Matt Walked In On Ramona!!

Monday, January 15th

Yes this really happened, but Ramona's still embarrassed to this day!

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Met in Ramona. This place is very cruel of likely to someone thinks that they have something on somebody that they know could possibly humiliate them are just Guinea Guinea. It's just ridiculous. Do you really listening here and I don't Vinny. I'm really of your pain good I have not a but I but I will. Take you back to I don't know last week at last week. It was last week my my pants week I was at this week now lastly most of getting abuse. Over the mat and guys childhood pictures in his rather tight jeans and me. Kind of non technical outlook the outlook. I have a need to clarify because gay people said that look now I guess and say gangs and monitors sexual could be a well they may so there was a lot of views over that caption contests and whatnot and you the interest but not on my FaceBook and map and had a this and that but the thing about this as. I I really don't think it's a big day. And I would I am telling you the truth. Which he had been paying but he still panic last night when you know -- over Africa as Dubya you know I was in mountain home. Very embarrassed to tell your mom yes when she laughs she laughed. At my laughs. What to what we have the Wii was a rehash that story because the open just have a little park. There's an article. I can hang on. As we should explain where that comes from. That we are very irritated with the there's the part we want some explanation as happened. Very one near the end of the show yesterday I stood there was nears this is news as Stedman. And it is me deeply offended and sexually for missed it's that red. Zone. I'm going to be I wanna know. In between on that conversation on this oh I don't take it out. I don't believe that all I have to do is pour coffee and what I wanted to get down the computer I know I get into the system any race. Now that be permanent but it was worth probably revisiting for a day. Ha because I know we would my dad as your image the item I don't I I have don't think there was aren't are end it mattered a lot you we ran it couldn't run it without an explanation because. You know new people would think that was for the people who know. The real money is Ramona Holloway and I am some stations have that girl. But I. And and you at all. Why AG's and we've we should repeat those don't listen I don't why would list all five hours but. Come on FaceBook. And I realized I had a lot of FaceBook friends who I had not contacted. I hadn't gotten around to cinemanow to say hey things through my friend chicken out Bayer. Page to see what they're all about and I was feeling kind of guilty. So when someone else said me. Age which Greek god or use test. I decided that I would take it laughing by the and I would send it to twenty people who I had not contacted yet just let him know I was kind of thinking about him and give them something fun they can do passel. So I take this quiz but I. I took a while we were on the air and I wasn't happening contingent and then it a lot of the questions it really fit me so I just put anything down. And I picked twenty people who I do not know pork and one I know a little too well. And I sent it to them no when I got back to my profile. It says you know. It has the right on the front page a picture of this very sensual naked statue. And it says Ramona. I don't know it's the goddess Aphrodite. I see is Spain easily offended and sexually promiscuous. So I'm real high 80 my god I sent out to so many people including. The vice president of the company iPhone definitely days literally are fit you know that's my only. The only thing that may mean not feel like a total fool is knowing that. He's not gonna be the VP for much longer word we've been sold to another company I don't have to face him but he once a year so going to be our consultant. How guiding off. Do you think it's as bad as he thinks it is though. And these can be able like I think too many mean no ammonia and I don't just awful. I was so. I was so distracted back. I can barely finished the show I I was humiliated and that's all I could think about was. I went back through try to figure out who I'd send it to him thinking you know they get to send an explanation to a sin something to the BP today it out I didn't like that. How big of a bad idea but otherwise about. Because everybody else who sent him some type of thing on a space but it's all very nice and nobody telling them hey listen. I did that. I know I. Yeah it's white people's frowns Allstate. All of god all the I don't my friends I didn't get it I know I'll I've yet the bug it now. Union be quite as the worst part is this to people I know who would just make fun of me and laugh I say to people who relate. Probably whoa. Eight this come from thanks for letting you know I think most people don't even I don't read those the notice you I don't wanna sleep when you were a lot of that they let me know about your. Greek goddess. So. Oh god yeah that hit that didn't. I am still reeling from that and Matt Meyer get ready to go do reduction. Now I want I want a nine knuckles assault all I heard was him yelling and screaming and some slamming of doors. Some laughing yet I heard it the other behind a door what. I was getting water from the water cooler in top and Goosen co workers and I'll I heard this in the and that going. Zelaya and niners in the bathroom door slamming side though I know. So. I didn't have a cigars have been had to go to the bathroom met said he had to go to when I went to go to the restroom. Women's room was locked and usually. When the women's room locked. At the end of the show there's a guy in their hogging the women's or. Right so I sit you know I I have to go really bad I'm just gonna go in the guy's room but I did not know that a lock works the opposite way. But in the women's room you turn it to the right right at the lock his upside down basically and me in the men's room that it works. The complete opposite so I assumed that the door was locked. But it was not. And I go to use the bathroom around them. And then next thing you know. And here comes the match. And I can hear. Now the minute I heard that the door play. I got time okay. So I screened. And he screen. And he fell back. Into the ball is laughing. As in god gave me something funny and they are happy. I left work feeling like that in a bargain basement yeah. Embarrassing. Go home. I don't know its money by Lindsay you say this but I didn't see anything. At all the stunned and that's my exit but every bit and I could have you know you can't see any primarily reading. And well web site. The role the woman yeah yeah position I committed city Xenia I don't want to pretend that. Don't wanna see my kids need something yeah. Tell you Arafat is valid. I'll I kind of got what was go well I heard like I said was this the initial screen. And and black thing. And then some doors slamming and and it was hot it was in the lobby bathrooms happier in our brilliance to so there. And I think I'm just gonna go back in the studio with doc and that's about it goes away Iraqi and you're met laughing a bit because he laughed all lot he use the bathroom. I was laughing due to an end and no real life. Laughing I'm locked in the lobby at it. So I can't get away from Max. Oh wait for him to let me back in the. You can't even look at me. Those two million and it shouldn't be humiliating Ali I got. It the girls love these me. She did that's created by the part of what made. Really yeah yeah. Zero jets today Europe complain about having to go to the chiropractor Zaid time but it. And now a whole new level I would politely at 730000. To do yeah. When you decide you're gonna I was at your beds and put them down do you do you talk seniors are very. You play to do that is the restaurant well I didn't even that's not safe in the moment. Yeah and little. Amend that you by the name is laughing. It is that in the. Maybe it'll yeah. I I try to make you feel good guys that I that I didn't see any of saying and I would I would the last I saw something new you'd feel man. But it was I mean it's a story along dress I think I'm. I don't to scrap the series you'll be honest I couldn't see any hardly urinary your underwear you're younger it probably got. I knew it wasn't like you were abating suitors something. Wet during a long creepy things that the guy. I bet publicity. They couldn't say it did just look like yeah. And a weird doesn't. You're done and I think they didn't think. I didn't at first let's look at erratic somebody asks this it really got my attention. LLC was done. And he was jumping up and we can I wasn't really paying attention for looking at talking to somebody or something besides some other augment and sat. That's a good. Mix and it's it's warm yeah. I can't seem more of you. Then yeah do you have. I really didn't see these dim I don't I didn't see any wall. Yeah. Did you book value and about it they let anywhere and I have to. We'll talk more about him and I know I don't know how to make you feel that it is over the map and Ramon is just the that remote we did yesterday it's history on what 079 delaying Charlotte's best.