Matt Ruined The Meeting

Tuesday, January 9th

For some bizarre reason we keep taking Matt to important client meetings, and he keeps embarrassing the show!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening stuff on there was that promote a. Okay dollar rally yeah I mean on the map disease states looks like the directly in a regular part of your license plate can follow us. Weird videos up there as mom driving east. What he said apparently Carol wins a guy on Viagra only running around a sterile wins yeah and try to resist. A CI close having your keys taken ranked. Actually. She did pretty well we only drove over one curb sure if I am can be. We gave a semi and 85 the business. Now apparent. She is. Are more competent than she should be policy the rival Diego on. Ramona worries whenever. We have a meeting is. Like big bosses. Management and unimportant yeah anybody that might yet. That. Could affect every year not I don't think he has every year what does it finally go our paychecks I don't think it's necessary to have that wary because I've. I would say I'm more often than not weary man you know you should wearing the actuary February overstated. A big meeting that's been on the calendar for awhile it's with ortho Carolina. Love and then personally they've helped us out long ways than one would are various back in Eaton ankle issues. So. We were. Scheduled to meet with their marketing people today. Along with one of our salespeople. So oftentimes before we have a big meeting I will say to Matt hey don't say this that. I don't I don't raring to. Through painful painful painful trial marrow. That if I say hey Matt. Don't say this or don't do that. It's going to eat him alive and guarantee he'll say he's gonna get to a point where he has concert it like eats him from the inside all the. It's like yeah. I had to but I didn't want. That. It happened I know our motive could be bad it took us to clean up. That well I don't really know they believe that we got through you are bigger manner that you born and not yeah. Oh. And they know it does make them better than I did drop the puck so well you know I had it. Couple of days as I wanted to see you before this particular meeting. I decided not to say anything at all I didn't text you about the meat of the continent control there. It was a day that I didn't think shouldn't be said of other things that. I thought we should bring up now. But I decided diet. No because if I'd if I tell you something that I want you to talk about you're gonna kinda get all convoluted. And I got to come out the way it's supposed to have my say don't say this that you're gonna say so it was best that we did not speak at all for your buck. That's where this meeting and it's going really well who runs good news and I end. Well this pretty sure this meet is gonna wrap up soon and hasn't said a single thing that's inappropriate right. This is not illegal or had you jinxed it and an almost said. Dry legally come I didn't bring them right now it will paddock. Our product yet. And I never heard of that before and as it would strike needling and he begins to explain it matches all all I. Did nothing like a dry needle the girl how. But I did. Yeah the late. I like now here we go here we go we're drama and the salesperson meal he looks out at his computer like please god no no while everyone is kind of averting. The fact it is like in May be if we don't. Look at me I am at the athletic. I'm gonna become a topic that I want to the other night and I'm. And I know about it and does his thing that he does what he's doing his odd facts corner when he wants your mind to be blown it. Where you can. Just like cut and be and then I did 20 yeah. As any kind. I. That's likes. In the first. And you did she injured drying growing need it but I don't I don't mean yeah I didn't hear it that that the the. And here your loud voice they dry needling in the girl you know and I don't think your record. All eyes are dry. Like yeah yeah yeah yeah same for yuck yuck I was proving and I actually I'm not a hack it. Adding to the conversations I got me out I had dry needle in the groin oh really did at least then pulled his pants down don't look. I do think about it I wouldn't let anything and that dry and yeah. Don't wait for act. And play like we have the right yeah I'd like that it's. As it reveals this law and I got in the ground and Owens made it took. And it's an email that the that the picture my grind and an idiot. But I bet. And why did you find school again how dare you guys and it. Wind warnings didn't know what about your goal I don't like way out. Was thinking this could be the first plane meeting now that doesn't blurt out something that I told not to and not stand by doubt about his ball. What did not have the room and or his. All I stand by my dry needle growing. Dan Meyer as somebody has to we don't Martin menace. Eight Charlayne get ready. Incredible night of music as 1079. And don't performing cars percentage. I'm spurned in. On Wednesday. Innings and 37 million albums sold. Don't miss this rare chance to see a music icon. Get your tickets now. 179. And dull parts dot org or by phone at 704371000. Beds 704372. And spent the night he. Wednesday January 31 promise got no life spray. And Charlotte's best knicks' 1079. And delaying tolerate. This. Paying it that bad to give you know it doesn't sound exciting on the surface missed about frozen food you need to stop believing. But something you're passionate about yeah. 