Matt Spilled The Coffee!

Thursday, October 5th

It's a crazy day at the radio station when Matt spills his coffee everywhere! We also talk about weird parenting habits and how to tell if a guy is into you.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to their I would bet remote start and diet that you haven't. Remember him. Many people as I guess is that just builds. Rust off. Feet in length literally don't keep it. Couple puppy. He literally failed the likes seven dropped up to offer you know and you would they said there was something monumental. That it will in my pants. Shirt. Guess battle over but at it again and about it. But then there's an app box of Kleenex near empty for God's sakes I just took the last one like five minutes ago would you. Olympic boxing isn't much hope something about a bag and it's not a better I'm sorry again funerals that's what. It's Europe well he's spilled coffee on himself yeah. So I was gonna have had no sound and movement through the box and his boat crashed his dream yeah I hope that I. No I don't really does all the little things and I don't like you don't ask for much and you don't have solid free nutrition and life. Does blood tissue people. Aren't they don't think there's one. When there isn't you know our boss is. Tried to get cameras in the studio. Era and win those cameras it indeed changed. You're. Game why. Because I'll do what I do your PP's clay is due today it's the will soon be on camera. You are. Coffee nightmare where you don't look the only thing. You wouldn't you think of it possibly be hot you become an up and you just like five hours ago now not at all. Full cup that you reach because you and why weren't these view that. Do the Dubai and then why the paper they got a copy audit. And then did yeah. What is everybody would you mind could be all types of entertaining for people buying and we get these cameras are mad at myself is going to be boring to watch me. He and and then the but just watching you is going to be I don't picks on a perfectly normal the edited but everybody gets their high growth. I ever did you are right back. Yeah. Right yeah yeah. And I don't get away this off within an ice issues. Next thing I know. It's baked out hopes dashed hopes that's. And auto related to the about it knowing OK well this. Obviously he's a friend in real life. A small talk OK at the hopes up because I talk different and people this wee small bucket by and his somebody where sales people that you ever. If your hopes that talk about it you about this place. And it's not there putting many Britain and the context of other things. You you have. You know you've been back to the water cooler and it's and you know water. Hi all. More important and did she. Put it into a way to go overdo. If I was out today it would it it's good to see you go installed. You your business okay yeah that manatees usually can see that on tax sometimes you. Yeah definitely not. No big deal yeah. Couldn't bail gagged. I know that and get a big economy on the demands include them. Let's alerts and lean towards Australia cup. You figure out where the good hits and a good knows anything. That. Guy stocks and other options no no it's not I'm just. Isn't I'll take called coffee every day of the week I don't buy it wasn't paying as little. God yeah. It must Cox. He's gonna have his hopes up over some tide later out the died in the let him down the guys on he you know what I hope it happens to be some banks to open have a view. Maybe a big snot ball hanging out you gotta read strictly it. On singers and. I. The box eighties and do you throw it away. That's out of its OK I'm gonna meditate about small talk out there aren't any other place the bizarre and and you more podcasters. Match at 1079. In dollar fortune or times each day continued to win every evening at 9 AM 11 AM on. 3 PM when we give you the key word for it takes to win this data rates apply the fast ball four times every day Monday to Friday so leave the umbrella at all and still get the cash from Hendrick automotive group in Charlottesville. 107 and I still play. We intra is so women are kind of clueless. When it comes to knowing. How a guy really feels about sex. For example. Guys say they wish every woman would understand that sometimes. It is just. Physical. And that is just a physical neat. It's. I uniform of release of stress relief era clogged up prism. It's a ritual that requires. A pregame show war any other emotional baggage. This whole thing is don't you didn't lions. Meant win and thank you man or a couple of minutes and he wants to go to sleep that's it doesn't want anything how do you not know that women how do you not know that it's not about. I think necessarily knowing it. If it takes a day if it takes a woman awhile to. Let's say do warmed up. So that she can enjoy it the fact that he does Wannstedt boom boom boom doze off sometimes she'd might not. And are gonna work for abuse should be aware that sometimes and I have if that would be the case here it's it's fair game for the guys AMs and knocked this one out more about it. And then be done. Ended in if you're not and then you're not in but have you. I wanted to have one pound good glamour women before even on this program we've calls Allen before like gay or read articles. The woman like a quickie here and again. You know so they don't