MattMan And His Big Hands

Friday, October 13th

Would you rather have giant hands or giant feet? Matt's convinced his big hands could change the world....we've also got the things people no longer care about when they've finally become an adult.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening daughter on there would that Ramona. Condo Wednesday case usually does there's been a classic would you rather win these kind of things are gonna give you guys kind to have ice extended version. Would you rather give up pleading for a month or give up Internet for a moment. Now Internet. Internet okay currently in but I'm throwing in TV now. None any at least I'm still going out being on TV and Internet anything like that I entertainment as long as I still have books I'm good. Just think in her I have books and I am shopping I have friends I am I have a phone. I especially football season. And an area that I'm good that I would much rather be a league is not that I self. Heavy on a weekly Albania. Yes. Well as a pledge fraternity. We're not debate for a week let's discuss an area sweat so it really cover hasn't been nasty things. CI but it becomes TV and Internet you're not do you debating that not a and I got an empty if you don't work out. He also went to make it through week without being buried awful days you'd just change your clothes used in the earlier you keep thinking that. I dominant one of these weeks and doing Stevie knows what it's actually thought I thought that I can guarantee you I'm gonna notice I don't think so. Which you rather have hands that keep growing as you get older beat that kept growing and she got older. And how both feet. And is down because anti union citizen you know sometimes need now get a little unsteady on their feet if I'm on these gigantic feet were about. Alan Embree getting it all the more reason you all trip and all over the map to wearing like scuba flippers are going to stay years and luggage shoes we don't do stairs in the left a lot of got us all over the place you would trip over your own feet literally. Would be like it isn't like well here I'm gonna stop. Now I can't shuffle I ask. You can't tell how we can't shuffled time. No advantage or giant for you will not let go down easier gigantic hand. There's all kinds of things I can do it campaigns since. Don't want you to do I. I've got giant creepy hand woman would love a giant trading and know she's highly critic Peter woman by the way are. Denying that. Do you what how big guard hey Billy how Billy favor right now Google bachelorette. Tickle monster giant. I. Really that's kind of birdies that's your turn me. Just how creep me is and why no woman but on the as a giant IDG global it. Rent and send it to Google and led giant let I'll Google it for you know you don't wanna tell you don't want that appeal let's say it it's it's it's. When you hit to one he and grows a half an inch every or sewer at its peak when you're like 55. Kids only. Like. A foot long and and a night. Have put longhand or a foot long flat line the army not W normal size what are your size is now is doubled on the shop for shoes you can let him saying and he flew. Yeah pension is bad. Blaring about. Bob let your talk about it and didn't bigger you get older I think. Keep growing at and say how much they grow. But so it looks like they're double in size by the time you're fifteen teams wanted to fifteen or double just think you're you're gonna a ball game and be number one and pain and on the needs of foam hand we nears a giant butchering it could fit enough foam have very culturally and. And I. I'm in the area and can't just LaDainian would you rather know when you're gonna die or how are you gonna die. Egypt changes once the latest win or how are now I'm gonna go winging. Allen now. Well I was a tough one you really Donna Allen he's. Now let's see how important didn't win. And would you likely get it but here's probably what are now here's the problem I had the promised land is. You know and the public how is this what do you run over by a bus you know you got it we are not to be so afraid to walk industry. The one in a way below to finally gotten it out you know what you gonna die because a co worker. Stabs you fatally. In the face like these are all horrible way what I kind of guy in my work like looking over your shoulder hurt. All of what what do I know I'm gonna die in my sleep but I don't know when that's going to be. Slowly and does it very. Tonight at midnight but incidentally painful. Wouldn't. Two how about you know wind so you know exactly how much time you've got left to do stuff that could really freak you out to convince near I going on channel again two days and three hours and 47 seconds don't all like yeah yeah. Like a month left and I really gonna panic and things are gonna die my sleep a hundred years from now it will help me correctly plot out my bucket list. I just do it argued that tomorrow we don't know should. I'll bet some of it is I don't get it is. And I didn't need it don't weigh in okay. I. Bubble wanted to be honest waited. I kind of on the Bob I wanna know have now signed in dollar Mahdi a I'm going to be eaten by a shark you exactly what took you a problem with our play. Let me get by shark I have a some sort of event. But the thing is you can't change that now. So if you find your beat by a shark that means when would have to come on land and each of I'd go move to Iowa and and the funniest thing ever and you lose and be in the newspaper that only guy ever violate my vision act. And how great his enemy isn't as good point wanna immediate query Annika Greg I. Sea ice now I don't know the I am boy learns. At 1079. 