'cause this event did cause a little love analyst calls. And buddhism is a ruckus and errors out for many reasons. Cause a ruckus but here's a target to submitted the basics or get to my thing. On there's a myth that frozen fruits and vegetable aren't as healthy as brash. I've heard that before it's not true could even be better for it I am frozen. They're picked at the peak of rightness. And then frozen within six to ten hours so they could actually be better for all frozen fruits and that's all. There's a myth that. Running hot water over food will follow it safely. Which are exotica like Turkey you know it's a lot yet temperatures Kyrie comes appalling food and water running hot water over frozen food. Who cost safety issues Bob Bob Bob parts of your item in the frozen while the parts are hot monogamy started to cook leading uneven cooking gives a crap. And on it. As it filled backpack. At saint DePaul food on the counter. That is not true if it's hours on end. This has to be ours. Out yet it matters and April that there's I'm that's aunts and attested in there rule yet as my road. Frozen food expires myth. Food safety dot dot dobbs does was guidelines for how long keep items in the freezer. Or two to six months but for leapt over cooked meat. That's quality not safety doubt. The Smart person says frozen food pretty much dream means safe and definitely. I am a little idea and I. It's not about taste right in the days right it's mixed in enough stops. Only mean wrong. And meats you're you're giving. You're afraid I don't sweeping generalizations. About safety. And Heath this red raiders I would I not been me yes they. Different. You're I'm not worried in my life was worried about you know bacteria and death and things like that you know I think a lot of people are you I'd be worried about that. Because let's say. I think I read this article that you're referring to read your readers digest. And one of the things they say is acute if you put. Let's say you bought some chicken at the floor and it wrapped like to wrap it. At the store. That doesn't mean it's necessarily freezer ready and if you've just tossed it didn't act. It might not be saved because those no red in here. That create it entry waveform that I'm wrong I mean the quality candy tear your rate. In what he asked quality. While you may be a little bit. But every why would you. Like your family they have equality if you're not gonna tasted it can be hidden and saucers something that yeah. You do your end you know like spaghetti sauce or something doesn't meet soft disk it's I imagine it's at magic. I'm telling you bring in like two year old beef at the apartment not in the difference little under the well being ill blamed threat. Eating anything for your from my house and he was like two year old organic. Beat for something I'm like combat now investors sold by does not mean a damn thing. As the sole white as a means that we gimme that one med I mean you could still he would take a milk expiring is that not an east. The bad Somalia but that's not gonna make you sick and that's attractive to catch it I never in NASA don't worry about it people. Yet I don't give us an and the hots months. There'll be some odds and. Perhaps I am not cut and I don't see anything crawling at that might kill you and we don't ever continuing Ginn will know why I mean it was that BP A. It didn't sit in knots of a ten year look at well and my wife now has my yeah that is and on and on board. And I'm like if you if the Mel doesn't have continental and wipe his teaching your child food safety you've got a problem. The idea of the indices over teach like she's over the safely Sunday Tuesday its ease is like. Asked if god whatever means a lot of greens. Just don't worry about the festive sold by your stuff like that that doesn't mean diddly doo smears and isn't just go for on a metal like for instance. Just that the date on the next day like a little shell game and hey. You got 24 I mean it's not gonna be amended it strikes midnight. It's going to be bad. Got a little leeway there yeah yeah we'll be you know neighbors as well that doesn't stinker taste or we don't yet who feels like you feel about old food. Yeah old people now with Smart people Smart people. Entered started people and somewhere. People who were up during the depression affect. Seeing things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that remark. All right and make sure you listen every day meeting this weekend. And that magical times 8 AM 1 PM and 6 PM during our. For your chance to get in on the ninth before a concert featuring Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Right before the big gain was keyword and text to win that. Our little parent note from Ramona. Things suggested. On ways to be a better mommy 28 teen. At the probably this is something that's counter intuitive for a lot of moms. Because you're tied hearing you fuels solar wind down you're guilty because data to do list a mile long and it's you know. And the only meg do about a half a mile before you just completely break down so when someone says. You need to take time be yourself do you like. No time for my act. The bottom line is guilt did you take a little time to yourself. Every day or at least at a better mom. Why it's a week it's going to make you a better. Because you don't have a better frame of mind you'll have more patience and you'll be healthier and me basically in mentally. Right my Chicago look at I really mistress. And a negated its way and that's what this picture explicitly that. Stop playing these movies out to the end it the thought of I'm taking care of myself not wow. This figure myself to get my kids like I don't let it