need all the stuff that's a knock it out. Are out the outside the rumors on its verdict whatever it. I mean as emirate and always have to be as dog and pony show. So I just like the people don't know about it. I just a really surprised dog and pony into the room yeah I'm very surprised at that. When did they are just paying attention and winners about it. And the other thing they re only waged. Women would understand is that man love a little space after the act. Again the woman might wanna coddle he might want a little pillow top man but a lot of guys prefer silence TV. Sleep or mad man's case TV down again is done wrong to want to cuddle after the. Is that the question it says edited the question is added that the women are surprise I wanted man went Janelle I think I would assume you know. That here's Delaware his role overly worried about a thousand. She needs warm up time. Are you now don't wait wait wait she needs more time so are your. Desire to use it as just a physical release boom sleep. Com and then you know afterwards she has an emotional need for cuddling and all you want is to. Get up go to the bathroom but make yourself the fairways watch TV. Or go to sleep and she left feeling a little. He might give it my eleventh and I'm status and we have a discussion about it. Discussion on the jeopardy I'm gonna put it this one you say straight up let's knock this out her you know. Ballmer just knock one out or whatever eminent amenities or she's gonna whatever whoever's in charge gonna say you know that's on giving. I ended evident on a day on discussion it. I'm honest discussion not an embryo. All for me out I don't know I don't know I'm stressed out I wanna get currently. Happened Simon and now and also. You might not you might think you need pregame and suddenly you don't. And so. You know. IIII and that man nine yeah now. Ohio talking generally I don't generally dog and pony just sometimes you noted the women know that we only have so much time or they know and they like it didn't. So it's it's as I would think that they know about it is anybody's been married has known. That sometimes it's just both of years when physical and quick. Correct crap to do. So but I don't think it's. I don't uses a variant usual. Staying in and and and most relationships. But it's pretty. Pretty comment. I've had a minute relationships of one I honestly forgotten where you're at. And the other thing is guys Wonder Woman did go the extra mile to look attractive before net. I don't I don't have any now I'd I'd never I'd now you want to put on the make that you're scared to. Now this is just silly. It omits an exciting or somewhere somewhere but I've never as those. Free milky t.'s ears to help him visualize. And that's a major turn on for most maybe I'm not I would never. Want her to go put makeup on or something. Mean I'm an import from Taiwan sometimes you want the lingerie now because I'm person I think of how much Jack. How odd how much would you say that she isn't there at the Dubai Natalie as you charges where where did this come from the get a goodwill. Where we should I thought. Losing a little that it couldn't live along this from a neighbor and be wordage time. I play a goodwill shopper I do loves him drifting. But. You get you about the bottom borrowing lines are today. The thought of. Always use Andre. Miller wearing you want some larger I don't care. I don't care well I'm not. Where is amused lingerie thank god it's a first world. Now issue I had refer I want to be the sole. First and last owner of mile lingerie. That's bad that's. I would rather have something used. And had put out of loans or some oh god yeah hundred miles. No gently and deeply yeah yeah let's go on little dazed but I don't let where. You write the under the August 2 mortgage on my house out there tomorrow. Laura don't neighbor Allen now you're. I'm not a mind going and Barlow juice if you bring a bag later after we're done. No thank you I would borrow borrow bend your dimes and a stream and not let you find Madeleine went yeah. A hug my view and about bringing it back a hundred dollars you guys might have a different. A different view that because guys will you know where community jock strap right now we'd learn to beat you and the community's tax that. The third round. Derek assumes Big Ben put him to be wants him once at some other. My age who don't know I don't know but I all the sports I played at amount never shared. Yeah. I probably should but we didn't Jack I would that probably nobody ever shared rallies and I he's going to share income. The idea of the and we always had our own had to go I wanna and then saying OK that's your cup. Buy an item. Docs. Didn't do so then there's no excuse for UT didn't even fathom. So even add them borrow loans Iran vs a hundred bucks. He's a guy who's no. You read it I. Off there with Matt in Ramona. Most of the ice alone I think. Drivers and remember they were there is. Like all of there's there's tops regency Booth. And an ever try to look down the TV it's deviancy and option you casino that called late one movement each line. Back you know about my holder it altered to reality altered. Okay the person all of you. Things you have told us about young man man that lets me know that your purpose tendency started beer ya. First of all you try to look down the TV yeah I thought I can