2000 dollar fortune or time each day getting into winning every weekday at 9 AM 11 PM on 1 PM and 3 PM when we give you. Ask ball four times every day Monday to Friday so leave the umbrella you know and so gimmicky. From Hendrick automotive group insurance Princeton. Seven. They'll play at all. Thank you for subscribing to the podcast ready dozen news not every day at 330 is an example. The Tony five year old man named Christopher Atkins from Florida broke into a target. Around 1 AM on Monday. He didn't realize that he had triggered the alarm in the cops of course got there quickly and found him. He explained to them why he broke into the target and it was because it was part of his ninja training. There are enough and I think that's fair explanation here that's an yeah. It's a fair explanation if you are under the age of seven should assurance that it. I did okay. Yeah how about it comes just trying to bring out. That is anxious traditional. Ninja. What the right instead of historians are dead after an engine manual target was mentioned everything normal like the system to your black belt fit. In the art of war and it dog him I hit that target. She clearly he was committed to that lifestyle we 'cause he did not steal anything in the still war. And cops found him in the book section of the target reading Naruto. Which is a comic. It's a Japanese anime series about a teenage ninja out okay. All right so it was like totally. Got at least a teenager nice Tony five OK let's. Now he's now learning about younger years and powerful engine is not god tells me. This is that thing right of the people do this on YouTube or something I yet there's this trend of people dressing up as like Naruto or Dragonball Z characters and sort of going out in public and you know acting like their new engines. Dragon balls against trying to save the day and then dragon balls a Dragonball Dragonball Z that's than the others it okay. Other exactly dragon my nephew did the same thing with their Power Rangers. Win he would sit. Well. I mean what do they do it got the break in a place X ninja things yen net yell and make Biden spoke tactic. I'm gonna do this but I will say this I've often fantasized about breaking in the place. Often. Wetherbee says store someone's home heard they are ours not combo married to schedule I was dealing then yeah you just wanna break in you and bring into this morning getting in and out or house. The house we're holding our skills if it is only. Philip well no. Just because. Don't know what I. I would guess by some panic on a creep in because there's barriers to NCAA MBI ever grinning from. Radio stations around the guys genuinely pro people off. You know never is best ever known Elgin you're right no one would ever suspect DJ I always think about it because they wouldn't want it now hi Imus high is seventy do you agree out of it all down. Yeah a series is that there's another strong solid from Justin bay. I think about a guy's gonna Rob Blake and neighbors something I would walked through the woods or something because anyone McCarty recognizable enemy first things and I Wear shoes that was bigger than my actual flat or smaller and had a footprint into this thing. All that on Andy Griffith. And place him on a cat the debt they put you on a cal. And so they thought it was four guys China or all of a president that's from my beard this forum go to messages turned out as a cowboy and shoes. Oh yeah all the it and as brilliant. Brilliant that it just. I've got to see that's the thing today I know I had done just wants his there's did not break Guinea which is the state and after it's closed. Yeah Levy fun giving up land and not even worse no this. The end just no place as the squad near. I can hang out after the store closes why the actual ball closes a person's house or the mall now what is. A close all oblivion and all after clues on why I mean all the things are gonna be dated down. Ball if I'm on the inside of the store a what are you gonna do in there. Try on clothes also worsen what word yeah. As they be stopped by the orange Julius they destruction of property and they're breaking and entering and destruction of property where it is not as. I did try some things non breeders' that you're still does Rudy. Iran trying miss me are well yes and what's he but being locked in. It just doesn't seem joy yeah we don't want to give us anyway now it's best C a place like you know bill where they have. In the. Housewares department gave cute little beds for me to sleep on to take a quick math here now you're soiling shades of the I don't would you wearing an argument you're open the package got. Got you sweat on it could you please let me get too worried that you're gonna get caught. A breaking and entering the sludge and how property in Spain being locked in a department store or anybody seedy old school movie man again. Yes but I don't I don't think many analysts on the sequel only shag Taylor. And as an awful. All there with Madden Ramon. Haas thinks you don't care about anymore. What's your adult. And that's a new thing we noticed that adult. Colonial and audio and turned and firm just used to be when you and what I'm like itself. It's not me as a prominent guest there you go. For lowers the content. The play I don't I mean adult again I'd I guess that means when you act like a grown up. Mean you're on your own. Right against an approaching things immature way now Seth. That place and have a prominent yes OK your height I don't rub it people's opinions of your lifestyle. You don't care of people think and bad and her opinions. And I don't buy that there's people who don't. Ever care. About someone's who pretty much don't care say they don't have for the most part. As I get older I hear alleges that we just like I still care. Yes like I I care less than probably. A lot of people. I care it's it's the the group of people that I worry about caring shrinks. Like I'll see today and yet I don't care what they think but certain friends family. I'm more worried about them assets are and I'm younger I'm worried about and everybody thinks. Right yes and pretty cool and fit in. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't know what I remember at the way people argue one face and judge on FaceBook. There are a lot of people who Carol. I don't know there are they just that you shouldn't do an hour yeah I managed care about. Oh being a decent human being yes yes and hygiene. And and I Gary dive or some cause or something it's. Keeping tabs on everyone you start to realize your real friends never really disconnect. So I. Does this mean you used disconnecting and keeping tabs what are they have found somebody you wanna know what they're doing and where they're going to lose their new and a width. He did in fact he just like hey what's up what's gone wrong with you is damaging keeping dad to keep it and that while I have missed you is is keeping in touch. Yeah but I don't even say amnesty. Guys don't do that we illness I finally made a good analogy doesn't lessen my analogy correct that like the personality Jeremy that was great. When a guy's track guys friendship is like a cactus really don't need to do anything whether it. Just it's there like old little prickly little prickly and a woman's friendship is like some sort of I'm finished it out yet. Some sort of flower that needs a lot to Carrey needs. The minority needs as sunlight as an enemy and then there's. Women's frigid the water on now and yes it does is on the men's friendship can turn into a legal justice tequila yeah look I. Yes. That's what I'm saying. It's true then but I but also keeping tabs and everyone shouldn't be on here because people do kind of there's a FaceBook and Clarence House at all you need of these days to you bet yah and keeping tabs. I didn't even know about disease specific foods at a certain time today I don't know what that means that if you don't care if your cereal for dinner but. Did you grab I'll sometimes look I have spicy food later at nine and finished it gives me the indigestion and you know you're talking about Janice gun sounds very specific. I Baxter gab is gone again this comments that dam has got it sell its diesel ten minutes I chew up tastes like Vanilla. And also my heart burn and indignantly and it's is an area over the it I gathered of these big like this they taste pretty good to the counter and there are a lifesaver in addition backpacks. I Johnson's baby aspirin for all people that things you don't. About him earlier adult thing is being popular. A group of friends revenue meeting new people on the bubble one that being labeled popular topic and not even near the top. Nowhere in there because the couldn't do it but it but he's an idiot I know I learned a long time yeah you on radio show. We'd. Yes I guess we do wanna be popular. It was part of our job actually yeah we do that but doesn't the real were acknowledge personally popular parlor is a group. Yeah I don't yet that. While we also couldn't and never yeah maybe that's we didn't have the skills then yeah I'm. What animal and it's too late and we're I was taking it anymore now. A big. Don't quite a minute overtime mistake being surgeon Charlotte. No I'm talking about when I was young I pretend like a certain kind of music and across did all it is a letter to Iowa I mean yeah and at the he's prostitute they are are you know liars music gazed at the model Ingram who value since the US cruel that it is going to be it yet the thing. Going all out for your birthday. Stop doing now and you're also an -- Louis so against that out for nice dinner and get a celebrate yourself how ever you to me it is not however long ET's you learn that you shouldn't just value that one day as a day itself. Area who heard many plans every weekend. The implant is tiring. This on the as best plans no plans that's a good way as a tree gap at Ford two weekends and I have no plan. And it's on the pops up. Then I'm willing to go right but planning ahead. I don't know why it takes taxes and the problem is a lot of times I'll plan ahead and then something cooler comes along well you know hi and I'm already booked. I feel about that he if he's on the cooler comes along. I'm you know I mean you for something cool get. I mean they deviated of the resisting that there's well I'm sorry that I will always believe that's a better move. Now it gives it's a once in a lifetime show coming through or something Sony is Bruno Mars tickets which you were supposed to have dinner with me. You're gonna say you blew rolling up the brutal Maher show to go needed and yes senior sellable like crap you mean that I thought. They get really I don't wanna be your regular rich. There's. A face like yeah check it out guest. I Alexander learned this picture somewhere there's an ominous. Things. I did not I didn't even after a