Now all of a patent department wonderful. Apple organization. What what they include the first time I had met up with them just got a little do they know how I was wounded veteran there's little doubt me that they had this fight if they can help in any way shape or form and they are offering me a big track charity action track here. And after might help them many many different. Veterans day they reach out quote. And what they provide. In the mood for. To get back in like what we thought at one point in time what taken away. And at that point I'm laying in hospital there was no way I thought to myself well I'm never ever. Be able to go on the beach again we're helping you bears and having to get on somebody's back or. Then tearing my wheelchair nobody nobody wants to do that especially specially along warrior soldier. You think things per you know you're going into the woods. The biggest thing in life that we look men such as myself in them women and and anybody who picked atypical. We do not like asked for help. And when you have. And I'm came and and they a provided this track carefully. I can go everywhere. We are wont what type of terrain. Without it did because somebody else and then they also provided me what they without hand cycle. Of linking him cycle either he had one hand cycle would it would just hurt for recreation and I was doing races that would do in the big marathon but I would really wasn't. Placing it well and I could not be. Because it whether for an invite but when Nate provided the late night for me it's just been opened up a different world. Since then I've I've been consistently. Placing in the top ten and the big marathons you know talk in Boston New York. L. Yeah so. So it it it just look what they do they get cute card for the veteran and and then non stop so I loved problem. If you join us on September 11 which we all know Lee is a very important day in the history for a country that. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the independents by and they've helped John and so many other veterans they empower. Severely wounded veterans and their caregivers to take control of their lives they provide the resources and tools that enable veterans. To regain your independence and fight for their ability to sustain it if you're looking for inspiration. If you wanna help the independence fund we have a way for you to. Do it join us join John September 11 you can go to the links FaceBook page or go to get my perks dot com. And tickets are still available for the September 11 event John. What are some words you can leave us with expensive for people. Who. Think our way I've got a bad. And I don't see it getting any better. What words honestly it. I'll let you know that that's that's easy him and even though people look at me many times and they think Manny got an altogether believe me there's there's more. Downward valley and there are going upward and and no matter what. Somebody out there always has it worse than you but that's not the typical answer. Right in my answer from I would tell them everything that you do please put god first. Believe in him believe in his creation. Put all of your trust in them. Begin your day by by spending time with him in prayer or scripture and music a devotional. And in turn you know asking for wisdom and knowledge. Different things for her is sacrificing his son on the cross and when you when you do this you know you're building upon a relationship. With our father but the creator. And those open eyes what he will he give you for the open eyes to real truth and this is the real truth that we need and it just shows us things that that you could never imagine. He owns Burr will live and that'll slow and you and we'll give you. Guidance daily. And instructions on how to lead to a path of righteousness which is desirable to them and what you do that this is this is our work this is what he desires from us. In this path that that we do filled with god in Britain this true happiness joy and peace and understanding. And it'll give you what. Life really. John thanks for talking with us banks that are showing up when this September 11 are. Fine net event and that we will see their job. I cannot whale hopefully we have a lot of people want to welcome aboard a media guys slow things down. Thank you.