play out OK don't let it just just on the moment is taking care of myself yes it is. It is tough because you feel. Field. Anytime you do any thing in and what are your kids that daddy Arap what's the name Avery the seven year old Smith wrote some the other day. Like about us or whatever and wrote. Amy's working thirds of listeners would ever. Mom's always tired and things on the list only that it was only does watch TV and naps. I'm better now yeah. That is the children but it's not am I right explain her you know much football and really couldn't watch. This is shown that as good as it makes I don't you have I don't watching Eagles three hours one Sunday. Did say TV not football well look look at it did say about that football he's been able most of them by elegant but a to cement your TV to watch every time now and football game on the return on. Third a look at it. I guess for daddy's not watching right that your damn west. Perhaps daddy feels a little bit of then yes I do feel about it but yeah. Oh yeah personal as you wrote about tonight's. That was a she said daddy likes to play Lara at eight. It's just a bit. More TV anyway you look the simple. Are very sick that's sentence what typically happens backward also is dead yeah now written. And how do you write on there and bad likes does that mean Friday at that that's. That's an iPhone that's Vienna next time. So I hope that potential. Ordinary dagger you know the fitness. Take a walk around the block every night after dinner. Recycle. All our. Here's a homework that you could take care of tonight yeah after I think kids are in day and just soak in the bathtub no light a fifteen minute no way. What is. Only raw horrible horrible I'd love it absolutely huge Van Halen at times how many showers in the morning. Rushing to get ready to go somewhere and I look at my tub I say tonight's the night it gonna take a bath before I go to bed. And then by the time Amy. Bedtime rolls around. I am actually too tired. To run the water and gate in the bathtub I'm too tired by these aren't what I'm just gonna fall in the bed but to grow. I've been saying this proponents. Way to start your day. You about adorning and it lord vigna. Really an up our LA I take my math I do my reading in there about today's youth reading and he's run out yeah. Around in this not beholden. I don't. It underhand and I'd throw blank you we're gonna do about what we're out of asked how do you read. Let alone but that was it water proof. Know what I. Just don't put it in the water hands and all of you know I keep them above water and I didn't I don't know he's not comfortable I have read and I'm so glad yeah Harriet for eight. And I don't know how. I get a good to board. In oh I love a bad acting big DB and he's not something doing in the morning. Now that means I have to get up even got to get. Or I'd rather sleep. Maybe about a TV in there. May be. But I'm so anxious to get out there. And especially at night I mean that wants his kids are in the bed I am on that TV and we got like the Mets for Getty. Work I would be outwitted the BCC yet spot even if I didn't. This week and it is again a bad time TV I don't miss one sack about it. I take a fifteen minute bat on this 12 of TV yeah yes. Yeah there's no way top fifty thanks to relax me. Baiting is not in the top that OK give me your top three relaxing. It does make you glow. Did say football. Oh no way that relaxed how while watching TV. Okay watching TV again it's one searching for shows to watch on TV if that's not relaxed and I'm not. That is God's little known working out. XP yeah that can make you relaxed. The he. Even do three against the I'm eating cereal. Evenings you eat cereal really realizes that's Pacific yet 80 cereal is my am relaxation and and reading. But I can't read a top that's that's actually too uptight the re eating cereal and create. A it does lead to a tight I don't feel like I think turn pages like getting letters. Freedom iPhone without dropping it and keep my hands up in the air that is too much a lot. All day lamb. You're on was that hard you're speaking about. Robes and Betty said I got my. Brother nice Bono for his. Christmas present which isn't a real one or got a real and it's time. Where tomorrow he said I got a missile with a big dragon Mac. And your brother Kurt is good lie and ready to meet the modern day inverse seeing. All of this. And in 1970. With a bachelor's wing area. Yeah I think he needs is a Comodo. Trip he might he didn't. He believes that law. Act as he I thought he had a commodity always warm but he wore a what's the other thing at a road kind of thing but it short on. All what is it assess lost us the wrong you know he's wearing emergence rock. Well yes and I Iran believe you have the Morgan wrong now it's wrong it's wrong he wears this Iran. So I decided to do the tournament is the wrong. Wrong just. And yes it's yours and long skirt. He mentioned that on any Laird to the beach once in awhile in death as long scared yeah the heat here it's one that you know people opt yes. There's it's Iran isn't up to winner at Hud does movies. Say hello Lauren like that. Many do where's the Ramones like in Indonesia yep that's regatta from I think. He would see in Indonesia is one of his best friends was in Indonesia. Listen he's been there in the senate to let you and it definitely isn't common for. White guys born in Pennsylvania Andrea. To whereas Iran is a little off and marches to the beating his own throughout the eighty. A dozen where from the waist down and dad and where he wears it to the wait for your wares at the waist