look around as he moves yet you lingered in the bushes outside of your home to. Spot on the hot girls next door I was very young. And number three you put an Afghan over your lap when you get turned off Mikey CD player at a given as irrelevant as to earn the more I just think. They do don't you ever heard any kid out every guy USA story that you're and told me about how you. Warrior pajamas backwards because you're always afraid your penis was gonna fall out of the front right just is that's a safe. Anyway. As a device or a little bit it would youth. All right parents do this but it's a confusing everyone else to me is confusing you well on one we as parents talk about the baby's age in months. Instead of years. It's only confusing to me when you get passed 118. Months. Eighteen months because you knew Mac real quick it's right at some point they are about to beat him. At some point. Or one and a half and then almost here yet we is that she's 27 months like. How he does always tended to right I mean people on Garnett after I Heidi nobody goes after him 27 months and now now seventeen under far. OK after. Forty fours that has stopped 24 probably uncle went about one he. I'll go which one he can say almost two. Just how instead of 27 months to in March and 22 in May yeah yeah idea. On the happy birthday post view on FaceBook to either kids who aren't. All not to beyond FaceBook let alone read. Because they usually are accompanied by really cute pictures of the baby growing gap is bird years. Six months here at first birthday now they're too but he here. The thing I don't do it. But I could see how you act act you see how you might do the picture picture but I get a little craze when it's so my sweet sweet. Paterson turned whatever earned. It's been a blink of an it's a deep like that now only got Ed I just emea as forget spurt they Alec a funny they'll look at their four. Now from now and I've heard being keyed up in a look how funny and you look when she was poor and those that I had someone just get a day you know. Three years ago today god blessed me with this beautiful angels yes that was cottage lane it's not my man's not my thing I think it's. One of the things they trying to barter oversell miners sound and everything. Its mobile includes a look at I don't know what you are selling big kid now not so much of a blessing and I know that it. Seems. Not talent in the kids then I mean why else have to know I had on his iPod it. And I'll I'll be like a photo albums type of mushy FaceBook poke that is true whether it's for your child that's true wife that's true your parent. Restaurant and a even after he would allow. Anyone to. Bush about the Eagles. Our GAAP metered present their side yes I know you're right I want to though islanders Mets Philadelphia Eagles. Now that BQ much. I don't think there jinx with the exception of. Being in the or eating game of the groans know see you dishing about anything on face gushing about the and he didn't let it die from a bone Ramadan and don't. I'm out of everywhere and you know big NB a maybe your friend GO most like. Even your brother most likely to get this she faced the post and did you are giving you want or something. Like in my own way be not not casinos and go seek Agassi and a half ago at English OK decorous and hand he had his and. And have. Why parents force frightened kids take photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny. I did it would Addison one time which used data got one picture I don't know what happened Derek. I Aybar I don't think there's ever been near night Easter Bunny or a Sana. You can't swear to at a 100%. Does not like something. As I said Betty Dodd about fast and we have not seen pictures of us answers Lal. It's not like one of the pictures people people bring out or else framed it. Is it funny or something he looks funny meanwhile Levy's appointing gives. Act as an area you knew that really creepy looking and I mean give me something that creepy. But I mean there's just so especially now he's back then I guess they didn't take a lot now there's so many pictures that Jews from our you're really gonna do the forty dollar San Juan. Yeah does it you heard of Photoshop your kid in with some Republicans say and a not found on Google image just got a Hewitt it's such a precious moments still won't look at it like say at all I guess. I'm old now so scarred. For life not enough hugging thing and to lower. You've got all the kid's an heir plus mom that I love those that I love it when I about the needs a hug strangers. And obviously to me it's the same thing is pushing to get up to the casket at a few and no need to had to get their money you know you don't make him go Santa in you know and that's. I doubt Dan. It's the same kind of we're seeing big public. What else are forcing kids to do when they're screaming and crying though they go to bed. If you had an effect yet readying their sentiment publicly but older brother doesn't just say a lot I got publicly like public Jamie gas that's. Backpack packed. I ask that you thank you like cents for the person you think always look at this. Nowadays you have so many pitches as so many memories so many things you'll never get back at one. YA when they eat that nasty picked over food operatives plates. I do that I certainly a breeze the other day. Atom by ready to go and