look at the aero I told you put up. I think he's written he even dare I can buy it. You've gone puzzles I've never heard that term but a picture next to a picture lake and sometimes kids magazines or bars they had him on that. But points and watch the that it's the pictures of the same except there's only a few things different. Right you're eleven things different can you spot them. Terry observer used to have a all right one. Yeah we had our own puzzle I'm so excited because I love Phil's regular finalists of when I take been puzzled doesn't come up when you take. So maybe it's only is it nasty as you go dissent that is the word is because I don't Bernhard puzzled Leigh just to you said we are talking about. But puzzle did come up as a side by side picture thing right now when I'm attempted puzzle now. Didn't come up is that I'm crazy I I hardly get a little. Crazy dulled to it and it's definitely a shooter. As had so many nasty things I did that regular stuff doesn't come up urban dictionary fuzz old father definition image romped infused of a final. Definition of fossil. Obsolete and make drunk confuse okay oh evil fossils. And the pictures are all kinds of creatures is also sandwich in Australia. So I don't perhaps some may be back on the doesn't mean on Google's grip on. So why do people like syndrome anyway by the. It was syndrome where a chance see the difference is very red it is all my opinion did you not when there's there's I think they call eight DD and the thing there's a risk. Bombs as I am depth of perception problems let's depth perception do it and I don't know currency. I'm sad about it and I went through my mom says make me feel better I can see that being hidden Q Bert. All born. Adept person because. Is better than they did at my clock. Share yes well people say you squint your eyes and it looks like a woman a lot of people Kissinger's and goes across your eyes and light really folk is and I couldn't see the pirate ship yet I'm ready and that would ahead dry patch noses vote hell to have found the MI and opened. All right on a guy so what are you telling me captain reasons people leave relationships made them. And I assumed a breach of trust like cheating would be number one. But it's not. You know why I would've thought it was number one because of this. Less there's not a high percentage of people that she. There's got to be another reason why people. Your readers and editors are low percentage of people that cheat. Don't had to be something else that makes people break out not a rebutted seeds ignited an apt to people's. Here's where I was wrong on this list prison I thought he would be number one perhaps that's just my personal a backpack act believe she's talking. I thought that laws of attraction would be he hired. Down to earth heaven he could see las attract crime. Major deal breaker like physical abuse or psychological issue that they hired by downing number six with a guy again that is because. It's rarer than the other things. So at the top the list with just having a partner who gets on your nerves seeking its yes personality. Out yes mayor gets a simple like I said I hate to unite Democrats harsh but you dislike them you can only being around them. As part of the allotted number one reason people break up to something like years your miners and not feel it. That's what cheating game and number two then I your partner withdrawing. For some reason I don't you grew apart and it was not your fault. At least you think you when your all but maybe you may let the same thing kind of as you start which often annoying person. I can't hit. Alms bears' number one some external reasons. I keep. I move for your job or whatever worker and number five it may be it started as a long distance relationship it never became Islam. Right there are some kind of physical distance. I had no assurance degrees and number six larger and try it burst conflict we just constantly fighting us because they're annoying we backed one. And after a couple of way to number seven fits in the number one because you simply incompatible. Yup you like to do the same thing out. Didn't like the same people adapt the gap so annoying. Number eight there was some emotional this. Concern you could push us. And how does come back to annoy you really is annoying everything's growing and creating an annoying when you Gina because more than one know which you might seek a journal yeah this is all giving seniors settlements that there annoying. Cheating or they leave you live far away from each other as we've got some lack of validation is number nine they didn't appreciate you. Because you know while we appreciate and papers and a little bit far away to. It was lack of financial benefit. Wow what a horrible crime that it no money if you don't gold digger yeah hat man. How vowing. You had some money they squandered it or they squandering Mara so you're constantly Rogan wondering where your next meal is coming and the let are married and squandering. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramona that you might get a one sided French brands plus Mike. Here's some signs. And you're the only one making plant what do you think Jefferson disappeared there was. Texting to hammer out thing but to me out for whatever. I'm I. Am guilty that. Guilty guilty to guilty guilty is them trying to goes the person in his noggin and. Wow that's an announcement Aston and going they would Manny no there never being goes dead and but I. Yeah anything is. The other day and we were talking about how I'd like to do Burke days and you guys Ike and I don't care. Well it can now. I wonder what it would take immediate CB and the ever again if he didn't have to see me every single day at work you wouldn't and that none all I thought about it. I could get to him through his. Not to see him. Oh yeah and oh yeah pound issued my social yeah Abbott acknowledged it but that as you would teller. Not not even on yeah. Can fit I don't know if I. One because I already know all I have to do is ask her. Not during football season when he's doing every poster she. Want to do and I men so that I've already big disaster how to make Betty beat my friend outside or not gonna like that's that's that's. It. But me right Jamie is my social director and you know a couple times and asked you know got a Muller by Eagles premier summoned didn't. Know why not try and Jamie are great did you play dates as I. I'm afraid now because it's really help get rejected that is an and it's held trying to figure out what to do low yet given what you got to do things. Yeah I get it like for instance he was coming a little sometimes is tough math. It's a ditch vs Eagles. Wouldn't they tell us you guys that again yeah well it opposite it would be so angry yeah. I'd beyond he'd be yellen known to have fun now. Or we got the feeling ripped a hole are yelling and now the not be. Peaceful life phony watch a game with me more because she says and just 200 circuit the TV as she did say and Eric food and as though. We've I would I don't like watching a game. Somebody OK okay okay I'm all right. Football a table that basically there are only two things that you guys think you like to do which is why Stevie and do your whole fantasy football thing. Yeah and watch football and lots of us felt like I could go watch. I've gone before a band aid to watch March Madness yet I can dial we can have a dog in the fight. Yeah or could go logic of the neither our teams were playing to go watch football one. We are a lot of out of our house lives we don't want a 1 o'clock and watched along all day you know those of the date they were the days. He was singling nine. But yet and yet estimate plans is. I think it's our guys don't plan lightly edited it's gonna what I. Want to trillion couples saying guys don't make the plan right sometime. During the month of November. I would like to review to make play past November. I did you tell us. Ear I'm not want to the end of their football season. Mean unless a team like I like on Monday are very you could possibly make plans to do something together neither on our team is in the Super Bowl. Its spots yeah like he elects it was crowded. You know I have a suitable. Madness especially as a rental it was in March much. M arts. Oh look at all look at the schedule. Which one he was going to do the asking because AM. We have a 1 o'clock let's say in Italy and it is no year oh my gosh your heart and Bieber won a college Eagles game 4 o'clock chief's game and our lives let us. Back it happen yeah that would be our right yeah as a power that. But then again we wanna hear the sound probably in literally elect a lot to loan because we have area says it has never mind true. Don't be friends. Well there's there's nothing war like I've ban and I for a playoff game Boller something. And that the person who throws the party is a fan of one of those teams you have to it. You can't cheer for the other. Right right. Again they have they have a party and their fans are standard but it doesn't Super Bowl you can't command of their playing the patriots be like where patriots here and here. Yeah this. I think I'd put money on. Every team is it's your team but my mom feels the same way like if you came over our house where nab Panthers are playing in the Eagles and you wore your panther share even though she knows the Eagles. That's your team being your team since you were a kid. If you came over our house. During a pansies game and cheered for another team. She would not watch the same TV or we will we had a friend I would get over Panthers and when we were playing the Redskins. And she wore her Redskins shirt. My mom would use our main room the opposite team and a young child when her bedroom and closed door I shot a lot lately I've fanaticism is a very personal thing. Yeah and it's all kind of hit and I'm sorry you're fanaticism is is really do is understand the end and when yeah. That's why wouldn't do it we wouldn't go to somebody I've. Climbs in Ohio State last year. Yeah bunch of my friends like we don't care come on over to big plans and party. I'm not gonna go to the clintons and Ohio State party either I'm not to hold in my cheering just to be polite and more I wanna be like mocked and ridiculed. No cocaine there's it's here that counts is mocking and ridiculous and they added that it's Al. Let me say that because I wanted to have on October 28 it's. Penn State Ohio State I went to Penn State my mom is a die hard Ohio State fan. Of ought to be cool if we had visible pins the Ohio State party at her house she went over not haven't you had it. You don't care yet to say it I hear it. Think person mayor I'm fine with it but I don't highlight one other pending personal moms and. Finalist socializing is not around sports. I had my quick don't. It doesn't mind the whole it is a private personal matter reminds. Yeah and under. They need that the mayor virtual things they'll. Finishing I. Date and now. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.