down a lot of times that she wasn't wearing like the viewers in many ways many options I don't know. I don't study and it's wrong because when yelled no it's not a Comodo until it is bottom. And I went with a dragon and the Mac it's a decent learn together and grow from a so pleased he's like comfortable. This is off there with Matt from. Iraq. Says have little knowledge grab on you Texas. Me to marry when it drops to just as mad. The extended podcast addition Lulu and marched back. Let me get Gloria I'll look at the same we're not gonna play a lot of food. The female lion. Educate the lioness. Does not 80% of the honing. Ban it on yeah. Thanks to in the real world to the grocery shopping for the most part addition in attacks. Rats multiply so quickly. That an eighteen months to rats could over have a over a million descendants. Wow but again it's that's fine eighteen months over a million descendants. Am gotta admit that's pretty crazy. Ravitz obviously for their eyes open. The height of the Eiffel Tower varies by five point nine H is due to temperature changes. Yeah six inch why beat the idea of it. Makes you at a queasy I items along rat could. I remember one time man of flashback bullish. Put it really starts and now I yeah. I he I still I'm not a big fan of grads at the like I I'd really like rats but when I was a kid and I don't Howell as ten or something. And running at satellite. Others are glad you're doing his son and our man. I don't wanna Guidant and stare and. I writers appetite. And my dad comes running in and he's like. As long. That is that BB mouse he's a reminds you that you took out a little Dixie little cup and putter over just the stuff that's. That and stupid outs and a month. And Eden manages. Grabs me forever like still now bring in a member you're scared of them pretty neat barrels oil. And it rank them how I wanted to note that this isn't it but I still have problems. On France. The first country to introduce the license plate. I kind of does surprise because we kinda cars first album so. In England you may urinate anywhere in public including inside a policeman's helmet if you are pregnant. Okay you're pregnant but hopefully there's no cause even use the police and he asked the policeman Canada are your helmet. Also but this is something I learned it and I'm not amazing overseas traveler but. Band he had told me that and Ireland dry and Scotland and any European country actually enters its on to their day in and spring aren't Paris or France whatever. People. Just be willing really long. Like all over the place in heaven over there I would be. And and I asked was it may be just like it almost guys are Sotheby's say it's yeah. It's just. Got everybody does not do it. Simpson stuff you did well on. A prosecutor to get at Matt and Japan. I made some people backpack and knew the but Dan did. He would make that guy you're hurt that are going to be Moses. The walkway to the taps taxi cab drivers is pullover and stand up and guy have come out of a bankers something and mullah and and solar like the fact that we have laws against public your knee and but I ask you. If you look at. So Jews d.s that are kidded I'm not teach him to let your kid pretty. You're very young now he would now like do in France it was a French or something but obviously had to be you know this is a French. We give back the states the dollar all the all the UN and imagine that they became like you're the kid it's been in the hallway at school. I don't know why you're the guy who just like yeah. Now the first day and I'm like yeah if somebody's moving here from France you know on human heads up now. Did you know of right now. Here. Don't be everywhere if you. Yeah local and it appears outside of its own world think it'll play is there any. This campaign and the smaller. Navy. In and instead he'd been called to adapt to know where you can and can't your mini I have not studied enough to know that in France and Ireland and Scotland. Just pretty anywhere. This. Is you gonna get yourself into trouble like going to the bathroom. With a promise you can't find out of it. It's fun bathrooms yuppies streets aren't would be just peed myself or. A lot of fun and I know now I know that I know does this eat. Only. You know I did do and Italy isn't a lot you all the places. And problem like you did does. And Venus and I are on a restaurant or bar and America. Like united say this but I knew I never saw anybody peeing in my Newegg impedance to get a quick. Come on now a rib doll. That. Yeah they're great skiing experience I never I should you. Eat all the. There was that one time he beat your driveway as you can make it on how positive friends that yeah. But I read the Rick Steve's tore it up and never once has he show up and yet he is not usually. I see a enamored visits and look like yelled what dealer with a thirteen never drops and you by the way after he'd this bait and drink does a mostly in round pick outside the studio never is that it wants. Think that's not a rip this service is a disservice to. She's more laughs and more fun it's a bear with a bad cold I think back here to. And given her FaceBook page due to get there like it follows all that's okay. It's been a category all by it. But there's some things besides she bad people they just feels like trail. Okay for example. Tonight is your quote unquote the you put economic calendar you're gonna give it some love. You found out that your partner either eight to it's. We ate the wrong for me not already ranked team and now they're not out sometimes that happens again I'm not mad and. Number