adding I like Amy says you know she sped up and I golf and looked good. A good match in cities all the well. Which brings us to when you have your kids spit out stuff they don't like in your hands he had done that before. You know. And I'm sorry am. Couldn't get it up over that little thing. You'd. Think on. Even like I gave you know spitting gum in my knee and you know but that out of my hand and I think it's a theory. Responsible did you get gagging on Q. And let. Should. I let go when you gag. Hand yet drop Nass. Yeah it just goes flying out there. And hit. Me that it is Eric. Gangster. Yeah I NN that it it angster parenting it's just. This used keel over in pain so it's more glass and more fun it's also put that we're gonna. Talk about a few ladies and previous. Podcast segments us annoying things people do work and how to make us. Went through somebody's and you're not sure that. These requests wouldn't and dubbed making things awkward. Although I did tell guide today it turned out its speakers. And it went very well there was some how means that your face. Now he's in critical about it is I had malice and funny you should that happen a camera that Gary TU when he went in now is like that. Now I am now hearing that English it is cold could get easy critical apologetic Alia. Yeah I mean in front of your offense it's not true guarantee you he would do his ideals like now that Indian man here is at now all of a land is damn I think that he was like I would be it Al Mansoor is there. Nice and death managed some ties to getting to be told. So one of the things they say is people alive and coworkers ask you for money. Yours suppose there's hasn't happened amoeba. You say I'm sorry pat I can't make you alone. And it has done this and I'm not giving him money. It's somebody close to me like people in this room I daddy and your money for beating Justine yeah here's a dollar to go get some 35. Never low mean more than a quarter Serbia and ought to hold on hold dollar. Loan me a dollar that they go in the balance Hannity out but he how if any of you guys came to me and said you needed. 500 boxes on that night. Probably let. Anybody else I'm just straight assembly crazy. Thing people have ever solicited from me when it comes to money at work. You know donate to charity m.s of carrying or are buying. Whatever Mike. He is selling at their school and that's and I know that you know that that's a big deal while you're on here it says you don't like you like your kid was just. Form it says it's annoying thing high pressure sales tactics he say no fundraising treats for me thanks for the offer that long. Yeah someone that you feel guilty when we don't end it's mainly guys here is sullen. Girl Scout Cookies for their daughter that window there's no way am darted down dude. Who's helping his daughter sell cookies only do I get attacked everytime I walk and all warm your everywhere I don't need you will also audio. I'm ready emails. Yes years and not to do it. It's an infinite world of I was like hey if you would like. Cookies. You're gonna sign up sheet in the kitchen I the next you know there's a no more of fund raising emails I get it and I believe it was another priority. Who was jealous that they didn't think of it first I think it is an army. A sign that sheet kitchen has suggested areas. We have like 100 people is on the works here and I'll end up out of poverty here and whatever that all of the ones yep children and not good to children. Don't have like every few months. Probably I've children but I don't ask anybody. As in sun times due onetime original intervals so five years ago painful and and odds are even I don't think that adds in I had never even to give money. I would do it that. You know I like supporting your children act. That out out out enough ice and at a what do you need the money I would just wrote a check out LL check hasn't. I used as a grammar and ask grandparents nobody you'd what are you may get a little bit but fortunately very cool you're the only from me they don't do it. So I don't have to worry about solicit this new things that so I think your class of. Now I mean I did I get booster on thing that's rated sex thing. An automated and they don't sell anything no rank it'll Iran now can now. Now I've only been twice in my neighborhood at people last 8%. And India did you do run yeah I day I don't wanna say did a book could not the American in my house. They hit an all. All. This now is believed to be bad the guy I was going to house the way so I'll hook you up these are all around and pay my mom and a bath back and I'm. Point we lived in a neighborhood where we were pretty much the only house. With Al elementary aged kids Saturday that. And time mom. Was the neighborhood mark. Because if you want don't ignore we easy was hooking you up good we heads don't pay much of paper. Look like at least order something different we had like eighty different magazines and Alex not ask. I mean but you know what does that mean I. Very nice addition. Gibson ordered the segment can easily auditors on the same thing if you have to get I don't know if there's on the same thing yeah yeah AA ever read one of the same school. I have a say they do. Critical things I don't think. That I know of I mean united maybe ages they know better to solicit me of my own kids but I desperately soliciting until Dan Wasilla. We'll be able I mean you know I hook people up in general but. I don't know that it what do you work like Bank of America or something there's. 2000 people you can't senator I mean. You look around in your department has financially in a kitchen doesn't hurt anybody that was not our department. Peppers and added that. It is like Bob page Cherie William might suffer like I am done yeah like. People in our department you can't put an ever on like a mommy. For armor post a blog and the like that obviously it's a mommy things optimistic on crap to sell okay dimensional don't Alice. Thousands of us it's the reality. That's selfish as a result of the basic plot in Canada actual rule book somewhere. It's not good at addicts get on a mommy blogger chat rumors like that you solicit. You know I mean I think now. I just. I don't period ever have visited you and again I just done if you have I ever lead you guys I know he really close you know I gave ought to buy boxes whenever. Sure by about but it it's a way to sell stuff for our threes at. You're listening to all there would mess and Ramona has got a lot of fans here for a few and by the way thanks for sharing in the black guys keep doing it. Your relatives who enemies and whomever. Biggest news knots. Alien 330 and day here's one of the week. Gunmen dressed as a Coca-Cola bottle yesterday rob the Kentucky restaurants. Investigators say the suspects stepped up around these restaurant around 7 AM the manager was there by himself. He only stole 500 dollars but here's the thing about the Coca-Cola bottle costs do miss it doesn't cover your face. I'm a guy it was clearly seen on surveillance footage. He has had in stupid looking costume which I am guessing made it hard for him to run and. Never thought about. That got no run made it very hard to describe his physique or how tall he was. Which are usually have to run seventh Mattel had as Mexico governor usually in a worry don't look look conspicuous of you run your conspicuous if you do I think. Well here's the latest living in a matter overgrown baby he wrote like diet over the top of it it died Coakley resign as they're looking for a guy and a Diet Coke Costas and yes that is while the police easily identified and to the surveillance footage and went to his house and arrest him I would have no respect for police they didn't drag down now I would lose my faith in police used to met somebody who wants to go to jail. They may be there then maybe he did you come and detract cost him it doesn't get that it's a mask you're supposed to Wear right not the actual does cost him like died next time next time. I'm a little. And then we'll find out he. And even wanna be on TV is catch the fact come criminal stern bully the bullied his allotted. Now he's a bottles. There's little scientific fact for him to call science. People in the UK spend more time sitting on a toilet every week that exercising. Adults clocked up to an average of three hours in nine minutes every week on the toilet but only ninety minutes being active. Three hours in ninety minutes. That 66. He's honest whining when I equivalent to 210. No way that I try to find out 200 plan. I'm going to say no more game. Libya a maximum of ten minutes a day. Time seven days a week yeah. How old and had today at a gas and that's an exaggeration ten minutes today seven days a weeks it was a little over an hour a week. Provided my match I did my math threads about thirty minutes today. Three now for Deborah this through these this number to come up three hours and I met when he had to estimate how long you're near sitting on the toilet. I bitch about thirty minutes today. Nearly ten year work I'm probably you have a lot of it on a T and unlike the guys you told us that use it to peace it to me you are definitely taken ads. Got to counter that got to count that said he takes some time there. Mom has told you I dive bomb on the toilet and I'm reading a magazine or book or whatever. After you finish the article her finish it chapped. I will hang in there until that's done is don't feel comfortable leaving. A page unturned or something it's a comfortable so dedication is. I would not say yet admirable it's an invasion of a got a good book. But give me no good book in idea you know I travel waddle round would advance Emma my ankles you find it. You do know I can live outside the bathroom right. How other people read now there. They sit in jail here now and and and I don't know that there's somebody whose kids around stuff imposes very comfortable until he read at Bergen street week. I mean. The watch TV dinners I I guess the device to be in my opponent's. But I don't I just yet I book I like reading books. Do you read outside of the bathroom. Yeah but only at night when it not yet it's the only time I read that bad. So I'm your I'm sorry I can do things. I. Reading but it was just like please. Well. OK let sorry I'm sorry everybody okay let's say you're not on the to a are you on comptroller of leaving it chapter have finished just that period here about. I'd like to get to a good stopping point but I can. Not due to the end of a chapter now and I'm okay I'm tired I'm going to sleep right now imagine you're on the toilet and you go to slicks. Thanks for listening to all bear with that remote. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.