come on if you Yunel for funny you know honey tonight the tiny mouth but. I don't. We we don't do we go we don't what we don't say tonight's the night in just either works itself battery doesn't. And we nobody wants that pressure tonight tonight's. A pressure with your bag you're thinking about it all day and to start judging yourself in the process and why. I get yeah I'd rather not have a forewarning. I'm not. And I heard this spring and onion you know you know in advance he had an right you can't say this morning like. Baby it's been nice to you and me and Nokia rather not. Rather not let's let it play itself out. It's it's it's Ike and a bad just because you know. Hank could go thinking. You do know then. You know. Let's say it's tomato sauce situation I don't anyone who has listened. Did he show for more than five minutes knows it tomato sauce goes all through the met me in again where is possible diarrhea when I can plow myself through an all. Oh yeah. There should be no allowing. No plowing out. Now I'm now you know later Ryan. Amy would like to but yet you'll eat hot pocket. Tomato sauce now. I'll go. Home now okay you want I just don't want their heads up I'm gonna as you can no you. Did you drink and maybe you won't have that. Next beer. Summit on what to do is just go to sleep and now I know I don't want I really don't want now. It you know how people some like I don't. Want to know there's a date night on Friday the same kind of thing. I don't wanna make a specific. You know every Sunday night or something I need some leeway I need any way surprises. This'll get this trailer for a marathon another hit this idealistic so low. Of the year need dying while I can. I know I don't the timing of the obvious I don't need I mean like the spring and I mean I got. I'd prefer just to say something like in maybe someday we'll this is not. And then now it lets you open ended and big jump from behind the door to meg a day. I. Mean good or vice Versa to not jump from behind a door neighbor's yeah. I know that no lack Zach brown. Eyed look good and I think today. And you want the negligent you know that except it's just. As much money out of them and outline the builder that's active and out of ideas and rollover and that's the only good. I don't wanna think about it all damn day the news. Heads. Too much. Let split some people have to do that aren't. The pregame shouldn't thinking about the fact that tonight is a special I like and think about the putt I know what nights a possible. That's good enough we don't have to edited out into and out but it should answer. I know which nights or possibility. About draws x.s and those are some Claiborne yeah now I know but I am I'd just rather not come it. Okay it went something better comes along. Let's banner the president is in a letter down and let me down. Think that it happened okay we talked about the fact that if fears that a show that you enjoy together and you're seeing other watches that show without you. It feels like betrayal yeah well what about. If your Sig other is sharing. Deet tails of your love life with perhaps or parents or her friend. I know little notable yeah. The bears was her parents as the podcast so it's that Kennelly sharing but no I don't want to talk to her parents my parents. Anybody's legs and it's bigger age Bedell. No. Ad tool Abby. I would wanna be win that the person who had talked to their parents about the way I did it. We're not a Mac. No family members are so slim now know. Is we're close to their sisters are rather okay all right okay. You better be best friends yet you better be best you can do better and that's great family you can do it and you can only you fail leader complaining. He had a Stanley the year bragging racquet a great does everybody get you know everybody why. So you rather her parents think you can thank you parents either way out gang leader would you rather have her brother and sister. They think you're a lousy lover then I think secure green lover I guess that's. And here's why you. It could be seized. It would you would you sexually frustrated while I do believe that their sister is highly satisfied let's not think they. It's not going overboard like a little complaint not ugly a massive complaint but if she was really really tight. With her bribes somebody's really really tight with a Brothers absolutely the best friend or something. And you wanna drop a little in man he hasn't and isn't while the pain and bats better to me than telling them how crazy and loud AM and sheets because. The awkward and they look at me as opposed lagging has of the arts. And everybody wants a year every call with complaints so you don't want. What's he about things that you used to be a good lover but you're not anymore so now when an Iowa she goes back to Roman a few weeks and we're back it's. No need to panic set. You started doing that thing again you know you can learn it early weakness yeah. I'd like to play out did you know this. I think that's. The worst possible thing not possible doesn't know once a year like the story about the kid is a straight face do denigrate that. They want their friends tell not crappy that yeah is that we all want us. It's okay it's this evening we don't want wanna hear about. My buddies who merry wives like crazy to do another year and bits of. I'd be totally want negativity as they do I do think your do you want hair about like. When eager. Brands and their husbands when you from a chandelier. Or the fact that 90% of bats had a bad run lately. Both of awful. Yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.